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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1505                                                   21 May 2022

ALGERIA/IRELAND   {see whole story on previous BC-DX TopNews #1504}
re: LW 252 kHz Algeria/Ireland.

Mr. Mc Whinney's explanatiion is correct. However EBU is not the controll-
ing "regulator" - that is the purview of the ITU {Geneve}.

But it would be simpler for the Irish facility to change frequency than
the Algerian one, since the latter is (if I remember correctly) a direc-
tional array, while the Irish one is a simple non-DA. But although there
are certainly vacant long wave frequencies the allocation plan (GE-75 and
modifications subsequently) still contains those allocations, and so
changing frequency would have to be carefully analyzed and most likely
coordinated in some way with the existing albeit unused allocation holders
given the engineering standards contained in the GE-75 Agreement.

And I may be thinking of the other Algerian LW station as it may be the
one which is a directional. But even for a non-directional, changing
frequency is not a trivial task.
(Ben Dawson-WA-USA, via wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

AUSTRALIA   11900 kHz  Reach Beyond Australia via Kununnurra bcast center,
on May 12 excellent signal with Hindi service starting 1215 UT, YL anmts
including fqys and contact info.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, Naswa Electronic Flashsheet #1048 May 15)

11900 kHz  Reach Beyond Australia - Kununurra site, 1206 UT on May 15 in
English.  Brief sections by a man then woman followed by longer section by
the man with a slow deliberate style. (Perhaps paced for non English
speakers)  Poor - fair.
(Mark Taylor, Lake Farm Park / Madison-WI-USA, Naswa Electronic Flashsheet
#1048 May 15)

AUSTRALIA   5035USB-mode  Unique Radio Manilla New South Wales. Rec'ed a
nice full data E-QSL Sheet, with name of the program that I heard on a
separate sheet. Also listed was information about the station on this
sheet. V/S says he is running a Kenwood TS430S into a Inverted "V" anten-
na, with about 200 watts, but on this date was 175 watts. Also sent a de-
tailed Google map of his location, down to his street. Reply in 3 days
V/S: Timothy Gayner, Manager E-mail address for reports too:
<manager -at- uniqueradio.info>
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, wor May 21)

9580 kHz  Voice of the Martyrs via Reach Beyond Australia; from Kununurra
Transmitter. Rec'ed a speedy reply from V/S with a nice full data E-QSL
Card in two days' time.
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, wor May 21)

BRAZIL   Brazil on 15190 kHz, 19 meterband.

R. Inconfidencia

Bela Horizonte Brazil 21:04 UT on May 19 Portuguese program with comments
by Male, mx by Pavarotti "Bela Horizonte" ID.
Also heard May 16  at 06:10 UT with ID by Female, both fair reception
73,  Satellit 600 and 3400 dipole
(Maurits Van Driessche-BEL  ON3MK, hcdx BRDXC-UK news May 19 /20)

BRAZIL   Checked on May 19 at 23.57 and May 20 at 00.16 UT,
now Inconfidencia since weeks on lower side of the channel, today

15189.986 kHz, shift unstable x.984 ... x.987 kHz around ...
73 wb df5sx  JN48OR

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 20)

BULGARIA   7290 kHz  Sat May 14 at *1800.9 UT, IRRS Milano cut on via
Bulgaria as always almost a minute late with 'Feature Story News' JIP.

Good into UTwente but must tune LSB to avoid RTTY warble. At 1831 UT dur-
ing country music also on // 1323 kHz AM Italia into Noale, but not on
918 or 207 kHz. Checking, since yesterday when WORLD OF RADIO should have
aired Friday at 1815 UT, 7290 kHz was off and 1323 kHz was fill music.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, via NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1048 May 15)

BULGARIA   Unidentified station in Russian was confirmed on 5900 kHz from
16.50 UT ending at 16.59 UT without ID and from 17.01 UT started Radio
Taiwan International in Russian with news & prgr Crossing the History.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 20)

BULGARIA/GERMANY/USA   Some news from French stations on SW.

RFPI will start 15 minutes news in Russian over SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd.
Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, at 2030 UT on 6005 kHz from today
May 15th.

Next 'Radio Andorra Revival' will be on Saturday June 4th 2022, it will be
a "carte blanche" to French actor/crooner Guy Marchand.

'Atlantic 2000 International' will be on the air for their 40th anni-
versary. To North America on Sunday June 5th at 0000 UTC on 9395 kHz from
WRMI. This programme will be repeat every Sunday of June at this time.

To Europe, on Saturday June 11th at 0800 UTC on 6070 & 9670 from Channel
292, Rohrbach Waal Germany.
(Christian Ghibaudo-Nice-F, BrDXC-UK iog-news May 15)

GERMANY   9925 kHz The Mighty KBC w/Dave Mason's "Radio, but not as we
know it" oldies show with the usual chatter in English, ads in Dutch and
English, and oldies, this week including:

"Love's Theme (Love Unlimited Orchestra); "Penguin At the Big Apple/Zing!
Went the Strings Of My Heart" (The Trammps) and "There's Nothing Like
This" (Omar). At 0100 into Uncle Eric's Giant Juke Box oldies show with
the usual English chatter and 'fart' jokes English and Dutch ads and
oldies of the obscure variety such as "Delilah" (Tom Jones) "The Worker"
(Fischer-Z) and "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" (Racing Cars) Today's
birthday photo was of Mike Oldfield, born Michael Gordon Oldfield, on May
15, 1953 followed by (Maggie Reilly) "To France" [which he wrote].

Why they didn't use 'Tubular Bells' I don't know. More music after that
included (Sugarloaf) "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You".
4+5544 THIS close to all '5's. *0000-0200* 15 May.
(Jack Amelar, Lowell-MI-USA, Michigan ARE Tipsheet via wor May 20)

GUAM   15200 kHz  DX'ers Diary Program via KTWR Guam. This five-minute
broadcast in DRM mode heard via SDR site in Japan. Reply came within hours
after posting my report too:
<dxersdiary -at- gmail.com>
from N.Arun Kurumar VU2BBF stating a QSL card will be sent to me for my
First DRM Reception report. Rec'ed a Full data QSL Card in 30 days' time.
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, wor May 21)

INDONESIA   May 21, a very good day with both VOI frequencies being heard.

3325 kHz  VOI via Palangkaraya, at 1301 UT, news during the English seg-
ment (Saturday, Australia will hold elections, etc.); 1309 UT, the usual
patriotic song, followed by Indonesian news; "Today In History" (this date
in 1904, the FIFA football association formed in Paris; this date in 1991,
Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in India; this date in 1998, Suharto resign-
ed as President of Indonesia); 1318 UT, the usual COVID multi-language
"wear a mask properly" PSA; today was fairly readable. VOI has clearly
fixed their former long standing problem here of low to no modulation.

4749.95 kHz  VOI via Cimanggis/Jakarta, with a nice day of reception; mix-
ing with CNR1 and before 1300 UT, was also hearing a decent signal from
Bangladesh Betar on 4750.0 kHz (1256 UT, subcontinent music, English
closing ID, test tone);  not too often I get to hear this VOI frequency.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and wor May 21)

KOREA REPUBLIC of   5000 kHz  HLA Time Signal Station Daejeon. Rec'ed a
full data QSL Card showing the studio building and the Vertical Trans-
mitting Tower; for a follow-up to the correct postal address. The name for
reports is too:

Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
267 Gajeong-ro Tuseong-gu,
Daejon 305-340 Republic of Korea, Far East Asia.

Heard via SDR site in Northern Japan.
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, wor May 21)

LITHUANIA   Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos komisija (LRTK) announced a
tender for a content retransmission license to retransmit a radio program
using the 1557 kHz radio frequency in Sitkunai-LTU.

The winner of the contest must begin retransmitting the radio program no
later than January 1, 2023. The main operating conditions of the elec-
tronic communication network using the 1557 kHz radio frequency in
Sitkunai are as follows:

The user of the radio channel is the Lithuanian Radio and Television
Center AB. The radio frequency (channel) is MW 1557 kHz.

The area of use of the radio channel is Sitkunai, Kaunas district.
The deadline for submitting applications is May 23, 2022.
(LRTK via Alex Yankovsky May 8, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1185)

MADAGASCAR   11690  ERISAT - Eritrean Satellite Television via MGLOB
Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility. E-QSL with full data for a
report too:  <info -at- erisat.orh>
Reply came in 2 a half months v/s: Team ERISAT.

11690 kHz 1800-1900 UT to ITU 48NW  MDC  250kW  340degr slew-10degr
ITU ant#157  011221-260322  Tigre  MDG MGB  request #10532
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, wor May 21)

MALAYSIA   11665 kHz  RTM Wai FM via Kajang bcast center, May 11. YL
reading warta berita at 1110 UT tune-in to musical theme 1115 UT, fair
signal and clear.

11665 kHz  Wai FM via Kajang, May 12, fair 1210 UT with Islamic chanting,
ends 1210 UT and into theme mx. Fair signal but noisy bands. Art, only
thing I get on 9835 kHz lately is that unwelcome RTTY xmsn that sometimes
blankets fqy range there.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, Naswa Electronic Flashsheet #1048 May 15)

MOLDOVA  {Transnistria}  On 26 April and 3 May the medium wave station
Grigoriopol-Mayak made headlines as being attacked. The first attack even
made it into the main news ("Tagesschau") in Germany because of following
threats from Russian officials.

Unfortunately, I do not speak / read Russian and cannot really check the
current situation myself lacking knowledge of which radio sites to check.
I wonder whether the frequencies 621, 999, 1413 and 1548 kHz are still on
the air. Any information from actual listening or references to news sites
will be appreciated.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D to MWlist iog, May 11; via
Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1185 on May 15)

Some days ago all freqs were on air. Use the Dorohoi SDR to check.
1548 and 621 kHz are not on air all the time, check mwlist.org for the
transmission times.

A shortwave curtain antenna with 3 masts was destroyed on the northwestern
soil. The rotatable SW antenna shows burns, but still stands.

There are some other static SW dipole arrays there, some of them collapsed
years ago {icing on November 2006 year} and the rest is still there and
some people showed pictures of them. Tell me if you like more information.
(Marco to MWlist iog May 11; via
Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1185 on May 15)

Grigoriopol Mayac.
I have followed them fairly regularly and I have noticed only those two
longer outages for 1413 and 999 kHz. The first time the break was in the
morning and then also 621 kHz went off. The second time it started after
1700 UT and then also 1548 kHz was off.

They can be heard with good signal here in Finland during darkness hours
and even at daytime on carrier level. If there is any specific day in the
past that interests you, I can check TOH recordings. At the moment both
999 and 1413 kHz are on the air, 999 kHz stronger.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, MWlist iog May 11; via
Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1185 on May 15)

Moldova Transnistria Pridnestrovie Grigoriopol Maiac:
Today at 19.50 UT all three on 999, 1413 & 1548 kHz are with powerhouse
signal on air May 12. Of course all 3 are with 1 MW power strength. Acc to
my source in T-nistria they in really are using 3 + 1000 kW.

On 873 & 1494 kHz the usual Mon-Fri program "Panarama dnya" (Panorama of
the Day) at 18.00-18.15 UT was replaced with nx in Romanian at 18.00-18.05
(Rumen Pankov-BUL to MWlist iog, via
Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1185 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

NETHERLANDS   DRI on air just now on 6020 kHz !

6020 kHz 0600-1800  HOL  Radio Delta International in Dutch from Elburg,
Suns only. Radio Delta International (RDI) can be received here near Bonn
with S8 signal (28 dB ?) at 0602 UT on 6020 kHz - from the Dutch village
of Elburg (Gelderland province on Lake Veluwe). The signal has a lot of
fading because it is close to foF2.

It is transmitted with approx. 800 Watt (R&S SK080) or 1 kW (Telefunken
S2525/3 unit). The antenna is an "inverted V" (dipole).
(Thomas Kamp-D  DF5JL, wor May 15)

NEW ZEALAND   RNZI Rangitaiki gets new SW transmitter, announced in budget
today. Page 90 of the budget PDF:

New Transmitter for Radio New Zealand Pacific. This initiative provides
funding to replace a Radio New Zealand Pacific shortwave radio trans-
mission infrastructure servicing the Pacific region.

Vote                       2021/22 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26
Operating Total
Capital   Total
Arts, Culture and Heritage 0.360   0.225   0.225  0.225  1.035  4.400
(Cheers Chris Mackerell  <chris -at- owdjim.gen.nz> dxdialog May 19)

re: New Transmitter for RNZ Pacific

Buried in the NZ Government's annual government announcement today is a
grant for a new transmitter for RNZ Pacific !  See
(Bryan Clark-Mangawhai-NZL, wor and direct wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

Thanks Chris, too hard for me to find it. Good news for SW listeners
around the world. (David Ricquish, dxdialog.groups.io May 19)

Re:  New Transmitter for RNZ Pacific. rnzi gets new sw transmitter.
We are absolutely delighted with the surprise news of funding for a new
transmitter after repeated requests over many years. RNZ Pacific is a lone
voice on HF amongst a myriad of China Radio transmissions !
Many many Cheers - Adrian
(Adrian Sainsbury-NZL, dxdialog.groups.io May 20)

NEW ZEALAND    New shortwave transmitter for Radio New Zealand.

RNZ welcomes Pacific infrastructure investment.
RNZ Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief Paul Thompson has welcomed the
budget investment in RNZ Pacific shortwave transmitters. In Budget 2022
the Government announced $4.4 million dollars capital funding for a new
transmitter for RNZ Pacific.

RNZ Pacific broadcasts into the wider Pacific on shortwave 24 hours a day,
collaborating with 22 broadcasting partners across the region. Its current
primary transmitter is nearing end of life, and its other transmitter has
in effect already been retired.

"The value of the RNZ Pacific service can't be underestimated. Our voice
reaches all parts of the Pacific, at times with critical information such
as cyclone warnings. During the Tonga eruption, when the undersea cable
was cut, RNZ Pacific short wave was a lifeline source of information,"
said Thompson.

This investment secures a productive future for our unique voice.
The attraction of the shortwave service is its robustness, and the ability
to have the signal travel great distances, and achieve good audiences," he

RNZ Pacific broadcasts enhance the Government's Pacific strategy as we
share our history, culture, politics and demographics. The strategy is
underpinned by the building of deeper, more mature partnerships with
Pacific Island countries, and by supporting their independence and
sustainable social and economic resilience.

Since the ABC ceased its shortwave broadcasting the only other shortwave
broadcaster in the region is Radio China. Thompson says RNZ can now start
work on its infrastructure development with a new transmitter likely to
take approximately 12 months to get in place depending subject to further
project planning.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroup.news May 19)

I had wondered how the impending reorganization of NZBC would affect its
shortwave output, so this is positive news !  Probably means RNZP can re-
tire the worn out 1990year Thomson transmitter currently used as a backup.

Wonder if they will keep the 2006 Thomson going and run two frequencies
simultaneously? Might mean the return of a full DRM alternative. Curious
what the power of the new unit will be.
(Stephen Luce, Houston-TX-USA, May 19)

NEW ZEALAND   Very good signal of Radio New Zealand Pacific on 11725 kHz
via Rangitaiki, May 13
0559-0758  11725 RAN  50 kW  35 deg to All Pacific English,
trace via Kiwi SDR Half Moon Bay CA-USA remotedly.

Reception of BBC WS in English via Radio New Zealand Pacific on 15720 kHz
Rangitaiki, May 13
0400-0430  15720 RAN  50 kW  35 deg to All Pacific English.
Very good signal via SDR Half Moon Bay CA-USA remotedly.

Reception of ABC Radio Australia Wantok in Bislama language on 9700 kHz
via RNZI Rangitaiki, May 13
from 0800 on 9700 kHz  RAN  50 kW  35 deg to All Pacific English.
Very good signal via SDR Half Moon Bay CA-USA remotedly.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews May 12)

Re:  RNZ issues ?
Perhaps RNZ Rangitaiki was using the Thomson transmitter from 1990year in-
stead of the usual 2006year Thomson unit? The older transmitter, which is
kept as a backup, has been reported to be quite temperamental in its ad-
vanced age.
(Stephen Luce-TX-USA, wor May 12)

11725 kHz not on scheduled start time of 0559 UT, powers on at 0700 UT,
off at scheduled 0758 UT, but then transmitter powers on at 0803 UT with
news for 30 seconds, then off again. Powers on for 10 seconds with audio
at 0818 UT, then off. No 9700 kHz monitored at 0820, 0830, 0840 UT.
Something rickety in Rangitaiki ... at least for today. ;-)
(Sam Sanchez-OR-USA, wor May 12)

Re:  RNZ issues?  May be another of their maintenance periods disrupting
schedule. At 0624 UT I had big dead carrier on 13840 kHz, nothing on
11725 kHz. At 0705 UT, 11725 kHz on with programming, 13840 kHz off.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 12)

Re:  New Transmitter for RNZ Pacific

Some feedback from RNZP Technical Manager Adrian Sainsbury:
"We are absolutely delighted with the surprise news of funding for a new
transmitter after repeated requests over many years. RNZ Pacific is a lone
voice on HF amongst a myriad of China Radio transmissions!"

In response to the question - Will this mean that more than one frequency
will be on air at the same time - Adrian responded:

"It improves the analogue transmission so it can be maintained 24/7 hrs/d.
Currently when in DRM mode there is no AM service. It will be possible to
run simultaneous DRM and AM frequencies."
(Bryan Clark Mangawhai-NZL, wor May 20)

NEW ZEALAND [and others]   Re:  RNZ issues?

Checked 22 meterband around 20.00 to 20.10 UT on Thursday May 12 on va-
rious remoted SDR's units in Japan: only 3 bcaster signals seen ...

13840 kHz  R NZ Pacific from Rangitaiki site, in DRM mode broad digital
block visible, but only S=6 or -89dBm signal visible on Perseus screen at
20.03 UT on May 12.

13710even kHz  MDG at 20.07 UT,
and Arabic sce of MWV, MWV New Life Station, Mahajanga, Madagascar,
surprisingly S=9+15dB strength in Japan at this time of the night.

13760even at 20.10 UT, KRE  Voice of Korea from Kujang in French
scheduled, S=7-8 signal in Japan remotedly.

French from Kujang-KRE site towards European Russia and western Europe at
325 degrees
13760  2000-2057  KRE Voice of Korea
15245  2000-2057  KRE Voice of Korea

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)

PHILIPPINES   13870 kHz  FEBC in Cambodian via Bocaue tx site, May 15.
The Voice of Love, programming from Phnom Penh studio but transmitted via
FEBC Bocaue, YL in Khmer Christian religious tlks 1250 UT but signal mix-
ing with CNR-1 jammer on same fqy, aimed at inaudible SOH signal here. VOL
is well on top of CNR, though, not difficult to keep these separate.

1252 UT organ mx burst and OM energetic commentary over soft instl mood
mx. 1255 UT an organ version of 'Ave Maria' hymn. FEBC chimes IS song
running to TOH. Then TX cut -1300.20* UT.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, Naswa Electronic Flashsheet #1048 May 15)

13870.002 kHz S=9+10dB signal of FEBC Bocaue site in Cambodian noted in
Tokyo-JPN on May 16, but UNDERNEATH co-channel also a Chinese Falun Gong
sect signal in Mandarin Chinese from Taiwan island.  wb  df5sx

SPAIN   15520 kHz  REE English Language service w/News read by Justin
Coe, today's items being about King Juan Carlos returning to Spain for a
visit after the Spanish & Swiss officials have said they won't prosecute
him after he abdicated in shame because of scandals, Russia is expelling
embassy staff from EU nations in retaliation for similar moves from those
countries, Qatar is investing in Spain, Portuguese officials say they've
detected Monkey Pox, and some silly 'sport' news with Seville arresting
some hooligans.

The newscast ended with COVID numbers: overall rate for those over
60 being 846/100k over the 14 days ending 15 May. There have been a total
of 12,180,000 cases with 105,642 deaths, with 263 in the week ending
May 15.

At :06 Amy Egan gave a detailed look at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest
Ukraine won, as was expected given the public sentiment, but Spain's entry
ranked in the 3rd place the first time since 1995 they've placed in the
top 5. Lots of interesting music throughout the story.
(Ken Zichi MI-USA, ARE Tipsheet via wor May 20)

TAIWAN    Fu Hsing BS (Taiwan) being heard on all three frequencies.

For the past month have often been monitoring Fu Hsing BS (Taiwan). Am now
regularly hearing all three frequencies 9410 // 9774 // 15375 kHz; May 18,
sounded like a language lesson at 0848 UT; have consistently been hearing
0900* during weekdays, but have not checked on the weekend, so not sure if
they have an extended one hour schedule then?

15375 (good signal in USB, with extremely weak LSB) is by far the best
frequency and can normally be heard about an hour before I can hear 9410
// 9774 kHz. The poorest frequency is certainly 9774 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct / wor May 19)

UAE   21500 kHz  Chinese language evangelical broadcast - 1130-1200 UT on
Wed/Sat only. Hiroshi's blog "Radio Broadcasting from Overseas"


mentioned the following in a post dated 9 May 2022 (Google translation
from Japanese): "I can hear the Chinese station at 21500 kHz only twice a
week. Since April 16th, it has been broadcast every week on Saturday and
Wednesday 1130-1200 UT. There is no jamming because it is a religious pro-

The URL of the announced website is
and the station name can be heard as "Lifestyle Discourse". 
The reception condition is good with UAE transmission".

Hiroshi's original post with a bit more detail is at:


HFCC entry confirms the following:
21500 kHz 1130-1200 UT to ITI zones 43 44W
via ENC Al Dhabbaya DHA 250kW 60degr  slew -30degr via dipole curtain type
ITI ant #218  140422-301022 Chinese  UAE ENC  request #4831.

One to look out for: 1130-1200 UTC Wednesdays/Saturdays on 21500 kHz
(via Al Dhabbaya-UAE, via Tony Rogers-UK, BrDXC-UK groups.io May 9)

U.K./BANGLA DESH   re Bangladesh Betar 13580 kHz outlet reported.

I simultaneously recorded 4750 and 13580 kHz today (14 May) using the
University Enschede Twente SDR receiver.

Bangladesh Betar heard weakly initially with IS starting about 17:42 UT.
Improved a bit during the following hour or so. BBC WS from
ENC Woofferton-UK came up on 13580 kHz with a fair signal at about 18:00
UT with the football match in progress. No announcement and no news as is
usual. Caught part of it in the car via SiriusXM while driving to the
supermarket. It sounded like the game ended just before 19:00 UT and there
was a BBC WS ID and program promo before the transmitter went QRT (no,
that doesn't mean quote re-tweet).
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN  wor May 15)

USA   WBCQ R Angela moving from 4790 to 5130 kHz.

Over the next several days, WBCQ's Radio Angela will be migrating from
4790 kHz to a previous WBCQ frequency, 5130 kHz. WBCQ hopes to maintain
the same coverage area with this move, perhaps even slightly greater in
the US and Canada as west coast CODAR will no longer be a factor. During
the week of May 16-22, listeners might want to check both frequencies
during broadcast hours - typically 0200-04xx UT.
(Bill Tilford-Lafayette-IN-USA, wor May 15)

USA  7489.9v kHz  Sunday May 15 from 2200, WBCQ webcast of 'Uncle Bill's
Melting Pot', music from Ireland for St Patrix Day as originally broadcast
in 2017y, rerun of the third episode when they were only a semihour. That
should rereplay Monday at 2300. Sunday 2230 restart another episode of
variety starting with Serbia, 2250 greeting Michigan ARE where they like
hot women and cold beer, as Ep #4. Reruns still as UB is Covidailing.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor May 15)

6159.942 kHz  USA  WBCQ is on the air on May 19 at 22.02 UT check.
7489.930 kHz  USA  WBCQ is on the air on May 19 at 22.09 UT check.
5129.976 kHz  USA  WBCQ is on the air on May 17 at 03.05 UT check.  (wb)

Incidentally, the 5130 kHz signal last night reached the west coast of the
US and Canada without any CODAR, pretting consistently after 0300 UT. To-
night will be  Behavior Night (early jazz from the US) followed by 'Jetzt
Geht's Los!'  (Here we go, or we're off!), Weimar-era jazz from Germany.

Bill Tilford wrote: Thank you Wolfgang,
At present, the Radio Angela broadcast day on 5130 kHz is
0200-0410 Tuesday-Friday
0200-0430 Saturday
0200-0400 Sunday-Monday
(Bill Tilford -USA, wor May 17)

USA   5129.976 (nominal 5130) kHz, /nf WBCQ IS/ID and s/on of "Radio
Angela" and into "Marion's Attic" with 78 RPM stuff as usual, including
"The Only One For Me" "Do You Take This Woman as Your Lawful Wife" from
1914 and many others you aren't going to hear on line or on commercial
domestic radio with "Marion" and "Christina" announcing.

At :18 "Christina" asking for money for WBCQ and then back to 78s like
"Hinkey Dinkey Parlez Vous" and other classics like the "William Tell
Overture" by Spike Jones.

Also, a couple of other 'requests for money' during the show. Into Blue
Grass music at ToH. 454+44, some pretty deep fades, but overall good to
ALMOST very good. 0159-0300 UT on May 17.
(Ken Zichi MI-USA, ARE Tipsheet via wor May 20)

USA   9264.985 kHz  WINB PA Red Lion w/SW Radiogram #255 with the usual
mix of digital text in EE and photos including items about How cheap
metals can act like rare catalysts and Tonga volcano affected space and
ionosphere as well as the surface of the Earth.

The photos didn't decode well at all because of the noise but the text was
pretty much 100% for the MFSK 32 and about 80% for the MFSK 64.
353+33, at 2330-2400 UT on May 12.
(Ken Zichi MI-USA, ARE Tipsheet via wor May 20)

VATICAN STATE/MADAGASCAR   Vatican Radio special broadcast of 10 times
'Canonization' in the Vatican. Sunday 15 May at  0800-1020 UT

15575 French      to West Africa
17760 Portuguese  to South Africa
17790 Tamil       to South Asia
      (via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility).
21650 English     to South Asia
(Vatican Radio via Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor May 14)

During the canonization Mass, Pope Francis proclaims ten new saints in
St. Peter's Square.


Something seemingly wrong with the Vatican Radio program feed from Rome to
Madagascar Indian Ocean, only the pause signal of Vatican Radio heard over
and over again via MDG relay site, but no special 'Canonization' program
heard on that channel in 08.00-08.30 UT slot

15575 kHz  S=9+20dB strength in Germany, French to WeAfrica at 08.01 UT,
mentioned often Republique Democratique du Congo ... relig political
Canonization item.

MDG  -  Nothing heard on 17790 kHz here in Germany / EUR at 08.04 UT.

17760 kHz  Portuguese Church chorus sung at 08.05 UT, S=9 proper backlobe
signal in Germany and northern Europe, but some switch of different TX
units and antennas occured til 08.13 UT, when signal was lower of S=7-8
strength. Partly heard also same program outlet til 08.09 UT switch OFF on
nearby 17775 kHz channel, S=7-8.

In between also seemingly two TX units send out on 17760 kHz in parallel
too, with clearly recognizable echo sound reception, delay fluttery.

17790 kHz  checked in Delhi SoAS target at 08.20 UT, noted only fair S=5
signal from MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay, only station pause
signature signal over and over again.

Further check at 08.32 UT revealed then Tamil language female presenter of
the LIVE coverage of special 'Canonization' program from Vatican City.
S=7 fair signal at 08.39 UT in Delhi India.

21650 kHz  Vatican Radio LIVE from Santa Maria di Galeria 'Canonization'
program in English, S=9+15dB signal here in Germany, S=9+10dB on remote
Perseus SDR in Delhi SoAS, at 08.18 UT,

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

Well, by 0912 UTC they had sorted it out. At least a broadcast with some
sparse commentary, sparse in comparison to the waterfall of the other
language sections, goes out on 17790 kHz now.

In case someone wonders why Tamil language sce :


And the Africans are presumably supposed to care for their former colonial
(Kai Ludwig-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

Re:  Vatican Radio special on shortwave, Sunday May 15.

At first, I thought that the commentaries in French (Puducherry) and Por-
tuguese (Goa) might also have been directed to India. But then I found out
that several more Christians were canonized.


Only the name of Charles de Foucauld rang a bell.

Charles Eugene de Foucauld (Viscount of Foucauld, 15 Sept 1858 - 1 Dec
1916) was a French soldier, explorer, geographer, Catholic priest and
hermit who lived among the Tuareg in the Sahara in Algeria. He was
assassinated in 1916 and is considered by the Catholic Church to be a
martyr. His inspiration and writings led to the founding of the Little
Brothers of Jesus among other religious congregations. [...]


This might justify a special commentary in French to Africa.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wor May 15)

VATICAN STATE   15350 kHz  Radio Veritas Asia via Vatican Radio at
Santa Maria di Galeria Transmitter Site. Rec'ed the Technical Verification
for this transmission for my March 2011 Reception Report. Reports to v/s:
Sig. Sergio Salvation
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, wor May 21)   B11  15.00-15.53 UT  250kW  130degr

VIETNAM   12020even  {Son Tay signal these days * wb.}  Voice of Vietnam,
Hanoi, May 11, good signal but fuzzy in Japanese service at 1118 UT play-
ing pops. OM deejay 1119 UT, mx theme and extended tlks.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, Naswa Electronic Flashsheet #1048 May 15)

* On May 16 at 10.40 UT VTN noted also on even 12020 kHz. The Vietnamese
technicians aligned action their TX now, after years of operation on odd
12017 ... 12019 kHz on lower sideband. VoVietnam's Indonesian sce with
newscast at 10.40 UT, item of Russia's invasion war action in Ukraine.

But noted UTE high speed RTTY signal - shift of 850 Hertz signals apart -
on fqs of 12016.575 and 12017.425 kHz.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 16)


Log of Friday May 13 at 0-1 UT in Rochester-NY-USA North America
and 22-23 UT at Hiroshima and Tokyo JPN remotedly.

4764.998 CUB  Radio Progreso from 50 kW unit in Bejucal bcast site noted
         in coming summer season only S=6-7. Likely 00.30-04.00 UT now.
4790 kHz USA  WBCQ NOT ON AIR May 13 at 0-1 UT, recent news tell move soon
         to frequency 5130 kHz on the other end of 60 mb to avoid CODAR
         UTE interference.
9490.027 to x.048 kHz  F__  R Republica Spanish to Cuban opposition au-
         dience in Latin AM target from TDF Issoudun bcast center in EUR,
         varied fq of 20 Hertz up and down move at 01.02 UT on May 13.
9580even CUB  CRI Beijing in English via Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW
         center at 01.06 UT, likely at 10 degrees, S=9+20dB in RochesterNY
         talk on 'Radio Anniversary Party' on May 20.
9535.001 CUB  RHC Bejucal in Spanish, S=8 signal, meant towards Antilles,
         Tobago, Guyana, Suriname target. 60 and 120 Hertz apart distance
         strings visible either sideband. At 01.07 UT. 50 kW unit.
9649.999 CUB  RHC Bejucal in Spanish, S=8 signal, meant towards MEX, GTM,
         HND, CLM, EQA Latin AM, 100 kW unit, at 01.11 UT.
9667.104 varied up to x.146 kHz some 40 Hertz apart distance at 01.13 UT.
         10 kW ZYE890 a melhor estacao, Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC
9839.990 UAE  USAGM VoA Radio Deewa in Pashto to AFG/IRN target at 01.16UT
         S=7 fair signal backlobe into Rochester NY-US state.
9818.898 BRA  ZYR96  Radio Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo SP, 10 kW. Poor recep-
         tion at 01.18 UT on May 13.

6159.939 USA  WBCQ Monticello ME state near Canadian border, S=6 or -95dBm
         signal noted in NY state at 12.30 UT on May 13.
7505even USA  ONLY EMPTY CARRIER of WRNO  TN state at 12.35 UT, S=9 strong
         TX string noted so far. Also two x 120 Hertz distance apart
         strings visible on Perseus software screen display.

and log of Perseus SDR net monitoring in Japan at Hiroshima and Tokyo:

11634.998 KRE  Voice of Korea from Kujang in Chinese at 22.20 UT noted
          at S=8-9 level in Tokyo. Violine classical concert heard.
11800even JAP  NHK Radio World in Japanese from Yamata bcast center site
          20.55-23.00 UT, observed at 22.26 UT on May 13. S=8-9 fluttery.
11809.995 BAD TERRIBLE co-channel S=9 signals of KBS World Radio from
          Kimjae-KOR in English 22-23 UT.
          and co-channel
11810even CHN  CNR8 Beijing Mongolian language service, also S=9 equal.
          KOR is not a member of hfcc.org frequency request meetings,
          and since decade is worst in their fq channel selection again.
11865.002 KRE  Voice of Korea from Kujang in Japanese, S=9+30dB noted in
          Tokyo-JPN SDR unit, at 22.31 UT on May 13 excellent classical
          Violine concert noted.
11960.013 GUM  KSDA AWR Indonesian program, 22.30-23.00 noted at 22.35 UT
          S=7 fair strength on sidelobe at Tokyo-JPN.
13714.974 MRA  USAGM RFA Cambodian language sce from Saipan Agignan Point
          S=7-8 signal in Tokyo-JPN, scheduled 22.30-23.30 UT and // too
12139.998 MRA  RFA Cambodian language sce from Saipan Agignan Point, 22.43
13759.957 KRE  Voice of Korea, Spanish via Kujang bcast center at 22.46 UT
          much  o d d  fq, S=9 sidelobe signal noted in Tokyo-JPN.
11874.998 GUM  KSDA AWR Agat in Chinese program. 22.00-23.00 UT at 22.49UT
          S=9+20dB proper strength on sidelobe at Tokyo-JPN.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 13)

KUWAIT  R Kuwait A-22 schedule on Aoki Perseus SDR userlist_1 file:

  540 0000-2400 KWT R.KUWAIT        Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
 1134 0000-2400 KWT R.KUWAIT        Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
 5960 0255-0900 KWT R.KUWAIT        Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
 7250 0800-1000 KWT R.KUWAIT        Per Sulaibiyah  1-7
 9730 0800-1000 KWT R.KUWAIT        Eng Sulaibiyah  1-7
 9750 1100-1600 KWT R.KUWAIT        Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
11630 1300-1600 KWT R.KUWAIT        Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
11970 0500-0815 KWT R.KUWAIT (DRM)  Eng Sulaibiyah  1-7
13650 1700-2000 KWT R.KUWAIT (DRM)  Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
15110 0945-1325 KWT R.KUWAIT (DRM)  Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
15440 0500-0800 KWT v R.KUWAIT      Eng Sulaibiyah  1-7
15515 0500-0800 KWT R.KUWAIT        Eng Sulaibiyah  1-7
15540 1600-1800 KWT R.KUWAIT (DRM)  Urd Sulaibiyah  1-7
15540 1800-2100 KWT R.KUWAIT (DRM)  Eng Sulaibiyah  1-7
17550 2000-2400 KWT R.KUWAIT        Ara Sulaibiyah  1-7
17760 1000-1200 KWT R.KUWAIT        Fil Sulaibiyah  1-7

Reception of Radio Kuwait on drifting 15496.5v - 15475.5v kHz via
Kabd Sulaibiyah, April 19

from 0505  15496.5vKBD 250 kW 310 deg to WeEUR English.
Very good via SDR Heimiswil, Switzerland.

from 0620  15482.5vKBD 250 kW 310 deg to WeEUR English.
till 0800  15475.5vKBD 250 kW 310 deg to WeEUR English.

(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews April 19)

Re Radio Kuwait, traced on Wed May 18; only a single SW transmitter on air
from Kuwait Kabd bcast center.

15530even kHz exact
{instead of v15440 / 15515 kHz} R Kuwait in English towards EUR at
310 degrees, 2 x 8.6 kHz wide audio signal, S=9+35dB nice audio signal
traced at 06.10 UT on May 18.

Broad signal in 15512 to 15545 kHz fq range during music px content noted
on screen.

But nothing noted on 11970, 15440, 15515, 15440 kHz;
nor Arabic 5960v kHz non-directional NE/ME/CeAS target at 02.55-09.00 UT.

Nothing noted at 10-12 UT on 16 mb 17760 kHz Filipino to SouthEastAsia.

But positivelly the single SW TXion in DRM mode of Arabic sce
on 15110 kHz WAS ON AIR today May 18, requested 09.45-13.25 UT schedule,
S=8 in NE/ME target.

Re - R Kuwait shortwave service outside the requested signal of 15515 kHz,
the violently frequency drifting transmission,
in the wideband range 15420 to 15550 kHz in 19 mb in Febr, March, April:

led on 14 April to a personal contact to the Ampegon Thurgi Switzerland
technician Bodo DF8DX known to me, in order to point by him,
to ask for assistance to contact the accordingly R Kuwait technicians to
this matter of incorrect transmission outlet during spring weeks 2022.

One day later he told me that although he was not himself involved
in the renewal process of the TX and antennas plant in Kabd in 2015,
when the 'BBC SK55' types of th 90ties were renewed and also erected
some latest Ampegon design revolving antennas. He will contact R Kuwait
to inform the technician departement there.

15285.017 ARS  R Saudi Internat in Swahili towards East Africa, S=7 side-
          band signal into Europe noted at 06.18 UT on May 18.
15364.984 UAE  USAGM Mashaal Radio in Pashto via ENC Al Dhabbaya relay
          site at 06.21 UT, scheduled 04-07 UT.
15380.058 ARS  Holy Quran Radio Saudi Arabic sce at 06.22 UT on May 18,
          S=9+15dB, scheduled acc Aoki userlist_1 at 05.45-08.57 UT,
15455.005 D   AWR religious French service towards Mahgreb, Sahel and
          West Africa; via MBR Nauen site at 06.24 UT, scheduled 06.00-
          06.30 UT, proper S=9+30dB strength.
15490.007 CVA  BBC London English sce via Santa Maria di Galeria SC bcast
          center, 06-07 UT, S=9+20dB proper signal at 06.25 UT May 18.
15560even AUT  AWR Arabic to allAfrica via ORS Moosbrunn bcast center at
          06-07 UT, S=9+35dB signal noted in Athens Greece at 06.28 UT.
          2 x 5.6 kHz wideband audio visible on Perseus software screen.
15580.003 BOT  USAGM VoA English 05-07 UT via Botswana relay site, S=9
          signal here in Greece southern EUR at 06.29 UT.
15629.835 MUCH ODD fq UZB  'Iran International TV' program in Persian
          seemingly 04.30 to 15.30 UT, S=8 signal at 06.30 UT in Greece.
15730.008 IRN  IRIB Voice of Iran from Sirjan in Hausa to West Africa,
          sidelobe fair S=7 at 06.32 UT.
15785DRM mode from Erlangen Germany, low power but S=8 strength in Athens
          Greece at 06.35 UT mid-summer signal, 'bit eXpress' of Funklust
          Digital. 10 kHz wideband digital signal from Bavaria.
5960v kHz KWT scheduled 02.55-09.00 UT R Kuwait NOT ON AIR.
17709.982 UAE  USAGM VoA Somali via ENC Al Dhabbaya site, S=8-9 signal
          noted on remoted Perseus SDR unit at Delhi India. 10.30-11.00.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 18)

 5129.975 USA  WBCQ is on the air on May 17 at 03.05 UT check, moved from
          4790v upwards to new fq channel on 60 meterband edge.
          S=9+15dB strength noted in Rochester NY state SDR unit. Nice
          audio quality from Monticello Maine transmission center near
          US - Canadian border.

          03.06-03.10 UT tune-in check performed US Hill-Billy-mx like
          'Blue Gras to the Future' album, Show Case in Nashville TN,
          Fiddler music. When checked before - around 00.45 to 01.15 UT -
          nothing heard on 5130v then.

Others at this log, 00.45 UT on May 17 onwards:
 4764.997 CUB  R Progreso from Bejucal site, female singer S=8, 50 kW.
 4839.995 USA  WWCR Nashville TN, talk on worldwide weather change at
          00.50 UT, S=9+25dB. Main International Agenda item.
 4885.026 BRA  R Clube do Para, poor fluttery S=5-6 at 00.53 UT.
 4939.987 CLM? La Montana ?tent., Spanish, just on threshold S=4 poor
          at 00.54 UT.
 4980even USA  WRMI Okeechobee-FL, TOM BS religious archive S=8, 00.56
 5010even USA  WRMI relay Sp of R Slovakia Int., much poor S=4,  00.57

 4986.570 ???  UTE RTTY 850 Hertz shift signals high speed on
 4986.570 and 4987.420 kHz at 00.57 UT, S=9+10dB in Rochester-NY state.

 5025even CUB  R Rebelde Spanish some sports live coverage at 01.03 UT
          on May 17, S=9+15dB in NY state remotedly.
 5040even CUB  RHC Bauta, ONLY OPEN EMPTY CARRIER, no audio at S=8 level
 5085even USA  WTWW likely?, excellent Rock_n-Roll and music theme,
          S=9+10dB at 01.06 UT, 10 kW wideband audio quality transmission.
 4775.033 PRU ?  tentat R Tawa UNID S=4 signal underneath level, 01.16 UT.

and more logs of May 17 when traced in western Europe at 05.30 to 06.00 UT

 6040.003 TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish at 04.00-05.58 UT, S=7 fair 05.30 UT
 6155even AUT  ORF OE1 Vienna national sce relay via ORS Moosbrunn,
          S=9+40dB powerhouse, Classical Violine concert at 05.34 UT.
 7325DRM mode digital block visible at 05.37 UT S=9+40dB powerhouse signal
          ROU  RRI English program from Galbeni, 05.30-05.57 UT scheduled.
          and // in AM mode
 9660even ROU  RRI English program also from Galbeni site S=9+35dB 05.41UT
 9264.984 USA  WINB poor S=5 signal of TOM BS religious, at 05.39 UT often
          'Hallelujah' heard over and over.
 9770.008 TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish, folk mx heard, 04.00-05.58 UT at
          S=9+30dB proper signal level.
 9885even GB   VoA French to Africa, via ENC Woofferton-UK site at 05.48UT
          Mon-Fri only at 05.30-06.00 UT. Extreme S=9+50dB powerhouse
          signal noted in western Europe.
          Visible up to 50 kHz signal wideband.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 17)

11565 kHz MLA  RTM Kajang K_L off air at 14-16 UT time slot on May 16.
11620.003 TWN? Voice of Martyrs powerful S=9+25dB signal into Hiroshima
          and Tokyo Japan remotedly. Likely Tamshui or Pao Chung Taiwan
          relay site, according TDoA location finding option in Kiwi rx
          at 15.00-15.30 UT

          First and last 3 minutes in English, remain 24 minutes in
          Dhivehi language in South Asia, of the muslim oriented national
          people of the Maledive islands.

          10.6 kHz broadband audio block visible on Perseus unit.

          Reach Beyond Australia via Kununnurra bcast center AUS or
          GUM KTWR same TX signal characteristics of 2 x 5.3 kHz audio
          wideband seen for example also on KTWR 15200 kHz too.

          Website address and numbers given and then at 15.29:53 UT
          transmitter switch OFF sharp.

          All other Yerevan Gavar, Dushanbe, Orzu, Tashkent, Al Seela
          Oman, Al Dhabbaya-UAE, Kranji Singapore outelets are much lower
          signal compared at this hour in Japan target.

Glenn Hauser-OK-USA wor item:
11620 kHz on May 13 at 1529 UT. Voice of Martyrs Korea origin, Maldives
service in Dhivehi, runs a bit late so s/off in English not until 1530.0UT
overlapping Vatican R in Arabic until about 1530.4 UT. Into South India
SDR, was S=9+10/20dB from secret site, then VR weaker at S7/S9 and noisy.
"Dhivehi is an Indo-Aryan language de-rived from the Sinhalese language of
Sri Lanka. Despite the countries' close proximity to one another, Maldi-
vians and Sri Lankans do not always understand each other." - Wikipedia?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 13)

11824.993 AUS  Reach Beyond Australia in Burmese at 15.09 UT S=9+25dB
          nice signal strength in Japan remotedly, via Kununnurra bcast
          center. 10.2 kHz broad wideband audio block visible.
 9580even ALS  WCB KNLS Anchor Point religious broadcast in Russian at
          16.18 UT, scheduled 16-17 UT, S=9+35dB proper signal in Tokyo
          and Hiroshima-JPN.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 16)

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

May 21 - Today's non-logs checking 0545-0645 UT:
6185 (No Mexico), 7505 (No WRNO) and no Radio Vanuatu.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor May 21)

Yes Ron,
no-6185v  R Educacion Mexico D.F. missed the past days on air !
No WRNO 7505 also at 06.00 UT today May 21.

CUBA   6100even RHC Bauta in English 6-7 UT (not Sp ! ), and
// poor S=5 signal, HC La Habana English on 6060 kHz too.

BRAZIL   Shift-wandered Brazilian ZYE890 a melhor estacao,
Radio Voz Missionaria , Camboriu SC, 10 kW  <www.gideoes.com.br>
this May 21 morning around much odd fq
9667.076 kHz, S=7 in Rochester-NY at 06.10 UT.

CHINA/MARIANA ISL   21689.992 kHz USAGM transmission of RFA Tibetan
from Saipan Agignan Point, S=9+15dB in Hiroshima-JPN and
New Delhi Perseus SDR net server at 06-07 UT, at 06.19 UT.

Three program strings noted here on vary strength,
21689.992 kHz  MRA Saipan RFA Tibetan
21689.996 and 21690.000 even kHz
some China mainland jamming strings, jammer both stronger in India SDR.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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