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WORLDWIDE DX CLUB is a non-political DX organization, founded in 1966. Its aims are to strengthen this fascinating and scientific hobby as well as the international DX movement for better understanding and friendship among nations. Anyone can become a member of WORLDWIDE DX CLUB regardless of nationality and political belief.

The club publishes a monthly “DX MAGAZINE” mainly in English, which is distributed to everyone who sends us an annual fee of €18.00, £16.30 or US$20.10 by transfer to our bank accounts at Raiffeisenbank Graevenwiesbach (IBAN: DE75 5006 9345 0100 0199 84 - BIC/SWIFT-Code: GENODE51GWB) or ING/Netherlands (IBAN: NL08 INGB 0003 8228 40 - BIC/SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A), PayPal, International Money Order, cheque in € drawn on a German bank (otherwise please add €5.00 for bank charges) or cash in any convertible currency. Air mail rates: €21.60, £19.60 or US$24.15.

Since WORLDWIDE DX CLUB is the "International Department" of ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT DX (AGDX), the head organization of the German language DX clubs, it is able to offer its members another DX publication in German, entitled "Radio-Kurier - weltweit hören". This is jointly published by the German DX organizations ADDX and AGDX and is available for €69.00 per year inside Germany; other countries: €80.00, £72.40 or US$89.40. "Radio-Kurier - weltweit hören" ordered together with "DX MAGAZINE": €84.00 inside Germany; other countries: €95.00, £85.95 or US$106.15.

Both publications, "DX MAGAZINE" as well as "Radio Kurier - weltweit hören", are also available as PDF files. If you decide to receive this version, a worldwide subscription rate of €9.00, £8.15 or US$10.05 is applicable for "DX MAGAZINE". "Radio Kurier - weltweit hören" is available for €45.00, £40.75 or US$50.30, both publications together for €51.00, £46.20 or US$57.00.

Each member is given a membership call in accordance with the international amateur radio prefixes and receives our multicoloured membership certificate.

Should you decide to become a member of WORLDWIDE DX CLUB, simply complete the form below and return it to: WORLDWIDE DX CLUB, P.O. Box 12 14, D-61282 Bad Homburg, GERMANY, E-mail:

Please do not forget to send us your membership fee in parallel.

If you wish to use the PayPal service, all you need to do is to choose the currency of your payment and click on the PayPal logo (just below), and you will be taken directly to the PayPal Payment Screen.






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