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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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BC-DX 1417                                                  27 Febr 2020

ANTARCTICA   15475.96 kHz  LRA-36 Febr 22 at 1803 UT, via Pardinho SP
Brazil KiwiSDR.

Just happened to check 15475.98 kHz today and found LRA-36 in the middle
of a rock and roll program. Signal was fair via Paradinho with high local
noise at the SDR site.
(Dan Robinson-USA, wor Febr 22)

LRA36 ID in passing and again at 1804 UT as "la radio mas austral
del mundo", seems discussion with station manager in Argentine accent,
of the station and history of the base.

It seems that 22 Febr is the anniversary of something. Tnx to tip from Dan
Robinson who was hearing it the previous hour also via this remote and
still probably the one at Gaithersburg MD, who's been on RX #07 since
1716. This interrupts my listening to Mozart at the Met!

Continued listening: 1830 UT mentions a helicopter, and tries to play a
song about Antarctica, 1831 UT succeeds, 1833 UT trying for a hookup with
another Arg base, San Martin, but does not seem to make it; 1836 UT ID and
"Antartida" song, 1840 UT ID, mentions "El dia de la Antartida Argentina",
marking continuous presence for 116 years since 1904. Here's more about

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor Febr 22)

The exact anounced name of IITV is in mixed in English & Farsi and is
"Media Azadi Iran International TV" (where Azadi Free).
Known to operating on MW 1395 kHz & SW 6270 & 11570 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via RUSdx #1069, Febr 23)

Some observations on Armenian frequencies

 864 kHz  1610-1740 UT  TWR including Russian 1640-1710 UT Mon-Fri
          from Bishkek-KGZ studio.
1350 kHz  1745-1830 UT TWR in Kurmanji Kurdish and Turkish.
          Sundays 1803-1823 UT in English translated into Turkish.
          1928-2129 UT various Arabic including Sedaye Zindagi, IBRA etc.
1377 kHz  1800-2002 (Sat 1830-2002) UT  TWR in Sorani Kurdish and Farsi.
1395 kHz  1330?-1559 UT 'Iran International TV' in Persian langaue.

// 11570v or 6270v kHz, 1600-1745 UT Armenian Radio in Kurdish, Turkish,
          Azeri languages.
          1745-0500v UT 'Iran International TV' in Persian.
//  6270  kHz 'Iran International TV' ID in Farsi language is
         'Media Azadi Iran International'.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, 16 Jan to BrDXC-UK 'Communication' magazine Febr 13)


TWR Frequency 1035 kHz - K. Dobosh from TWR answered me, and the rest, I
just listened and checked, and this week I will check Grigoriopol Maiac
1548 kHz.

TWR reported that broadcasts in Russian via CJSC Yerevan Gava on 1377 kHz
will only be available until the end of the broadcast period (March 2020),
if there are no recalls, the broadcasts will be stopped. I have no details
about the frequency of 612 kHz (from Bishkek Kyrgyzstan), since I rarely
receive it on the air.

K. Dobosch from TWR bureau Vienna said that TWR no longer uses the
frequency of 1035 kHz from Estonia. Unfortunately, I have a very weak and
very rarely received signal, it seems that they have not transmitted for
24 hours a day. In gospel radio programs it is difficult to figure out
which denomination, how they use it - from the station itself or bought

For example, it is clear from Alaska with KNLS, but the BVB, or WHRI and
others, have dozens of programs compiled by different evangelical

Tomorrow I will inform you the full schedule for 1548 kHz from
Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac, Pridnestrovie,
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

AUSTRALIA   Down Under Amateur Radio Special Event Will Use Former
Radio Australia Shapparton Antennas.

Over the March 14 - 15 weekend, members of the Shepparton and District
Amateur Radio Club (SADARC) in Australia will be on the air as VI3RA
(Radio Australia), connecting their transceivers to the curtain array and
rhombic antennas at the former Radio Australia site in Shepparton.
Radio Australia ceased transmitting from the site in 2017.

VI3RA will operate on 40, 30, 20, 17, and 15 meters.

"Local amateurs will be given the unique opportunity to explore the use of
high-gain antennas whilst giving amateurs throughout the world a unique
opportunity to contact a station using such high-gain antennas," said
SADARC President Peter Rentsch, VK3FPSR (Australia's call sign structure
accommodates four-letter suffixes).

"This is a rare opportunity for amateur radio operators, who are only
allowed a peak output power of 400 W in Australia when compared to
100 kW of Radio Australia transmitters to hopefully achieve some
remarkable communication outcomes. We expect to get a gain of 15 dB
on the lower frequencies and at least 20 dB on 21 MHz."

The special event is being conducted in cooperation with
BAI Communications Broadcast Australia. More information is on the club's

(via Mike Terry-UK, wor BrDXC-UK Febr 18 / 21)

AUSTRALIA   Down Under Special Event Will Use Former Radio Australia
Antennas Over the March 14-15 weekend, members of the Shepparton and
District Amateur Radio Club (SADARC) in Australia will be on the air as
VI3RA (Radio Australia) connecting their transceivers to the curtain
array and rhombic antennas at the former Radio Australia site in
Shepparton. Radio Australia ceased transmitting from the site in 2017.
VI3RA will operate on 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 meters.

"Local amateurs will be given the unique opportunity to explore the use
of high gain antennas whilst giving amateurs throughout the world a unique
opportunity to contact a station using such high-gain antennas", said
SADARC President Peter Rentsch, VK3FPSR.

"This is a rare opportunity for amateur radio operators, who are only
allowed a peak output power of 400 W in Australia when compared to 100 kW
of Radio Australia transmitters to hopefully achieve some remarkable
communication outcomes. We expect to get a gain of 15 dB on the lower
frequencies and at least 20 dB on 21 MHz".

The special event is being conducted in cooperation with
BAI Communications.
(Broadcast Australia, via IVO. via Mike Terry-UK, wor BrDXC-UK Febr 21)

AUSTRIA   DAB+ mode Austria Data (EPG).
Radioforum Oesterreich - andimik; 26. Febr 2020.
Seit dem heutigen Vormittag hat der Bundesmux einen EPG.


(Hubert Kubiak-AUT, A-DX newsgroup Febr 26)

BOLIVIA   5952.449 kHz Febr 23 at 0152- UT, Emisoras Pio XII. Not noticed
last night, but he's here tonight, but with only a very weak signal and
no useable audio. Presumed due to the frequency.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, Masset island DXpedition Febr 23)

BULGARIA   RTI French Service testing on 6005 kHz.

Radio Taiwan International French Service testing on 6005 kHz via
SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, on five
days: 22. / 23. / 28. / 29. Febr, and 1. March 2020 from 1900-1930 UT.
I heard in the RTI German letterbox on Friday Febr 7.
(Paul Gager-AUT, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Febr 8)

Good reception of R Taiwan International in French at tune-in at 1915 UT
on 6005 kHz on 22 Febr.
(Alan Roe-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Febr 22)

CUBA   15369.233 kHz  Febr 22 at 2253 UT, RHC S=9+10dB in distorted
Spanish, off-frequency for the eleventh day.

13740 kHz, Febr 23 at 1555 UT, this RHC still on with S=9+20dB of dead air
like it was an hour earlier. Think of how many poor Cubans might have had
a hearty breakfast for the wasted electricity expense of just one hour.

15700 kHz, Febr 23 at 1556 UT, China Plus relay is S=9+20dB but JBM,
suptorted: wiggle that patchcord! Just about to end but likely thus the
past bihour.

Something's always wrong at RadioCuba.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor Febr 23)

CUBA   5040even  RadioCuba from Bauta bcast center total EMPTY CARRIER
at 07.26 UT on Febr 26, S=9+20dB signal into remote Perseus SDR rx unit
at Cape Canaveral FL state.

6060even  RHC Bauta channel, also empty carrier signal at 07.41 UT
on Febr 26.

5025even OVERMODULATED distorted audio, S=9+30dB noted of Radio REBELDE
from Bauta site. Up to 20 kHz wideband signals in peaks to mention in
FL state remote SDR unit.
At 07.28 UT an interview between men and female in progress.

6136.964  UNIDENTIFIED (local?) string visible on S=8 level
at 07.36 UT on Febr 26.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26)

CUBA   Radio Rebelde & Radio Habana Cuba in 60mb, February 25
from 0556 on 5025 BAU 050 kW non-dir   to CeSoAM Spanish, fair
till 0600 on 5040 BAU 100 kW 083 & 263 to Cuba   Spanish, good
from 0600 on 5040 BAU 100 kW 083 & 263 to Cuba   English, good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)

ECUADOR   Deutsche Programme und DX Sendungen aus Quito.

Liebe DX-Freunde,
wir gehen jetzt mit den DX-Sendungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft
Radio HCJB e.V. aus Deutschland via Mt. Pichincha / Ecuador mit unserem
1 kW Kleinstsender auf 6050 kHz in die Frueh-, Sommer-, Herbstpause.

Danke fuer alle Empfangsberichte, die uns erreicht haben.
Wir senden am Wochenende weiterhin in Spanisch bis 0500 hrs UTC.

Empfangsberichte sind willkommen, u.a. ueber die weltweiten SDRs.
Hier meine Top-Remote-Empfaenger:

Bonaire:  <http://bonaire.twrmon.net:8073/>
Chile:    <>

Und der Leckerbissen in/auf Island:

Uebersicht Kiwi-SDR:  <http://kiwisdr.com/public/>
Global Tuners:        <https://www.globaltuners.com/>

Herzlichen Gruss aus Quito und behuet' euch Gott!
Horst Rosiak
Aso. Vozandes Media in partnership with HCJB-Ecuador and Reach Beyond
Aso. Vozandes Media en cooperacion con  HCJB-Ecuador y   Reach Beyond
Casilla 17-17-691
Quito - ECUADOR, South America.
Tel: +593-2-5101770
Web: <https://andenstimme.org>
(via Paul Reinersch-D, Febr 22 via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews)

Lieber OM Horst,
ich dachte die DX-Sendungen laufen noch bis 28. Maerz 2020
und habe es so auch auf


publiziert. Dies werde ich dann aendern. Ab wann werden die Sendungen dann
im Herbst voraussichtlich wieder ueber Mt. Pichincha / Ecuador laufen?

Herzliche Gruesse
Michael Bethge

- - -

Lieber Horst,
vielen Dank fuer Deine schnelle Antwort.

Ja, macht ja keinen Sinn, die DX-Sendung weiter auszustrahlen, wenn hier
in Europa ohnehin ausbreitungsmaessig so gut wie kein Empfang moeglich

Ich habe jetzt auf der AGDX-Seite


die Info geaendert in:
Ab 31. Oktober 2020 ist die Sendung "Fuer DXer" zusaetzlich auch wieder
samstags um 04.00-04.30 hrs und 05.00-05.30 hrs UTC ueber den 1 kW-Sender
Mt. Pichincha / Ecuador auf 6050 kHz zu hoeren.

Sonntags ist der Sender ganzjaehrig bis 05.00 hrs UTC in Spanisch zu

Empfangsberichte sind willkommen - auch ueber SDR rxs Empfaenge remotedly.

Liebe Gruesse und einen schoenen Sonntag
E-Mail:   <mail -at- wwdxc.de>   Internet: <http://www.wwdxc.de>
(Michael Bethge-D, president WWDX Club Germany, Febr 23)

re: Deutsche Programme und DX Sendungen aus Quito.

Lieber Michael,
ich kann gerne noch eine DX-Sendung am Wochenende nachschieben, jedoch ist
ein Direktempfang in Europa jetzt um 0400 hrs UTC kaum noch moeglich.

Man erkennt noch die Jingles, aber die Wortbeitraege kann man nicht mehr
verstehen. Vielleicht laesst sich da mit USB / LSB ein wenig tricksen.

Herbst: Ich kann mit der Saison B-20 wieder einsteigen am 31. Oct 2020.

Herzlichen Gruss - auch an die uebrigen E-mailempfaenger - aus Quito,
(Horst Rosiak-EQA, HCJB Deutsch, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

EGYPT   Re: 1503 kHz (bcdx Top News #1416 Febr 20th).

1503.001 kHz  EGY  ERTU Koran El Arish in Arabic:

I'd like to note that this is the ERTU's El Arish regional studios.
It not only broadcast koranic programmes, only some segments are Koranic.
Why worth-mentioning El Arish ?

It is the center of the North Sinai province of Egypt and a hot-bed of
attacks between security forces and North Sinai terrorists.

El Arish cannot be heard in Hungary, I heard it on an Israeli SDR in
2015y for the first time in my life.
(Tibor Gaal-HNG, hcdx & wor Febr 17)

El Arish local programme left this frequency some years ago and was
replaced by Holy Qur'an programme.

And 1502.86 kHz is the typical frequency of 'Radio 1503 Zavidovici'
Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX newsgroup / wor Febr 20)

ESTONIA   Radio Eli on 1035 kHz.

Radio Eli (1035 kHz), which recently lost Trans World Radio as a major
customer, was registered as an independent organization. It seems that
this move was meant to shield the former parent organization from any
financial problems. It is said that the loss of TWR programming also
meant a major loss of funding threatening the very existence of
the station.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, 23 Febr 2020)


The radio station began its activity in Tartu in 1994 on FM, with programs
in Estonian. On October 3, 2001, the Tartu Family Radio was broadcast
on medium waves with a two-hour Russian-language program,
with a transmitter of 50 kW.

On November 12, 2001, the transition to 14-hour broadcasting was made; on
January 13, 2002 the broadcast became round-the-clock. On June 26, 2007,
the official opening of the FM-wave 95.6 FM in the city of Narva took

June 26, 2008 - the official opening, inclusion and blessing of
a new medium-wave transmitter with a capacity of 100 kW.

May 2010 - the official opening, switching on and blessing of a
medium-wave transmitter with a power of 200 kW (another 100-kilowatt
transmitter was added to the already installed 100-kilowatt transmitter).

June 2010 - the beginning of broadcasting at the second FM frequency
of 98.2 FM.

These 2 FM frequencies allow broadcasting of the Russian-speaking region
of Estonia, its northeastern part. Febr 4, 2020.
Radio Eli independent organization registered.
(via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, 23 Febr 2020)

FRANCE   {GERMANY origin}   Radio Amrum now on 15215 kHz
{single day operation via MBR/TDF on February 21 each year, wb.}

In case anyone need another reminder, Radio Amrum / Oeoemrang annual
broadcast is underway from 1600 UT on 15215 kHz via TDF Issoudun France,
good here and better on Rockport ME KiwiSDR.

So far have heard only Frisian & German but expect some brief English
bits. And it is to be repeated on Sunday same time and frequency
but in DRM mode.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor Febr 21)

Annual SW broadcast of Radio Amrun today on 15215 kHz.

Radio Oeoemrang (Radio Amrun) from North German Frisian Islands informs:
"Radio Oeoemrang broadcasts digitally in DRM mode.

Date is Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 at 16:00 UT / 17:00 CET.
The broadcast takes place in the 19 mband. On the frequency 15215 kHz.

Pictures from the Biiken / Friesen folk festival will also be broadcast."
Analogue as usual on Friday 21 Feb 1600-1700 also on 15215 kHz.

(via Mauno Ritola-FIN on WRTH F_B group 20 Febr;
via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Febr 21)

In case anyone need another reminder, Radio Amrum / Oeoemrang annual
broadcast is underway from 1600 UT on 15215 kHz via France, good here and
better on Rockport ME KiwiSDR. So far have heard only Frisian & German but
expect some brief English bits.

And it is to be repeated on Sunday same time and frequency but in DRM mode

15215 kHz, Febr 21 at 1608 UT tune-in to yearly
Radio Oeoemrang broadcast via {TDF Issoudun site, wb.} FRANCE -
discussion mostly in Frisian, some high German, and brief intros in
English at 1626 UT and 1628 UT.

Longer outro in English at 1658 UT with contact info and credits, and to
be heard again on 21 Febr 2021; at 1659:30 UT to open carrier and off
1700* UT. First checked on home receiver, then on remotes in eastern USA,
with VG reception. I was distracted during closing but did not hear
a mention of the DRM repeat supposedly 48 hours later same frequency
and time.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor Febr 22)

Re: Radio Amrum now on 15215 kHz shortwave, single day operation.

THANKS FOR THE REMINDER, I came late at 16.42 UT on tune set
after a long afternoon sleep on the couch, hi

15215even fq, 16.42 - til - TX OFF at 17.00:05 UT at Febr 21, 2020

monitoring signals taken all on remote Perseus and KiwiSet SDR RXs.

S=9+10dB in Cape Canaveral FL state.
S=9+20dB in Massachusetts US state
S=9+15db in Rochester NY state.
S=9+20dB in Detroit MI state.
S=8 in BEL / HOL Netherlands border region, too short distance.
S=9 in Rep of Ireland, but very slow internet speed from there,
a sound break/stop occured on every 3rd second.

An some monitoring in the MAIN TARGET of the TDF Issoudun center outlet

S=9+35dB or -42dBm in Maine on the northeast coast of USA.
S=9+20dB or -55dBm in New Hamshire post.
S=9+20dB or -56dBm in Connecticut state.
S=9+40dB or -29dBm in Concord Massachusetts US state. Powerhouse here.
S=9+30dB or -45dBm in Central Vermont, New England state.
17.00:05 UT TDF Issoudun tx off.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

Re:  [wor]  Radio Amrum now on 15215 kHz in DRM mode.

Good DRM signal into New Brunswick-CAN this afternoon (23 Febr) starting
just after 1600 UTC. 15215 kHz. Mode B, 10 kHz, 16 QAM. Up to 24 dB SNR!

Very few dropouts so far. One brief xmtr cut-out. Using Elad FDM-S2 with
Elad software and HF-315 passive magnetic loop antenna in my driveway!
-120 dBm noise floor - not great but better than in house.


(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor Febr 23)

GERMANY   [CANADA non]   75 years of Radio Canada International.

Thanks for posting this, Mike. Many of us fondly recall RCI and the CBC
International Service before that. Some of us (I do) may still have our
Radio-Canada Shortwave Club membership cards. My first QSL card from the
CBC IS was also from 1964. I'm wondering how Marc Montgomery determined
that the scan of the one he used for his article (taken from the
SWLing Post) was from 1964 ?

It's not mentioned there. Could be they have one in the RCI archives?

I had sent a scan of mine to Victor Nerenberg when he was still working
for RCI when I was helping him with an item for "The Link" entitled
"Navigating Our Way Around Solar Flares" about the impact of ionospheric
irregularities on GPS, which was broadcast on 27 January 2012.

That episode is no longer on the RCI website but I've archived a copy
of the ionosphere story here:


I'd also like to mention that in the article, Marc Montgomery says "we no
longer ... broadcast on shortwave." While technically true, RCI does not
themselves broadcast on shortwave, Shortwaveservice (written that way in
"Germanesque" by the station owners although in English, we often write it
as Shortwave Service) broadcasts "The Link" from 1 kW transmitters at
Kall-Krekel, Germany.

The current schedule has them on 6005 kHz on Saturdays and Sundays
at 11:30 UTC and on 3985 kHz on Sundays at 18:30 UTC.

RCI's French program "Tam-Tam Canada" is also broadcast. I haven't
listened to them recently, but here is an archived recording of one of
the first episodes of "The Link" that was broadcast by Shortwaveservice


And that's not all. While not shortwave, "The Link" is also transmitted by
radio via VHF, DAB+ to be precise, through World Radio Paris


an English-language station broadcasting from Paris and in test mode now
from Monaco serving the French Riviera. Scheduled on Fridays at 00:00 and
10:00 CET. They offer a live stream of their programming (including
programs from several other stations besides RCI) from their website.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor Febr 27)

GERMANY   DARC  CQ-DL #3 2020 monthly printed magazine, p. 44.
100 Jahre Rundfunk.

Auf der Seite Start gibt's ueber 700 Seiten PDF format.
(DARC  CQ-DL #3  2020, Febr 24)

GERMANY   Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR Hamburg Germany.

A QSL card was received from Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR from Germany in
response to a report for receiving the Christmas broadcast on
December 24, 2019. The card was sent on February 4, 2020.

Only one broadcasting segment was confirmed from  21:00-21:40 UTC.
Perhaps the second card will come for the segment 19:00-19:30 UTC.

(Dmitry Elagin, Saratov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov-RUS,
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

INDIA   5040.002 kHz poor tiny signal of AIR Jeypore,
JBA threshold level at 01.12 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26)

INDIA   Listening project on AIR Jaipur.

In April 2020 AIR Jaipur (4910 / 7325 kHz) will be on the air for 65 years

Preparing an article for the German speaking radio magazine Radio-Kurier
/ weltweit hoeren, I tried to listen to as many hours of
AIR Jaipur's Amer Channel


as possible/sensible.

00.25-04.30 hrs UT 4910 kHz (50 kW), So -0508 UT hrs morning broadcast
usual sign on, mix of music and thoughts (Gandhi), advertising and PSAs

01.25-01.30 (06.55 IST) Vartaha in Sanskrit (Delhi) seemingly the first
newscast of the day

01.30-01.35 (07.00 IST) Samachar in Hindi (Delhi)

02.30-02.45 (08.00 IST) Samachar Prabhat in Hindi (Delhi)

02.45-03.00 (08.15 IST) Morning News in English,
including press headlines (Delhi)

03.10-03.20 (08.45 IST) Khabru in Sindhi (Delhi?)

03.30-03.35 (09.00 IST) Pradeshik Samachar in Hindi (Jaipur)
FM and DTH continue mostly with music

06.30-09.31 hrs UT:
7325 kHz (50 kW) midday broadcast.

07.00-07.05 (12.30 IST) Pradeshik Samachar in Hindi (Jaipur)

07.30-ca 08.25 hrs UT   Women's Programme

08.30-08.45 (14.00 IST) Midday News in Englisch (Delhi)

08.45-09.00 (14.15 IST) Dopahar Samachar in Hindi (Delhi)
FM and DTH continue.

11.30-17.41 hrs UT
4910 kHz (50 kW) late afternoon/evening broadcast

11.30-11.35 (17.00 IST) Samachar in Hindi (Delhi)

11.35-ca. 12.25 hrs UT  Youth Programme (yuv vani)

12.35-12.40 (18.05 IST) Samachar in Hindi (Delhi)

12.40-12.45 (18.10 IST) Vartaha in Sanskrit (Delhi)

12.45-12.55 (18.15 IST) Khabru in Sindhi (Ahmedabad)
( // AIR Gujarati-Stream

13.00-13.10 (18.30 IST) Pradeshik Samachar in Hindi (Jaipur)

13.20-13.30 (18.50 IST) Pradeshik Samachar in Rajasthani (Jaipur)

15.15-15.30 (20.45 IST) Samachar Sandhya in Hindi (Delhi)

15.30-15.45 (21.00 IST) English News at Nine (Delhi)

16.00-17.30 hrs UT      Sa So national programme of music

17.30-17.35 (23.00 IST) News in English (Delhi)

17.35-17.40 (23.05 IST) Samachar in Hindi (Delhi)

Ye Hind, general silence, some general observations.

It is always a pleasure to embark on a listening project of an Indian
radio station, especially when you like easy listening Indian film music
of the T-Series Mixtape. At times it is surprising, to learn that some
current title is a remake an earlier one. AIR Jaipur seems to play mainly
filmi sangeet, which is at the expense of adivasi sangeet and Indian

The continuity announcers have a tough job filling airtime when waiting
for the central news or when a scheduled programme ends early. Those
minutes are filled by programme previews, PSAs and AIR self promotion with
some music bridges.

Although the medium wave channels of AIR Jaipur are off the air.
(Vividh Bharati on FM since 2002, Amer Channel since 2015)
"medium wave" is still announced.

As already known, the newscasts are mostly centralized. The content is
identical, even in the case of audio clips. The male speaker of the
Sanskrit speaker seems to struggle with the language, while the female one
is fluent.

More noteworthy: The main English newscasts seem to be less formal than
they used to be, e. g. giving over to a correspondent like being an anchor

A general AIR Jaipur spot also mentions "Urdu". So I seem to have missed
out on the news in Urdu. Any additional information on the general line up
given is welcome.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wor Febr 23)

INDONESIA   Looks like 10 kW on 4750 kHz continues from there.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor Febr 17)

I guess, they don't move-in an 30 years old shortwave unit from the
Makassar Borneo island into Cimanggis site, look at


rather NEC firm
or the Chinese BBEF Beijing China
can deliver still such a 10 kW tropical country shortwave unit ?
73 wb  df5sx  (Febr 20)

Hello All,
I wrote to Rahadian Gingging (Technical Director of RRI) who was kind
enough to reply as follows:

"Thank you very much for your kind attention to RRI. At a moment all
transmitter in Cimanggis already stop operation, couse all transmitter
are old and difficulties to get spare part. So on ward we have plant
to change with new transmitter and new technology. Thank you."
Kind regards
James (Watson, SWsites Febr 17)

Re:  Indonesia  -  RRI Cimanggis / Ujung Pandang.
Yes, maybe they are still transmitting from Makassar on 4750 kHz ?

At least that's what the old offset 4749.95 kHz would suggest.

And this Omnitronix 10 kW from Cimanggis Depok will start later?
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor Febr 17)

Thank you, Mr. Watson for following my suggestion about writing to him.

To me he didn't reply. I think he means the high power (nominally 250 kW)
transmitter and respective antennae. I tried to ask him about the 10 kW
tx brought from Makassar and its antenna currently installed at
Cimanggis Depok, but again no reply.

Maybe you have better success again.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor Febr 19)

Hallo Uwe, die Grayline ist jetzt zwischen Tirana und Bari angelangt.

Aber in den remote Perseus SDR rxs in St.Gallen und Athen
nur ein Signal 'an der Grasnarbe'  S=4  -98dBm um 16.30 UT Febr 25.

3325 minus 1 Hertz gegen Moscow Standard gemessen.

Dagegen in New Delhi Indien S=9+10dB um 16.40 UT, Arabisch, Xylophone mx.

Auf 3320 kHz dagegen Pyongyang BS mehr als 25 kHz breit,
und in Hiroshima SDR S=9+30dB powerhouse signal.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)

Indonesia - RRI Cimanggis / Ujung Pandang.

I ran TDoA in KiwiSDR's after Bangladesh s/off, but the result wasn't in
Indonesia, probably because CNR1 was on (is it now 24hrs?). Anyway, the
offset for the Indonesia tx is the same as it was from RRI Makassar.

So maybe Makassar old tx was replaced at some point with a newer 10 kW
unit, which has been transported to Cimanggis. At least the antenna
construction images from Cimanggis by Mr. Asb suggest, that something
was done there.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor Febr 25)

Omnitronix, for me the exciting question is, who is the manufacturer ?

Is this the Taiwanese company that otherwise produces Transformers?

btw. my experience with TDoA direction finding, preferably in South Asia,
South East Asia and northern Australia/Pacific,
is difficult, because at least 2 to 3 x KIWI receivers with good
quality and interference-free signal should be available, necessarily in
this target area.

[later]  Re:  Indonesia: RRI Cimanggis/Ujung Pandang


from Philadelphia USA.
Omnitronix Inc
North Wales, PA

(no longer manufactures shortwave radio broadcast transmitters)


at Palangkaraya listed also a 50 kW SW tx of NEC Japan type HFB-8047.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25 / 26)

He said Omnix, not Omnitronix, but I don't know, if it is the same.
He posted this image to WRTH FB group ...{picture included}
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor Febr 26)

INS - VOI via PalangKaraya 3325 kHz on Febr 25:

Hallo a-dxer, die Stimme Indonesiens kommt heute mit einem ungewoehnlich
starkem Signal auf 3325 kHz herein.


Vielleicht sind die Winterbedingungen nach Europa noch nicht ganz
aufgebraucht und das Signal schafft es nach Europa.

Gestern war (wieder einmal) ein offener Traeger aufgeschaltet.

Moeglicherweise wurde in den letzten Tagen der Sender in Palang Karaya
ertuechtigt. Vielleicht kriegt der Techniker auch noch den Brummton im
Hintergrund weg.
(Uwe Volk-THA, QTH: Tha Mai, Provinz Chanthaburi, Thailand Febr 25)

ISRAEL  and  JORDAN    This comes from Ydun's Medium Wave News.
I wish to thank her and her Israeli monitor called Alexei.

In Israel broadcasting from Akko and Yavneh has stopped completely.
According to Alexei there remains Kan Tarbut broadcasting from Eilat and
Kan Moreshet broadcasting from She'ar-Yeshuv.

Both of these are on 1458 kHz which could cause a QRM problem with the
two 10 kW signals meeting in the center of the country.

Turning to Jordan. The new 612 kHz station in Shobak survives but AM radio
in Amman on 882 kHz has also gone silent.

The report was dated 22 February. Fine detail on any known closure dates
would be appreciated.

On a general point the Middle East AM radio scene is becoming increasingly
dominated by Iran and Saudi Arabia which both maintain full coverage
over their huge countries.
(Dan Goldfarb-UK, MWmasts Febr 23)

KOREA  REP OF    KBS Seoul World radio.

Since the beginning of March, some changes will occur in our programs.

So, after the news broadcasts from Monday to Friday, there will be no
commentary on the 'On the topic of the day' news.

On Thursdays, at the conclusion of the 'Seoul Today radio magazine', a new
section will be published instead of the Magic World of Korean Tales
column. Its conventional name is 'Through the pages of the magazine

This quarterly magazine is published by the Korean Press Support Fund and
is published in a number of languages, including Russian.

In the Sunday Magazine, instead of the heading 'About a bit of
everything', the heading 'Living in Korea' will be published twice a
month, the presenters of which will talk about various aspects of everyday
life in the Land of Morning Freshness.  -  Sunday magazine. Febr 16.


(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

KOREA REP OF   1566 kHz mediumwave, HLAZ FEBC Jeju Island.

After four years of correspondence, and probably on the second attempt,
a QSL card was received from the HLAZ FEBC station from South Korea
for reports of December 9, 2019 and January 6, 2020.
A station sticker was added to the envelope.



QSL 9645 kHz  KBS World Radio  sent the certificate of the controller
of transfers for 2020. They put a card with the new station logo
in the envelope.

The shipping date is January 20, 2020. In another envelope, a QSL card
was received from the Russian edition of KBS World Radio from South Korea
for reports of December 3 and 16, 2019, and January 1, 2020





(Dmitry Elagin, Saratov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov-RUS,
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

LUXEMBOURG   DAB+ mode aus Luxemburg.

Servus,  <bayerndigitalradio.de>  berichtet:

In Luxemburg gab es 2019 Testausstrahlungen ueber DAB+.
Die RTL-Techniktochter Broadcast Center Europe (BCE) moechte nun die
betriebsbereiten Sendeanlagen in Dudelange und Hosingen an Interessenten
aus dem Ausland vermieten.

Plaene fuer Inlands-Multiplexe gibt es bisher dagegen nicht.

Die BCE schreibt zum Sender Hosingen:
It has recently been equipped with a DAB antenna to allow future SFN tests
with Dudelange as well as possible commercial exploitation.

... zum Sender Dudelange:
In 2015, this centre permitted the first experiments in DAB+ mode in
Luxembourg. [...]

<https://www.bce.lu/transmitters/>  ( -> Dudelange -> Hosingen)



PS:  <https://www.dabplus.de/2020/02/20/dab-in-europa-der-ueberblick-2/>
73, Hubert (Kubiak-AUT, via Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX newsgroup Febr 21)

MOLDOVA   The monitored & confirmed schedule of Trans World Radio
via MW 1548 kHz with 500 kW via Grigoriopol on Pridnestrovye on 21st Febr
as follows: 1930-1945 UT in Roma/Bulgarian language daily except on
Saturday with prgr in Bulgarian:

1945-2015 UT in Roma(Vlax) / Romania from Monday to Friday & in Romanian
on Saturday & Sunday,

2015 UT in Hungarian language - Monday to Friday till 2100 hrs, on Sat &
Sun till 2040 hrs, 2040-2125 UT on Sat & Sun featuring: 2040-2055 UT in
Bosnian languages, 2055-2110 UT Montenegrian (Crnogorski) language,
2110-2125 UT in Serbian, 2100-2130 UT Monday to Friday
in Serbian language. No checked on Sat & Sun at 2125-2130 UT.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via RUSdx #1069, Febr 23)

MYANMAR   5914.980 kHz  much odd fq of MMR Myanmar Radio from new capital
at Nay Pyi Taw combined MW / SW site, even poor in India S=6-7 at 01.16UT
on Febr 26.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26)

NIGERIA   7254.940 kHz  Voice of Nigeria from Abuja site, Fulfulde
program towards West Africa heard at S=8 or -77dBm signal strength also
in FL and MI state remote units in NoAM. At 07.40 UT on Febr 26.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26)

ROMANIA   Here you can find an updated list of all Romanian LW/MW txs:


This data is also included in MWLIST.
(Alexander Busneag-D, wor Febr 20)

ROMANIA   Re: ROU 1530 kHz Nufaru.

Ich glaube, Du hast einmal geschrieben, ROU 1530 kHz / Nufaru sei ein
relativ neuer MW-Standort in Rumaenien - man sei vom Standort Isaccea

Mauno meint jetzt, der Standort Nufaru sei auch unter der Bezeichnung
Mahmudia bekannt. Was sagen ITU bzw. WRTH dazu?
(Alexander Busneag-D, Febr 20)

Fruehere MW Listen der Dxer weltweit (nicht ITU) zeigte immer
Mihaileni (Sibiu)
45 59 11.16 N  24 20 33.47 E


diese Angabe war aber FALSCH.

Aber eine EBU Bruessel, Monitoring Center List der European Broadcasting
Union aus dem Juli 1986 zeigt dagegen

1530 kHz also mit 15 kW 11dB Verstaerkung beim Locator
47 54 00.00 N  26 12 00.00 E

<https://de.db-city.com/Rum%C3%A4nien Boto%C8%99ani Mih%C4%83ileni>

ROU_old  Mihaileni (Botosani) 1530 kHz 14 kW 11dB Tesla
47 58 05.78 N  26 09 06.05 E
zwei Senderhaeuschen, der vordere Mast wurde schon verschrottet, abgebaut.
Tesla Lieferung 1980/1981 ...  bis 2007 Jahr ?

(ich bin jetzt aushaeusig, heute Abend suche ich mal die TESLA
Lieferungsliste ROU, ob ich dort das Installationsjahr fuer Rumaenien
erkenne, das betrifft auch die 750 / 1500 kW Anlage.)

Nein negativ, die .tif File von TESLA Senderlieferungen weltweit
enthaelt nur die Anzahl der gelieferten MW und LW Anlagen.
u.a. auch ROU  36 x 7 kW = combined geschaltet 18 x 14 kW units.

Diese Doppelnamensnennung, bezieht sich auf den alten / und neuen Standort
Radauti dagegen sieht mit 15 kW und gestrichener rot-weiss Mast in Nufaru
neu aus, aus der 2005 - 2007 Aktion ?
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

Re: ROU 1530 kHz Nufaru.

Wie ich in Google Earth sehe, hat das Sendergebaeude in NUFARU sein rotes
Dach erst nach 2005 erhalten. ;-)

Ich haette noch eine Frage zu 1530 kHz von RRA (!) via RADAUTI - hier hat
Mauno den MWLIST-Namen auf RADAUTI/MIHAILENI abgeaendert.
In RADIOCOM-Dokumenten wird der Name dieser Station ebenso mit dem Zusatz
MIHAILENI aufgefuehrt, wie ich gerade sehe.

Aber auf der Karte finde ich nur eine gut 20 km Luftlinie entfernte
Ortschaft MIHAILENI im Kreis BOTOSANI, waehrend RADAUTI im Kreis SUCEAVA
Ist Dir da Naeheres bekannt?

ROU_SV   Radauti 1530 kHz 15 kW  47.857336 N 25.913753 E
ROU_old  Mihaileni (Botosani)  1530 kHz 14 kW 11dB Tesla
47 58 05.78 N  26 09 06.05 E
zwei Senderhaeuschen, der vordere Mast wurde schon verschrottet, abgebaut.
Tesla* Lieferung 1972 ? ...  bis 2007 Jahr ?

Wobei in RADIOCOM-Dokumenten die RRA-Station auf 1422 kHz (meine exDLF-
Frequenz!) auch nicht unter R MNICU V LCEA gefuehrt wird, sondern unter
OLANESTI ... ich habe das in MWLIST mal so ergaenzt.

wie im WRTH 2010 auch:
ROU_Baile Olanesti 1422 kHz 15 kW (Vladesti) 45 06 16.57 N  24 20 07.23 E
(Alexander Busneag-D, Febr 21; updates by wb, Febr 21)

TESLA from CSSR delivered Cluj 750 kW unit on 1151 kHz in 1971/ 1972,
MARCONI from England delivered the Iasi 1000 kW unit on 1052 kHz also in
1972, and probably 2 x 400 kW units at Lugoj Boldur on 755 kHz
and Voinesti on 630 kHz. Latter Voinesti site installation was a hidden
secret to the DX World (like Olle Alm editor), never print-out
in 1971 to 1994 WRTH year's issues. wb.

ROMANIA   Shortwave reception from Sofia Bulgaria February 22.

RRI's Tiganesti tx#1 is out of service AGAIN, Febr 22.

0000-0056 11800 TIG 300 kW 247 deg to SoAM  Spanish
0100-0256  7340 TIG 300 kW 307 deg to EaNoAM Romanian
0300-0356 11800 TIG 300 kW 247 deg to SoAM  Spanish
0400-0456  7410 TIG 300 kW 337 deg to WeNoAM English
0500-0526 11820 TIG 300 kW  67 deg to EaAS  Chinese
0530-0556  5940 TIG  50 kW  37 deg to EaEUR Russian DRM
0600-0626 11790 TIG 300 kW 217 deg to WeAF  French
0630-0656 15450 TIG 300 kW  97 deg to AUS   English
0700-0726  6175 TIG  50 kW 307 deg to WeEUR German DRM
0730-0756 11960 TIG 300 kW 142 deg to NE/ME Arabic
0800-0856 11960 TIG 300 kW 142 deg to NE/ME Curierul Romanesc Sun
0900-0956 11960 TIG 300 kW 142 deg to NE/ME Curierul Romanesc Sun
1000-1056 15430 TIG 300 kW 247 deg to NoAF  Curierul Romanesc Sun
1100-1156 15430 TIG 300 kW 292 deg to WeEUR French

1200-1256 15600 TIG 300 kW 172 deg to EaAF  English
towards SDN ETH ERI SOM KEN MDG. Not heard Sun Febr 23, wb.

1300-1326 17810 TIG 300 kW 247 deg to NoAF  Arabic
1330-1356  9610 TIG 300 kW  67 deg to EaAS  Chinese
1400-1456  5945 TIG 300 kW  52 deg to FarEastRUS Russian

1500-1556  7330 TIG 300 kW 307 deg to WeEUR German
S=9+45dB signal at 1540 UT, back on Febr 27,
or via reserve unit BD300-3, see below.

1600-1626  7290 TIG 300 kW  37 deg to EaEUR Russian
1630-1656  7290 TIG 300 kW 142 deg to NE/ME Arabic
1700-1756  6025 TIG  50 kW 292 deg to WeEUR French  DRM
1800-1856  7350 TIG  50 kW 307 deg to WeEUR English DRM
1900-1956  7235 TIG  50 kW 307 deg to WeEUR German  DRM
2000-2056  7235 TIG 300 kW 277 deg to SoEUR Spanish
2130-2156  7310 TIG 300 kW 307 deg to EaNoAM English
2200-2256 11800 TIG 300 kW 247 deg to SoAM  Spanish
2300-2356  7325 TIG 300 kW  52 deg to EaAS  English

ROMANIA   Radio City The Station of the Cars via Saftica Febr 22
0900-1000  9510 SAF 100 kW 300 deg to WeEUR German Sat, fair to good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, direct and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews Febr 22)

ROMANIA   Radio Rumaenien International

Liebe Freunde, - der Sender BD 300-1 in Tiganesti ist erneut defekt,
teilte der Uebertragungsdienstleister Radiocom mit. Die Arbeiten zur
Wiederinbetriebnahme des Ersatzsenders BD300-3 von Tiganesti sind im
Gange. In der Zwischenzeit koennen Sie die Sendungen von RRI auf der
jeweils zweiten auf unserer Webseite angegebenen Kurzwellenfrequenz

Folgende Programme in deutscher Sprache sind betroffen:
15.00*UTC und 19.00 UTC nach Westeuropa. Die deutsche Sendung von 07.00
UTC auf 6175 kHz in DRM wurde vom Sender BD 100-1 in Saftica uebernommen.

{* was on air tremendous shortwave signal of RRI in German heard today
1500-1556  7330 TIG 300 kW 307 deg to WeEUR German
S=9+45dB signal at 1540 UT, back on Febr 27,
or via reserve unit Tiganesti BD 300-3.  wb.}

Radiocom entschuldigt sich fuer diese unangenehme Situation und versucht,
den Fehler bei BD 300-1 so schnell wie moeglich zu beheben und in der
Zwischenzeit mit dem Ersatzsender BD 300-3 zu arbeiten.

(Radio Rumaenien International F_B,
 via Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  Febr 25.
<https://remotedx.wordpress.com> )

ROMANIA   QSL 9890 kHz IRR-RRI RadioCom Tiganesti. Filigree hairpins
to secure the hair and pieces of jewelery made of coins, worn all across
the Banat Plain area, early 20th Century.
(Photo: The Marius Matei ethnograhic collection).
9890 1300-1400 UT to zone 31S. 300kW 52degr Russian ROU RRO.

QSL IRR-RRI RadioCom Tiganesti. 12 Dec 2019. 7330 kHz 2 lei coin necklace
16 coins, the 1924 coin issue, the Timisoara ethnographic subregion,
the village of Giroc, Timis County.
(Photo: The Marius Matei ethnograhic collection).
7330 0530-0557 UT to zone 29.  300kW 37degr Russian ROU RRO.

(MMo  Makushin, Moscow, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx";
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

TAIWAN   RTI in Spanisch. Radio Taiwan International
macht Testsendungen in Spanisch fuer Amerika:

Vom 23.02. bis 26.02.2020:
Sudamerica:           01:00-01:30 UT en 9490 kHz.
Cuba y Centroamerica: 03:00-03:30 UT en 9500 kHz.

Empfangsberichte mit Details und SINFO kann man per E-Mail an:
<esp -at- rti.org.tw>    senden.
{see also under  UNIDENTIFIED  }
73 de Siggi (via A-DX newsgroup Febr 21)

TAIWAN   9490 kHz QSL Radio Taiwan International from Tamsui district site

2019 Dec 20 - 11.00-11.58 UT. Russian on 9490 kHz 300kW 002degr.
We inited listeners around the world to send wishes to celebrate RTI's
90th anniversary and received over 250 greetings from 32 countries.

The outstanding work by Poonsin Kantha from Thailand.
(MMo  Makushin, Moscow, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx";
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

Also Radio Taiwan International 2019 Dec 22, 17:18-17:30 UT.
Russian on 5900 kHz.
{I'm not sure, came from Sofia Kostinbrod-BUL instead ?  wb.}

Originating from Dajia District in Taichung, Taro Cakes are made by
stuffing taro paste inside of buttery crusts and baking them
to perfection. They have become a popular Taiwanese snack!

Photo provided by Happiness Always Publishing Ltd.
(MMo  Makushin, Moscow, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx";
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

QSL card of Taiwan International Radio 2020-1.
2020 Jan 16,  17:00-17:30 UTC, Russian on 5900 kHz.
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

Radio Taiwan International. A new card was received from the Russian
service of Taiwan International Radio for a report dated January 5, 2020.
Card topic 2020-1 - Taro Cake is a popular Taiwanese snack.
The date of sending the envelope from Taipei is January 30, 2020.

(Dmitry Elagin, Saratov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov-RUS,
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

TAJIKISTAN   11980 kHz  QSL Radio Free Asia, Dushanbe Orzu site, received
snail mail QSL card, schedule and fact sheet in 9 days for a
reception report sent via email to:  <qsl -at- rfa.org>
(MMo  Makushin, Moscow, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx";
via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

THAILAND   QSL 9940 kHz. Radio Thailand World Service (THA).

QSL-card 9940 kHz, 1230 UT, 23 Jan 2020.
The station did not send anything new: QSL-Democracy Monument topic
+ current schedule and info booklet. No confirmation for the report dated
Dec 24, 2019.
Sent from Thailand on Jan 29, received on Febr 18, 2020. Blog:

9940 1230-1300 UT to zones 49-51, 54-55, 58-60 250kW 132degr slewed -12deg
English THA NBT AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM)
Udorn Thani site.

(KB  Konstantin Barsenkov, StPetersburg-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"; via
RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

TURKEY   5960 kHz  Febr 21 at 2301 UT, VOT English is on today but
VP signal; on contrary, Wolfgang Bueschel found it much better:

"5960.004 kHz  noted tremendous powerhouse of TRT Emirler site, Turkish
string instrument played and then final announcement at 2353 UT followed.
S=9+45dB or -33dBm full powerhouse noted here in Germany and
Belgium-Netherland border remote SDR rx.

At 23.55:07 UT sudden crash 'TX down OFF' midst on program in progress.
CHINA  Now after that TRT procedure, heard co-channel PBS Xinjiang Chinese
service from Urumqi bcast center, - 72 Hertz less fq on 5959.928 kHz
measured. S=8-9 or -70dBm less strong. 73 wb".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor Febr 22)

UNIDENTIFIED  [in central Europe ?  Taiwan-non]   RTI Tests in Spanish.

Radio Taiwan International macht Testsendungen in Spanisch fuer Amerika:
Vom 23.02. bis 26.02.2020:

Sudamerica:           01:00-01:30 UTC en 9490 kHz
Cuba y Centroamerica: 03:00-03:30 UTC en 9500 kHz
Empfangsberichte mit Details und SINFO kann man per E-Mail an:
E-mail:   <esp -at- rti.org.tw>   senden.
(Siggi bob-D, A-DX newsgroup Febr 21)

re RTI Spanish test series via 9490 kHz from Febr 23.

Checked the 9490 kHz channel this day-before Febr 22:

9490 kHz  00-01 UT CBSC RTI Chinese and  e q u a l  strength CNR1 jamming
against RTI 100 kW 352 degr outlet from Tamsui site.
Noted in northern Tokyo remote site.

9490 kHz  At 00.58 UT in Alberta S=7 or -89dBm scratching jamming from
RadioCuba {Bejucal?}, also heard in Detroit, Rochester and Massachusetts.
So, how will be the RTI test signal tomorrow ?

At this hour Taiwan, China, Japan are in full sunshine, Grayline is at
Calgary, Montana, Dencer Colorado, New Mexico, Chihahua, Zacatecas,
Acapulco, Pacific Ocean.

All easterly, Central AM, and all SoAM are on dark. But direct service
from Tamshui TWN would only reliable signal in 19 meterband along the

re:  RTI Tests in Spanish.
UNID location of RTI TEST transmission origin.

Excellent audio transmission noted in KiwiSet at Sevilla Spain though,
so I guess TDF Issoudun or MBR Nauen or ORS Moosbrunn should be considered
as location of origin.

Because of their poor audio bcasts - ? ?
I want to exclude Maiac-MDA or Kostinbrod-BUL as origin of these test.

9490 kHz RTI Spanish tests heard on Febr 24 at 01.00 UTC
til 01.30:04 UTC, then TX sudden crash stop SIGN OFF,
midst on singer performance.

I'll attach two mp3.format records

one taken on
remote Perseus_Net

Edmonton Alberta Canada unit, heard the mixture of
CBSC RTI Tamsui-TWN  Chinese outlet at 352degr across Alaska
into Canada Alberta province; fluttery weak S=4 or -104dBm poor tiny.

Took some 15seconds recording at 00.54 UT
RTI Mandarin from Taiwan and + CNR jamming from China mainland mixture.

At 00.56 UT Cuban scratch jammer started, heard in Alberta on recorded
file at 00.15m/s to 00.20m/s, scratch sound measured on 9486 
to 9493.2 kHz fq range. RTI TWN ? and/or CNR1 jammer TX off 
at 00.59:58 UTC on Febr 24.

Compare signal strength at same time CRI Kunming in Hakka sce
S=7-8 of power, at 00.45 UT on nearby 9460 kHz in 31 mb.

- - - -

the other record taken on worldwide KiwiNet.

From 01.01 UTC on 9490 kHz no signal in Western/Central Europe,
nor in India South Asia, nor in Far East Japan Perseus net
during total daytime there.

So decided after Alberta-CAN check, later to check remote KiwiSDR rxs at
Bonaire Antilles, Ce&Ea&SoBrazil, Johannesbourg RSA, Canary Islands, and
finally ended up in Sevilla Spain Kiwi unit.

TWR Bonaire Antilles S=5 -95dBm weak, poor, tiny {so not Florida relay ?}
Boa Vista RR Roraima, Rio Branco, NoEaBrazil S=7 -77dBm fair
Carmen PE, central Brazil, S=5 -99dBm poor
Sao Paulo, Brazil          S=5 -99dBm poor
TWR Johannesbourg RSA      S=5 -99dBm poor

during first 15 seconds you will hear nothing / only noise px /
from Canary Islands Kiwi rx.

From 00.15m/sec you will hear a S=8-9  -79dBm signal, the strongest signal
of all trace efforts, taken at Kiwi set from Sevilla Spain.

So I guess RTI Spanish test signal came from central Europe at ISS TDF
France, or NAU MBR Nauen-D, or ORS Moosbrunn-AUT ?

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

[TAIWAN non]   9490 kHz, Febr 25 at 0108 UT, no signal from RTI's alleged
4-night test in Spanish to SoAmerica at 0100-0130 UT via mystery site. It
was supposed to start UT Febr 23 but not checked until now. There was a
JBA signal in Chinese(?) until 0100* UT as RTI was already scheduled
direct from Taiwan so more likely audible is CNR1 jamming. It would hardly
make sense to try a mostly day-path on 9 MHz band to the other worldside.

It goes off at 0100 UT sharp and nothing further detectable here, so I
spot-check 9490 kHz on numerous remotes starting with UTwente after
confirming WOR at 0108 on 7780: Nothing there. Nor any of these until
0119: Nanning, Rockport, KFS, NSW, Tokyo, Pardinho, Florida, VE6JY,
Bogota, RSA. Rockport and KFS do get some residual jamming. I think it's
safe to say the test is not on air tonight.

Wolfgang Bueschel reached the same conclusion. He was getting it last
night UT Feb 24, best signal via Sevilla SDR. His best guesses for site:
Issoudun, Nauen or Moosbrunn, discounting Kostinbrod and Maiac
(Bulgaria, Pridnestrovye) because their audio quality is not so good.

Then wb and I both asked Jeff White, now at HFCC Malaysia, to confirm
whether it's WRMI via Issoudun. I had figured this was the obvious source
since RMI/TDF was already registered 9490, but unused at 0100, rather
Radio Republica not until *0200 as I recently monitored.

Jeff replies to me: "No, we have nothing to do with these RTI tests,
and TDF knows nothing about them either."

BTW, Aljazeera computes that as of Feb 23, Malaysia had 22 confirmed
Coronavirus cases but 15 had recovered and been released. HFCC had been
planned for China but had to be removed.

A repeat of the Spanish test was supposed to be at 0300-0330 on 9500, but
not heard then either by Bogota, but a JBA carrier here UT Feb 25,
probably CNR1 as scheduled. I don't bother to check all the other remotes
again. So the mystery remains: whence the tests, will they recur tomorrow,
and/or become permanentized? If we do have another chance, TDOA should be
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor Febr 25)

Re:  RTI Tests in Spanisch language.

Cuba y Centroamerica: 03:00-03:30 hrs UTC en 9500 kHz

Empfang von Dino Bloise in Miami Florida-USA


Im Audio des Videos: Brummharmonische bei 60 / 120 / 180 und 240 Hz,
bei 120 am staerksten (koennte jedoch beim Empfang selbst passiert sein)
aber trotzdem zusaetzlich noch sichtbarer Brumm bei 100 Hz, sehr schwach
bei 50 Hz. Taiwan selbst hat 60 Hz Netzfrequenz, USA ja auch.

Viel Raum fuer Spekulationen.
(Roger Thauer-D, via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews Febr 23)

A better KiwiSDR map portal.
I've just learned via the KiwiSDR Twitter account that
updated their KiwiSDR map portal using Dyatlov maps.

The results are brilliant and, in my opinion, even better than the
<SDR.hu> 's map. The Priyom.org map uses the full window, is uncluttered
and easier to navigate.

If you click on a KiwiSDR site, you'll see a pop-up window with basic site
information. If you hover the cursor over that site info, another window
will pop up with current details about the receiver, number of users,
antenna, SNR, and GPS clock (see above). This is now my favorite way to
geographically surf KiwiSDR sites. The map can be found at:

(UNID at The SWLing Post)

Big improvement for the user. yes, in past years, I was always annoyed
by the KIWI net maps and the lack of convenience.  (wb, Febr 23)

Ich habe heute morgen versucht etwas hier in SuedOstAsien einzufangen:
0100-0130 UTC 9490 kHz ueberhaupt kein Signal, noch nicht mal der Traeger
              war sichtbar,
0300-0330 UTC 9500 kHz O=2 (in den Spitzen), unter co-channel CNR.

Ich glaube auch, dass dieses Signal keine Direktausstrahlung ist,
sondern ueber eine Relaisstation naeher am Zielgebiet ausgestrahlt wurde /
wird. TDF Issoudun-F ist moeglich, oder man versucht vielleicht mit
Florida (Okeechobee) wieder warm zu werden.

(Uwe Volk-THA, rx: Perseus, PA0RDT Mini-Whip ant, at
Tha Mai, Province Chanthaburi, Thailand. A-DX newsgroup Febr 23)

Dear Jeff White,
greetings to your HFCC.org A-20 conference in Malaysia (hi).
I wish a successful convention over there.

May you can help me to identify the ORIGIN BC center location
of these various RTI Taiwan TEST broadcasts in SPANISH
on 9490 and 9500 kHz towards Latin America this week ?
On 23 Febr to 26 Febr, 2020 range.

Reception report of PERSEUS SDR rx unit in eastern Thailand of tonight:
from Tha Mai, Province Chanthaburi, THAILAND

0100-0130 UTC 9490 kHz no signal noted in Thailand.
No carrier string visible though.

0300-0330 UTC 9500 kHz O=2 (on peaks),
under CNR1 Shijiazhuang Nanpo. #723 bcast center outlet signal.

73 wolfie df5sx
wwdxc germany
<https://www.wwdxc.de/topnews.shtml>  Febr 23.

Re: RTI tests in Spanish.
Thank you Wolfie. I was wondering about this myself. I will ask around
here {in Malaysia conference, wb.} during the next few days to see
if anyone knows, and I will get back to you.
Take care.
Jeff (White-FL-USA  wrmi Radio Miami FMO,
at present on HFCC A-20 conference in Malaysia this week. Febr 24)

[TAIWAN  non]   9490 kHz, Febr 21 at 0106 UT, no signal from Issoudun, and
maybe no jamming either yet; tho registered to start at 0100 UT with RMI
programming, i.e. Radio Republica - but I think that only apply once
CubAmerican DST be in effect from March 9.

Checking because RTI has publicized that it will experiment with revived
Spanish broadcasts UT Febr 23-26 at 0100-0130 UT on 9490 kHz, site not
specified but surely FRANCE.

And again at 0300-0330 UT on 9500 kHz, because jamming and R.R.{epublica}
will still be on 9490 kHz at that time. Voluntarily picking a frequency
ever subject to Cuban jamming is foolish, as it may well extend beyond the
"necessary" hours [see TURKEY].

Sure enough at 0157 UT recheck, jamming is already running on 9490 kHz,
and the ISS carrier cuts on just in time at *0159:39 UT, but any
programming to follow is inaudible under jamming. Propagation from Europe
is degraded anyway now, K-index 4 at 0300 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor Febr 21)

nothing observed on 9490 kHz from 01.00 UT on Tuesday Febr 25, 26, nor 27.
No test service program heard tonight.

Only until 01.00.03 UT heard Chinese from CNR1 jamming against /
or RTI Tamsui Chinese at 00.00-01.00:03 UT.

Checked now Feb 25 in Sevilla Spain too,
where I heard the best S=8-9 signal last Monday UTC night Feb 24 night.

Sorry, nothing heard on 9490 kHz until 01.30 UT on that channel,
not on Febr 25, nor on Febr 26, nor 27.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25 - 27)

U.K.  [KOREA REP OF non]   QSL card of KBS World Radio Seoul,
via ENC Encompass Digital Media Services Woofferton site.
Date of admission: December 2019. 1800-1900 UTC
on 6040 kHz in B-19 season.
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

USA   WMLK transmitter update.

WMLK (Bethel, PA) USA has been off air since suffering a fire at their
transmitter site in March 2017. They have just posted this update below on
their Facebook page (their transmitter was being built by Ampegon - it was
reported as 45% complete back in June 2018, but was delayed by a US
government project taking priority re a WMLK posting in February 2019).

"We are grateful to report that the contract for the TX being now built by
a newly formed company has been signed. We will have a better time frame
on completion in the near future and it will be noted here. Thank you for
your support and prayers for this dynamic end time project! Yahweh Bless!
(WMLK Radio on Facebook, 20 Febr)

The Ampegon website "about us" section


says: "Ampegon Power Electronics AG is a new company founded in the summer
of 2019 by the Italian industrial group Arete & Cocchi Technology, which
has taken over all strategic assets of Ampegon AG ..." The company also
moved its offices and manufacturing premises in Switzerland in Dec 2019.


(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Febr 20)

UZBEKISTAN   6240 kHz  E-QSL card from religious station Trans World Radio
India branch. Program was transmitted on 16 Febr 2020 in Kazakh
on 6240 kHz via RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center relay.
(PS  Piotr SkorekPOL, via RUSdx #1069 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)

VANUATU   5040 kHz  Radio Vanuatu, 1006-1059:49*UT on Febr 24.
News/sports, with sound bites; 1020-1028 UT, pop songs (Shania Twain
"From This Moment" and Lionel Richie - "Hello, Is It Me Your're Looking
For?"); 1029-1058 UT, religious preaching and songs; ID and NA.
*Clearly off the air when checking from 0931+ UT, on Febr 25.*

7260 kHz  R. Vanuatu, on Febr26, from 0554+ (till 0630) UT, again found
not broadcasting. Live audio streaming working fine at their Web site.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor Febr 26)

Vanuatu - posted to F_B (UNION OF ASIAN DXERS, Sri Lanka)

3945 kHz  R. Vanuatu - Emten Lagoon. Noted on Febr 27: 7260 kHz appeared
to be still absent, but the 5040 kHz outlet has returned, although the
signal is not that strong tonight at 0930 UT on Febr 27.


So there appears to still be a settling in period at the new txer site!

Rob Wagner:

<https://www.facebook.com/rob.wagner.92317?fref=gs& tn =%2CdC-R-

3945 kHz  VANUATU. R. Vanuatu - Emten Lagoon. Noted on Febr 27:
7260 kHz appeared to be still absent, but the 5040 outlet has returned,
although the signal is not that strong tonight at 0930 UT.

Yes, 7260 kHz. with no signal when checking 0555+ UT (till 0630 UT),
today (Febr 27).

As you noted, good news is R. Vanuatu has returned to 5040 kHz, found
transmitter on and off for several minutes about 0815 UT, then steady
carrier on till audio started at 0830 UT; mostly announcer in vernacular
and played some nice Pacific Islands pop songs; tuned away at 0903 UT.
(Rob Wagner-Mount Evelyn-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, wor Febr 27 /
and correspondence with Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor Febr 27)

VATICAN STATE    Radio Vaticana a Bari col Papa in onde corte.

La prima parte della trasmissione (08.20-10.30 LT ora Italiana,
07.20-09.20 UT) avverra dalla Basilica di San Nicola a Bari, commenti
(antenne dirette all'Africa) in Portoghese 17660 kHz, Francese 15550 kHz,
Inglese 15570 kHz.

Seconda parte (10.40-12.15 LT ora Italiane, 09.40-11.15 UT) da Corso
Vittorio Emanuele II, a Bari, Concelebrazione Eucaristica presieduta da
Papa Francesco e Recita della preghiera dell'Angelus. commenti (antenne
dirette all'Africa) in Portoghese 17660 kHz, Francese 15550 kHz,
Inglese 15570 kHz.

Cronaca in Italiano - via satellite Eutelsat, sulla rete DAB+ Eurodab
(Radio Vaticana Italia) e a Roma sul DAB vaticano e in FM 103.80
e 105.00 MHz.

Ampia copertura in onde corte per l'incontro con i vescovi del
Mediterraneo che Papa Francesco terra a Bari il 23 Febbraio 2020.

Dalle 8.20 alle 12.15 ora italiana[LT] la cronaca diretta in varie lingue.

Domenica ad ascoltare le parole del Papa ci saranno migliaia di fedeli,
500 tra sacerdoti e diaconi e 600 tra religiosi e religiose, 500 volontari
e circa 400 operatori della comunicazione, annuncia la Radio Vaticana.



(Dino Bloise via wor Febr 20)


In remote Perseus SDR rx at Edmonton Alberta CAN noted some Asian services
around 00.15 UT on Febr 22 check:

16100even CHN/TWN  CNR1 jamming against TWN SOH.
15120even CUB  CRI Spanish via RadioCuba Quivican TITAN site, S=7
15310.002 PHL  BBC via AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM)
          Tinang Philippines site, S=7-8.
15425even PHL  Chinese CNR1 jamming at S=7-8, against VoA Mandarin from
          AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM)
          Tinang the Philippines.
15435.003 PHL  FEBC Bocaue in Shan language, S=6.

OTHR on center 16010 kHz, also hopped to 15986 - 15995 kHz at 00.20 UT
on Febr 22.

11780.008 kHz,  the only stronger signal in 25 mb at this hour 00.22 UT,
          R Nacional / Amazonia? Brasilia at S=5 or -102dBm level,
          SBA on threshold weak poor level in Alberta CAN.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 22)


Grundig Radiomuseum

Raeumungsverkauf im "Das Private Grundig Radiomueseum Huegelmuehle"

26.02.2020  Servus!
Vielleicht von Interesse und noch unbekannt?

Als Mitglied des Foerdervereins des Rundfunkmuseums der Stadt Fuerth e.V.
habe ich neben der Zeitschrift "Rundfunk & Museum" Heft 98, Febr 2020,
nachfolgende schriftliche Info erhalten:

Das private Grundig Radiomuseum Huegelmuehle hat festgestellt, dass sein
Lager zum Bersten voll ist.

Um wieder Platz zu schaffen wird im Mai ein grosser Raeumungsverkauf

Ein Auszug der Waren:
Roehrenradio, Kofferradios, Tonbandmaschinen, Ersatzteile, Platinen,
Fernbedienungen, kleine Fernseher, Lautsprecherboxen, Schaltplaene,
Lautsprecher, Cassetten deck, Receiver vom Mikroprozessor ueber Transistor
bis zur Roehre ist alles dabei.

Noch zur Info, es sind nicht nur Grundig Sachen, sondern auch Produkte der
Firmen Saba, Telefunken, Nordmende, Loewe Opta, Panasonic, Philips,
Siemens und vieles mehr...

Mit dem Erloes wird die Erweiterung und Anschaffung einiger neuer Geraete

Der Veranstaltungsort ist:
Huegelmuehle 1a
91174 Spalt am Fraenkischen Seenland.


Wann: Am Samstag den 16., 23. und 30. Mai 2020,
jeweils ein Samstag von 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr.

Fuer Fragen E-Mail:  <martin -at- leinberger-mail de>
(via Paul Gager-AUT, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews via Febr 26)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX -

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