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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1396                                                   8 Sept 2019

ANTARCTICA   As report on WOR, LRA-36 noted Wed 4 Aug from 1930 UT tune in
- frequency measured today as 15475.98 kHz and best in USB though
surprisingly good also in AM. Straight music which is apparently their new
format with no IDs heard at least in the first minutes of listening the
Paradinho Brazil Kiwi site is CROWDED these days because of this station!
(Dan Robinson-USA, wor Sept 4)

Also hrd from remote SDR in Western Iceland (TF4-011,
<tangar.utvarp:8073>  from 2028 UT with S3 signal - as Dan noted
all music, but there was a short YL Spanish anmt just after 2030 UT
and then back into music. I started in AM Narrow but again as
Dan indicated, the signal was noticeably improved on USB.

Music was kind of funky today - did not seem like Argentinian folk mx as
we often hear, but more jazzy. Base Esperanza and Iceland are on the
Gray Line at 2045 UT, so best reception should be 2030-2100 UT from here.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer wor Sept 4)

BRAZIL   6180 kHz  Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, at 1920-1945 UT
on Sept 3rd, Portuguese, comments, Brazilian songs, program "Nacional
Jovem", "Radio Nacional da Amazonia". 14321. No signal on 11780 kHz.
(Manual Mendez-ESP, hcdx wor Sept 3)

Re:  Radio Nacional da Amazonia, 6180 kHz now on air, Sept 3.
Now weak here in Finland on 6180.02 kHz.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, hcdx wor Sept 3)

Yes checked on Sept 3rd at 21.48 UT:

6180.012 kHz RNA in BrasPortuguese, S=9+10dB -68dBm signal here in western
Europe, when seen the software peak strings on screen, seen more 10 Hertz
wide audio portion on the upper flank side.

In our German TV and radio programs heard reports from Brazil, about cease
all public radio organization services like Radio Nacional, and plans of
President Bolsonaro to sell these national radio TV programs to the
private Brazilian media corporations. And not line-loyal journalists
in the state broadcasters to sack / dismiss soon.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

That could leave a vast (but sparsely populated) area without any news
radio coverage at all, because it simply will not be commercially
interesting to broadcast to that region.

All they will have left there would be religious stations, which I guess
suits Bolsonaro just fine.
(Rik van Riel, hcdx wor Sept 3)

Re:  Radio Nacional da Amazonia, 6180 kHz now on air.

6180 kHz puts a pretty decent signal into Wyoming on my Icom radio and
big loop antenna. Its very listenable, but not quite as strong clean
and clear as 11780 kHz is when its on.
(Paul B. Walker-WY-USA, hcdx wor Sept 4)

BRAZIL   I also heard "Radio Nacional da Amazonias" last evening Sept 4th
from 2209 to 0000 UT on 11780 kHz with good signals SINPO 45444 here in
Pittsburgh PA-US state. About 0000 UT their signal dropped to 33533 with
lots of flutter. I did not hear their transmissions on 6180 kHz, although
I looked for it at times. I am assuming all transmissions were in
Portuguese, although I do not understand Portuguese. I noted what appeared
to be a lot of talking, occasional music, and some sports or sports call
in show.

According to their web site "

they operate from 0500 to 0000 BRST on 6180 kHz and 11780 kHz. Their time
zone is (Brasilia) three hours behind UT. From what I noted on their web
site they relay quite a bit of programming from the national AM and FM
network, and from the Alto Solimoes National Radio network. Some programs
that appear to not be on the Alto Solimoes National Network and are unique
to weekend transmissions schedules. I used Google Translate to translate
their web pages for most of this information.

A translated list of program names are:
(National Network Mon thru Fri) National Dawn, Rural Brazil, Bibi Here
Comes The Story, National Reporter,

Beats National Ball (Sports), Voice of Brazil, Me From Here-You From
There, National Informa, Brazil Magazine.

(Alto Solimoes National Radio) Hello Brazil, National Chat, Good Morning
Amazon, In Count, Musical Memory, Mass (Sun 0600 BRST),

Musi Show, National Youth, Live Nature, Our Animals, Meeting Point,
National Report Amazon, Brasil Magazine.

By the way it appears that their address has changed as it appears to be
different than in the WRTH 2019 (page 119). I copied
English Translation: Portuguese Translation

Post Office Box 258, CAIXA POSTAL 258, Brasilia, 70.359-970 Brazil
e-mail:  <centraldoouvinte -at- ebc.com.br>

I am not sure if any of this information is useful.
If you understand Portuguese it might make listening very enjoyable.
(73 de Chuck W3ON, Gessner-USA, wor dxld Sept 5)

BRAZIL   4875.02  R Roraima, Boa Vista, in Portuguese Sept 4th on 2246-
2310 UT man /woman talk (no much clear w/ Braz. accent), w/ some music
breaks, brief announcements over music, announcements, talk, women chorus
jingle (clear ID on streaming only) lively ballad and slow song; better in
ssb, fast qsb, strong qrn statics, poor/almost fair; in //
in streaming w/ many seconds of delay.
(Gianni Serra-ITA, via gh-ok wor Sept 7)

4885.02 kHz  R.Clube do Para, Belem, in Portuguese Sept 06 at 0402-0414 UT
men and women local political talk program, brief music break and man
brief announcement at 0410 UT, continuing talk program; better in usb,
ceaseless moderate fast qsb, moderate qrn, almost good.
(Gianni Serra-ITA, via gh-ok wor Sept 7)

BULGARIA   Cape Kaliakra site on Black Sea coast.

An overview of the history of Bulgarian medium-wave installations should
never forget the ill fated installation near Cape Kaliakra on the
Black Sea coast.

It should have broadcast the Bulgarian domestic program Horizon on 774 kHz
(150 kW, 2-mast antenna)

and Soviet external programmes Radio Moscow
on 1125 kHz (2x500 kW, 8-mast antenna) for the eastern Mediterranean.

The directional antenna, consisting of four active and four passive masts,
was among the best that the Soviet antenna industry had to offer.
This facility has also made it to Wikipedia. The information at


apparently refers to an older version of


because some of the information can be found in the files of the author
under the year 2007. However, the following information refers to the 2019
version, which for example gives different data on the mast heights.

In 1988, construction work started south of Bulgarevo.
Until 1991 nine antenna masts of 135 to 169 m were built.
But after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a facility of this
kind was no longer needed for a Soviet broadcaster.

Work was discontinued in 1992.

In 1993/94 there were talks to get Western broadcasters involved (Voice of
America, BBC and Deutsche Welle) but no agreements were reached.

In 2001, a 75 kW transmitter originally destined for the site was put into
service at Vakarel [near Sofia] as a longwave transmitter on 261 kHz.

In 2005, broadcasting antennas for VHF broadcasting were installed on two
masts, but obviously they were consolidated to one mast at a later date.

In January 2014, six of the nine antenna masts were demolished.
Since August 2016, according to the research of Wolfgang Bueschel,
only the northwesternmost mast is still standing. The coordinates
43 23 24 N  28 25 05 E  given at

will take you directly to it in Google Maps;

and here the view of all 10 masts after 1992 year:
on right side
tall sidefire 4+4 MW antenna masts of Soviet Radio Moscow USSR relay site
and on the left side
the two most tall masts of 774 kHz Radio Bulgaria installation


However, the further dismantling of masts is not mentioned at
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Sept 4, 2019)

BULGARIA   help, Unidentified Russian language service, likely via
SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site ?
left the air, when checked around 17.40 UT on Sept 5.
(73  wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 5)

Re: 5900.even kHz ? Russian language sce,
traced around 17.00-17.30 UT on Sept 5.

Radio Taiwan International in Russian, 1700-1730 UT to EaEUR at 30 degr
Radio Taiwan Int in German; 1900-1930 ut to WeEur at 306 degr.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 5)

Thanks Ivo, - looking at the HFCC frequency table, I had this
Radio Taiwan International use of 5900 kHz via SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd.
Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay right in mind. But I'd no actual RTI TWN
schedule at hand, thanks 73 wolfgang
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 5)

CHINA   China started "CMG Voice of Greater Bay Area".

According to Chinese media web

on August 28, CNR 7th program "Voice of Huaxia" (for Pearl River Delta
Region in Gandoung) is reorganized and renamed to "CMG Voice of Greater
Bay Area" after September 1. "CMG" means "China Media Group", the new
national upper broadcasting and media body including CNR, CRI, CCTV etc.
The headqurater of the new service is located in Guangzhou, and the news
center is located in Shenzen.

The frequencies are FM 101.2 MHz (from Zhongshan relay station of CNR
"Voice of Music"), and AM 1215kHz (from Zhuhai relay station of CNR former
"Voice of Huaxia"). The frequency of CNR "Voice of Music" in Zhongshan is
changed to 104.9MHz.

They firstly broadcast in Standard Chinese only, but broadcasting in 5
dialects in this area is planned. "Greater Bay Area" is the large area
including 9 cities in Perl River Delta region, Macao and Hong Kong. China
is intending to make this area the largest metropolitan bay area, rivaling
San Francisco Bay Area and New York Metropolitan Area. Hong Kong and Macao
will be absorbed in this area.


(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7)

CHINA   "Radio the Greater Bay starts broadcasting
China Plus Published: 2019-Sept-01.

The first national radio service for the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao
greater bay area started broadcasting Sunday morning.

- A launch ceremony for Radio the Greater Bay Area is held in Beijing
on Sunday, Sept 1, 2019.

Radio the Greater Bay, under the China Media Group, broadcast 21 hours
a day at FM 101.2MegaHertz and AM 1215 Kilohertz.

Its programs will focus on finance, technology and innovation, as well as
information on entrepreneurship and employment. The broadcast is in the
Cantonese, Hakka and Chaoshan dialects which are used by the people in the

- Radio the Greater Bay Area starts broadcasting on Sunday, Sept 1, 2019.

Shen Haixiong, president of China Media Group, says the new radio service
will help to deepen the cooperation between the Chinese mainland with Hong
Kong and Macao.

The station's new media platforms were also launched on Sunday. The bay
area consists of the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions,
as well as nine cities in Guangdong Province. Chinese authorities in
February unveiled the outline development plan for the Bay Area, aiming to
develop the region into "a role model of high-quality development."

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, Sept 1)

Re: CHINA  Radio the Greater Bay starts broadcasting.
Maybe replaces CNR7 on Zhuhai 1215 kHz?

Thanks. Also this on MW Circle list an hour ago:

New radio channel on air in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

(Xinhua <http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/>  Sept 01, 2019)

BEIJING, Sept. 1   A radio channel covering the Guangdong-Hong
Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area started broadcast from 7 a.m. Sunday.

The channel, airing on FM 101.2 and MW 1215, will broadcast 21 hours
a day mainly in Cantonese and also include programs in the dialects
of Hakka, Chaozhou and Shantou, said its operator China Media Group
in a press release, adding that it will also have accounts on social
media platforms.

The move aims to promote comprehensive advantages of the region,
enhance cooperation among the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao and help
the two special administrative regions integrate their own
development into the overall development of the country, said
Shen Haixiong, president of China Media Group.
(via Mauno Ritola-FIN, Sept 1)

CHINA   {thanks Roger }

"Radio The Greater Bay", neuer Wein in alten Schlaeuchen [*1992]

Greater Bay Area ?


"... Chinas erster nationaler Radiosender fuer Bewohner der Greater Bay
Area Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao hat am Sonntagmorgen seinen Betrieb
aufgenommen. Der Sender - Radio The Greater Bay - wurde von der China
Media Group zusammen mit einer neuen Medienplattform ins Leben gerufen und
soll vor allem einem jungen Publikum Nachrichten zu Wirtschaft,
Unternehmertum, Beschaeftigung und Unterhaltung liefern ..."

Hier die Wikipedia-Seite zum Sender:


FM 101.2 MHz, AM MW 1215 kHz
Auf der chinesischen Wikipedia-Seite liest sich das allerdings etwas

Der Sender bzw. das Programm als solches existiert wohl schon seit 1992,
es gab zahlreiche Umstrukturierungen, Umbenennungen etc.,
wie auch am Sonntag, Sept 1:

1992        ???{Chinese signs}??[2]
1994-06-18  ????????????????????[2]
2002-10-28  ?????????
2003-10-01  ???????????????????? FM87.8?????? FM104.9?? MW AM1215 ???[2]
2011-11-07  ????????????????????[3]
2017-11-01  FM87.8
2019-09-01  07:00?????????????? 104.9MHz ??101.2MHz ????? 101.2MHz??

"...1992 wurde das siebte Programm der Central People's Broadcasting
Station gestartet, um die umfassende Nachrichtenfrequenz fuer Hongkong,
Macao und das Pearl River Delta zu ermitteln.

Seit dem 18. Juni 1994 wurde die Frequenz in "The Voice of China Radio des
zentralen Volksrundfunks" [2] umbenannt.
Am 28. Oktober 2002 wurde die Frequenz ueberarbeitet.

Am 1. Oktober 2003 wurde Huaxia Voice in zwei Programmgruppen aufgeteilt,
naemlich Mandarin-Frequenz (FM87.8) und zweisprachige Frequenz
(FM104.9, China Wave 1215 kHz).

Als Reaktion auf die Eroeffnung der Central People's Broadcasting Station
Hong Kong Voice [3] am 7. November 2011 wurde die chinesische Stimme
wieder in ein Programm integriert.

Am 1. November 2017 wurde die Frequenz von FM87.8 an die Stimme des
Volksrundfunks von Hongkong angepasst und die Stimme von China wurde
nicht mehr gesendet.

Am 1. September 2019 um 07:00 Uhr wurde die Stimme des chinesischen
Rundfunks der Central People's Broadcasting Station offiziell in Stimme
des Bezirks Dawan von Guangdong, Hongkong und Macao *umbenannt* und als
Stimme des Bezirks Dawan bezeichnet.

Die FM-Radiofrequenz wurde mit der Musik der Central People's Broadcasting
Station, die urspruenglich in Hongkong, Macao und im Pearl River Delta
uebertragen wurde, von 104,9 MHz auf 101,2 MHz ausgetauscht.

Die Stimme der Central People's Broadcasting Station wurde von 101,2 MHz
auf 104,9 MHz geaendert. Darueber hinaus hat sich der Anteil der
kantonesischsprachigen Programme im Dawan-Distrikt im Vergleich zur
urspruenglichen Stimme Chinas erheblich erhoeht.

Homepage der Station:

"hx"-radio vermutlich vom chinesischen ??
Huaxia, aber das ist nur so eine Vermutung.

Huaxia Voice

<CNR 7 Voice of Huaxia FM 87.8>
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX newsgroup Sept 2)

ent: Tuesday, September 03, 2019 1:12 AM
Subject: [A-DX]

CNR???? - CNR Huaxia Voice, Audiostream MP3/aac



Tja, gehoert das Audio nun zu:

Eindeutiger Hinweis hier:



"...The Voice of China ist die siebte Sendung der Central People's
Broadcasting Station , die im Oktober 1994 ihren Betrieb aufnahm. Im Juli
2001 wurde sie offiziell in "The Voice of China" umbenannt.

The Voice of China ist der einzige nationale Radiosender in Hongkong,
Macao und der Region Pearl River Delta, der zweisprachige Sendungen in
Mandarin und Kantonesisch sendet.Neben der Redaktion in Peking gibt es
zwei Redaktionen in Shenzhen und Guangzhou, in Hongkong und Macau. Alle
Reporter sind stationiert, um die neuesten Informationen in der Pearl
River Delta-Region sowie in Hongkong und Macao zu melden.

Einer von massgeblichen Organisationen im Jahr 2004 durchgefuehrten
Umfrage zufolge machte das Publikum von Huaxia Voice 56,8% des Publikums
in der Pearl River Delta-Region aus: Von den 100 Menschen, die in der
Pearl River Delta-Region Radio hoerten, hoerten etwa 30 Menschen fast
taeglich haeufig oder hoerten die Stimme Chinas. Die Hoerrate des
Programms betraegt 31,9%.

Der Sender wird ab dem 1. September 2019 in "Die Stimme des zentralen
Rundfunk- und Fernsehsenders, Guangdong, Hongkong und Macao Dawan
District" umbenannt...."

CNR? "CNR Voice of Huaxia" / "CNR Voice of China" war der Name bis zum
1.09.2019 Huaxia=altes China

Hier ein nun // aac-Stream mit HLS:

Gerade in einem russischen Forum gefunden:
|#EXTINF:-1,CNR-7 ???? Voice of Old China


[later, Sept 5]  Re: "Radio The Greater Bay", neuer Wein in alten
Schlaeuchen [*1992y].  Hier weitere Infos zum Senderstart:


Hier der Link zu dem 4 minuetigen Promo-Video zu Region/Zielgebiet/Sender:


4min 10s 1920x1080 h264/ADTS
(HLS-Video, laeuft im VLC-Player bzw. als download ca. 112 MB *.mp4)
Im Bild u.a. einen Moderator/Studiomitarbeiter vor einem Monitor mit
Adobe Audition, ca. 2:49 m/s.
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX newsgroup Sept 3 / 5)

CUBA   11980 kHz  strong harmonic S=9 of fundamental 5990 kHz
CRI Spanish sce of Cuban radio relay at QUIVICAN San Felipe Titan bcast
center site.

5990even kHz  at S=9+30dB in Detroit-MI state.
00.53 UT on Sept 6th, economia report "China Hoy".
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

ESWATINI  {SWAZILAND}  9939.97 kHz  TWR Africa, Manzini/Mpangela Ranch, in
Lingala 06 Sept at 1915-1938 UT slow religious chant, man long rel.sermon
(ment. Yezu), till 1931 UT,  choral chant, same man talk till 1934 UT,
music pause, IS at about 1935 UT, music pause and man shouting some
announcements, then talking; better in usb w/ inter filter, ceaseless fast
qsb and strong qrn; from 1928 till 1931 UT heard w/ Nir 12;  almost
fair/poor at times.
(Gianni Serra-ITA, via gh-ok wor Sept 7)

FRANCE   9810 kHz on Sept 3, at 1915-1925 UT, Koode Radio International,
via MBR Cologne FMO brokery, via TDF Issoudun-F shortwave relay site,
in Fulfulde. Man announcer in conversation; 1918 UT Woman voice and ID and
a brief song; 1920 UT Man announcer talks; ID. Good reception, 45544.
(JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier-BRA, hcdx Sept 3)

GERMANY [not]   mail from DWL Bonn, Germany.

New broadcast on short wave ?

Lieber Herr Redakteur, am 15te August 2019, melde ich eine neue Sendung in
englischer Sprache auf kurzer Welle, von der Deutschen Welle ausgestrahlt.

Das war von 16 bis 17 Uhr UT auf 15275 kHz. Informieren Sie mich bitte, ob
diese Sendungen gehen weiter. In dieser Sendung waren Nachrichten und der
Africa Link.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Rumen Pankoff, Sofia, Bulgarien.
Empfang war mit portative Grundig YB80 und 6 Metern Draht Antenne.

P.O.BOX 199
SOFIA 1000
(Rumen to DWL info on Aug 22)

Sehr geehrter Herr Pankov,
vielen Dank fuer Ihre Zuschrift und Ihr Interesse an der Deutschen Welle.

Dies war ein Fehler durch den Provider, ueber den wir unsere
Kurzwellenangebote ausstrahlen. Es wurde versehentlich das Englische
Programm-Signal anstelle des Amharischen Programms auf dieser Frequenz

Unsere englischen DWL Radioprogramme sind seit zwei Jahren nicht mehr
ueber Kurzwelle zu empfangen. Dieses werden nur noch per Internet und
lokale FM-Stationen in den Zielmaerkten verbreitet.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Damian Gracht
Deutsche Welle
Customer Service/Kundenservice
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3
53113 Bonn
Germany, Europe
<info -at- dw.com>

Keep in touch with us and stay up to date on everything DW can offer you!
If you haven't updated your contact information in a while, please use
this link:  <dw.com/your-info>

Uebrigens: Gerne informieren wir Sie weiterhin ueber aktuelle Angebote aus
unserem Hause. Damit Sie diese zuverlaessig erhalten, aktualisieren Sie
Ihre Kontaktdaten bitte hier:  <dw.com/ihre-daten>

Importante: Para nosotros es un placer seguir informendole con nuestra
oferta de actualidad. Para recibir nuestros contenidos de forma segura,
por favor, actualice sus datos de contacto aqui:  <dw.com/sus-datos>

(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 26)

GERMANY   Sender {Dresden} Wilsdruff 1044 kHz.

Hier noch der Link fuer den Programmablauf:


Hallo, - geplant ist ein Programm von 10-15 Uhr MESZ/CEST Ortszeit,
Aug 8th, auf 1044 kHz.
Standort ist der Technik- und Eisenbahnverein in der Freiberger Strasse
in Wilsdruff. Ab 10 Uhr kommt auch ein Programm auf 6070 kHz.
(Jan Balzer-D, A-DX newsgroup Sept 7)

GUAM    KTWR DRM broadcast schedule changes. Based on comments received
from listeners, KTWR has made following changes in its
DRM broadcast schedule:

Effective 12th Sept, 2019 -
11995 kHz 1026-1056 UT Thursday broadcast to Japan/SK will be changed to
 9900 kHz 1215-1245 UT Thursday.

Effective 15th Sept, 2019 -
11580 kHz 1215-1245 UT Monday broadcast to South Asia will be changed to
15200 kHz 1026-1056 UT Sunday.

11995 kHz 1026-1056 UT Wednesday broadcast to China will be unchanged.

11995 kHz 1025-1056 UT Tuesday bc to Australia will remain suspended.
(via Mika Sabin; Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXsasia Sept 6)

GUAM   11955 kHz  on Sept 6 at 2205 UT, nice hallelujah harmonies, 2217 UT
Indonesian talk at S8 to S=9+10dB. KSDA scheduled this hour daily.

12040 kHz on Sept 6 at 2218 UT, slightly weaker SoEa Asian talk; must be
Sundanese as scheduled from KSDA this semihour on days 2467 per
Aoki/NDXC database list, as this is UT Friday day 6; otherwise
English on 135 days.

I remain impressed by how well KSDA serves deep North America during
its broadcasts supposedly aimed at SoEaAsia, both 100 kW at 255 degrees.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx wor dxld Sept 7;
did insert by wb for TopNews website: 'kHz and UT' for the clarity
and clarification of a larger audience on wwdxc website)

INDIA   List of AIR Stations  {left ? wb.}  on SW.
It is for kind information that 15 AIR stations are still operating on SW,
although many others were discontinued last month. The detailed list of
currently active stations of AIR on SW is attached.
Yours sincerely,
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <www.qsl.net/vu2jos>   DXindia Sept 6)

List of All India Radio shortwave transmitters de-commissioned :

On 30 July 2019
 1. HPT Khampur, Delhi - D-11 (250 kW), D-12(250 kW), D-14 (250 kW),
    D-15 (250 kW), D-16 (250 kW).
 2. Aligarh -  A-3 (250 kW), A-4  (250 kW)
 3. Gorakhpur  (50 kW)
 4. Jammu      (50 kW)
 5. Lucknow    (50 kW)
 6. Shimla     (50 kW)
 7. Panaji -   P-2  (250 kW)
 8. Mumbai     (50 kW)
 9. Guwahati - G-2  (50 kW), G-3 (50 kW)
10. Imphal     (50 kW)
11. Itanagar   (50 kW)
12. Kohima     (50 kW)
13. Kurseong   (50 kW)
14. Kolkata    (50 kW)
15. Ranchi     (50 kW)

On 23rd Aug, 2019

1. HPT Khampur, Delhi - D-13 (250 kW)
2. SPT Bangalore      - BL-4 (500 kW)
3. HPT Malad, Mumbai         (100 kW)
4. Port Blair                 (10 kW)
5. Shillong                   (50 kW)
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Sept 6)

Very recently 21 SW transmitters of All India Radio has been shut down

These include
AIR KURESONG   50 kW 4895 7230
AIR MUMBAI    100 kW 7340 11935 (External services)
AIR PORT BLAIR 10 kW 4760 7390
AIR SHILLONG   50 KW 7315 4970

Please also see

Latest SW schedule of AIR can be seen in:
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS  <www.niar.org>  DXindia Sept 5)

INDIA   It seems, AIR Port Blair is still working on 4760 kHz. In this
video (05 Sept) OM comments, music, YL at the end, and transmitter switch
off at 2:18 (17:00 UT).
(Eduard, dxld Sept 6)

{noted at 16.20 UT on Sept 8 in Doha Qatar:
4759.998 kHz, S=6-7 weak signal, wb.}

I have contacted the Station Engineer of AIR Leh just now.
He confirmed that they are signing off at 1700 UT now a days
(ie 1030 pm IST). In winter they sign off at 1630 UT.

Last night at around 1300-1430 UT I checked 4760 kHz and got their
programs clearly (but weak). Earlier they used to be blocked by AIR Port
Blair at my location.

Very recently 21 SW transmitters of All India Radio has been shut down

These include
AIR KURESONG    50 kW 4895 7230
AIR MUMBAI     100 kW 7340 11935 (External services)
AIR PORT BLAIR  10 kW 4760 7390
AIR SHILLONG    50 KW 7315 4970

Please also see


Latest SW schedule of AIR can be seen in:
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS,  <www.niar.org> DXindia Sept 5)

AIR External changes - latest changes.
Due to shutting down of AIR Mumbai SW 100 kW transmitter, the following
Services of AIR External Services are deleted.

UTC        kHz  Language
0025-0430  7340 Urdu
0830-1130  7340 Urdu
1230-1500  7340 Sindhi
1500-1600  7340 Baluchi
1745-1945 11935 English (E.Africa)
Latest schedule is in:External Services
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS,  <www.niar.org> DXindia / direct Sept 6)

ITALY   RAS Suedtirol proposes 3-year FM switch-off plan.

Public broadcaster RAS has proposed a 3-year plan to switch off FM.
Since 2017 South Tyrol has already shut down 41 FM transmitters and now
proposes to switch off a further 67.

Two factors are driving the FM switch off - huge transmission cost savings
to stop investing in an old technology.



30 Aug 2019, Italy.
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Sept 5)

JAPAN   Japanese commercial AM broadcasters can stop AM after 2023y

Tokyo_Simbun reported on August 31:

Expert meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
decided on August 30 that AM to FM conversion of Japanese AM commercial
broadcasters should be accepted. Japanese AM commercial broadcasters have
been allowed to use FM as complementary frequencies to AM, but abolition
of AM was not allowed by the government.

The licenses of AM commercial broadcasters are valid until 2023.

AM commercial broadcasters will be able to stop AM broadcasting for a long
time after 2023. The management status of Japanese AM broadcasters have
been bad due to the decrease of listeners and sponsors. Many broadcasters
do not have enough strength to preserve high cost AM broadcasting
facilities. On the other hand, NHK announced in April they continue to
preserve AM frequencies.
(Tokyo_Simbun via Takahito Akabayashi-Tokyo-Japan,
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

KUWAIT   UNIDentified transmission in DRM on 15105vkHz, Sept 6:
from 0805  15104.8 KBD 250 kW 310 deg to WeEUR, probably R. Kuwait

But in summer A19 schedule of Radio Kuwait DRM transmission is later
0945-1330  15109.8 KBD 250 kW 310 deg to WeEUR Arabic GS DRM mode.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

KUWAIT   Nothing heard at 09.30 UT on 15105 kHz,

but now at 09.45 UT on Sept 6 RK on scheduled DRM mode on 15110 kHz,
S=9+20dB strong enough in western Europe to decode the digital data,
but I disposed / removed of all DREAM decoding software
some 8 years ago.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   4010.217 kHz  Birinchi R, Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek,
S=9+20dB strong 75 mb outlet, noted at 16.15 UT on Sept 8
in Doha Qatar remote SDR unit,
when checked AIR Leh 4760v kHz. Latter S=6-7 weak signal.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

MADAGASCAR   9845 kHz on Sept 3, at 1926-1935 UT, MWV-New Life Station,
Mahajanga-MDG, in Russian. Man talks; 1932 UT A song by choral;
1935 UT Man voice in ID and website. Fair reception, 35433.
(JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier-BRA, hcdx Sept 3)

MALI   5995 kHz  R. Mali domestic, Bamako in Bambara  Aug 29 at 1823-1845
UT local humdrum chant w/ instrumental music, man talk, local instrumental
sound at 1830 UT w/ man ID (Radio Mali), other man talk (ment. Bambara,
Mali, Sudan - poss. news till 1835 UT), brief local humdrum chant w/
instrumental music, same man talk (w/ two coughs), continuing long local
humdrum chant; better in ssb, ceaseless fast qsb, moderate qrn rustle in
increasing, fair/almost good.

9635 kHz RTV du Mali, Bamako, in French on Aug 17 at 0803-0820 UT local
strings sound and singsong chant w/ instrumental music till 0808 UT, woman
brief announcement, two non stop long local choral singsong chants w/
strings and percussions sound (very boring); ceaseless moderate fast qsb
w/ qrn moderate rustle, almost good.
(Gianni Serra-ITA, via gh-ok wor Sept 7)

MONGOLIA   4895 kHz  Mongolian Radio 3 {from Murun site, wb.} (presumed),
on Sept 8 noted 1110UT, with decent level carrier, but no audio detected.
The only good thing about AIR Kurseong no longer being here, is that
Mongolia is now in the clear. Signal is much stronger than the AIR signal
ever was; still on at last check at 1210 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

Yes, seems to be on every now and then. It carries first programme
as given on:

7260 kHz {Ulan Bataar site} is on the air fairly regularly carrying
3rd prgr between 2300-0500 & 0700-1500 UT.

4895 kHz has been on the air occasionally since the beginning of 2019
during local daytime, but carrying now 1st prgr. instead, starting
at 2300 UT unlike longwave frequencies at 2200 UT.
4830 kHz {Altay site} has been off the air completely lately.

Today it signed off at 1350 UT.
Again nothing on 4830 kHz. Let's see, if it is gone forever.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

MYANMAR   7110 kHz, Thazin Radio (presumed), at 1354-1425 UT on Sept 7.
It was back in 2012-2013 that "Thazin Radio, Pyin Oo Lwin" was regularly
heard on this frequency; fairly confident the language heard today was
Burmese; played easy-listening pop songs.

So is this ex6165 kHz?
Today I didn't start listening till fairly late, so this needs some
earlier monitoring to find out just what is happening here. Of course
Myanmar should not be here at all, as it is in the ham band.
My audio (with announcer, followed by music), at
<http://bit.ly/2lJvOO0>  My local sunrise was at 1343 UT, Sept 7.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor dxld Sept 7)

NEW ZEALAND   6170 kHz  on September 5 at 0543 UT, surprised to find RNZI
good on here at unsked time, so replacing 9700? kHz - NO, // very good
9700 kHz is still on too and stronger, so both transmitters are running in
AM. This may be another Thursday-maintenance test anomaly. BTW, 6170 kHz
is much stronger than adjacent 6165 kHz RHC. By 0558 UT, 6170 kHz is off;
at 0602 UT both 5945 kHz and 9700 kHz are on, and 9700 does not go off
until late at 0603* UT, unusual.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx wor dxld Sept 5;
did insert by wb for TopNews website: 'kHz and UT' for the clarity
and clarification of a larger audience on wwdxc website)

NIGERIA   11770 kHz on Sept 3, at 1903-1914 UT, Voice of Nigeria,
Abuja-NIG, in Fulfulde. Man announcer talks news, presumably;
1913 UT man voice, ID. Good reception to this fulfulde program at this
time (Not in french!), 45544.

11770 kHz  on Sept 7, at 2028-2050 UT, Voice of Nigeria, Abuja-NIG, in
Hausa. Man announcer in conversation with a Nigerian citizen; 2031 UT ID
and men talk news about Nigeria, presumably; 2047 UT A local song. ID.
Fair reception with slight fades, 45433.
(JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier-BRA, hcdx Sept 3 / 7)

NIGERIA   7254.9 kHz  on Sept 5 at 0548 UT, VON is on at S=9+20dB
with African music, drumming prelude to 0600 UT Hausa.
One never know whether this will be on or AWOL.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx, wor and dxld Sept 5)

OMAN    Radio Sultanate of Oman was back on shortwave, September 1:
from 1920 UT on 9620 kHz THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic, good signal.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 1)

Auf deren Webseite keinerlei Frequenzangaben:
einfach nur: "Kurzwelle", "Thumrait" und "100 kW"

(ganz unten, letzte Zeile unterhalb MW-QRGs; last line below)

funktionierende HLS-Streams:
#EXTINF:-1,9620 kHz Radio Oman, Arabic

#EXTINF:-1, Radio Oman, English

(laeuft im 1by1 player mit der bass.dll
beide Streams 48 kbps / 22 kHz / MP3 )

auf dem englischen Programm aktuell:

Auch wies man auf "lokale Gebetszeiten" hin, basierend auf den
"Ortszeiten", also selbst innerhalb Omans different.

[later]  Der Vollstaendigkeit halber alle 5 funktionierenden Streams:

#EXTINF:-1,Oman Radio - General Public

#EXTINF:-1,Oman Radio English FM (al'iidhaeat al'iinjlizia)

#EXTINF:-1,Oman Radio FM (al'iidhaeat aleama)

#EXTINF:-1,Oman Radio Quran FM ('iidhaeat alquran alkarim eamman)

#EXTINF:-1,Oman Radio Youth FM (iidhaeat barnamaj alshabab)

Seltsamer Weise macht es (bei mir hier) der VLC-Player NICHT.

Dafuer keine Probleme, wie gesagt, mit dem 1by1 -Player.
Auch "Empfang" mit dem FFMPEG internen "ffplay",
welches sogar eine Spektrumsanzeige der dekodierten Toene mitbringt.
Das sieht dann so aus:

(Start einer vorbereiteten *.bat)

Funktionieren diese Stream bei jemanden im VLC ?, oder unter Linux?
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX newsgroup Sept 2)

Re:  Radio Sultanate of Oman was back on shortwave 9620 kHz, Sept 1:
thanks Roger for the details,

today Monday Sept 2 at 16.52 UT only
9620.008 kHz AIR Aligarh on that channel, Hindi-Persian language lesson
heard by male presenter.

S=5 signal strength in Hiroshima Akitakata SDR relay in Japan
und in Doha Qatar remote SDR,
S=8-9 sowohl in DARC Amberg SDR,
als auch im Suedosten von der Steiermark im Perseus Netz.

Nothing noted from Thumrait 9620 kHz Oman sce today Sept 2nd
zu dieser Stunde.

Die Oman HF Techniker auf MW und KW profitieren seit Jahrzehnten vom hohen
Niveau am BBC Relay Oman, d.h. von der Technik in A'Seela und der
britischen Mannschaft als HF Technik Ausbilder dort.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2)

9620.008 kHz  AIR Aligarh in Baluchi, TX switch OFF at 16.04 UT, Sept 8.
Nothing heard from Radio Sultanate of Oman Thumrait today.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

OMAN   Radio Sultanate of Oman again with English prgr, Sept 6:
1400-1500  9620 THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR English, good signal
from 1500  9620 THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic, good signal.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx, wor and dxld Sept 6)

PHILIPPINES   9450 kHz on Sept 3, at 2316-2323 UT, FEBC Manila, Bocaue-
PHL, in Mien dialect. A song; Woman announcer talks in very slow mien
dialect. Poor reception, 35422.

9910 kHz on Sept 3, at 1841-1850 UT, Radio Pilipinas, Tinang-PHL, in
Tagalog. A song; Man and woman voices; ID twu times. Good reception,
(JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier-BRA, hcdx Sept 3)

POLAND   Last Saturday I went to Bydgoszcz. The path there runs past the
town Solec Kujawski near which there are transmitters broadcasting on the
frequency 225 kHz (the first program of Polish radio). As it turned out
from the railway the antennas are far away, but they are still clearly
visible. Here is a photo from Wikimapia


The height of one mast is 330 m, the second - 289 m. The antenna and
equipment supplier was the French company Thomcast. Maximum power - 1000
kW. The direction of the antenna is southeast. Since 2015, a transmitter
for broadcasting in DAB+ format in within the Kuyavian-Pomeranian
Voivodeship. September 4 will be 20 years since the transmitting center
began its work.
(Sergey Alekseychik, Kutno-POL, "open_dx", direct via RUSdx 18 Aug, dxld)

ROMANIA   One+one txs at Tiganesti & Galbeni are out of service September

0700-0756  9540 TIG 300kW 142deg NE/ME Romanian Curierul romanesc Sun
0800-0856 11990 TIG 300kW 142deg NE/ME Romanian Curierul romanesc Sun
0900-0956 15200 GAL 300kW 285deg WeEUR Romanian Curierul romanesc Sun
1000-1056  9790 GAL 300kW 285deg WeEUR French, also missing Aug.30-31
1100-1156 15130 TIG 300kW 307deg WeEUR English also missing Aug.30-31
1200-1226  9610 GAL 300kW 140deg NE/ME Arabic, also missing Aug.30-31 Sep2
1300-1356 11940 TIG 300kW 052deg CeAS  Russian also missing Aug.30-31 Sep2
1400-1456  7355 TIG 300kW 300deg WeEUR German, also missing Aug.30-31
1500-1526  7360 TIG 300kW 037deg EaEUR Russian also missing Aug.30-31
1530-1556 11830 TIG 300kW 247deg NoAF  Arabic, also missing Aug.30-31
1600-1656  9590 TIG 300kW 135deg NE/ME Romanian, missing August 30-31
1700-1756 11850 TIG 300kW 307deg WeEUR English also missing Aug.30-31
1800-1856  9570 TIG 300kW 307deg WeEUR German, also missing Aug.30-31
1900-1956 11850 TIG 300kW 262deg SoEUR Spanish also missing Aug.30-31
2030-2056 11850 TIG 300kW 307deg NoAM  English also missing Aug.30-31 Sep2

Etc. Full Summer A-19 schedule of Radio Romania International can be
found here
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2) / Sept 2 by wb.

ROMANIA/CUBA   11700adjacent / 11990 kHz, fq change not in HFCC.
And another frequency change of Radio Romania International / RRI
2300-2356 NF11990 TIG 300 kW  247 deg to SoAM Spanish, ex 11700 kHz
11990 is unregistered in HFCC Database, but mentioned on RRI site
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2)

Seemingly took 5 months time,
to realize by RadioCom Romania / RRI frequency request management

that RHC La Habaa Cuba use also/already 11700 kHz channel at this time
slot from 250 kW bcast center Quivican San Felipe TITAN site
towards Buenos Aires South America azimuth.

RHC only reports for ITU UN Geneve fq list request,
not member to private HFCC.org ngo at Prague Czech Rep.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

ROMANIA   Re:  RRI on-air relay Galbeni.

I already reported 11990 kHz 3 months ago:

11990 kHz, June 5 at 2313 UT, RRI in Spanish ID, surprised to
find here, // 11800 kHz, and I think still on 11700 kHz under RHC where
it's been colliding. I thought 11700 & 11800 kHz were the only
two frequencies. EiBi does not show 11990 kHz, but Aoki/NDXC does.

However, HFCC A-19 shows four frequencies for Spanish at 2300 UT,
not including 11990 ! 9700, 9760, 11700 and 11800 kHz, all for the full
A-19 season, altho half of them might have been alternates, with
two matching azimuths. EiBi, however, does show 11990 kHz as an
RRI frequency Sundays only at 0800-0900 UT in Romanian.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor dxld Sept 3;
did insert by wb for TopNews website: 'kHz and UT' for the clarity
and clarification of a larger audience on wwdxc website)

11990 kHz.  Radio Romania International.
Now back in NB, I note RRI today (2 Sept) at 20.30 UT in English on
6170 kHz and 13650 kHz (the better of the two frequencies).
Scheduled 11850 kHz not heard. Also heard likely DRM noise on 7315 kHz.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor dxld Sept 2)

thanks Glenn, --
yes I see, only Aoki Nagoya Japan database has changed this entry
from 11700 to 11990 kHz already,
Spanish Tiganesti 247degr to Iberian peninsula, plus east coast
South America towards Argentina-Chile.

Private hfcc.org RRO Romania bcaster table has still - today - the old
EARLY entry request #4084 of A-19 conference in Febr/March 2019.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

ROMANIA   Re:  Radio Romania International no more on shortwave.

I could not find their own original English version, but here is google's,
along with the full original Romanian commentary, which is an objexion
by the union to shutdown plans: (gh, wor Sept 2)

Press release - MediaSind. 2019-08-26

Do not destroy Radio Romania International!

The Romanian Syndicate of Journalists MediaSind, through the Radio Romania
Branch, expresses its concern at the intention of the SRR president-
general director, Georgica Severin, to suspend the shortwave broadcast of
the Radio Romania International station.

Due to the superficiality with which the responsible factors of the
institution treated the problem of the allocated budget, the Romanian
Broadcasting Society lost, at the last rectification, 10 million lei, an
amount without which the good functioning of the company cannot be

In order to cover this consistent deficit, according to some public
statements of the President - General Manager, the expenses with the
shortwave transmitters owned by Radiocom, which broadcasts Radio Romania
International (RRI) programs in 13 languages, would be cut. dialects.

The 'solution' to closing the shortwave emission, even if it is the most
handy, having immediate effect, is a totally wrong one. Indeed, as
hypocritically motivated by the Georgica Severin decision, these
transmitters are not useful in the country, with the expansion of the FM

The gravity of the decision of the Radio management is, however, a huge
one, undermining even the national interest, with which even Georgica
Severin has no right to play. Let us not forget that Romania has the
second diaspora in the world, as a percentage of the population, after
Syria. From the recent estimates of the Ministry for Romanians Everywhere,
around the country live about 9.7 million countrymen whom we have to treat
as Romanians with full rights, who have the right to information,
including by Radio Romania International.

The head of the SRR, Georgica Severin, had to make energetic and repeated
requests from the Government in order to obtain sufficient funds for the
good functioning of the institution, including for the antennas, taking
into account the future presidential elections of 2019 and parliamentary
from 2020. Why Is the main means of transmitting messages to Romanians
abroad exactly during this pre-election period being abolished? Should we
consider this gesture merely as a sign of disrespecting the diaspora?

On the other hand, it should be noted that RRI issues programs for the
Aromanian communities in the world, as well as for foreigners, in general,
interested in Romania and the geographical area in which we are, RRI being
thus an efficient polyglot software soft diplomacy tool.

Let us not forget then that the shortwave broadcast has a strategic
character, because, in case of necessity, of disasters, of calamities, but
also of suspension, by hostile decisions of Romania, of the Internet, the
Romanian state can communicate with the Romanians from abroad and with the
world at large. As it is known, the Internet is extremely vulnerable to
political decisions. Also, in the case of catastrophic floods,
earthquakes, conflicts, short waves remain the only reliable way to
communicate with the world.

Therefore, the idea of stopping the shortwave broadcast, coupled with
another simplistic idea that RRI will successfully broadcast on the
Internet, can produce serious effects, jeopardizing Romania's national

Exiting the Internet only means, in fact, closing the RRI station, which
is in contravention of Law 41. According to art. 1 of the law, SRR makes
programs for abroad, not online content; broadcast means radio broadcast,
not online!

The exit of the RRI from the shortwave frequencies (this is a heritage of
about 7,000 frequencies that are traded biannually by international
broadcasters) will result in the loss of frequencies in favor of other
countries. At the same time, Radiocom stations in Tiganesti, Saftica and
Galbeni, where the 5 stations used for RRI are located, will be closed and
Radiocom employees will be relocated or even fired. And as according to a
harmful Romanian tradition, any provisional decision becomes final, it is
hard to believe that it will return to the previous situation, to the
issuance on short waves, even if the Government would allocate the
necessary funds.

Closing the shortwave transmitters, without offering other means of
transmission in exchange, would practically equate to the disappearance of
the station; radio means broadcast on radio waves, analog or digital; a
station on the Internet is no longer radio, it's just a multimedia

The next logical step, after a possible shutdown of the shortwave emission
at RRI, will be the personnel restructuring. See the unhappy experience
with Radio3Net station, which is only online and experimentally on DAB, in
Bucharest, which has under-sized staff, even under the conditions of
online production.

We consider that giving up the short wave, in whole or in part, is not a
decision that falls within the competence of a president-general director
because it concerns Romania's strategic interests. In this situation, the
CSAT opinion should be requested and, in the Parliament, the Law on the
organization and functioning of the SRR should be changed. Or, Georgic?
Severin is far from having the agreement of these institutions.

The role of RRI has been and is very important: promoting the country
abroad and spreading Romania's opinions worldwide. By giving up any
transmitter, whether from long, short or medium waves, the main object of
activity of the SRR is affected, which is the realization and
dissemination of programs (according to art. 15 of law 41).

Taking into account the serious situation that could arise as a result of
the decision of the head of SRR, MediaSind Radio Romania requests the
Parliament of Romania to intervene in an emergency regime to stop the
destruction of the Radio Romania International station.

Communication Department MediaSind
Bucharest, August 26, 2019
Comunicat de pres - MediaSind. 2019-08-26

Unfortunately, a communique by the AGERPRES news agency 6 days ago
announced the close of RADIOCOM and both its transmitter sites 
and the continuation of RRI broadcasts only on the Internet :(


(Cristian Mocanu-ROU, on Bclnews Italy, Sept 1)

RUSSIA   Voice of Russia DRM Tests ?
Good Evening all,
I seen on a Japanese group I am in that one of their members was receiving
DRM mode signals from Voice of Russia on 12025 kHz channel.

I further investigated this and on the HFCC Global DRM Transmissions it is
indeed listing Voice of Russia 12025 kHz transmitting from Komsomolsk
Amur, Russia which is on the Far East of Russia with a power of 25 kW & an
azimuth of 34 degrees.

It's listed to run from the 5th September - 27th October 2019.
Attached is a screen grab from a SDR in Fukashima, Japan. Is this a
possible return by Voice of Russia to the air even just purely by DRM?
(Jordan Heyburn, wor Sept 4)

Per  <drmna@yahoogroups.com>  this is from VoR Komsomolsk on Amur.
As reported by Brendan Wahl and Terje Isberg. EssGee VU2UT
(Sudipta Ghose-IND  VU2UT, wor Sept 4)

RUSSIA   Far East - DRM digital mode transmission on 12025 kHz.
Does anyone have a contact with the authorities, if this is from
Is it just a test or regular transmissions coming?
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, "open_dx" RUSdx #1045 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

We can only speculate...
TX site Object: RS-1, Elizovo, Kamchatka Territory
AFU: antenna type SGD-4 / 4RA, SGD-4 / 8RA, azimuth 25-30 degrees.
- Purga    (FSUE RTRS)
- Serenade (PJSC RIMR)

Project stages:
The first (2017):
selection of SW frequencies, field tests. Testing radio direction in AM

Second (2018-2019):
- Design
- Getting RICH
- Manufacture, purchase of equipment
- MR, NDP, DRM testing

FWIW, slide 14 of
(Leo Barmaleo / "open_dx"; via
Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1045 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

I wonder who this broadcast is intended for. How to take it?
However, do not consider it an advertisement, but there are already
receivers in their own case, capable of receiving digital broadcasts in
DRM format at short wavelengths. This is Tecsun Q-3061. 
Here is a description:


Of course, it is quite expensive. But this is so far the only model of its
(Igor Yaremenko, Novosibirsk-RUS, "open_dx";
via RUSdx #1045 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

I wrote to the Far Eastern RC by email with this question, but the contact
is there, doesn't seem to have permission from the management to disclose
information - more until the tests go.

Therefore, the name of the contact will be called only under duress, and
in words I will convey, what he said the following:

"... test broadcasting is currently being carried out on PJSC from KnaA
from the territory of existing radio center. Test broadcasting is
conducted to determine coverage areas ... "
And it's good, they've done well that they didn't steal
the existing SW base !!!
(Dmitry Mezin, Kazan-RUS "open_dx";
via RUSdx #1045 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

Mystery Russian shortwave DRM test throughout Chukotka, August 31:
2000-1000 on 11615 K/A 250 kW 34 deg to FERUS Russian PROPAGATION TEST AM
2000-1000 on 12025*K/A 100 kW 34 deg to FERUS Russian Mystery Russian DRM
*alternative 15735 K/A 100 kW 34 deg to FERUS Russian Mystery Russian DRM

Changes of Mystery Russian DRM transmissions eff.from September 5
2000-0300 on 12025 K/A 100 kW 34 deg to FERUS Russian DRM, ex 2000-1000UT
0300-1000 on 15735 K/A 100 kW 34 deg to FERUS Russian DRM, ex alternative
2000-1000 on 11615 K/A 250 kW 34 deg to FERUS PROPAGATION TEST, unchanged
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx & dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2 / 5)


In St. Petersburg, an experiment has begun on the introduction of
digital broadcasting on Comedy Radio, Autoradio and Europa Plus. It
will bring new services for listeners, especially when traveling by
car, electronics manufacturers are sure. The test results have not yet
been impressed by media holdings, which warned of significant costs
for introducing new technology across the country. The prospects for
digital radio in Russia are also doubted by the Ministry of

The first radio station appeared in Russia, which broadcasts
simultaneously in analog and digital formats, a representative of the
Russian Broadcasting Network (RTRS) told Kommersant. According to him,
in July in St. Petersburg, the broadcast of the Comedy Radio of
Gazprom Media Holding began simultaneously in two formats: analog FM
and digital DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). This is an experiment that
will last at least until the end of the year, they say in RTRS.

After installing the DRM transmitter, a digital copy of the station is
added to the Comedy Radio FM signal at a frequency of 95.7 MHz,
explain in RTRS. This, in particular, allows, along with the main
signal, to additionally transmit "related text information, logos of
radio stations and other images". In testing RTRS, two more radio
stations are participating, which also have a digital signal -
Autoradio Gazprom-Media and Europa Plus of the European Media Group
(EMG), the company noted.

The DRM tests on radio stations are more correctly called scientific
work as part of the study of this standard, says Gazprom Media Radio
CEO Yuri Kostin. "It is too early to speak about the final
conclusions, but while DRM is not impressive in terms of its
performance, we still do not see any clear advantages for DRM over FM.

Digital radio signal quality, like an HDTV, may be better in theory,
but in terms of power, coverage and financial performance, the FM
standard is still the best standard for radio," he argues.

EMG participates in this experiment, but it's too early to speak about
intermediate results, says EMG CEO Roman Emelyanov: "Switching to the
"figure" for a country as large as Russia is a rather expensive
process. It's not a fact that the advantages of implementation, the
ability of our students to use additional services will cover the
significant costs that will be required to implement this project."

Market players have repeatedly stated that they do not support the
introduction of any digital standard without the ability to preserve
analog broadcasting, as it means a multiple increase in the number of
players amid declining advertising revenue.

The idea of creating a digital radio in Russia does not inspire
profile officials. "I don't think that digital terrestrial radio has
any prospects in Russia," said Alexey Volin, deputy head of the
Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. In his opinion, it is not
worth investing in any of the existing standards, "unless, of course,
it is a question of management personally making money on capital

However, on July 25, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies allowed
the development of digital radio in Russia based on RAVIS technology
("Real-Time Audiovisual Information System"). It is being developed by
a company of relatives of former Deputy Prime Minister Arkady
Dvorkovich, Kommersant wrote on August 6.

DRM as a standard for digital broadcasting is a step forward in the
modernization of broadcasting, and its implementation can only be
welcomed, the interlocutor of Kommersant does not agree in one of the
major equipment manufacturers. In his opinion, car radios are a
promising market. "As you know, now only Autoradio uses the same FM
frequency in all subjects of the federation, all other radio stations
use different frequency ratings, and when moving from one subject to
another, you have to search for a radio station manually," the source
reminds. A digital receiver is able to automatically search for a
favorite radio station anywhere in Russia, and also when listening to
the border of the subject, ensure continuous listening to your
favorite radio station, which truckers and road travelers will

"Although the standard was developed from the beginning of the 2000s,
the introduction in the world began about two to three years ago, and
it takes place in all countries of the European Union, India, South
Africa, and Great Britain. Therefore, Russia is here at the forefront
and in a very decent company," concludes an interlocutor of
Kommersant. Valeria Lebedeva, Julia Tishina, Kommersant.ru

(via RUSdx 18 Aug direct and via dxld)

On July 18, at 1:50 p.m., the branch of the RTRS "St. Petersburg RC"
began broadcasting the Comedy Radio in St. Petersburg simultaneously
in two formats: analog FM and digital DRM (DRM+, Simulcast mode). A
digital copy of the station was added to the FM signal at a frequency
of 95.7 MHz. Additional digital channels became available.

To generate and broadcast this analog-to-digital signal, one
transmitter of Russian manufacture is used. The power of the analog
signal is 3 kW, digital - 400 watts.

A digital signal is generated with 16-QAM modulation and protection
level PL1. This provides a total usable speed of the digital stream of
122.4 kbit/s and allows you to broadcast a digital copy of Comedy
Radio with a bit rate of 33 kbit/s and two more radio stations in
digital format. The second radio station is Autoradio with a digital
stream speed of 43 kbit/s. The third radio station is Europa Plus with
a bit rate of 20 kbps.

Additionally, the signal transmits related textual information, logos
of radio stations and other images. The DRM system uses the xHE-AAC
audio data compression algorithm, the most efficient codec for modern
digital broadcasting systems.

Experimental broadcasting in DRM Simulcast mode is part of the
research work (R&D) "Building an experimental analog-to-digital
broadcasting zone DRM+ / VHF FM in the range 87.5-108.0 MHz". The
contractor is a Russian system integrator, manufacturer of broadcast
equipment and software developer, Digital Systems.
The experiment will last at least until the end of the year.

(via RUSdx 18 Aug direct and via dxld)

On July 5, 2019, without warning, the State Commission on Radio
Frequencies (SCRF) gave the domestic RAVIS standard the ranges of
65.8-74 MHz and 87.5-108 MHz for the organization of digital radio
broadcasting. Now, a third has been added to the selection of two
not-so-good standards.

In the Russian Federation there is a special body dealing with the
distribution of the available radio range between those who want to
use it. The investment policy of companies and the availability of
various wireless communication and broadcasting services to the
population largely depend on its decisions.

Since the mid-zero years, there has been a sluggish preparation for
the transition to digital radio and television broadcasting. And the
longer this process drags on, the more surprising is the SCRF's
strategy on this issue (if any) ... Details here -

(via RUSdx 18 Aug direct and via dxld)

by G. Hvilivitsky

In "EIS" (No. 3, 2005), an article was published on the construction in
the Soviet Union in the 1970-1980s of the last century of super-powerful
broadcasting stations, including those with 1000 and 2000 kW
SW transmitters - the most powerful in the world. This outstanding
result was achieved in the course of large-scale work on the refinement
of the existing fleet of broadcasting transmitters, carried out at the
radio centers of the USSR Ministry of Communications under the guidance
of the author of the article, V. G. Buryak, a talented engineer who
developed original technical methods for the amplification of
transmission equipment in operation, including 500 kW SW transmitters
"Bob-2" (PKV-500) - up to 1000, and then up to 2000 kW.

His article describes in detail the new technical solutions that he
implemented, which allowed him to double and then
quadruple the power of the prototype ... Full text:

(via RUSdx 18 Aug direct and via dxld)

SIKKIM  [former Kingdom of; now IN India integrated]
E-QSL received from AIR Gangtok is attached.
For E-QSL and Hard copy by post of AIR Gangtok

please send Reception Reports to:

<gangtok -at- prasarbharati.gov.in>
with kind attention to Mr.A.Saha, DDE

4835 kHz 10 kW 0100-0500 1030-1700 UT
6085 kHz 10 kW 0630-0930 UT
Also MW 1404 kHz 20 kW at above timings.

Now is the time to QSL AIR Gangtok if it is in your wanted list!
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, dxld Aug 22)

4835 kHz  AIR Gangtok. On Aug 22, from 1320 to 1350 UT. A very rare day
with actual audio; not the normally heard faulty transmitter producing the
usual hum/buzzing sound; announcers and music; not strong enough to get
any meaningful details, but hope during the upcoming DX season to hear
enough to send off for a QSL. Today my local sunrise was at 1330 UT, with
Gangtok sunset at 1237 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 22)

SPAIN   REE Madrid Noblejas on 6/7 September.

I recorded the very strong signal from REE Noblejas on 9690 kHz yesterday
(6/7 Sept) between about 20.30 and 02.05 UT s/off. I didn't check the
other three frequencies on this occasion. 9690 kHz always provides the
strongest signal (was peaking at 55 dBu on the PL-880).

Excellent reception apart from the very brief occasional selective fading
distortion. In addition to Spanish, there were the usual English, French,
and Portuguese half-hours on Friday at 22:00, 22:30, and 23:00 UC,

The English Language Service featured an interview with Spanish singer
Jorge Dinares about his new album "Se Que Estas Ahi" (I Know You Are
There). So, still just Justin Coe with just a music program.

The format of the Portuguese broadcast was similar - just music with
commentary. However, the French broadcast ("Emission Francaise") had a
news magazine program (including what is going on in Catelonia) and then
a music program. And it was mentioned that the broadcast was for Samedi,
7 Septembre (it would indeed be Saturday, local time, in Madrid
but not UTC).
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor Sept 8)

SWITZERLAND   Swissinfo on how the Swiss Shortwave Service covered the
start of WWII.


From Swissinfo:
"To mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, we
dug into our archives to see how our predecessors at Switzerland's Short
Wave Service reported the dramatic events of September 1939.

"Our predecessors used radio signals to reach their audience.
Unfortunately, no audio recordings of broadcasts from August and September
1939 survived in our archives, but we did find the transcripts, some
handwritten, of our broadcasts in German, French and English. ... "


Esperanto from Switzerland

SRI successor Swissinfo looks back at the history of Esperanto
broadcasting from the Swiss Short-wave Service/Swiss Radio International


(Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott-VA-USA  kd9xb, wor dxld Sept 1)

Swissinfo on how the Swiss Shortwave Service covered the start of WWII.

I think the archive is from the programming department, with very little
technical information.

But I did find one ...

This is Switzerland calling in the overseas service of the Swiss
Broadcasting Corporation. [We] now present our daily Swiss program for
North American listeners, "Switzerland calling America," full edition,
which comes to you over three beams. In the 48 meter band , on 48,66
meters, frequency 6,165 kc; in the 47 meter band on 47,28, frequency 6,345
kc; and in the M meter band , on 3EK 4o,,65 meters, So please stand by for
"Switzerland calling America," full edition.

The garbled part was probably caused by the imperfect machine reading of a
typed (or maybe even handwritten) script. If it's possible to go back to a
picture of the script, I haven't yet figured out how to do it.

Throughout the archives, I noticed the spelling "meter" rather than
"metre," including "kilometers." Maybe the English staff was mostly
American, or at least American-educated.
(Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott-VA-USA  kd9xb, wor dxld Sept 1)

When visited Grandma in their kitchen during my childhood after WWII
from around 1948year, heard often newsread on
Swiss Radio Beromuenster MW 529 kHz,
or SW Schwarzenburg of HER3 6165 kHz, HER4 9535 kHz,
on a 'Made in Black Forest' SABA receiver incl. MW, LW, and SW !
of late 30ties - likely of 1939/1941year. (wb)

SWITZERLAND   Swissinfo on how the Swiss Shortwave Service covered the
start of WWII.

Yes, but that seems to be 1944. I did some googling and from various
sources gathered this;

The Swiss Shortwave Service transmitter site at Schwarzenburg began
broadcasting early spring 1939.

But July 6, 1939 severe fire destroyed it. Programs were then relayed
via Radio Nations site at Prangins until Schwarzenburg site was rebuilt.
Radio Nations was a joint venture of League of Nations (United Nations)
and Switzerland (Radio suisse). In the 1930's it carried United Nations
and Swiss radio programs as well as some utility transmissions.

Radio magazine "Globe Circler", September 1939 tells that after the fire,
Swiss Shortwave Service programs were aired over Radio Nations
transmitters Prangins HBO 11402 kHz, HBJ 14588 kHz and HBF 18450 kHz
alternating at various times of day.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, wor dxld Sept 2)

Friends, thank you very much taking the effort, it is very useful to me,
hopefully for others too.

I found something on a former German language webpage (i downloaded it at
that time) too, but it is not shortwave. I doesn't know whether the Swiss
reported World War II differently on mediumwave than shortwave. This
list's severe limitation is that it doesn't covers the station names or if
those are private or state-owned.

The list contains the year of 1939 mediumwave in German, the excerpt

Die Rundfunksender in Europa
(ausgenommen UdSSR) 1939

kHz   mb    kW  Senderstandort Land / Programm

 401 748,1 1,3  Genf         Schweiz
 556 539,6 100  Beromuenster Schweiz
 677 443,1 100  Sottens      Schweiz
1167 257,1  15  Monte Ceneri Schweiz
1375 218,2 0,5  Basel        Schweiz
(Tibor-HNG, wor Sept 3)

SWITZERLAND   Schweiz bestaetigt UKW-Abschaltdatum Ende 2024.

Bernard Maissen, stellvertretender Direktor des Bundesamtes fuer
Kommunikation BAKOM, hat angekuendigt, dass die Schweizer Radioprogramme
"nur bis spaetestens Ende 2024 im UKW-Band verfuegbar sein werden". Laut
Angaben des BAKOM haetten Ende Juni 2019 nur 17% der Hoerer Radio ueber
UKW empfangen.

Maissen kuendigte an, dass das Land die im Dezember 2019 auslaufenden UKW-
Funklizenzen bis 2024 verlaengern werde, mit der Moeglichkeit, die Dauer
auf Wunsch der Radioindustrie zu verkuerzen. Gleichzeitig wird das BAKOM
pruefen, ob einzelne UKW-Sender in Randgebieten mit unzureichender DAB+-
Abdeckung auch nach 2024 noch fuer einen begrenzten Zeitraum in Betrieb
bleiben koennen.
(73 Tom Kamp-D  DF5JL, A-DX newsgroup Sept 6)

TAIWAN   [and non]   NBC News NOW.

The Epoch Times has been paying for some of the biggest pro-Trump ads
on Facebook. NBC News' Brandy Zadrozny reports after NBC News
exclusively learned that Epoch is tied to a Chinese spiritual group
whose goal is to take down China's government. Aug. 20, 2019



Started almost two decades ago with a stated mission to "provide
information to Chinese communities to help immigrants assimilate into
American society," The Epoch Times now wields one of the biggest
social media followings of any news outlet...

(via gh, dxld Aug 22)

Falun Gong, which also sponsors Sound of Hope, causing ChiCom jamming
all over the SW bands, altho these stories never get into that
connexion - because SW is insignificant? Epoch Times also promotes
wild far-out debunked conspiracy theories hey, maybe the jamming
is not such a bad idea after all!? (gh, ibid.)

TAJIKISTAN   4765even kHz  Tajik nationa R 1 from Dushanbe Yangi Yul site,
S=9+20dB strong 60 mb outlet, noted at 17.50 UT on Sept 8
in Doha Qatar remote SDR unit.

Surprise, surprise, use of 3 x 60 mb units in turn at Yangi Yul bcast
center revealed today, that likely the technician aligned the 4765 kHz
unit now in use, after some 9 months on odd frequency on upper flank,
some plus 50 - 80 Hertz.
For example Tajik R1 was heard on odd 4765.049 kHz in late August 2019.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

U.K.  [non]   A-19 S-19 schedule of BBC Farsi till Sept. 19, from 20

0230-0330  5985 DHA 250 kW 045 deg to WeAS Farsi till Sept.19
0230-0330  6155 TAC 100 kW 236 deg to WeAS Farsi till Sept.19
0230-0330  7360 SCB 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS Farsi till Sept.19
0230-0330  7485 KCH 300 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi till Sept.19
0330-0430  9825 SCB 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS Farsi is unchanged
0330-0430 11875 SLA 250 kW 340 deg to WeAS Farsi is unchanged
0330-0430 13825 TAC 100 kW 219 deg to WeAS Farsi is unchanged
0430-0530  9480 DHA 250 kW 045 deg to WeAS Farsi from Sept.20
0430-0530 11875 SLA 250 kW 340 deg to WeAS Farsi from Sept.20
0430-0530 13825 TAC 100 kW 236 deg to WeAS Farsi from Sept.20
1500-1600  5875 TAC 100 kW 236 deg to WeAS Farsi till Sept.19
1500-1600  6195 SLA 250 kW 335 deg to WeAS Farsi till Sept.19
1600-1700  5875 TAC 100 kW 236 deg to WeAS Farsi from Sept.20
1600-1700  6195 SLA 250 kW 335 deg to WeAS Farsi from Sept.20
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 22)

called 'Iran Daylight Time' or IRDT.

2019  Fri, March 22, 00:00 LT til Sun, Sept 22, 00:00 LT

Daylight Saving Time transitions.

The dates of DST transitions in Iran are based on the Solar Hijri
calendar, the official calendar of Iran, which is in turn based on the
March equinox (Nowruz) as determined by astronomical calculation at the
meridian for Iran Standard Time (52.5 degr E or UTC+3.5h). This results in
the unusual situation wherein the dates of DST transitions don't fall
on the same weekday each year as they do in most other countries.

DST starts in Iran at 24:00 on 1 Farvardin, which corresponds to either
20 or 21 March in the Gregorian calendar, depending on the precise timing
of the equinox.
(This is equivalent to 00:00 on 2 Farvardin, either 21 or 22 March.)

Clocks move forward at that time to 01:00 on 2 Farvardin (21 or 22 March).
This spring change takes place at the end of the day of Nowruz, which is
the Iranian New Year's Day and the most important festival in Iranian

DST likewise ends in Iran at 24:00 on 30 Shahrivar, which corresponds
to either 20 or 21 September. (Equivalently, at 00:00 on 31 Shahrivar,
either 21 or 22 September). Clocks move backward to 23:00 on 30 Shahrivar
(20 or 21 September).

USA   Next week WBCQ-6 Super Station will be testing on
3 new frequencies 12120, 15705 and 17735 kHz at various
times staring at 50 kW, then 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 kW

0900-1157 15705 BCQ 500 kW 60 deg to NE/ME Arabic
1200-1957 17735 BCQ 500 kW 60 deg to NE/ME Arabic
2000-0857 12120 BCQ 500 kW 60 deg to NE/ME Arabic

This corresponds to the latest HFCC registration Arabic only as 500 kW 60
deg only, so who needs a rotatable antenna? Oblivious of the continuous
RTTY 12120 kHz, who won't be too happy about being blasted by 500 kW of

Per UDXF Logs, it's the US Navy's ubiquitous NAU in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

So WBCQ must have got the needed documentation how to tune up other
frequencies than 9330. But are there any ex-Ampegon engineers back at WBCQ
by now?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld wor August 31)

USA   WRMI Okeechobee FL - F_B update.

WRMI Radio Miami International
1 hr +Hurricane Dorian Update - It seems that the eye of the hurricane is
not going to hit the coast of Florida. But there will still be high winds
in Okeechobee and we hope that the power will not go out. One of our
Internet services has been shut down due to the hurricane (they are based
in Vero Beach on the coast), so some of our clients cannot upload programs
to us temporarily (especially to 9395 kHz), and our live stream on
wrmi.net is down for the moment. We hope this service will be back within
the next 24 hours if the hurricane continues on its present course. Thanks
for all of your messages of concern and prayers.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor via dxld Sept 3)

USA   {RAE Buenos Aires relay via WRMI Okeechobee-FL US state bcast}

RAE short wave broadcast frequency change of Sept 3.


On September 2, 2019, the RAE adjusted the broadcast frequency
of the short-wave program launched by WRMI for the fifth time in 2019.

The specific adjustment was:
the German program frequency was adjusted from 7780 kHz to 9395 kHz,
and the broadcast time remained unchanged: 22.00-23.00 UT.

Frequency list from September 2, 2019 (time defaults to UT)

0100-0130  9395 kHz Tue-Sat English    NoAM East Coast
0800-0900  5950 kHz Tue-Sat Japanese   NoAM West Coast, Asia Direction
0900-1000  5950 kHz Tue-Sat Chinese    NoAM West Coast, Asian Directions
1100-1200  9955 kHz Mon-Fri Portuguese Ce&SoAM (Latin America) Direction
1300-1330 15770 kHz Mon-Wed French NoAM EaCoast, EUR, ME, NoAF Direction
2100-2200  9395 kHz Mon-Fri Italian    NoAM East Coast Direction
2200-2300  5010 kHz Mon-Fri Spanish    Ce&SoAM (Latin America) Direction
2200-2300  9395 kHz Mon-Fri German     NoAMcan East Coast Direction
2330-0000  7780 kHz Mon-Fri French     NoAM, European Direction.

Japanese and Chinese programs are actually broadcast from Tues-Sat.
(via cahcn.github.io, Sept 3)

USA   9330 kHz on Sept 4 at 1355 UT, JBA signal presumed WBCQ relaying
NOAA Weather Radio from Daytona, but too weak to be sure. At 2103 UT
it's just as bad but measured down to 9329.94 kHz.
Will they pick up further NOAA's up the GA, SC, NC coasts?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor dxld Sept 4)

7490.183 and 9330.188 kHz WBCQ TOM BS at 16.54 - 17.00 UT Sept 5.
"TOM BS sung "Glory, Glory Hellejujah..." and ahead of TOM BS sermon
short WBCQ ID annmt at 17.00:07 UT.
Nothing noted on 5130 neither on 6160 kHz channels.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 5)

USA   7305 kHz on Sept 4, at 0120-0127 UT, Vatican Radio, vua IBB BBG
Greenville-NC-US state site, in Portuguese. man voice and Vatican news in
portuguese; 0126 UT ID and IS. fair reception, 35533.
(JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier-BRA, hcdx Sept 4)

USA   7490.188  WBCQ S=9+30dB signal noted on remote SDR at Detroit MI
state, 00.43 UT on Sept 6, 13 kHz wide music audio block.
Surprisingly same music program on WRMI 9395 kHz channel at 00.46 UT.

9330.219 kHz poor WBCQ S=5-6 signal,
sent hurricane data coordinates, rain, wind reports too. 00.48 UT Sept 6.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

USA   9330.13v kHz, Friday Sept 6 at 2151 UT, WBCQ is on here at S8 with
hard rock music instead of NOAA Weather Radio relay. Must be gearing
up for AAAWWW. At 2222 UT the modulation is cutting off and on.

7490.21v kHz  Friday Sept 6 at 2153 UT, 'Behaviour Night' music,
but too much noise here to enjoy Sir Scratchy and his ancient tunes.

(7490 kHz), UT Sat Sept 7 from 0000 UT, WBCQ webcast of 'Allan and Angela
Weiner WorldWide', since I am busy editing on computer, don't even try to
hear it on SW. Ramsey calls in almost immediately, and I keep listening
since there is hardly and politix this week, just about the SuperStation
and technology, such as railing against computer dependence   keep it out
of our transmitters!

But first at 2359 UT on Sept 6, I notice that previous program wrapping
up, radiosermontime.org thinx he will be on WINB 9625 [sic] tomorrow, and
also on WWRB 5050 kHz. Clunk, hangs up phone. That weblink does not work.

First, AW makes it clear that he does *not* want to be stuffed post-
mortem, note that Angela! Even if it's legal in strange Canada.

6160 kHz has been retubed by TimTron, at a cost of tens of thousands of
dollars; and blew 800-amp fuses.

Lack of equipment support: Ampegon that went bankrupt are dicks.
Continental people are dickish.

One guy formerly with Ampegon, RF engineer named Norbert is now here
working on the antenna. Antenna tuning unit is in the tubular sexion. 50
and 100 ohms have to be matched for different frequencies. The ATU has
four caps which cost $18K each. Two coils are ganged together by a chain,
which broke. A special 8-mm chain, hard to replace, but Angela located one
which was shipped in from NC, arrived today. It's like a bicycle chain,
and lubricated like one. AW went up 40 feet to install it, and now that is
working. Tonight's show is "quinta-casting" on 3265, 5130, 6160, 7490,
9330kHz=backup not Spanish.

At 0055 UT looks thru the new issue of Free Radio Weekly, just published,
mentions pirates logged and frequencies, but no dates, times or credit;
including YHWH by me which he thinx is religious - hee hee, yeah, anti-
Christ, as I often denominate it but not this time. Then to e-mail.

Confirms that 9330 kHz has been relaying NOAA Weather Radio, from FL, SC,
NC, and would do that again if needed. Thinx that Our Father is
responsible for steering Dorian away from US mainland. Prayer until 0104
UT, then plugs 6160 kHz available 24hrs/7d at $35 an hour; or would like
to lease it out full-time.

5130 kHz is a "loss-leader" subsidized partially by Larry Will and AW, now
offering a fall pirate special at $10/hour for a minimum of two hours
avoid getting busted with a 10-megadollar fine. Some time also available
on 7490 kHz, but not 9330 or 3265 kHz; finally ends at 0107 UT.

Here's John Carver's version: "Tonight's show started on time on 7490 kHz.
Allan and Angela in the studio. Opening talk concerned a statement about
wanting to stuff Allan when he died. Allan said no. First phone call at
0005 UT from Ramsey, pointing out to Allan that Roy Rogers had Trigger
stuffed when he died. Discussion about having people stuffed and then one
on preserving people's heads after they died.

There has been some support from the old Ampegon company starting to
trickle through. They've sent an engineer from Germany who has been
helping them adjust the antenna. A chain that is used during the antenna
change broke. [...] Long discussion about how poorly digital and
computerized things work and how Allan wishes they would be built the old
way. Reading of emails at 0054 UT beginning with the Free Radio Weekly.

Closing prayer at 0101 UT. It was announced that they have a special on
airtime on 5130 kHz. Two hour minimum time slot at ten dollars per hour.
Program was off the air at 0106 UT and then into Brother Stair. Despite
the signal reports this evening I had a poor signal or no signal on the
frequencies I tried. John, Mid-North Indiana".

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx wor dxld Sept 7;
did insert by wb for TopNews website: 'kHz and UT' for the clarity
and clarification of a larger audience on wwdxc website)

USA   The VORW Broadcast on 5010 kHz // 5850 kHz is now scheduled from
0100-0200 UT Friday, Sunday and Monday (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
local time). For now it's just for the month of September so that weekend
slot will probably free back up at the end of the month.

No matter what, the longstanding broadcast on 5850 kHz FRI 0100-0200 UT
will remain past September. All the best,
(John - VORW Radio Int'l -, RW Observer, wor Sept 8)

VIETNAM   7280 kHz  V.of Vietnam, Hanoi Sontay, in Spanish, on 06 Sept
at 1818-1829 UT man/woman current affairs talk program (ment. la Voz de
Vietnam), w/ one music pause and many external talk services, till 1828
UT, then carrier on only; heard better in usb w/ inter filter to almost
nullify very strong splats, poor/ almost fair in usb; // 9730 kHz w/
ceaseless fast qsb and strong qrn rustle, poor/almost fair.
(Gianni Serra-ITA, via gh-ok wor Sept 7)


Log of Sunday Sept 1st, 05.00 UT - 07.00 UT, made it into remote SDR units
at central Europe, in Doha Qatar ME and Aberdeen-NJ-US east coast.

 7325DRM   mode RRO Bucharest in French at 05.00-05.30 UT S=9+25dB in
           WeEUR, target is Iberian peninsula. NOT ON 6080 kHz in DRM mode
           acc HFCC table - latter which is VoA STP English now instead.
           Instead RRO Bucharest on 6015 kHz via Galbeni site
           - since April 11 -. Somehow the frequency request handling of
           the Romanian RadioCom organization is VERY SLOPPY over the
           months since February. 05.15 UT on Sept 1.
15340 CHN  Music of CNR1 px jamming against SOH Taiwan at 05.25 UT Sept 1,
           traced in Doha Qatar ME.
15410 ROU  RRO Bucharest in English towards AUS and NZL Pacific,
           at 0530 UT on Sept 1. Maybe used Galbeni site exchange instead
           of TIG Tiganesti? S=9+20dB in Doha Qatar ME.
17760 ROU  RRO Bucharest in English via Galbeni requested, but NOT ON AIR,
           I guess TX at Galbeni used instead of RRO French to France
           on 6015 kHz instead. 05.36 UT on Sept 1.
 4885.025  BRA  Weak signal on BrasPortuguese program of S=4-5 tiny,
           noted on remote NJ-US state remote SDR at 05.39 UT on Sept 1.
 4774.996  SWZ / Eswatini. TWR Manzini English very tiny signal SBA on
           NB-US, at 05.40 UT S=4 level, some UTE QRM, STANAG on 4812 kHz,
           CODAR QRM 4772 - 4804 kHz S=7 strength.
 4840.002  USA  Powerful S=9+25dB of WWCR Nashville TN-US, Joan Baez like
           US singer, at 05.42 UT. 11.4 kHz wideband audio block.
 5085even  USA  WTWW En, pop mx, singer group, S=9+25dB at 05.46 UT
           on Sept 1. 12.2 kHz wideband audio signal block visible.
 5800.013  ???  Probably?  WRMI Okeechobee, 181degr new horizontal log-
           periodic antenna, in use with TX #14 also on 5010 kHz at other
           times. Weak signal of religious organ music. 05.49 UT Sept 1.
 5999.995  CUB  RHC English, S=9+30dB powerful signal in NJ-US state,
           05.51 UT on Sept 1. Via CubanRadio Quivican San Felipe TITAN
           bcast center site. Talk on European Union / GB brexit matter,
           Also EU / Cuban relation economic talk. At 05.55 UT news
           of hurrican weather prediction on Bahamas and US east coast.
           // 6100even kHz S=9+15dB;  6165even kHz S=8 in NJ-US.
           // 5040even Bauta site at S=9+15dB level.
 6015even  ROU  RRO Galbeni at S=7 signal in NB-US state. 05.54 UT Sept 1
 7850even  CAN  CHU Ottawa time standard signal, Poor S=4 under much bad
           condition on Sept 1 at 05.57 UT.
 7365even  USA  US IBB BBG Radio Marti opposition radio program in Spanish
           against Cuba Republic in Latin America. Transmit via Greenville
           NC site at 06.00 UT Sept 1. S=9+25dB powerful, weather items
           from Cuba: 24 cent temperatur Celsius at Santa Clara Cuba.
           // 7334.996 kHz slower at S=9+15dB power level.
           R Marti short noticias block ended at 06.03:50 UT.
11675.705  TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish, requested at 06.00-11.55 UT slot
           service to NE/ME/CeAS target, S=9+35dB signal on remote SDR
           at Doha Qatar ME unit. 06.11 UT on Sunday Sept 1st.
11710even  ALB  CRI Beijing English program, via European relay site at
           Cerrik-B. S=9+10dB signal noted in Doha Qatar SDR installation.
           Scheduled 05-07 UT. Noted at 06.12 UT on Sunday Sept 1.

11685 to 11780 kHz wideband likely DITTER  JAMMING received at Doha Qatar,
probably against Saudi Army radio service "Al Azm Radio" on 11745 kHz
from Jeddah-ARS towards Yemen civil war area. Heard at 0614 UT on Sept 1.

11880even  AUT  AWR in Arabic via ORS Moosbrunn Austria site, S=9+10dB
           noted in Doha Qatar ME SDR unit. 0605-0705 UT, noted 06.15 UT
           Arabic female voice pastor read ministry.
11884.991  CHN  PBS Xinjiang covered CNR13 program, Uyghur service,
           via Urumqi site at 06.18 UT on Sept 1. // 13669.964 kHz Urumqi
           and // 13700 kHz S=9 via Lingshi CHN same program too.
11930even  VAT  Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria, Sunday only mass
           in Ukrainian. S=9 strength noted at 06.19 UT in Doha Qatar ME

11970DRM mode  KWT  Radio Kuwait S=9+10dB or -61dBm digital block visible
           06.20 UT on Sept 1,
           bad HFCC fq request solution - on side flank of digital sound,
           due of NHK R Japan Arabic service via
11975even  TDF Issoudun France relay 11975 kHz.

13550even  CHN  CNR1 powerful jamming against co-ch SOH TWN Falun Gong sce
           S=9 in Qatar ME at 06.25 UT. But nothing of SOH px heard so far
13610.042  ARS  SBA via MOCI Riyadh, Radio Saudi AR 1st px. S=9+20dB power
           at 06.26 UT noted in Doha Qatar ME SDR unit.
13635.007  TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish sce scheduled 06.00-12.55 UT towards
           Western Europe audience, noted S=9+10dB on back/sidelobe in
           Doha Qatar ME. 06.28 UT on Sunday Sept 1.
13729.996  IRN  VOIRI via Zahedan site, Arabic scheduled at 05.30-07.30 UT
           S=9+20dB strength in Qatar remote SDR, 20 kHz wideband audio,
           and terrible wideband spurious SCRATCHING spur of 65 kHz apart
           distance on 13660-13770 kHz, and 13790-13800 kHz symmetrical.

9540 kHz RRO Romanian Sunday only "Curierul Romanes" NOT ON AIR on Sept 1,
from 07.00 UT onwards, heard instead on 11790TIG, 13750GAL, and 15200GAL.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 1)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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