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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1325                                                    9 Dec 2017

ALASKA   7560  KNLS, Anchor Point at 1303 UT in Mandarin, giving website,
into Christmas song. Very good, Dec 7. 1300-1600 UT.

7370  KNLS, Anchor Point at 1254 UT in English, "New music from your New
Life Station", schedule, Kelly Clarkson song, 1259 UT pause, 1300 UT
electronic notes and into Chinese. Good, Dec 7. 0800-1800 UT.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

ANGUILLA   6090 kHz / 11775 kHz back?

I have been listening to Pastor Melissa Scott preaching on 6090 kHz since
2225 UTC on Dec 4. Her long sermon ended at 2307 UT. Then some music, a
phone number and then archived Gene Scott started at 2310 UT. Then another
request for reservations for upcoming Sunday service at 2312 UT. More
music and then more old Gene Scott ramblings.

No ID heard. Checked FCC HF listings and no USA based station has this
freq registered for this Winter season.

I heard Anguilla site was destroyed. If this isn't the Anguilla
transmitter, where is it coming from?
(Don Hosmer-MI-USA  W8SWL, dxld Dec 4)

6090  Caribbean Beacon Found back on w/old strong signal at 2320 UT
w/canned loop of mx and M giving phone # to call. Then back to The
University Network rel. pgming. Hrd again the next day at 2200 UT, but was
off again on recheck just 3 min. later, and came back on at 2205:35 UT.
Guess either the hurricane damage wasn't as bad as they said, or they got
new equipment installed quickly, or maybe they're even using a different
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 4 / 5)   S=9+10dB at 0930 UT Dec 6, wb.

ANGUILLA   6090.002  Re 6090 kHz, 2345-0015 UT, Dec 5 / 6.

Caribbean Beacon undoubtedly, heard on remote SDR at Florida state eastern
NoAM coast, at 0006 UT on Dec 6.

Full power S=9+30dB or -47dBm proper, 11.8 kHz wideband audio outlet.

Male prayer on Aids illness. But audio accompanied by own main power buzz
peaks on 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300 Hertz buzz, visible either sideband.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

ANGUILLA   -  btw. few recipients were very happy.

QSL cards from Caribbean Beacon Anguilla received on this week in Austria
and Germany and other European countries ... issued on reception
confirmation between 2009 and 2014 year ...
{ Beautifully handwritten, and guaranteed NOT virtually }

Meine QSL hat von 2009 bis 2011 - also 2 Jahre gedauert bis ich sie bekam.
Scheint dort ueblich sein, mit oder ohne Hurricane.

Am 05.12.2017 um 10:19 schrieb W.G: Auch hier im Tiroler Mittelgebirge
traf (gestern) eine spaete QSL-Karte (wunderschoen handgeschrieben, und
garantiert NICHT virtuell) ein.

Der RR war vom Februar 2014, von der Frequenz 6.090 kHz.

Man betonte die -relative- Wichtigkeit der RRs, auf die Zerstoerung der
Sendeantenne wurde kein Bezug genommen, es gab somit auch keinen
indirekten Spendenaufruf.

Wie dem auch sei, meine Freude ist betraechtlich, hatte auch mit dieser
QSL in keiner Weise mehr gerechnet.


(A-DX newsgroup Austria entries, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5 / 6)

AUSTRALIA   5045.0015  Ozy Radio, from Razorback NSW Australia, 1 kW,
heard at 1845 UT on Sunday Dec 3, on remote Perseus unit in Brisbane
Queensland. S=7-8 or -78dBm signal. Heavy HARD ROCK music played,
not my taste. - I get a headache.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

AUSTRALIA   5045 kHz {probably Ozy Radio Razorback NSW-AUS, wb.} on Nov 24
at 11 UT. A quick check this morning just after 1100 UT showed good audio
on 5045 kHz with local news items. Better than they have been the last few
days. Surprisingly there was no trace of any SIBC carrier on 5020 kHz,
checked again 1122 UT still no trace. The top of the 80m band was unusu-
ally full of strong BC stations - 3945 and 3925 kHz were loud, 3985 kHz
next best and then 3930 kHz // 3910 kHzwith what sounded like jamming
mixed in as well.
(Don Moman-Alb-CAN, Swedish SWBulletin via Thomas Nilsson-SWE,
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

5045 kHz  Heard Ozy Radio, Razorback NSW-AUS, at 1226-1436 UT on Nov 30.
Heard O, but today had strong interference from OTH radar (via China?).
1302 UT heard the usual "Waltzing Matilda," but badly mixing with OTH
radar (brief audio attached). The Ozy Radio signal strength was the
strongest I have heard and without the interference of the OTH radar,
would have had fair reception and probably very readable. Can only hope
that tomorrow there will be no radar interference.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, Swedish SWBulletin via Thomas Nilsson-SWE,
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

BELGIUM   1125  Re: Belgium. Michel Fremy just wrote on WRTH F_B group:

3 hrsBelgium: The 1125 kHz 10 kw medium wave transmitter RTBF in Houdeng
was put out of service for one week to allow the installation of DAB+

It has just been put back into service but should be cut definitively at
the end of the year. If you wish to maintain the medium waves, write to

RTBF Direction des Emetteurs et relais
Boulevard Auguste Reyers 52
B-1044 Schaerbeek, Belgium, Europe.

Via Mediumwave.info.
RTBF Radio VivaCite back on 1125 KHz. Heard them again 1 hour with a very
strong signal. On this list they are still marked as switched off:


They might try to find out how many listeners are left on the medium wave
by switching the transmitter on and off and take note of the amount of
complaints they are getting.
(Michael Foertig, Dec 2; via Mike Terry-UK mwdx Dec 4)

BELGIUM   MW 621 kHz will be OFF AIR for ever on Dec 31, 2017 ?

Log: 621 kHz, RTBF International on MW Wavre site, 1320 UT, French
language, 29 Nov 2017. Heute auf der VRT NWS seite !

<https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2017/12/08/markante-plekken het-zendstation-

Mit ganz unten: "Ook die laatste AM zender zou eind dit jaar worden
Aber RTBF bestaetigt das noch immer nicht.
(Guido Schotmans-BEL, A-DX ng Dec 8)

BOLIVIA   6134.82  R. Santa Cruz - extended festival broadcast.

R. Santa Cruz, at 0201-0412+ UT on Dec 8. Special coverage of the
"Comarapa - Portachuelo y Cotoca (Santa Cruz) Day of the Purisima
Concepcion"; many reports from the event; at times fair reception; well
past their normal sign off just after 0200 UT.
News story (English google translation) at  <http://goo.gl/P96G9j>
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

BRAZIL   11779.95  R. Nacional Amazonia at 1727 UT on Nov 3, M anncr in PT
w/ment of Brazil, then vcl mx. Full canned ID by M at 1730 UT. Very weak
but definitely there back on after being off for a long time.

11780.01  R. Nacional Amazonia. Surprised to find this on at full high
power at 2046 UT on Dec 5. Nx pgm w/W anncr in PT. Went off the air at
2048:11 UT and audio was distorted briefly when it came back on a min.
later. Went off again at 2051:00 UT and had the same distortion for a few
seconds when it came back on a min. later. Full ID by M at 2058 UT, then
promo for "Voz do Brasil" and into the "Voz do Brasil" nx pgm at 2100 UT.
Good of course. Wonder if they're testing at high power.

4925.01  R. Educacao Rural Tefe. Rural Horribly distorted signal at 1000
UT gradually clearing up by 1003 UT. Apparent morning nx pgm w/M and W
anncrs in PT including actuality. Wonder if this distortion is a result of
their recent attempt to readjust the freq.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 3 - 5)
4924.990 kHz peak seen at 1107 UT Dec 8, wb.

BRAZIL   11780.006  R. Nacional Amazonia from Brasilia bcast center site,
at 2030 UT on Dec 9 heard on air again, heard here at tune-in for the
first time after months break and repair work now. Mostly S=5-6 weak
and tiny at S=6 or -88dBm, best in peaks at Grenoble France remote
SDR unit at S=7 and -79dBm at best.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

COLOMBIA   6010.18v  La Voz de tu Conciencia  First found on yesterday at
2309 UT w/"Ticket to Ride" by the Beatles mixing w/Inconfidencia. This
morning found up on this freq at 1025 UT w/variety of mx. Canned ID by W
at 1041 UT Dec 7. A bit distorted and freq varying up and down abt 200
{6009.990 and 6009.982 kHz visible at 1050 UT Dec 8, wb.}

5910.41  R. Alcaravan, at 1042 UT pleasant LA Tropical mx. A couple canned
anmnts but didn't hear an ID. 1103-1105 UT choral HJ NA, M w/TC, and into
lively mx. Finally short canned ID promo by W at 1112 UT.
Noisy this morning. 7 Dec.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 7)  {5910.271 kHz measured 1045 UT Dec 8, wb}

CUBA   RHC Dec 3 - re - Something's always wrong at RHC.

re CUBA 6060, Nov 28 at 0705 UT, RHC in Spanish with loud almost distorted
modulation, instead of English, which remains on 6165, 6060, and 6100 kHz,
in marginally improving levels of undermodulation order.
Something's always wrong at RHC.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 2)

CUBA   RHC on Dec 3 in 07-08 UT time slot
on 5999.996, 6060.004, 6165.001, and even fq 6100 kHz.

At 0800 - 0805 UT also empty carrier on 6100 kHz.

RHC Esperanto program feed switched on late from/at 08.05:28 UT ...
S=9+25dB signal noted in remote Michigan-US state post.
2 x 9.6 kHz 19.2 kHz wideband signal,

Esperanto program (sounded often as real Spanish language instead ...
ended with clarinet music solo performance at 08.29:40 UT,
then empty fq, TX Bauta switch OFF at exact 08.32:28 UT.

5040 even kHz RHC Bauta empty at 0737 UT.

5025  CUB  Radio Rebelde from Bauta site, Latin AM music 20.4 kHz wideband
audio block, S=9+35dB in remote FL-US east coast SDR.

5999.996  CUB  RHC Quivican Titan site, empty at 0739 UT S=9+45dB

6060.004  CUB  RHC Bauta site, S=9+20dB strength.

6100even  CUB  RHC Bauta site, S=9+20dB strength.

6165.001  CUB  RHC Bauta site at 0743 UT, S=8-9 strength noted in Florida
remote SDR, due of sidelobe of West California / Vancouver beam azimuth.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3

ECUADOR/ALBANIA  [and non]   6050, on Dec 4 at 0158 UT, HCJB weak S7-S9
but in the clear, no DRM noise unlike 24 hours ago. 0159 UT ID but no
timesignal. As I said, Kuwait suspected tho scheduled on 6050 kHz only at
very different daypart and only in AM. To which Art Delibert, Bethesda,
Maryland, replied on Dec 3:

"Glenn - I'm hearing the digital racket around 6050 kHz right now (1805
UT). It's comparable in strength to the few readable signals on the band,
which (other than CFRX) are from the middle east - Turkey on 5980 kHz,
Iran on 6025 kHz and 6100 kHz, BBC Al Seela Oman on 6195 kHz. Checked
again at 1920 UT - the digital signal is gone. CRI is clearly audible from
Cerrik Albania in French on 6055 kHz".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 4)

In Europe noted CRI Cerrik-ALB French service at 20 kHz wide audio
broadband on 6045 to 6065 kHz channels, S=9+25dB signal strength,
at 1905 UT on Dec 4.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

ERITREA   7181.555  VOBME 2 Dimtsi Hafash relay Voice of Oromo Liberation
from Asmara-ERI, noted at 0500 UT and at 0622 UT on Dec 4 in various SDR's
here in central Europe, power of S=7 to 9 in peaks.

Probably Amharic/Afar/Oromo/Arabic - says Aoki Nagoya Japan list.

VOBME 1st px NOT ON AIR on 7140.2v kHz channel.
No Ethiopian jamming on this hour today in 40 meter Ham Radio band though.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

ETHIOPIA    Nach der guten Ausbreitungs Vorhersage heute 2. Dezember
von Tom mitgeteilt, auch

5940even kHz "Ethiopian Somali Regional State Radio" aus Jijiga SRS
mit vorzueglichem Signal S=9+20dB um 1930 UT am 2. Dez.
Selten so stark, der 50 kW Sender bei uns aufzunehmen.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

FRANCE   6165  NHK Radio Japan World in Arabic scheduled 0600-0630 UT slot
via TDF Issoudun site, heard again with faulty TRACTOR engine sound below
underneath. At 0620 UT on Dec 5.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

FRANCE   Reception of Radio Herwa International at TDF Issoudun, Dec 9
0700-0728 13710 ISS 100 kW 170 deg to WeAF Hausa/Kanuri, fair/good

Reception of Radio Xoriyo Ogaden via MBR FMO / at TDF Issoudun Dec 8
1600-1630 11970 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF Somali Tue/Sat, fair/weak
Transmission is jammed by Ethiopia with white noise digital jamming

Weak signal of LWF Voice of Gospel via MBR FMO / at TDF Issoudun, Dec 8
1830-1900  9800 ISS 500 kW 170 deg to WeCeAF Fulfulde Sawtu Linjilia
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

FRANCE   7240  Strange happened with Radio Biafra relay at TDF Issoudun
this morning, when monitored a little late.

Lasted til 0528 UT full power 100kW, but 'exiter' low level signal heard
later too, til approx. 0532 UT then.

My late tune-in around 0516 UT on Dec 4 showed Radio Biafra program in
progress, mostly WeAfrican music played and female voice ID "This is Radio
Biafra coming to you from London" or "... broadcasting from London".
Excellent audio quality feed from London to Issoudun to state.

S=9 in Germany, Belgium, and Liverpool UK remote SDR's at 0517 UT.
At 05.19:30 UT phone number given, schedule 05-06 UT / 06-07?LT? given.

Flute mx at 0520 UT. When tuned to greater distance from TDF Issoudun
bcast center location to northern Stockholm Sweden post at Olle's remote
SDR, I could heard stronger S=9+15dB signal there of 7.8 kHz wideband

Nothing heard on 25 mb 11530 kHz / 11580 kHz from Florida, not in European
posts on Dec 4, neither in east coast North American remote SDR's so far.

Program Radio Biafra end on SW 7240 kHz at exact 05.28:40 UT.

But after that, noted a - probably - antenna move/switch or power increase
from 100 to 250/500 kW procedure ON AIR for half a minute from Issoudun
broadcast center site at 05.29 UT, signal increased to S=9+35dB signal.
Later on at 05.30:50 UT outlet decreased to an 'exciter' like signal level
of S=6-7, when set to smaller bandwidth, I could seen an EMPTY carrier
later with poor 5 peaks strings on it.

Two minutes heard African vernacular language program talk of - probably -
Yorba/Igbo langs, as given in latest Aoki Nagoya database list entry under
7240 ISS request ?  Who knows ...

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

{CLANDESTINE (Nigeria) }  7240 kHz, Radio Biafra - TDF Issoudun France, at
*0500-0522 UT on Dec 3, opened with woman announcer giving station ID
("This is Radio Biafra coming to you from London"), music features and
talks in the English language. Poor to fair. Noted // 11530 kHz Okeechobee
which had a WRMI ID string leading up to opening for about five minutes
prior to 0500 UT. Also, poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 3/4)

FRANCE   7240  Radio Biafra relay at TDF Issoudun this Dec 5 morning, when
monitored tune-in here a little late at 0502 UT.

Program lasted til 05.28:20 UT station annmt by the lady presenter.
Then 'final music' piece played til 05.28:41 UT on full power.

100 kW TX switch-off at 05.30:06 UT.  But  --
then still low-power exciter signal from TDF Issoudun site on air at S=7
level, til 05:30:55 UT switch off totally.

My late tune-in around 0502 UT on Dec 5 showed Radio Biafra program in
progress, on 7240 kHz via ISS and 11530 kHz via WRMI Okeechobee FL-US east

Mostly WeAfrican music played and female voice ID "This is Radio Biafra
coming to you from London"  or  "... broadcasting from London". Excellent
audio quality feed from London to Issoudun to state.

7240 kHz S=8 signal in Germany and Belgium remote servers,
but stronger at S=9+15dB or -66dBm noted in Liverpool UK remote SDR's
and also more northern distant location in Stockholm Sweden Perseus
remote server. 10.4 kHz wideband audio block.

Heard Radio Biafra also on 25 mb 11530 kHz S=9+10dB in NJ-US at 0501 UT,
12.4 kHz wideband audio block visible,
(TOM religious 11580 S=9+25dB in NJ-US) from Florida.

11530 kHz tiny in European posts just JBA threshold S=4 or -93dBm.
To compare TOM 11580 kHz little stronger S=7 -83dBm instead, 11.4 main
audio block broadband, peaks up to 22 kHz wideprogram. Radioplay like,
talk on Israel 'Sky' matter, earth and moon, sunrise, sunset etc. etc.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

Re Radio Biabra relays via RMI and TDF [not] .

Between 1900 and 1920 UT NOTHING heard on 9580 kHz via TDF ISSoudun
channel nor 11530 kHz RMI Okeechobee FL-US tonight Dec 4. All totally
empty channels, checked between remotes in Florida, UK, Sweden,
Belgium, Bavaria Germany, Greece, Qatar. Only religious? 11580 kHz
RMI Okeechobee, poor S=5-6 at 1923 UT on Dec 4.

Between 1900 and 1920 UT NOTHING heard on 9580 kHz via TDF ISSoudun
channel nor 11530 kHz RMI Okeechobee FL-US tonight Saturday Dec 9.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4 / 9)

Re: 7240 kHz - Radio Biafra Broadcasting from London.

Still on the air from Issoudun. Recorded 7240 kHz this morning (Dec 5)
using the University Enschede Twente SDR receiver. Transmitter came on at
04:59:48 UT with opening music beginning at 05.00:11 UT. Good to fair
signal. Same talk segments, at least in English, as we've heard before and
with frequent IDs, schedules, and text message contact number, and
interspersed musical selections. But programming started with a short
prayer in vernacular, presumably Igbo, introduced in English.
Only a half-hour program. Audio ended at 05.28:31 UT and transmitter
off at 05.30:02 UT. Timings based on start time of recording in recording
file name and playback application time stamps.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, dxld Dec 5)

GREECE   9935. Nov 22, 2017 at 0055-0125 UT, Voice of Greece, Avlis, in
Greek. Songs; 0100 UT ID and IS; Man talks with backgrounds; 0103 UT Woman
talks News, presumably; 0105 UT Greek songs program presented by woman and
man announcers; A long conversation between than. VOG with a fair signal
and modulation, better than last months, 35443 (sometimes 45444).
It's very good! A musical program is very good this night in my location.
At 0115 UT, 45444 (rare signal and modulation)!  No signal on 9420 kHz.
(Jose R. Xavier-Cabedelo-PB, Brazil, dxld Nov 28)    same on Dec 3rd, wb.

GREECE   V of Greece is on 9420 kHz right now (5 Dec at 1600 UT) with news
- first time I've heard them here for some time, and earlier than normally
on air in the Greek evening.
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, dxld Dec 5)

Re:  9420 kHz VoGRC from Avlis Greece.
Today different propagation, now at 1700 UT equal signal QRM by CNR13 in
Uyghur from Lingshi China in northern Europe target, but S=9+30 dB from
Avlis in western Europe.

Voice of Greece was on air in past Sunday UT morning but only on
single channel of 9935 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

GUINEA   9650  Radio Guinee - from Conakry, at 2126-2145* UT on Dec 1,
great highlife musical selection hosted by a man announcer with French
language talk and station ID. Program ended suddenly without announcements
in mid-song. Good signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

INDIA   List von DRM  AIR transmitters ...
The new website of AIR Jalandhar does not yet give much information about
the station. However, when checking out the different links, I came across


Although the "list of MW/SW transmitters replaced by DRM transmitters"
(18 October 2017 issue) does not mention MW/SW frequencies, it does
mention commissioning dates. To me, these seem to me news worthwhile
(Dr Hansjoerg Biener 5 December 2017)


of 2017.Oct.18

list of MW/SW transmitters replaced by DRM transmitters
sl.no. place state power MW/SW date of commissioning

 1 Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh 100 kW MW 12.05.15
 2 Passighat Arunachal Pradesh 100 kW MW 20.06.16
 3 Patna Bihar 100 kW MW 26.06.15
 4 Panaji Goa 100 kW MW 25.02.15
 5 Ranchi Jharkhand 100 kW MW 29.03.16
 6 Mumbai 'A' Maharashtra 100 kW MW 09.06.15
 7 Mumbai 'B' Maharashtra 100 kW MW 09.06.15
 8 Pune Maharashtra 100 kW MW 04.03.15
 9 Tiruchirapalli Tamilnadu 100 kW MW 26.09.15
10 Varanasi UP 100 kW MW 24.06.15
11 Kolkata B WB 100 kW MW 12.02.16
12 Rajkot Gujarat 1000 kW MW 10.09.12
13 Chinsurah WB 1000 kW MW 05.03.14
14 Tawang Arunachal Pradesh 20 kW MW 01.07.13
15 Guwahati 'B' Assam 20 kW MW 01.07.13
16 Delhi (VB) Delhi 20 kW MW 02.08.13
17 Barmer Rajasthan 20 kW MW 27.04.13
18 Bikaner Rajasthan 20 kW MW 16.07.13
19 Chennai (VB) Tamilnadu 20 kW MW 12.04.13
20 Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh 200 kW MW 16.06.16
21 Delhi 'A' Delhi 200 kW MW 01.06.14
22 Jabalpur M.P. 200 kW MW 30.10.15
23 Ajmer Rajasthan 200 kW MW 18.10.15
24 Kolkata 'A' WB 200 kW MW 08.07.15
25 Siliguri WB 200 kW MW 07.01.16
26 Ahmedabad Gujarat 200 kW MW 22.01.16
27 Bangalore Karnataka 200 kW MW 20.03.15
28 Dharwad Karnataka 200 kW MW 20.09.15
29 Chennai 'A' Tamilnadu 200 kW MW 25.07.15
30 Dibrugarh Assam 300 kW MW 31.03.16
31 Rajkot Gujarat 300 kW MW 21.03.15
32 Jammu J&K 300 kW MW 17.05.15
33 Jallandhar Punjab 300 kW MW 14.07.16    <<<<<<<<
34 Suratgarh Rajasthan 300 kW MW 20.05.16
35 Lucknow UP 300 kW MW 11.03.15
36 Bangalore Karnataka 500 kW SW 01.01.2014
37 Kingsway Delhi 100 kW SW under installation
38 Kingsway Delhi 100 kW SW under installation

1. New website of AIR Jalandhar
AIR Jalandhar has launched a new website at:
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Dec 4)

INDIA   All India Radio in Russian.

Dear colleagues on the radio hobby! I asked for your assistance and
feedback on the collective letter to the All-India Radio about the
frequency change.

A big thanks to those who answered, and also I propose to "sign" the
appeal to those who have not yet "signed up", but just want to hear
Russian speech more often in the square in their receiver.

I enclose a rough outline of the letter, I ASK YOUR ADDITIONS and
ADJUSTMENTS to send to my mail  <varzin-ne -at- yandex.ru>
so as not to "spam" the group, thanks to which, I have the opportunity to
apply to you. Mallika Gupta (announcer-presenter of All India Radio)
replied that, I quote "I offer my help in translation if it is needed".

Therefore, forget about the lines in English. Suggestions and remarks set
out in Russian. I would be glad if you post your comments before November
29 at 11:59 PM GMT (-3 UTC [sic]).

Below, you will find your FI, city, e-mail, email address or phone number
(as you wish), your blogs, if you are (specify the web address) and just
belonging to the dx-signatures to confirm the identity for the Hindus that
you - "a living person", you can simply "specify" as a listener.

For example, Victor Varzin, Leningrad region, Kommunar,
<varzin-ne -at- yandex.ru>
active listener, monitor of the directory Radio broadcasting in Russian
and KBS World Radio; subscriber deneb / opendx, member of the DX-Club SPB,
will be published as a table.

A collective appeal of radio listeners of the Russian service of All-
India Radio.

Hello, dear employees of the Russian edition of A.I.R., employees of the
Foreign Broadcasting Department A.I.R., as well as employees of the
technical department of A.I.R.!

We would like to draw your attention to the unsuccessfully chosen
frequency for broadcasting in the winter period for the Russian edition of
the All-India Radio - 15140 kHz from 1615 to 1715 UT. At this frequency,
on the territory of Russia, transmission at this time is not audible.

This is due to poor passage at frequencies above 12,000 kHz in the dark.
When drawing up the schedule for the winter season, it was apparently not
taken into account that in the winter in Russia it gets dark early,
accordingly, it is necessary to use other frequencies. It's a shame that
due to such omissions, many Russian-speaking listeners of the All-India
Radio remain without receiving the programs, and the corporation is
wasting money allocated from the budget.

It is interesting that, recently, the frequencies of some programs of the
All-India Radio of the following language services were changed: English,
Sinhalese, Dari and Pashto, to avoid interference from other stations. Why
not for the Russian service to change or allocate another frequency for
analogue broadcasting.

In this regard, the request to influence the situation and show
professionalism in solving the problem. Select another frequency for
analogue broadcasting of the Russian service or replace the current one.
In previous years, the passage in the winter period was observed at
frequencies of 11620 kHz and, especially, at 9595 kHz, which are not
currently used. Now the frequency of 9595 kHz is also not suitable,
because during 1615-1715 UT broadcasts the Voice of Turkey radio, using a
powerful transmitter. Ideally, it would be to conduct test transmissions
on several frequencies and choose the best of them, according to the radio
listeners. (on your own, try 7555 kHz, what do you think?)

All India Radio is one of the most important and important sources,
telling about modern India, political and public news, as well as a means
of promoting Indian culture in Russia. I note that this year marked the
70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between
India and Russia. I look forward to your cooperation and activity! 73!
(Victor Varzin-RUS, via RUSdx #952, 26 Nov via dxld Nov 28)

IRAN   6061..267 ... x.299 very odd frequency Log:
IRIB Zahedan 6061 kHz at 1835 UT on Dec 2.

Ja, das IRIB Schaetzchen in Zahedan broadcast center site, mit Arabisch
Richtung 289 Grad Azimuth Hauptabstrahl Nahost und Nordafrika/Sahel Zone.
Huepft neben der Wanderschaft noch 5-7 Hertz hin und her. Mein Tune-in um
1920 UT zeigt 6061.274 kHz, wandert bis 6061.299 kHz, und wieder downwards
auf 6061.267 kHz usw. usw.

In der Nahzone in Doha Qatar nur S=7, dagegen in guter Ausbreitungs
Distanz bei Uwe in Ost Thailand Cambodian border S=9+15dB strength,
dagegen hier in Europa gute S=9+20dB oder mehr. Das Ganze geht nach
requested ITU / HFCC Plan von 1730 bis 0230 UT.

Back on 6060.0075 kHz at 2050 UT on Dec 9.
6061.192 kHz but at 2125 UT, 5 Hertz per minute upwards variable.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

JAPAN   6085  JSR Ibaragi-Koga-Yamata, Shiokaze program, Sea-breeze at
1335 UT in English, woman listing names of people held by North Korea,
music bridges between. Fair, noisy, Dec 7.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

KUWAIT   Reception of MOI Radio Kuwait in Filipino language Dec 9
1000-1200 17760 KBD 250 kW 84 deg to SoEaAS Filipino, good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

MADAGASCAR/KOREAs    UNID on 6135 kHz - Madagascar?

Most likely RTM Antananarivo scheduled 05-15 UT in hfcc request entry. wb.

I guess it's worth checking that one again. Today I spotted a fair carrier
on a South African SDR on 6135 kHz around 1440 UT. Didn't observe the
exact sign-off time but it was not much after 1500 UT. As mid-summer is
approaching in the southern Hemisphere and still afternoon in South
Africa, I would not expect the signal emanating from so far away. For
example, there is (almost) no trace of the Koreans on 6250 and 6400 kHz
which are audible in Europe, being a candidate for 6135 kHz also.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld Dec 2)

For most of Nov, Voice of Freedom stayed on 5920 kHz. Has been a long time
since they were last heard on 6135 kHz. VOF, as of Dec 1, continues on
5920 kHz, with light jamming. Here in California, still hearing the daily
strong white noise jamming from North Korea, on 6135 kHz, the former
frequency of VOF.

Madagascar would seem a very likely candidate for the UNID, especially
with 1500 UT approximate sign off. Unfortunately for me, I think the
jamming is too strong for me to tell if there is anyone underneath.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

{ UNIDENTIFIED }  6135 kHz, *Nov 10* at 1404 UT, very poor talk,
intonation reminds me of Jeff White, but surely not. Is Voice of Freedom
clandestine from South to North Korea back on this frequency today? Maybe
trace of noise jamming. As of Nov 8, Ron Howard said VOF carrier-only was
on 5920 kHz and not on 6135 kHz for a long time. Otherwise, how about
long-path from Madagascar, which also has not been reported in a long
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 1)

6134.999 kHz this communist plague, checked at 1405 UT on Dec 5. Noise
scratching jamming in range of 6131 to 6139 kHz channels. S=9+10dB plague
here in southern Germany.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

MADAGASCAR   9600 (to Somalia) Voice of the People of Somaliland, via
MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility. At *1859-1929* UT on
Nov 18, open carrier followed by flute instrumental musical opening and
opening announcements in the Somali language with "Somaliland mentioned.
Program consisted of several talk features with brief musical segments
until carrier terminated the program. Fair signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, via ARDXC 'ADXN' Dec magazine
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

MEXICO   6184.996  little unstable fq, wandered downwards for example
to x.995 and back around 23.45 UT on Dec 5.

XEPPM Radio Educacion, Mexico City D.F.
Program of typical national Mariachi music played til 23.59 UT.

S=9+5dB or -69dBm signal noted in FL-US state remote SDR unit. At 0000 UT
stn ID and Mexican National Hymn played, and sung by school pupil chorus
at 0000-0003 UT and full ID mentioned again also shortwave, at 0004 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5 / 6)

MOLDOVA   Trans World Radio Africa via BaBcoCk FMO via
Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac relay site, Dec 8
1630-1700  9940 KCH 300 kW 158 deg to EaAF Somali, good signal

Radio Ranginkaman / Rainbow via BaBcoCk FMO via
Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac relay site, Dec 8
1700-1730  7580 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Persian Mon/Fri, good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

NEW ZEALAND   Adrian Sainsbury replied at 1842 UT on Dec 4 to my lament
about dropping 11725 kHz, and collision notification about 7355 kHz:

"Hi Glenn, We moved to 13730 kHz from 05-08 UT to improve early evening
reception in eastern Australia, Solomon Islands, PNG area. I am aware of
the co-channel on 7355 kHz and research is on to find a clear channel on
what is a very crowded band. I hope we can solve this problem very soon.
Best regards, Adrian Sainsbury - RNZI Frequency Manager, RNZi Wellington,
New Zealand"
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 4)

Frequency change of Radio New Zealand Pacific effective from Dec 6

1259-1650 NF7430 RAN 050 kW 35 deg to All Pacific English, ex7355 Daily
1651-1758 NF7430 RAN 050 kW 35 deg to All Pacific English, ex7355 Sat
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

NEW ZEALAND   Frequency change of R New Zealand Pacific eff from Dec 6
1259-1650 NF7430 RAN 50 kW 35 deg to All Pacific English, ex7355 Dly
1651-1758 NF7430 RAN 50 kW 35 deg to All Pacific English, ex7355 Sat
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

NEW ZEALAND   Correct, fq change noted today Dec 6, new 7430 channel.

7430.004  R NZi Rangitaiki on powerful signal S=9+30dB or -44dBm
on remote Perseus unit at Brisbane Queensland, heard presenter
Paul Hawkins(?) start at 13.00:01 UT.

TX Rangitaiki came on air crash start at 12.58:42 UT followed
immediatelly by BIRD CHIRP til 12.59:56 UT, and few time pips.

Before from 1250 UT noted adjacent 7425 kHz CNR 2nd Xian China music
program, S=9 in Brisbane, S=6 in Nagoya, scheduled 1100-1605 UT.

On 7435 kHz noted both, VoVietnam Son Tay domestic and probably
OCB / IBB BBG R Marti Greenville NC, also S=9 common signal mixture.

Nearby heard also an unknown UTE signal in Brisbane and Nagoya Japan
[Eike told me about Seoul Meteo, in Klingenfuss visible 
7433.5 kHz 0000-2359 UT KOR Seoul Meteo FAX HLL5 call, wb.]

12.26:25 UT new FAX signal like session on
7433 to 7434.4 kHz fq range - center string measured on 7433.895 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

NIGERIA   7254.922  VoNigeria Abuja in Hausa, mostly male announcer, music
heard at 0627 UT on Dec 4.

Excellent music audio quality now, after repair by the technician
S=9+15dB signal to state in peaks on our winter morning, here in Liverpool
UK, Belgium, Germany and Stockholm Sweden remote SDR units.

!! Reception reports to Voice of Nigeria wanted and are much welcomed, !!
!! to Director General.                                                !!

6089.946  and little bit earlier at 0607 UT on Dec 5 heard FRCN Radio
Nigeria Kaduna here in southern Germany, on our winter grayline path
at S=8-9 and in peaks up to S=9+5dB on our Dec 5th sunspots.

Audio quality far better now !  after repair work recently, despite
old 100kW HARRIS unit only a tenth of its previous power ...

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

NIGERIA  7254.923  Vo Nigeria in Hausa from Abuja site, S=9+5dB signal
in southern Germany. Male presenter talk, at 0625 UT on Dec 8.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

NIGERIA/ANGUILLA   Latter sermon prayer program is back on air on
6090.0015 kHz,
S=7 fair signal from Anguilla island into central Europe, but in peaks
rather stronger S=8-9 signal from

6089.9455 kHz exact measured FRCN Radio Nigeria Kaduna here in southern
Germany, on our winter grayline path on peaks at S=8-9 on our Dec 8th

Anguilla accompanied by 60 Hertz BUZZ tone, also visible on screen.

Audio quality far better now at Kaduna Nigeria
!  after repair work recently, despite old 100kW HARRIS unit only
a tenth of its previous power ...

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

PERU   4764.04  R. Huanta 2000. At 1030 UT end of OA camposina song,
deadair, then long ad block w/many ments of Huanta and Peru. Ended in an
accurate TC by W at 1035 UT on Dec 3. Started the next song, then
immediate xmtr fault creating a test tone-like effect, then song broke in
again for a couple seconds, then fault again. Signal fine though at 1046
UT recheck. Was on the bottom of one CODAR and at the top end of another.
No sign of Tarma this morning at this time.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 3)

PERU   Radio Tarma, 4774.90 kHz tonight. Peru's Radio Tarma handily
beating CODAR tonight with a surprisingly loud signal, high-altitude music
of the sort we hear too little of on HF anymore, and DJ with ID in passing
at 0023 UT on Dec 8.

Coincidentally, I'm monitoring 4955 kHz right now. Pretty good here
tonight as well, will listen for that ID.
(Jay Novello-NC-USA, DXplorer Dec 8)

I just returned from a DXpedition to French Creek State Park where we
enjoyed very good reception of Radio Tarma both evenings and both

Radio Huanta 2000 did pretty good to. It was also available in the
morning. The third Peruvian hear each day was Radio Cultural Amauta on
4955 kHz. I checked frequently for Logos (4810 kHz) and Radio Voz
Cristiana (4985 kHz) without any success.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

SAUDI ARABIA   11745  Al-Azm Radio via Jeddah site. At 1434 UT Arabic tlk
by M pgm host w/reporter on phone w/ments of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
1435 UT into Arabic choral mx. 1436 UT M again w/ments of Iran,
then more mx.

Sounded like a quick ment of Al-Azm at 1437:30 UT. 1439 UT canned apparent
intro for next segment w/speech excerpts. Into tlk by M w/ment of Yemen
and Iran. 1446 UT same canned intro/outro, 1447 UT canned anmnt by M
w/ment of Al-Azm. Peaks here around 1400-1430 UT.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 3)

SAUDI ARABIA   Al-Azm Radio 11745 before 0700UT & after 1700 UT, Dec 4
0613&0653 11745 JED or RIY tx ??? kW NE/ME Arabic, extended from ??
0700-1700 11745 JED or RIY tx ??? kW NE/ME Arabic as scheduled B-17
from 1700 11745 JED or RIY tx ??? kW NE/ME Arabic, extended till ??

[to YEMEN]   Republic of Yemen Radio with 2 hrs break, Dec 4
till 0658 11860 JED 50 kW  / non-dir NE/ME Arabic
0658-0858 11860 kHz no signal, break, empty channel
from 0858 11860 unknown tx / unknown NE/ME Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

Both 11745 kHz Al-Azm Radio, and RoYR 11860 kHz were on air,
much weak and tiny when checked at mid nighttime 0045 UT on Dec 6.
But on short distance at Doha Qatar JBA signal only under threshold.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

SAUDI ARABIA   Powerful signals on S=9+5dB level here
in European central states, of both Saudi Arabian Al-Azm Radio at
0620 UT on 11745 kHz and Yemen excile Radio 11860 kHz on Fri Dec 8.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

SOLOMON ISLS   5020even fq. - sign on - from SIBC TX at Honiara switch
ON AIR at 18.59:25 UT, S=8-9 or -73dBm signal in remote Brisbane
Queensland Australia unit. Fog Horn played at 19.00:11 UT, and followed
by station ID, frequ etc. etc.  19.00:46 UT Hymn sung, on Dec 3.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

SOUTH AFRICA   15235  QSL - Channel Africa - Meyerton site. Verification
electronic report with a full data transmitter buildings PDF attachment
in 339 days from verie signer Sikander Hoosen, High Frequency Coverage
Planner at Sentech.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

SPAIN   European Champions League football tonight via shortwave REE
Noblejas, Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona played international tonight.
Real Madrid and Sevilla play on Wed 6th.

11685 kHz  REE Noblejas NOT ON AIR tonight.
But much strong on 9690 kHz at S=9+30dB level, all over Europe at 2040 UT
on Dec 5.  S=9+25dB even on east coast NoAM in Florida SDR.

Less strong in short distance in central Europe S=8-9 fluttery
on both 15390 and 15500 kHz.

15500 kHz in western England stronger at S=9+15dB strength.

Both 15390 and 15500 kHz only S=6 signal readable
in east coast NoAM in Florida-US state at 2100 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

SRI LANKA   Reception of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation SLBC from
Trincomalee on Dec 3
1115-1215 9720 TRM 125 kW 345 deg to SoAs Hin/Mal/Hin/Tam, weak/fair
from 1200 9720 XIA 500 kW 145 deg to SEAs Filipino CRI co-channel.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)
seemingly back on usual SLBC Trinco service schedule now, wb.

TAIWAN   Frequency change of Radio Taiwan International
via Paochung site, Dec 8
1600-1700  NF6185  PAO 300 kW 225 deg to SoAS English, ex9405

Suab Xaa Moo Zoo / Voice of Hope via Tamshui site, Dec 8
2230-2300  7530 TSH 100 kW 250 deg to SoEaAS Hmong, fair signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

TAIWAN   RTI in B-17 season.
Thanks very much to Hiroyuki Komatsubara for posting the following.


"Thanks to Ron-san for this information !!
Thanks to PERSEUS servers around the world !

New frequency: 9545 kHz *1200 UT - Chinese
// Live stream:  <http://www.rti.org.tw/>

 5900 kHz 1200-1400 1234567 Chinese
 6180 kHz 1000-1600 1234567 Chinese
 7300 kHz 1000-1300 1234567 Chinese
 7445 kHz 1200-1500 1234567 Chinese
 9660 kHz 1000-1600 1234567 Chinese
 9680 kHz 1100-1400 1234567 Chinese
11985 kHz 1200-1300 1234567 Chinese

Chinese:  <http://www.rti.org.tw/upload/material/150935371792054.pdf>
It has not been fixed yet. Because of Jamming from China, I can not
confirm whether it was moved or added.

Shaikh Jawahar -at- WRTH-F_B was reporting


1600-1700 6185 kHz. This is new schedule, broadcasting time was added.

[posted later]  Chinese service - New schedule list:

English service:  <http://english.rti.org.tw/whatsNew/?recordId=1026>
From December 1st to January 31st, RTI's transmission to South Asia
from 1600 to 1700 UT on 9405 kHz will be switched to 6185 kHz.
Japanese service:  <http://japanese.rti.org.tw/whatsNew/?recordId=27313>

From December 1st to Febr 28
2230-2330 9735kHz (ex: 2200-2300 9735 kHz)
... *Other language services may be changed as well*."
(second item)
Thanks very much also go to Ivo Ivanov for the following info.

"Hi Ron, Yes, 1200-1258 UT on 9545 kHz is Radio Taiwan Int in Chinese,
probably via Tamshui tx site, weak to fair signal on Dec 3."

On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 4:17 AM, Wolfgang Bueschel wrote:
On Dec 3rd - nothing on empty channel 9545 UT today, not at 1000 UT,
nor on 1215 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 1 / 3)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   7285  BBC - from Al Dhabayya UAE site,
at 0318-0359* UT on Dec 3, several men speaking in the Arabic
language, brief instrumental music followed by more talk features.
Poor signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

USA   Is Dave Frantz OK at WWRB ?
Since at least Thursday evening, WWRB has been stuck on 9370 kHz all night
and all day with no modulation, still so at 1616 UT today Sunday Dec 3.
This is unusual even for WWRB, so I am getting concerned that something
may have happened to Dave Frantz. Someone should check at the station or
try to contact him. WRTH info:
6755 Shady Grove Road, Morrison TN 37355 USA.  (transmitter and studio)
Phone 931-728-6087.  <dfrantz -at- wwrb.org>  <http://www.wwrb.org>
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 3)

USA   3185 / 9370  WWRB. Came to life last night with BS resumed on 3185
kHz at 0723 UT Dec 5, still at 1330 UT, and by 1437 UT back to 9370 kHz.
So Dave or somebody is running it now, leaving us with mystery of why they
were in dead air for four days and nights.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 5)

USA   7355  Radio Marti (7435 kHz Greenville NC 0000-0700 & 1100-1400 UT;
7375 kHz 2200-2300 UT) at UT 1310 in Spanish on frequency previously
occupied by RNZI and KNLS, man and woman, ID, // 7435 kHz via Greenville.
Both fair, Dec 7.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

USA   Good signal Brother HySTAIRical via WHRI Angel 1/2,
new 6040 kHz on Dec 8

WHRI Angel 1
2200-2300 6040^ HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR En Mon-Fri Brother Stair
2200-2300 6040^ HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR En Sat/Sun other rlg pxs
2300-2400 6040^ HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR En Sat vary rlg programs

WHRI Angel 2
2300-2400 6040^ HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR En Mon-Fri Brother Stair
2300-2400 6040^ HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR En Sun vary rlg programs
^ from March 3 again back on 9505 kHz instead.

Reception of Brother HySTAIRical WHRI Angel 2, Dec 9
0600-0700  7315 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English, good
0700-0800  7355 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English, good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

UZBEKISTAN   7625  V.O. the Wilderness (via RRTM  RED  Telecom Tashkent
Uzbekistan bcast center at 76degrees azimuth). Carrier already on
at 1326 UT. 1330 UT wind blowing SFX, trumpet fanfare, short opening
in Korean by M, then soft vcl song. Barely audible at 1429 UT, mx.
Nowhere near what it was 2 weeks ago.

5900  IBRA Radio. (via RRTM  RED  Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center
at 131degrees azimuth). 2358 UT on Dec 1 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
IS, 2359 UT lively vcl by M, 0001 UT short opening anmnt by W in presumed
Bangla. Weak but there and clear.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 1 / 3)

UZBEKISTAN   North Korea Reform Radio via BaBcoCk FMO,
RRTM  RED  Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center, Dec 8
2030-2130  7500 TAC 100 kW 076 deg to NoEaAS Korean, fair signal

Reception of Bible Voice Broadcasting via BaBcoCk FMO,
RRTM  RED  Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center, Dec 9
1400-1415 6260 TAC 100 kW 131 deg to SoAs English Sat, weak signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

ZAMBIA  13680, Voice Of Hope Zambia, Makeni Ranch. At 1155 UT on Nov 18.
Carrier present at tune-in, moments later into something with a repetitive
chord note and male voice cycling (unsure if they have an actual interval
signal), then at 1200 UT a clear ID by male, into apparent preaching in
English. Weak. Recheck a few times an hour and more later, carrier
present, but no audio. Final recheck at 1720 UT, nothing (listed at 1700
UT closing). Not present or propagating in the local noise the following
day (Sunday). Website schedule continues to show this as Saturday and
Sunday-only, // 9680 kHz.
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, dxld Nov 28)

13680, Voice of Hope Zambia Africa at 1630 UT Nov 25 in English with a
program featuring religious pop songs by former member of Destiny's Child.
Very Good greyline reception. Also Very Good same time Nov 26.
(Mick Delmage-Alb-CAN, dxld Nov 28)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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