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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1543                                                   29 May 2023

ALASKA   v9580 kHz  KNLS, Alaska (Anchor Point) at 1400 UT with IS, s/on
in English, program lineup. - Very good, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

996 Hertz ODD distance fq still - further observed on May 25:
9579.904 - much ODD fq KNLS unit, performing in religious English sermon,
talk on Jerusalem etc. etc. mixed human chorus, S=9+45dB powerful signal
noted in Akitakata Hiroshima Japan SDR unit, 14.48 UT on May 25.

7395 even KNLS Anchor Point Alaska in Mandarin Chinese, S=9+20dB also
noted in Akitakata Hiroshima Japan SDR unit, 14.52 UT on May 25.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

ALASKA  May 23 at 10.54 UT, 9685even KNLS Anchor Point in Mandarin Chinese
S=9+35dB strength, but little stronger KNLS English religious, at S=9+40dB
9579.904 kHz still much ODD fq.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

ALGERIA   15160 kHz  Monday May 22. 1927-1940 UT, RTA Radio Algerienne,
Ouargla-ALG in Arabic. The Qur'an chant; 1937UT A brief Qur'an recitation;
1938 UT Koranic music. Good reception: 45544.

17600 kHz  Monday May 22. 1941-1950 UT, Radio Algerienne, Bechar-ALG site,
in Arabic. Koranic music; 1942 UT Man talks; Poor to barely audible recep-
tion: 25322 to 25311.
(Jota Ronaldo Xavier-Paraiba-PB-BRA, hcdx May 22)

ALGERIA  Quite an interest project. The Algerian sources and news releases
speak of a pan-African radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day, with
correspondents from or in nine African countries, including Lesotho, my
own neighbouring country!  The aim is African news for an African audience
by African journalists. They mention broadcasting in Arabic and French,
and "other African languages". If this is a pan-African service, SW makes
sense, but I cannot find any frequencies or times anywhere.

[...] David, this seems to correlate with some of the EiBi schedules. They
list Ifrikya from 11:00 to 18:00 and Radio Algerienne from 18:00, across
some of the usual Radio Algerienne frequencies, like 21550 kHz where I
picked up Ifrikya.
(Andre, wor May 7 and 24)

Re:  Reported new SW station from Algeria.

I noticed last night that they relayed 2 hours of the domestic Holy Koran
service (in Arabic) followed by Radio Algiers International in French.
Sorry I didn't note the precise times and frequencies as I was busy with
other stuff, but around 1800-2100 UT.
(David Kernick-UK, wor May 23

ALGERIA   This programming has simply been put on the two new shortwave
transmitters they had ordered already in 2015 year,and I suspect that they
finally got around to put them in operation only because of this project.
How much of the announcements will materialize: Remains to be seen I would

Concerning frequencies: Spot checks suggest that the frequency switching
now takes place as shown at

(Kai Ludwig-D, wor May 21)

ALGERIA   Re:  Reported new SW station progr IFRIKIYA FM from Algeria,
two SW sites.

The two Ampegon shortwave tx project is a much longer term strategy, even
in 2006 / 2007 years RTA started renting bcast time with help of French
TDF Issoudun France center, that lasted at the end - 13 years - before
they built up their own Bechar and Ourgla 300 kWs TX units in 2018 year
with help of Bodo DF-operator - who also furbished MLK at Bethel PA station

Then they (RTA Algiers) have got CONTRACT trouble with the Swiss-German
transmitter company, before the final take-over happened, that happened
very late in spring 2022 year by HELP of UNKNOWN technician from abroad.

Since the training of the Algerian shortwave technician staff last year,
we can state in real terms that the RTA shortwave service under new label
name from Algiers for the Sahel zone, Central and West Africa, is very
well organized.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

A: 21 Boulevard des Martyrs, 16000 Algiers, Algeria, North Africa.
Web: <ifrikyafm.com>  E-mail: <ifrikyafm -at- gmail.com>
L.P: Dir: Mohamed Sayem

kHz: 9470, 13570, 13790, 15110, 15160, 17560, 17600, 21455, 21550 kHz.

Summer Schedule 2023
Multilingual Days Area kHz
0300-0600 daily Af  9470bec (t)
0600-0900 daily Af 15110bec (t)
0900-1100 daily Af 17600bec (t)
0900-1200 daily Af 17560org (t)
1100-1800 daily Af 21550bec (t)
1200-1500 daily Af 21455org (t)
1500-1800 daily Af 17560org (t)
1800-2000 daily Af 15160org (t)
1800-2100 daily Af 17600bec (t)
2000-0900 daily Af 13790org (t)
2100-0300 daily Af 13570bec (t)

Notes: Algerian Radio's General African service in Arabic, French,
Tuareg, Hausa and Bambara. On air since May 2023. Has replaced domestic
service relays on shortwave {since 2006 year, wb.}
(WRTH 2023 summer suppl. #8, May 23)

Re:  Reported new SW station from Algeria; or in simpler form at:


However, all frequencies are not on every day.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor May 21)


(via John Hoad, BrDXC-UK iog / wor May 21)


The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has sparked a resurgence of interest in
short-wave broadcasting, as nations strategically harness this medium to
serve their individual interests. As in the case of the newly founded
Ifrikya FM, which operates from Algeria to sub-Saharan countries.

Radio Ifrikya FM is a station operated by the Algerian public broadcaster
that addresses all African countries, particularly those in the sub-
Saharan region

While the transition to digital is being considered for FM, the war in
Ukraine has shown that the 'old' short and medium waves are the only ones
capable of bypassing the blocks that freedom of information might suffer
from an authoritarian regime. By launching the signal from thousands of
kilometers away, they cannot be countered except by jamming transmitted in
isofrequency by the other side's transmitters, a practice much used during
the Cold War but now almost in disuse. So much so that many broadcasters,
from the BBC to RFE-Radio Liberty and Vatican Radio, have dusted off old
transmitters or created new transmissions aimed at crisis areas. But
international services are also at the service of political propaganda,
as in the case of Algerian Ifrikya FM.

The multi-ethnic editorial staff and correspondents in nine countries.

The broadcaster's website has been registered but is not yet active (as
of 12 May 2023). Some social pages are active, however.

Inaugurated in Algiers on 3 May 2023, to coincide with World Press Freedom
Day, Ifrikya FM was created 'to give a voice to African listeners' and its
slogan is 'The African voice'. It is actually a strategy of rapprochement
with the sub-Saharan area, supported by the relaunch of new air and sea
lines between Algeria and Senegal, a country with which diplomatic rela-
tions have been renewed.

The station broadcasts 24 hours in French, Arabic, Targui, Hausa, and
Bambara and has a staff of young journalists from Algeria, Burundi, Chad,
Lesotho, Mali, Cameroon, and Niger as well as a network of correspondents
in nine African countries. It broadcasts on shortwave on 13790 kHz, on the
AlcomSat satellite, and on FM on 105.6 MHz (Algiers/Bouzareah, replacing
Radio Coran) and 98.4 (Tamanrasset, replacing Radio Sahel, which goes off
the air).

Schedule and frequency updates for the shortwave service are available
through WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook) at

(Written by Fabrizio Carnevalini, wor May 21)

ALGERIA  [and non]  15110 kHz May 26 at 0652 UT, SSOB S6/S9 with ME/Arabic
music, i.e. Ifrikya FM, // weaker 13790 kHz under ChiCom jamming vs RFA
Saipan Agingan Point. 15110 kHz is TDA Bechar site aimed SoEast so in
general we may expect better reception from there off the back, than
Ouargla 13790 kHz aimed SoWest, so off the side.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 26)

ARMENIA   13690 kHz  TWR India (Yerevan Gavar) at 1433 UT in English, man
interviewing a woman, 1444 UT closing announcements, IS, 1445 UT website
given and into Urdu (as listed). - Poor, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

AUSTRIA   Medientagebuch  'Das kleine Abenteuer'  von Martin Gasser.

Das Radio war einige Jahrzehnte des 20. Jahrhunderts das wichtigste Tor
zur Welt. Als es noch leistungsstarke Langwellensender mit grosser Reich-
weite gab, bot Radiohoeren ein grenzenloses Vergnuegen, das sich auch
voellig anders anfuehlte als die heutige Allgegenwart der Welt uebers
Internet. Es knirschte und rauschte - man hoerte gewissermassen die Welt
zwischen Sender und Empfaenger mit.Die Entfernung war einem immer bewusst,
was Radiohoeren zu einem kleinem Abenteuer verwandelte.

Die heutigen Internetradios bieten zwar viel mehr und in viel besserer
Qualitaet, das Erlebnis ist dennoch nur mehr halb so spannend. Aber es
bleibt dennoch ein emotional staerkeres Erlebnis, als es das Surfen im Web
bieten kann. Weil es irgenwie live wirkt.

Juengst als japanische Bossa-nova-Klaenge aus dem mitternaechtlichen Tokio
das Sonntagsfruehstueck beschallten, oder als die Musik-Nerds des nord-
deutschen ByteFM wieder ihren nachmittaeglichen Feldzug fuer exquisitePop-
musik abhielten. Oder als der auf Polka spezialisierte Sender aus dem
Sueden Brasiliens mit herrlich greller Werbung auch ein bisschen nervte.
(Medientagebuch, Kleine Zeitung Graz Austria, via Paul Gager-AUT, May 17)

AUSTRIA    Vier Jahre nach dem bundesweiten Start von DAB+ verfuegen 30 %
aller Haushalte in Oesterreich ueber zumindest ein DAB+ faehiges Emp-
fangsgeraet. (5 Prozentpunkte mehr als im Vorjahr)

18 % der Gesamtbevoelkerung bzw. 960.000 Oesterreicher/-innen nutzen das
digitale Antennenradio mehrmals im Monat, mehrmals pro Woche oder fast
taeglich. Das sind zentrale Ergebnisse der repraesentativen Studie "DAB+
Digitalradio Oesterreich 2023" von Ipsos Market Research, die am 2. Mai
2023 veroeffentlicht wurde. Als Vorteile von DAB+ nennen die aktiven DAB+-
Hoerer/-innen den besseren bzw. stoerungsfreien Empfang (23 %), eine
bessere Qualitaet des digitalen Radios insgesamt (21 %) sowie die grosse
Programmauswahl (12 %).

Bundesweit stehen gegenwaertig 16 DAB+-Programme mit einer technischen Be-
voelkerungsreichweite von 84 % zur Verfuegung; regional kommen im Gross-
raum Wien 14 DAB+-Programme hinzu. Die Studie steht auf der Website der
Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH zur Verfuegung:
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

BULGARIA   Recently I received a response from the official radio station
"Varna RADIO". It is with great pleasure that I share this information.

It is also on the blog  <https://dzen.ru/id/6368ec7e8762c71332d614ff>

Service broadcasting. The answer came from the meteorological service
"Varna RADIO". This radio station broadcasts a Black Sea coastal weather
bulletin and navigational warnings at 07:03 UTC and 19:03 UTC.

At 1303 UTC, the sea weather fact sheet is broadcast. All broadcasting is
at a frequency of 3740 kHz in USB mode. Broadcasting is in English and
(Viktor Tsekhanovich, Kerch, Crimea, Russia; via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)


V.o. China (1st Px, News Radio)
 4750/hlr 1958-1730
 4800/gem 2025-1805
 5945/be 2025-2300, 1300-1805 //15480
 5965/nnn 1000-1805 //5985
 5985/nnn 2025-2400 //11850
 6000/be 2025-2330, 1100-1805 //9645
 6080/gem 2025-2400, 1100-1805 //9630
 6125/szg 2025-2300, 1100-1805 //17595
 6125/be 2025-2300, 1000-1805 //9675
 6175/be 2025-2400, 0900-1805
 7215/szg 2025-2400 //11760
 7230/xia 2035-1805
 7275/be 2025-2300, 1100-1805 //15380
 7290/be 2025-0100, 1000-1805 //17890
 7305/szg 2025-2200, 1000-1805 //11750
 7365/szg 1200-1805 //7215
 9500/szg 2025-1805
 9630/gem 0000-1100 //6080
 9645/be 2330-1100 //6000
 9675/be 2300-1000 //6125
 9710/szg 2025-2330, 1100-1805 //11720
 9810/nnn 2025-2300, 1300-1805 //13610
 9830/be 2025-0100, 0730-1805 //17565
 9845/be 2025-2400, 1200-1805 //17550
 9860/be 2025-2300, 1200-1805 //12045
11710/be 2025-0030, 1000-1805 //17605
11720/szg 2330-1100 //9710
11750/szg 2200-1000 //7305
11760/szg 0000-1200 //7365
11850/nnn 0000-1000 //5965
11925/lin 2025-2330, 1200-1805 //17580
11960/be 0000-0900 //6175
12045/be 2300-1200 //9860
13610/nnn 2300-1300 //9810
15370/szg 0100-1100
15380/be 2300-1100 //7275
15480/be 2300-1300 //5945
17550/be 0000-1200 //9845
17565/be 0100-0730 //9830
17580/lin 2330-1200 //11925
17595/szg 2300-1100 //6125
17605/be 0030-1000 //11710
17890/be 0100-1000 //7290

V.O.the Economy (2nd Prgr, China Business R.)
 3985/gem 1200-1605 //6190
 5995/nnn 1100-1605 //6030
 6030/nnn 2055-2400 //11750
 6065/be 2055-2230, 1200-1605 //11670
 6090/gem 2055-0100, 1100-1605 //9570
 6155/be 2055-2300, 1000-1605
 6190/gem 2055-2400 //7220
 7220/gem 0000-1200 //3985
 7245/be 2055-2300, 1300-1605 //9620
 7265/be 2055-0100, 1230-1605 //9810
 7315/xia 2055-0100, 1100-1605 //11660
 7335/be 2055-0030, 1300-1605 //11915
 7360/xia 2055-2400 //11785
 7370/be 2055-2300, 1300-1605
 7375/be 1200-1605
 7425/xia 1300-1605 //7360
 9515/be 2055-2400, 0900-1605
 9570/gem 0100-1100 //6090
 9570/nnn 2055-0030 //13630
 9620/be 2300-1300 //7245
 9720/be 0000-1000
 9755/be 2055-2400, 1000-1605//12080
 9775/be 2055-0100, 0900-1605
 9780/nnn 1130-1605 //9570
 9810/be 0100-1230 //7265
 9820/xia 2055-2400, 1100-1605 //11695
11660/xia 0100-1100 //7315
11670/be 2230-1200 //6065
11695/xia 0000-1100 //9820
11740/lin 2055-0100, 1100-1605 //15540
11750/nnn 0000-1100 //5995
11785/xia 0000-1300 //7425
11915/be 0030-1300 //7335
12080/be 0000-1000 //9755
13630/nnn 0030-1130 //9780
15540/lin 0100-1100 //11740

V.o.Taihai (5th Prgr Cross-strait News R.)
Chinese - off the air

V.o.Shenzhou (6th Prgr Shenzhou Easy R.)
Chinese, Amoy, Hakka - off the air

V.o. the Greater Bay Area
(7th Prgr CMG, R. the Greater Bay)
 7345/huh 2055-2400, 1100-1805 //15550
 9745/kas 2055-0100 //13770
13770/kas 0100-1805 //9745
15550/huh 0000-1100 //7345

V.o.Minorities (8th Prgr, Ethnic Minority R.)
 9785 /be 0600-0800, 0900-1400

 9610 /be 2100-0100, 0200-0500
11810 /be 2100-0100, 0200-0500

 9610 /be 0100-0200, 0500-0600
 9785 /be 0800-0900, 1400-1505
11810 /be 0100-0200, 0500-0600

11th Prgr Tibetan Service
 6010/lha  2155-2200, 2300-2400, 1300-1605
 7350/lha 2155-2200, 2300-2400, 1300-1605
 9480/lha 2155-2200, 2300-2400, 1100-1605
 9530/lha 0000-0700, 0800-1300
11685/lha 0000-0700, 0800-1300
15570/lha 0000-0700, 0800-1100

 6010/lha 2200-2300
 7350/lha 2200-2300
 9480/lha 2200-2300
 9530/lha 0700-0800
11685/lha 0700-0800
15570/lha 0700-0800

13th Prgr Uighur Service
 9420/lin 1058-1500, 1600-1805
 9890/lin 1400-1500, 1600-1805
13700/lin 2355-0900, 1000-1400 //9890
15390/lin 2355-0900, 1000-1057 //9420

 9420/lin 1500-1600
 9890/lin 1500-1600
13700/lin 0900-1000
15390/lin 0900-1000

17th Prgr Kazakh Service
 9630/lin 1157-1500, 1600-1805
11630/lin 2355-0800, 0900-1500, 1600-1805
12055/lin 2355-0800, 0900-1157 //9630

 9630/lin 1500-1600
11630/ lin 0800-0900, 1500-1600
12055/lin 0800-0900

Voice of Strait Chinese Service
 4900/fuz 1140-1300

China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation
 6185/fuz 0945-1600 Chinese

Xinjiang People's Broadcasting Station (XJBS)
Chinese - exc. Tue 0800-1100
 5960/ur 2300-0257, 1157-1800 //9835
 7260/ur 2300-1800
 7310/ur 2300-0308, 1400-1800
 9600/ur 0308-1400
 9835/ur 0257-1157 //5960
11770/ur 2300-1800

Uighur - exc. Tue 0800-1100 (0800-0900 Chinese)
 6120/ur 2300-0303, 1202-1800 //9560
 7205/ur 2300-0158, 1400-1800 //13670
 7275/ur 2300-1800
 9560/ur 0303-1202 //6120
13670/ur 0158-1400 //7205
15240/ur 0300-0900

Mongolian - exc. Tue 0800-1100
 6190/ur 2310-0330, 1210-1800 //9510
 7230/ur 2310-0330, 0510-1030, 1150-1800
 9510/ur 0510-1030 //6190

Kazakh - exc. Tue 0800-1100
 6015/ur 2315-0348, 1153-1800 //9470
 7340/ur 2315-1800
 9470/ur 0348-1153 //6015

 9705/ur 0310-0530, 1010-1230
11975/ur 0310-0530, 1010-1230
SW only, monitored in April 23.
Some px to change to FM / internet only, soon.
(Tom Laobaixing / Chinese monitors, wwdxc DXMagazine May 2023)

CONGO   6115 kHz  Radio Congo, Brazzaville, 1815-1856 UT on May 16, French
news, male, female, African songs, comments. Strong carrier, very weak
audio at first, improving later due to approaching sunset here. 15321.
On air today with extended program after several days without signal.
(Manuel Mendez-Lugo-ESP, hcdx May 16)

CUBA   9155 kHz  Unidentified numbers station at 1015 UT. Spanish female
5 digit numbers blocks and digital text tones, Very strong, both signal
and audio. Excellent May 22.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)

CZECH REPUBLIC   792 kHz  with typical Germanic polkas, 'Radio Dechovka'
from Stezery, Czechia at 2135 UTC on May 20.
(Zacharias Liangas-Thessaloniki-GRC, wor May 22,
few MW logs for the 20-21 of May, the day for the Greek general elections)

Yes, MW 792 kHz is 'Radio Dechovka' from Stezery, Czechia with Czech polka
(Christos Rigas-Woo Dale IL-USA, wor May 22)

CZECH REPUBLIC/CSR/CSSR    Re:  100 years of Czech radio

.... and if you collect special QSLs send SWL reports to these special
amateur radio stations celebration 100 years of radio:


look for their activity

Regards Harald-Kuhl-D  DL1AX exDL1ABJ  (BrDXC-UK iogroups May 19)

CZECH REPUBLIC   Re: Radio Dechovka will celebrate Czech broadcasting
100 year anniversary on May 18 2023 on 1233 kHz.

On Thursday, May 18th, 2023, it will have been exactly 100 years since
the start of regular radio broadcasting from Czechoslovakia. Radio
Dechovka will celebrate this anniversary with a symbolic 24-hour broad-
cast from the Prague Zbraslav transmitter on the frequency of 1233 kHz,
as the only radio station. Don't forget to tune in on May 18th 10:00 UT
for the special broadcast on the medium wave frequency of 1233 kHz and
celebrate the 100th anniversary of the start of regular radio broadcast-
ing in the Czech Republic with Radio Dechovka. To commemorate this anni-
versary, Radio Dechovka will be sending a special QSL card to listeners.
(Michal Hons reported on the MW DX Club F_B via Mike Terry-UK BrDXC May 5)

If someone needs the final moments of 1233 kHz, see attachment. That's how
it sounded on the Saxonian side of the Erzgebirge mountains where three
decades ago the mediumwave band was full with Czech signals while the ma-
jority of the East German ones were already gone.

It is understood that the dismantling of the equipment for this frequency
will start immediately. Concerning Country Radio... this from two days ago
is as close to a confirmation as it gets for now.


It is further understood that the plan is to wheel in TRAM equipment they
had kept in storage after closure. As an example for what it could be:

(Kai Ludwig-D, wor May 19)

Re:  Radio Dechovka will celebrate Czech broadcasting 100 year anniversary
- May 18, 2023 on MW 1233 kHz.

The latest from reliable sources: Transmissions of Country Radio on 639kHz
are expected to start in September. Still under negotiation is the power
level, but it will under no circumstances be more than 50 kW, rather less.

The contract runs until yearend 2026. Continuing beyond this date requires
a replacement of the guy ropes on the two 355 metres tall masts. Offices
who stated that they consider the facility as critical infrastructure are
expected to provide / secure funding for this expensive maintenance. Else
it will be curtains and as precaution an application for the demolition of
the antenna will indeed be filed.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor May 21)

CZECH REPUBLIC    Czech Country Radio to leave 1062 kHz in summer:
will use MW 639 and 954 kHz instead. Country Radio gets approval to expand
AM broadcasts (mediaguru.cz translated from Czech). Country Radio plans to
expand its medium wave coverage in the coming months.

The radio station Country Radio, which is part of the Radio United Broad-
casting media group, plans to expand broadcasting on medium wave, i.e. on
the so-called AM ranges, in the coming months. From Zbraslav in Prague,
the program will move to Liblice in Central Bohemia, a new quota will be
added in South Bohemia.

Broadcasting in the bands denoted by the abbreviation AM, whose history on
the territory of the former Czechoslovakia dates back to 1923, will not
end just like that. In addition to Rad Dechovek and Cesky Impuls,the radio
station Country Radio will continue to use the AM band. The Council for
Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) expressed approval of the techni-
cal changes planned by the radio group Radio United Broadcasting at its
last meeting held this week.

Given that the planned changes were implemented within the existing medium
wave broadcasting from Zbraslav on the frequency of 1062kHz, Country radio
did not need a new license and therefore this information did not appear
on the RRTV website either. "Due to the planned construction of a data
center at the Zbraslav transmitter site, Country Radio was forced to look
for an alternative solution for broadcasting on AM," the general manager
of Radio United Broadcasting Martin Hroch explained to MediaGuru.

The public Czech Radio stopped broadcasting its stations on medium and
long wave at the end of 2021 year, Country Radio can therefore move to the
Liblice station, where it will broadcast on the existing frequency of the
station CRo Dvojka, i.e. 639 kHz, with a power of 20 kW. "The change in
frequency from 1062 kHz to 639 kHz is necessary due to the tuned antenna
present on this transmitter," reasoned Hroch. For a certain period of
time, // AM broadcasting will take place in both locations.

Despite the fact that broadcasting in AM ranges seems to be technically
outdated and inadequate for today's time - medium waves are, for example,
very susceptible to interference and thanks to them, for example, an in-
coming storm can be recorded - Country Radio plans to extend it to
southern Bohemia as well, where it will use the elevation Ceske Budejovice
- Hus's colony. In this area, the DRM digital radio experiment has been
going on for several months without further perspective, which will under-
standably be terminated.

"Given that Liblice is situated to the east,we also asked the Broadcasting
Council to add an AM transmitter Ceske Budejovice - Hus's Colony with a
frequency of 954 kHz and a power of 5 kW. The coverage should therefore be
saturated from two frequencies on two dimensions," added the CEO of Radio
United. "From this, we hope, among other things, that Country Radio could
also be picked up at cottages in southern Bohemia, including the Lipno
water reservoir. Unfortunately, there are a number of areas where we
cannot get our signal by other means," added Hroch.

According to Martin Hroch, CEO of Radio United Broadcasting, the launch of
the transmitters should probably take place in the summer months. It is
not excluded that the new location Ceske Budejovice - Husova Kolonie will
be launched first, but the date depends on resolving the signal transport,
Liblice should follow. "We are not pressured by a fixed date yet, but we
would like to shut down Zbraslav in September," concluded Hroch. Country
Radio is the third most listened to station in the supra-regional radio
category. According to Radioprojekt, 265,000 people tune in every day.


(via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK groups.io, May 24)

CZECH REPUBLIC   Liblice update.

The output on 639 kHz will be 20kW, like the Zbraslav transmission it will
replace. In addition Country Radio will also be transmit from Ceske
Budejovice with 5 kW on 954 kHz, by the transmitter so far used for a DRM
test. This per

And the rumour mill describes the transmitter they brought to Liblice as
a rig that came from Germany and has been obtained for scrap metal value.
Which could be taken as a paraphrase for the ex-Topolna transmitter which
indeed is the ex-261 kHz 1996 til 2000 years transmitter from Burg.
In this case it would, however, be a modification of a TRAM-L into a
mediumwave TRAM. Thus I would not jump to conclusions here too quickly.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor May 27)

DENMARK   Stig Hartwig Nielsen-DNK  sent a package with various souvenirs
for his help in compiling its table of European Private Radio Stations and
QSL card for receiving WMR at a frequency of 15700 kHz at a power of
10 watts,December 2022. In the package he put a personal letter, stickers,
postcards about the radio station, mug. All this in a branded folder.

Pictures here:  <https://myqsl.github.io/qsls/wmr_2022.html>
(Eugene Kornykhim, Moscow-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

DENMARK   WMR 15700 kHz.
World Music Radio on the air from now 1000 UT Friday April 26 on 15700 kHz
(300Watt) continuously until sometime next week, perhaps Wednesday if
everything goes ok.  Best 73s - Stig   <www.wmr.radio>

(via Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN, hcdx May 26)

Just audible (so actually better than most days) in the Netherlands at
10:55 UT on 15699.7 kHz.
(Alex Kout-HOL, hcdx May 26)

15699.657 kHz odd fq at 19.35 UT May 28, S=7-8 dance orchestra Latin mx.
(wb  df5sx, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 28)

ECUADOR   6050 kHz  HCJB  Pichincha, 0416-0500* UT on May 14, Spanish,
program "Ritmos y Canciones de Nuestra Tierra", today comment about  "La
Amazonia Ecuatoriana", "El rio Tena", Ecuadorian songs, "HCJB presento,
Ritmos y Canciones de Nuestra Tierra", "HCJB termino su programacion del
dia de hoy", anthem and closing. 35433.
(Manuel Mendez-Lugo-ESP, BrDXC-UK iogroups May 14)

ESWATINI   9585 kHz  Trans World Radio (Manzini Swaziland) at 1453 UT
starting IS and IDs, "This is T-W-R, broadcasting from eSwatini.", 1455 UT
music and beginning programming in Malagasy. - Poor-fair, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

 9584.989 kHz at 15.20 UT.
11879.963 kHz TWR Somali via Manzini relay site, S=6-7 at 15.28 UT.
13579.987 kHz TWR Arabic, 15.30-15.45 UT Mon-Fri, S=7 at 15.34 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

FRANCE   Am 17.April 2023 startete der 'Figaro Le Figaro TV Ile-de-France'
and 'Le Figaro Radio', das zunaechst auf DAB+ Mode in Paris, Marseille und
Nizza sendet. Mit dieser Investition von 6,5 Millionen Euro setzt die
Zeitung Figaro, die 1826 als Satireblatt gegruendet wurde und heute zu den
wichtigen meinungsbildenden Zeitungen Frankreichs gehoert, die Diversi-
fizierung ihrer Plattformen fort ("strategie omnicanale").

'Le Figaro Radio' soll nach und nach in weiteren Staedten auf DAB+ aus-
gestrahlt werden, aber auch auf Plattformen wie Spotify oder Deezer. Das
Programm "soll viel Raum fuer Analysen bieten", ergaenzt durch einen sehr
weit gefassten "klassischen Softrock".
<https://www.lefigaro.frY  via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

GERMANY  {Bayern}   Wie lassen sich Lieblingsmusik und persoenliche
Interessen bei Wortbeitraegen im linearen Radio kombinieren ?  Im Rahmen
des Projektes Announcement Radio Toolbox untersuchen die Bayerische
Medien Technik und ihre Partner die Kombination von reinen Musikprogram-
men mit einem Infokanal in Digital Radio DAB+ Mode.

Das Projekt hat eine Laufzeit von 14 Monaten und wird von der Bayerischen
Staatskanzlei gefoerdert. Im Projekt werden verschiedene Musikgenres // zu
einem Infokanal ausgestrahlt. Die Beitraege im Infokanal sind in 10 Kate-
gorien wie Nachrichten, Wetter, Verkehr, OePNV oder Sport klassifiziert
und werden entsprechend signalisiert. Auf der Empfangsseite koennen die Zu-
hoerenden neben dem reinen Musikprogramm am Radiogeraet die gewuenschten
Kategorien individuell auswaehlen.

Beim Hoeren wird bei Aussendung eines gewaehlten Wortbeitrags die Musik
ausgeblendet und voruebergehend auf den Infokanal umgeschaltet. Das An-
gebot kann im Verbreitungsgebiet des Testkanals 10D in Bayern empfangen
werden. Fuer die Auswahl der Durchsagen ist ein Radio noetig, welches das
DAB-Feature Announcement unterstuetzt.
<http://www.art-projekt.bayern>  via Dr. Joern Krieger via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

GERMANY/AUSTRIA   Das Hoerertreffen von SM Radio Dessau am 6. Mai 2023
wurde von den Teilnehmenden als voller Erfolg wahrgenommen (Bilderstrecke

Eine Nachbetrachtung gibt es in der vom oesterreichischen Kurzwellenzen-
trum ORS Moosbrunn ausgestrahlten 100-kW-Hauptsendung am 11. Juni.
Ausserdem werden die Wiederausstrahlungen alter Programme bei Channel 292
Rohrbach Waal Ingolstadt fortgesetzt.

Daraus ergibt sich folgender Sendeplan:
03. Juni 2023, 1500 Uhr: 6070 kHz ( 10 kW) #38 Cat Stevens+ Musik der 90er
10. Juni 2023, 1500 Uhr: 6070 kHz ( 10 kW) #40 Suzi Quatro
11. Juni 2023, 1100 Uhr: 6070 kHz (100 kW) Radiowerbung Teil2 +
                         Auswertung Hoerertreffen
17. Juni 2023, 1500 Uhr: 6070 kHz ( 10 kW) #41 Cliff Richard + Seesender
24. Juni 2023, 1500 Uhr: 6070 kHz ( 10 kW) #42 James Last + Seesender.

Empfangsberichte werden unter folgenden Adressen bearbeitet:
Max Berger
Saalestrasse 44
06846 Dessau, Germany, Europe

<maxberger -at- smradio-dessau.de>
(Thomas Becker, Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

GUAM   13740 kHz  Trans World Radio (Agana - sic - rather Merizo GUM site)
at 1413 UT in listed Vasavi language, giving contact info, off at 1414 UT.
- Fair, May 22.

15670 kHz  Adventist World Radio (Agat site) on at 1530 UT "This is
Adventist World Radio ... you are listening to ... English program...",
man and woman with introductions, hymn. - Poor, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

9320 kHz KTWR Merizo in Korean, OFF air, due of hurricane disaster break,
at 1400-1515 UT on May 25;
15670 kHz  off air on 15.53 UT on May 25, wb.

GUAM   Nothing at 20:10 UT May 24 from KSDA Agat Guam on 9890 kHz.
Not surprising. 73, Walter Salmaniw-BC-CAN, wor May 24.

Re:  KSDA AWR Agat 9890 kHz missing.
Well, my next check at 2340 UT, 17700 kHz was on with Chinese into South
Korea SDR as sked this hour. Of course, AWR might switch to some other
transmitter site if KSDA disabled. Now both KSDA and KTWR are scheduled
to be off the air until 1000 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 24)

GUAM  [and non]  9890 kHz  May 23 at 1955 UT, tune in one of two KiwiSDRs
in Korea South, for KSDA, AWR scheduled to start a new day at 20-21 UT in
Korean. Cuts on air at *1957UT with incredible S=9+60dB carrier, some dips
to only +45dB. 1959 UT my "Optimum" internet drops out, and not back until
2001 UT when I'm on the other KS SDR where it's much weaker and noisier,
but underway in Korean with AWR mentions, perhaps for the last time ?

Since a super-typhoon is heading toward Guam Pacific and expected to hit
Wednesday May 24 afternoon, circa 04 UT. As soon as we got this story via
Mike Terry-UK.

A monster typhoon is barreling toward a US territory with deadly winds and
25-foot storm surge.
By Derek Van Dam, CNN Meteorologist. Published 10:47 AM EDT, Tue May 23.

Super Typhoon Mawar is barreling toward Guam on Tuesday, threatening to
slam into the US territory as the strongest storm there in more than
60 years. The typhoon, which has strengthened rapidly in recent days, is
posing a "triple threat" of devastation including deadly winds equivalent
to a category 5 hurricane, exceptional storm surge and torrential rain-
fall, according to the National Weather Service office in Guam ...


I started replying:
I was going to suggest monitoring KTWR & KSDA whether they be blown off
both totally worthless for any LOCAL news about Guam. WRTH Update


has nothing under Guam. Instead they are mixed in with other TWR and
AWR sites under Singapore and USA respectively. If anyone can find or
compile KTWR-only or KSDA-only transmission skeds, please do so.

Perhaps most convenient will be EiBi database by time:

For KTWR, search on KTWR, to find it is OFF the air between 1630 and 1000.
For KSDA, search on GUM-a,which is OFF the air at 1830-2000 and 0000-1000.
Not considering day of week variations.

So first up will be KSDA at 20-21 UT in Korean on 9890 kHz.
Glenn, 1833 UT

There is one public radio station, KPRG
and its stream is working

I have not investigated for commercial stations. There are many more
utility transmitters which you can find on EiBi by searching merely GUM

There are no KiwiSDRs to be found on Guam by searching or on the world
map. Glenn

I do not see any explicitly local news on the schedule which is UT+10hrs,
but I suppose there may be some such inserts during NPR programs such as
ATC. Here & Now is currently running at 6-8 am. Glenn

KPRG did not occupy the optional cutaway in NPR news at 1904 UT, but stay-
ed with NPR news until 1906 UT. Also, I see that KPRG does not carry NPR
Morning Edition which would start around local midnight, but rather BBCWS.

Arthur Pozner replies: Radio-locator.com has 21 local stations listed
for Guam. Most of them appear to have live links.

And Jose Jacob, India: Hello Glenn,
KSDA A23 Schedule is in my site:

KTWR A23 Schedule is in my site:

Gary Pence says at 2059UT: Glenn, The radar shows they're getting into it.
I can only hope it moves quickly; the slower it moves or stalls awhile,
more damage and destruction occurs. Gary

So we're all set to follow what happen to Guam and its stations.
SAIPAN & TINIAN with USAGM SW stations are not far away to the North, and
might also be affected. What hath god wrought?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 24 - 25)

GUAM   News from KTWR, May 24. Latest report from KTWR. Staff are safe.
Max wind gust of 108 mph recorded in weather station on one of the towers.
Getting the southern end of the storm. Thank you for your concerns and
prayers. Lauren Libby  (Via DRM India group)
(Thanking you, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, wor 24)

GUAM   Message from AWR about KSDA Guam transmissions these days.

"While during this season A23 some towers on KSDA are on maintenance
(Two Antennas are down), through the Cyclone other two Antennas were

We could broadcast only with a single Antenna. We hope till next Weekend
we can be on air again, and run our schedule regular as it was before."

[...]   Updated KSDA Schedule.
From today 28 May 2023, KSDA Guam station of Adventist World Radio is
noted with two transmitters on air after the interruption of Cyclone Mawar

The updated monitored schedule is in
(Jose Jacob-IND, Official Monitor, AWR; wor May 28)

GUAM  [and non]   Shortly after my previous report about imminent typhoon
strike affecting SW stations KSDA and KTWR, these further posts to WOR
iog, May 23/24:

From Jose Jacob-IND, to the wor iog; at 0250 UT May 24: " KTWR will be
silent today also. Message from KTWR. The station will be silent tonight
also. Typhoon Mawar should make maximum impact to Guam today.

At 1150 UTC KSDA heard on 15210 kHz but not scheduled 11855, 15500 ?
1230 UTC: 15430 missing, 15710 heard. 1300 UTC: 12055 15505 missing.
15550 tx coming and going. KSDA 1330 UTC: all 15255 15430 15550 missing
today. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS,
National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India, <www.niar.org>"

I'm not trying South Korea SDR until 1548 UT when it's getting nothing
from KSDA on 15615, 15670 or 15680 kHz - as sked.

Nor anything from KTWR on 9900 kHz, nor after 1600 UT on 12080 kHz. Now
that the storm has passed, to discover whether they can resume normal ops,
or damaged and/or powerless.

Details in this story with a 2+ minute audiovideo:

It seems the eye passed just north of Guam,so it could have been worse for
the SW stations and everyone. Are the SW sites in the southern half of
Guam ? Seemingly for KSDA which FCC puts at 13-20 N, while Guam in general
is at 13-26 N according to a web search showing extreme decimal detail
without specifying exactly what part of Guam that be.

KTWR Merizo, Guam
13 16 41 N  144 40 27 E



KSDA - Facpi Point, Guam
13 20 28 N  144 39 09 E



15450 1000-1100 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        1-7
12030 1030-1100 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Tag Agat        23457
12030 1030-1100 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ilo Agat        16
17720 1030-1100 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Mon Agat        1-7
15500 1100-1130 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ind Agat        1-7  nil
11855 1100-1200 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        1-7  nil
15210 1100-1200 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        1-7
15210even on air at 11.30 UT on May 27
15500 1130-1200 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Sun Agat        1357 nil
15500 1130-1200 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Jav Agat        246
15710 1200-1230 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        67
15709.997 kHz on air at 12.00 UT on May 27 + 28
15710 1200-1230 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Amo Agat        12345
15430 1230-1300 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Tia Agat        1-7
15430.007 kHz on air at 12.20 UT on May 28 - BUT via SLBC
Trincomalee-CLN broadcast relay center on Sri Lanka, SoAS.
15710 1230-1300 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        6
15710 1230-1300 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Can Agat        1-57
12055 1300-1330 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kac Agat        1-7
15505 1300-1330 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ash Agat        1-7
15550 1300-1330 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Khm Agat        1-7
15255 1330-1400 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kok Agat        1-7
15430 1330-1400 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kha Agat        1-7
15550 1330-1400 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Hmo Agat        56
15550 1330-1400 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ind Agat        237
15550 1330-1400 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ass Agat        14
11795 1400-1430 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kar Agat        1-7
12065 1400-1430 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ash Agat        1-7
15440 1400-1430 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        1-7
11795 1430-1500 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kar Agat        1-7
15215 1500-1530 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kan Agat        1-7
15615 1530-1600 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Guj Agat        1-7
15670 1530-1600 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Tib Agat        56
15670 1530-1600 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Eng Agat        12347
15680 1530-1600 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kan Agat        1-7
12080 1600-1630 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Tel Agat        1-7
15360 1630-1700 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Sin Agat        1357
15360 1630-1700 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Pas Agat        246
11955 1630-1730 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kor Agat        1-7
15530 1730-1830 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kor Agat        1-7
 9700 2000-2100 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Kor Agat        1-7
11750 2100-2200 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        1-7
11749.997 kHz on air at 21.10 UT on May 26
15320 2200-2230 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Nga Agat        1-7  nil
15320 2200-2230 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Nga Agat        1-7  nil
15440 2200-2230 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Sun Agat        2467 nil
15440 2200-2230 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Eng Agat        135
15439.995 kHz on air at 22.08 UT on May 28 {on air again, wb.}
15685 2200-2300 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Vie Agat        1-7
15684.997 kHz on air at 22.40 UT on May 26
15685.012 kHz on air at 22.05 UT on May 28
15320 2230-2300 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Jav Agat        1-7  nil
15440 2230-2300 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Ind Agat        1-7  nil
17700 2300-2400 GUM KSDA-Adventist World R.G Chi Agat        1-7
17699.996 kHz on air at 23.34 UT on May 26
15320 2330-2400 GUM ADVENTIST WORLD R.       Tha Agat        12346
15320.007 kHz on air at 23.30 UT on May 26, but via Trincomalee-CLN
broadcast relay center on Sri Lanka, SoAS.

11965 1000-1015 GUM KTWR GUAM                Jav Merizo      7
11965 1000-1015 GUM KTWR GUAM                Ind Merizo      1
11965 1000-1030 GUM KTWR GUAM                Mad Merizo      23456
11965 1015-1030 GUM KTWR GUAM                Bal Merizo      1
11965 1015-1030 GUM KTWR GUAM                Sun Merizo      7
11965 1030-1045 GUM KTWR GUAM                Jav Merizo      7
11965 1030-1100 GUM KTWR GUAM                Sun Merizo      23456
11965 1030-1100 GUM KTWR GUAM                Ind Merizo      1
11965 1045-1100 GUM KTWR GUAM                Ind Merizo      7
15310 1045-1100 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Mon Merizo TX7  2-7
12120 1057-1127 GUM KTWR GUAM (DRM)          Chi Merizo      7
15310 1100-1114 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Mon Merizo      1-7
11965 1100-1115 GUM KTWR GUAM                Eng Merizo      1
11965 1100-1145 GUM KTWR GUAM                Eng Merizo      23456
11965 1115-1130 GUM KTWR GUAM                Mal Merizo      7
12160 1115-1145 GUM KTWR GUAM                Hui Merizo TX7  1-7  nil
 9910 1128-1145 GUM KTWR GUAM                Eng Merizo      1
 9910 1128-1230 GUM KTWR GUAM (DRM)          Jpn Merizo      7    nil
 9910 1145-1200 GUM KTWR GUAM Macedonian Cal Chi Merizo      1
12160 1145-1200 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Hak Merizo TX7  1-7  nil
 9910 1158-1214 GUM KTWR GUAM God Remembers  Chi Merizo      1-6
 9975 1200-1215 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Chi Merizo TX7  1-7  nil
12040 1200-1215 GUM KTWR GUAM                Bur Merizo      1
12160 1200-1215 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Chi Merizo TX7  1-7  nil
12040 1200-1230 GUM KTWR GUAM                Bur Merizo      2-7  nil
 9975 1215-1230 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Nos Merizo TX7  2-7
12160 1215-1230 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Nos Merizo TX7  2-7
 9910 1215-1245 GUM KTWR GUAM (DRM)          Chi Merizo      2
 9910 1215-1245 GUM KTWR GUAM Women of Hope  Chi Merizo      1
 9975 1215-1245 GUM KTWR GUAM(Friendship Rad Jpn Merizo      1
12040 1215-1245 GUM KTWR GUAM                Sga Merizo      1
12040 1230-1300 GUM KTWR GUAM                Sga Merizo      23456
11550 1230-1315 GUM KTWR GUAM                Vie Merizo      7
11550 1245-1300 GUM KTWR GUAM                Vie Merizo      1
11590 1245-1300 GUM FEBA Radio India         Mal Merizo      567
11590 1245-1300 GUM FEBA Radio India         Eng Merizo TX6  1234
13660 1245-1300 GUM KTWR GUAM                Dzo Merizo      7
13660 1245-1300 GUM KTWR GUAM                Man Merizo      1
13740 1245-1300 GUM KTWR GUAM                Eng Merizo      23456
 9975 1300-1315 GUM KTWR GUAM The Word Today Chi Merizo TX6  1
11590 1300-1315 GUM FEBA Radio India         Hin Merizo      23456
13740 1300-1315 GUM KTWR GUAM                Des Merizo      7
13740 1300-1315 GUM KTWR GUAM                Bha Merizo      1
 9975 1300-1335 GUM KTWR GUAM                Chi Merizo TX6  23456
13740 1300-1339 GUM KTWR GUAM                Hin Merizo      23456
 9320 1314-1345 GUM KTWR GUAM                Kor Merizo      23456
 9975 1315-1330 GUM KTWR GUAM Hope for Today Chi Merizo TX6  17
11590 1315-1330 GUM FEBA Radio India         Bha Merizo      1
 9320 1315-1345 GUM KTWR GUAM                Eng Merizo      7
 9975 1330-1345 GUM KTWR GUAM Macedonian Cal Chi Merizo TX6  7
 9975 1335-1345 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Can Merizo TX6  23456
 9320 1345-1400 GUM KTWR GUAM                Kor Merizo      1-7
13740 1400-1415 GUM KTWR GUAM                Har Merizo      1
13740 1400-1415 GUM KTWR GUAM                Ori Merizo      7
13740 1400-1415 GUM KTWR GUAM                Mar Merizo      4
13740 1400-1415 GUM KTWR GUAM                Maw Merizo      56
13740 1400-1415 GUM KTWR GUAM                Vas Merizo      23
 9320 1400-1515 GUM KTWR GUAM                Kor Merizo      1-7
11590 1415-1445 GUM KTWR GUAM                Uyg Merizo TX7  2345
11590 1445-1500 GUM KTWR GUAM Do You Know    Kaz Merizo TX7  1-7
15390 1500-1545 GUM KTWR GUAM (DRM)          Eng Merizo      1
 9900 1502-1601 GUM Living Water Ministry    Kor Merizo      34567
 9320 1515-1545 GUM KTWR GUAM                Kor Merizo      127
15390 1515-1545 GUM KTWR GUAM (DRM)          Eng Merizo      3456
 9900 1516-1616 GUM Living Water Ministry    Kor Merizo      3456
 9900 1545-1616 GUM Living Water Ministry    Kor Merizo      7
15205 1600-1630 GUM KTWR GUAM (DRM)          Tam Merizo      1
(Aoki userlist_1 Perseus SDR, time sorted)

The Northern Mariana Islands were also in the typhoon area so USAGM trans-
mitters on SAIPAN Agingan Point and TINIAN island need to be checked out.
Their extensive skeds mixed in with all the other USAGM sites:


My first check of those is at 2030 UT May 24, when only two are scheduled,
in Chinese, 9535 & 6080 kHz. Into SouthKorea SDR remotedly both are do-
minated by Firedragon music, CC talk is definitely under 9535 kHz at
S=9+60dB, and I think also 6080 kHz at S7, which are Saipan and Tinian,
respectively. So those two sites remain operational - unless other sites
have been substituted immediately.

At 2320 UT into South Korea SDR, checking all the NMI frequencies sked
until 2330 or 2400 UT: 15555 kHz Saipan Chinese on with CNR1 jamming;
11700 kHz Tinian Tibetan only; 13715 kHz Saipan Khmer only; 12140 kHz
Tinian Khmer not heard.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 24)

GUAM   Re 15680 kHz - the only KSDA frequency I have been hearing on air
until 1600 UT, Jose Jacob, India, has monitored the complete schedule and
confirmed only one at all times, two others missing: "LATEST monitored
schedule of KSDA Adventist World Radio, Guam after Cyclone Mawar damaged
the area is in
Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS" on the WOR iog
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 26)

15680 kHz  May 26 at 1540 UT, via SouthKorea SDR, KSDA Kannada service
is only frequency on air, like yesterday, no 15670 or 15615 kHz as on
their sked. Perhaps they have enough generator power to run only one even
if antennas and the others undamaged. No-call AWR sign-off at 1559 UT in
English to 1600* UT and no show on next sked frequency 12080 kHz.

Again today, KTWR totally absent from its sked frequencies at 1540 UT:
15390, 9900, 9870 kHz. Handy skeds by time at:
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 26)

GUAM   Re KTWR missing all frequencies since Mawar, John the VORW reports
to WOR iog: "I found this on the TWR Facebook Page - in regards to the
status of KTWR, it reads as follows:

"Typhoon Mawar has left the Pacific island of Guam, and as we've shared
previously, TWR staff and their families stayed safe.

However, damage to the facilities of KTWR, our shortwave station on the
island, was worse than originally believed, and members of our TWR family
on Guam are in the midst of a difficult situation. Challenging days lie
ahead, and your prayer support is greatly needed.

Grant Hodgins, station director at KTWR, and two key members of the team
were able to reach the station on Thursday morning. Although it was still
too windy for a close inspection, it was apparent that all five of our an-
tennas sustained damage, Hodgens reported.

KTWR uses shortwave signals to reach a large swath of Asia with the gospel
message, and because of the nature of shortwave, the programs are aired at
night. But for the third night in a row, KTWR was unable to broadcast on
Thursday night.

The team planned to regather at 9 a.m. Friday - 7 p.m. Thursday in the
 Eastern U.S. - to determine next steps. A key issue will be Antenna 1,
which is a total loss, Hodgins said.

The families of TWR personnel are all accounted for and are doing okay.
Still, most have no power or water. Staff on Thursday were focused prima-
rily on caring for their families.

To be sure, the impact could have been much worse. As the typhoon
approached Guam, the southern section that includes KTWR was in line for
a direct hit. We asked for prayer, you responded, and we watched in wonder
as our Father pushed the storm northward at the last minute. We sustained
a glancing blow instead of a direct hit.

But a glancing blow from a Category 4 storm is a serious matter. Please
continue to be in prayer for our TWR family on Guam and the 173,000 re-
sidents of the island, all of whom have been affected. Please also pray
that we'll soon be able to resume programming to the listeners across Asia
for whom TWR is a spiritual lifeline."

Included in the post is a photograph of a damaged antenna.
All the best, John, Orlando, Florida"
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor May 26)

Re:  KTWR Guam - Antennas damaged. Any update on AWR KSDA ?

Typhoon Mawar has left Guam. Thankfully, TWR staff and their families
stayed safe. However, damage to the facilities of KTWR, our shortwave
station on the island, was worse than originally believed. All five
antennas sustained damage. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Pic of damaged antenna :
( @ TWRglobal on Twitter; via Alokesh Gupta-IND, wor May 27)

KTWR Guam: "All five antennas sustained damage"

(Guam, 25 May 2023)  Typhoon Mawar has left Guam. Thankfully, TWR staff
and their families stayed safe. However, damage to the facilities of KTWR,
our shortwave station on the island, was worse than originally believed.
All five antennas sustained damage. Your continued prayers are appreciat-
ed. Source:

(There you'll find a picture of the damaged antenna site). 73 Tom
(Thomas Kamp-D, DF5JL <df5jl.darc.de>  wor May 28)

from archive, Saipan Agingan Point, former KHBI facility:

IBB txion schedule, A-99 / M-99 summer, effective March 28, 1999
VoA Agingan Point, Saipan (xKHBI), 100 kW 190 degr.
 9355 1100-1300 En 240 degr INS     9355 1300-1400 En 285 SoAS
11660 0900-1000 Ru 340 RUS         11660 1000-1100 En 310 CHN
13820 1800-1900 En 300 SoAS        15665 0900-1100 En 300 CHN
(IBB schedule, June 1999)

{SAIPAN}   15280  QSL: Radio Nederland's Indonesian Service via Agingan
Point Transmitter. Full data (with site indicated) Card 2 - 'Radio
Nederland's World Wide Building' QSL Card. This for Postal Report.
Reply in 12 days.
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, dxld Dec 20, 2009)

{NORTHERN MARIANA ISLS}   IBB "Very Much Interested In Negotiating A New
Lease" for Northern Mariana Shortwave Site(s).

The Department of Public Lands said the International Broadcasting Bureau
"is very much interested in negotiating a new lease" with DPL for the same
property it's been leasing.

Acting DPL secretary Pedro I. Itibus said this in a response letter to
Rep. Stanley Torres (Ind-Saipan), who was following up on the status of
the IBB lease. Torres had said DPL has been losing out on IBB's low rental
rate. Back in February, the House passed a resolution requesting DPL to
"officially investigate and rectify the flawed lease agreement" between
DPL and IBB, and renegotiate the agreement "and seek back payment for
previous years of rental at a lower than appraised rental value that IBB
has been paying since the lease expired in 2006."

Itibus told Torres in a June 9 letter that representatives from the
Broadcasting Board of Governors/U.S. IBB "presented their proposed
additions/revisions of the first draft of the lease agreement DPL provided
to the BBG/IBB."
(Saipan_Tribune, 21 June, 2011, Haidee V. Eugenio)

IBB has two shortwave transmitter sites in the Northern Mariana Islands,
one on Saipan, and one on Tinian. Unsure if this refers to one of the
sites (Rep. Torres represents Saipan), or both. See previous post about
same subject.
( <kimandrewelliott.com> via dxld June 23, 2011)

{MRA}  - IBB Saipan Agignan Point, three curtain arrays visible on 2009
image in G.E.

15 07 16.65 N  145 41 34.07 E
EMR - short ElectroMagnetic Radiation distance ...
...and Agingan Point Hotel 77 meters distance away of the curtain tower
... !
Why IBB do not rent former KFBS Marpi (FEBC) site ?
15 16 11.50 N  145 47 54.89 E

{MRA}  - IBB Tinian 11 + 2 curtains, visible in 2005 year.
15 02 53.41 N  145 36 25.37 E

(July 2012)


PD50VOP - Special callsign marking 50 years of Voice of Peace

From a Netherlands ham. No details on special operation but views of him
and memorabilia. Glenn

PD50VOP - Special callsign marking 50 years of Voice of Peace


The Voice of Peace was an offshore radio station anchored in the
Mediterranean Sea, not far from the Israeli coast. It was founded by Abie
Nathan, an Israeli philanthropist and overall a peace campaigner. He used
this offshore radio station to bring peace messages all over the Middle
East. The station was bringing popular music and lots of peace messages/
jingles mostly presented live from the radioship. The Voice of Peace had
millions and millions of listeners from the Middle East to southern Europe

The station started the 26th of May 1973 and stopped the 1st of October
1993. On November the 28th 1993 the Peace Ship was sunk in the Mediterra-
nean Sea.

We will never forget The Voice of Peace and the memorable man
Abie Nathan!!

(Mark Palmer-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroups May 24, 2023)

from archive:
Voice of Peace

The English version of the NDR film documentary "Voice of Peace - The
Dream of Abie Nathan" won the bronze award in its category at the New York
Festivals World's Best TV & Film Awards 2015 held in April.

This English version has been uploaded for online streaming:


I saw it last year at a private showing at Robbie Owen's home in Hertford
when the director, producer and one of the researchers came over. Those
interviewed include Yoko Ono, Shimon Perez, Zubhin Meta and Daniel
Barenboim, offshore radio historian Hans Knot, Voice of Peace engineer
Bill Danse and broadcasters Don Stevens, Alan Roberts and Robbie himself.
(MWB Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC news magazine Communication July 2015,
June 30)

from archive:
OFFSHORE / PIRATE   The Voice of Peace, history.

German television "Das Erste" (also available via satellite & internet)
will broadcast a documentary on legendary offshore broadcaster "Voice of
Peace" and Abie Nathan on 7 January 2014 at 2145 UT.

ISRAEL/INTERNATIONAL WATERS   The Voice of Peace history.

If you have access to German television, watch out for a documentary
called "The Voice of Peace - The Dream of Abie Nathan" being broadcast on
NDR/ARD 1 on Tuesday 7th January, 2014 at 22.45 CET / 21.45 UT.
It tells the story of the Israeli offshore station.
(Harald Kuhl-D, BrDXC-UK ng Nov 19, 2013)

Neuer Dokumentarfilm von Eric Friedler:
"The Voice of Peace - Der Traum des Abie Nathan".

Sendetermin: Dienstag, 7. Januar, 2014, 22.45 Uhr CET, Das Erste.

Radikaler Traeumer und rebellischer Visionaer: Der Friedensaktivist Abie
Nathan war seiner Zeit mit entwaffnender Direktheit stets voraus. Ob mit
seinem Piratensender "The Voice of Peace", der in den 70er-Jahren weit
ueber den Nahen Osten hinaus internationalen Kultstatus erreichte und von
John Lennon, Bob Dylan oder Gloria Gaynor unterstuetzt wurde, oder mit
seinen Versuchen, schon lange vor den Friedensverhandlungen von Oslo 1991
einen Dialog zwischen PLO und Israel zu etablieren.

In einer filmischen Komposition aus Interviews und seltenem Archivmaterial
entdeckt der vielfach ausgezeichnete Regisseur Eric Friedler ("Das
Schweigen der Quandts", "Aghet - Ein Voelkermord", "Der Sturz", "Ein
deutscher Boxer") in seinem neuen Dokumentarfilm "The Voice of Peace - Der
Traum des Abie Nathan" einen unbesungenen, zu Unrecht vergessenen Helden.

Zeitzeugen wie Yoko Ono, Sir Michael Caine, Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim
oder Israels Praesident Schimon Peres versammeln sich zu einem imaginaeren
Austausch und lassen ein fesselndes Portraet entstehen, das Abie Nathan in
seinem ganzen Facettenreichtum dem Vergessen entreisst.

Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) press info 19 Nov 2013.
(BrDXC-UK ng Nov 19, 2013)

ITALY   In Italien ist die Einfuehrung des terrestrischen Digitalradios
aehnlich chaotisch, verlaufen wie der Start des privaten Rundfunks in den
70er Jahren. Vor allem die lokalen DAB+-Sendernetze arbeiten derzeit nur
auf Basis vorlaeufiger Lizenzen. Jetzt ist der Gesetzgeber laut Medien-
berichten aber bereit, endgueltige Sendegenehmigungen zu erteilen.

Aeranti-Corallo, der gemeinsame Verband von 414 lokalen Radiostationen in
Italien, spricht von einem Meilenstein. Nachdem in Italien im Sommer ver-
gangenen Jahres ein "vorlaeufig endgueltiger" Frequenzplan fuer DAB+ ver-
abschiedet wurde, sind nun auch die Richtlinien und Versorgungsgebiete
fuer lokale Sendernetze veroeffentlicht worden. Somit kann die Medien- und
Telekom-Regulierungsbehoerde Agcom mit der Vergabe endgueltiger Sende-
lizenzen an lokale Netzbetreiber beginnen.

In Italien sind bereits rund 20 lokale DAB+-Multiplexe auf Sendung. Diese
arbeiten derzeit auf Basis provisorischer Lizenzen. Im Gegensatz zu
anderen Laendern ist die Abdeckung ueber DAB+ Mode fuer die meisten Lokal-
radios derzeit auch geringer als auf UKW.

Neben den drei nationalen Multiplexen umfasst der Frequenzplan 54regionale
Sendernetze, von denen 27 weiter unterteilt werden koennen. Dazu kommen
36 provinzielle oder multiprovinzielle Muxe. Perspektivisch sollen zu-
saetzliche Frequenzen in den Grenzregionen zu Nachbarstaaten verfuegbar
sein. Hierzu muss die internationale Koordinierung der Kanaele abgewartet

Die italienischen Regulierungsbehoerden gehen dem Bericht zufolge davon
aus, dass innerhalb von zwei Jahren rund 40 Prozent der Bevoelkerung Zu-
gang zu lokalen Programmen ueber DAB+ Mode haben werden. Innerhalb von
vier Jahren soll die Bevoelkerungsabdeckung auf 60 Prozent steigen. Ein
Jahr spaeter sollen es 70 Prozent sein. "Dies ist ein sehr wichtiger
Schritt fuer die Entwicklung von DAB+ in Italien. Er staerkt die Rolle der
lokalen Radiosender", sagte Marco Rossignoli, Koordinator von Aeranti-
Corallo, dem groessten Dachverband der lokalen Radios in Italien.

"Mit der Vergabe der Sendelizenzen koennen lokale Radiosender die Aus-
strahlung ueber DAB+ mit der analogen UKW- und IP-Ausstrahlung kombinieren
und so ein komplettes Multiplattform-Rundfunksystem schaffen."
(Markus Weidner-D; via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

JAPAN   e-QSL for receiving "NHK World-Japan" (17560 kHz, via NHK R Japan
World Koga-Ibaragi Yamata site, 300 kW) in Russian.
The acceptance report was sent through the form on the site.
(Ivan Zeleny, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansky Autonomous Area, Russia, via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

KOREA  D.P.R. of {NORTH}  6160 kHz  Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, 1145
to 1215 UT, 18 May, Korean. Little slow ballad sung by female vocalist.
Female announcer at 1159 UT followed by time pips. Possible news at 1200
UT read by male. News lasted until 1205 UT when there was a return to
music. A dramatic reading of some sort took place at 1215 UT.
SINPO 33333.
(Tony Pavick-BC-CAN, via NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1097 May 21)

6160.003 kHz  KOREA D.P.R. Pyongyang BS in Korean, female annment pre-
senter, 10.33 UT on May 23. S=9+35dB powerful signal observed at
Akitakata Hiroshima Perseus remote SDR unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

KOREA D.P.R./CHINA  co-channel both:
12015 kHz CHINA (Beijing) CRI 1728 UT. I have both Voice of Korea (via
Kujang at 200kW) and CRI (17-18 UT only, via Beijing site at 500kW) listed
here for now, but it is CRI coming thru, with a woman presenter just
wrapping up an English language interview program at my tune-in. Fair sig-
nal level with propagation chop. Fair May 22.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)  12.015even at 16.38 UT May 25wb

KOREA  D.P.R.of  13650 kHz (Kujang site) Voice of Korea / KCBS at 1410 UT,
woman in Korean, usual patriotic music. Absolutely awful modulation. Some-
thing's always wrong these days at Kujang. Fair to Good (signal level),
May 21.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)

13649.956 kHz, on May 23 at 10.48 UT, 10.00-14.58 UT terrible BUZZY audio
sweet Korean song, really - nice sound even for western ears.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

KOREA  REP OF  [South]  15575 kHz  KBS World Radio (Kimjae) at 1316 UT in
English, two men with news. - Poor-fair, // 9570 kHz fair, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

9569.998 and 15574.994 kHz at 14.35 UT on May 25, S=9+20dB Tokyo.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

LIBERIA   ELWA 6050 kHz reactivated.

I noted an English religious format on 6049.9995kHz yesterday between 0625
and 0730 UTC. A time check for 7 oclock at 0700 UTC pointed to it being

Today 21 May, at 0555 UTC, the old ELWA interval signal began and announ-
cements from 0558 UT, but so far the signal is not as good as yesterday.

This is presumed to be the 1 kw transmitter fixed up (it used to be well
off nominal frequency) and tonight it has varied between 6049.997 kHz at
start up to be on 6050.002 kHz as I write this.

Atached is an audio file of the interval signal heard today which might
bring back memories of the good old days when ELWA had a much more power-
ful presence on shortwave. Cheers,
(Bryan Clark-Mangawhai-NZL, wor May 21)

Re:  ELWA 6050 kHz reactivated. Hi Bryan, congratulations for the log and
thank you very much for the good news of ELWA reactivation.

Yesterday, 1950-1959 UT I heard on 6050 kHz a weak signal with English re-
ligious program, I assumed it would be ELWA, but I couldn't continue
listening it due to being eclipsed at 2000 UT by VoA signing on on 6045 kHz

My log: LIBERIA  6050 kHz ELWA Radio, Monrovia (presumed), 1950-1959 UT on
May 20, religious comments in English, at 1959 UT VoA signed on on 6045kHz
eclipsing 6050 station. 15421
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, wor May 21)

LIBERIA   ELWA of LBS Paynesville reactivated on their channel 6050 kHz.
(Paul Gager-AUT, BrDXC-UK iogroups May 22)  noted around 05.55 UT, wb.

ELWA of LBS Paynesville schedule in previous A18 season:
6050 kHz  0525-1000 UT  LBR  ELWA Radio Monrovia  E   WeAF
6050 kHz  1800-2232 UT  LBR  ELWA Radio Monrovia  E   WeAF

MADAGASCAR   Received an e-qsl card from Radio BBC Africa. Tx - Madagascar
organized via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility; French
service per reception 20. May 23;  12.00-12.15 UT; 25900 kHz. Degen 1103.
(Vasily Lazarev, Samarskaya oblast-RUS "deneb-radio-dx" Russia, via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

MADAGASCAR   13760 kHz via Mahajanga site 'World Christian Broadcasting'
at 0300 UT. Monitored and logged on SW-2000629 and indoor random wire.
Pop music, bible story, more pop music,W presenter, very KNLS like English
programming. Poor to Fair May 19.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)

MALAYSIA   11665 kHz  Wai FM (Kajang) at 1305 UT in Bahasa Malay, man and
woman with news to 1310 UT, into popular music. - Poor, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

MARIANA ISLS / CHINA  21455 kHz RFA Tibetan via Tinian island USAGM relay,
only scheduled on Tuesdays. QRM by CNR1 jamming from China mainland,
approximate 20 kHz wideband jamming towards Tibet target.

Hallo Wolfy,
21455.0 kHz Intermodulation mit Splattern bis 21445 kHz hinunter, um
1040 UT am 23. May 2023.  Anlage: Bild
(73 Wolf, DK8OM, DARC monitoring observations, Tuesday May 23)

Re: 21455 kHz - Tuesdays 10-11 UT.  moin, moin,
yes, - with increased sunspot figures til 2025 / 2026 year seasons, the
21 and 25.9 MHz fq range is in use again by various US / BBC / Vatican
Radio broadcasters.

Die US AGM amerikanische Radio Free Asia - Propaganda Aussendung von den
Marianen Inseln Richtung Tibet / China in Tibetisch und Mandarin belegt
einige 21 MHz Kanaele - unterschiedlich von Wochentag zu Wochentag, ein
Hopping Vorgehen, um den Rot-Chinesen das CNR1 Jamming von deren 20 kHz
Bandweite zu erschweren ... das ist Dein beobachtetes Signal - welches
bis 21445 kHz breitbandig hinunter splattert !

RFA Tibetisch
0600-0700 UTC 15610TJK 21690UAE? co-ch 21690TIN
          KWT 17670Mo/We/Fr 17750Tu/Th/Sa/Su

1000-1100 UTC 13860KWT 15330TIN
          TIN 21455 Tue - nur dienstags
          21485Mon 21495Sat 21505Sun 21520Fri 21540Wed 21565Thur

Tibetisch Dienstags um 10.00-11.00 UT, USAGM Tinian Island MRA

2023-05-23 10:01:34 capture: AM 21455 (TIN) RFA TIBE 2023-05-23 10:01:55
2023-05-23 10:01:56 capture: AM 15330 (TIN) RFA TIBE 2023-05-23 10:02:17
2023-05-23 10:02:18 capture: AM 13860 (KWT) RFA TIBE 2023-05-23 10:02:39
73 wolfy df5sx P11

MARIANAS ISLANDS/NORTHERN  {SAIPAN island}  9355  Radio Free Asia, from
Agingan Point Saipan location at 1430 UT on the air with music, "This is
Radio Free Asia. The following program is in Khmer.", woman in Khmer. -
Good, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

9909.977 at 15.10 UT S=9+40dB; and 11984.975 kHz at 15.16 UT S=9+25dB,
both US AGM Korean of RFA Washington propaganda, and underneath KRE D.P.R.
JAMMING BUBBLER too ... 15-17 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)


Radio Beacon DP0POL/MM is on the German Icebreaker Polarstern  which was
logged on May 26, 2023 at 1752 UTC on a frequency of 18.106124 MHz in WSPR
mode. The ship was in Grid Square JP18 (off the coast of Norway) heading
north. Strength was -24db in Douglas_MA_USA on the Yaesu FT-847 with a
529 foot horizontal loop at 30 feet.  QSL via: DL5EBE.

Sent from Mail
<https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986> for Windows
(Bill Smith via hcdx May 27)

MONGOLIA   12084.88v kHz  V. of Mongolia from Ulaanbataar, 0934 UT, Mon-
golian to EaAsia. Barely audible at first with male talking, probably news
or commentary. Pop song at 0939 UT. Strengthened slightly by 0950 UT. Once
upon a time, this was a regularly good signal in SouthEast Australia, but
not so much these days !  Checked and confirmed via the FlyDog SDR, Oita,
Japan. Best heard on my 30m full-wave vertical delta loop, May 19.
(Rob Wagner VK3BVW, Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS; via NASWA Electronic Flashsheet
#1097 May 21)

12084.877 kHz at 10.10 UT on May 23, Mandarin Chinese service via Ulan
Bataar bcast center, accompanied by +/- 100 and 200 Hertz audio BUZZ
tone strings noted on screen.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

NETHERLANDS   6060 kHz  Radio Delta International, Elburg, 1755-1818 UT on
May 20, songs in English, oldies, ID. "Radio Delta Internantional". 25432.
Suns 06 - 10 LT
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, wor May 20)

NEW ZEALAND   7440v kHz  RNZ Pacific (Rangitaiki) at 1340 UT with news
report from Vanuatu to 1343 UT. - Excellent, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

7440.008 kHz  RNZ Pacific noted in Akitakata Hiroshima Japna remoted SDR
S=7 or -76dBm at 14.40 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

NEW ZEALAND   15720v  RNZ Pacific at 0345 UT. Good signal with pop vocal
music to woman on-the-hour, announcing switch from RNZ programming to BBC,
BBC news by woman, leading with catastrophic flooding in Italy, magazine
on how climate change targets are being missed, esp. regarding India and
China. Good May 18.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)

OMAN   e-QSL for receiving "BBC World Service" (17810 kHz, via Al Seela,
Oman) in Dari.
The acceptance report was sent through the form on the site.
(Ivan Zeleny, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansky Autonomous Area, Russia, via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

PHILIPPINES   13870 kHz  FEBCambodia via Bocaue bcast center site,
the Voice of Love, May 16, excellent signal at 1105 UT from Phnom Penh
studio, daily show, OM and childish-sounding YL in sing-song Khmer chat.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1097 May 21)

PHILIPPINES  - early FEBC interval signal, heard even at 10.23 UT on May
23 via Bocaue site requested on Mon-Fri from 10.30-11.00 UT
13870.002 kHz farmer / mountain native folk flute signal started exact
at 10.30:02 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

PHILIPPINES   15490 kHz Vatican Radio {via USAGM Tinang relay site} at
1430 UT, opening with one rep of VR tuning signal, woman in (listed) Hindi
(India), some vocal music, to long talk by W in Hindi. F/G on SW-2000629
and window frame antenna (used due to weather event). Repeat of interval
signal one the hour, then reopening in Malayalam language (also India)
with woman, and closing on the half hour. Fair to Good May 18.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)

ROMANIA   MW 1458 kHz wieder in Betrieb!
Radio Romania Actualitati zurueck auf 1458 kHz via Valu lui Traian
(Constanta location site):


Im Januar 2023 war die Anmietung eines 50 kW starken Senders fuer die
Wiederinbetriebnahme dieser Frequenz oeffentlich ausgeschrieben worden
(Ausschreibung auch in englischer Sprache abrufbar):

(Alexander Busneag-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

SINGAPORE   11695 kHz  BBC World Service (Singapore Kranji) at 1254 UT
in English with interview about the human immune system. - Very good,
May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

SINGAPORE/GUAM   BBC Kranji - Singapore site about to close ?
I just read on FB about ENC Singapore Kranji transmission site is closing
within a few days !

Just looked him up on the Home Page. { Mazin Al-jafari }.

OKay. It is a thread on WRTH Group on F_B from May 23. The original post
was by Sanjay Sutradhar on a regular BBC transmission at 23:45 from Kranji
(it was from A'Seela-OMA site) and comments by someone that lives in Oman
... his name is not given in English on F_B.
(Arthur Pozner, wor May 27)

In case no follow-ups will appear: I would treat it as so far unconfirmed
but not implausible rumour - this facility can hardly be economical to
operate anymore. And so the task would be to check, probably from June 1,
if all ENC Kranji frequencies are still on air and any changes could be
recognized. Of particular interest would be 3915 kHz, since the apparent
replacement option Tinang has probably no antenna for 75 metres.

Otherwise the development to watch is what TWR and AWR will now do in Asia

The KSDA facility seems to have only a single antenna left in operational
condition and KTWR probably nothing - at least the curtain portrayed at
is obviously a complete write-off.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor May 27)

SPAIN   17715 kHz  Monday  May 22. 1850-1912 UT, Radio Exterior de Espana,
from Noblejas-ESP site, in Spanish. Man and woman talk News; 1853 UT ID:
RNE; 1854 UT An interview with a man about Music Festival in Barcelona and
Gran Conciertos pos-coronavirus pandemia; Woman talks too; 1900 UT Time
pips, ID; News 24 Horas by men announcers, mainly about "The Racism in
Football" and its consequences. 1905 UT Radiogaceta de los Deportes: Hoy,
Documento Racismo y el caso Vinicius, presented by men and woman announ-
cers. News, facts, comments and interviews. Very good reception: 55555.
(Jota Ronaldo Xavier-Paraiba-PB-BRA, hcdx May 22)

SRI LANKA   SLBC Colombo,  Radio Sri Lanka confirms technical reports in
English - e-QSL.  A sample report is on the blog.
Write to e-mail:  <victorg.broadcaster [at] gmail.com>
via Victor 4S7VK Goonetilleke-CLN, wb.

Radio Sri Lanka frequency schedule for summer 2023. UTC time:
00.30-01.00  11905 kHz in Bengali
02.00-02.30  11905 kHz in Hindi
16.30-18.30  11750 kHz to Sinhala, this transmission is well heard in
the Crimea.
(Viktor Tsekhanovich, Kerch, Crimea, Russia;  via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21

TAIWAN   9940 kHz  OPPOSITION / RESISTANCE (target radio of Pao Chung-TWN
from South Korea RoK to/against North Korea D.P.R.Korea), Nippon no kaze
/ Wind from Japan at 1301 UT. Long monologue with W in Korean, short musi-
cal bridges between items, some audio clips. Outstanding rx also on the
9455 kHz // from Pao Chung site, 300 kW. Only a bare trace of // on 15475
kHz (via Tashkent-Uzbekistan bcast relay center). Excellent, May 15
(Rick Barton, Sun City-AZ-USA, Arizona Update wor May 16)

TAIWAN   9740 kHz RTI Paochung 1130 UT, Woman in Japanese Very Good May 19
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 23)

THAILAND   9390 kHz  Radio Thailand (via USAGM Ban Dung Udorn Thani relay
site) at 1226 UT in English, man and woman with news to 1231 UT, ID "Radio
Thailand News", contact info, continued in English with a tourism program,
despite schedule showing Vietnamese from 1230 UT. - Fair, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

TURKEY   Re:  Turkey elexion returns.
5960 kHz always carries Turkish, English at 18:30 UT was on 5945 kHz as
usual. Announcer Omar was reading out the latest election figures followed
by some music. I did not stay listening for long. 11785 kHz at 23:00 UT is
too late for me to listen.
{TRT TV International program is put on our local house cable net, wb.}

Earlier in the day at 12:30 UT on 15450 kHz, the lady announcer with the
almost incomprehensible accent was on duty, speaking about the election.
She appears to have been suffering from a sore throat - due to a virus -
or maybe from over enthusiastic shouting at a rally ?

It looks like a winner for Erdogan in the run-off in two weeks time.
So another 5 years of oppression of the media in Turkiye.
(Alan Holder, G4ZBH; Isle of Wight, U.K., wor May 15)

UKRAINE   RUI current schedule - Radio Ukraine International A23 schedule.
All times in UT.

RUI currently relays Ukrainian Radio's 1st channel in Ukrainian language,
exc. for the following news bulletins and programmes in foreign languages.

Broadcast platforms:
Medium waves - via Radio Baltic Waves International

21:00-03:30 Daily 1386 kHz Viesintos (LTU) 75 kW
24/7 on satellite Astra 4A, 4.8 degrE, 12130 MHz, V, 27.500 Msymb/s, FEC 3/4
24/7 online <http://radio.ukr.radio:8000/ur4-mp3>

00:00-00:08 Daily English          - Ukraine: Security issue
00:08-00:24 Wed   English          - With Ukraine in a heart
00:08-00:24 Sat   English          - Info Context

02:00-02:08 Daily Slovak (irr.)    - Ukraine: Security issue

03:00-03:08 Daily Hungarian (irr.) - Ukraine: Security issue

18:00-18:08 Daily Romanian         - Ukraine: Security issue
18:08-18:20 Mo-Fr Romanian - Good evening, we're from Ukraine
18:08-18:20 Sun   Romanian - Land of the unconquered

19:00-19:08 Daily Bulgarian (irr.) - Ukraine: Security issue

21:00-21:08 Daily Russian          - Ukraine: Security issue
21:08-21:23 Daily Russian          - War and 'Russian World'
21:23-21:30 Daily Belarusian       - Ukraine: Security issue
21:30-21:40 Daily Russian          - Note of protest

22:00-22:08 Daily Polish           - Ukraine: Security issue

23:00-23:08 Mo-Sa German           - Ukraine: Security issue
23:00-23:08 Sun   German           - Der Wochenrueckblick

(irr.) - irregular, may be replaced by a news bulletin in another language

News and programmes in Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak (and maybe
some others like Belarusian and Polish) are produced at Ukrainian Radio's
regional studios that have been making programming in minority languages
for many decades.

Web site            <https://ukr.radio/RUI_about>
List of programmes  <https://ukr.radio/progs.html?channelID=4>
Web player          <https://ukr.radio/channel.html?channelID=4>

P.S. Until recently (probably until May 2023), Radio Ukraine International
was relayed via WRMI Radio Miami International. WRMI schedule for System H
still includes RUI, but in fact those time slots are used now by
SupremeMaster TV (05:00-06:00 Daily 15770 kHz) and Overcomer Ministry
(12:00-13:00 Sa-Th 5010 kHz).
(Alexander Miatlikov-UKR, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

U.K. {and non} BBC World Service Schedules. There is also a BBC eQSL site:
(Ivan Penev -BUL, wor May 24)

Re:  BBC World Service Schedules.
Anyone reading in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia & Pacific ...
BBC WS via Satellite ...

7 x BBC World Service streams in the original (direct from the BBC) quality
are on Intelsat 19. The streams include the Australasia, Americas, East
Asia, South Asia, Arabic and "News" versions.

26 x BBC World Service streams in streams in the original (direct from the
BBC) quality on AsiaSat 5.
The streams include all the Asian, African and Middle Eastern, Central
Asian languages along with Russian and European English versions.

BBC World Service via DAB+ mode.
Across Australia, the BBC WS is 24x7 hrs/d labelled on the receiver in the
SBS Radio Group labelled as SBS Radio 3.
(Mark William Fahey, wor May 24)

U.K.   Radio Caroline will die Sendeleistung der Mittelwelle Orford Ness
(648 kHz) mittelfristig auf die dem Sender moeglichen 27 kW bringen.

Dies geht aus dem von der Ofcom veroeffentlichten Antrag fuer 16kW hervor.
Mit 16kW wuerde man die Reichweite verdoppeln. Die Antragsteller argumen-
tieren damit, dass man keine Nachbarschaftsstation sei, sondern eine
Community of Interest versorge. Diese mache einen kleinen Teil der Gesamt-
bevoelkerung aus, stoere sich aber nicht an den Nachteilen des Mittel-
wellenempfangs. Eine Vergroesserung des Empfangsbereichs bzw. Staerkung
der Empfangsqualitaet im bisherigen wuerde auf UKW oder DAB das Spektrum
belasten, auf Mittelwelle dagegen sogar dem Erhalt des Empfangswegs zu-
traeglich sein. Auf Seiten von Radio Caroline seien keine technischen
Aenderungen noetig, da alles entsprechend ausgelegt ist.
(Ofcom via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

USA   When checking the RFPI schedule posted on their website and the WRMI
website, more than a dozen inconsistencies with their actual broadcasting
were found in terms of the availability of programs, their time of release
and duration, by broadcasting languages. Broadcaster RFPI  Radio for Peace
International stopped preparing new programs in Russian in November last
year, in Ukrainian - in March of this year.

That is, only archival recordings go on the air and the number of programs
in these two languages is constantly decreasing,and the number of programs
for Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora in the Dari language increases
accordingly. This can be seen from the actual schedule below, compiled as
of May 14 of this year, taking into account the resumption of operation
from May 12 of transmitter No. #2 with a frequency of 7730 kHz.

The transmitter is still working with low power, since SDR reception is
only possible in the USA. The 1-hour broadcasts on Wednesdays and Thurs-
days in French include 15-minute segments in Ukrainian and Russian, while
both 1-hour weekly broadcasts have been on repeat for a long time.

There is instability in the daily schedule of broadcasts in general, in-
cluding broadcasting languages (transmissions may be canceled or change
the broadcast language). On the other hand, there has recently been an
increase to around-the-clock volume of RFPI online broadcasting, consist-
ing of several repeated last year's 15-minute broadcasts in Russian on
the RFPI website page.

and on external players. The RFPI website

has an archive of podcasts in Russian and Ukrainian.

WRMI transmitter         /  kW / Direction               / Azimuth
Okeechobee, Florida, USA / 100 / East NoAmericas, Europe / 44degr

          UTC time                / Frequency, kHz
Wed, Fri. 06.00-06.15 / Russian   / 7730 15770
Wed.      11.45-12.00 / Ukrainian / 7730 15770
Thu.      20.45-21.00 / Russian   / 7730

Okeechobee, Florida, USA / 100 / South America           / 160degr
          UTC time                         / Frequency, kHz
Wed.      21.00-22.00 / French + Ukrainian / 9955 + Internet
Thu.      15.00-16.00 / French + Russian   / 17790
(Vladimir, Rybinsk, Yaroslavskaya oblast-RUS, via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

Some changes in the frequencies of Russian-language broadcasting through
the WRMI station from May 12, 2023.

WRMI transmitter         /  kW / Direction               / Azimuth
Okeechobee, Florida, USA / 100 / East NoAmericas, Europe / 44degr
UTC time / Frequency, kHz / Rebroadcast transmission

Sun.     11.30-12.00 /  7730 15770  / WRN - Kaleidoscope
Mon.     20.00-20.30 /  7730        / WRN - Radio panorama
daily    04.00-05.00 / 15770        / Radio Liberty*
Mon.-Fri 12.00-13.00 /  7730 15770  / Radio Liberty*
* recognized as a foreign agent by the Ministry of Justice of the
Russian Federation.
(Vladimir, Rybinsk, Yaroslavskaya oblast, Russia;
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

For the transmission in Russian "The hour of your story" frequencies have
not changed. This broadcast is broadcast on WRMI first for South America
on Saturday at 2100 UTC on 9955 kHz, // on the Internet, then repeated for
US East and Europe on Sunday at 0330 UTC on 15770 kHz.

The first broadcast time of this program was 1 hour earlier after the tran-
sition to daylight saving time in the USA (valid from April 12 to November
4). Each program after being broadcast on Saturdays (local time) is laid
out on the following Monday by the organization of the same name on its
Russian YouTube channel

<https://www.youtube.com/@chastvoegorasskaza. Organization "YourStoryHour

Hour of Your Story" is located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA.
(Vladimir, Rybinsk, Yaroslavskaya oblast, Russia; via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

USA   USAGM  Radio Free Asia hat sein 82. QSL-Motiv veroeffentlicht.

Es feiert mit einer Collage zu Washington DC die Kirschbluete in der Nord-
hemisphaere: "Die Tradition, die Bluete der Kirschbaeume in Japan zu
feiern, ist Jahrhunderte alt. Das Pflanzen von Kirschbaeumen in Washington
DC entstand 1912 als Freundschaftsgeschenk der Menschen in Japan an die
Menschen in den Vereinigten Staaten. In Japan ist der bluehende Kirsch-
baum oder Sakura eine wichtige Bluetenpflanze. Die Schoenheit der Kirsch-
bluete ist ein Symbol mit reicher Bedeutung in der japanischen Kultur.

Seit mehr als hundert Jahren feiern wir solidarisch bluehende Kirsch-
baeume." Die Karte dient der Bestaetigung von Empfangsberichten im Zeit-
raum Mai-August 2023. Erfahrungsgemaess werden RFA Sendungen in Mandarin
und weiteren chinesischen Sprachen durch CNR - China National Radio
Sendungen gestoert. Oft besser zu empfangen sind die RFA Sendungen in
Khmer, Lao und insbesondere Koreanisch.

Bei Redaktionsschluss bestand guter RFA Empfang besteht ab 1500 Uhr UT in
Koreanisch auf den Frequenzen 9910 kHz via Saipan Agingan Point MRA,
9990 kHz via Tinian-Island MRA und 11985 kHz via Saipan MRA.
Empfangsberichte gehen an folgende Adressen:

Reception Reports Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW
Suite 300
Washington D.C. 20036, USA North America

bzw. <qsl -at- rfa.org>  und  <http://techweb.rfa.org>
(USAGM RFA via Siegbert Gerhard-D; via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Bieners DX Digest column May 14)

UZBEKISTAN   The other day, through a transmission center in Uzbekistan,
I managed to receive two radio stations in Japanese and Korean.

Via  RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan Shortwave Transmitting bcast center

Tashkent Shortwave Transmitting Station,
c/o RRTM,
Amir Timur str. 109 A
Tashkent, 100202
Uzbekistan, Central Asia

E-mail: <qabulhona -at- crrt.uz>

Their topics are human rights in North Korea and the search for the
Japanese in North Korea.

I share with you the full frequency schedule of these two stations.
Videos and frequencies are also on the blog.

The complete frequency schedule of Furusato no Kaze in Japanese for the
summer period of 2023. UTC time.

Via 300 kW Transmitter in Taiwan
13.30-13.57  9455  9705 kHz
14.30-15.00  9685  9705 kHz
16.00-16.30  6110  9475 kHz
17.00-17.30  6110 kHz

Through 100 kW transmitter in Uzbekistan. Transmissions through this
transmitting center are heard in the Crimea.
13.30-14.00 15475 kHz
14.30-15.00 15475 kHz
16.00-16.30  9685 kHz
18.00-18.30  9720 kHz

The full frequency schedule of Nippon no Kaze in Korean for the summer
period of 2023. UTC time. Via 300 kW Transmitter in Taiwan

13.00-13.29  9455  9940 kHz
15.00-16.00  6110  9685 kHz
16.30-17.00  6110 kHz

Through 100 kW transmitter in Uzbekistan. Transmissions through this
transmitting center are heard in the Crimea.

13.00-13.30 15475 kHz
15.00-16.00  9650 kHz
17.30-18.00  9720 kHz

You can try to get a QSL-letter.
e-mail of these two radio stations:  <info [at] rachi.go.jp>

(Viktor Tsekhanovich, Kerch, Crimea, Russia;  via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21

UZBEKISTAN   9445 kHz Adventist World Radio (Tashkent relay center) on
at 1500 UT, hymn music, "This is Adventist World Radio, the Voice of
Hope." repeated, into Tamil programming. - Poor, May 22.
(Harold Sellers, Vernon-BC-CAN, ODXA / wor May 22)

 9649.942 kHz  "Nippon no Kaze" in Korean at 15.30-16.00 UT S=9+25dB, and
          co-channel heavy KOREA D.P.R. Kujang BUBBLE jamming underneath
          too, 15.41 UT on May 25.
12079.886 kHz much odd Tashkent relay site odd fq outlet for AWR India
          in Hindi language. S=8 on May 25.
 7510even "Voice of Martyrs" in Korean via RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbeki-
          stan Shortwave Transmitting bcast center, S=9+10dB at 15.51 UT
          on May 25 in Akitakata Hiroshima Japan SDR Perseus remotedly.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

UZBEKISTAN   15629.90v kHz  Iran International TV, May 16, shortwave
relay of sound via Tashkent with fair signal and signature; Tashkent
fqy offset at 1113 UT, YL reading nx and // to streaming TV txmsn.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1097 May 21)

RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan Shortwave Transmitting bcast center
outlet relay
15629.837 kHz on Tuesday May 23 at 10.20 UT in Akitakata Hiroshima Japan
remotedly, S=6 tiny signal.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 23)

9455 kHz OPPOSITION/RESISTANCE/Target Radio  (directed to North Korea)
'Nippon no kaze'/Wind from Japan, 1310 UT, W in Korean, kiddie-pop vocal
music, Ann by W at 1328 UT and off, reopening at 1330 UT as 'Furusato no
kaze'/Wind from Hometown, woman in Japanese.

15375 kHz // (via Tashkent Uzbekistan) not heard here; excellent rx from
9705 kHz (also via Paochung relay site, Taiwan). Mix of talk and music,
and going to theme music at 1349 UT and playing all the way to the ToH.
Excellent May 25.
(Rick Barton-Sun City-AZ-USA, wor May 26)

Greetings, Rick, from California! Please note, not on 15375 kHz.

I recently measured the normally off frequency Tashkent transmitter on
15474.88 kHz, for the change at 1330 UT, from 'Nippon no Kaze' over
to 'Furusato no kaze'. Ron

Aoki database: <http://www1.m2.mediacat.ne.jp/binews/ut/userlist1.txt>

A23 Shortwave Frequency List May 21 2023
[not as current as he normally is! - Ron] 1000 UTC Day 1 Sunday

kHz Time(UTC) ITU Station  Lang. Location Days
 9455 1329-1357 TWN Furusato no kaze Jpn Paochung 1-7
 9455 1300-1329 TWN Nippon no Kaze   Kor Paochung 1-7

15475 1330-1400 UZB Furusato no kaze Jpn Tashkent 1-7
15475 1430-1500 UZB Furusato no kaze Jpn Tashkent 1-7
15475 1300-1330 UZB Nippon no Kaze   Kor Tashkent 1-7

VIETNAM   e-QSL for receiving "Voice of Vietnam" (11885 kHz, via Hanoi
Son Tay site) in Russian.
The acceptance report was sent to  <golosvietnama [at] gmail.com>
(Ivan Zeleny, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansky Autonomous Area, Russia, via
RUSdx #1238 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

VIETNAM   re: new 400 kW NAUTEL MW in Vietnam, 1071 kHz.

The surrounding issue has been very much in the news recently. When the
update to the International Broadcast part of WRTH was published I was
startled to see the new 400 kW transmitter at Phuroc Dinh operating on
1071 kHz mentioned there.

The town is on the East coast of the country. Asiawaves has the details of
the VOV5 broadcasts in English and Mandarin. The clue is in mention of
that language.

In short, the Chinese have been sending their huge navy all over the South
China Sea.

The Spratly islands have no less than 4 nations claiming bits of it.
Vietnam has control over the main island called Spratly. Therefore VOV5 is
sending out the signal at 135 degrees to "persuade" Chinese sailors not to
over step their activities. Also the idea is to serve Vietnamese civilians
in those far flung islands.

Fascinating stuff hopefully to explain an unusual use of a transmitter.
(Dan Goldfarb-UK, MWmasts May 21)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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