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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1431                                                  08 July 2020

AUSTRALIA   Frequency change of Reach Beyond Australia from 17850 kHz
to new 12010 kHz.
1130-1200 UT 12010 kHz KNX 100 kW 310 deg to SoAS various languages,
ex17850 kHz as follows.

1130-1145 UT Dzongkha Daily; 1145-1200 UT Nepali Mon/Fri; Tsangla Tue-Thu;
Dzongkha Sat/Sun.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 2)

AUSTRALIA   Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB), HCA Kununurra-AUS, June 17.

11750 1200-1215 1.....7 Chattisgarhi 100 310
11749.993 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 12.07 UT,
S=9+20dB -52dBm in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.
11750 1200-1215 .23456. Kannada      100 310
11750 1215-1245 123456. Hindi        100 310
11750 1215-1230 ......7 Hindi        100 310
11750 1230-1245 ......7 Urdu         100 310
11750 1245-1300 ..3.... Kuruk        100 310
11750 1245-1300 .2.4.6. English      100 310
11750 1245-1300 ....5.. Bengali      100 310
11750 1245-1300 ......7 Tamil        100 310
11750 1245-1300 1...... Nepali       100 310
11750 1300-1315 .23456. Tamil        100 310
11750 1300-1330 ......7 Tamil        100 310
11749.989 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 13.04 UT,
S=9+20dB -52dBm in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.
11750 1300-1330 1...... Hindi        100 310
11750 1315-1330 .23.5.. Telugu       100 310
11750 1315-1330 .....6. Marwari      100 310
11750 1315-1330 ...4... Gujarati     100 310

11825 1430-1500 1234567 English      100 335
11824.993 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 14.35 UT,
S=8-9 fair in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.

11875 1200-1230 1..4..7 Matu         100 310
11875 1200-1230 .23.56. Burmese      100 310
11874.994 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 12.03 UT,
S=9+10dB -64dBm in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.

11900 1230-1245 ......7 Chattisgarhi 100 310
11900 1230-1300 123456. Hindi        100 310
11900 1245-1300 ......7 Nepali       100 310
11899.968 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 12.55 UT, wb.
11900 1300-1315 ...4... Kuruk        100 310
11900 1300-1315 1.....7 Dzongkha     100 310
11900 1300-1315 .23..6. Punjabi      100 310
11900 1300-1315 ....5.. Himachali    100 310
11900 1315-1330 .2..... Urdu         100 310
11900 1315-1330 .....6. Gujarati     100 310
11900 1315-1330 ...4... Himachali    100 310
11900 1315-1330 ..3.5.. Nepali       100 310
11900 1315-1330 1.....7 Tsangla      100 310
11900 1330-1345 .2..5.. Bengali      100 310
11900 1330-1345 1.....7 Saraji       100 310
11900 1330-1345 ..3..6. Marwari      100 310
11900 1330-1345 ...4... Gujarati     100 310
11900 1345-1400 1.....7 Oriya        100 310
11900 1345-1400 .2..... Chattisgarhi 100 310
11900 1345-1400 ..3.... Marathi      100 310
11900 1345-1400 ....5.. Kuruk        100 310
11900 1345-1400 ...4... Punjabi      100 310
11900 1345-1400 .....6. Bhojpuri     100 310
11899.973 kHz oddly noted Friday = 6  /  July 3 at 13.50 UT, wb.

11905 1130-1145 1234567 Rohingya     100 335
11905 1145-1200 1234567 Burmese      100 335
11904.994 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 11.57 UT,
S=9+10dB -64dBm in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.

11945 1230-1245 1234567 Urdu         100 310
11945 1245-1300 1...... Oriya        100 310
11945 1245-1300 ..3.... Telugu       100 310
11945 1245-1300 ......7 Punjabi      100 335
11944.995 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 12.56 UT,
S=9+10dB -64dBm in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.
11945 1245-1300 .....6. Bengali      100 335
11945 1245-1300 ....5.. Marathi      100 310
11945 1245-1300 ...4... Hindi        100 310
11945 1245-1300 .2..... Tamil        100 310

15410 2230-2300 .....67 Japanese     100   5
15565 1100-1130 1.....7 Japanese     100 335

now change 17850 kHz to 12010 kHz, see above of Ivo Bulgaria item:
17850 1130-1200 .2...6. Nepali       100 340  310 degrees instead.
17850 1130-1200 1.....7 Dzongkha     100 340
17850 1130-1145 ..345.7 Dzongkha     100 340
17850 1145-1200 ..345.7 Tsangla      100 340
12009.964 kHz oddly noted Saturday = 7  /  July 4 at 11.52 UT,
S=9+20dB -52dBm in Delhi India, Perseus SDR remotedly, wb.

(hfcc.org June 17; monitored July 3 / 4)

Re: Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB), HCA Kununurra-AUS,
log in Delhi India remote SDR rx.

dear mr wolfgang, - how are you ? - I notice on your rbaustr report
11945 Bengali 1245 UT day 6=Friday, 335degr is the beam also for Punjabi
lang is that really true as Ivo Ivanov, not for a20, but in the past had
335degr azimuth for certain lang's, otherwise for most part the beam was
at 310degr, please explain. 73's, (Zenon Teles, Goa, India. July 5)

Greetings to Portuguese Goa,
visited on flower-power path trip on Istanbul - Iran - Kandahar - Bali
tour in my student era in 1975 year, - long time ago - hi ...

re: azimuths out of Australia towards South Asian subcontinent
(hfcc.org June 17; monitored July 3 / 4)

The table database in the e-mail state the
Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB), HCA Kununurra-AUS
technical requests on ITU UNO Geneva and privat hfcc.org organization

Dipol array curtains have - mostly - a bandwidth effect of 30 degrees
azimuth each side, = approx. 50 degrees azimuth in total.

One has to take into account the meter band curtain antenna in use,
in the 25 meter band for example, maybe 310 degrees is mainlobe at the
broadcast center location Kununurra Australia,
but in contrast in 19 or 16 meters but 335 degrees at Kununurra
(+ / - 30 degrees slew possible, either side).

At 14.30 UT the SW signal AUS - IND path, de-creased much compared to
powerful 12 / 13 UTC transmissions.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 5)

AUSTRALIA   Open Letter from Friends of the ABC.

ABC Friends have written an open letter to the Prime Minister in the wake
of the recent staff and funding cuts.

Dear Mr Morrison, I write on behalf of many angry Australians who want
to know why your government continues to undermine Australian public
broadcasting with ongoing funding cutbacks at the same time as the
commercial media sector is favoured.

Your recent statement that "there have been no cuts to the ABC" sadly
reminds us of Tony Abbott's similar bold election promise in 2013, yet
this was followed by major cutbacks in his first Budget as Prime Minister.
Clearly in our current media environment there are facts and 'alternative'
facts, it all depends on the presenter and the audience.

Many of us are more inclined to rely on information from your ABC Board
Chair, Ita Buttrose, who said in her 2019 Forward to the Annual Report -
"our task has been made harder by the imposition of the three year
indexation freeze which comes on top of a $50 million a year cut now
embedded in our base."

We see the recently announced Five Year Plan as a brave attempt by the
Managing Director, David Anderson, to live within your governments funding
allocation, but obviously further staff cuts and downgrading of ABC
services and programs is an inevitable outcome of reduced funding.

We all appreciate that governments rely on a degree of political spin to
make their decisions seem more palatable, but do you seriously expect the
community to believe that an ABC Managing Director would deliberately
retrench so many staff and downgrade services and programmes if the ABC
Budget was adequate?

We expected more of your leadership because you have a responsibility to
act on our behalf, as ABC shareholders to enable the ABC to fulfil
parliamentary approved obligations under its Charter. The Federal
Government acts as caretaker of all our national institutions and in this
regard the ABC ranks highly with the Parliament and the High Court in
protecting the interests of all Australians.

Chair of the ABC Board, Ita Buttrose has consistently tried to work with
you and your Communications Minister, Paul Fletcher, to get a realistic
re-assessment of the ABC Budget to meet the demands of a changing media
environment and national emergencies. Yet these genuine efforts by both
Board and Management have been repeatedly ignored.

Furthermore, there has been a quite calculated misrepresentation of
budgetary analysis since 2014 assuming that official promotion of fake
news will provide an effective distraction from the reality of past and
current government decision making, which has resulted in an ongoing 10%
budget reduction.

Over the past six years the ABC has been the target of funding cuts,
various enquiries, political attack and even a police raid. You cannot be
surprised that Australians are outraged about the latest announcement this
week which will culminate in further job losses, valued services and
Australian content. You regularly advocate protection of jobs and your
COVID-19 employment protection initiatives are admirable. Yet successive
Coalition administrations have caused the loss of 1250 ABC professional

Can you explain to us why you are so determined to downgrade the ABC,
which is a valued national treasure supported by over 80% of Australians?
We understand that you are regularly lobbied by the Murdoch American News
Empire and other commercial media interests, which are ideologically
opposed to public broadcasting. Furthermore, we know that some members of
your cabinet are members of the Institute of Public Affairs, which
advocates privatisation of the ABC. However, ABC Friends would
respectfully remind you that, as Prime Minister, your first loyalty is to
the Australian people and our public institutions.

As a national organisation we have been overwhelmed by expressions of
public concern about the way the ABC is being treated. So many comments
express ongoing frustration that many of our elected representatives seem
incapable of recognising the ABC as an essential public service on which
Australians depend. We have received hundreds of letters and comments
which we will be collating for public release, but here is just one
example to offer you some insight into how Australians feel about the
continued assault on the ABC.

"I am shocked, then saddened, then disgusted, then outraged by the
governments attack on the ABC. The Federal Government should be creating
jobs instead of destroying high quality 'clever country' jobs. Prime
Minister Morrison led a government that was unique in bringing together
differing interests across Australia to benefit the nation and lead us out
of disaster. But now? The attack on the ABC is a fundamental attack by the
Morrison Government on its claim to govern in the national interest."

We urge you to reconsider your government's responsibilities to the ABC by
conducting immediate meaningful negotiations with the Ms Buttrose and Mr
Anderson to plan a way forward to restore ABC funding. This discussion
should include a commitment in the October Budget to recognise ABC staff
and services as essential in post COVID-19 planning.

We look forward to a fresh approach to public broadcasting policy and can
assure you such commitment will be very much welcomed by the Australian

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Reynolds
National President
ABC Friends
P.O.Box 3620
Manuka ACT 2603
(Direct, wor July 2.
Rob Wagner-Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, July "ADXNews" magazine of ARDXC;
direct, hcdx / wor July 2)

BELGIUM   5780.0 kHz  Tentatively from Belgium occured 11 kHz wideband
audio like much professional "Harmony Radio" Waterloo S=9+10dB or -66dBm
at 06.11 UT June 3. Nice wonderful music program, - music program
to my taste. - Locations origin seems wrong, rather coming from
Ireland / British Isls area ?
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

Most probably ?

Irland >>County Kilkenny >>Kilkenny >>Harmony  Beautiful Music!
Email: <HarmonyQRZ -at- gmail.com>
temporaere Streamadresse war damals:  <;>
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX newsgroup July 5)

BOLIVIA   5935 kHz  R. YURA. On July 7 at 0030-0054 UT. Woman talks
and music. 24232
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, hcdx July 7)

Radio Yura - La Voz de los Ayllus - is back on the air transmitting from
the village Yura located between Potosi and Uyuni in Bolivia.
The frequency is 5935.0 kHz. Monitored from s/on at 2240 UTC on July 6th
2020 via remote SDR receives in Brazil. Very weak here at my QTH in
Randers, Denmark, Europe.

The widely reported slogan of the station Yutan Ayllu Yura is wrong.
The correct spelling is: 'Radio Jatun Ayllu Yura'.
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN, hcdx July 6)

BRAZIL   9666.650V, July 1 at 0545 UT, JBA carrier from presumed RVM
always off-frequency and varying considerably. Last night was stronger
with music but did not get a precise fix on it, I think on the minus
side of 9666 kHz. Also seems to be the only ZY left on 31mb, at least
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

BULGARIA    AIB Media Industry Briefing - July 2020

AIB history briefs - jamming.
They spent more on jamming than the broadcasts they were trying to
silence cost to produce. That's the theory around Soviet Bloc jamming
of western broadcasters during the Cold War.

Spurred on by the release of a story produced by RFE/RL on a now
derelict jamming station in Bulgaria, the AIB has taken a brief look
at jamming, with a selection of additional resources highlighted.
Read our history brief here.

(direct and via wor July 2)

re  RFE / RL jamming in Bulgaria,
another jamming stn. at Blagoevgrad,
spread BUL target from the western border to jamm RFE Biblis / Portugal
and Holzkirchen outlets:
deep fountain angle SW jamming against RFE, DWL, BBC, Vatican Radio
- or Bizim Clandestine Radio reserve bcast center,
TOWARDS Turkey communist party audience.
42 02 48.73 N  23 02 55.62 E  see G.E. image of 2006 year.

and probably another Radio Liberty jamming stn located near Varna-BUL,
mostly two third used for USSR target jamming of RL Lampertheim,
Holzkirchen Germany and Playa de Pals Spain Radio Liberty broadcasts
Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other satellites

BUL_Varna Bolyartsi / Kitka former US Radio Liberty jamming
43 04 03.70 N  27 47 06.46 E  see G.E. image of May 2003 year.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

CHINA   Change of the program names of Yunnan People's Radio and
TV Broadcasting Stations.

According to

Yunnan Province Radio and TV Administration announced on July 1 that they
will change the program names of Yunnan People's Radio TV Broadcasting
Stations, approved by the National Radio and TV Administration
on June 11.

As for Radio:

"Voice of Shangri-La" (6035 kHz, FM99.0 MHz.) will be renamed to
"Yunnan Radio International". This has been rumored since the beginning
of 2019, but the new name has not been used yet in the actual broadcasting
on 6035 kHz and FM99.0 MHz.

"Yunnan Children's Radio"(FM101.7 MHz) will be renamed to
"Yunnan Travel Radio".

As for TV:
"Active Shopping Channel" TV Channel, will be renamed to
"Yunnan Life Information Channel".

"Yunnan International Channel" (using satellites to Indo-China countries)
has already been renamed to "Yunnan Lanmei International Satellite TV",
since July 13, 2019. "Lanmei" is the names of the two rivers -
Lancang River (upper part of Mekong River in China) and Mekong River
(lower part in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia) -
meaning "Lancang-Mekong Cooperation".
(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

CHINA   re PBS Yunnan
Hi Glenn, Web page in Chinese, at

English translation of a portion of the page:

"On July 1, 2020, the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Radio and Television
announced on its official website the news of the adjustment of the call
signs of two sets of programs for Yunnan Radio and TV Station.

The original text is as follows:
Yunnan Radio and TV Station's application to adjust the launch of tourism
broadcasting was approved by the General Administration of the People's
Republic of China on June 11, 2020. The State Administration of Radio and
Television approved Yunnan Radio and Television's children's broadcasting
to be adjusted to tourism broadcasting and Shangri-La's Voice to
international broadcasting."

So the new name is "Yunnan International Broadcasting."

PBS Yunnan has two SW frequencies. One is on 7210 kHz, which starts about
1035 UT with their long playing musical loop IS till programs start at
1100 UT; while on 6035 kHz, PBS relays FM99 (Voice of Shangri-la), starts
about 1145 UT. At 1200 UT, they always have the following: time pips,
Beijing time check, station's singing "Radio Shangri-la" jingle; followed
by spoken English ("Flying with the heart, traveling with the sound of
FM99 ?????? (The Voice of Shangri-la) also IDs as "F-M ji? ji?."
We will have to check if there is an on-air name change now on 6035 kHz?

Found the following online:
"Voice of Shangri-La FM99 (Yunnan Tourism Frequency)

Tourism frequency of Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station (call sign:
Voice of Shangri-La) is a new set launched by Yunnan People's Broadcasting
Station this year as a new type of frequency reform under the care and
support of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government.

The new frequency was officially launched on January 1, 2005.
The frequency of use is FM99, which broadcasts for 17 hours a day. The
frequency is positioned to show Yunnan's rich tourism resources and
national culture, and it will provide tourism information based on the
spread of tourism culture [service], the purpose of guiding tourism
consumption, [service] Traveling crowds, advancing tourism, and providing
a sound and colorful professional publicity platform for the construction
of a major province of national cultural tourism. The voice of Shangri-La
is broadcast on FM at 99 MHz and currently covers some cities in Kunming
and Yunnan. Within three years, it will complete the coverage of
15 municipalities, densely populated economically developed areas and
important border ports.

In April 2005, the Voice of Shangri-La, as the only broadcast media,
visited the United States on behalf of Yunnan People's Broadcasting
Station and the Yunnan Provincial Government Yunnan Radio and Television
Week delegation, and signed with the world's top 10 broadcast TV network
platform WCETV Yinshi. Signed a cooperation agreement to deliver the voice
of Shangri-La's programs to the United States and Canada via broadband

During the same period, Shangri-La also established regular program
exchanges with radio jojo in Berlin, Germany, and will exchange visits and
exchanges with mainstream countries such as the United States to seek
closer cooperation and open up overseas promotion channels. At the same
time, the voice of Shangri-La and the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Bureau
joined the National Radio and Tourism Network to achieve resource sharing
and program linkage with more than 20 radio stations across the country.

The programs produced locally by the travel network have achieved
simultaneous synchronization of more than 20 cities in different places.
Not only does it open up channels for spreading in different places, it
also provides a brand new model for Yunnan tourism promotion.

"Shangri-La" is not only the name of an ethnic area in our province, but
also a heavenly and beautiful place that people yearn for. She is local
and world, and it has become a cosmopolitan world due to localization.
Therefore, the program of "Sound of Shangri-La" is based on the local area
and faces the whole country, covering ASEAN, Europe and the United States.
Localization, personalization, strong ethnic culture, ethnic tourism
appeal and scarcity make it irreplaceable when creating frequency brands,
making it the most distinctive broadcast media in Yunnan.

"Sound of Shangri-La" was broadcast continuously for 17 hours throughout
the day, starting at 7 am and ending at 0 pm. The broadcast method is
mainly live broadcast. Live broadcast programs can not only communicate
with the audience in a friendly and natural way, but also provide people
with food, housing, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment in a timely
and efficient manner (Services). The key columns are: "Travel Everyone
Help", "Wang Hui Tells a Story", "Tourism Hotline", "Travel Street",
"Golden Tour Line", "Good Place Tonight", "Fengqing Global Village" and so

"Voice of Shangri-La" has a young, energetic team of high-quality and
high-quality presenters. It is strong in collecting, editing and
broadcasting, and has strong ability in planning and organizing
activities. "Voice of Shangri-La" will attract those who are passionate
about tourism, chasing the trend, energetic and economically powerful
listening groups, and open up a sky of tourism and entertainment for
listeners who are good at finding the fun of life and knowing how to enjoy
life and pursue the quality of life.

Frequency coverage
Kunming: FM99, Chuxiong: FM106.9, Dali: FM106.9, Baoshan: FM104.6,
Lijiang: FM104.6, Yuxi: FM99.2, Qu Jing: FM107.4"
(via Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor July 4)

CHINA   Re:  WRTH Monitor domestic updates as of June 18 include:
11600 kHz also TWN Chinese and CNR1 jamming from other center at other
time of the day
than Xiangyang at 14.20 UT on 9820.005 kHz CNR2 Business Radio,
S=9+30dB signal in remote Doha Qatar Perseus SDR rx unit.

also Xiangyang
7315even 150 kW - not 500 kW Xian highpower center -
til 16.05 UT requested, S=9+15dB,
and co-channel QRM from winter downunder
TWR Africa Manzini SWZ E'Swatini/Swaziland on
much odd 7314.975 kHz at 14.26 UT on July 5.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

CHINA    CNR1 jammer survey July 6 from 1341 UT:
12190 JBA; 12210 S5-S7 Chinese; 12500 S6-S8 CC; 12550 JBA carrier;
12870 S8-S9 CC; 12880 JBAC;

From 1344: 13070 JBA; 13130 S6-S7 CC; 13160 S6-S7 CC.

From 1347: 14500 JBAC; 10820 JBAC; 10920 S1-S3 CC/music; 11120 S2-S8;
11170 JBAC; 11460 JBA.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor July 6)

Today July 6 when on various Japanese remote SDR units:
10.45 to 11.10 UT, some 20 kHz block broadband wide S=9+20dB signal
on Japan island remote SDR rxs.

150 kW powerful jamming CNR program stns ahead of SOH TWN channels on
11050, 11100, 11120, 11150, 11440 kHz.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)
see also India AIR item, Ch, Nepali, Tibetan jammed by CHN organization.

CUBA   78th anniversary of birth, congrats to Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich,
amateur radio operator CO2KK, and DX editor on Radio Habana Cuba English
language program, La Habana, Cuba; on July 2nd, 2020.
Spent six decades on duty on Cuban radio.

FRANCE   {to Osmanic empire leftover KURDISTAN}

9525  Denge Welat, via TDF Issoudun relay site. Fair signal in Kurdish
with a long talk by a woman with birds tweeting in the background ...
a new form of jamming? ;-) June 6.
(Rob Wagner-Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, July "ADXNews" magazine of
ARDXC; direct, hcdx / wor July 2)

FRANCE   rather via TDF Issoudun France broadcast center in Europe,
RMI Jeff White FMO brokered outlet at hfcc.org and itu. (wb) :

{CUBA non, rather Florida Cuban excile mouthpiece propaganda,
more reactionary right-wing conservative former owner class of some
120 years ago empire. wb.}

9490.024 kHz, July 3 at 0150 UT, Radio Republica is VG S=9+20/30dB with
the jamming underneath JBA for a change. Mentions "Cuba libre",
ending newscast with rooster crow. Caught my attention in bandscan since
this far off-frequency, unusual for Issoudun if FRANCE still be the site
with RMI the go-between broker rather than just putting it on much closer
Okeechobee. Europe is hot tonight, 9420 kHz Greece also inbooming with its
musical alternative.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 3)

re TDF Issoudun beepery
FRANCE   7390 kHz, May 30 at 0523 UT, French with self-imposed beepery QRM
this hour is RFI itself via Issoudun; meanwhile both ALGERIA relay
frequencies, 7295 and 6125 kHz are without the beepery which usually is to
be heard upon 7295 kHz; so they must have swapped the defective
transmitter around.
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

re TDF Issoudun beepery, occured again July 3
FRANCE   9620  RTA Arabic via TDF Issoudun, S=9+20dB at 06.05 UT on July 3
BUT DITTER BUBBLE SIGNAL in background of the transmission occured again
today June 3.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

FRANCE   rather via TDF Issoudun France broadcast center in Europe,
TDF France brokered outlet at hfcc and itu. (wb) :

{ALGERIA non}  13820 kHz, July 2 at 1828 UT, RTA via FRANCE starts ENGLISH
segment, YL historical artistic talk about a painter whose name I never
catch, continuous music background. 1836 UT into another feature,
'Destination: Algeria' tourist talk by OM about the sights in the
northeast, then northwest; 1841 UT into Spanish, weekly Latin American
correspondent in Bs. As. about the COVID-19 situation especially
in Brasil.

Tnx to Pedro Sedano, Spain, who tipped us on the WOR iogroup that this
hour only carries the International domestic network, not just
Arabic/Qur'an and some French but also English circa 1830 UT and
Spanish like this. Times could be 1 minute off as I recorded during
significantly home-grown salad lunch and did not listen until later.

AFAWK, this is the only time for English on SW, other than some
scattered IDs. Monitored here VG via UTwente SDR; didn't try direct but
probably would hear more Cuban jamming against no Marti than RTA.
This hour on one frequency only. Also reported by Alan Roe, UK, and via
Richard Langley, NB-CAN.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 3)

1800-1859 on 13820 kHz ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
Radio Algiers International in French, Arabic, English and Spanish.

13820  All TDA broadcasts via TDF Issoudun are from Radio Coran except
1800-1859 UT on 13820 that it's from Radio Algers International in
Arabic, French, English & Spanish...

- live on

- RAI programming on
<https://www.radioalgerie.dz/rai/fr/grille>  (with wrong hours)
(Pedro Sedano, Madrid-ESP, via wor July 2)

So this hour must have been plugged into the International network,
rather than the usual Multichaine, which WRTH 2020 national sexion
describes as Radio Culture in Arabic at 14-23, Radio Qur'an at 23-14.

Yesterday schedule...
1800 Arabic
1803 French
1820 Arabic
1830 English
1835 Spanish
1850 Arabic
1859 Off
approx time because the RAI's programming is very irregular
(Pedro Sedano, Madrid-ESP, via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA wor July 2)

GERMANY   13690  NHK R Japan Tokyo via MBR Cologne Nauen site. In Japanese
on June 3 at 1707-1755 UT w/px called "Concerto Romantico", this time w
hits of Paul McCartney & Wings, featuring at 1713 UT w first ever recorded
song by great T.A. Edison "Merry Had A Little Lamb".
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, July "ADXNews" magazine of ARDXC; direct, wor July 2)

GERMANY   6095 kHz  SE-TA 2 radio program July 4th.
Hoere gerade Oldies auf 6095 kHz via MBR Nauen bei Berlin,
125 kW nur 1 Stunde / einen Tag pro Monat.

re SE-TA 2 via Media Broadcast Nauen Germany.
Gerade kam eine e-mail von SE-TA 2 mit folgenden Terminen
via Media Broadcast Nauen auf 6095 kHz mit 125 kW:

04. July 2020  1000-1100 UTC  <<<<
03. Oct  2020  1000-1100 UTC
02. Jan  2021  1100-1200 UTC
03. Apr  2021  1000-1100 UTC
(SE-TA 2  via Patrick Robic-AUT, July 4)

Very nice Oldies program, that's my taste, of 50 years back memories ...

In total central Europe, excellent signal from MBR Nauen Germany,
125 kW deep angle fountain like antenna distribution signal.

10.15 UT on July 4th
S=9 in London
S=9+40dB -25dB powerhouse in HOL Texel island
S=9+25dB -51dBm in Husum Northern Germany
S=9+10dB -67dBm in Landshut Bavaria near Czech border, at 10.30 UT
similar Signal in Styria southern Austria, near Slovenia border.
S=9+20dB -66dBm in Winterthur / Zurich northern Switzerland
S=9+10dB -67dBm in Elsass Strassbourg France at 10.37 UT
S=9+25dB -47dBm iin Aaachen Cologne western Germany area.

Cliff Richard is just my taste.
Gratulation to the presenter of this transmission
{Gerber from  Hartenstein/ Erzgebirge mountain / Saxonia / EaGermany }

Your letters with comments, criticisms, music requests
and reception reports are welcome to:  <SE-TA -at- web.de>
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

GERMANY    Radio SE-TA 2 now on 6095 kHz MBR Nauen, Germany.
Good signal here in Germany, playing oldies. ID as "SETA Zwei"

DJ Christoph said next transmission will be on October 3rd on 6095 kHz
listeners reports welcomed to  <se-ta -at- web.de>  1100 UTC s/off
(Harald Kuhl, BrDXC-UK newsgroup July 4)

Re:  Radio SE-TA 2 now on 6095 kHz Nauen. Thanks for the reminder!
(I had forgotten). Excellent reception here.
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup July 4)


RADIO SE-TA 2 is broadcasting primarily to German citizens in Europe
and the world, who live outside of Germany.

Our programs include information and music from Germany and the world
to maintain the connection to their home.

A quarterly program series starts on July 4th, 2020 with
a one hour show called "Let's Go Rock'n Roll".

This time our program is from Nauen via the facilities of
MEDIA BROADCAST on 6095 kHz with a radiation power of 125 kW.
The reception area will be all of Central Europe.

These quarterly programs will always be aired on the
1st Saturday in the new quarter.
Summer period: 10.00-11.00 UTC (= 12.00-13.00 CEST).
Winter period: 11.00-12.00 UTC (= 12.00-13.00 CET).

Transmissions are already booked as follows:
04.07.2020 / 03.10.2020 / 02.01.2021 / 03.04.2021 - safe the dates!

Your letters with comments, criticisms, music requests
and reception reports are welcome to:  <SE-TA -at- web.de>

We'll get back to you in 2020 / 2021 with our response
and ask for your valued patience.

Yours sincerely
Christoph  {Gerber aus Hartenstein/ Erzgebirge / Sachsen / Germany }
Radio SE-TA 2

GERMANY   Re:  Ein neuer Sendestandort ind zwei neue Betreiber
in Deutschland?

Die neuesten HFCC-Listen haben einen neuen deutschen Sendestandort
HST Hartenstein Saxony D 50N40 012E41

und zwei neue Betreiber in D:
ST2  SE-TA 2   (Germany)
SWS  Radio SWS (Germany)

Im HFCC Sendeplan gibt es keine Eintraege zu Standort oder Betreiber.
Wer weiss was darueber? SWS wie in Shortwave Service?
(Reinhard Weiss-D, A-DX newsgroup June 17)

Der Standort Hartenstein gehoert zu SE-TA 2. Es gab's Ende des letzten
Jahres mal eine Sendung ueber Channel 292. Da wurde in der Antwort
mittgeteilt, dass sich das Studio in Hartenstein/Erzgebirge befindet und
es Projekte fuer 2020 gibt.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX newsgroup June 17)

re SE-TA 2 via Media Broadcast Nauen

Gerade kam eine e-mail von SE-TA 2 mit folgenden Terminen
via Media Broadcast Nauen auf 6095 kHz mit 125 kW:

04. July 2020  1000-1100 UTC   <<<<
03. Oct  2020  1000-1100 UTC
02. Jan  2021  1100-1200 UTC
03. Apr  2021  1000-1100 UTC
(SE-TA 2  via Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX newsgroup June 19)

SE-TA 2  Empfangsbericht von Weihnachten 2019 als e-qsl bestaetigt
und folgende Angaben geschrieben:

danke fuer den Empfangsbericht vom 25.12.2019. Zunaechst erst einmal
alles Gute und viel Glueck fuer das neue Jahr 2020. Wir von SE-TA 2 sind
eine KW Interessengemeinschaft, die derzeit aus 4 Mitgliedern besteht.

Es war die erste KW Sendung ueber "Channel 292", die sich ueber eine
sehr positive Resonanz zur Sendung erfreuen konnte.

Fuer dieses Jahr ist eine Sendung schon wieder geplant, der
"Musikalische Fruehschoppen" am 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag 2020!

Aber auch darueber hinaus soll es innerhalb des Jahres Sendungen von
SE-TA 2 geben. Diese werde rechtzeitig von uns angekuendigt.
Lassen wir uns einfach einmal ueberraschen !!

Viele Liebe Gruesse vom Team SE-TA 2, vertreten von
Christoph Gerber aus Hartenstein/ Erzgebirge / Sachsen / Germany.

GERMANY   1485 kHz MW Funklust program.
Seit zwei Tagen habe ich die Station Funklust aus Erlangen-Tennenlohe auf
der neuen Mittelwellenfrequenz von 1485 kHz, anstatt vorher 1476 kHz

Laut einiger Quellen (z. B.
<http://AM-Radio-Stations.de/>  soll der Wechsel am 1. Juli erfolgt sein.
(Erich Bergmann-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

GERMANY / BELARUS REPUBLIC   6005 and 3985 kHz via Kall Eifel Germany.

Radio Belarus International - back in English on Shortwave 6005 and 3985

I noticed a posting on facebook concerning Radio Belarus International
in English. The two hour broadcast is now being broadcast once again on
shortwave, now via the Kall transmitters of Shortwaveservice.

Christian Milling confirms that the schedule is daily at
1800-1900 UT on 6005 kHz (First hour) and
1930-2030 UT on 3985 kHz (Second hour). This will impact some other
stations previously broadcast at these times and I'll post the
new schedules as soon as they are known.

Today Tuesday 7 July from 1820-1840 UT was their Letterbox programme
(heard via WebSDR).
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, direct and via BrDXC-UK mewsgroup July 7)

Radio Belarus and the Euskirchen Broadcasting Center expand cooperation.

Belteleradiocompany International Radio Belarus and Shortwaveservice
(Germany) will cooperate in the field of relaying original content in
foreign languages to a foreign audience.

The package of the broadcasting center adds the radio program "Belarus" in
English. This was reported to sb.by in the press service of the media

Since 2009, Shortwaveservice has been making programs for foreign students
about the most important international events with the participation of
Belarus, major events in all areas and about the development of
cooperation between Belarus and the countries of the European region. Now
the company will begin relaying the programs of the International Radio
Belarus in English. The volume of English-language broadcasting will be
two hours a day. The potential audience of the radio will increase by
350 million people.

Programs will be available in Austria, Belgium, the UK, Holland, Germany,
Spain, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden,
the northern territories of Algeria and Tunisia. Recall, the international
radio "Belarus" has been broadcasting since 1962, programs are published
in nine languages. <sb.by>

<http://onair.ru/main/enews/view_msg/NMID 77803/>
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1088 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

GERMANY   Shortwave Radio from Winsen AND Datteln sites in parallel.

Shortwave Radio for Europe being heard on 6160 kHz from Winsen site
and 6150 kHz in // - presumed from Datteln via Europa_24 -
from 1230 UT tune-in on Saturday 20 June.

I heard a similar//broadcast the other evening, so it looks as if
Shortwave Radio are now testing (or even maybe regularly) leasing time
via the Europa_24 transmitter.
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup June 20)

GERMANY/USA   re: see USA  New Acting VOA Director.
RFE/RL Marks 70 Years Of Independent Reporting And Impact

(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wor July 3)



(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX newsgroup July 5)

Aus dem "Historischen Lexikon Bayerns":
Nach einer einjaehrigen Testphase nahm RFE am 1. Mai 1951 seinen
Sendebetrieb in Muenchen auf. 1976 wurde RFE mit dem ebenfalls in
Muenchen ansaessigen Radio Liberty vereinigt.

(73, Hubert Kubiak-AUT, A-DX newsgroup July 5)

GERMANY   17800 yes, full power R Farda Persian now 05-11 UT via Biblis
Trump US relay, checked with KIWI Net TDoA direction finding.
S=9+10dB in Kuwait / Qatar

Wrong assumption by Ivo in Bulgaria,
much too high use 16 mb of nearby Kuwait relay site, on short distance:

(KUWAIT non)  Frequency changes of Radio Farda via USAGM Kuwait:
0500-1100 NF17800 KWT 250 kW 50 deg to WeAS Farsi, ex5860
1100-1400 NF11910 KWT 250 kW 30 deg to WeAS Farsi, ex7435

Requested under ITU call 'IBB' exBBG USAGM Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb,
US exIBB USAGM VoA RL RFA bcast center Kuwait relay site.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

GERMANY  Energy History Museum Hannover - Special Exhibition Radio History
For all you web browsers:

The Energy History Museum in Hannover, Germany, has a special exhibition
about radio history. A PDF of the 16 page exhibition booklet is available
for download (German only) - very well illustrated. Link:


Also a number of pictures from this exhibition on the following newspaper
website (German only) -

(Klaus Werner-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup July 5)

GREECE   Re:  Neue griechische Station, MW 1206 kHz.
Kann ich bestaetigen und wunderte mich, wo Du eine ID hoertest :-)

Die Stationsansage hoerte ich wie erwaehnt von Radio 9 aus Thessaloniki -
die Station sendete auf 1205.98 kHz.

Die neue unidentifizierte griechische Musikstation sendet allerdings
stabil auf 1206.10 kHz. Da wuerde ich gerne eine ID hoeren ...
73 Christoph
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX newsgroup July 6)

INDIA   AIR Thiruvanthapuram back on SW. Thanks. Closed today at 1610 UT.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, DXindia July 7)

AIR Thiruvanthapuram back on SW, Kerala is noted back from yesterday on
SW after many months absence. Both 5010 & 7290 kHz was heard by me.
The signals are weak with some hum also noted. Their regular schedule is:
5010 kHz 0020-0205 1130-1740 UTC

7290 kHz 0230-0930 (Sat, Sun 1030) UTC

Reports to   <se_airtvm -at- rediffmail.com>  <www.airtvm.com>
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia July 6)

AIR Thiruvanthapuram 15-16 UT on Tuesday July 7 - NOT ON AIR - , but
5009.923 kHz odd fq R Malagasy domestic Vernacular program instead,
heard in Brisbane-AUS and Hiroshima-JPN on July 7, S=6 fair at 15.20 UT.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 7)

INDIA   Unscheduled transmission of All India Radio on 11560 kHz, July 4:
till 1146 on 11560 BGL 500 kW / 325 deg to WeAs Music, NO ID for language
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 5)

INDIA   Re:  Frequency changes of All India Radio AIR External Service.

Bangla, Sinhala, Chinese, Tibetan, Dari, Pashto, Nepali, Urdu, English
sces are on air, visit to Alokesh web site.

Is AIR's external SW service back to normal output after the suspension
of broadcasts a few months ago? Have not seen much reported about
(presumed) resumption of activity.
(Stephen Luce, Houston-TX-USA, via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor July 1)

Hi Stephen
re AIR India - resumption of activity.

- too many frequency changes occured over the months, years.
Statute typical Indian bureaucracy has crept in.

Glenn's outstanding statement applied to AIR also:
"Something's always wrong at AIR India".

They never take a role model of/at BBC London, NHK Radio Japan,
the excellent RTC CRI / CNR frequency usage
in a fixed schedule organized over a long season.

You never know in which shortwave channel and at what time AIR reappears.
That was much better 2 ... 5 decades ago.
{and AIR is not member of the private organized HFCC organization
either. 73 wb }
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1)

INDIA   I could definitely hear AIR  9580 kHz here in Finland, but weak.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor July 2)

Maybe the change in frequency has not yet been made ?

9580 kHz is also empty here at my location in NW England.
(Noel in Blackpool)

The same as just posted, now the other way round: 8000 kilometres under
broad daylight - I would not expect to hear a 31 metres transmission under
these circumstances.

And I assume that they changed the frequencies in an attempt to escape
Chinese jamming, or rather to see if the Chinese jamming will follow,
which would confirm that it is indeed a hostile action against India.


Bigger story here...


(Kai Ludwig-D, wor July 2)

INDIA/CHINA   India's Galwan Commentary Through AIR Not Reaching China.

Radio experts say China has been jamming frequencies carrying AIR Chinese
service with music & other noise. Meanwhile, India is yet to counter
Nepal's 'anti-India' broadcasts.
(Amrita_Nayak_Dutta-IND, 29 June, 2020)

{many western radio stns jammed by Mainland China in past 5 - 7 years,
amongst them also AIR Tibetan, Nepali and Chinese sce, suffer too.  (wb) }

India's commentaries on the "unnecessary transgression" by China in Ladakh
and other messages sent via radio waves might not be reaching the country
as it has possibly "jammed" the signals.

ThePrint reported last week how India has started putting across its word
on multiple issues concerning China amid the border standoff to the
Chinese audience through the state-owned All India Radio's (AIR) Chinese
service. India has, so far, broadcast in Mandarin commentaries of experts
on China and strategic affairs on several topics, ranging from the Galwan
incident, where they said China had been "transgressing along the boundary
unnecessarily", to commentaries on China's role in the South China Sea and
its economy.

However, multiple open source intelligence networks have since then
pointed out that India's words may not be reaching China at all as it is
jamming shortwave radio waves, which carry the Chinese radio signals.

Jose Jacob, who contributes for the World Radio TV Handbook and is an
expert on shortwaves, told ThePrint China has been jamming frequencies
carrying the AIR Chinese service as well as the Tibetan service with music
and other noise.

"This creates disturbance and thus listeners there are not able to hear it
clearly. But this is not the first time. China regularly jams Indian radio
signals from AIR and also from other countries, such as voice of America,"
said Jacob, who monitors shortwaves regularly.

"Even if we change channels, they undergo jamming within a few days," he

ThePrint approached AIR officials for a comment but they refused to speak
on this matter. (The_Print) (AIR July 2)

INDIA   Straits_Times: India pitches its Tibetan, Mandarin radio

India pitches its Tibetan, Mandarin radio broadcasts.
Programmes boosted with more content on Delhi's stance on border dispute

Debarshi Dasgupta  India Correspondent In New Delhi

Soon after a deadly clash between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh
on June 15, a tweet from Prasar Bharati (PB), India's public service
broadcaster, received wide attention. It urged people to turn to its
Tibetan and Mandarin services on All India Radio (AIR) for "authentic
news and programmes", and listed various ways they could tune in,
including via their YouTube channels and shortwave radio.

Governments worldwide have long used broadcasting services as a public
diplomacy tool. India's government is no different, broadcasting in
English and as many as 15 other foreign languages and dialects,
including Tibetan and Mandarin, on AIR.

It is an asset that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has
turned to with renewed vigour now. Programmes in Tibetan and Mandarin
in recent weeks have been supplemented with additional news content
reinforcing New Delhi's stance on the border row and ongoing tension
with China.

For instance, a news post on the Tibetan-language service's portal - a
modest blog hosted on Blogger - on June 18 accused China of violating
the status quo along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) which makes up
the de facto border between India and China.

A commentary dated July 2 on the same site spoke of growing global
criticism of China following the passage of the new controversial
security law for Hong Kong.

Posts on the Mandarin portal of AIR have similarly accused China of
violating de-escalation plans that were agreed upon as well as
attempting to change the current situation along the LAC.

The PB chose not to respond to queries from The Sunday Times on its
foreign language broadcasts but Indian media outlets, quoting unnamed
government officials, have since the clash reported on plans to augment
services in the Tibetan language. New content would focus on "India's
democratic and cultural traditions, its connections with Buddhism,
influence of India on Tibet and the status of Tibetans in India," said
The Economic Times.

The AIR's external services began as early as 1939 with its programmes
in Pashto for listeners in what was then British India's North West
Frontier. The service was aimed at countering radio programmes from
then Nazi Germany, directed towards Afghanistan, Iran and Arab

There is little knowledge of how many listeners in Tibet tune in to
AIR's services today as shortwave frequencies are often blocked and
Internet platforms have firewalls.

Indians, however, continue to access television programmes from China
Global Television Network, an international English-language news
channel owned by the Chinese government, as well as radio broadcasts in
several Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil and Bengali, from the
state-owned China Radio International.

The renewed focus on AIR's foreign language services comes after years
of neglect that have stymied these services and made them less
appealing. The reasons include limited funding, poor quality of
programmes, lack of staff and slow adoption of new technologies.

AIR's Tibetan service used to be popular in the 1960s and 1970s among
Tibetans living in India but today, most of them have switched to other
Tibetan-language services from providers such as Voice of Tibet, Radio
Free Asia and Voice of America.

"I haven't heard AIR Tibetan service since I was seven, the year I went
to Mussoorie for schooling," said Mr Lobsang Wangyal, 50, a senior
Tibetan journalist based in McLeod Ganj in the state of Himachal

"It used to be very popular with my parents' generation," said Ms
Tenzin Peldon, the editor of Voice of Tibet, a Norway-based radio
service. She said AIR will have to increase the duration of its
programming, adopt social media channels more vigorously and focus more
on features documenting Tibetan culture and Buddhism instead of just
generic news items to stay relevant.

"It is important for AIR to revamp its Tibetan radio service because a
large chunk of the exiled Tibetan population lives in India," said Ms
Peldon. It is estimated that 100,000 Tibetans live in India. "Its
programmes are of relevance not just for Tibetans but also other
communities in India, such as the Sikkimese and Monpas, who share their
culture and religion with Tibetans," added Ms Peldon.

From the Sunday (Straits) Times:
(via Mike Cooper-UK, wor July 5)

INDIA   re: Chinese jamming of AIR.

Jamming by Chinese authorities of All India Radio's broadcast to China
on SW:

Question: How many days will it take for the Chinese agencies to find out
and jam a new SW frequency of All India Radio beamed to China, whose old
frequency they were jamming?

Answer: If the latest case is any indication, it is 6 days.
Case study:

AIR changed it SW frequencies to China on July 1, 2020 as follows:
Chinese 1145-1315 UTC 17595 kHz (replacing 17510)
Tibetan 1215-1330 UTC  9580 kHz (replacing  9450)

However full jamming continued on the old frequencies till July 5, 2020
although these changes were reported in the DX press even before it came
into effect.

The jamming would start even before AIR begins its transmission and
normally ends only after AIR signs off.

The jamming consists of programs in Chinese language and/or jamming
noises. On June 6, 2020 no jamming was noticed on the old frequencies
but at around 1230 UTC the jamming started on the new frequencies.

Yours sincerely,
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia July 7)

INDIA   Re: [dxindia]  Chinese jamming of AIR.

Re: 6 Tage frequency channel Direction Finding
der westlichen Gegenerradios bezueglich durch CHN Sicherheitsbehoerden
ist ueppig,

die Chinesen sind zwar nicht die Schnellsten im SW Monitoring,
aber mehr als 3 - 4 Tage Verzug habe ich auch bei Voice of Tibet
oder RFA US Yankee Trump Radio AGM United States Agency for Global Media
(USAGM) nie beobachtet.

AIR Mandarin, Nepalese, Tibetan language section outlets
wird auch schon seit circa den Jahren 2014 - 2015 gestoert, regelmaessig.

Bei der Masse der besonderen extra 150 kW Jamming Installations in China,
entkommt AIR nicht diesen Stoerungen, dazu sind die Chinesen polizeilich
und technisch viel zu gut, gegenueber den behaebig verschlafenen
lahm-arschichen Indern.

Jetzt in der noerdlichen Sommer Signalausbreitung, laesst sich mittels
der Direction Finding Option TDoA im KIWI Netz
- bei 3 - 4 Kiwis im Dreieck locations angeordnet/verfuegbar -
auch leicht unter den

Dongfang Hainan Isl  18 54 18.73 N  108 39 37.81 E
Kashgar Saibagh      39 21 13.06 N   75 44 57.38 E  (75 ... 110degr EaCHN)
Urumqi Hutubi        44 09 03.29 N   86 53 57.66 E       (98degr to EaCHN)
Xinjiezhen Hsin-Chieh-Chen  34 41 25.96 N  106 56 42.82 E
Qiqihar Heilongjiang 47 21 25.99 N  124 14 54.78 E  built April 2003 year
Xianyang 150 kW      34 51 08.16 N  113 25 42.77 E
Nanchang #561        28 36 53.65 N  116 03 07.80 E, and
Quanzhou Zhangban    24 53 26.13 N  118 48 26.94 E

Jamming-Standorten auch bezueglich TWN SOH oder BBC Stoerung -
zu unterscheiden.

Im Winter auf der Nordhalbkugel, taugt KIWI-DF TDoA meist nicht so viel,
weil die Eruierungs-Kiwis Bezuege fehlen bzw. grosse Skip-Zonen
ueber 2.500 km Distanz hinaus herrschen.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

ISRAEL   All other medium wave transmitters except Shea'r Yashuv on 1458
kHz have been closed.
(WRTH Domestic Update June 18 2020)

ISRAEL   Re:  WRTH Monitor domestic updates as of June 18 include:

Our man on the spot in northern Israel confirms that the 10 kW transmitter
on 1458 kHz at She'ar Yashuv, which used to carry Reshet Alef or
KAN TARBUT (Culture Network), has now been reactivated, but with
a different channel, KAN MORESHET (Heritage Network).

It is // with 100.7 MHz (Haifa) and 90.8 MHz (Kohav Hayarden).
The primary target is the far northern town of Kiryat Shmona, as well as
the settlements on the Golan Heights that the FM signals do not reach.
(Ray Robinson-CA-USA, Voice of Hope World Radio Network
Americas/Africa/Middle East,  <www.voiceofhope.com>  wor July 5)

KOREA's   6045 kHz, Voice of Freedom, on 1119+ UT on July 6. Totally
blocked by super strong white noise jamming from N. Korea. The former
enjoyable reception of VOF has come to an end for the time being!

July 6 (Monday) anomaly for VOP and VOH, as only one frequency changed
from last  Monday:

Voice of the People:
3475 kHz (this is the only change today; noted with good reception!)
// 3905 (ham QRM) // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 kHz
(continues to be unusually good - not jammed)
// 6600 kHz, at 1117 UT.

Echo of Hope - VOH:
3980 kHz // 4885 // 5990 // 6250 // 6348 // 9100 kHz, at 1114 UT.
All the same frequencies as last Monday.

KCBS Pyongyang (Korea D.P.R.) silent 2850, 3205 and 3250 kHz, at 1120 UT.
Still looking for a new frequency?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and wor via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

On July 7 noted
nothing at 18-19 UT on former v3249v kHz,
2350 nothing from Saiwon.
2850 nothing from Pyongyang.
3219.926 S=9+10dB -65dBm KCBS Hamnung, 5 kW low power unit, at 18.20 UT.
3320.010 S=8-9 at 18.35 UT PBS Pansong, female opera singer, shrill voice.
3919.972 S=6 poor and tiny at 18.45 UT, KCBS Hyesan.
3959 nothing from Kanggye.
3968 nothing from Wonsan.
4557 nothing from Pansong.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

KOREA  D.P.R.  Very odd frequency of Voice of Korea in 22mb on July 1
Before I saw this, also measured it at 1403 UT on 13760.201 kHz; other one
closer at 13649.964 kHz; other ones close to 11735, 11710, 9435 kHz, not
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

Very odd frequency of Voice of Korea in 22mb on July 1
1300-1357 UT 13760.2  KUJ 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR English and follow
1400&1600 French; 1500/1800 English; 1700&2000 Korean; 1900 Spanish.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 1)

KOREA  D.P.R.   mixed feelings,
some of the D.P.R. Korean TX units are even 'even frequency' :

11634.968  Voice of Korea from Kujang, full English schedule given/read
at 19.54 UT on June 27, 18 kHz wideband broad audio signal, S=9+25dB or
-53dBm, and next to
11640even channel of CRI Bamako Mali relay, probably in Portuguese(?)
language at 19.56 UT on June 27. S=8-9 or -72dBm.

11910even kHz exact fq  Voice of Korea KCBS Korean via Kujang site,
S=9+10dB at 20.12 UT. And low two buzz strings visible either sideband
+/- 100 / 200 Hertz apart distance strings.

12014.990 kHz  Voice of Korea KCBS Korean via Kujang site, S=9+40dB
or -41dBm powerhouse signal towards central Europe, Korean language
program at 20.18 UT on June 27. (and Kujang transmission center 'own'
intermodulation scratching jammer signals covered audio, occured on the
bcast center site in KRE  D.P.R.)

9650.011  Voice of Korea from Kujang, Japanese sce heard in
remote SDR rx unit at Edmonton, Alberta CAN, S=7 at 07.28 UT on June 28.
Ladies singer program.

9665even KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye site, S=6-7 at 07.30 UT, also similar
typical Korean Army ladies singer program.

9874.972  Voice of Korea from Kujang shortwave site, Russian sce towards
Asia / Siberia, sidelobe into Alberta-CAN, S=6-7 at 07.38 UT on June 28.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27 / 28)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   also two outlets of Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek site
heard properly on July 3
4010.167 kHz Kyrgyz Radio Bishkek in Kyrgyz language S=9+20dB at 15.30 UT.

5129.938 kHz Afghan Christian Radio in Pashto language, S=9+15dB or -61dBm
at 15.35 UT on July 3 in remote New Delhi India Perseus SDR rx.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 3)

LATVIA   Exactly 60 years ago, the famous Speedola was released.
Anniversary, however.

Two Latvian engineers at the WEF factory, Uldis Briedis and Janis Zerps,
were developing a portable transistor receiver in their spare time.
After some time, the prototype "Speedo" in the housing from the tube
"Tourist" was ready. He worked in the ranges of long, medium and
short waves.

This development successfully coincided with the overstocking of the
VEF warehouse with lamp equipment. The era of transistors has come and the
population desired the receivers of the new formation. The plant
management was able to evaluate the new development and in 1960 the first
test batch of radio receivers was released. The name was invented by
J. Cerps. "Speedola" in Latvian means "shining", and turned out to be a
very promising and popular model, which launched the whole line of
radios ... More details -



Retro technique.
The Selga family of radios (Selga - in Latvian - open sea) manufactured at
the Riga A. Popov Radio Plant and the Kandava Radio Plant from 1963 until
the mid-1980s.

All models under the Selga brand are battery powered superheterodynes for
receiving transmissions with amplitude modulation in the long and medium
wave ranges, with an internal magnetic antenna on a ferrite rod, with a
standard intermediate frequency (IF) - 465 kHz.
"Selga-402" (1970) -
the first Soviet silicon transistor household receiver.

More details: <http://www.rw6ase.narod.ru/00/rp_p2/selga.html>
(via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1088 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

MACEDONIA  NORTH   810 kHz Skopje. It is very sad. I hope this is just
temporary and not a final closure. 810 kHz Skopje is off the air.
Checked for 4 successive days with no signal
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, wor June 29, 2020)

18 years MW Skopje history:
18 years of life for a good quality of (3xFrench) medium-wave transmitters
from 2002 year are also only a short life.
How long has the open Lorenz Reichspost transmitter
lasted in Wiederau or Muehlacker Germany after WW II ?
I guess Lorenz TX last 52 years on Leipzig Wiederau bcast center. (wb)

Subject: Re: 810 kHz Skopje Karadzali Ovche Pole.

What's not in these old files: The now apparently closed station opened in
1970 with a 1000 kW transmitter from Brown, Boveri & Cie, so the stories
about Hungarian 135 kW rigs do not apply here. The replacement, put in
service in 2002, consisted of three S7HP blocks. So indeed an installed
power of 1200 kW, but I dimly remember descriptions that full power was
rarely or even never used. At least WRTH 2020 lists just 100 kW anymore.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Jun 29, 2020)

810 kHz Northern Macedonia MW unit (Made in France)
is a present of the EU Brussels, and EU will help to fill repair budget
of the MW unit also in future.

DWL, Germany and EU aid to Macedonia North, new 1000kW in April 2002.
history of 1999:

ITU/EBU list registration shows two different locations for Skopje
810 kHz 1000 kW non-dir 32.1dB  41 47 N  21 54 E  JRT-1
MKD_Skopje Karadzali Ovche Pole_810 kHz_1200 kW
41 46 59.58 N  21 53 25.44 E

and 38 kilometers away NORTHWESTwards
MKD_Skopje Madzari of 1941year built-up.
1314 kHz 100 kW 170deg 4masts [former 809 kHz in past century]
directional main lobe in 170degrees at 23dB, co-channel screened
reduction 18dB towards Timishoara-ROU, 13dB towards Norway.
41 59 N  21 33 E  JRT2/3, former JRT these days!
41 59 22.80 N  21 31 34.78 E

November 2004:
MACEDONIA We have been advised that the MW tx at Ovce Pole (near Skopje)
in Macedonia on 810 kHz will broadcast DRM test txions from Sunday 21 Nov
to Friday 26 Nov at 0100-0400 and 0900-1200 UT.
(Andy Sennitt-HOL, RNW MN NL Nov 17, 2004)

MADAGASCAR   5009.92  R. Madagasikara, Ambohidrano. Local pops and
Malagasy annct at 2245 UT. A fair signal at first but weakened as the
morning progressed to f/out very late around 0010 (10:10am here!). The
only signal on the band except for a very weak 4KZ signal on 5055 kHz.
June 15.
(Rob Wagner-Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, July "ADXNews" magazine of
ARDXC; direct, hcdx / wor July 2)

5009.923 kHz S=6-7 in Delhi India SDR rx at 16.30 UT on July 3.

MADAGASCAR  via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility:
{JAPAN non}  9560 kHz, May 29 at 0332 UT, English news about Japan, i.e.
NHK Swahili service just starting via , S=9+10/20dB always good signal,
250 kW at 320 degrees, so an inadvertent North American service.
NHK Warudo better watch out, they might pick up some NoAM listeners
they tried to get rid of as long as they are shoving English news
into various other language services.
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

MONGOLIA   7260 kHz is on the air irregularly carrying 3rd prgr. between
     2300-0500 & 0700-1500 UT.
4895 kHz has been observed on the air
     only a few times during local daytime.
4830 kHz still continues off the air completely.
(WRTH Monitor domestic updates as of June 18)

MYANMAR/VIETNAM/CHINA   6165 kHz. - VOV4 vs Thazin Radio (Myanmar) ?

Unlike my reception yesterday of the solo VOV4 on 6165 kHz, today July 7,
from 1236+ UT, had two UNID weak stations here; strongly suspect
MRMS Radio Thazin (Pyin Oo Lwin in Myanmar) and VOV4 Hanoi-Xuan Mai
{Hmong and Dao langs, wb.} mixing together; at times both stations had
indigenous music; clearly there was 'no CNR6', which is very good news!
Perhaps there will be a day that propagation will favor one over the
other, but for today, I was unable to differentiate them apart.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

NEPAL   The low power transmitter on 5005 kHz has been closed.
(WRTH Monitor domestic updates as of June 18)

UKW / DAB Band DX fuer Fischkoepfe.

Das Radioprogramm der US-Streitkraefte, AFN The Eagle, wird in der
Benelux-Version erstmals auch ueber das digital-terrestrische Radio DAB+
verbreitet. Das Programm ist - laut dem Muxbetreiber zunaechst temporaer -
Bestandteil des neuen regionalen Multiplexes fuer Nordbrabant in den
Niederlanden auf Kanal 6A.

Die US Army ist in der Stadt Zeeland praesent, hier wird AFN bereits auf
der UKW-Frequenz 107.9 MHz verbreitet. Ueber DAB+ erhoeht sich diese
Reichweite massiv auf weite Teile Nordbrabants inklusive der Staedte
Eindhoven, Nijmegen und 's-Hertogenbosch. Allerdings duerfte es {bis
jetzt, wb.} nur wenige US-Amerikaner geben, die ueberhaupt DAB+-Empfang im
Auto in Europa haben.

siehe auch
(SatelliFax ? July 6)

NEW ZEALAND   13840 kHz  Radio New Zealand Pac. 2150-2210+ UT on July 2.
Variety! ditties to ToH, MoTown, Reggae & EE/LL chant; ToH pips/tone into
English news; word items to 2201:33 UT the Pac news/sports; PNG sorcerer
executed. 2210 UT IDs as "RN Zee Pacific" & "RN Zed Pacific" into ABC
Radio Australia pgm. SIO=343 to ToH then 444 w/hiss QRM that USB took out.
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, wor July 2)

5945.005 NZL   R NZi Rangitaiki SW program on long westerly path via PAC,
         Easter Isl, Colombia, Azores Atlantic Ocean into Germany.
         S=5 tiny -100dBm, at 06.39 UT on July 3.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

NIGERIA   7254.941  Voice of Nigeria, Abuja bcast center in Hausa language
on July 6 at 06.45 UT, scheduled 06-07 UT in Hausa language to WeAF.

S=9 -76dBm in remote Cape Canaveral FL station.
S=6 -92dBm much weaker in Massachusetts NorthEastern USA
S=7 -81dBm in Detroit MI state
S=7 -85dBm in Edmonton Alberta CAN, remote SDR rx installations.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

NIGERIA   Updated schedule of Voice of Nigeria on 11770v:
1500-1530 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Swahili
1530-1600 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Arabic
1600-1615 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Yoruba
1615-1630 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Igbo
1630-1900 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf English
1900-2000 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Fulfulde
2000-2100 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Hausa.
( [bdxc-news] Revised WRTH A20 schedules (May 25) now available;
WRTH update / wor / Ivo BUL)

ROMANIA   Re: Radio Oltenia 1314 kHz.  6. Juni, 1954, 15.00 Uhr:
"Hier ist das regionale Radiostudio Craiova. Wir senden auf dem
Radiosender mit einer Wellenlaenge von 206 Metern. Liebe Zuhoerer, guten
Morgen." Die Eroeffnungsshow dauerte eine Stunde. Der Sender, auf dem er
seit dem 6. Juni 1954 gesendet wurde, befand sich in der Naehe der
Gemeinde Turceni in Gorj. Die Antenne in Turceni war vor dem Krieg von
den Deutschen gebaut worden und sie benutzten einen nahe gelegenen Huegel
als "Parabolspiegel", um das Signal zu reflektieren.

Das Programm Radio Craiova wurde auch auf der Mittelwellenstation mit
einer Wellenlaenge von 228 Metern im Stadtteil Belcineanu in Craiova

73 Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  <http://a-dx.at/facebook>  July 6)

RUSSIA   R. Purga DRM transmissions from Komsomolsk-na-Amure with 20 kW
have the following registered schedule:

2000-2300 9850 kHz, 2300-0400 12025 kHz and 0400-1000 15735 kHz,
but operation seems to be irregular with just music fill so far.
(WRTH Monitor domestic updates as of June 18)

SPAIN   9690 kHz  July 1 at 2130 UT, accurate timesignal and ID as REE, so
back in business as of today, after default to domestic RNE relay fillers.
YL's program, didn't catch title, said it was the first one in three
months. In Spanish. Unfortunately I was distracted after 2200 UT, but by
2245 UT recheck REE is in French on 9690 VG, 11940 good, 11670 VP, and
12030 kHz missing - so English probably also resumed at 2200-2230 UT

That's soon confirmed as I check the WOR iog: Alan Roe, Teddington-UK,
said at 2121 UT:

"The REE programme guide on their website at


has today (1 July) changed to show programming in English from 1 July
(at 2200 UT, French at 2230 UT and Portuguese at 2300 UT).
If confirmed shortly, then that will be a welcome return to shortwave of
these language services following the disruption caused by Covid-19.

Scheduled frequencies are 9690, 11670, 11940, and 12030 kHz
(12030 kHz not currently audible here; 2115 UT - may be off air
at present)."

And he follows up at 2207 UT: "REE English language service confirmed
back on-air at 2200 UT on 1 July on 9690, 11670 & 11940 kHz, with a short
introduction by Justin Coe and Alison Hughes remembering lost
colleagues at REE and playing Requiem music."

Harold Frodge, MI, adds at 2210 UT: 11940 kHz VGood at 2200 UT,
11670 kHz fair & only a tone on 12030 kHz. 9690 kHz best. At 2205 UT
running Requiem by Francisco Guererro"

I want to hear that. REE's huge podcast archive has not yet added the
latest #2162, since 14 March, tnx to direct link in the WOR Hitlist:
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

U.K. {and non}   Newsday runs each day Monday to Friday from 0400-0700 UT
and the programme website with archived episodes is at
Frequencies below.

It's not always easy to determine all the scheduled airings of BBC World
Service programmes across the different regional streams, so I have listed
here the details of when the above programmes are scheduled (as far as I
can determine, and hopefully some of these will propagate your way:

HARDtalk (Three editions weekly)
0106 M,W,F: 5970-sla 12095-sng (SoAsia)
0706 M,W,F: 9410-sla 13580-mdc 15400-mdc (Ea & So Africa)
7345-sao 9410-sao 9915-asc 15490-smg (We & Ce Africa)
1506 Fri: 7485-sng (Middle East)
1906 Sat: 6155-sao 6195-dha 7265-mdc 7445-mdc (Ea & So Africa)
11810-wof 12095-asc (We & Ce Africa)
2106 M, F: 11810-wof 12095-asc (We & Ce Africa)
2306 Sat: 3915-sng 5890-sng 6195-sng 11825-pht (Ea & SoEa Asia)

Music Life (New episodes weekly)
1106 Sat: 6195-sng 9410-sng 11945-sng (Ea & SoEa Asia)
1906 Sun: 6155-sao 6195-dha 7265-mdc 7445-mdc (Ea & So Africa)
11810-wof 12095-asc (We & Ce Africa)

Newsday (Three-hour programme daily)
0400 Mo-Fr: 9915-mdc (Ea & So Africa)
           12095-sla 13580-sla (Middle East)
0500 Mo-Fr: 3955-wof (drm) (Eur) 6005-asc 7345-smg 9410-wof (We&CeAf)
9915-mdc 13580-dha (Ea & So Africa)
0600 Mo-Fr: 6005-asc 7345-asc 12015-smg 13660-wof (We & Ce Africa)
9410-sao 13580-mdc 15400-mdc (Ea & So Africa)

Until next time, stay safe and good DX & SWL - Alan
(Alan Roe-UK, BrDXC-UK 'Communication' magazine, direct, wor July 4)

U.K.   BBC Local Radio to cut 139 jobs in England.

BBC local radio stations in England will lose 139 jobs as the network
keeps the simplified schedules it created in March and adds a new
all-England late show.

Helen Thomas held an all-staff virtual meeting on Thursday morning to
communicate the changes with staff. She said the BBC needed to 'refresh,
reinvent and reinvigorate' as a result of recent events.

She told staff the new schedules have brought 'a new clarity' to audiences
across England with three, four hour shows in daytime and that there will
also be restructuring in engineering and special features.

BBC England needs to save ?25m operational costs before 2022. In total,
450 equivalent full-time roles across radio, TV and online in the nations
and regions will be cut, from a staff of around 3,000.

Across BBC Local Radio programmes will be hosted by a single presenter -
with no more double-headed shows. As well as the standardised shows
6-10am, 10am-2pm and 2-6pm seven days a week, there will be a new
all-England Weekday and Weekend Late Show and shared regional programming
between 6pm and 10pm on Sundays.

Unions say Band B (Journalist Co-ordinators) and Band C (Journalist) roles
will be formally placed "at risk" of redundancy. Although Band D and above
will not be "in scope", management anticipate interest at these grades
through voluntary redundancy.

GNS, which provides national news content to BBC Local Radio, will be
replaced by a new 'Central News Service' and move to Salford at some point
in the future, resulting in a number of job losses.

Cuts are also being made in television and online news operations, and the
BBC will continue to look at saving costs with its buildings portfolio. In
regional TV, the evening news programmes will be presented by a single
host rather than being double-headed.

Helen Thomas, the Director of BBC England, said: "I'm proud people have
turned to us for trusted news and information in huge numbers during
COVID-19, proving the importance of our local and regional services. But
those services were created more than 50 years ago, have changed very
little and need significant reinvention. That has meant taking some
difficult decisions.

"We are in the age of the Facebook community group and the WhatsApp
neighbourhood chat. We must adapt to better reflect how people live their
lives, how they get their news and what content they want.

"We're going to modernise our offer to audiences in England by making
digital a central part of everything we do. We'll take forward lessons
from COVID-19 that will make us more agile and more in touch with
communities while also ensuring we're as efficient as we can be. I'm
confident we can evolve our local and regional services while improving
our impact and better serving our audiences."


(Radio_Today - By Stuart_Clarkson & Roy_Martin, via wor 2 July)

U.K.    BBC cuts 450 regional jobs.

The BBC said Thursday it will axe 450 regional jobs in England as it
seeks to cut costs and shake up its local radio stations and TV news.

The British broadcaster last month announced that 150 jobs would go in
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on top of the loss of around
450 positions in BBC News.

In a statement on Thursday, it said it was planning a "significant
reinvention" of BBC England, which employs more than 3,000 people.

Changes include merging TV and online news and reducing the number of
shows on local radio stations, in a bid to save -L-25 million by March

The BBC said its early evening regional TV news bulletins have been the
most watched programmes on British television during the coronavirus
outbreak, regularly drawing a quarter of England's population.

But Helen Thomas, the director of BBC England, said: "Those services
were created more than 50 years ago, have changed very little and need
significant reinvention.

"That has meant taking some difficult decisions."

Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of the National Union of
Journalists, said the "huge cuts" would hit the breadth and depth of
news coverage.

The BBC is funded by the licence fee, an annual levy on British
households, and is under constant political pressure to show it gets
value for money.

But Stanistreet said: "The COVID-19 crisis has shown more than ever the
need for an effective public service broadcaster and for trusted,
quality journalism in an era of disinformation and fake news.

"We cannot allow the BBC to sleepwalk into a death by a thousand cuts,
which will inevitably see people switch off because they aren't getting
the service they want."
From Agence_France_Presse:

(AFP, July 2)

U.K.   FM / AM / DAB / Digital mode matter.

Radio fans can listen to AM and FM for another decade
as digital switchover is put off


Aus der DAILY MAIL, ein Radio BREXIT Beschluss ist aus England zu
vermelden, man folgt nicht dem FM Radio Ausstieg in der Schweiz im Jahr
2024, sondern haelt den parallelen FM / DAB  Bestand bis 2032 offen.

Big radio switch-off is DELAYED again:

AM and FM stations will be available on old devices for another decade
as switchover from analog to digital is put off until 2032.


Radio fans will be able to carry on listening to FM and AM radio stations
on older devices in cars and at home until 2032, ministers announced

New legislation will mean another delay in scrapping the analogue signal.
Media regulator Ofcom will renew all commercial analogue licences - which
had been due to expire in 2022 - for another decade.

Nearly 60 per cent of all radio listening is now done through digital but
analogue still has a loyal listenership of millions who tune into FM and

Analogue had been due to begin turning off in 2015 but this was put on
hold as a result of slower than expected take-up of digital radio.

A switchover date was then due to be looked at once digital accounted for
half of all listening - a target hit in 2018.

Yesterday's announcement came after the Government had to decide what to
do when a number of national analogue licences, including those for
Classic FM and TalkSport, expire in 2022.

Ministers will let Ofcom renew the analogue licences for a further ten-
year period - if the stations also broadcast on digital radio.

The changes only affect analogue commercial radio services as digital
radio is subject to different arrangements. The BBC's radio stations are
not subject to the rules.

Media regulator Ofcom will renew all commercial analogue licences - which
had been due to expire in 2022 - for another decade.

Media Minister John Whittingdale said: 'As we move into an increasingly
digital world, we're making sure the licensing landscape for radio is fair
and up-to-date and allows audiences to enjoy a wide range of high-quality

'Today's step ensures there is no disruption for loyal listeners of
treasured FM and AM radio services, such as Classic FM, Absolute Radio and
TalkSport, over the next decade.

We will soon be turning our attention to providing similar long-term
certainty to support the future growth of digital radio.'

The Government said that the move 'clarifies the long-term licensing
arrangements for FM and AM radio services' as the shift to digital radio

USA    WWCR Transmitter Offline?

I just checked WWCR's website  <wwcr.com> and I noticed this posted,
perhaps this explains why WWCR-4 (5890 kHz, 7520 kHz and 9980 kHz)
has been offline recently.

"WWCR is working on a major transmitter repair. Additionally, WWCR streams
may not be playing scheduled content. Many have inquired about.

Truth House broadcasts, hosted by Dr. E.C. Fulcher. You may click on his
picture on this page (below) for links to his broadcasts.

All parts needed to complete this project should be received by July 3.
WWCR staff and management appreciate your patience during this time."
All the best,
(John(?)-USA, wor July 2)

USA   17775-, Sat May 30 at 1507 UT, still no signal from KVOH,so its only
airing of 'Wavescan' is missed again. I wonder what the problem be now,
same as before disabling it for a biweek until a biday revival,
or something new?

Or is there absolutely no propagation this early? Recheck at 1825 UT, now
it's on at S9-S6 but undermodulated. There is lots of sporadic E across
the eastern half of USA, very little across the western.

17775-, July 1 at 1442 UT at first no signal from KVOH but then a JBA
carrier; 1904 UT recheck, definitely on to S=9+20dB but undermodulated,
and in English! not Spanish, about God and COVID-19. May I suggest that
the Omnipotent one could eliminate it, poof! if enough believers beg
It to.

17775-, July 2 at 2000 UT, KVOH is on today but JBA with English and
Spanish IDs.
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

USA   17774.995 kHz  KVOH noted on remote net in NJ US state and Edmonton
Alberta-CAN at 14.50 UT on July 3, S=6-7 or -85dBm signal strength.
Programm language is Spanish today.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

USA   New Religious Shortwave Broadcaster from Illinois to use DRM only

Batavia is also home to Fermilab, a particle accelerator.
That should prove interesting ...

The FCC accepted for filing on May 27 an application from Parable
Broadcasting, LLC, a company based in Norfolk, Virginia, to build an
international shortwave broadcasting station in Batavia, Illinois,
specifically, "to serve areas of Europe that may be authorized by the

The planned broadcast content includes religious and educational
programming as well as data content provided by third parties.
The applicant is positioning the proposed station to take advantage of the
recent push by the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters to
develop and provide content for the growing DRM [Digital Radio Mondiale]

According to the filing, the station will use two 15 kW transmitters from
Amplifier Systems, Inc. and utilize a two-section log-periodic antenna
of 18.0 dBi gain, mounted 184 feet above ground. The transmission line,
made by Comscope, will be 5-inch diameter 50-ohm coaxial cable 550 feet
long. The document states that the station will broadcast only in
DRM mode. The filing indicates the station will "operate between
5.9-15.8 MHz international shortwave bands coordinated with the FCC
and HFCC [High Frequency coordinating Committee]."

According to drawings submitted by the engineering firm, the log-periodic
antennas will be a wire configuration supported by two towers that will
allow, a small area of land that replaces a rhombic antenna twice the size
and achieves a low take-off angle while operating on a wide frequency
bandwidth (4-30 MHz), achieving over 18 dBi power gain.

Parable Broadcasting Company's HF application submitted to FCC can be
forund here:

(Bill Tilford-?  via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 30)

USA    New Religious Shortwave Broadcaster from Illinois to use DRM only.

The broadcasting of content to the public is not likely to be the purpose
of this station.

Glenn, In case you didn't already have these ..


(Benn Kobb-USA, wor July 4)

[significant excerpts by gh, wor:]
Filing on behalf of:
Stephen J. Bartlett, Norfolk VA, President of:

Exhibit IV-1: Parable Broadcasting Company, LLC response to FCC 309,
Section IV

The purpose of the construction and operation of this proposed
International Shortwave Broadcast station is specifically to serve the
areas of Europe that may be authorized by the Commission. The planned
broadcast content includes religious and educational programming, as
well as data content provided by third parties. The applicant is
positioning the proposed station to take advantage of the recent push
by the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters to develop and
provide content for the growing DRM Market

Application for New International Broadcast Station
- Parable Broadcasting Company, LLC., Batavia,IL

Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers, LLC

Purpose of Application.
This Engineering Report is part of an application by Parable Broadcast
Company, LLC Technologies to construct a new international shortwave
station 3 miles west of Geneva, Illinois.

Facilities Proposed.
Parable Broadcast Company, LLC proposes to use two 10 kW Shortwave
Transmitters manufactured by Amplifier System, Inc., Model Number
CE-50000-HF-GenII(Exhibit V-5).

These transmitters are designed to operate using Digital Radio
Mondiale (DRM) modulation methods. The FCC has accepted DRM for this
use-see 47 CFR 73.758. These transmitters will be operated in a
main/standby configuration into the antenna through approximately
550 feet of CommScope HJ9-50 50 HELIAX Ohm Coaxial Cable that uses
pressurized air dielectric (Exhibit V-6).

The antenna will be a TCI 527-6which is a super highgain log-periodic
(Exhibit V-7). This antenna has a gain of 18 dBi.

[central beam heading: 47.7 degrees   gh] (wor #2041)

New American Shortwave Station.
Benn Kobb and Christopher Rumbaugh have informed us about an
application for a new shortwave station in the United States.
It would apparently be an all-DRM station   that is, Digital Radio
Mondiale modulation, rather than standard AM-type modulation.

The applicant is Parable Broadcasting Company, based in Norfolk,
Virginia, but the transmitter site would be Batavia, Illinois, in the
midwestern U.S. The requested call letters are WPBC for Parable
Broadcasting Company. The station is slated to have two 10-kilowatt
DRM transmitters and one TCI-brand super high-power log periodic
antenna. The US Federal Communications Commission requires shortwave
stations to use at least 50 kilowatts, but they can use as little as
10 kilowatts in DRM.

Stephen Bartlett, president of PBC, says the station's principal
business will be broadcasting religious and educational programming
and data services from third parties, specifically beamed to Europe.

The technical details of their license application was prepared by
Stephen Lockwood of the well-known engineering consulting firm of
Hatfield and Dawson.

Incidentally, there was another application for a DRM-only shortwave
station to be located on the East Coast of the United States a few
years ago, also transmitting to Europe, but it appears that nothing
happened with those plans.
(Adrian Peterson-IN-USA, script for AWR Wavescan July 5; wor July 6)

USA    Additional Reading / Other Perspectives of USAGM / VOA Controversy.

Because - there IS another side:




(Dan Robinson-CA-USA, via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 2)

USA   New Acting VOA Director.

Michael Pack was confirmed as the Chief Executive Officer of the US Agency
for Global Media by the United States Senate on 4 July 2020 and took up
his role full time the following week.

Formerly, Mr. Pack was President of Manifold Productions, Inc.,
an independent film and television production company, which he founded in
1977. He has also held roles at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,
and Worldnet, the forerunner of VoA TV.
(AIB Media Industry Briefing - July 2, 2020)

Following Pack's arrival, the heads of all the constituent broadcasters
of USAGM left their posts. They have been replaced, on an acting basis,

Elez Biberaj, who has led Voice of America (VOA)'s Eurasia Division since
2006, will serve as VOA's Acting Director.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, previously Senior Advisor at Office of Cuba
Broadcasting (OCB), will serve as OCB's Acting Director and Principal
Deputy Director.

Parameswaran Ponnudurai, who has been Vice President of Programming at
Radio Free Asia (RFA) since 2014, will serve as RFA's Acting President.

Kelley Sullivan, who has been a Vice President at Middle East Broadcasting
Networks (MBN) since 2006, will serve as MBN's Acting President.

Daisy Sindelar, who has been with RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty (RFE/RL)
for nearly two decades, will serve as RFE/RL's Acting President.

Well, at least at this level they are being promoted from within the

Elez Biberaj, who has led Voice of America (VOA)'s Eurasia Division since
2006, will serve as VOA's Acting Director.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, previously Senior Advisor at Office of Cuba
Broadcasting (OCB), will serve as OCB's Acting Director and Principal
Deputy Director.

Parameswaran Ponnudurai, who has been Vice President of Programming at
Radio Free Asia (RFA) since 2014, will serve as RFA's Acting President.

Kelley Sullivan, who has been a Vice President at Middle East Broadcasting
Networks (MBN) since 2006, will serve as MBN's Acting President.

Daisy Sindelar, who has been with RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty (RFE/RL)
for nearly two decades, will serve as RFE/RL's Acting President.
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

"Acting"... seems to be the hallmark of this Administration's
appointments. Coincidence that Pack is doing the same?
(John A. Figliozzi-FL-USA, wor July 1)

New Acting VOA Dir Elez Biberaj thanks Pack for appointment ... pledges to
prevent "political interference".

(via Dan Robinson-USA, Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor July 1)

VANUATU   15780Harmonic  R. Vanuatu, Vila. 4th harmonic, very weak
at 0220 UT talks, June 16.
Guerrilla Bay, NSW South Coast radio exped.
"The annual mid-winter trip away with Phil Ireland and John Schache took
place during June (Bruce Chung was to join, but locked down in QLD).

This year the destination was Guerrilla Bay, roughly equidistant between
Batemans Bay and Moruya, on the NSW South Coast."
(Greg Seager-AUS, July "ADXNews" magazine of ARDXC; direct, wor July 2)

VANUATU   7890.004 kHz  Port Vila, Bismala a harmonic of 3945.002 kHz tent
S=7 or -85dBm, noted in Brisbane remote Perseus SDR rx at 00.35 UT
on July 4.
Nearby an annoying WHISTLE tone from nearby string on 7892.049 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3 / 4)

VANUATU   3945 kHz  R. Vanuatu, on July 6, with random checks at 1136,
1203, 1211 and 1305 UT. At these times, heard the usual
"You Are The Only One" song; continues to be heard daily well past their
former 1104 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and wor via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

VIETNAM   6165 kHz  VOV4 (the radio division for ethnic minorities),
1204-1300 UT, on July 6. Very rare reception! Normally the frequency is
totally covered by the good signal of CNR6, which was off the air today;
no trace of any signal here from Myanmar; playing indigenous music, with
chanting/singing; language Vietnamese or similar; weak signal,
but definitely them. Needs more monitoring to find out if the CNR6 absence
is for more than just a day? Informative thesis that was submitted for
a degree by Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen (2008) -
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and wor via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

ZAMBIA   new5995  ZNBC, Lusaka. A fair signal at 2320 UT in one of the
many local Zambian languages. Anncts and a selection of lovely East
African popular songs. Into a talk/commentary program at 0000 UT. Mentions
of Zambia at 2345 UT. Stronger than the co-channel RTV du Mali until that
faded at 2350 UT. ZNBC continued through to its astonishingly late f/out
around 0055 UT !! (10:55am here!). June 16
(Rob Wagner-Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, July "ADXNews" magazine of
ARDXC; direct, hcdx / wor July 2)
Frequenz 5995 kHz is dominated by RTVM Bamako Mali in French, here in
Germany. Zambian signals are very tiny - usually - in central Europe.(wb)


Some morning log, Grayline through Morocco, Canary Islands, Mali path
at 0630 UT on July 3.

NIGERIA   [non]   Nothing observed in past days and today
from VoNigeria Abuja bcast center so far.

5805.006 DEN  Radio 208 from Hvidovre-DEN, 06.13 UT,
         S=6 or -91dBm here in Germany.
SHN: 5805 kHz  Radio208 is indeed from Hvidovre, Denmark.

5839.997 DEN  WMR from Bramming (ex_Randers) DEN site, S=7-8 or -81dBm
         at 06.16 UT on July 3.

SHN:  5840 kHz  WMR World Music Radio is not broadcasting from Randers
      anymore. New transmitter site is Bramming-DEN as of May 3rd 2020.

      From Randers-DEN site location - the only frequency now is
      15805 kHz WMR (200 Watt) Sat/Sun 07-20 UTC.  Best 73s
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN, <www.wmr.dk>  -  <www.radio208.dk>  July 3)

5905     D    DWD  Deutscher Wetterdienst Pinneberg, at 06.27 UT,
         S=9+20dB or -51dBm. 21 kHz wideband audio, weather report /
         prediction read by female, //
6180     D    DWD  Deutscher Wetterdienst Pinneberg, at 06.30 UT,
         S=9+20dB or -51dBm. 21 kHz wideband audio, weather report /
         prediction read by female.

5939.993 HOL  Dan Ferguson mixed fq list database show:
         RON  R Onda ASBL Margraten MRT music program at 06.25 UT,
         S=6-7 on July 3.
         {acc Roe's music list seemingly originate from Belgium bureau,
         in Portuguese language ?
         WORLD OF RADIO HITLIST. My - Alan's - latest Hitlist update.
         <http://www.w4uvh.net/hitlist.htm>  }

6150     D    the Datteln Gelsenkirchen hobby station.
         exMarabu, now combined 'EUR24/SW Radio' ID, mixed pop music
         power, S=9+5dB -60dBm, British pop mx program of the
         60ties/70ties. 06.28 UT on July 3,
         mentioned 'Halbzeit' by lady announcer.

6100even CUB  RHC Spanish Bauta made it even on Grayline fade-out path
         hour at Morocco, Canary Islands, Mali, now -
         at 06.29 UT S=6 or -94dBm, poor and tiny.

6070.021 D    Ch292 Waal Rohrdorf, religious program, broad US Yankee
         English accented sermon, read by male & female,
         S=9+10dB or -66dBm at 06.35 UT, 12 kHz wideband audio.

5995     MLI   RTVM Bamako French sce, fade-out on Grayline path.
         Poor and tiny S=5-6 signal strength at 06.37 UT on July 3.

5945.005 NZL   R NZi Rangitaiki SW program on long westerly path via PAC,
         Easter Isl, Colombia, Azores Atlantic Ocean into Germany.
         S=5 tiny -100dBm, at 06.39 UT on July 3.

11675.009 TUR  VoTurkey Emirler, Turkish morning program, phone-in progr
          at 06.46 UT on July 3, S=6-7 to NE, ME, NoEaAF, Arabian
          Peninsula, UAE  //  much stronger at West European azimuth
11750.024 TUR  VoTurkey Emirler, Turkish morning program, phone-in progr
          at 06.48 UT on July 3, S=9+25dB at the S-meter.

11850     F   DWL Bonn via TDF Issoudun, DWL Hausa sce to West Africa,
          06.30-07.00 UT schedule, S=9+15dB -59dBm at 06.50 UT on July 3.

11880     AUT  AWR Arabic via ORS Moosbrunn Austria relay, 06.52 UT on
          July 3, S=9+15dB sidelobe signal, 11.4 kHz wideband audio block
          visible on Perseus screen software image.
          Some snail mail adresses given, also phone# 9617688419 ...

12050     UK   R Ndarason International West African vernacular Kannada
          language sce, S=9+15dB at 06.54 UT on July 3. via ENC  Encompass
          Digital Media Services Woofferton relay site.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

5780 kHz  Harmony Radio is not broadcasting from Belgium

5805 kHz  Radio208 is indeed from Hvidovre, Denmark.

5840 kHz  WMR World Music Radio is not broadcasting from Randers anymore.
New transmitter site is Bramming-DEN as of May 3rd 2020.

From Randers-DEN site location -
the only frequency now is 15805 kHz WMR (200 Watt) Sat/Sun 07-20 UTC.
Best 73s
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN, <www.wmr.dk>  -  <www.radio208.dk>  July 3)

IND and KGZ, BGD TJK KOR log in afternoon July 3.

Much terrible audio sound on 4835v kHz.

4835 kHz  AIR Gangtok 1030-1600 UT Hindi  10 ND Gangtok, Sikkim IND
Terrible distorted BUZZy audio noted at 15.30 UT on July 3.

48 x buzz strings visible - like a garden fence,
each 100 Hertz distance peaks visible,
between mostly
4831.660 to 4837.200 kHz fq range, center like 4834.435 kHz.

and also more AIR transmissions

4810even AIR Mumbai via Bhopal bcast site, En nx at 15.26 UT,
         S=9+30dB or -43dBm strength in Delhi India.
         Local weather report 30 to 40 centigrade Celsius.

also two outlets of Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek site heard properly

4010.167 kHz Kyrgyz Radio Bishkek in Kyrgyz language S=9+20dB at 15.30 UT.

5129.938 kHz Afghan Christian Radio in Pashto language, S=9+15dB or -61dBm
         at 15.35 UT on July 3 in remote New Delhi India Perseus SDR rx.
5129.941 kHz noted with religious song at 16.35 UT.

4949.994 kHz AIR Srinagar in Hindi at 1604 UT, S=9+20dB or -52dBm.

Nothing on 5050 kHz at 16.06 UT poor and tiny 4.5 kW of power,
AIR Aizawl, nothing noted at 16.34 UT.

5040.002 AIR Jeypore in Hindi S=9+20dB or -53dBm, radioplay at 16.08 UT

4750even BGD  Radio Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, 16.10 UT on July 3,
         S=9+30dB powerhouse in Delhi SDR rx.

4760even !!! AIR Leh in Ladakh, at 16.11 UT Ladakhi sce, S=9+10dB,
         I guess their transmitter is re-furbished !

4765even TJK  Tajik R 1 Dushanbe Yangi Yul, local Central Asian
      string instrument play performance. S=9+10dB in Delhi at 16.12 UT.

4800even BAD  MIX_ture CNR Geermu Chinese and co-channel AIR Hyderabad
         in Hindi? underneath, S=9+25dB at 16.13 UT.

4885even KOR  EoH/VoH Korean at 16.14 UT, only S=8-9 in India.

4910.003 IND  AIR Jaipur in Vernacular?, bassy presenter, 16.17 UT,
         S=9+35dB heavy powerhouse strength.

4920even CHN/IND  BAD SIGNAL MIXture co-channel AIR Chennai Hindi
         underneath in Hindi?, S=9+25dB at 16.25 UT, and odd fq
4919.972 CHN  PBS Xizang Lhasa Baiding Tibet site. Lhasa mostly
         little stronger signal ahead, on remote Delhi SDR rx.

5009.923 MDG  R. Madagasikara Antananarive Ambohidrano, S=6-7 poor
         and tiny signal at 16.30 UT on July 3.

PHL, MLA, NZL, and VANUATU log in East Asia morning 00-01 UT on July 4
at remote Perseus in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia:

12069.968 PHL  FEBC Radio Liangyon {?Hong Kong?} Mandarin via Iba site,
          S=7 at 00.02 UT in Brisbane, female presenter.

11665even MLA  RTM FM program from Kajang K-L site, Malay, S=8-9
          at 00.005 UT on July 4.

13840.007 NZL  R NZi Pacific at 00.12 UT on July 4, English, S=9+5dB.
          Program forecast, 4 p.m. commedian and then instruments program
          00.14 UT 'Lucky Listener' win music album ...

15639.972 PHL  FEBC Manila in Burmese via Bocaue site, 00.22 UT on July 4
          backlobe S=6-7 into Queensland Australia.

17719.994 GUM  KSDA AWR from Agat Guam bcast center in Burmese language,
          S=5 poor -101dBm backlobe into Queensland Australia.

and monitored extensively the whole hour:
 7890.004 VANUATU, Port Vila, Bismala harmonic of 3945.002 kHz,
          see under VANUATU
          S=7 or -85dBm, noted in Brisbane at 00.35 UT on July 4.
          Nearby an annoying WHISTLE tone from nearby string on
 7892.049 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3 / 4)


AIB history briefs - jamming

They spent more on jamming than the broadcasts they were trying to
silence cost to produce. That's the theory around Soviet Bloc jamming
of western broadcasters during the Cold War.

Spurred on by the release of a story produced by RFE/RL on a now
derelict jamming station in Bulgaria, the AIB has taken a brief look
at jamming, with a selection of additional resources highlighted.
Read our history brief here.


(AIB Media Industry Briefing - July 2, 2020)  see item under BULGARIA.

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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