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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1513                                                   07 Aug 2022

ALASKA   KNLS Alaska Anchor Point, both TXs on air July 31, at 10.40 UT

re: inactive at present. Seemingly 2nd tx of KNLS repaired already,
see present NASWA Journal #7 of July 2022 outlet.

Updated Summer A22 schedule of KNLS The New Life Station via Anchor Point

0800-0900 on  9695 English tx#2, inactive at present
0800-0900 on 11875 Chinese tx#1

0900-1000 on  9695 Russian tx#2, inactive at present
0900-1000 on 11875 Chinese tx#1

1000-1100 on  9580 English tx#1
1000-1100 on  9685 Chinese tx#2, inactive at present

Today July 31 at 10.40 UT both txs at KNLS Anchor Point ALS
on air again:
9580 and 9685 kHz noted in JPN and KOR remoted SDRs
at S=9+20dB or -53dBm signal level. (wb df5sx)

1100-1200 on  9580 Russian tx#2, inactive at present
1100-1200 on  9730 Chinese tx#1

1200-1300 on  7355 English tx#2, inactive at present
1200-1300 on  9795 English tx#1

1300-1400 on  7395 Chinese tx#2, inactive at present
1300-1400 on  9740 Chinese tx#1

1400-1500 on  7355 Chinese tx#1, inactive at present
1400-1500 on  9580 English tx#2

1500-1600 on  9760 Chinese tx#1, inactive at present
1500-1600 on  9800 Russian tx#2

1600-1800 on  9580 Russian tx#2
1600-1800 on 11870 Chinese tx#1, inactive at present
(DX Mix-Bulgaria; via NASWA Journal #7 of July 2022)

ARMENIA    QSL TWR via Yerevan Gavar bcast center.
Received e-QSL for reception Trans World Radio (13690 kHz, via Yerevan
Gavar) in Awadhi language. Reception Report was sent to:
<asiafeedback -at- twr.org>
(Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk-RUS, hcdx July 31)

AUSTRALIA   2310 kHz  Shortwave Australia, Bendigo-VIC. A new station in
AM, good signal at 0930 UT with a replay of an old show celebrating the
Melbourne MW station 3KZ. July 12. See my recent post for more information
about this station.


2368.44 kHz  Radio Symban, Hurlstone Park-NSW. 1905 UT Endless Greek music
with no anncts, fair signal. Their website has been parked, but the F_B
page appears active under the moniker "Symban World Radio" July 15.

(Rob Wagner VK3BVW, Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS; ARDXC ADXN PDF file of Aug 4
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews)

AUSTRALIA   Pirate station (?) in Eibi list.

2368.4 kHz 0600-2100 UT Radio Symban Hurlstone Par E Gre Hurlstone P irr

Radio Symban back on air & and historical pics. Noted a few weeks ago that
'Radio Symban' 2368.5 kHz was off air. However checking again a couple of
days ago I notice it's back on air again.

Keeping with the theme of this group; I notice on the 'Radio Symban' F_B
page a Feb 19th, 2022 pinned post showing 32 pics of the station. Included
amongst them all are several pics showing the erecting of the SW mast at
many of the SW TX sites that 'Radio Symban' has broadcasted from in the

(Ian  Shortwavesites"  <ian.swsites -at- gmail.com>  July 31)

CANADA   6070 kHz  CFRX Toronto (Mississauga xmtr) ON; at 1455-1500+UT
Aug 2; "News-Talk 10-10 Toronto", "News-Talk 10-10 where Toronto gets
answers"; Call-in show re smoking in outdoor public places; news ToH.
S8-9, // 1010 kHz CFRB at QRN level.
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, wor Aug 5)  6069.978 kHz at 1315 UT on Aug 5th. wb.

CZECH REPUBLIC  Two masts of the former high power Czech Radio transmitter
in Topolna, Czechia (LW 270 kHz) were demolished today.
(Karel Honzik-CZE, to mwcircle iogrup 2022-July-28 via Medium Wave Info
via BrDXC-UK iogroup July 28)

On July 28, two masts of the radio center "Topolna" (CZE) were dismantled,
from which the program "CRo Radiozurnal" was broadcast at a frequency of
longwave 270 kHz.  Video - 1:52 m/s


(Aleksey Yankovsky, Minsk-BLR,  <https://vk.com/radioreceiver>  via
RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

[ LONGWAVE BROADCASTING ]   The Slow Demise of Longwave Broadcasting.

There are only few active high-powered long-wave broadcast stations

One of the longest serving stations, the Czech transmitter at Topolna, has
now fallen silent. Starting regular services in 1923, seeing turbulent
times during the second World War, and again during the Czech uprising in
1968, high operational costs finally sealed its fate. Despite the Czech
Senate Defence and Security Committee calling on the government to main-
tain the transmitters for emergency services, while the Ministry of
Culture deciding whether to declare the Topolna transmitter a monument,
Ceske Radiokomunikace blew up two 270-meter-high masts of the Topolna
long-wave transmitter on Thursday, the 28th of July. Even the neighbour-
ing village and its mayor was not made aware of the plans, they also
wanted to keep the station as a memorial.
(IRTS Radio News Bulletin; via Mike Terry-UK, wor August 5)

CZECH REPUBLIC / CSR / CSSR radio history of longwave stations

[CSSR radio history]   Tesla 750 kW transmitters, Cesky Rozhlas.

Litomysl / Podebrady / Topolna etc.

Wo liegt denn exact der LW Sender 272/270 kHz ?

CZE_Uherske_Hradiste_Topolna_LW 272/270 kHz ?
Das Dorf Topolna liegt 7 km nordoestlich von Uherske Hradiste und 6 km
suedlich von Napajedla. Der Standort des Senders wurde mal als "im March-
tal zwischen Uherske Hradiste und Napajedla" beschrieben, er koennte also
westlich des Dorfes, mehr oder weniger dicht am Fluss liegen.
(Wian Stienstra-HOL, Sept 1, 2008year)

Today I received a nice QSL card direct from longwave stn
Topolna Czech Republic using LW freq 272/270 kHz. They are using 2 x DRV
txs with a power of 750 kW, antenna is a 2/4 vertical.
(Ruud Vos-HOL, Jan 22, 2000year)

Tour of the 272/270 kHz transmitter at Topolna near Uherske Hradiste, with
2 x DRV 750 transmitters from 1978year (obviously they produce the current
output of 650 kW by running only one of them anymore):


Old 2 x DRV 200 transmitters from 1951year, presumably identical to the
old longwave transmitter at Burg which remained in operation almost two
decades longer than the DRV 200 gear at Topolna, until late 1996 / early
1997 (replaced by a Telefunken TRAM 50 then):



CZE_Uherske_Hradiste_Topolna_LW 270 kHz 750/375 kW.
2014year: 50 kW TransRadio Berlin tx

49 07 25.50 N  17 30 48.13 E

The Topolna transmitter was reconstructed in the 1970s. The antenna system
(2 unipoles) was rebuilt to the ARPO II system (by Ing. Hauska, CSc), the
transmitter DRV 400/200 was replaced by DRV 1500/750. It is still trans-
mitting in this configuration (power reduced to approx. 600 kW).

Ceske Radiokomunikace a.s.
Station Engineer
Transmitter Station
Oblast Jizni Morava
RKS AM1   Topolna,
CZ-687 11 Topolna, Czech Republic, Europe.

Topolna replaced the old Liblice longwave {LW Liblice rather longwave in
1945-1951 era, * LW Podebrady 173 kHz jamming site from 1953 year gainst
VoA Munich } transmitter
(Liblice-1, as opposed to the mediumwave site Liblice-2)

In the past the location of this station had not been published and re-
mained unknown to an astonishing extend, considering that this was not
a USSR site.
Cf. this article from an insider of Czech broadcasting:

<http://members.aon.at/wabweb/radio/lw5.htm>  broken URL now

Similar installations, just in the mediumwave variant of this transmitter
(SRV 750), are Liblice-2 on 639 kHz, Velke Zaluzje on 1098 kHz and pre-
sumably also the Polish transmitter at Koszecin near Czestochowa
(1080 kHz) Koszecin 2 x 750 kW tx.

Liblice transmitter (see also links there):

One of the SRV 750's at Liblice:
(Kai Ludwig-D to Olle Alm-SWE, July 18, 2007 year)

*  and some Czech longwave details of Sept 2008 year:

HISTORY of Podebrady - even as Nazi Radio Broadcast occupied location.

The past 60 years have been anything but easy for this Central European
broadcaster silenced for six years during World War II, followed by
another 40 years with a notable exception in the late sixties by per-
manent conflict between the ruling ideology and courageous yet powerless

The fore runner of the tube manufacturer TESLA "Elektra" transmitted ex-
perimental short wave signals on a 10-50 watt unit from their factory
around 1923 and a British listener wrote to an early 1960's Prague DX pro-
gramme saying he remembered hearing them.

In 1926 Radiojournal launched the most powerful transmitter in Europe.
This new 5 kW transmitter who's output equalled the combined power of all
radio transmitters then operating in Asia began by testing with classical
music across the Atlantic. The response indicated that the signal on a
wavelength of 368 meters {817 kHz} reached America loud and clear.

The construction of a SW transmitter at Podebrady was sanctioned in 1934
and the work was expedited as the political situation in Europe worsened.
The first Radio Prague test by the 30 kW unit was during the night of
24 July 1936. he second test on 13 August 1936 lasted for 24 hours with
foreign language announcements interspersing gramophone records.

Radio Prague, call sign OLR, commenced regular shortwave broadcasting at
0900 UT on 31 August 1936. {...}

CZE_Podebrady_former_longwave POD Podebrady CZE,
OKI SW_site OMA / OLB 5 / OLT

CZE_Podebrady_OLR_LW_station at
50 08 11.70 N  15 08 39.88 E
tall 2 x LW mast former location, seen on Google Earth picture of 1 Jan,
2004year. {(? my guess LW stn was used for VOA Munich LW 173 kHz jamming,
together with Koe-Wue GDR unit. Now CZE erected a golf club course playing
ground there. wb, 2022}
(wb, Dec 31, 2006year)


Jan 1994 by AWR Adrian Peterson
In 1934, an imported Marconi SW transmitter from England, rated at 30 kW,
was installed at Podebrady. Regular broadcasting from this unit OKI, began
on August 31, 1936, using any of three omnidirectional antennas according
to frequency. A directional antenna was installed for use in the service
beamed to the United States.

In 1938, following the German annexation, SW broadcasting from Podebrady
continued, and during the following year, two new transmitters, each of
30 kW were added. These were given the collective callsign, OLR, with a
suffix numeral indicating the unit and channel in use. However, 3 years
later, in 1942, German callsigns were introduced for the Podebrady trans-
mitters, and the collective call became DHE2A. This alphanumeric designa-
tion was in use for four years.

Following the events of World War 2, SW broadcasting from Czechoslovakia
was recommenced in 1947. Then, for a period of twelve years beginning in
1950, many new transmitters were installed progressively at PTT Podebrady.

CZECH REPUBLIC    Radio Metropolis plans to transmit in the 31, 41,
and 49 m bands. They would transmit to Eastern EUR in Czech, English &
German, to NoAM in German & English, and in Czech & English to SoAM.
Two 40 kW txs at PTT Podebrady are to be used and the station wants to
promote the image of the Czech Republic and focus on the role of Czech
companies, businessmen and capital in the world context.
(NASWA, Aug 1994; via df5sx wwdxc germany)

Radio Metropolis is a regular private local FM station in Czech capital
Prague, acc WRTH on 106,2 MHz.  Address given "Radio Metropolis Prague",
Jeseniova 38, CZ-130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic.
(Karel Honzik, CSDXC, Dec 1994; via df5sx wwdxc germany )

Radio Metropolis Prague is using exCzech jamming equipment against Western
radio stations in approximate 1950-1980 era, at historic SW site PTT
Podebrady, east of Prague. Two 40 kW txs are combined to 80 kW outlet.
(ORF Vienna SW Panorama progr, Dec 1994, via df5sx wwdxc germany)

After 73 years in service Czech tx site PTT Podebrady has been closed
OLR call, in German Nazi occupation era as 'DHE2A'.
(CSDXC via AWR Wavescan, June 23, 1996year)

[comment by WB: In its life Podebrady site used for Radio Prague in pre-
war era, during German occupation for German Foreign Radio sce, for Time
Signal st OMA, weather fax services, as well as for diplomatic network
in former CSR/CSSR.
(BC-DX #238 via df5sx wwdxc germany, June 1996year)

New languages were added and broadcasting hours extended until by 1939year
Radio Prague was on the air for 19 hours a day. During the Nazi occupation
Radio Prague remained silent although the transmitter was used for three
hours a day to broadcast propaganda to ex-patriots living in North America

The legendary "Calling All Czechs" message went out on 5th May, 1945year
Prague was back on the air. Thereafter services in many languages were
introduced, but by 1946 forced by economic consideration the half-hour
format of the newly added languages was reduced to 15 minutes.

After the Communist coup in 1948 Czechoslovak Radio was nationalized to
become a propaganda mouthpiece for Moscow. Even so, expansion continued
apace with the [Bratislava] Velke Kostolany 100 kW facility being
inaugurated in May of the following year. Litomysl [east of Prague] was
inaugurated in 1955 with two 100 kW units and a 300 kW medium wave
transmitter, composed of two 150 kW units.

Then in May 1956year, two Tesla 100 kW short wave transmitters were in-
stalled at Rimavska Sobota [in Southern Slovakia, near Hungarian border].

The Czech Home Service to Europe 0300-2300 (0400-2300 Sat & Sun) is now
on long wave 270 kHz from Uherske Hradiste - Topolna.

During 1968-1969 the two Litomysl transmitters were replaced by five
Tesla 100 kW units. This was followed by the replacement of the Velke
Kostolany {Slovakia} units with 100 kW Tesla units.

(Radio Prague leaflet "60years of R Prague", via WDXC Contact, Feb 1997)

270 kHz longwave Topolna Uherske Hradiste
<http://radioklub.smtpl.cz/akcelist?akce=20050603&zpet=text> broken URL


eine ganze Menge Bilder, direkt am Wasser des Flusses, TX Haus, Antennen
leider keine Koordinaten, aber aufgrund des weissen TX Haus und der
moeglichen Antennenlage auf dem Gelaende, ist das
49 07 57 N  17 30 18 E

alter Liblice Mast, noerdlicher beim Ort Liblice, dann Liblice 2 etwas
suedlicher davon



und noch viele Fotos von den CZE Sendern:


darunter 1071 kHz Koenigsgraetz Stezery, mit Jammer Masts aehnlichen
Gebilden und auch Diplomaten / Spionage Log-Periodic Antennen - M5.
CZE_1071_Hradec_Kralove_+diverse exJammer?+M5espionage?

15 44 40 E  50 13 50 N



und auch Litomysl gefunden, schoene Bilder

49 49 N  16 18 27 E

JAMMING   [Poland/CSR]  History.   <http://cbc.am/jamming.pdf>

See also same photo on

LW 173 kHz jamming against VOA at Podebrady.

In a international law treaty in Warsaw in 1953 Poland and CSSR signed a
contract of common RADIO JAMMING on LW, MW and SW against US RL/RFE/VOA


On 17 Dec 1954 was a meeting of representatives of Czechoslovakia and MV
PLR to deepen cooperation in the defense against a hostile broadcasting.
The existing collaboration was characterized as very beneficial. She was,
according to participants in the meeting to further develop thanks to the
expanding construction of new transmitters in the FRG. At the meeting it
was agreed to begin construction of a broadcasting center for the long-
wave interference in the PLR ?? and one in Czechoslovakia, organize
exchange of experience and further consultation.

MW Stargard Tychovo-POL Jamming station,
POL_R Polonia_Stargard Szcecinski_1502/1503kHz 300kW dismanteled (Tychowo)
53 19 07.91 N  15 07 40.87 E  2-masts dismanteled already in 2011 year

And original document copies on negotiations between PPR and CSR on 17 Dec
1954 in Prague and 8 March 1955 Warsaw put on


[it would be helpful, if some Polish and Czech-Slovak DXers audience could
translate these documents into English langue documents]


POL against RFE/RL and other western and eastern [Novi Sad YUG, ALB, CHN]
radio stations 4 - 18 MHz Jamming stations at Litzbarku Warminski 10 x 50

MW 719 jamming war from Stargard Szcecinski Tychowo 2x60/120 kW (Szczecin,
later location of Polish Radio 1503 kHz foreign service) and shortwave
12 x 50 kW.
53 19 07.91 N  15 07 40.87 E  2-masts dismanteled already in 2011 year.


and 719 kHz also jammed these days from // places in PPR and CSR like
Wroclav-PPR [2x40 kW FM mode], Rothsorben Zorawina
50 59 11.85 N  17 01 11.34 E
and Melnik-CSR Chloumek 100 kW  50 22 22.00 N  14 31 14.00 E

Later completeted jamming by an additional FM network of 40 kW power each
on MW 719 / 720 kHz at

Plzen Kosutka suburb?      49 46 51.39 N  13 21 00.67 E
? or Prestice Zerovice     49 34 35.67 N  13 18 32.64 E
Bratislava Velke Kostolany 48 31 05.54 N  17 43 25.46 E
Mnichovo Hradiste          50 32 58.84 N  14 59 07.67 E
Moravske Budejovice        49 04 26.83 N  15 42 32.90 E
Karlovy Vary               50 14 18.83 N  12 49 23.03 E
CZE_Karlovy Vary, Stara Role (Karlsbad) RFE 1287 20 kW
thanks, according Karel Honzik-CZE  Feb 14, 2008year.
Kosice probably Citatize   48 47 59.99 N  21 23 59.99 E

RFE jamming monitoring station at Drahelcice westerly of Prague,
no antennas seen so far at present, probably

CSR_CZE_former RFE / RL JAMMING monitoring control station
50 01 53.24 N  14 11 13.67 E

Housing scrapped, between 2006 and 2013 G.E. satellite images visible.

another (LW & MW?) Jamming control unit installed at
Brno Komarov-CZE at 49 10 01.93 N  16 38 16.78 E

On CSR Czech archive confidential paper also mentions of OLR LW and SW
Podebrad station (? my guess was used for VOA Munich LW 173 kHz jamming,
together with Koe-Wue GDR unit), and but also SW jamming via Litomysl and
Velke Kostolany near Bratislava. Also mentions IBRA Sines, TWR MC, RTL
Luxembourg, RAI, REE, Vatican radio and DLF Mainflingen jamming portions.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Feb 8, 2008year)

FRANCE   Special SW transmissions for Les Sables to Azores yacht race.

The annual Mini 6.50 yacht race from Les Sables (France) to the Azores
is underway,

TDF is carrying special SW broadcasts to participants from 1500-1530 UT
on 5975 and 13735kHz via TDF Issoudun. Confirmed on 22 July with a strong,
clear signal on 5975 kHz, much weaker on 13735 kHz.
Weather reports in French from 1500-1515 and in English from 1515-1530 UT.

Transmitter went off abruptly at 1530 UT while the forecast was still in
progress. The official web site for the race is at

Heard on 30 July on 13735 kHz only with weather report in English at 1505
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine Aug 6)

Along with this 1500-1530UT transmission which is in AM and scheduled from
19 July-16 August, HFCC also lists a schedule of "Sailor DRM tests" taking
place until 30 September:

0000-0100  6040       1 Aug-30 Sep
0600-0700  6115  9740 19 Jul-30 Sep
1200-1300 13730 15535 19 Jul-30 Sep
1800-1900  7305 11915 15535 19 Jul-30 Sep (all via TDF Issoudun bcast)

(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine Aug 6)

GERMANY  [Polarstern ship]  "Interview unter dem Turm" mit Andreas Mueller
DL3LRM - Funker auf dem Schiff "Polarstern"

In der Videoreihe "Interview unter dem Turm" stellt Ihnen der DARC Funk-
amateure und ihre Leidenschaft fuer ihr Projekt vor. In der Folge 34
sprechen wir mit Andreas Mueller, DL3LRM.

Er berichtet von seiner Arbeit als Funker an Bord des Forschungsschiffes
"Polarstern". Es wird vom Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI) betrieben.
Der Zuschauer erfaehrt Details ueber das Leben und Arbeiten in der

Den kurzweiligen Videobeitrag finden Sie auf dem DARC-YouTube-Kanal


(via DARC DL-Rundspruch #31, Aug 4)

GERMANY/GDR_radio_history    Young Radio DT64 in a book on GDR media.

I fear the book chapter is symptomatic in itself, in particular at page
147 bottom and 148 top. "At the same time, Jugendradio DT 64 should not
be celebrated as a rebel broadcasting station, as several previous staff
members have argued" - no citation for this. I'm not aware of anyone ever
having made such a claim, so it's indeed the most controversial thesis of
the whole text that comes without backup. The reason why I have to ask can
be found even in one of the cited references, the 52.).
The quoted text "Die kleine Renitenz" closes with: "And today?"

58.) of course concerns only the [exReichspost Oranienburg Rehmate]
Zehlendorf longwave transmitter, not mediumwave and FM. And no "new Voice
of the GDR" had been founded in 1972, it was merely a new name for
Deutschlandsender, adopted for obvious reasons.
The mentioned website is at ... <https://www.meindt64.de>

It so happens that the first embedded video on the start page is about
"also on AM", rather as of 1 July 1992: On AM *only*. And it could be of
interest where Joerg Schulze, who can be seen and heard hosting from 0:45
and from 12:05, went shortly after this:

Quite a lot of the material therein appeared online only recently, such as
the video about 31 Dec 1991 that went up exactly 30 years after. Old RBI
listeners could find interesting what on
<https://www.meindt64.de/chronik/>  appears under 03.07.1992.

And under 30.06.1993 are inside views of the 1953 vintage transmitter.
This is just a 250 kW upgrade of pre-1945 100 kW designs, developed in
a hurry when Germany found its remaining mediumwave outlets suffering
severe interference from foreign stations running unauthorized powers,
thus decided (both parts of it) to ignore the restrictions imposed by the
Copenhagen plan schedule just as well.

Two of these transmitters each were installed at Berlin-Koepenick and
Burg, a single one each at Wilsdruff ("Dresden") as well as Wachenbrunn
("Suhl" but later, to differentiate from a local FM facility, officially
renamed) and Woebbelin ("Schwerin").
And Zehlendorf was a combination of three such blocks. (*)

What seems to be almost forgotten: The AM transmission from 1986 to 1990
on 657 kHz. That was one of the old Burg transmitters, but 5-19 local time
only, plus 20 kW from "Neubrandenburg" which I understand was Helpterberg.

Before this frequency carried Berliner Rundfunk, also from Reichenbach
( {former Nazi Schlesienradio, wb.} the one near Goerlitz) which was
supposed to stay with this programme and thus moved to 1188 kHz where it
remained until its final closure in 2013.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Aug 6)

(*)  Koepenick MW transmitter also in Bulgaria.
That's not in Germany but in Bulgaria, the Grivitsa transmitter near
Pleven, with 250 kW on 594 kHz. This is the only known transmitter of this
Funkwerk Koepenick MW tx design outside Germany, and by now it is the only
one still in operation as well. It is quite obvious that it was not just
a delivery of a transmitter but rather a turnkey project, judging from
the antenna installation which is a clone of what could (and in many
cases still can) be seen on the East German sites.

The Grivitsa picture belongs to this page
<http://www.predavatel.com/bg/8/en_ple.htm>  URL broken now

Pleven 1, 594 kHz PLV 250 kW 0300-2100 Horizont HS-1

and it is intriguing to see also shortwave curtains there:
<http://www.predavatel.com/bg/8/ple/gri_3.jpg>  URL broken now


When I made this video, I made a few inaccuracies, for which I apologize.
First, the medium-wave transmitter is manufactured by the East German com-
pany VEB Funkwerk Koepenick. The station entered regular operation on
December 18, 1955. The cooling of the water from the end lamps took place
in condensers blown by fans. The cooling basins were for the shortwave
SNEB - jamming site installation.
(sacho5 21 Febr 2012)



Is anything known about shortwave operations from this site? Perhaps it
was never used for actual shortwave broadcasting but instead for jamming
towards the USSR? (I.e., to jam transmissions aiming at the USSR, as it
had been done from Czechoslovakia, too.)

(Kai Ludwig-D, Jan 2007year)

BUL  3 x curtain antennas / 4 masts / anti Radio Liberty USSR jamming at
75degr towards USSR, G.C 24.75461570284225 East  43.4084321750483  North

43 24 28.47 N  24 45 24.66 E
43.40790833333333 N  24.75685 E  coordinates>

Seen still on G.E. til September 2013 scrap action

Also another 2 mast curtain antenna at 75 degr
BUL_anti RL USSR jamming 75degr curtain Kavkaz UZB KAZ
43 24 34.78 N  24 44 39.76 E

BUL_Pleven Gravitsa-2  1296 kHz 30 kW formerly
43 24 28.19 N  24 44 31.79 E

INDONESIA   3325 kHz  VoIndonesia, Palangkaraya. 1915 UT Pop music and
frequent IDs in the Dutch service, fair signal. Not heard on the // 4750
kHz except for the powerful co-channel Bangladesh Betar, July 15.
(Rob Wagner VK3BVW, Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS; ARDXC ADXN PDF file of Aug 4
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews)

JAPAN   JG2XA - HF Doppler Experimental station JG2XA.

JG2XA (5006 / 8006kHz)is now operated by Professor Keisuke Hosokawa,
Graduate School of Informatic and Engineering, The University of
Electro-Communications, in Chofu City, Tokyo. Professor Hosokawa
describes in his home page

<http://gwave.cei.uec.ac.jp/>  and

<http://gwave.cei.uec.ac.jp/~hfd/>   as follows:

JG2XA "HF Doppler" shortwave experimental station is for remote sensing
of the ionosphere (100-300 km altitude) using shortwave radio waves, which
has been carried out since 2003. It consists of 1 transmitting station and
11 receiving stations.

This technique is called shortwave Doppler observation (HF Doppler: HFD),
which monitors the vertical motion of ionospheric plasma from the Doppler
shift (change in frequency) imprinted when a transmitted radio wave is
reflected in the ionosphere. Using this technique, it is possible to

1) large-scale disturbances in the ionosphere associated with solar
   flares, magnetic storms and auroral substorms,

2) localised ionospheric phenomena such as sporadic E and medium-scale
   propagating ionospheric disturbances, and

3) ionospheric wave motions associated with ground-based extreme natural
   phenomena (typhoons, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis).

4) Extreme natural phenomena (typhoons, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis)
   occurring on the ground. Ultimately, we hope to visualise ionospheric
   fluctuations over a wide area in three dimensions by transmitting
   radio waves at multiple frequencies and deploying receiving systems
   at multiple locations in Japan.

The real situation of the observation is shown at

(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 30)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   Bishkek - Red River Tx site, Kyrgyzstan. Part I

The LW/MW/SW transmitting center was built on the location of a military
encampment Krasnaya Rechka (Red River) in the Ysyk-Ata district about
40 km East of Frunze - at that time the name of the capital of the Kyrgyz
SSR at G.C. location 42 52 50 N  74 59 24 E

Later in 1991 the original name of the city was returned to become Bishkek
which means " Mount that brings happiness". Nowadays it's very hard to
find any detailed information about the history of the Tx site, to my
regret. I could find just fragmentary pieces of information.

In the early images of Google Earth many SW antennas could be seen, mostly
dipoles and four MW masts, including a tall LW standing apart. Also it's
known that the Tx center used at least two Russian made transmitters:

RV-715 SNEG-M (snow) of 100 kW (1971) and
RV-716 (KV-50) of 100 kW (1961).
Of course, there were many more transmitters.

There was a transmission on 200/198 kHz at 150 kW in Kazakh, Kyrgyz,
Russian, Uighur and Uzbek. The report of 2018 listed this station as in-
active. On the MW band the center used the frequencies of 612, 1431 and
1467 kHz. As for the contents of their programs we can be sure that they
were the Soviet type of propaganda.

In its long history the center had different names for their stations and
used many SW frequencies but only in the 75/60m bands.

Kyrgyz Radio, Kyrgyz National Radio, Birinchi Radio were the names of the
stations, which worked on 4010, 4050, 4795, 4820, 4940, and 6030 kHz in
different times. The Radio Rossii quite often relayed its programs in
Russian on 4050 kHz.

In accordance with Passport World Band Radio in the 1980's - 1990's Kyrgyz
Radio was on the air broadcasting their programs to Europe on 4010 and
4050 kHz in English, German and in Russian at a power of 50 kW.
(Lev Lytovchenko-Edmonton-Alb-CAN, SWsites iogroups via wwdxc Aug 3)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   There was a time when the long gone heroes of the hobby
researched USSR shortwave sites just by listening to the sound and ano-
malies of the shortwave frequencies used. Many years after the fall of the
communist regimes, it still takes time and effort to establish the history
of active and gone shortwave stations in the USSR. Recently, I failed in
my research for 95 years of Radio Khabarovsk (September 1927). This is why
I read Lev Lytovchenko's research with great interest.

Unfortunately, in the case of Radio Frunze, I do have a comment to make.
I seriously doubt that there was an external service in German and subse-
quently in English. People tend to forget that there used to be a "German"
minority in Central Asia.

The fascist nationalism brought misery to many nations but also to ethnic
Germans who never were part of a German state. This is particularly true
of USSR citizens who were forcefully deported to Central Asia after the
German invasion of the USSR. I have met survivors and descendents and
listened to their horrible accounts. Stalin did not care about the civi-
lians at Leningrad or Stalingrad and even less for potential collaborators
with the Nazi aggressors.

In 1955, German chancellor Konrad Adenauer made a famous visit to Moscow.
This resulted in the release of surviving prisoners of war, who were after
all these years not always welcomed by their wives ... The visit also re-
sulted in a policy change towards the Soviet German citizens. Radio
stations in Siberia and Central Asia started programmes in German. As a
DXer in the late 70s and 80s, I first learned about the fate of Russland-
Deutsche by listening to Radio Alma Ata (Kazakh SSR) and Radio Frunze
(Kirgiz SSR). There were programmes of birthday greetings which included
biographies from the original Volga region to the current Central Asian

This was long before I owned a computer. According to my computer files,
the German programmes were audible in Europe via a former jamming site
near Moscow in 1989, but my information is sketchy. I think, like in the
case of Radio Almaty, the service to ethnic Germans died down with their
emigration to Russia or Germany after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The last information I have about a German programme of Radio Bishkek
dates from 2003. While Radio Almaty did change from a domestic programme
to an international programme in German, I don't think that Radio Bishkek
at any time targeted an audience in Germany.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wor Aug 6)

Re:  Bishkek - Red River Tx site, Kyrgyzstan. Part I

Radio Bishkek had a small domestic outlet in German language, which was
also on shortwave. The program was made by Talant and Gulnara Azemova who
now offer travel services to Bishkek:
<https://kirgistan-reisen.com/>  but that's long ago.

The low power tx that was on air on 5130 kHz was/is a 15 kW unit called
"Ural", confirmed by the BC centre in Bishkek.
(Christian Milling-D, wor Aug 6)



Bishkek unit 5130v kHz is now used by western religious TWR connected
"Radyo Sedaye Zindagi" Afghan excile radio in Pashto, wb.
Some MW Material of 2015 year:

KYGYZ REPUBLIC   1467  Mediumwave PANI-project Bishkek, Krasnaya Rechka;
middengolf voor Afghanistan, Pakistan, West-China en Noord-India

Published on March 17, 2014  Auto translation
Reached with the PANI-medium wave transmitter TWR about 200 million
potential listeners in Afghanistan, Pakistan, western China and northern
India. They can listen via the transmitter to the Gospel in their own

Image of PANI installation

Auto translation
Andrew Sundar, Director TWR South East Asia, provides an update on the
PANI project: a new powerful medium wave transmitter in Central Asia makes
it possible for about 200 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and
northern India to the Gospel in their own language to hear.
(April 14, 2014year)


TWR Pani program most probably via new 1467 kHz directional antenna
installation at KGZ Kirghizistan Bishkek new sidefire antenna, 4 mast
into direction of 210 degrees mainlobe, towards AFG / PAK-Beluchistan.

Propagation path Bishkek - Karakol - Kazarman - Dedemel - Dshalabad - Osh
- Faizabad - Kabul 1040 km, Quetta Beluchistan 1577km, Gwadar Persian Gulf
2200 km.

"TWR PANI" 1467 kHz 150/500 kW, 210 degrees directional antenna
transmission, at Bishkek, Krasnaya Rechka in Kyrgyz Republic

42 52 42.48 N  74 59 45.32 E

TWR PANI, 1445-1745 kHz, language program details taken thanks of WRTH

Dari 1530-1600, Hindi 1200-1530[except. other langs], Kashmiri Suns
1330-1345, Kumaoni Sats 1345-1355, Pashto Fri 1500-1530, Sat 1515-1530,
daily 1600-1630, Punjabi [except. other langs] Mon-Fri 1330-1430, Sat
1500-1515, Mon/Thur 1500-1530 UT, Urdu daily 1430-1500, Tu/We/Su 1500-
Mon 1515-1530 UT.

On same location Bishkek, Krasnaya Rechka
1287 kHz 150 kW, TWR En 1445-1500 UT, Kazakh 1500-1530, Russian 1630-1700,
1715-1730, Tajik 1700-1715, Uighur 1600-1630, Uzb 1530-1600, 1730-1745 UT

Kyrgyz Radio (KGR-1, Kyrgyz Radiosu) program, 2300-1800 UT
latter // 4009.966 and varying 4819.939/4819.994 kHz shortwave, 15 kW.

Another Christian 15 kW shortwave service heard irregularly in past years,
on 5130v kHz Radio Maranatha/reported as Sadaye Zindage, in Pashto/Dari,
also from Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka site,  n o t  heard daily, 1457-1757 UT
range. Maybe ceased transmission now, when the new MW 1467 kHz broadcast
came on air ?

Maranatha/Sadaye Zindage - last report of Ivo in Bulgaria, July 1, 2014.

KYRGYZ REP   5130  Radio Maranatha, Shortwave Relay Service {with TWR
ties} in Pashto or Dari to WeAsia, at 1736 UT on July 1 on 5130 kHz via
Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek site. (Ivo Ivanov-BUL, dxld July 1, 2014)
(via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 19, 2015)

LATVIA   Georgy Verevkin died ... Yes, this is the same uncle Zhora or
Zhora Riga ...  Many people know him for his numerous positive and useful
videos on repair, prevention and setting up equipment. Let's remember the
great Master!  For those who are not in the know, here is his YouTube

<https://www.youtube.com/c/Georgy Veryovkin Secrets of the Old Radio

(via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

LITHUANIA / UKRAINE    1557 kHz, "Radio Lenta".

(Roger Thauer-D, Aug 6)

On August 1st or shortly thereafter on 1557 kHz a transmission with Rus-
sian language programming appeared. It is announced as "Nasha Lenta",
with online presences using the branding "Radio Lenta".

Of them a Youtube channel specifies the location as Ukraine. An observer
has his doubts: The programming calls the special operation not by a five-
letter word but indeed a special operation, and it talks about the LNR and
DNR without even adding a "so-called". He describes the news reporting
itself as being of neutral appearance.

Another observer thinks that the programming is clearly anti-Russian and
states that he finds the signal to come from the same direction than 1035
and 1386 kHz. Yet another report from Sankt Petersburg says that 1557 kHz
has been found much stronger than 1386 and 1413 kHz as reference, describ-
ed as something never heard on this frequency before.

As well known it has been announced a month ago that the Lithuanian trans-
mitter operator Telecentras has been licenced as program provider for
1557kHz. No further details, such as informations about a usable technical
solution, are known.

Related weblinks are included in the German-language report:

(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Aug 6)

The medium wave frequency of 1557 kHz in Sitkuemai has just been assigned
by the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission to Telecentras: offi-
cially known as the Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre or LRTC.

Telecentras is a state-owned company under the supervision of the Ministry
of Transport and Communications. It will now be up to Telecentras to in-
stall and commission a transmitter and find tenants who will provide the
programmes to be broadcast.

After the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Viesintos transmitter is full.
There are therefore opportunities with international stations.

We have, at the moment, no precision on the power of the transmitter will
be installed. We do not know, either, if the transmitter will have an
international or only national scope.
(Michel Fremy Radio Magazine, via wor 5 July;
in BrDXC-UK "Communications" magazine Aug 6)

MALAYSIA    Radio broadcasting still crucial in Sarawak.

The Borneo Post reports on the importance of radio broadcasting in

Radio broadcasting has imprinted a profound impact on society since its
conception in the early 20th century and despite the emergence of digital
platforms, it remains one of the most powerful communication tools up to
this day.

According to Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Sarawak Radio Section chief
assistant director Marrill Chunggat, radio services in Sarawak continue
to play an important role in reaching out to the masses.

"This is especially in the rural areas that have yet to have digital
accessibility, but can be reached through receptions of bands, waves or
radio frequency transmissions either via shortwave (SW) or frequency
modulation (FM)," he told The Borneo Post.

He said there are some areas in Sarawak, Miri, in particular, which still
use SW-receiving facilities with transmissions being carried out via RTM
Kajang branch transmitter, which is still in operation.

"... the SW band is still needed, especially in the interiors, for the
delivery of information and to keep listeners up-to-date about what's
going on."

Read the full story at


(via Southgate Amateur Radio Club; via Mike Terry-UK wor Aug 2)

NETHERLANDS   Additional registered frequency for Mike Radio via Heerde,
on July 29
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews July 29)

NICARAGUA    Katholische Radiosender abgeschaltet.

Die Regierung hat fuenf Radiostationen in der Dioezese Matagalpa geschlos-
sen, wie die Zeitung "La Prensa" berichtet. Die staatliche Telekommuni-
kationsbehoerde sagte demnach zur Begruendung, dass die Sender ohne
Erlaubnis betrieben wuerden. Das Bistum widersprach.

Nach Angaben der Dioezese seien entsprechende Antraege bereits im 2016 ge-
stellt aber unbeantwortet geblieben. Bereits im Mai hatte die Telekommuni-
kationsbehoerde angeordnet, dass ein katholischer Fernsehkanal nicht mehr
im Kabelfernsehen uebertragen werden darf.

Das Nicaraguanische Zentrum fuer Menschenrechte (Cenidh) sprach von einem
"Akt der Provokation" gegen die Kirche. Die Dioezese Matagalpa erklaerte,
trotz der Restriktionen durch die sandinistische Regierung von Daniel
Ortega auch weiterhin ueber Verstoesse gegen die Meinungsfreiheit und
Religionsfreiheit zu informieren, berichtet die Nachrichtenagentur kna.

(kna-mch, KNA Munich Germany, via VaticanNews Aug 2)

Aug 2:



Vatican News.  Cierran emisoras de la diocesis de Matagalpa Nicaragua.

Poco antes del mediodia del 1 de agosto personal del Instituto Nicara-
gueense de Telecomunicaciones y Correo de Nicaragua, se presento en las
instalaciones de Radio Hermanos de la Diocesis de Matagalpa para notificar
su cierre. Tambien ordeno apagar los equipos, y entrego un documento en el
que se senala el motivo del cierre de tan importante medio de comunicacion
en el norte del pais

En un comunicado al pueblo de Nicaragua - hecho publico el 1 de agosto y
firmado en la ciudad de Matagalpa - la Iglesia informa acerca del con-
tenido de la carta recibida, ese mismo dia, de parte de la directora
general del Instituto Nicaragueense de Telecomunicaciones y Correos,
TELCOR, la senora Nahima Janett Diaz Florez, para comunicar el cierre de
Radio Hermanos con el argumento de que desde el 20 de enero del 2003 no
cuenta con el titulo habilitante.


En una publicacion anterior en F_B, la emisora de radio habia dicho que
"el gobierno sandinista, a traves del Instituto Nicaragueense de Tele-
comunicaciones y Correos, Telcor, mediante el presente comunicado ha
notificado el cierre de Radio Catolica de Sebaco, que transmitia en la
frecuencia 88.9 FM desde el ano 2015".

En el comunicado de Telcor que se muestra en la publicacion de la estacion
el ente regulador de las telecomunicaciones de Nicaragua argumenta que
"hemos constatado que la frecuencia 88.9 MHz se encuentra transmitiendo
con el nombre de 'Radio Catolica de Sebaco', en el municipio de Sebaco,
departamento de Matagalpa, la cual, segun nuestros registros, no cuenta
con ningun titulo habilitante que le autorice la prestacion del servicio
de radiodifusion sonora FM, por lo tanto se encuentra operando de manera

Horas antes, a traves de un comunicado, la diocesis de Matagalpa informo
que, bajo el mismo argumento de no tener habilitacion, Telcor ordeno el
cierre de 7 radios de esa diocesis: Radio Hermanos, Radio Santa Lucia de
Ciudad Dario, Radio Catolica de Sebaco, Radio Aliens de San Dionisio,
Radio San Jose de Matiguas, Radio Monte Carmelo de Rio Blanco, y Radio
Nuestra Senora de Lourdes en La Dalia.

Todas las emisoras de radio son dirigidas por el obispo de la diocesis
de Matagalpa, monsenor Rolando Alvarez, quien dijo durante una homilia
en Matagalpa que sostuvo un encuentro con el fallecido director de Telcor,
Orlando Castillo, en el ano 2016 a quien le presento toda la documentacion
de las radios y le solicito la autorizacion de operacion, pero desde la
fecha no han recibido respuesta.

Monsenor Rolando Alvarez habia expresado el lunes en su cuenta de Twitter:
"Nos han cerrado todas nuestras radios. Pero la palabra de Dios no la

Telcor no ha brindado informacion oficial sobre el cierre de estos medios.
CNN esta buscando una opinion de la institucion a traves del Consejo de
Comunicacion y Ciudadania, pero aun no ha respondido al requerimiento.

[...] In einer frueheren Veroeffentlichung auf F_B hatte der Radiosender
gesagt, dass "die sandinistische Regierung ueber das nicaraguanische In-
stitut fuer Telekommunikation und Post, Telcor, durch diese Erklaerung
die Schliessung von Radio Catolica de Sebaco mitgeteilt hat, das auf der
Frequenz 88,9 FM sendete seit 2015."

In der in der Veroeffentlichung des Senders enthaltenen Telcor-Erklaerung
argumentiert die nicaraguanische Telekommunikationsregulierungsbehoerde,
dass "wir ueberprueft haben, dass die 88,9-MHz-Frequenz unter dem Namen
'Radio Catolica de Sebaco' in der Gemeinde Sebaco, Departement Matagalpa,
gesendet wird, was laut unseren Aufzeichnungen zufolge keinen Ermaech-
tigungstitel hat, der es berechtigt, den UKW-Tonrundfunkdienst bereitzu-
stellen, und daher operiert es illegal".

Stunden zuvor berichtete die Dioezese Matagalpa in einer Erklaerung, dass
Telcor unter dem gleichen Argument, keine Genehmigung zu haben, die
Schliessung von 7 Radiosendern in dieser Dioezese angeordnet habe:

Radio Hermanos,
Radio Santa Lucia de Ciudad Dario,
Radio Catolica de Sebaco.
Radio Aliens aus San Dionisio,
Radio San Jose de Matiguas,
Radio Monte Carmelo aus Rio Blanco und
Radio Nuestra Senora de Lourdes in La Dalia.

Alle Radiosender werden vom Bischof der Dioezese Matagalpa, Monsignore
Rolando Alvarez, geleitet, der waehrend einer Predigt in Matagalpa sagte,
dass er 2016 ein Treffen mit dem verstorbenen Direktor von Telcor, Orlando
Castillo, hatte, dem er alle praesentierte Dokumentation der Funkgeraete
und bat um Betriebserlaubnis, hat aber bis heute keine Antwort erhalten.

Monsignore Rolando Alvarez hatte am Montag auf seinem Twitter-Account zum
Ausdruck gebracht: "Alle unsere Radiosender wurden fuer uns geschlossen.
Aber das Wort Gottes wird nicht zum Schweigen gebracht.

Telcor hat keine offiziellen Informationen ueber die Schliessung dieser
Verkaufsstellen bereitgestellt. CNN bittet die Institution ueber den Com-
munication and Citizenship Council um eine Stellungnahme, hat jedoch noch
nicht auf die Anfrage geantwortet.


(via Paul Gager-AUT, Aug 5)

NIGERIA   Voice of Nigeria has been missing for the past two months when
checked at any of its scheduled times 0600-1100 UT and 1600-2100 UT on
either 7255, 9690, 11770 or 15120 kHz.

The last logs in Communication were in mid May. Reason for the outage is
not known but its likely that that they only had one working transmitter
which may have failed. There have been long periods in the past when VoN
has been missing on SW, so let's hope they manage to get back on the air
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine Aug 6)

Probably new successor company Arete & Cocchi 'Ampegon Power Electronics'
Thurgi Switzerland unit will soon receive an order for the supply of spare
parts and a subsequent repair work of the 3 tx and and antenna control
units. (wb)

PAKISTAN    Radio Pakistan ?to start broadcasting round-the-clock?.

Radio Pakistan will soon start broadcasting round-the-clock from all its
stations in the country, the Director General of Pakistan Broadcasting
Corporation, Sohail Ali Khan, has said.

Addressing a meeting at Radio Pakistan in Lahore on 29 July, he said the
public broadcaster was upgrading its transmitters installed at different
stations so that listeners could enjoy quality transmission across the

He said Radio Pakistan, as the voice of the nation, was playing an impor-
tant role in disseminating information and providing entertainment and

He said the broadcaster was playing an effective role for the promotion of
unity and cohesion across the country.

Mr Sohail Ali Khan also lauded the role of Radio Pakistan in promoting and
preserving arts, culture, and music since the country?s independence in

He said a classical music research cell established at Lahore station
would be rehabilitated and renovated so it could be used as a reference

(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroup / wor Aug 5)

PALAU    Hope Radio from Palau.
Jose, schedule for different days of the week can be found on the bottom
of the page at
<https://hoperadio.net/angel4>  and  <https://hoperadio.net/angel5>
(Andrea Lawendel, wor July 29)

PALAU    Now a days Hope Radio - Palau is noted by me on 15680 kHz at
around 0100-0400 UT on Sundays. Not heard on this frequency at other
timings. Their website has recently removed their frequency schedule info.
Their latest schedule is appreciated. Thanking you,
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia July 29)

PRIVATE and amateurish PIRATE RADIO STATIONS   Mike Radio and Radio Europe

Please note that Mike Radio is an unlicensed radio station, so it should
be listed under 'PIRATES' and not under 'NETHERLANDS'.

Another Dutch station, Radio Europe (often using the slogan 'Radio Jong
Europa') has also been broadcasting on shortwave without a license for
several months. Currently on 6130 kHz. However, Radio Europa now has
a license from the Dutch authorities.

I think, it is remarkable that the HFCC is coordinating frequencies for
shortwave pirates (Mike Radio, Studio Denakker and - for several months
also Radio Europe).
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DNK  <shn -at- wmr.dk>  hcdx July 29)

RUSSIA   Program "Radiopanorama", in Russian. Moscow. World Radio Network.

Program "Radiopanorama" for lovers of long-range radio reception.
- Ministry of Defense of Latvia intends to create a HF communications
- Non-public DRM tests in Australia
- DRM tests for MW in the Czech Republic
- Tests of new HF transmitters in Algeria
- Announcement: regular broadcasts of Andorran radio archives
- Special broadcasts for the Mini Transat yacht regatta
- New registration in HFCC
- Announcements of some historical radio programs

Publication - publication of program details and sound file on the page.
Publication and preparation of the sound file.
(Vladimir Emelyanov, Samara-RUS  <https://vk.com/dxing>  July 30, 2022
via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

RUSSIA   QSL cards; Russian Mail Service again in Summer 2022.

For the first time in a long time, several letters arrived by regular mail

Replied from Japan, Bulgaria and Turkey. At the same time, Japan Post
still does not send correspondence by air, but only by sea. Therefore, the
answer from Tokyo, I suppose, was about a year. Bulgaria resumed mail ex-
change with Russia from July 1, and Turkey, as always, promptly sends
letters by air mail.

July 20 received a verification card from NHK World Japan. I listened to
the transmission in Japanese on August 31, 2021 in Ulan-Ude at a frequency
of 15195 kHz. A card called "Twilight" (Hokkaido) confirms the broadcast
from Yamata Japan bcast center.

Radio Bulgaria responded to reports of listening to web podcasts in
Russian. Online admission dates 05.11.2021, 29.12.2021, 17.01.2022,

Confirmation of acceptance of Tuerkiye'nin sesi radyosu home service has
come from Turkey. Listened in Moscow on June 4, 2022 at a frequency of
9460 kHz.
(Igor Kolke, Moscow-RUS, RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

RUSSIA   History of broadcasting.
5 little-known facts about the radio bunker in Samara.

Near Samara there is a strategically important facility for the whole
country - an underground radio center No. 1 or a radio bunker. He was de-
classified when he had already ceased to perform his functions. The five
most interesting facts about the radio bunker were told in an interview
with 63.RU by the last head of the radio center, Alexander Maximov ...

Now the once important object is in a deplorable state. Nobody needs it,
it was left for looting to miners of non-ferrous metals ...

Details in Russian + pictures at
<https://vk.com/radioreceiver>  via
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

RUSSIA   Former USSR big broadcast center 'Raduga' Novosibirsk.

RUS_Oyash_Raduga_Novosibirsk satellite pictures see under free download


"The transmitters MW-LW 171, 270, 576, 1026 kHz and the old 675 kHz, which
are marked in the table of Novosibirsk radio stations, were scrapped in
2021, along with feeder lines."

55.493991687805575 N  83.69030483682087  E

The pictures are too old to show it.
(Marco 2022-July-25; via RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)


see the the Zarya MW mast line on the left side, and centered a lot of
tall masts too.


see Satellite map picture of 2013:

RUSSIA   Novosibirsk Oyash tx site location, SW antennas dimmly visible
55 31 15.88 N  83 45 16.05 E


RUS_Oyash 675kHz_180degr_azimuth_Malaya Zarya_1.5km_length

RUS_Oyash_1026kHz_165degr_azimuth_Srednyaya Zarya_2.35km_length



N-44-024 maps
(lower left)

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 24, 2011)

Sent:    Friday, September 23, 2011
Subject: Re: Oyash (2)

Ich sehe, dass man die Uebersichtskarte RUSSLAND (auf maps.ggc.ru)
auch zoomen kann und sieht dann das Raster (allerdings nicht mit den
exakten Nummern).

Some older USSR / RUSSIA radio history mails of 2001, 2007 and 2013
years on various Novosibirsk radio centers.

Uebersicht ueber alle jpgs


Ich habe selbst die Raster-Nummern fuer das Gebiet Oyash auf der bei-
gefuegten Karte eingezeichnet, das duerfte beim Downloaden auf

<http://ifaro.nsk.ru/geomaps/25000>  behilflich sein.

From: "Wolfgang Bueschel"  To:   "Lev Lytovchenko."
Subject: Re: DX MIX NEWS  #616
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010

Also Moscow has some different SW locations, but appears on HFCC list
as a single entry.
Please ask WRTH editor Mauno Ritola about this question.

NVS different sites:

RUS_RSDN Alpha Novosibirsk
55 45 22.00 N  84 26 52.40 E

RUS_Oyash Raduga
new NVS SW site
55 29 37.25 N  83 42 23.36 E

RUS_Novosibirsk 1287 kHz 75 kW 40m mast
old NVS SW site
55 07 38.06 N  82 59 19.01 E
{URL broken now}

I guess these are air traffic control units {URL broken now}

RUS_VoRUS_Novosibirsk_34 curtains
54 55 24.38 N  82 51 29.13 E

History of Oct 2001:
> Novosibirsk Hi,  how far are they from each other?

Oyash is at 83.45 E / 55.31 N, the TDP gives 82.58 E / 55.04 N for the old
Novosibirsk site. The latter one case appears to be somewhat complicated,
since this could be in fact two different sites.

I have no very detailled map of Siberia at hand but the coordinates for
Oyash are of course northeast of Novosibirsk, perhaps closer to Tomsk than
Novosibirsk. This site is also called "Raduga".

> There is Novosibirsk II with 250 and 500 kW txs. Is that Oyash?

Certainly. The TDP mentions for Oyash three 2x500 kW units (RV-271, 291
and 295, respectively), and I think most if not all customers use "only"
500 kW anymore.

On the other hand there are likely not less than 24 txs at Novosibirsk
itself, and I could imagine that certain txions which are registered as
250 kW are in fact 200 kW from a pair of these 24 txs.
(Kai Ludwig-D, BC-DX Oct 30, 2001)

Oyash (Raduga) is located about 82km to the NoEast from Novosibirsk centre

Oyash is the nearest town, while Raduga is the village that probably
houses the stn personnel and has the mailing address of the stn.
This site, RC-7), was built in the early '70s.

The big (old, from 1956) SW site RC-5 is located in the SW outskirts of
Novosibirsk, in the Kirovskiy rayon. It has a total power of 2500 kW.

The original Novosibirsk site RC-1 is located in the NoEastern outskirts
of the city in the Kalininskiy rayon. It has a total power of 605 kW, most
of which is LW and MW. It seems to have a few SW trs in the 60 kW range
(BC-DX Oct 30, 2001)

History 2007
The Novosibirsk listings in fact summarize two different sites: 200 kW
transmissions are the radio centre #5 near Novosibirsk, opened in 1956 and
equipped with a number of 100 kW transmitters, run in pairs of course.
Origin of the 500 kW transmission will be the radio centre #9 at
Raduga/Oyash, opened in 1967 and equipped with high power transmitters.

Acc.  <victorcity.dxing.ru>  both sites are located at
54 55 18 N  82 51 22 E  and  55 29 00 N  83 41 12 E

Raduga [Novosibirsk] longwave 270 kHz 150 kW 576 kHz 1000 kW
under low resolution at present.
55 29 45.71 N  83 42 34.66 E
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Oct 1, 2007)

From 2008:
22 Nov, V of Russia, 7340 kHz at 2220 UT in Portuguese, listed as 150 kW
at 245 degrees. (dxld)

KL: See the Voice of Russia schedule in dxld. Apparently this is
Novosibirsk, beaming back to Europe, in use 2000-2300 UT for French,
Spanish and Portuguese.

With 200 kW this is clearly the "real" Novosibirsk site in the southern
outskirts of the town, existing since the fifties an equipped with about
20 transmitters or so, now upgraded to the Sneg-M 100 kW modernization
type (original Sneg's are 50 kW):


The HFCC basket "NVS" also contains transmissions via another site, in the
village of Raduga near Oyash, about 80 km northeast of Novosibirsk. The
shortwave side of this site, built in the seventies, consists of three
1000 kW Buran transmitters, usually run at 500 kW. So one can tell apart
both sites by way of the power.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Nov 24, 2008)

June 2009:
RUSSIA   Google Earth imagery.

#591  Oyash 1026 kHz Bolshaya Zariya
RUS  VoRUS Oyash 1026 kHz
but rather  Srednyaya Zarya  2.5 km long, 165 degrees at
55 29 10.33 N  83 40 30.93 E

#593  Oyash 675 M. zarya
RUS  VoRUS Oyash 675 kHz  Malaya Zarya  1.5 km long, 180 degrees at
55 29 57.62 N  83 42 23.45 E

LW 171 kHz 500 kW seemingly at
55 29 15.76 N  83 41 28.34 E  a big circle

TX house at
55 29 51.24 N  83 43 45.71 E

RUS  Raduga 270 kHz 150 kW, 576 kHz 1000 kW, 675 kHz 250 kW
Antenna field at
55 29 28.69 N  83 43 32.78 E
and SW curtain at
55 29 00.36 N  83 43 00.08 E

RUS  Novosibirsk 1287 kHz 75 kW 40m mast
55 07 38.06 N  82 59 19.01 E

and some security service antennas nearby too ?
{URL broken now}
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14, 2009)

From: "Lev Lytovchenko."  To: "Wolfgang Bueschel"
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010  Subject: Re: Fw: DX MIX NEWS # 616

Hi Wolfgang,
Thank you very much for keeping sending me new information about the
SW broadcasting.

I would like to ask you a question about the SW Station located near
Novosibirsk (Russia), actually near Tulinskiy village
(54 N 55,  82 E 51).

> Is this Tx site still transmitting on SW ?

As a matter of fact, in the WRTH 2010 book you can read just about trans-
mission from one place - Oyash with coordinates (55 N 29,  83 E41).

They mark this site NVS (Oyash) but never use NSB (Novosibirsk). There was
never like this before. In two previous years there were almost even
amount of transmissions from both sites on SW. I checked it.

Does the WRTH 2010 book just ignore the difference between two Tx sites ?
Or they did really stop transmitting from Novosibirsk ?

Lev Lytovchenko. Canada. (BCDX, March 21, 2010)

SINGAPORE   BBC World Service frequencies registered on HFCC database
shows changes to English via Kranji, Singapore, ENC brokered FMO:

15620 0100-0159 English to SoAS Sat & Sun only, from 2nd July.(WeAS daily)
17790 0100-0200 English to SoAS Mon-Fri from 2nd July NEW.    (ex 15620)
15640 1200-1259 English to EaAS Sat-Sun only, from 2nd July.  (WeAS daily)
11695 1200-1300 English to EaAS Mon-Fri from 2nd July NEW.    (ex 15640)
(Alan Pennington-UK, July 8; BrDXC-UK "Communication" Magazine Aug 6)

SPAIN   It looks like the REE Madrid English sce (Monday/Wednesday/Friday
at 2200 UT) will return on Monday 8 August.

The REE daily programme schedule at
shows "El guateque" in this slot (in reality it's "Canciones Tenebres")
until 5 August, but the English service is scheduled again from Monday

[later]  Yes, I expect it to be on the same frequencies:
 11670, 11940, 15520, and 17855 kHz. It would be good if you also let REE
know that you were missing their broadcast for the last couple of weeks or
so; the best email address to use is  <justin.coe -at- rtve.es>
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroups Aug 3 / 6)

Hello Alan.
I have been wondering where the English broadcasts of REE have gone
recently. You answered it well and I have been frustrated. with no
broadcast .  Will it be on the same frequencies.? Tonight I am listening
to some Spanish music. It is about time i learnt Spanish, lol. I am trying
to get my head round Spanish for dummies lol. - Thanks for your help.
(Robert M. Hopkins-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroups Aug 5)


Many Spanish broadcasters in recent years have abandoned amplitude modu-
lation, a 'duplication' of FM that has become increasingly expensive.

Until a few years ago they were local stations, with powers ranging from
1 to 5 kW (as explained in this article from 2015, which took stock of
many closures). This year, energy prices skyrocketing due to the effect of
the conflict in Ukraine, the ones throwing in the towel are heavyweight
broadcasters that had resisted until now thanks to their regional catch-
ment area.

In June, four important Cope stations bade farewell:
Barcelona (783 kHz), Sevilla (837 kHz), Valladolid (882 kHz) and Pamplona
(1135 kHz).

Radio Nacional de Espana chose instead to reduce the power of six broad-
casting centres from 300 to 100-150 kW, which becomes 75 at night.
These are: Madrid (585 kHz), Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands
(621 kHz), A Coruna (639 kHz), Sevilla (684 kHz), Barcelona (738 kHz) and
Murcia (855 kHz).

Quite a downsizing for the Spanish airwaves, which represented a conspi-
cuous anomaly in the European radio scene, as it was the only nation
with more than two hundred transmitters. Today, however, there are 163
transmitters, and public radio prevails with 104 transmitters from RNE and
RNE5 against the 60 commercial ones from Ser and Cope.

The radio group with the largest audience, Cadena Ser, is also reducing
power and switching off: in June 2022, the signals of Radio Cordoba and
Radio Mallorca disappeared from the airwaves. But the operation is being
carried out without much fanfare. Sometimes the stations on the airwaves
lack an authorised FM frequency, and the radio groups reuse the channels
of other radio stations in the group (Cadena Dial, Los 40, Cadena 100
or Rock FM). This has already been done by Cope Ciudad Real and Cope
Puertollano who, after broadcasting for years without a licence, have
taken over the frequencies of Cadena 100.
(via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

SRI LANKA   Received e-QSL for reception Adventist World Radio (9470 kHz,
via SLBC Trincomalee bcast center site) in Oriya language. Reception
Report was sent to:  <qsl -at- awr.org>
(Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk-RUS, hcdx July 31)

SRI LANKA   Received an e-QSL for receiving "Adventist World Radio"
(9470 kHz 15.30-16.00 UT, via SLBC Trincomalee relay bcast center) in
Oriya language.  Report sent to:  <qsl -at- awr.org>


(Ivan Zeleny, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansky Autonomous Area, Russia,
via RUSdx #1196 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 31)

TAJIKISTAN/UAE    TRANS WORLD RADIO TWR Asia site changes on 9975 & 13740.

Two frequencies originating from KTWR Guam have been moved to others sites
Mike Sabin, TWR Asia Broadcast Technical Operations Director confirmed in
an email to Zenon Teles that "ENC Encompass" FMO of Al Dhabbaya-UAE is
doing 13740 kHz for us, because KTWR's TX#7 is down. It is awaiting a part
that is no longer manu- factured by the original company".
(via Tony Rogers).

The changes affect:
1200-1215  9975 dsb 250 kW 87deg to EaAS Chinese Daily,   ex via TWR Guam
1215-1230  9975 dsb 250 kW 87deg to EaAS Nosu Yi Mon-Sat, ex via TWR Guam

1245-1300 13740 dha 250 kW 85deg to SoAS English Su-We  TWR India, ex Guam
1300-1304 13740 dha 250 kW 85deg to SoAS Hindi   Mo-Fr  TWR India, ex Guam
1304-1306 13740 dha 250 kW 85deg to SoAS English Mo-Fr  TWR India, ex Guam
1315-1330 13740 dha 250 kW 85deg to SoAS Bhatri  Sunday TWR India, ex Guam
(Ivo Ivanov Bulgarian DX Blog 22 July;
via BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine Aug 6)

U.K.    BBC R4 Longwave 198 kHz Droitwich fault.

BBC R4 198 kHz Droitwich transmitter was on reduced power 0922-0944 BST,
then off air 0944-1044 BST this morning (2 August) because of an un-
specified "fault".  (this is the second time in the past 5 days as was
also briefly off air on 29th July)

BBC Reception - transmitter checker:

(via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroups Aug 2)

U.K.   BBC Proms on the BBC World Service - is airing some highlights from
this years BBC Proms Season. Apologies for late notice, as I've only just
spotted it it in the schedules.

Saturdays 30 July, 6, 13, 20 and 27 August at 1806 UT (to Middle East):
6195-sla, 12025-sng

Saturdays 30 July, 6, 13, 20 and 27 August at 1906 UT (to Africa):
6155-sao, 6195-dha, 7265-mdc, 7445-mdc, 11810-wof, 12095-asc

Sundays   31 July, 7, 14, 21 and 28 August at 1106 UT (to Asia):
6195-sng, 9410-sng, 11945-sng

30/31 July: Music for Royal Occasions.
In the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year the BBC Concert Orchestra and BBC
Singers present a celebration of music and royalty in all its splendour:
from the music of the Tudor court to the 21st century, by way of Handel's
majestic Coronation Anthem, Elgar's ever-popular Pomp and Circumstance
March, choral music by the current Master of the Queen's Music Judith Weir
and a specially commissioned new work by Cheryl Frances-Hoad.

6/7 August: Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra.
The Proms welcomes the newly formed Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra who come
to London as part of a tour of Europe and the USA. The orchestra, led by
the Canadian-born conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson, is composed of Ukrainian
players from a dozen orchestras in both their besieged country and else-
where in Europe. They will be joined by two leading Ukrainian soloists for
a concert that showcases the artistry and resilience of Ukrainian musi-
cians. The concert programme reflects the current situation through
19th-century works: Russian occupation of Poland prevented Chopin from
returning to his homeland and Beethoven's Fidelio celebrates the triumph
of love and freedom over injustice.

13/14 August: Gaming Prom.
This year, the Proms dips its toes for the first time into the vast ocean
that is video games music. Although written originally for the small
screen, games music has long been a success in the concert hall too. 1990s
classics from the Japanese masters of the form Koji Kondo and Nobuo
Uematsu regularly sell out large venues, Austin Wintory's Grammy-nominated
Journey has now become a fully-fledged symphonic poem as has Hildur
Gu?nadottir's and Sam Slater's recent score for Battlefield 2042. The
selection of games music for this Prom is curated by the young British
conductor Robert Ames noted for his pursuit of fruitful exchanges between
the classical tradition and contemporary music.
The programmes to be broadcast 20/21 and 27/28 August have not yet been
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, BrDXC-UK iogroups July 30)

UAE  {U.K. non}  Registered frequency in A-22 HFCC for new unknown broad
cast 1100-1200 UT on 21500 DHA 250 kW 60 deg to EaAS Chinese - from
August 1st.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 2)

Check 21500 kHz channel at 1100-1200 UT.

Please monitor and try to ID this if on air Aug 2. If it was reported
Aug 1, I have not yet found it in my email backlog.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Aug 2)

UAE   Check 21500 kHz at 1100-1200 UT.
Re Tentative 21500 kHz UAE Al Dhabbaya 11-12 UT in Mandarin Chinese ?

Checked also US AGM RMS logs under China, - negative -, nothing 21500 kHz
entry found so far.

Nothing observed in 13 mb at 11 UT today April 2nd, checked west European
KIWI SDRs, also Perseus unit at Delhi, and various Perseus RX locations
in Japan - remotedly.

The only bc station in 13 mb was today at 11.01 UT

21670.033v  Radio Saudi International Riyadh in Indonesian language,
requested 09.00-11.57 UT, S=8 in Hiroshima-JPN at 11.01 UT on Aug 2nd.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 2)

ZAMBIA   9680 kHz Voice of Hope Africa; at 0524-0532+ UT on Aug 4; Low-key
religimusic; BoH ID w/freqs, Central African time TC, "From Los Angeles
and Lusaka, this is the Voice of Hope" into more music. SIO=3+33 w/hiss

<html#/player1?catid=0&trackid=1>  Listed // 11680 kHz not heard.
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, wor Aug 5)  scheduled 04-08 UT.


Morning UTC log on Aug 1st at 03.30-07.30 UT:

 5024.996 CUB  Radio Rebelde from Bauta site, mx px at 03.30 UT,
          S=9 signal in western Europe SDR remotedly.
 5039.999 CUB  RHC Bauta in Spanish language, S=9 at 03.34 UT.
 5085even USA  WTWW Lebanon TN, poor S=6 signal in WeEUR, on Aug 1st
          at 03.37 UT.
 5129.974 ???  one of the better private PIRATE stations on SW bands,
          piano mx, of Charleston Radio International from Berlin-GER ?
          likely poor S=6 at 03.39 UT.

 5929.991 DNK  WMR Bramming, max S=9+5dB in southern Germany at 03.42 UT.
 5999.998 CUB  RHC En, mx program like Mexican Latin AM beautiful nice mx
          culture contribution, via 250 kW powerful Quivican San Felipe
          TITAN unit, S=9+15dB powerful signal performance in WeEUR,
          nice at 03.43 UT on Aug 1st.
 6120even AUT  AWR via ORS Moosbrunn site, Persian, western church reli-
          gious ministry program, S=9+15dB powerful at 03.48 UT.
 6129.982 HOL  under 'NETHERLANDS'. Another Dutch station, Radio Europe
          (often using the slogan 'Radio Jong Europa') has also been
          broadcasting on shortwave without a license for several months.
          Currently on 6130 kHz. However, Radio Europa now has a license
          from the Dutch authorities. I think, it is remarkable that the
          HFCC.org is coordinating frequencies for shortwave PIRATES
          (Mike Radio, Studio Denakker and - for several months also Radio
          (Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DNK, <hartvig -at- wmr.dk>; July 29)
          Hard drums pop mx and drums at 03.49 UT (!), S=4 poor signal.
 6080 BOT and 6155 STP // 7225 STP all VoA on even frequency, at 03.50 UT
          some S=9+10dB signal on dark path time.
 6159.937 USA  WBCQ rather S=5 poor signal at 03.52 UT, one of their
          smaller 50 kW older units.
 6165.016 TUR  TRT Emirler with some nice Osmanic folk mx in Near East,
          S=9+1^5dB at 03.53 UT Aug 1st.

 7260even CVA  VoA in Somali via Vatican Radio bcast center at Santa Maria
          di Galeria, S=9+10dB backlobe into western Europe at 03.54 UT.
 7285even BUL  R Denge Welat in Kurdish towards occupied Kurdistan in
          Syria/Turkey border region, just only empty carrier at 03.55 UT
          S=9+20dB in WeEUR.
 7315even F__  'Radio Tamazuj' in Juba scheduled at 0329-0427 UT noted at
          S=9+10dB level from TDF Issoudun at 03.57 UT. Dutch sponsored.
 7325even ROU  RRI Galbeni morning Romanian sce at powerhouse S=9+35dB,
          at 03.58 UT.
 7335even USA  US AGM Radio Marti opposite Cuban society program in
          Spanish language from Miami-FL state, via USAGM Greenville-NC
          state center, // same 7435even at S=8 sidelobe level 03.59 UT.
 7489.928 USA  WBCQ poor S=4 on threshold level, at 04.00 UT on Aug 1st.
 7570even USA  poor S=4 in WeEUR, WRMI Okeechobee with TOM BS roarer pro-
          gram at 04.04 UT, // 7780even also same program, poor S=4.
 7730even USA  Relay of Radio Liberty in Russian language, S=8-9 at 04.06.
 7780 - 7808 UNID (?) OTHR on Near East target, TUR / IRN / British
          Zone of Cyprus likely ...
 7850even CAN  CHU Ottawa annmts in En and French language, time pips
          S=8 in WeEUR, at 04.10 UT on Aug 1st.

 9264.986 USA  WINB from Red Lion, TOM BS ministry religious sermon, at
          04.11 UT, rather strong of S=6-7 here in WeEUR.
 9330.053 much odd fq of  USA  WBCQ new 300 kW Ampegon unit bad alignement
          of new TX unit, powerful S=9+20dB even here in western Europe,
          04.14 UT. Surprisingly French language program talk.
 9410.111 much odd fq - one of their  UAE  ENC Al Dhabbaya of BBC London
          in Arabic, backlobe of S=6 signal into WeEUR, at 04.16 UT.
 9455even USA  WRMI Okeechobee, much poor S=3-4 level under threshold,
          noted at 04.17 UT.
 9479.999 D__  US AGM Radio Azadi / R Free Afghanistan in Pashto language
          via Biblis site in southern Germany, S=9+25dB powerhouse at
          at 04.18 UT.
 9490even F__  NHK Radio Japan in Japanese via TDF Issoudun relay site
          at 04.20 UT, at powerful strong S=9+20dB level.

 9559.982 CHN  PBS Xinjiang province radio from Urumqui, in Uyghur lang,
          S=7 at 04.21 UT, also from same site on
 9705.004 CHN  PBS Xinjiang province radio from Urumqui, in Kyrghyz lang,
          S=7 at 04.22 UT, also from same site on
13669.961 CHN  PBS Xinjiang province radio from Urumqui, in Uyghur lang,
          S=7 at 05.02 UT, and co-channel
13669.998 TWN  SOH in Mandarin of religious sect Falun Gong at 05.03 UT.

 9770.020 TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish 04.00-05.58 UT noted at 04.22UT Turkish
          folk mx, S=9+35dB much strong powerhouse signal in WeEUR.
 9790even F__  RFI Paris in French morning sce via TDF Issoudun, S=9+25dB
          powerhouse signal at 04.25 UT. // 11700even at S=9+20dB level.
 9900.002 IRN  VoIRIB Arabic sce scheduled via Zahedan site, S=7 though
          but low modulation noted at 04.26 UT.
 9915.012 MDG  BBC London English sce via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Mada-
          gascar relay facility, S=6 fair signal back to Europe at 04.28.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 1)

Part II  -  Morning UTC log on Aug 1st at 03.30-07.30 UT:

11570even F__  'Dimtse Woyane' in Tigre language at 04.30 UT to ETH,
          via TDF Issoudun relay site, S=9+25dB powerhouse signal.
11650.003 MDG  'Radio Dabanga' to Sudan target via southern TX of
          MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility, in
          Sudanese Arabic language, S=9+10dB at 04.32 UT.
11745.013 ARS  Al Azm Radio from Jeddah, local drums like mx, at 04.34
          UT some S=8 signal.
11760.003 IRN  VoIRIB Arabic via Sirjan site at 01-06 UT, 04.35 UT,
          poor S=4-5 sidelobe into WeEUR.
11790even F__  RFI Paris in Swahili, via TDF Issoudun, S=9+25dB signal
          towards EaAF at 04.36 UT.
11859.963 ARS  Yemen Excile Radio from Riyadh, Arabic mx program, drums
          mx, S=8 at 04.55 UT.
12130even KWT  Via USAGM relay site at al-Dschahra suburb, location
          29 30 45.59 N  47 40 17.84 E
          Mashaal Radio in Pashto to AFG/IRN/PAK, 04-13 UT, S=8 backlobe
          to EUR, heard at 05.00 UT.

Poor signals in 22 mb this morning
13669.961 CHN  PBS Xinjiang province radio from Urumqi, in Uyghur lang,
          S=7 at 05.02 UT on Aug 1st, and co-channel
13669.998 TWN  SOH in Mandarin of religious sect Falun Gong at 05.03 UT.
13765.010 TUR  TRT Emirler outlet in Turkish, not in Eibi, but Perseus
          userlist show 05.00-07.00UT, S=9+20dB signal in EUR at 05.06UT
          Turkish folk mx singer performed.
13850even OMA  ENC relay site Al Seela bcast BBC London in Pashto, poor
          S=5 sidelobe towards EUR at 05.07 UT, scheduled 05.00-05.30 UT.

15030.005 IND  AIR Bangalore outlet at 05.09 UT, Arabic schedule 05-06 UT.
          poor to fair S=7 in EUR, but S=9+5dB in Athens Greece.
15090even KWT  Via USAGM relay site at al-Dschahra suburb, Radio Azadi in
          Dari / Pashto to AFG/PAK/IRN, S=7-8 at 05.11 UT.
15110even CHN  CRI Kashgar relay in Chinese, S=7 at 05.12 UT.
15119.996 CHN  CRI Beijing in Chinese, S=7 at 05.13 UT.
15140even KWT  Via USAGM relay site at al-Dschahra suburb, VoA Tibetan
          service S=6 level at 05-06 UT, at 05.14 UT, and co-channel
15140.003 CHN  CNR jamming against USAGM service from Kuwait.
15170.056 ARS  R Saudi Int, HQ prayer in progress, S=9+15dB at 05.15 UT.
15190.005 UNID poor string visible, rather Brazilian domestic stn? 05.16UT
15229.998 CHN  CRI Cantonese sce 04-06 UT, via Xianyang relay site, poor
          S=5 signal in WeEUR, 05.17 UT.

Strange Saudi Arabia outlets on same channel, maybe from different bcast
center sites ?
15285.003 ARS  R Saudi Internat from Jeddah(?) in Swahili towards EaAF at
          05.18 UT, S=9 stronger signal, but underneath co-channel also
15285.017 ARS  Another R Saudi Internat from Riyadh in Indonesian towards
          South East Asia azimuth, S=7, heard an Riyadh stn ID at 05.20 UT

15300even F__  RFI Paris in French via TDF Issoudun relay bcast center,
          S=9+20dB at 05.21 UT. 05.00-05.59 UT.
15340even CHN  Heavy CNR jamming process against co-ch TWN SOH Mandarin
          Falun Gong sect sce co-channel, S=6 at 05.22 UT. S=8 in Japan.
          and underneath co-channel
15340.017 TWN  SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin px at 07.13 UT in Tokyo-JPN.
15349.998 CHN  CRI Kashgar in En, S=9 at 05.23 UT.
15364.984 UAE  The defunct ENC unit at Al Dhabbaya relay site,0525UT USAGM
          Mashaal R in Pashto, 04-07 UT scheduled, 07-10 KWT, 10-13 THA.
15390even CHN  CNR13 in Uyghur language via Lingshi RTC#725 relay site, at
          05.26 UT.
15445even CHN  CRI in Russian from Kashgar relay site, S=9+25dB usual
          powerhouse at 05.30 UT.
15530even (!)  KWT  Radio Kuwait from Kabd tx center, S=9+20dB at 05.40 UT
          English sce now re-aligned. Last month I asked Ampegon firm at
          Thurgi Switzerland, to set up a request to Radio Kuwait Kabd,
          in order to readjust the wandering defunct 15MHz Ampegon tx unit
15580.006 BOT  VoA English on USAGM relay site Botswana, S=9 at 05.42 UT.
15629.835 UZB  One of the Tashkent xxx.8 kHz former jammers still on air
          as Iran International London sce in Persian language, fair S=8
          signal even in WeEUR at 05.44 UT on Aug 1st.
15730.011 IRN  VoIRIB Sirjan on Hausa language sce towards WeAF target,
          IRN National Anthem played at 05.50-05.53 UT, scheduled til at
          06.50 UT.
15750.007 THA  Mashaal Radio in Pashto via USAGM relay site in Udon Thani
          poor signal sidelobe into EUR of S=5 at 05.55 UT.
15785even CHN  CRI Mandarin sce via Xianyang tx center, poor S=6 at 0557UT

17485even CHN  CRI Kashgar outlet in Arabic language 05.00-06.57 UT, S=9
          signal even in WeEUR, at 06.00 UT on Aug 1st.
17510even CHN  CRI Kashgar outlet in English language 05.00-07.00 UT, S=9
          signal even in WeEUR, at 06.02 UT on Aug 1st.
17520even CHN  CRI Beijing Italian language sce 06-07 UT, via Kashgar site
          much powerhouse signal of S=9+20dB, talk program about UNESCO UN
          organization, 'culture and artistico...', at 06.03 UT.
17530.018 MDG  BBC London English via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar
          relay facility, 06-07 UT, S=6 signal noted at 06.04 UT in EUR.
17540even CHN  CRI Kashgar outlet in English language 05.00-09.00 UT, S=8
          signal in WeEUR, at 06.05 UT on Aug 1st.
17615even CHN  CRI Urumqi Xinjian site non-talk, pure-mx morning outlet in
          German language at 05.00-07.00 UT, S=9+20dB powerful signal in
          WeEUR, at 06.07 UT.
17650even CHN  CRI Kashgar outlet in Mandarin Chinese at 05.00-09.00 UT,
          S=9+20dB powerful signal in WeEUR, at 06.09 UT on Aug 1st.
17680even CHN  CRI Beijing Spanish language sce 06-08 UT, via Kashgar site
          much powerhouse signal of S=9+20dB, talk program on culture and
          some language translate examples like 'vamos ...', at 06.10 UT.
17690even KWT  Via USAGM relay site at al-Dschahra suburb, VoA Mandarin
          service S=8 level at 05-07 UT, at 06.13 UT, and co-channel
17689.984 CHN  CNR Mandarin jamming underneath.
17720even CHN  CRI Kashgar site non-talk, pure-mx morning outlet in German
          language at 05.00-07.00 UT, S=9+20dB powerful signal in WeEUR,
          at 06.14 UT. // 17615 kHz via Urumqi Xinjian province site.
17730even ARS  R Riyadh Arabic some adverts, S=9 fair sidelobe signal in
          EUR at 06.15 UT.
17740even CHN  CRI Mandarin sce from Xianyang site, S=9 in Japan, 06.16 UT
17750even CHN  CRI Beijing via Xianyang site in Amoy Cantonese language
          sce, Chinese Opera film music, at 07.09 UT, S=9 in Tokyo-JPN.
17770block of 10 kHz DRM mode signal fr DongFang Island, CNR1  3ED XHE AAC
          S=7 signal in Hiroshima-JPN.
17780.247 TWN  SOH sect of Falun Gong, Mandarin at 07.06 UT, S=7 in JPN.
17800.002 THA  USAGM R Farda in Persian language, from Udorn Thani site,
          S=7 signal at 06.45 and 07.04 UT in Hiroshima-JPN SDR.
17810even CHN  CNR Mandarin jamming against co-channel
17810.024 MRA  RFA Mandarin Chinese from USAGM Tinian site at 06.50 UT
17810even OMA  BBC London in Pashto via ENC relay site Al Seela, at 07.03
          UT, 07.00-07.30 UT, S=7 noted in Hiroshima-JPN.
17830even UK_  BBC London via ENC Woofferton site, En 06-07 UT at 06.52 UT
17865.003 CHN  CRI Beijing in French language via Kashgar relay site,
          06-08 UT, talk (!) program at 06.54 UT, S=9+20dB powerhouse.
17880even THA  USAGM relay site at Udorn Thani at 06.30-07.30 UT covers
          R Azadi / RL in Dari language at 06.55 UT, S=7-8 in Tokyo-JPN

21689.880 UNID string visible at 06.56 UT.
21690even CHN  CNT jammer against TWN SOH, S=9+15 in EUR at 06.57 UT and
          co-channel USAGM RFA Tibetan program from Tinian Island.
21800even CHN  CNT jammer against TWN SOH, S=7 in Greece EUR at 06.58 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 1)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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