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(last week)

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

BC-DX 1522                                                    9 Nov 2022

ALASKA   3200 kHz  2120-2240 UT, HAARP Oct 22 Tuned in and sure enough,
there HAARP with sweep tones pretty much continuously to past 22:00 (they
were scheduled between 21:00 and 22:00 to run something called a VLF
Amplification) until off somewhere around 22:40. Fair, sometimes good

5400 kHz  0619- UT, HAARP on Oct 23 Listening to first night of Amanda
Dawn Christie's experiment via HAARP. Excellent level, following each
frequency, or combination of frequencies: 4.85, 4.80 (marred by CODAR),
5.4 MHz, 9.5 MHz, 3.3 MHz, Very strong into Masset, BC.

5800 kHz  0415- UT, HAARP on Oct 23 Following HAARP tonight. They started
this hour centered on 4800 kHz, with buzzy carriers every 20 kHz over a
span of about 400 kHz. As soon as they went off this channel, they jumped
to 5800 kHz. Very strong into Masset! Cut suddenly just before 04:20 UT,
and 30 seconds later, started up centered on 6800 kHz. Slightly weaker.

They then proceeded to move up as per their schedule to 7.35, 8.05 (7.35
center from 04:29:40 to 04:40 UT, and 8.05 MHz from a few seconds after
that to 04:50 UT, and then switching to centered on 9600 (actually 9595)
kHz and presumed they'll go to the top of the hour. This test is called
the satellite instrument calibration. Test ended, sure enough just before
05:00 UT.

9600 kHz  2345- UT, HAARP on Oct 22 Noted an open carrier with intermit-
tent on/off, lasting a few seconds at a time. This one was scheduled from
22:00 to 24:00 UT, and was called GIOS HF Ocean Scatter, and was very
strong into Masset. Then, near 00:00 UT, a very wide band buzz centered on
9600 kHz and 25 kHz on each side began continuously. I can only assume
it's them! Off at 00:05:40 UT, but back again at 00:06:09 UT. Off at
00:11:40 UT. Back at 00:12:05 UT. This test is called AERA Radar.
Scheduled from 00:00 to 01:30 UT.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

ALASKA   11870 kHz  1637- UT, KNLS on Oct 18 Very strong in Mandarin, but
still less compared to KNLS in Russian at same time on 9580 kHz (S=9+30dB
to 40!). Clearly both transmitters are operational and seemingly at full.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

ALASKA   On November 4, Konstantin Chernushenko (KNLS / MWV radio) finally
sent an e-QSL for receiving a transmission on Russian KNLS radio on July
27, at 15.00 UT at a frequency of 9800 kHz. In the cover letter, he apolo-
gized for the long delay in responding and confirmed that the US mail this
year (!) does not deliver mail to Russia and he is forced to send e-QSL.

In addition, I can report that I managed to receive this broadcast from
Alaska with great difficulty in the Moscow region and managed to hear it
for about 15 minutes in total
(SS - via RUSdx #1210 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

ALGERIA   7200 kHz  0506- UT, RTA Bechar / Radio Algerienne on Oct 19.
Excellent reception with modern Algerian vocal. Very nice signal and

9450 kHz  0530- UT, Radio Algerienne on Oct 20. Unlike the other night,
nothing on 7200 kHz, but very strong, clean signal in Arabic with news at
05:30 UTC.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

ARMENIA/AUSTRIA   2 x 6180 kHz special programs this weekend, Nov 4 / 5.

Listening to the history of Radio Terrassa in Spanish on 6180 kHz via
Gavar Armenia. Fair signal - clear channel, but moderate fading here in
Caversham so SINPO 35333 at best.
(Alan Pennington, Caversham-UK, via BrDXC-UK groups.io news Nov 4)

First one is the history of Radio Terrassa, an one hour program from
1978 about being 50 years on the air then. Spanish language program
from 1800-1900 UTC on Friday, 4th November. Via Yerevan Gavar towards
Europe 330 degree azimuth with 100 kW.

Second one is from the Radio Andorra archives. 90 minutes with Serge
Gainsbourg. Saturday, 5th November 1700-1830 UTC on 6180 kHz via
ORS Moosbrunn towards Europe 270 degree azimuth with 100 kW.
(Christian Milling-D, via BrDXC-UK groups.io news Nov 4 / 5)

ARMENIA  - sorry, sorry, - - so sorry - to give this report on Nov 4:

very very unusual weak like 20 kW tiny signal on 6180 kHz from Gavar-ARM,
very unlikely the use of 100 kW on a 270 / 305 / 330 degr 8 x dipol rows
curtain antenna, dipole-tipped, when compared to the other Oman, Kashgar
etc great signals in 49 meterband at this 18 UT hour this Nov 4th evening,
when checked all in western Europe, at Mauno Finland place, in Greece,
in Hungary, at Doha Qatar und Delhi India installations remotedly.

It is a pity for the great commitment that much appreciated all Christian
Milling always moves, I don't know what it was - about the 'thin signal'
tonight either.
(73 wolfgang df5sx, wwdxc, Nov 4)

ARMENIA   1377 kHz  Monitoring. TransWorldRadio in Ukrainian language
broadcasts 19.45-20.45 UT at a frequency of 1377 kHz, through a repeater
in Yerevan Gavar 1000 kW*.
(Viktor Tsekhanovich-RUS, via RUSdx #1210 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

* ARM_Kamo Gavar MW 1377 kHz - steep angle signal 1000 kW 6 masts, - main-
lobe each 30degrees direction available.
6-Element Double Cone Skirt Antenna System designed
by Kintronic Laboratories Inc., USA. Financed, sponsored and built up
by TWR-US organization in February 2006. Location see Google M and G.E. at
G.C.  40 25 16.30 N  45 12 03.94 E
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

ASCENSION ISL   Glenn, for 13 meter B-22 activity: BBCWS London is audible
at 16-17 UT on 21630 kHz via Ascension. Mostly poor to fair signal at my
QTH but can be quite good on some longer peaks. Does better than // 17640.
(Stephen Luce-TX-USA, wor Nov 1)

AUSTRALIA   11945 kHz  Reach Beyond Australia via Kununnurra, on Nov
2, daily Matu language 1200-1230 UT service "Hingna Awl" (means "the
Living Word" in Matu) at 1215 UT check, clear signal with fair power,
OM preaching in vernacular language for listeners in Chin State. Nice
choral mx at 1220 UT. Ran to 1229 UT with s/off anmts and then RBA En
quick ID and carrier cut -1229.30* UT.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

AUSTRALIA   Bulletins of the "Australian Radio World" in PDF, from 1936
to 1951 years.

Surfing the web I found this link that contains the bulletins of the
"Australian Radio World" in PDF, from 1936 to 1951, in total there are
about 180 bulletins, with articles of interest, many receivers ads, etc.
Some will already know it but others may not.
In case it's of interest:

(Manuel Mendez-ESP, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Nov 7)

AUSTRALIA/INDONESIA/SOLOMON ISLS   Re:  It's Alive': Sunspot Explodes
Creating Huge Solar Flare, Radio Blackouts. - wor.

Here in California, on Nov 7, instead of a Pacific blackout, I had
amazingly good propagation !!

Radio 4KZ (5055 kHz from Australia) was actually readable with the weather
and sea conditions at 1005 UT given after the news; started listening at
0925+ UT; some type of promo for "Peter Frampton, Rock & Roll"; many pop
songs. (Gregory Abbott - "Shake You Down," etc.). Is not often I get such
good reception! Brief audio attached.

SIBC Honiara SLM (5020 kHz) was also fairly readable; certainly above the
norm; 0902-0915 UT; health program about the importance of personnel hy-
giene and frequently washing of hands, etc.; heard from 0835+ UT; DJ in
Pijin with dedications, playing pop songs (Tina Turner - "Missing You,"
etc.); many SIBC - Voice of the Nation IDs; 0852 UT, shipping schedule.
Wonderful to have this one fairly readable for a change!

RRI Nabire-INS (7289.93 kHz), the best reception since their reactivation;
0818 UT till suddenly cut off at 0831* UT; playing pop songs. Wish they
had stayed on longer !
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6 - 7)

AUSTRIA   6155 kHz  0553- UT,  OE1 Oesterreich Rundfunk via ORS Moosbrunn
Oct 20. Superb reception over the Pole in German. If Austria closes, I'll
miss this site for sure, with the diverse number of users. Let's hope it
doesn't happen!.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

AUSTRIA   AWR via ORS Moosbrunn, Austria, 300 kW powerful unit towards
Pakistan scheduled at 0200-0230 UT on 7340 kHz in Urdu & 0230-0300 UT in
Punjabi in B22 season is not heard yesterday and today. Other AWR trans-
missions scheduled via ORS Moosbrunn 300 kW are heard.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS  AWR Monitor, wor Oct 30)

AWR via ORS Moosbrunn SW 7430 kHz not heard. Info from AWR that
ORS Moosbrunn Tx was transmitting their program at 0200-0300 UT wrongly on
7430 instead of 7340 kHz on the last 2 days ! Hope that it will be rec-
tified tomorrow.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, AWR Monitor, wor Oct 31)

This transmission used to follow BBC Afghanistan 0030-0200 UT on 5930 kHz
(winter frequency). Not so anymore, HFCC shows that this frequency is now
run by Vatican Radio at Santa Maria di Galeria, and, apparently, Encompass
has taken out anything else from ORS Moosbrunn center as well.

Is this turns out to be a permanent cancellation it would mean that ORS
Moosbrunn is now on air only between 0400 and 2100 UT, if nothing else is
missing, too. Whatever the reasons may be - already for many years no
engineer was babysitting overnight there anymore, so it's not this kind
of savings.

At present quite a lot of gossip surrounds the ORS Moosbrunn station, as
in part also discussed here. One rumour is that the Telefunken trans-
mitters will no longer be used after the end of this year and the opera-
tion be limited to the two 100 kW Thomcast transmitters, installed in
2001 to replace old 60s vintage gear. However, the AWR schedule, as issued
just two weeks ago, shows that the 300 kW slots continue to be booked
until March.

Thus the source of the rumour should be asked if it knows the contracts
between AWR and ORS. If not a bit of restraint would not hurt, and concen-
trating on confirmed facts, including of course monitoring observations
like this one.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Oct 31)

AUSTRIA/ARMENIA    Werte Hoerjunkies,
fuer den Konsum des folgenden Programmtipps empfehlen wir dringend ein
offenes Fenster, es wird Rauch geben (und das nicht nur von Zigaretten).
90 Minuten von und mit dem Enfant Terrible der franzoesischen Musik-
geschichte, Serge Gainsbourg, gibt es am Samstag, 05. November 2022 von
1700-1830 UTC auf 6180 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn.

Die aus dem Archiv von Radio Andorra gerettete Kassette aus dem Jahr 1978
wies einen nicht unerheblichen Anteil an THC auf - zumindest musikalisch.
Frei nach Oberstudienrat Dr. Taft: "Kiffen Sie? Rauchen Sie Haschisch?" -
es werden anderthalb ungewoehnliche Stunden, soviel sei versprochen. Damit
geht die Sendereihe "aus den Archiven von Radio Andorra" ins vorlaeufige
Finale, am 03. Dezember gibt es dann noch eine 3-stuendige Sendung mit dem
Saenger Herve Vilard.

Zwar liegen hier noch einige Archiv-Sendungen, die sich ueber eine Ueberar-
beitung freuen wuerden und wir haben auch jede Menge Ideen fuer andere
Andorra-Revival-Produktionen mit ehemaligen Moderatorinnen und Moderatoren,
aber mit den gestiegenen Kosten in allen Bereichen des Lebens wird das
schwierig in der Taktung und dem Umfang alleine aus Spass an der Freude zu
finanzieren. Falls sich die Crowd aber fuer solche Sendungen begeistert,
steht einer Fortsetzung nichts im Wege:  <https://gofund.me/6e460482> ist
der virtuelle Hut.

Einen Tag vorher gibt es was fuer unseren spanischsprachigen Rundfunk-
freunde: Am Freitag, 04. Nov 2022 laeuft von 18-19 Uhr UTC auf 6180 kHz
via Yerevan Gavar Richtung Europa die Geschichte von Radio Terrassa -
50 Jahre auf den Wellen. Diese Kassette stammt aus dem Jahr 1978 und be-
schreibt die Geschichte der Senders, der 1928 gegruendet wurde. Mit vielen
Audioausschnitten und einem Sprecher mit Hammerstimme auch sicherlich fuer
non-speaker ganz nett. Auf die Schnelle habe ich nur diesen katalanischen
Wiki-Eintrag gefunden.


Subject: Radio Andorra and Radio Terrassa (EAJ-25)

Dear listeners,
for the consumption of the following programme tip we strongly recommend
an open window, there will be smoke (and not only from cigarettes).

90 minutes by and with the enfant terrible of French music history, Serge
Gainsbourg, will be available on Saturday, 05 November 2022 from 1700-1830
UT on 6180 kHz via Moosbrunn. The 1978 cassette rescued from the archives
of Radio Andorra had a not inconsiderable amount of THC - at least musi-
cally. Loosely based on Senior Counsellor Dr. Taft: "Do you smoke pot?
Do you smoke hashish?" - it's going to be an unusual hour and a half,
I can promise you that much.

With this, the series "from the archives of Radio Andorra" enters its pre-
liminary finale, on 3 December there will be another 3-hour programme with
the singer Herve Vilard. There are still a few archive programmes here
that would be happy to be reworked and we also have a lot of ideas for
other Andorra revival productions with former presenters, but with the
increased costs in all areas of life, it will be difficult to finance this
in the frequency and scope just for the fun of it. However, if the crowd
is enthusiastic about such programmes, nothing stands in the way of a con-


is the virtual hat.

A day earlier, there's something for our Spanish-speaking radio friends:
on Friday, 04. Nov 2022, the story of Radio Terrassa - 50 years on the
airwaves will run from 18-19 UT on 6180 kHz via Gavar towards Europe.

This cassette dates from 1978 and describes the history of the station,
which was founded in 1928. With many audio excerpts and a speaker with
a hammer voice, it is certainly also quite nice for non-speakers. The
only thing I found quickly was this Catalan Wiki entry.


(Christian Milling-D, direct and via BrDXC-UK groups.io news Nov 3 - 5)

AUSTRIA  6180 kHz ORS Moosbrunn 17.00-1830 UT today Nov 5 Serge Gainsbourg
special. 90 Minuten von und mit dem Enfant Terrible der franzoesischen
Musikgeschichte, Serge Gainsbourg, gibt es am Samstag, 05. November 2022
von 1700-1830 UTC auf 6180 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn Austria.

90 minutes by and with the enfant terrible of French music history, Serge
Gainsbourg, will be available on Saturday, 05 November 2022 from 1700-1830
UT on 6180 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn Austria.

The 1978 cassette rescued from the archives of Radio Andorra had a not in-
considerable amount of THC - at least musically. Loosely based on Senior
Counsellor Dr. Taft:  "Do you smoke pot? Do you smoke hashish?"  -  it's
going to be an unusual hour and a half, I can promise you that much.

Here in BaWue Germany powerful ORS signal of S=9+40dB at 17.28 UT Nov 5,
despite Bundesliga football time personally on Sats between 14 and 19 UTC
... though ( ... short monitoring check)
(wb  df5sx, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

BRAZIL    Brazilian Radio Saturno 6150 kHz reactivated.

Radio Saturno in Belo Horizonte, which I previously heard between Nov 2021
and January 2022 on the low side of 6150 kHz, has again reappeared - this
time on 6150.2 kHz.

First noted on 13 October and regularly since, with poor, occasionally
fair signals, though reception suffers from adjacent channel interference,
particularly 6155 kHz ORF Vienna Austria / ORS Moosbrunn prior to 0700 UT,
and also higher than normal atmospheric static levels.
Monitored past 0900 UT here in New Zealand.
(Bryan Clark, Mangawhai-NZL, wor Oct 30)

BRAZIL   4885.027 kHz  Radio Clube do Para, Belem, 0631-0702 UT, Nov 6,
Brazilian songs, program "Clube da Madrugada". 25422.

4985 kHz  Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0453-0521 UT on Nov 6, Brazilian
songs, "Madrugada Musical". 15321.
(yes, 11815 kHz missing for the last few days).

6180  Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 2030-2048, Nov 5, soccer,
live matches. // 11780 kHz. 35433.

9550.1 kHz  Radio Boa Vontande, Porto Alegre, 2044-2055 UT, Nov 5, re-
ligious songs and comments, Portuguese. 15321.

9818.9, Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 2027-2050, 05-11, Portuguese,
religious comments. 25432.

11780.010  Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 1938-2044, 05-11, soccer,
liver matches. 35433.

11895.2, Radio Boa Vontande, Porto Alegre, 2100-2116, 05-11, religious
songs and comments, Portuguese, "Rede Boa Vontade de Radio". // 9550,1.
(Nick Rank, Buxton-UK, hcdx wor Nov 6)

and 5938.351 kHz / 9664.679 kHz Voz Missionaria;
9818.858 kHz 9 de Julho program,
and 15189.903 kHz Inconfidencia too, wb.

BRAZIL   EBC celebra 15 anos.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wor Oct 31)

EBC Empresa Brasil de Comunicacao / Brazil Communication Company


Das Netzwerk ist verantwortlich fuer den Inhalt und die Verwaltung von
TV Brasil, TV Brasil Internacional, acht EBC-Radiosendern

- Radio Nacional do Rio de Janeiro,
- Radio Nacional AM de Brasilia,
- Radio Nacional FM de Brasilia,
- Radio Nacional da Amazonia,
- Radio Nacional do Alto Solimoes,
- Radio MEC AM do Rio de Janeiro,
- Radio MEC FM do Rio de Janeiro, e
- Radio MEC AM de Brasilia,

die Nachrichtenagentur Agencia Brasil, die Audio-Nachrichtenagentur
Radioagencia Nacional und das EBC Portal. Als Teil der Dienstleistungen
der Holding ist die EBC fuer den offiziellen Regierungskanal
- TV NBR und das Radioprogramm
- A Voz do Brasil verantwortlich.





Radiosender im ganzen Land koennen Voz do Brasil jetzt zu einem flexiblen
Zeitplan senden.
Die Liveuebertragung muss taeglich zwischen 19:00 und 22:00 Uhr erfolgen.

Das komplette Programm steht ab 20:15 Uhr auf der Website des National
Radio Network zum Download bereit



(Roger Thauer-D, wor Oct 31)

BULGARIA   11935 kHz  Radio Joystick, The Charlie-Prince Show, will be on
air tomorrow Sunday Nov 6th at 1100 UT via Spaceline at Kostinbrod-BUL.

From 2013 until 2022 we were transmitted from ORS Moosbrunn in Austria via
Media Broadcast {FMO organized}. ORS-transmitters located in the small
town of Moosbrunn near Vienna have been broadcasting our shows on every
first Sunday of every month at 12:00 hrs German CET time with 100 kW at
7330 kHz on shortwave!

Broadcasting time remains, but frequency and transmitter location change
as of November 2022: On every first Sunday of every month at 12 noon CET
German time you'll hear the Charlie-Prince-Show with 100 kW on 11935 kHz;
the Spaceline transmitter is located in Kostinbrod near Sofia in Bulgaria!

(Manuel Mendez-ESP, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Nov 5)

CANADA   6030 kHz  0544- UT, CFVP on Oct 19 Good + reception with Cuban
jamming in the background, but otherwise a solid S7 to S8 signal.
Calgary's Funny 1060 AM. 1060 kHz is audible, but poor with co_channel.
Puts out a great signal for 100 watts !
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

CANADA   6030 kHz  CFVP Calgary, Nov 5, heard poor with usual comedy
records at 1325 UT on local Sat morning, most of the 49 mb has already
faded out, leaving the coast clear for this low-power Canadian. Deep
fade cycle.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

CHINA   B22 schedule of Beibu Bay Radio, Guanxi province, China announced
the following B22 shortwave schedule. There is only a little change from
the previous schedule. Frequencies:
5050 Nanning 100 kW 232 deg
9820 Nanning 100 kW 191 deg

Night Broadcast 0930-1603 UT
0930 Vietnamese, 1000 Chinese, 1030 CRI Chinese, 1100 CRI Vietnamese,
1200 Chinese lesson in various languages.
1202 Vietnamese, 1300 local dialect, 1320 Chinese, 1335 various languages,
1340 Chinese, 1410 CRI Chinese, 1420 Chinese, 1510 English, 1515 Chinese,
1520 Cantonese, 1530 Thai, 1545 Chinese.

Morning Broadcast 2248-0102 UT
2248 Music, 2300 CNR Voice of the Greater Bay Area Chinese/Cantonese,
2350 Music, 0005 CNR Story Radio Chinese, 0102 Vietnamese.

Mon Cambodian, Tue Lao, Wed Burmese, Thu Thai, Fri Vietnamese,
Sat/Sun not fixed. Mon-Fri only, Sat/Sun Music.

Also on "Baibu Bay Online"
"Baibu Bay Online" changed the audio player from Adobe Flash Player to
HTML5 player in April 2022. Original article is at

(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo-JPN, wor Oct 31)

CHINA   B-22 schedule of CNR1 DRM experimental transmission.
The schedule of CNR 1st program (Voice of China) experimental DRM trans-
mission revised on Oct 27 is as follows;

BEI Beijing 2025-1805  (Tue 0600-0900 UT off)
                       6030 60 kW non-directional 0 deg ID:3FF
            0100-0900 (from Dec 23 2022)
                      13825 30 kW 175 deg ID:3EA
DOF Donfang 0100-0900 17770 30 kW  17 deg ID:3ED
KUN Kunming 0100-0400 15180 30 kW  32 deg ID:2
            0400-0800 17800 30 kW  32 deg ID:2
            0800-1100 15180 30 kW  32 deg ID:2
QIQ Qiqihar 0000-0400 13850 30 kW 225 deg ID:1
            0400-0900 11990 30 kW 225 deg ID:1
            0900-1200 13710 30 kW 203 deg ID:1
URU Urumqi  2200-0100  9655 30 kW  98 deg ID:3EC
            0100-0800 17830 30 kW  98 deg ID:3EC
            0800-1200  9655 30 kW  98 deg ID:3EC

DOF 11695kHz is registered in HFCC B22, but has not been used.
Original article is at  <https://cahcn.github.io/drm/>
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, wor Nov 7)

CHINA  Rationalization of Chinese local radio stations during October 2021
and September 2022.

NRTA (National Radio and Television Administration) of China rationalized
the following local radio stations during October 2021 - September 2022.
RTS: Radio and Television Station.

China National Radio Foreign Language Teaching Radio.
Heilongjiang   RTS (Heilongjiang) Rural Radio.
Hegang City    RTS (Heilongjiang) Life Radio.
Zhuzhou City   RTS (Hunan) Literary and Art Life Radio.
Xilingolmeng   RTS (Inner Mongolia) Comprehensive Literary and Art Radio.
Tai'an City    RTS (Shandong) Tourism Radio.
Jincheng City  RTS (Shandong) Rural Radio.

Guangdong      RTS (Guangdong)
               Voice of South Guangdong > Voice of the Pearl River.
Zhangjiakou City RTS (Hebei)
               Agricultural Economic Broadcasting > Tourism Radio.
Changchun City RTS (Jilin)
               Children's and Elderly Life Radio > Urban Life Radio
Songyuan City  RTS (Jilin)
               Comprehensive Radio > Comprehensive News Radio.
Liaoyang City  RTS (Liaoning)
               Economic Radio > Book Commenting Radio.
Dandong City   RTS (Liaoning)
               Economic Radio > Traffic Radio.
Xishuangbanna Prefecture RTS (Yunnan) Dai and Hani languages
               Comprehensive Radio > Comprehensive Radio.

Shangqiu City  RTS (Henan) Cultural Tourism Music Radio
Kashgar Area   RTS (Xinjiang) Comprehensive Broadcasting
               (Chinese service added)

Original Article in Chinese is at
(Takahito Akabayashi Tokyo-JPN, wor Nov 5)

CHINA   7345 kHz  Voice of the Greater Bay, CNR-7 program via Beijing,
on Nov 2, excellent signal 1145 UT with group conversation in Cantonese,
laughing and chatting. This is by far the most consistent and best channel
for listening to this slick programming targeting HK area. Too bad, was
kinda hoping B-22 period would find a shift away from this fqy, uncover-
ing a better shot at Myanmar's Thazin Radio, which shows up here later in
my local morning, from time to time.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

CUBA   Checked the Tuesday mid noon UTC shortwave Radio outlet in Spanish
from Cuban island 13-14 UT on Nov 1st.

Much talk on respect on familia etc, also some :

Surprised missed RHC Spanish outlet of ex-USSR relay Bejucal on
9535v kHz, 100 kW combined unit towards MEX-GTM-CTR-Panama,

but noted a similar characteristic TX relay of Radio Rebelde program
( ! not RHC ! ) via Bejucal 160degr outlet in 22 mb towards North
Eastern South America target.

Checked and confirmed the progr content via internet real player
" al ritmo de la vida "



// 13699.997 kHz totally characteristics of RHC Bejucal at 135degrees
towards NoEa South America. 13-14 UT.
{1200-1500 UT 13740 kHz BEJ 50kW 160 SoAM Spanish towards Buenos Aires
azimuth, in B-18 winter season.

RHC Spanish px different talk sce noted at 13.04 UT on 9710even kHz
via Bejucal bcast center site S=9+5dB in Edmonton-Alb, and // also
on non-directional 11760 kHz Bauta outlet to Caribbean basin.

1200-1600  9710 kHz BEJ  50kW  110degr  Spanish  Antilles, Trinidad

Another Bauta bcast center CARRIER ONLY transmission originate on
13740 kHz even - without RHC progr feed ! , and RHC Spanish heard
also on 19mb on 15140 and 15230 kHz also. Still seemingly til 16.00 UT.



[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 1)

CUBA   Checked MOVE from 15140 to 13680 kHz outlet towards Europe in B-22
season today. Switch happened at 19.50 UT on Nov 3rd.

1630-1900 15140 BAU 100 10 ENAm Spanish New York daily
1900-1930 15140 BAU 100 340 WNAm Arabic Chicago

1930-2000 15140 BAU 100 340 WNAm B22 English, not Creole Chicago
excellent checked in Alberta, MI-Rochester-NY,
and Kiwi Unit at TWR Bonaire !!!!!!!!!!!!!

move from 15140 to 13680 kHz happened exact at 19.50 UT
2000-2100 13680 BAU 100 340 WNAm B22 Creole, not En Chicago

100 kW Bejucal unit towards
1200-1600 9535 BEJ 100 230 CeAm Spanish MEX-GTM-CTR-Panama LatinAM
is OFF since at least 3 - 4 weeks now.

the lower 50 kW unit at Bejucal towards
1200-1600 9650 BEJ 050 110 Ant Spanish Antilles

and measured
0000-0500 9649.998 BEJ 050 110 Antill Spanish Antilles
is always positivelly in service.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 3)

CUBA   RHC Bauta Sunday Nov 6 in Esperanto special at 2135 UT on
13680 kHz ... New time.... or once again " Something's always wrong at
RHC" ?  and // 15140 kHz at 2146 UT !  abrupt s/off at 2147 UT on 15140
kHz, abrupt s/off at 2148 UT on 13680 kHz.
(Jean-Michel Aubier-F, wor Nov 6)

CUBA   This morning no connection appears to Perseus web map access of

Today Nov 6th switch over to Standard time like EST Florida state,
or RHC also to 'normal winter' time schedule.

Not so familiar for Europeans, but need always to add/subtract when
WRMI Programming PDF sheets to get right UTC time like +4/+5hrs.

CUBA  RHC English noted on three channels in 06-07 UT time slot
      5039.997 odd fq Bauta against 5000 / 5010 standard fq on screen
      compared S=9+15dB in TWR Bonaire Kiwi and in Alberta Canada.

6060 kHz Bauta the stronger one in North AM at S=9+10dB level, and
6100 kHz only lowered S=8 signal, latter I guess directed to
         western US states / ALS azimuth.

Heard RHC {Free} Jazz program 06.40 to 07.00 UT.
6060 and 6100 kHz switched off by 07.02 UT,
only 5039.997 kHz kept on air with RHC Sunday only Esperanto sce,
latter started at 07.00:20 UTC with stn ID in Esperanto

despite like distorted AUDIO FEED  B U Z Z  always.
Perseus screen spectrum shows 13 x 60 Hertz apart strings
all over the carrier 5039.997 kHz.
Still EMPTY CARRIER 07.30 UT, then now at 08.03 UT still too.

[later]  Cuba radio on Standard Time Change 6. November. RHC Spanish noted
from 12 UT today, like weak 5025even BAU, 6000even QUI - but no hx 12 MHz.

Bejucal site 100kW CeAM antenna on
9535.005 kHz delivered another weak signal today,
{was off air totally in past days .... }

from same location to Antilles SoAM outlet with half power
of 50 kW on 9710even was on usual fair strength.

11760_BAU started late, came also at 14 UT on air, and more //
also in service on 13700, 13740, 15140, and 15230 kHz too.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

CUBA   11880 kHz, Nov 8 at 2344-2353.5* UT open carrier, and was not there
at tuneby just before. Presumed RHC, last known frequency for 23-24 UT
English hour. I had been checking all current and remembered frequencies
for that, but unfound, nor before 2300 UT. Usual pattern in EST season is
to move it nonsensically one UT hour earlier.
Something's always wrong at RHC.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor Nov 8)

CUBA  RHC Bauta to South Africa in B-22: rather 22.00 - 24.00 UTC

2200-2230 11880 BAU 100  100 SoAf French     Africa
2230-2300 11880 BAU 100  100 SoAf Portuguese Africa
2300-2400 11880 BAU 100  100 SoAf English    Africa - okay heard on
antenna Bauta #3, HRS4/4/0.8, 130degr minus 30degr azimuth slewed

checked at best BACKLOBE signal in VE6JY Don's installation in Alberta-CAN
or on Kiwi SDR in TWR Bonaire Antilles unit remotedly,

unfortunatelly missed the Kiwi SDR entry now, located on far eastern tip
of Brazil on path Cuba Bauta to South Africa ...

15140 kHz NY 010 azimuth path - European sce I guess,
French heard at 21.30-22.00 UT.

Something's always wrong at RHC
yes Sir,
missed a lot of known fqs transmission now in B-22,

4765 Bejucal appeared,
but 5025 and 5040 kHz were OFF AIR both,
6000 / 12000hx QUI appeared,
but 6060 and 6100 BAU missed,
6165 kHz BAU much poor power,

Bejucal 9535 and 9650/9710 kHz re-appeared regular now,

11670, 11760, 11850QUI, 13700, 13740, 15140, and 15230 kHz
heard more or less regular in B-22.
(73 wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 9)

CZECH REPUBLIC/GERMANY   Radio Prag International verabschiedet sich von
der Kurzwelle.

Radio Prag International hat seinen Auslandsdienst auf Kurzwelle 2011 ein-
gestellt. Seit 2013 wurde sein Programm dank dem shortwaveservice ueber
den KW-Sendemast Kall-Krekel ausgestrahlt. [...]

Mehr dazu erfahren Sie im Interview mit Christian Milling vom


Herr Milling, der Anlass fuer unser Gespraech ist ziemlich traurig. Die
Energiekrise mit den extrem gestiegenen Stromkosten hat alle moeglichen
Bereiche stark betroffen, darunter auch den shortwaveservice und das
Sendezentrum Kall-Krekel in der Eifel. Welche Folgen hat dies konkret?

"Wir werden unsere Sendetaetigkeiten aufs Minimale beschraenken, also auf
Kunden, die sagen, sie moechten noch bis Jahresende erstmal weitermachen.
Aber alles, was an Dienstleistungen darueber ist, auch Relay-Station fuer
andere Programme, muessen wir leider einstellen, weil die Preise sich so
drastisch entwickeln, dass sich das alles nicht mehr lohnen wuerde."

Kall-Krekel Sendeanlage - Foto: YouTube Kall-Krekel Sendeanlage -
Foto: YouTube

Dazu muss ich leider ergaenzen, dass Radio Prag International ueber keine
zusaetzlichen Mittel verfuegt, um die Kosten mittragen zu koennen.
Das bedeutet, dass wir ab dem 1. November nicht mehr in Ihrem Sendeplan
stehen koennen. Wie konkret sieht nun die Zukunft der Sendeanlage Kall-
Krekel aus ?  Wie wird das Programm ab dem 1. November gestaltet?

"Wir werden noch die Sendungen von Radio Slowakei International in vier
Sprachen ausstrahlen. Und es wird noch das Programm von Radio Mi Amigo
International geben, das sendet auf einer separaten Frequenz den ganzen
Tag lang. Aber das war's dann im Wesentlichen."

Koennen Sie ein bisschen zurueckblicken ?
Wenn ich mich gute erinnere, wurden die Sendungen von RPI Radio Prague
International seit 2013 von Kall-Krekel in der Eifel aufgenommen.
Mit welchem Anliegen haben Sie damals das Ganze ins Leben gerufen?
Welche Sender waren daran beteiligt?

"Wir wollten ein Angebot schaffen, das Europa und die Welt ein bisschen
zusammenbringt. Es gibt ja viele deutschsprachige Angebote quer durch die
Welt, allerdings sind die ja teilweise so verstreut und auch nicht alle im
Internet auffindbar gewesen. Das war die Zeit, als sich Podcasts noch
langsam entwickelt haben. Wir wollten auf unseren Kurzwellenfrequenzen ein
durchgaengiges Informationsangebot aus verschiedenen Laendern anbieten.

Man muss aber auch sagen, in den letzten knapp zehn Jahren hat sich die
Welt extrem geaendert, die Digitalisierung ist fortgeschritten, die Sender
sind im Internet besser auffindbar. So hoffe ich, dass der Wegfall der
Kurzwelle nicht allzu schlimm ist, und die hervorragenden Sendungen von
Radio Prag International auch noch digital im Netz auffindbar sind."

Vielen unserer Hoerer bot Ihr Sendezentrum eine sehr willkommene Moeglich-
keit, Radio Prag International im Aether zu empfangen. Wir haben dazu
viele Briefe und Zuschriften bekommen, in denen sie darueber berichtet
haben. Die Abschaltung der Kurzwelle wird sicher eine sehr traurige Nach-
richt fuer unsere Hoerer sein. Denken Sie, dass es Hoffnung gibt auf eine
Rueckkehr auf die Kurzwelle irgendwann in der Zukunft?

"Wir werden unsere Anlagen nicht abreissen. Sie werden gewissermassen ein-
gemottet und auf kleiner Flamme weiter laufen. Und vielleicht sieht man
schon im naechsten Jahr, wohin der Trend geht - global, muss man natuer-
lich sagen. Digitales Radio wird immer wichtiger und findet grosse Ver-
breitung auch in Deutschland. DAB+, UKW werden ihren Teil dazu beitragen,
Global ist die Kurzwelle natuerlich immer mehr ein Nischenprodukt, und die
Verbreitung ueber digitale Medien wie Handys schreitet natuerlich voran.

Wer die Informationen hoeren moechte, findet natuerlich weiter Wege. Aber
ausschliessen, dass wir unseren Betrieb wieder erhoehen, will ich an
dieser Stelle nicht. Wir muessen erst einmal gucken, wie sich die Lage

Schreiben Sie uns an Radio Prag International, deutschsprachige Redaktion,
Vinohradska 12, 120 99 Prag 2, Tschechische Republik oder per E-Mail an
<deutsch -at- radio.cz>

(Radio Prag International, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 1)

DENMARK   5930 kHz  World Music Radio, Bramming, 1706-1743 UT, Nov 5 songs
in English, id. "World Music Radio", Andean flute music, other songs.
// 15700 kHz 25422.

5970 kHz  Radio 208, Hvidovre, 0501-0534 UT Nov 6, pop and rock songs, id.
"... Radio 208". 14321.

15700 kHz  World Music Radio, Randers, 1705-1714 UT Nov 5, songs in
English. 35433.

25800 kHz  World Music Radio, Marslet, 0910-1055 UT, Nov 6, songs in
English, id. "World Music Radio, WMR". Brazilian songs, other LA songs.
// 15700. 35433.
(Nick Rank, Buxton-UK, hcdx wor Nov 6)

EGYPT   9440 kHz  1800- UT, Radio Cairo on Oct 18. Listed in Italian.
Carrier came on at 17:58 UT. Strong signal but again without any modu-
lation. I can only imagine how good a broadcaster they could be if they
would only fix their transmitters !

9812.581 kHz  2058- UT, Radio Cairo on Oct 17. Distorted but strong signal
with hum. Was almost readable 20 minutes ago, but no longer. Listed in
French, but surely doesn't sound like it now. Continued until off just
before 21:39 UTC.

9902.519 kHz  1701- UT, Radio Cairo on Oct 18. Turkish is listed from
17:00 to 19:00 UT, but alas nothing but a buzzy and wobbly transmitter
off-channel. I'm presuming this is Egypt. No audio otherwise heard today.
The pain of it all !  Rechecking at 17:39 UT and the transmitter is now on
9902.56 kHz without any audio. At 18:36 UT on xx.574 kHz and perhaps some
really weak audio audible.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

EUROPE   Private Shortwave Stations in Europe. November 1st 2022.

Only legal stations are included. Most stations use low power, but a few
use several kW. Note that UTC is used here - not CET (MEZ)!

Abbreviations used:
D = Germany, DNK = Denmark, FIN = Finland, NL = Netherlands. A.o. and
others, F.pl.: future plan, Int'l International, Irr. irregular, LT Local
time, Nov = November, 24/7 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Mo = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, We = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday,
Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday.

(kHz  - Country - Station name, transmitter site, Schedule (UTC)
 3955  D   - Radio Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal, Daily 0700-2000 & 2200-0600
 3975  D   - Shortwave Radio, Winsen Aller - Irr. (1600-2300)
 3985  D   - Shortwave Service, Kall-Krekel - Daily 1700-2000
             ('Radio Slovakia Int'l' a.o.)
 3995  D   - HCJB, Weenermoor - 24/7
 5920  D   - HCJB, Weenermoor - 24/7
 5930  DNK - World Music Radio, Bramming - Sa-Su 0800  Su 1900
             (times are approx.)
 5940  NL  - Radio Piepzender, Zwolle - Irr.
 5955  NL  - Sunlite, Westdorpe - Daily 0500-1500.
 5970  DNK - Radio208, Hvidovre - 24/7
 5980  DNK - Radio OZ-Viola, Hillerod - We 2200-2300
 5980  FIN - Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat - 1st Sa of the month
 6005  D   - Shortwaveservice, Kall-Krekel - Daily 1100-1630
             (Radio Slovakia Int'l)
 6005  NL  - Radio Delta International, Elburg - Irr. (Fr or Sa 1700-0800)
 6020  NL  - Radio Delta International, Elburg - Irr. (Su)
 6055  DNK - Radio OZ-Viola, Hillerod - Sa-Su 1200-1400
 6070  D   - Radio Channel 292, Rohrbach Wall - 24/7
 6085  D   - Shortwaveservice, Kall-Krekel - Daily 0800-1800
             ('Radio MiAmigo Int'l)
 6115  D   - Radio SE-TA 2, Gera - Irr. (Su 1100-1200)
 6130  NL  - Radio Europe, Alphen a/d Rijn - 24/7
 6140  NL  - Radio Onda, Belgium, Borculo - Irr. (weekends only)
 6150  D   - Europa 24, Datteln - Irr. (0800-1600)
 6160  D   - Shortwave Radio, Winsen Aller - Irr. (0800-1600)
 6170  FIN - Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat - 1st Sa of the month
 6170  NL  - Radio Europe, Alphen a/d Rijn
 6185  NL  - Radio Piepzender, Zwolle - Irr.
 7260  NL  - RockPower, Nijmegen - 0900-1400 (approx.)
             (Irr.: relays Radio ROKS, Ukraine)
 7270  NL  - RockPower, Nijmegen
 7365  D   - HCJB, Weenermoor - 24/7
 7425  NL  - Radio Piepzender, Zwolle - Irr.
 7445  NL  - Radio Piepzender, Zwolle - Irr. (0800-1800)
 9670  D   - Radio Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal - 24/7
11690  FIN - Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat - 1st Sa of the month
11720  FIN - Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat - 1st Sa of the month
15700  DNK - World Music Radio, Randers - Daily 0700-2000 or 2100
15785  D   - BitExpress, Erlangen - 24/7 DRM-modulation ('Funklust')
25800  DNK - World Music Radio, Marslet - 24/7

This list is published by Hartvig Media ApS each first day of the month -
based on details supplied by a few of the radio stations, the stations
websites, monitoring observations, HFCC registrations, and some presump-
tions. The list is not copyrighted and may be published everywhere.
Subscription by email is free of charge; write to  <shn -at- wmr.dk>
(Nov 1)

INDIA   11560 kHz  AIR via Bengaluru, Nov 3, good signal with echo at
1243 UT in Pashto service with peppy modern Indian mx and OM anmts. For
those who miss the old familiar AIR IS, tune this fqy at 1230 UT each
day. A look at AZMaps shows why the light echo, signal arriving by both
long and short paths. Happy to see AIR using this fqy for the winter
season, always a good one for SWLing.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

INDIA   9620 kHz  1654- UT, AIR on Oct 18. Very strong reception this
morning with Indian music. Farsi programming is listed until 17:30 UT,
when it continues with Arabic, and 19:30 UT in DRM mode in French. Re-
checked at 17:31 UT and there was the AIR IS, followed by Arabic (men-
tions of Arabiya and AIR). Remains very good signal. Rechecking a few
days later on Oct 20th, and a superb morning again (both on SW and
especially MW to Asia!). Once again a very strong signal.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

INDIA   4760 kHz on Oct 27 at 1615 UT All India Radio, Leh with somewhat
improved modulation (better audio). They are now constantly on 4760.003kHz
which is 6 Hz up, compared to last season. Transmitter adjustments ???
Close down this day at 16.30.18 UT.
(Stig Adolfsson-SWE, SW Bulletin #2014, wor Nov 2)

INDIA   Several AIR ES Frequencies off air at present. Monitoring obser-
vation indicate that several B22 SW frequencies of All India Radio
External Services is temporarily off air. Hope that it will be rectified
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia groups.io Nov 7)

JAPAN   Correction, re WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News #1521, Oct 30:

in latest TopNews mentioned two different NHK PDF file sources of
NHK Radio Japan from Yamata bcast center site, Russian Mon-Fri, English
Sat & Sun 10.30-10.50 UT.

Checked 7430 kHz channel today Sunday in Hiroshima Japan remotedly, and
NHK English appeared now today at S=9+35dB powerful level in 7430 kHz
channel in B-22 season (not 7355 kHz A-22 anymore).

Heard NHK Russian FE sce also on Kiwi-Net in SoKorea and Chabarovsk-RUS
units at S=9+25dB level.

B22 request entry, 7430 kHz is okay:

7430 kHz 1030-1050 UT to ITU zones 23,24,33  YAM  300kW  330deg  25 208
301022-250323   Russian   J   NHK
("Top News",  <http://topnews.wwdxc.de>  Oct 30)

JAPAN  [to KOREA NORTH / D.P.R.]  Shiokaze/Sea Breeze noted on November 1,
's third day on alternate frequencies of 6085 // 7345 kHz, with *1300 UT,
on Nov 1. Again their frequency manager has done a bad job. 7345 kHz heard
mixing badly with the Voice of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
(CNR7), which has a long history of being here; while 6085 was noted with
fair-good reception and was a clear frequency.

The following thanks to Hiroshi:
JSR Shiokaze, October 30, 2022
1300-1400 6085 // 7345
1405-1435 7260 // 7310
1600-1700 5955 // 6180
1705-1805 6020 // 7320
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 1)

KOREA REP OF [South]   15575 kHz  KBS World Radio from Kimjae site, 1406-
1459* on Aug 16, a man announcer with the new sin the listed Korean
language. Nx ended at 1409 UT with instrumental music followed by a man
and woman discussion, later nice Korean vocals noted. Closed with announ-
cements, Fair signal making me wish I was there earlier for the English
language program.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1072 Nov 30)

KOREA REP OF  [South]   Echo of Hope - VOH, this Monday did not change
frequencies! Heard on 3980 // 4885 // 5990 //  6250 // 6348 // 9100 kHz,
from starting at 1123 UT to finishing at 1155 UT on Nov 6 (Sunday);
started and ended with the usual theme music, for the weekend only pro-
gram of the English language lesson with the reading of a portion of
Chapter 6 of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," along with
lengthy explanations in Korean. The usual good reception; my ten minute
unedited  audio - <http://bit.ly/3DEFsWz>

I always enjoy listening to this program on the weekend!

Monday (Nov 7)  at 0923 & 1020 UT, surprised to find no change from last
week. Will they change frequencies during the week?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6 - 7)

KOREA REP OF  [South]  7445 QSL  A big envelope came from KBS Seoul with
two different QSLs for the same frequency: 7445 kHz from 7:30 to 8:00 UT
for February 9, 2022 + KBS World Radio souvenirs.
(AN - of RUSdx #1210 also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

KOREA  REP OF   10 Korean MW stations will be closed on Nov 8  (revised)
According to the Korean web site "Namuwiki" based in Uruguay,  10 Korean
MW stations will be closed on November 8, 2022. The official date of the
abolition will be May 8 in 2023 year.

MBC stations
Daejon    765 kHz HLCQ 10kW
Ulsan     846 kHz HLAU 10kW
Seoul     900 kHz HLKV 50kW
Chongwon  990 kHz HLAF 10kW
Pohang   1107 kHz HLAT 10kW
Chongju  1287 kHz HLAX 10kW

CBS stations
Gwanju    999 kHz HLCL 10kW
Jeonbuk  1314 kHz HLCM 10kW
Busan    1404 kHz HLKP 10kW

Seoul     792 kHz HLSQ 50kW

MBC already closed the following stations.
September 8 2022: Chuncheon 774 Jeju 774 Yeosu 1080 Busan 1161 Wonju
1242 Samcheok 1350 Mokpo 1386 kHz.

December 12 2021: Andong  1017 Jinju 1215 kHz.
May 1 2020:       Chungju 1332 kHz.
February 1 2020:  Daegu    810 kHz.

MBC-Gwangju HLCN 819 kHz 20 kW and MBC-Jeonju HLCX 855 kHz 10 kW
have no plan to close.

CBC already closed Daegu 1251 kHz on December 12 2021, and they are now
planning to close Seoul HLKY 837 kHz 50 kW.

FEBC, AFN, and 756AM (for North Korea) will continue to use medium wave.

Original article is at  <https://namu.wiki/w/????>
(Takahito Akabayashi Tokyo-JPN, wor Nov 5)

KUWAIT   15530 kHz  0501- UT, Radio Kuwait on Oct 19. The MUF is sure
holding up with this solar cycle. English programming, pretty identical
to what I heard 30 years ago. Qu'ran with English translation. I recall as
a younger man listening to them on this same frequency during our after-
noons at armchair level being mesmorized by the presentation. Fair to good
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

15530.002 kHz KWT  R Kuwait Kabd, En 05-08 UT on Oct 30, S=9+15dB signal
noted in Doha Qatar on Perseus SDR unit remotedly.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   The branch of the American radio "Azattyk" does not
agree with the closure in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyz-
stan suspended the work of Azattyk Media (Azattyk), a branch of the
American Radio Liberty (a foreign media outlet recognized as a foreign
agent) on the territory of the republic for two months due to incorrect
coverage of the fighting on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border on September 14-17,
2022 of the year, reports the press service of the radio on October 26.

On the air of the radio plot it was reported that the Kyrgyz side attack-
ed the Tajik side. "According to the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan,
the story titled "Heavy fighting on the border of Kyrgyzstan and
Tajikistan" contains "elements of hate speech, unconfirmed information
about an alleged attack by the Kyrgyz side on Tajikistan," the press
service reports.

The branch of the American Radio Liberty (a foreign media outlet recogniz-
ed as a foreign agent) Azattyk does not agree that it disseminated uncon-
firmed information and aggravated the situation in society. It is stated
that the radio did not disseminate hateful information and did not sow
division among citizens by covering the events on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border
in the Batken region.

Recall, on September 17, the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan sent a
letter to Azattyk demanding to strictly comply with the norms of the
current legislation in the field of mass media and protection from false
information in the Internet space. This letter remained unanswered.

On October 24, the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan sent another letter
to Radio Azattyk, demanding that the material on the events on the Kyrgyz-
Tajik border be removed immediately within 24 hours of the request.
However, the radio ignored the demand, citing technical work.
IA Red Spring.

(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, of RUSdx #1209
also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

LITHUANIA/POLAND   Polnischer Rundfunk via Radio Baltic Waves Inter-
national on LRTC Viesientos LTU MW 1386 kHz 18:00 CET/MEZ.
Der Polnische Rundfunk mit seinem deutschsprachigen Programm auf
1386 kHz seit 18:00 CET/MEZ
ps: PR-Homepage zeigt noch 18:30 CET - aber das wird schon noch.
(via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 1)

LITHUANIA   Radio Baltic Waves International: Ukrainian Radio Missing ?

I record UR1 via Radio Baltic Waves International on LRTC Viesientos LTU
1386 kHz automatically every day starting just before 00:00 UT using the
University Enschede Twente SDR receiver. The UR1 relay is scheduled on
this transmitter from 21:00 to 02:00 UT. Just after 00:00 UT, "Ukraine:
security issue" in English is usually broadcast. But starting on 26 Oct,
Radio Svoboda has been broadcast during this hour as well as the previous
and following hour instead. This has continued for the past four days.

So (I haven't checked), Radio Svoboda might now be being broadcast from
18:30 to 02:00 UT. Whither UR1? Its Internet stream is still going. But
perhaps RBWI was getting a feed via satellite or some other means and that
is no longer available. Anyone know what's actually going on?
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor Oct 29)

Well, tonight it looked as if their automation run amuck over the end-of-
DST schedule changes and someone kept trying to avoid a complete break-
down... just every junction, if you at all want to use that term for their
hard source switches, went wrong and had been corrected only after a
couple of minutes. Best part were a full five minutes of silence until the
transmission finally at 1805 cut into the voice of Vladimir Putin ... this
very quickly turned out to be Deutsche Welle, by way of their next items:

Steinmeier statement, analysis of Steinmeier statement, ... (he's a repre-
sentative figure with few real competences, so don't be afraid if you
don't know who this is). Finally at 1830 for a change a switch went well,
to RFE/RL Russian - but it could be that this whole audio version of DW's
Youtube service is played out by RFE/RL in Prague.

So this part of the planned schedule now appears to be:
1630-1700 Polskie Radio, Polish (staying at same CET time),
1700-1730 Polskie Radio, English (instead of German, or was this a mistake
1730-1800 NHK World (ceded the first half of this UTC hour),
1800-1830 Deutsche Welle, Russian (staying at same UTC/Moscow time),
1830-???? RFE/RL, Russian - so now expanded to 0200?

NHK still kills a full ten minutes before the hour with the interval
signal. Apparently they can't be bothered to play out something, be it
just music.

And with the reported further five hours of RFE/RL, if this turns out to
be permanent, it is no surprise that the 2100-2200 UT hour on 1395 kHz
from Yerevan Gavar Armenia has been cancelled. A few days ago it had been
observed that the transmitter now went off at 2100 UT, after the scheduled
two hours of quality programming from Walterboro, South Carolina.

This single hour in Armenia was not booked by USAGM/TSI but instead by the
"Shortwaves for Freedom" project that now appears to be limited to a
cooperation with WRMI. The transmissions from Kostinbrod went away already
a couple of weeks ago.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Oct 30)

MADAGASCAR    MWV Madagascar, two antennas; via
MWV New Life broadcast center at Mahajanga Madagascar.

Time UTC Frequency Range Broadcast language Azimuth Suggested region
1800-1900 UT / 9885 kHz / 31 mb / Russian / 355 / Western Russia
1900-2000 UT / 9845 kHz / 31 mb / Russian / 355 / Western Russia

Broadcasting in Russian and other languages -
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, of RUSdx #1209
also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

MADAGASCAR   9845 kHz e-QSL from MWV New Life Station, Mahajanga, Madagas-
car. Konstantin (KNLS Alaska) sent an electronic QSL card for the report
dated 25. Aug. 2022 at 19:00 UT, 9845 kHz
(AY Alexander Yurin, St. Petersburg-RUS;
via RUSdx #1210 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

MEXICO   6185 kHz  Radio Educacion, Ciudad de Mexico, 0505-0720 UT, on
Nov 6, Spanish, comments, program "Reflexiones", id. "Esta es la onda
corta de Radio Educacion, Latin American songs. 25432.
(Nick Rank, Buxton-UK, hcdx wor Nov 6)   6184.968 kHz lately, wb.

MOLDOVA  {Pridnestrovie kray}  Pridnestrovian radio center in Winter 2022.
Some changes. Radio 1 Plus (PMR Grigoriopol Maiac, 621 kHz, 13.00-16.18 UT
weekdays. TWR relay on 621 kHz too at 18.30-19.30 UTC daily.
(Radiorubka / Telegram channel; via Harold Frodge-MI-USA, of RUSdx #1209
also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

MONGOLIA   Mongolia continues its broadcasts on longwave. Radio Mongolia:
I can confirm all three frequencies on air, heard with varying strength
during the previous five nights (around 1400 and 2230 UT).
LW 227 kHz comes better than 164 kHz and 209 kHz.
(C K Raman, New Delhi-IND to Longwaveradiolistening iog,
via Mike Terry-UK, wor Oct 28)

MYANMAR   7345 kHz  Thazin Radio - northern Phin Oo Lwin, Myanmar site
heard at 1241 UT on Nov 1, a man and woman either discussing or debating
in listed Shan. Poor-fair but readable.
(Bob Brossell, Pewaukee-WI-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

NEW ZEALAND    New Schedule for RNZ 05-09 UT 13730 kHz.

13730 kHz  Since Saturday, 5 Nov, at around 0800-0900 UT, I could hear
co-channel interference between RNZ Pacific and CNR1. I have checked my
own KiwiSDR in Hong Kong and other remote SDRs in Okinawa, Indonesia and
Brisbane can hear the QRM as well. It is rather concerning since RNZ have
programmes in Tok Pisin on that hour and that co-channel interference may
affect reception in PNG.

I also hear some fan/machine noise QRM too after 1000 UT. It can be pretty
bad after 1200 UT but I think none of the listeners in South Pacific are
affected by that.
(yogi_miaow, wor Nov 7)

In past seasons noted also CO-CHANNEL
13730  2130-1530 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng  Chinese Miaoli
and accompanied CNR1 China mainland jamming too. wb

PHILIPPINES   B22 schedule for PBS Radio Pilipinas via US AGM Tinang
Philippines relay station
0200-0330 ME  9475-pht  15640-pht  17820-pht mainly in English
1730-1930 ME  9925-pht  12120-pht  15190-pht mainly in Tagalog (HFCC)
(BrDXC-UK via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor Nov 5)

ROMANIA   7375 kHz  0306-UT, Radio Romania International Oct 13. Via
Tiganesti site. Excellent reception with both frequencies on the air.
Parallel TIG 9850 kHz is even a little stronger. As always, RRI is an
example to other SW broadcasters on how to provide worldwide coverage
with excellent modulation and quality of programming !

9760 kHz, 1719- UT, Radio Romania International via Tiganesti site. On Oct
18 I can clearly see the DRM signal, but a bit too weak to decode. The AM
transmitter, however, is nearly every bit as good as a DRM signal on
11850 kHz (Tiganesti 300 kW / 307 deg azimuth) with Inside Romania con-
cluding and into music.
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)  old A-22 log ...

ROMANIA   Radio Romania International in B-22 season (PDF-Datei)

Endlich fertig! :-)


Alle RRI-Sendungen geprueft - es wird ohne Einschraenkungen gesendet !

RADIOCOM hat uebrigens kuerzlich einen DRM-Content-Server angeschafft;
dessen Inbetriebnahme wird jedoch einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen. Sobald
dies gelingt, werden die DRM-Ausstrahlungen endlich auf xHE-AAC umgestellt
werden - mit voraussichtlich deutlich verbesserter Klangqualitaet und
(bei korrekter Konfiguration) in jedem Falle exzellenter Robustheit.
(Alexander Busneag-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

Real appearance on air, against different item in hfcc.org database entry.

 6020 0400 0500 6       GAL 300 320 286 1234567 D Eng  ROU RRO
 7410 0400 0500 6       TIG 300 337 288 1234567 D Eng  ROU RRO
11705 0400 0500 41      GAL  90 100 286 1234567 D Eng  ROU RRO
15260 kHz instead ! DRM mode real on Nov 7, but not on 11790 kHz
11790{sic} 0400 0500 41      TIG  90 97  288 1234567 N Eng  ROU RRO

13580 2200 2300 14      TIG 300 247 288 1234567 D{sic} Spa  ROU RRO
= N  DRM mode via TIG E2 transmitter mode installation instead.
15120 2200 2300 14      TIG  90 247 288 1234567 N{sic} Spa  ROU RRO
in AM mode instead.

 ROU RRI at 0400 UT on 11705 GAL a n d 15260 TIG both in DRM
mode, Nov 7 in SoAS and NE/ME/CeAS

Good Morning, between 04 und 05 UT on Nov 7th was successful to check the
4 TX in Romania, at Kiwi unit in Kuwait and the Perseus Doha Qatar and
Delhi heard the RRI ROU English Program remotedly. All four TX were in
service this morning, am 04.40 UT Listeners Letterbox of Hr. Meinhardt
item mentioned also much 'Russia's war in Ukraine soil' reports heard,
and BBC London, previous Radio Sweden in the past mentioned.

6020 and 7410 kHz in AM program were 4 seconds ADVANCED (!)
of the DRM mode transmissions 11705 GAL und 15260 TIG .

Both DRM excellent clear reception to state:

11705 kHz RRI Galbeni TX1 S=9+25dB in Kuwait Kiwi unit, S=9+15dB signal
as AM mode reception in Doha Qatar ME SNR 17.5 16QAM / 64 QAM DRM mode B
Channel 10 kHz wideband.

NOT 11790 kHz as in HFCC.org database scheduled, but instead

15260 kHz RRI Tiganesti TX E2 S=9+25dB in Kuwait Kiwi unit,
S=9+25dB as AM mode reception in Doha Qatar
SNR 18.4 16QAM / 64 QAM DRM mode B
Channel 10 kHz wideband, Audio 11.64 kbps
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 7 - 8)

ROMANIA   11705 kHz  DRM noise, UT Sun Nov 6 at 0455 UT, presumed RRI at
end of 0400 UT English broadcast to Asia; into UTwente SDR, but nothing on
listed 11790 kHz AM or DRM mode. Had been listening on AM to NoAmerica
frequencies, 6020 & 7410 kHz, VG with 'Listeners Letterbox' 0442-0452 UT.

Included recitation of new B22 English sked. I wasn't paying close atten-
tion, but some frequencies seemed "wrong" compared to HFCC info I've al-
ready quoted:


Own English fq sked does not match exactly HFCC registrations:

And trying to reach program skeds, not only English but Spanish, divert-
ed by an "internal error".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor Nov 7)

B-22 - es sind schon wieder Meldungen ueber den Ausfall von Tiganesti
Sendungen aufgetaucht. Hast Du eine neue B-22 RRI Tabelle fertig gestellt?
ge-checkt ?

Heute Morgen Nov 6 war wohl English DRM auf 11705 kHz Richtung Indien in
90 Grad azimuth on air, aber die 2. Asienfrequenz ist noch unklar, Unter-
schiede erscheinen auf der RRI website gegenueber den hfcc.org Excel Data-
base Eintraegen, einmal 11790 kHz auch DRM mode, aber Monitoring zeigte
11705 kHz in AM mode und  N E W  15260 kHz in DRM mode now !
(wb an ab am 6. Nov)

Re: Tiganesti DRM ?  Hallo Wolfgang,
mit der RRI-Tabelle bin ich leider aktuell in Verzug, diese werde ich
aber so schnell wie moeglich erstellen (nachdem ich alle Frequenzen
geprueft haben werde)!

Wollte gestern Abend ein wenig RRI Rumaenisch hoeren, ohne mir die
neuen Frequenzen angeschaut zu haben. 49m-Band: nichts (insbesondere
nicht auf der gewohnten Winterfrequenz 5990 kHz). 41m-Band: nichts.
War dann doch recht erstaunt, als ich auf rri.ro die aktuellen Abend-
frequenzen fand:


11.820 ; 15.160 kHz!  11820 kHz O=3-4; 15160 kHz O=2-3
An so hohe Abendfrequenzen (in der Wintersaison!) kann ich mich nicht

[later]  Zum Glueck ist der Hollaendische Kleinsender auf 5955 kHz nicht
mehr (wie letzte Wintersaison B-21) // zu RRI Bukarest via Saftica on air
- man hat die Sendezeiten entsprechend eingeschraenkt:


RRI Rumaenisch kam heute Nachmittag sehr gut herein, auf den beiden
Frequenzen 15370 und 17790 kHz (O=4-5); Deutsch Programm ungewohnt schwach
(verglichen mit B-21) auf 6040 und 7330 kHz (O=3), die Verstaendlichkeit
jedoch unbeeintraechtigt.

Letzte Saison war es eher umgekehrt: RRI Rumaenisch nachmittags kam - vor
allem gegen Ende der Sendung - nur schwach herein; Deutsch am Nachmittag
allerdings hervorragend. Vielleicht sind in dieser Wintersaison
tatsaechlich die Bedingungen fuer hoehere Frequenzen - zumindest am Tage -

Bei den ganzen Frequenzwechseln hat RRI uebrigens leider folgende Frequenz
Kollision aus B-21 mitgenommen:

1400-1500 9490 kHz CRI / Ben  <->  ROU/Rus
(Alexander Busneag-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6 - 7)

Der azimuth deuted auf SW Europa Frankreich, Spanien und Portugal target
hin, 11820 kHz O=3-4, 15160 kHz O=2-3

ja, stimmt, ob da in Bukarest ein neuer Frequenz-Bearbeiter*in_weiblich am
Werk war ? Alles etwas seltsame Frequenz-Wahl gegenueber den voraus
gehenden Jahren. Ich habe mit Erich schon die viel zu hohen morgendlichen
Deutschfrequenzen besprochen:
 9440 0700 0730 28NW TIG 300 307 205 1234567 D Deu ROU RRO
11620 0700 0730 28NW TIG  90 307 205 1234567 N Deu ROU RRO

im Hoch-Winter November bis Februar waeren 5.9 und 7.3 MHz aus Rumaenien
normal, um in Wien oder Graz was elegant mit dem Henkelmann zu hoeren.

Heute am 6. November war auch in Nordamerika Timewechsel in den kleinen
Province-Staaten auf winterliche Standardzeit, damit wird sich zumindest
morgen auch mit dem WRMI Miami Florida PDF sheet und US AGM VoA/RFA noch
Einiges aendern. (73 wb, Nov 6)

Fw: ROU RRI at 0400 UT on 11705 GAL  a n d  15260 TIG both in DRM
mode, Nov 7 in SoAS and NE/ME/CeAS

Um 05.30 UT:
Russian  9420 DRM TIG E2  S=9+15dB in EUR, // 7330 AM mode S=9+10dB.
Romanian 7220 DRM GAL TX1 S=9+15dB,        // 6145 AM mode S=9+10dB.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 7)

ROMANIA   B-22 requested ROU RRI booking suffer by CNR1 anti TWN SOH Falun
Gong jamming. RRI ROU now in B-22 Nov 7, co-channel CNR1 jamming on 17780.

6040 0630 0700 27N GAL 90 300 206 1234567
N = DRM mode, Eng ROU RRO GAL DRM mode TX1

 7345 0630 0700 27N      TIG 300 307 288 1234567 D Eng ROU RRO
17780 0630 0700 55,58,59 GAL 300 100 286 1234567 D Eng ROU RRO
21470 0630 0700 55,58,59 TIG 300  97 288 1234567 D Eng ROU RRO

the channel 17780 kHz in Qatar and India has co-channel suffer of CNR1
anti TWN SOH Falun Gong Mandarin interference, spilling over from China,
17780 kHz has co-channel 01 - 13 UT Jamming sce against TWN SOH Falun Gong
Mandarin broadcasts there.

21470 kHz has just such a S=9+5dB signal, super strong reception is
different, let's see how the propagation with increasing SF numbers
in the high winter Nov - Febr. happens in the 13 mb on this path.

By the way, the 0500-0530 UT 15260 DRM transmission in Chinese goes
eastwards just so far as Beijing for real DRM decoding,

beyond that in South Korea and in long stretched Japan landscape the
signal with SNR 6 or 8.5dB - is much too weak to decode DRM successfully.

07.00-07.30 UT German morning sce
11620 kHz Tiganesti E2 DRM mode encodiert, SNR 18.2 dB
 9440 kHz TIG AM S=9+20dB.

07.30 UT RRI Arabic all 4 TX powerful loud signals received

11660 0730 0800 37   GAL 300 245 286 1234567 D Ara ROU RRO
15120 0730 0800 37   GAL 300 245 286 1234567 D Ara ROU RRO
15200 0730 0800 39NW TIG 300 142 288 1234567 D Ara ROU RRO
17560 0730 0800 39NW TIG 300 142 288 1234567 D Ara ROU RRO

on 11660 kHz transmission til 07.29 UT already of BBC ASC in French,
and co-chnnel QRM in Europe of 1 minute duration appeared ROU RRI inter-
val signal from GALbeni Interval Signal covered/underneath mixture ...
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 7)

RUSSIA   Top 5 ways to hack smartphones in 2022 year.

We store a huge amount of personal information on our smartphones. There-
fore, it is not surprising that smartphone hacks have become more frequent

Below we talk about the most popular methods of hacking mobile devices.
Details in Russian -

(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, of RUSdx #1209
also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

RUSSIA   [and non]   QSL Galleries. The images in these QSL galleries have
come from the collections of the following DXers:
Jack Fox, Jack Searle, Sutton Burtenshaw, Ray Crawford, Ross Gibson,
Paul Ormandy, Barry Williams, Don Reed, Frank Glen and Terje Nielsen.

Further on the page at the top of the sections - PHOTOS - QSL Calleries
Or directly from the main page - PHOTOS - QSL Calleries
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, of RUSdx #1209
also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

SAUDI ARABIA   11860 {11859.963 kHz}  OPPOSITION Target Radio. Radio
Sana'a excile radio program via Jeddah {or Riyadh, wb.}, Nov 5, fair
signal with Middle Eastern chanting with regional stringed instruments
at 1315 UT, equal power and coming through mechanical jamming sound.

I have to admit, I am still not totally clear on this one, but gathering
from lots of info at hand, believe this is the official government radio
station of Yemen, but being transmitted from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia be-
cause the Yemeni govt no longer has adequate control over its national
area in the face of a fierce resistance. The jamming is from anti-govt
Yemeni rebels, with whom the Saudis have been waging border war for years
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

11859.963 kHz ARS  Yemen excile radio program from Riyadh Saudi bcast tx
              center, S=9+30dB strong signal at 07.08 UT on Oct 30.

SPAIN   11940 kHz  R.E.E. Noblejas at 2300 UT signing on for English, time
pips, ID, news. - Poor, 12030 kHz barely audible, 11685 kHz very poor,
9690 kHz poor, on Nov. 4.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, wor Nov 5)

Cambio de hora, cambio de frecuencias (rtve.es)
Microsoft Word - RADIO EXTERIOR DE ESPANA (programasdx.com)
AMIGOS DE LA ONDA CORTA (programasdx.com)

Los cambios de programacion y frecuencias son efectivos desde el 30 de
octubre de 2022 hasta el 26 de marzo de 2023.

De lunes a viernes, para Africa Occidental y Atlantico sur, Oriente Medio
e Indico, desde las 16 horas hasta las 00 horas UTC
(Tiempo Universal Coordinado), 17 a 01 hora oficial espanola.
Las frecuencias de emision:

- Africa Occidental y Atlantico sur, 11685 kHz, banda de 25 metros.
- Oriente Medio e Indico,            12030 kHz, banda de 25 metros.

Hacia America del norte y sur, Radio Exterior de Espana transmite en onda
corta, de lunes a viernes, de 19 a 03 horas UTC, 20 a 04 hora oficial
espanola.  Las frecuencias de emision:

- America del sur,                   11940 kHz, banda de 25 metros.
- America del norte,                  9690 kHz, banda de 31 metros.

Los sabados y domingos, transmite su senal de 15 a 23 horas UTC, 16 a 24
hora oficial espanola. Frecuencias de emision y las zonas de cobertura:

- Africa Occidental y Atlantico sur, 11685 kHz, banda de 25 metros.
- America del sur,                   11940 kHz, banda de 25 metros.
- America del norte,                  9690 kHz, banda de 31 metros.
- Oriente Medio e Indico,            12030 kHz, banda de 25 metros.

Ademas de las ocho horas diarias de transmision por onda corta,
Radio Exterior de Espana emite su programacion las 24 horas a traves de
internet, TDT, aplicaciones moviles y satelite:

Europa, Oriente Medio y Magreb: Eutelsat Hotbird 13B, frecuencia de
bajada: 12.302,88 MHz, polarizacion vertical.

America del Norte: SES AMC-11, frecuencia de bajada: 4.180 MHz, polari-
zacion horizontal.

America norte, centro, sur: Eutelsat E117 WA, frecuencia de bajada:
4.011,64 MHz, polarizacion vertical.

Americas: Hispasat 30W-5, frecuencia de bajada: 12.052 MHz, polari-
zacion vertical.

Asia: Asiasat 5, frecuencia de bajada: 3.840 MHz, polarizacion hori-

Africa, Europa y Oriente Medio: Eutelsat E8WA, frecuencia de bajada:
3.895,7 MHz, polarizacion circular izquierda.
Radio Exterior - Web oficial - RTVE.es
(REE via Jose Bueno-ESP, hcdx Oct 31)

Re:  RADIO EXTERIOR DE ESPANA - Cambio de hora, cambio de frecuencias.

I recall that the Noblejas site had 7 x 100 kW transmitters, but only four
are in regular use for those weekday and weekend periods.
{since decades, only four of seven in service, wb.}

It is unfortunate that there could not be a period where a certain fre-
quency needs to be retuned for a change from the daytime to evening in
North America, say on weekdays at 2200 UT. I am sure many would wish that
would be helpful, having a higher frequency in day and then shift to lower
channel at night so it can be propagationally helpful for listeners.

If REE could have made any change during A22, a 25mb channel would have
worked after 0000 UT instead of letting 16 meters (17855 kHz) fade out
after that time !

Simply put, frequency adjustments from daylight to evening are very
important to serve the area you want to reach.
(Joe Hanlon, NJ-USA, wor Oct 31)

Today Nov 2nd night noted REE Spanish in B-22 season on 9690 and 11940 UT
far behind 2-3 UT, wb.

Here are the following logs on October 31, 2022

 9690  31/10  2000  Radio Exterior Espana, Noblejas Ts Nx Es 45544
11685  31/10  2001  Radio Exterior Espana, Noblejas  OFF
11940  31/10  2002  Radio Exterior Espana, Noblejas Nx    Es 35543
12030  31/10  2004  Radio Exterior Espana, Noblejas Nx    Es 45554
(Nino Marabello-ITA, wor Oct 31)

TAIWAN   9670 kHz  OPPOSITION Target Radio. R Dap Loi Song Nui, Vietnam
Democracy Radio via Pao Chung-TWN, Nov 6, fair-good signal and no problem
over Hanoi howling jammer at 1250 UT with Viet tlks by OM.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

TAJIKISTAN   9863.95 kHz  OPPOSITION Target Radio. Voice of Tibet via
Dushanbe (registered as xmtr site at this time but if not, then probably
via Tashkent {? wb., rather Dushanbe 100 kW 131 deg azimuth to CeAS
Tibetan at Xizang province } ), Nov 5, fair signal at 1302 UT when
I found them here. Must have come on at 1300 UT, as per sked not noted
here prior.

YL with muffled tlks in Tibetan and then remote reporter by phone, much
weaker. Het starts 1303 UT when jammer found them but no problem.
At 1306 UT, first fqy jump made. Easily found on 9886.95 kHz with ever-
so-slightly better signal but same whine, so that must not be jamming,
just an xmtr audio artifact.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

THAILAND   Radio Thailand/Voice of Thailand Bangkok heard here 0000-0029
UT on 13750 kHz starting this week for B-22, ex15590 kHz in A-22.
On Nov 2 (UT), received at a very listenable level with news, weather and
business news. {via USAGM Udorn Thani Ban Dung relay site, wb}
(Joe Ihnat-PA-USA, hcdx Nov 2)

THAILAND   13750 kHz  Voice of Thailand, from Udon Thani Ban Dung bcast
center, *2359-0029* UT on Nov 3, open carrier noted before opening of
English language program with several station ID, opening announcements
and a woman announcer beginning the news program. Poor and not nearly as
reliable as the 15 MHz channel had been before the seasonal change.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, via NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

THAILAND   13750 kHz  Radio Thailand via Ban Dung, Udorn Thani, Nov 4,
good signal with Thai service at 0050 UT tune in. Surprised to hear this
one so well at this time. Playing funky Thai nightclub style music, YL
vocalist with band. Sked here daily 0030-0100 UT. 0054 UT sweet-voiced YL
in Thai with anmts over keyboard mx, then OM. Recorded spot next. 0054 UT
YL studio ancr "sawadee khrap" and then into a news round-up to end bcst.

Plug pulled abruptly at -0059* UT. This service sounds nothing like the
Radio Thailand World Service / Voice of Thailand. More like a domestic
service in Thai for regional coverage.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

TURKEY   Alan Holder advised new additional TRT hfcc.org changes like
 9840 09:00-09:30 Georgian (ex 11:00-12:00 - B21 season) 30 minute cutback
 6120 18:30-22:00 Turkish  (ex 17:00-22:00 - B21 season)
11970 12:30-13:00 Italian  (ex 15:00-15:30 on  7255 - B21 season)
17715 11:00-12:00 French   (ex 20:30-21:30 on  5970 - B21 season)
17770 09:00-09:30 Turkmen  (ex 13:00-13:30 on 11965 - B21 season)
(Alan Holder, G4ZBH, Isle of Wight, U.K., wor Oct 27)

TURKEY/BULGARIA   11775.023 kHz OPPOSITION Target Radio. "R Recep Erdogan"
[Turkey origin Jammer - Ed.] via Emirler-TUR, at 1259 UT on Nov 3, hear-
ing the usual military band and male patriotic choral mx, time pips
superimposed (or, more likely, from RDW underneath?) at 1300 UT, then
into rousing firebrand speech by Erdogan at 1302 UT. Fair signal only but
overpowering {Kurdish} Radio Denge Welat, heard underneath very poor

Hope RDW moves back to their usual 11530 kHz winter fqy soon, always a
winner for them. And when RDW comes in well, the music makes for exceptio-
nal listening.
(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1073 Nov 6)

RDW at present on 11775 even kHz channel via SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. from
Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, wb.

11775even BUL  Kurdish SW radio 'Denge Welat' via SPC-NURTS
          Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
          but at 07.06 UT on Oct 30 covered by stronger Turkish
          jammer signal from Emirler Turkey,
          played Kurdish Anatol-Osmanic music on co-channel
11775.023 kHz.  wb, Oct 30.

UKRAINE   {occupied territories by Tsar Vladimir Putin war ...}

Branches of the All-Russian State Television & Radio Broadcasting Company
will be opened in the annexed territories.

The All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company will open
its branches in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, Kherson and
Zaporozhye regions. This was reported by TASS with reference to the Prime
Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko.

It is planned to start broadcasting 26 Russian channels and more than
20 radio channels in the annexed {Ukrainian} territories of Russia. Also
ensure free broadcasting of regional and municipal channels and prefe-
rential access to Russian video services. "The most important thing is
that we are transferring ready-made IT solutions, IT technologies so that
new territories can be connected to the public services portal and state
information systems," TASS quotes Chernyshenko.


Republic of {Russian} Crimea. "Russkoe Radio" expands the broadcasting
area on the Crimean peninsula.

Russkoe Radio is one of the largest radio networks in the world. Today the
station broadcasts in more than 3150 cities of Russia. At the same time,
the radio station continues to expand the broadcasting area. On Oct 25,
2022, Alushta, Sudak and Dzhankoy joined the federal network of Russkoe

This year, Russkoe Radio celebrated its 27th anniversary. According to
Mediascope, Radio Index, the station has a monthly reach of over
23 million people. Now more than 85,000 people, residents of Crimean
cities, as well as a huge number of tourists visiting these beautiful
resort regions, have the opportunity to tune their receivers to their
favorite radio station.

"Russkoe Radio" will sound in Alushta at a frequency of 102.9 MHz, in
Sudak - at a frequency of 104.7 MHz, in Dzhankoy - at a frequency of
103.0 MHz. With the addition of new settlements to the broadcasting net-
work, Russkoe Radio sounds in the nine largest and most popular cities of
Crimea among travelers.

(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, of RUSdx #1209
also direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

UNID ?   9655.003 TUR  TRT Emirler music program, likely Georgian sce,
but heard at 08.00-08.30 UT, not 09 UT as scheduled on Oct 30.
S=8 in Qatar and in Hungary, when checked UNID.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

U.K.   Claudius Obrecht DRM mode test to Asia today on Nov 1st.
1900 to 1930 UTC on 11710 kHz, likely via ENC Woofferton-UK see below.
Reception reports to:  <c.obrecht -at- swissonline.ch>
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, wor Nov 1)

I noticed the Claudius Obrecht on the DRM sked in my KiwiSDR.
Who is this, and where is the transmitter located ?  Walt

Hi Walt, These are tests for a one-off broadcast he his doing on Nov 4.
There's a bit about it on his Facebook page:
(Chris Mackerell, wor Nov 1)

Looks like an AM signal came on for about 5 seconds, followed by a DRM
mode signal. I believe this is from Woofferton to India South Asia.
I'm getting some audio, with the following information: XHE_AAC (E1C123)
C.M. Obrecht EEP Data 10.26 kbps. Music when decoding from Masset-BC-CAN.
(Walter Salmaniw-CAN, wor Nov 2)

U.K.   Swiss C.M. Obrecht music program from ENC Woofferton site.

I rechecked my recording and the signal on 11710 kHz into Bengaluru (W6LVP
antenna) became solid after 1918 until sign off at 2000 UT. Prior to that
it was non-existent or spotty at best. After 1918.5 UT the SNR increased
gradually from 10.0 to as high as 22.2 db. Closing announcements in German
and English from 1958 to 2000 UT. Interesting music! Overall I would say a
very successful test of the DRM path.

Yes, sorry I left out the frequency of 11710 kHz ! Still well heard in
Bengaluru India at SNR up to 22.2 db at 1950 UT. Once the xmtr got squared
away at 1916 UT or so the signal has been solid here.

[...] The C.M. Obrecht music transmission from Wooferton to India coming
in nicely at the Bengaluru SDR after about 1916 with SNR up to 18.5 db.
Prior to that (from 1902 UT tune) reception was spotty to non-existent.
Electronic music and occasional male announcer in German.
(Bruce Churchill-USA, wor Nov 4)

I assume that you're hearing this on 11710 kHz as previously advertised.
Checked the frequency earlier at 1905 UT and again just now at 1935 UT,
but not a hint of the signal here.
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, wor Nov 4)

Claudius (oder "C.M.") Obrecht ist ein Schweizer, der elektronische Musik
macht und gelegentlich bei den einschlaegigen Adressen Sendezeit mietet
(u.a. bei channel292), um diese im Aether zu verbreiten. Mehr weiss ich
auch nicht als das, was auf seiner Webseite steht:
(Hans Weber-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 1)

USA   9275 kHz  1700- UT, WMLK (non) on Oct 20. I've noticed that WMLK has
been missing after a brief return. I'm not sure when they were last
active, but I've not heard them during my 2 weeks in Masset-BC-CAN.
Hopefully not another fire !
(Walt / Volodya Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, hcdx Oct 31)

Walt, acc to 300 kW Ampegon Power Electronics AG technician Bodo DF8DX:

At the moment they only broadcast on 9275 kHz in AM (daily except Satur-
days, 1300 ... 1800 local time). They are testing a bit with various
settings (DCC, power, etc). In the next few months, the 15150 kHz will
also be put into operation. At the moment the antenna does not allow that.

Probably more work will be done in October 2022 (when all the material is
there). There will be a DRM upgrade and some remaining work will be done.
(wb  df5sx, Nov 1)

USA   WWV  CW on 20000 kHz.
I heard WWV 4 weeks ago, there they had ID's, test tones and chirpes.
I sent report and asking about that. Answer was

"The test tones and chirps that you heard are part of an experiment. You
can read more about the details at
<www.hamsci.org/wwv>  "
(Andree Bollin-D, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Nov 6)

Yes, WWV heard past 2 weeks back too, when checked TWN SOH Falun Gong and
accompanied CNR1 China mainland jamming transmissions between 17890 kHz
and 21800 kHz fq range.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6 - 7)

There seems to be a station on 20000 kHz sending a continuous string of Vs
in CW at the moment (1017 UTC Nov 6). Not heard this before, only ticks
and pips. One of the time signal stations testing ?
(Nick Rank, Buxton-UK, hcdx wor Nov 6)

USA   WRMI transmission PDF sheet of B22 season, updated on November 4
I would like to point out the WRMI transmission sheet updated on Nov 4,
It can be viewed at the following URL:

(Nino Marabello-ITA, wor Nov 6)

USA   5850  Radio Prague via WRMI Florida Okeechobee at 2330 UT with ID by
Jeff White, into Radio Prague English program, leading off with news.
Very good, Nov. 4.

5850 kHz  Radio Slovakia International via WRMI Florida Okeechobee at 0031
UT in English with news. Very good, Nov. 5
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, wor Nov 5)

VANUATU   10080 kHz  Nov 6 at 0654 UT, no signal from R. Vanuatu on hx
2 x 5040 kHz, fundamental now blocked by RHC Bauta. Ron Howard confirms
he heard no 10080 kHz previously on Nov 4. As for Nov 6, Lucio Otavio
Bobrowiec in Brasil confirms 5040 kHz until 0659 UT, then 3945 kHz
harmonix on 7890, 11835 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wor Nov 6)


B-22 winter season, log of Oct 30 at 05.30 to 08.15 UT

15030.004 IND  AIR Arabic via 500 kW TX beast at Bangalore, S=9+30dB
          powerful signal noted on Doha Qatar remote Perseus SDR.
15170.057 ARS  SBA Holy Quran prayer from Riyadh at 05.33 UT S=9+10dB
15320.022 TUR  TRT this squeaky whistle tone Emirler transmitter unit
          settled here at 05.38 UT S=9+20dB at Doha Qatar remotedly.
15335.128 UAE  MUCH ODD fq unit at ENC Al Dhabbaya site, BBC London in
          Arabic, at 05-06 UT to Arabian peninsula. S=9 at 05.40 UT.
15380.057 ARS  SBA Holy Quran prayer in progress, S=9 at 06.00 UT.
15400.069 STP  Likely BBC London En newscast via Sao Tome relay in AF
          on old A-22 schedule as US AGM still scheduled til about
          09 or 10 UTC switch-stop the previous US AGM A-22 season on
          1st Sunday
// same latest South Korean disaster newscast ITEMS via
15490even CVA  BBC London via Santa Maria di Galeria, Halloween Party
          Night disaster of 150 young people dead in Korea. 06.04 UT.
15530.002 KWT  R Kuwait Kabd, En 05-08 UT, S=9+15dB in Doha Qatar.
15629.836 UZB  II-TV London in Persian via Tashkent relay site at
          06.10 UT, S=9+25dB signal even in Qatar Arabian UAE.
15750.008 THA  US AGM Mashaal R in Pashto to PAK/AFG, Urdu sce 0616 UT
21689.821 and 21690even two CNR1 China mainland jammer, against
21689.995 MRA  US AGM Tinian island transmission in Tibetan language
          06.19 UT on Oct 30.
21530.003 CHN  CNR1 jamming stn S=9 at 06.20 UT likely gainst SOH TWN
21490even CHN  CNR1 jamming stn S=8 at 06.22 UT heard in Doha Qatar SDR
17879.998 THA  US AGM R Azadi in Pashto via Udorn Thani Ban Dung relay
          stn S=9+15db at 06.25 UT.
17810.020 MRA  US AGM Tinian island relay of RFA in Mandarin, S=8 06.35
13610.011 IRN  22 mb has four others of Iran transmitters in action,
          and seems parked here on that channel also another Sirjan
          unit at this 06.42 UT hour, carrier and Arabic mx underneath.
// 13780 kHz.
13630.008 TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish, 06-12.58 UT, S=9+5dB at Doha QAT
13669.959 CHN  PBS Xinjiang Urumqi in Uyghur language, S=8 at 06.44 UT
          // also via Urumqi domestic bcast center on 11885.993 kHz.
13689.962 IRN  IRIB Dari sce via Sirjan strong carrier in preparation,
          05.50-08.20 requested, S=9+35dB observed in Doha Qatar SDR.
          06.47 UT on Oct 30.
13780.050 IRN  IRIB Sirjan most modern young Arabic lady presenter
          program and played modern Arabic music/singer at 06.49 UT
          S=9+25dB powerful signal.
13790.003 IRN  IRIB Sirjan also more broad audio block here S=9+40dB
          signal requested to ITU zone 39 at Arabian subcontinent,
          S=9+35dB at 06.51 UT.
13820.004 IRN  IRIB Zahedan Arabic sce, same program // 13790 kHz,
          at 06.53 UT.

13799.997 BUL  SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria
          relay site is FULL in TOM BS US religious ministry business
          05-08 UT S=9+5dB in Qatar at 06.55 UT, also on two other
          channels at same time
11600even and 9400even all S=8 signals noted at Doha Qatar SDR unit.

11730.004 TUR  VoTurkey in Azeri language via Emirler, S=9+15dB
          at 07.02 UT, but hefty QRM of foreign OTHR 18 - 20 kHz
          broadband block covered of wide Radar signal strings ...

11775even BUL  Kurdish SW radio 'Denge Welat' via SPC-NURTS
          Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
          but at 07.06 UT on Oct 30 covered by stronger Turkish
          jammer signal from Emirler Turkey,
          played Kurdish Anatol-Osmanic music on co-channel
11775.023 kHz.

11859.963 ARS  Yemen excile radio program from Riyadh Saudi bcast tx
          center, S=9+30dB at 07.08 UT.
 9710even CVA  Vatican Radio in Ukrainian Lithurgy, S=8 even in Qatar
          at 07.15 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 30)

B-22 season log of Nov 1st / 2nd, 23.45 to 02.15 UT

Mostly heard on SDR gear in Edmonton, Alberta-CAN, and Hiroshima Japan
remoted units.

15189.903 BRA  Brazilian domestic Radio Inconfidencia, fair S=7 signal
          fluttery at 23.45 UT on Nov 1st.
15140     CUB  RHC Bauta not on air at this channel.
15230even CUB  RHC Spanish from 250kW Quivican San Felipe TITAN site at
          23.50 UT S=9+10dB.  But was OFF air further check at 00.15 UT.
15719.972 NZL  R NZ Pacific from Rangitaiki surprisingly on lower sideband
          FLANK (!)
          now, S=8-9 in English at 23.52 UT on Nov 1st.
15770even USA  Likely now re-covered 19 mb antenna at Okeechobee ?
          WRMI ? TOM BS back at 23.57 UT, from 00.00 UT R Slovakia relay
          S=9+10dB proper signal still though.

and a lot of CNR1 program jammers around 00.00 UT, noted on
15740, 15760, 15775, 16100, 16160, 18900, 18969.841 odd, 21490, 21530,
and end - scale - point at 21800even kHz also.
11600, 13020, 13130, 13530, 13670, 13680, 13920, 14560, 14920, 14980 kHz.

15449.971 PHL  FEBC Bocaue, Burmese sce at 23.56 UT.
15425even PHL  At 23.57 UT four test tone scale 1, 2, 3, and 4 kHz
          distance apart test tone procedure. US AGM Tinang technical
          staff always put on the tx much early of 15 mins before
          scheduled time.
          Scheduled Cantonese 00 - 01 UT.
17525.024 GUM  KSDA AWR Agat Vietnamese scheduled at 00.00 UT.
17600even UNID carrier string seen at 00.07 UT, likely RTA Algeria unit
          carrier still on air ?
17650even GUM  KSDA AWR Agat Guam S=8 signal of Burmese sce at 00.08 UT.
17800.005 PHL  BBC London Burmese sce via US AGM Tinang relay site,
          S=9 signal in Edmonton-Alb-CAN at 00.10 UT on Nov 2nd.
13695.003 IND  Typical 500 kW signal of AIR Bangalore bcast center,
          Subcontinental mx of AIR Chinese sce 2345-0115 UT S=9+20dB
          at 00.20 UT.
13735.003 TWN  RTI Thai service S=9 backlobe signal from 300kW Ampegon
          unit at Pao Chung SW center. 00.21 UT on Nov 2nd.
13740even CUB  RHC Bauta outlet in 22mb, Spanish S=9+20dB at 00.22 UT.
13800DRM  mode block visible CHN  CNR1 from far northeastern location at
          Qiqihar. S=8 at 00.24 UT, scheduled 00 - 04 UT.
15250even TWN  RFA Burmese sce at 00.32 UT from Pao Chung site at 00.32UT
 9649.998 CUB  RHC Bejucal relay in Spanish, S=9+20dB in Alberta-CAN,
          00.34 UT, BUT NOT on // 9535v kHz // from Bejucal site
          these days.
11760even CUB  RHC from Bauta site, Spanish covered Venezuela politics
          item. Non-dir antenna sce towards Caribbean. S=9+20dB at 00.38
11780.010 BRA  RNA Brasilia BrasPort, S=9+35dB powerful signal, 00.41 UT
          ID, but at 0200 UT OFF AIR then, also off air 6180v kHz.
 4765even CUB  R Progreso wonderful Latin AM music program, 00.40 UT at
          S=9+15dB level from former USSR-relay site Bejucal, 50 kW.
 4775.034 UNID string, likely R Tarna PRU at 00.45 UT.
 5010even USA  WRMI rather poor exciter like signal, depends of used
          antenna, 180degr azimuth south to Caribbean basin, S=5 or
          -93dBm, 00.50 UT Radio Slovakia International in Spanish (?)
 5025 kHz R Rebelde Bauta - NOT ON AIR, empty channel. 00.52 UT.
 5039.998 CUB  RHC Bauta, S=9 carrier only, no program audio heard,
          S=9 at 00.56 UT.
 5085even USA  WTWN Lebanon TN, S=9+30dB proper pop mx played, 00.58 UT
 5130v    USA  WBCQ NOT ON AIR, 01.00 UT.
 5800even USA  WRMI Okeechobee, at 01.01 UT noted R TWN International,
          in Spanish proper signal S=9+30dB.
 5829.938 UZB  IRN Internat TV London relay via SW Tashkent site, in
          Persian language, S=8 at 01.02 UT in Edmonton Alberta-CAN.
 5850even USA  WRMI Okeechobee Florida site, rather Bible read King of
          Heaven theme, S=9+30dB at 01.04 UT on Nov 2nd.
 5938.352 MUCH ODD fq signal BRA Voz Missionaria relig music, S=6 at
          01.06 UT.
 5950even USA  WRMI from Florida state, 'The Lord - and business ...'
          S=9+25dB proper signal at 01.08 UT.
          ? Hal Turner in WRMI program PDF sheet mentioned ...
 5990eben ROU  RRI Bucharest from Galbeni site, En px Tony Robbin US
          talk, 01.10 UT.
 5999.999 CUB  RHC Quivican 250 kW beast, only empty carrier on air,
          no English modulation started yet, S=9+30dB at 01.11 UT.
 6069.991 CAN  CFRX Toronto, En, S=6-7 at 01.13 UT, Jonny Cash story
 6100even CUB  RHC from Bauta site in English at 01 - 02 UT, S=9+20dB
 6159.935 USA  WBCQ at 01.17 UT, talk on Social Media ... S=8 in Alb.
 6184.968 MEX  R Educacion from Mexico D.F. S=9+5 dB at 01.18 UT.
 7305even USA  US AGM Greenville SW center bcast Vatican Radio relay
          from CVA in BrasPort language, S=9+40dB tremendous powerful
          twist the needle ... 01 - 01.30 UT at 01.21 UT on Nov 2nd.
 7325even OMA  BBC London En sce from ENC site Al Seela 01 - 02 UT,
          S=9+25dB proper signal. 01.22 UT.

... and a lot of numerous China mainland Kashgar Xinjiang site SW
outlets in 49 and 41 mb, in Chinese and English to all Asia and
subcontinent azimuth target.

 7380even IND  AIR Bangalore 500 kW beasts transmission in Sinhalese
          language sce, 01.00-01.30 UT, S=9+20dB powerful via 325deg
          azimuth. 01.24 UT on Nov 2nd.
 7445even OMA  BBC London via ENC Al Seela bcast center at 01.26 UT,
          Pashto sce to AFG, PAK, IRN target.
 7489.932 USA  WBCQ The Planet(?), talk on Hacker Delta System, 0128
 7505even USA  WRNO New Orleans, S=9+30dB proper signal, 01.30 UT,
          audio not fully clear, 120 Hertz buzzy string signal heard
          and visible on Perseus screen.
 7519.994 USA  MUCH ODD signal WWCR New Orleans TOM Overcome at 01.33
          UT, S=9+45dB tremendous signal. // TOM on 7570 WRMI too.
 7600even ARM  Afgan Internat TV sound via Yerevan Gavar site,
          13 - 03 UT, noted at 01.35 UT.
 9395even USA  WRMI WoR DX px at 01.36 UT, talk on new 300kW AM / DRM
          Ampegon Made in Switzerland SW tx for R NZ Pacific at
          Rangitaiki center site soon to be delivered, 01.36 UT.
          S=9+25dB strong at Edmonton-CAN.
 9264.988 USA  WINB sermon, TOM ?, religious talk on Muslim world,
          at 01.39 UT on Nov 2nd.
 9395even USA  WRMI WoR, Italian National Anthem played at 01.40 UT.
 9455even USA  WRMI Okeechobee, S=9+20dB in English, at 01.42 likely
          SMTV.com website address given, En/Sp language word items
 9490.058 F   MUCH ODD TX unit frequency noted again at TDF Issoudun
          relay site, anti-Cuban opposite Spanish program R Republica
          S=9, and accompanied Cuban scratch signal jamming 01.45 UT.
 9580even CUB  CRI Beijing in English via Cuban 250 kW beast relay
          site at Quivican San Felipe TITAN location, S=9+30dB at
          01.47 UT, ladies presenter talk.
 9649.998 CUB  RHC Spanish via Bejucal site, 50kW, scheduled 00-05 UT
 9664.982 BRA  On lower sideband FLANK, R Voz Missionaria, at 0150 UT
          S=9+25dB on fine propagation path from Brazil.
 9690even ESP  REE Noblejas on extended schedule 19 to 04.00 UT now,
          two channels on 9690 and 11940 kHz in Spanish, S=9+20dB at
          01.54 UT.
 9955even USA  WRMI Okeechobee at 02.01 UT heard Radio Prague in
          Spanish language sce, 02 - 02.30 UT, S=9+20dB proper signal
 9939.975 USA  WTWW Lebanon TN website address at 02.04 UT weak skip
          zone signal S=6 at 02.03 UT talk on Pater Peters(?)
11560even IND  AIR Bangalore flutter signal, Nepalese sce scheduled,
          S=6 at 02.05 UT.
11850even CUB  Joined the RHC sce at 02 - 04 UT, RHC Spanish low
          modulation from Quivican San Felipe TITAN bcast center.
          Target rather meant southerly at South America.
 5999.999 CUB  RHC Quivican in English now modulated on air
          service from 02.00 UT, and
          // 6100even kHz from Bauta site.
 6180.001 MDG  Spanish sce of 'La Voz Alegre' MWV New Life bcast
          center at Mahajanga Madagascar at 02.13 UT on Nov 2nd.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 2nd)

B-22 winter season, log of Nov 3 at 00.30 to 08.30 UT

15230even CUB  CNR Sp from Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250kW beast site
          S=9 backlobe into Alberta-CAN at 00.30 UT on Nov 3.
 4765even CUB  R Progreso from ex-USSR relay site Bejucal, S=8 signal
          in Edmonton-Alb-CAN, TX switched on at exact 00.35 UT.
 5010even USA  WRMI relayed R Slovakia px in Spanish at 00.36 UT,
          weak at S=6-7 level.
 5025 kHz OFF AIR Cuban R Rebelde in past days, also off at 00.37 UT.
 5040even CUB  RHC Bauta in SApanish at 00.40 UT, S=9+10dB in FL state
          noted Kiwi_net remotedly.
 5800even USA  WRMI in English relayed SMTV, S=9 at 00.43 UT.
 5829.939 UZB  Persian radio relay of IITV London, via RRTM Telecom
          Tashkent Uzbekistan Shortwave Transmitting BCast center
          station, S=8 at 00.46 UT.
 5850even USA  WRMI Okeechobee, few short main power breaks noted,
          TX on and off, powerful S=9+15dB, relayed R Slovakia Internat
          in En, at 00.47 UT.
 5950even USA  WRMI from Florida state, En, discussion about fuel gasoline
          prices in various US states, S=9+15dB at 00.49 UT.
 5990even CUB  CRI Beijing Latin AM relay transmission via Cuban Quivican
          San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site, CRI Spanish px at 00-01 UT,
          powerhouse S=9+25dB at 00.51 on Nov 3rd.

 6000even CUB  RHC Quivican in En at 00-01 UT, S=9+15dB other antenna
          characteristics type - like neighbour 5990 kHz, nice audio
          smootly and NOT distorted at 00.51 UT, produced a harmonic on
12000even kHz  too; S=8 signal observed in Edmonton-Alb SDR remotedly.

 6159.937 USA  WBCQ from far No-eastern US Maine state, En, S=4  00.53 UT.
 7489.933 USA  WBCQ from same location, S=6 at 00.57 UT.
 7510even TJK  USAGM RFA Burmese program relay from Orzu site, ID at 00.58
          UT, S=9+15dB in Rochester NY remotedly.
 7519.995 USA  for the first time noted WRMI Okeechobee tx little_oddly,
          TOM BS program S=9+35dB powerful, and same px also //
 7570even USA  mentioned roarers Hallejujah at 01.00 UT.
 7580even CHN  CNR1 jammer against US AGM Uyghur sce via Orzu-TJK CeAS
          relay site transmission at 01-02 UT.
 7600even ARM  Afghan Target stn in Pashto via Yerevan Gavar site, S=8 at
          01.04 UT on Nov 3rd.
 9264.987 USA  WINB English sermon, 'The Lord ...', S=9+10dB at 01.06 UT.
 9535v    CUB  RHC Bejucal 100kW unit NOT ON AIR past days ... 01.07 UT.
 9649.999 CUB  RHC Spanish via 50 kW unit at Bejucal towards Bonaire,
          Trinidad, Suriname in NoEastern South AM, S=9+20dB backlobe into
          Edmonton-Alb-CAN remotedly. 01.09 UT on Nov 3rd.
 9870even USA  US AGM Greenville outlet relayed Korean KBS Seoul Spanish
          service to Latin America southwards, S=9+40dB powerhouse TX unit
          used at 01.11 UT Nov 3rd.
 9939.977 USA  WTWW Lebanon TN, S=9+25dB strong carrier but LOW MODULATION
 9955even USA  WRMI Okeechobee in FL state, En sce at 01.14 UT S=9+20dB
          powerful level.
11670even CUB  RHC Bauta in Spanish, talk on religious Catholica theme,
          S=9+10dB at 01.15 UT, broadband 26(!) kW audio block visible
          in Perseus screen. // in 25 mb on
11760even CUB  RHC Sp also 20 kHz wide audio block via non-dir steep NVIS
          signal fountain antenna. S=9+15dB on 01.18 UT.
11780.009 BRA  RNA Brasilia BrasPort on S=9+25dB at 01.19 UT.
11850even CUB  RHC in Spanish languageQuivican San Felipe TITAN relay,
          S=9+15dB backlobe in Alberta-CAN remotedly at 01.20 UT.
11925even UNID music relay, little scratchy local Endmonton powerful
          mediumwave program intermodulation into Perseus and Kiwi SDR's.
13740even CUB  RHC Bauta Spanish language sce of S=9 at 01.50 UT Nov 3rd.
15230even CUB  RHC suffered Bauta signal of S=7 at 01.54 UT.
13730.008 NZL  R NZ Pacific Rangitaiki at proper S=9+25dB, 0836 UT Nov 3rd

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 3)


A reminder of the importance of AM car radios.

According to recent reports, Ford will remove the AM radio from one of
its soon-to-be-released truck models. Tesla similarly removed AM and FM
from some of its vehicles last year.

Former administrators of the Federal Emergency Management Association
have been clear: Eliminating the radio from cars will hamper America's
rescue and recovery operations to a considerable degree.

Article here:


(Mike Terry-UK, wor Nov 4)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX  -  

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