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(last week)

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

BC-DX 1385                                                   31 May 2019


Sendungen in Deutsch:
Montag bis Samstag 21.30-22.00 Uhr MESZ/CEST auf 3985 kHz
(Kurzwelle Kall/Eifel)

Sendungen in anderen Sprachen:

Englisch fuer Europa:
Montag-Samstag um 14.30-15.00 MESZ/CEST ueber Kall/Eifel auf 6005 kHz

Franzoesisch fuer Europa:
Taeglich um 17.00-17.30 MESZ/CEST ueber Kall/Eifel auf 3985 kHz

Italienisch fuer Europa:
Montag-Samstag um 22.00-22.30 MESZ/CEST ueber Kall/Eifel auf 3985 kHz

Englisch fuer Nordamerika:
Dienstag-Sonntag um 03.30-04.00 MESZ/CEST auf 9395 kHz und Samstag von
00.00 bis 00.30 MESZ/CEST auf 5850 kHz ueber WRMI Okeechobee, FL_USA)

Internet-Stream und ueber Satellit Eutelsat 16 degr Ost auf 12640 MHz
(Polarisation H, Symbolrate 10832):


Sprache Zeit (MESZ/CEST, UTC +2 hrs) Tage

Albanisch 01.00-02.00 taeglich

Deutsch 18.30-19.00 Montag-Samstag

Englisch 18.00-18.30 Montag-Samstag

Franzoesisch 19.30-20.00 Montag-Samstag

Griechisch 17.45-18.00 Montag-Samstag

Italienisch 19.00-19.30 Montag-Samstag

Serbisch 17.30-17.45 Montag-Samstag

Tuerkisch 20.30-21.00 Montag-Samstag

Neue QSL-Serie ab Juni verfuegbar.

Nachdem es bis 2014 fast jedes Jahr eine neue QSL-Serie und dann 2016
nochmals eine neue Einzelkarte gab, mussten sich die QSL-Sammler unter den
Hoerern des albanischen Auslandsrundfunks zuletzt mit Nachdrucken aelterer
Karten troesten.

Nun aber ist es endlich soweit, eine vollstaendig neue QSL Karten Serie
mit diesmal acht Motiven geht in den naechsten Tagen in den Druck und wird
in Tirana ab etwa Mitte Juni fuer Bestaetigungen neuer Hoerberichte zur
Verfuegung stehen.

Die Serie "Impressionen aus Tirana" zeigt aktuelle Bilder der Hauptstadt,
die Foto Aufnahmen hat wieder Astrit Ibro zur Verfuegung gestellt.

(Deutschsprachiger Hoererklub von RADIO TIRANA;
Mitgliederrundbrief Nr. 71 - Mai 2019, via Werner Schubert-D, May 30)

ANGUILLA   11775 kHz  University Network (pres); at 1854-1902+ UT
on May 19; Rev. Barbie waxing about flesh & carnality; an area of
expertise; No ToH break. SIO=433 w/whistle & rat-a-tat bursts;
2145 UT Dead Dr. Gene // 13845 kHz WWCR (pres), SIO=2+53.
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, wor dxld May 25)

ANTARCTICA   re LRA-36 channel Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel,
Base Esperanza, Antarctica. Huge level from LRA-36 on Tuesday 28 May with
Spanish language vocals some deep fades, but signal mostly holding in
well at 1625 UT.

Frequency measured as 15475.98 kHz and clearest audibility is with USB,
though station can be heard with AM. This was via Paradinho, which
continues to be superior to any other Kiwi site for hearing LRA-36,
but station was audible also at


Not a single ID heard from 1625 UT through to nearly 1700 UT. At or around
1712 UT there was a complete dropout, or silence with no music or any
announcer heard and this continued for several minutes.
(Dan Robinson-CA-USA, wor dxld May 28)

ANTARCTICA   15475.97 kHz, on May 24 at 1710-1815 UT, tnx to tip from
Dan Robinson to the WOR iogroup, LRA36 on the air Friday and heard
via Pardinho SP SDR in Brasil, which seems to be the best one for this.

The entire hour+ was music, no IDs or any announcements: a tragic loss of
opportunity to diffuse Antarctic culture, politix, native music, history,
scientific achievements, etc. Also could discourage QSL seeking with no
significant program content to report. Bruce Churchill also recommends the
much further SDR in Iceland, a total- water path like SP.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 24 / 25)

ANTARCTICA   15475.971 kHz, on May 23 at 1324 UT, JJBBA carrier from LRA36
on another active Thursday. All I am likely to get here, but one may hear
some programming via closer remotes such as Brasil.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 23)

<http://py1eme.homeip.net:8073/>  checked May 30 at 14.10 UT, negative.

ARMENIA   PUBLIC RADIO OF ARMENIA (Pub) 1314 kHz Summer Schedule 2019
Azeri Days Area kHz
1715-1745 mtwtf.. Cau,ME 1314erv
1730-1745 .....ss Cau,ME 1314erv

Kurdish Days Area kHz
1600-1630 daily   Cau,ME 1314erv
1630-1700 daily   Cau,ME 1314erv* Turkish Days Area kHz
1700-1715 mtwtf.. Cau,ME 1314erv
1700-1730 .....ss Cau,ME 1314erv

Key: * Kurdish (Kurmanji) for the Yezidi ethnic minority in Armenia
(WRTH 2019, via RUSdx #1030 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

ARMENIA   On May 19, a program sounded on MW 1350 kHz from 1818 to 1840 UT
- one voice reads the expression from the Holy Bible in English, and the
other immediately translated into Turkish. Similar programs, but in
English and Persian sound on Thursdays and Fridays from 18.05 UT
on 1377 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL; via RUSdx #1030 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

AUSTRALIA   re Radio Australia re-appearance ... kept the conservative
Liberal-National coalition government in power on their national election.

Those of us hoping for a use revival of Radio Australia and ABC Northern
Territory shortwave transmitters are about to have those always slim hopes
dashed. Australians are poised to keep the conservative Liberal-National
coalition government in power despite a raft of problems plaguing the
nation. One definition of insanity is to keep voting for the same
governing philosophy over and over and expect a different result.
The whole world seems afflicted with this identical malady.

The conservatives have shown no interest in re-establishing shortwave as
an outreach to the Pacific region (as RNZ and CRI continue to do) or its
large sparsely populated interior whereas the opposition Australian Labor
Party expresses openness to the idea. Too bad for us
(John Figliozzi-FL-USA, dxld wor May 18)

AUSTRALIA   5045-USB, on May 24 at 0954 UT I happen to awaken so a rare
chance to check for WORLD OF RADIO on Unique Radio, now scheduled at
both 0930 & 1000 UT Fridays. Not surprisingly I get no trace of the
low-power signal here; but I do have a JBA carrier on 5055 kHz 
from presumed 4KZ.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 24 / 25)

BHUTAN   6035 kHz  BBS Thimpu on both May 29 and 30 at 1125* UT, noted
closing down somewhat earlier than usual; unfortunate they went off so
early, as there was no QRM from the North DPR Korea jamming spur (6045
kHz); for me the best BBS reception is about 1150 UT, when they actually
run that late; always the same format; at times almost readable in
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

BOLIVIA   3310 kHz  R Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, at 2347 UT on May 11,
steady but just barely audible threshold, not nearly as good as received
in the past.
(XM via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

3310 kHz  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 0030 to 0044 UT om in
Quechua language, no music heard 24 May.

6134.85 kHz  Radio Santa Cruz, at 0030 to 0045 UT on May 24,
noted in Spanish with weak distorted signal.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

BRAZIL   3375 kHz  Radio Municipal, Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira,
at 0020 to 0033 PT om with some brief music on 24 May.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

CHINA   11120 kHz, May 27 at 1430 UT, CNR1 jammer, poor S2-4
11460 kHz, May 27 at 1431 UT, CNR1 jammer, S3-S4
12500 kHz, May 27 at 1433 UT, CNR1 jammer, poor S3-S5,and // 11120 kHz.

All of these fit the timespan in Aoki/NDXC for such jammers against
Sound of Hope, Miaoli, Taiwan. Never the same set on from one day to
the next. Then bandscan 8.9-15.0 MHz found no more WOOB jammers by
1438 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 27)

CHINA   Of the traced 65 x CNR1 jamming channels from mainland China,
observed recently on April 6th-8th:

here a selection of Tuesday May 28 at 12 - 13 UT:

Checked CNR1 jamming stns at 10 - 11 UT on May 28:
11460, 12190, 12870, 13850, 14430, 14775, 15340, and 16300 kHz.

Checked on remote SDR units in Seoul_KOR, and various JAP units
in Hiroshima, Nagoya and Tokyo area.

Checked CNR1 jamming stns of Tuesday May 28 at 12 - 13 UT:
9320, 11070, 11460, 12190, 12500, 12880, 13160, 13640, 13890,
14430, 14640, 14850, 14900, 15340, 15920, 15940, and 16100 kHz.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 28)

Here a selection of Wednesday May 29 at 23 - 24 UT:

Checked CNR1 jamming stns at 23 - 24 UT on May 29:
9180, 11120, 11460, 13890, 14850, 15920, 15940, 15970, 16100,
17170, 17440, and 17560 kHz.

Checked CNR1 jamming stns at 09 - 10 UT on May 29:
9180, 11440, 11460, 11500, 12150, 12190, 13130, 13850, 13890,
14775, 14900, 15920, 15940, 15970, and 16100 kHz.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 29)

Here a selection of Thursday May 30 at 06 - 07 UT:

noted surprisingly 35 x CHN mainland jammer on air !

Checked CNR1 jamming stns at 06 - 07 UT on May 30:
10960, 11120, 11895, 11970, 12150, 12950, 13160, 13530, 13790,
13820(hit also adjacent 13825DRM CNR1 Beijing),
13870, 13890, 13980, 14430, 14640, 14850, 14900, 14920, 15340,
15720, 15800, 15920, 15940, 15970, 16300,
17170, 17440, 17670, 17690, 17750, 17780, 17810, 18180,
21690 Firedrake music instead !,  and 21800 kHz.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

CHINA   6155 kHz, CNR2 (China Business Radio) Beijing #491 bc center acc
Aoki list also on 15500 kHz at other time, at 1201 UT on May 30. The usual
good reception of the comedy/variety show "Haiyang Live," in Chinese;
program is often heard on CNR2.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

COOK ISLS   Radio Cook Islands to close AM.

Bryan Clark posted on the WRTH - World Radio Tv Handbook Facebook group
23 May 2019. The following has just been posted to the NZ Radio DX
League's club newsgroup by Adrian Sainsbury of RNZI:

From Radio Cook Islands.
"The Cook Islands Investment Corporation will begin dismantling our
AM Radio mast out at Matavera.

The mast was installed around 1970year and I remember seeing it being
worked on around 1990year but since then no maintenance has been done
on it. Government own it and Bluesky maintain it.

Anyway, it is a hazard at the moment as sections of it are rusting and so
it needs to come down. It will affect our radio service reach.

We have FM around the island and in the Outer Islands via the Government
but the reach is not that good.

I think radio is kind of like a low priority for anyone these days.

The AM has been useful in that in can reach all the way to Penrhyn."

This news is in contrast to Samoa where 2AP 540AM has had a reprieve
thanks to AusAid replacing the AM Mast in Apia.

Adrian Sainsbury-NZL
RNZ Pacific
(via Mike Terry-UK, wor dxld BrDXC-UK ng May 23)

Re:  Radio Cook Islands to close AM.

Despite its dilapidated state, has it continued in use until now?
2.5 kW on 630 kHz from Rarotonga, as I confirmed by opening WRTH 2019
instantly to page 176 on first try. Also shows 12 FM frequencies around
the islands, no powers but likely very low.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 23)

Paul's notes: "What they don't mention is the government nor Bluesky
actually own the actual radio station.
It's owned by a commercial company ...

Radio Cook Islands streams online at  <mms://>

(If you go to their website at
and click the listen live link nothing is there.
You have to find the embedded html code source)

There's no mention of any Radio Cook Islands FM frequencies on the website

FYI ... that webstream at 16k mono is how the Radio Cook Islands feed is
distributed to the outer islands FM repeaters.

I guess this means the AM is totally done; it's not just being torn down
and replaced. It's gone"
(Paul B Walker-WY-USA, nrc-am gg via wor dxld May 23)

CUBA   13739.240 kHz, May 19 at 1345 UT, RHC auto-knocked off 13740.00 for
the second day in a row. Hope wolfie finally catch it too, having found it
non-knocked when he chex. Something's always wrong at RHC.
But not always the same things all the time.

This is during 'En Contacto' DX program, but it doesn't finish at
1350 UT! By then I am on 15230 kHz hearing the RHC IS amid the show, and
more Arnie, until 'En Cia del Dr' finally starts at 1357 UT. Very unusual
as RHC Spanish programming is normally within one minute of nominal.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 19)

CUBA   Checked the 22 meterband this May 20, 1245-1330 UT:

Both Cuban on even fq again: 13740 and 13700 kHz at 13.16 UT,
13740 S=8-9    in Detroit Michigan US state,
13700 S=9+20dB in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

13870even CNR1 jammer at 12.45 UT against TWN intelligence "SOH" radio
          S=9 in Detroit-MI.
13855 CHN CRI Chinese S=9 in Alberta-Canada.
13844.987 odd fq WWCR S=9+15dB in Alberta Canada at 13.20 UT.
13835 CHN CNR1 jammer against RFA Orzu-TJK Tibetan.
13810 CHN CRI Chinese S=6-7
13775.018 ARS Saudi Arabic S=5 tiny
13765 IRN IRIB Ar S=6 at 13.25 UT.
13760 KRE VoKorea Kujang En, S=6
13755 CHN CRI English
13740 CUB RHC Sp S=9+5dB in Alberta, Canada. 13.24 UT
13735 IRN IRIB S=8 at 13.24 UT National Hymn chorus played.
13700 CUB RHC Sp S=9+20dB in Alberta Canada, 13.23 UT.
13670 CHN CRI En, S=9
13650 CHN CRI Chinese
13605 USA US IBB BBG Radio Marti Greenville NC in Spanish, S=9 at 13.22
13600 CHN CRI Russian
13590 IRN IRIB Zahedan at 13.21 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 20)

DENMARK   Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN reports on the WRTH - World Radio Tv
Handbook Facebook Group, 18 May 2019.

World Music Radio (WMR) is back on 15805 kHz (200 W).
On air today Saturday May 18 and tomorrow Sunday May 19, at 07-20 UT.

Fair to good reception right now in many parts of Europe - including SW
United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, Northern Scandinavia, Italy and Russia

5840 kHz is still on the air with some 25 - 35 W ... continuously.

[later]  Re: 15805 kHz  World Music Radio.

World Music Radio on 15805 kHz is probably the station on 19 m with the
lowest power - and with the most simple aerial - so obviously that makes
it a DX catch. It is not a signal you can rely on for regular listening -
tuning in and then expecting a fine signal.

Most of the time the signal will be absent or barely audible - in the
areas where the signal propagates into (Russia, Southern Europe, Northern
Scandinavia, Brazil, North America - and even once in Thailand). I had
imagined that that would have created more interest among DX'ers.

Right now 15805 kHz is audible in Northern Sweden
<http://sm2byc.ddns.net:8073/>   and - and very weak in Romania
Italy   <http://iw2nke.ddns.net:8073/>
Iceland <http://tangar.utvarp.com:8073/>   and the USA
- but when you read this the situation may be different.

Sometimes the signal on 15805 kHz gets out quite well:
As received in Spain:
As received in PA, USA:
As received in Moscow:
As received in Semiluki, Russia:
As received in Murom, Russia:
As received in Brazil:
As received in Bulgaria:
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XUSS15Bv1I>   and

Strong short ship to SW UK:

I have just purchased a new 3 element yagi for 15805 kHz, so hopefully
soon there will be some improvement in signal strength :-)

Best 73s,
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,
World Music Radio - <www.wmr.radio>   E-mail:  <wmr -at- wmr.dk>
(WMR via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng May 18 / 19)

DENMARK  [and non]   15805.003 kHz  Only tiny threshold signal traced
at remote SDR unit at Moscow Russia at 08.10 UT on May 19.
S=3-4 signal level of -104dBm,
to compare locally SDR / antenna noise level nivel -107dBm.

5839.987 kHz S=4 or -97dBm in Italy,
S=7-8  -87dBm  in Texel island Holland area.
S=5 or -87dBm  in Switzerland St. Gallen,
S=4 or -104dBm in Austria and Hungary at 08.20 UT.

To compare the 19 mb stations, noted around 07.40 to 08.20 UT on May 19

15090 KWT US R Free AFG, IBB BBG Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb, in Pashto
15145 CHN CRI in Chaozhou language to SoEaAsia, from Xianyang #594 site
15200 ROU RRI Galbeni, Romanian, Sunday only
15225 D   AWR Nauen, Arabic
15230 CHN CRI Xian, Cantonese
15245 KRE VoKorea D.P.R, Kujang, Russian
15260 GB  BBC Woofferton, English
15270 CHN CNR2 Beijing
15280 JPN NHK World, Radio Japan, Yamata
15300 F   RFI Paris, TDF Issoudun, French
15350 CHN CRI Kashgar, English
15360 KWT US Mashaal R, IBB BBG Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb, Pashto
15370 CHN CNR1 Shijiazhuang
15380 ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Arabic, Holy Quran program / CNR1 Beijing
15390 CHN CNR13 from Lingshi, nice music program heard.
15400 MDG Tiny, BBC via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility
15420 UAE BBC via Al Dhabbaya to AF
15465 CHN CRI Kashgar in English
15480 CHN CNR1 Beijing
15500 CHN CNR2 Beijing
15529vKWT Radio Kuwait from Kabd site, in English, nice pop mx program
15540 CHN CNR2 Lingshi
15550 CHN CNR1 Beijing
15600 UNIDENTIFIED string, ? BUL SLC Kostinbrod exiter only ? SOH ?
15690 D   US R Farda, Biblis Germany, Persian
15710 CHN CNR6 Beijing site #491, Hakka language to SoCHN / Taiwan
15720 CHN jamming switch-off late at 07.45 UT,
against IBB Tibetan via Orzu-Tajikistan 06-07 UT.
15755 KWT US Mashaal R, IBB BBG Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb, Pashto.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

DENMARK   WMR auf 15805 kHz ist heute sehr erfolgreich, hier auf KiwiSDR

Schweiz:     <http://kiwisdr.hamspirit.de:8073/>
England:     <http://southwest.ddns.net:8073/>
Oesterreich: <http://www.websdr.at:8073/>
Rumaenien:   <http://kiwisdr.yo3iul.ro:8074/>
Irland:      <http://emeraldsdr.ddns.net:8073/>
(WMR - Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN, A-DX ng May 26)

Ich denke, hier gibt es bestimmt auch viel Unterstuetzung durch
sommerliches sporadic-E und short-skip-Bedingungen.

foEs plot von z.B. Dourbes, blau ist von heute:
(via Roger Thauer-D, A-DX ng May 26)

DENMARK   Re: [HCDX] [WOR] World Music Radio.
FYI, mail to SHN in Denmark. 73 wb
Original Message
From: "Wolfgang Bueschel" >
To: "Stig Hartvig Nielsen" <hartvig -at- wmr.dk>
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2019 2:08 PM
Subject:  World Music Radio 15805 kHz.
Many thanks SHN for your explanation, as radio amateur operator I know
about propagation and sunspots in 2019 to let's say 2022 year.

I'd make the technical decision rather towards lower side of 31 mband like
9320-9385 kHz fq range, in coming three years fortunately, instead of
15805 kHz high frequency ... kind regards de wolfie df5sx wwdxc.
(wb to Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN,
via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 23)

EGYPT   9900.175 & 9895v kHz, on May 25 at 2059, 2120 and 2209 UT chex,
no signals at all from R. Cairo unlike yesterday.

Richard Langley-NB-CAN,  to the wor iog
provides 100% confirmation of the precise frequency I logged:

"I started listening to Radio Cairo on nominal 9895 kHz yesterday (24 May)
around 2040 UT using a Field BT portable with just its whip antenna

This is just before Glenn's report of yesterday. The signal was good but
heavily distorted as usual. It was difficult to tell that accented French
was being spoken. Music seemed slightly less distorted. There was also a
persistent whine (600 Hz).

Checked using the Universita Enschede Twente SDR receiver where the signal
was stronger but equally distorted and the AMSync frequency was
9895.175 kHz. Audio (except whine) was cut between about 2100:05
and 2108:47 UT and then returned. Time pips (quite clear) at 2115 UT and
then start of English program but hard to tell at times it was English.
The transmitter stayed on this frequency until about 20:31 UTC
[sic, must mean 2131 UT] when it switched within some seconds to
9900.175 kHz. Should have been on this frequency since the start of the
English program, I believe. English program continued to about 2245 UT.
Transmitter stayed on without audio (except whine) until about 2323 UT!
Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor May 25.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 25)

EGYPT   9900.175V kHz, (meaning varying slightly, audible in real time) on
May 24 at 2147 UT, JBA talk by YL, 2153 UT ME music, 2201 UT talk; S5-S7
on inside longwire due to storm; quick attach of outside LW boosts to
S8-S9 but still far too much storm noise.

Surely the R. Cairo English broadcast scheduled on 9900 kHz at 2115-2245
UT but has been inactive as x-ed in Aoki. HFCC shows 125 kW at 325 degrees
from Abis to Western Europe; and the closest thing to a North American
service by extension. I don't recall any previous reports of it so far
off-frequency but certainly a Cairo capability.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 24 / 25)

GERMANY   Radio Mi Amigo 45 year anniversary - 4 day broadcast on 6085 kHz
29 May at 2200 UT until 2 June at 2200 UT

Am I reading this correctly - it will be 2200 UT on Thursday?
If that was supposed to mean a 2200 UT start a few minutes ago, there is
nothing there.
(Dan Robinson-CA-USA, dxld wor May 29)

Re:  R Mi Amigo 45 year anniversary - 4 day broadcast on 6085 kHz
29 May at 2200UT until 2 June at 2200UT

Radio Mi Amigo 45 year anniversary - 4 day broadcast on 6085 kHz
29 May at 2200 UT until 2 June at 2200 UT.

indicates the times, presumably in CEST would be only 07-17 UT.

I've my doubts that they mean 6085 kHz will be on 24 hours. Their normal
schedule is a complex mix of languages, days of week between 07 and 17 UT
only per EiBi database list. Note that 7310 kHz is also scheduled
on Sat and Sun at 12-16 [10-14 UT presumably].
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 30)

GERMANY   AM-Sendung auf 828 kHz waehrend der "Maker Faire" Hannover.
17./18. August 2019. Beitrag von DL1CR - Mon 6. Mai 2019.

In diesem Jahr findet die 7. Maker Faire Hannover auf dem Gelaende des
HCC (Hannover Congress Centrum) statt. Die Funkamateure des OV H13 sind
von Anfang an dabei und praesentieren den Amateurfunk auf diesem Fest fuer
Kreative, Bastler und Kuenstler.

Die OMs Chris DL1CR, Ben DK6OT und Juergen DF9OA beschaeftigen sich seit
einiger Zeit mit AFU auf der Mittelwelle 630 m. Dabei kam die Idee auf,
die QRG 828 kHz fuer die Maker Faire im Rahmen eines
"Veranstaltungsrundfunks" zu aktivieren.

Die Frequenzwahl ist kein Zufall, denn bis Anfang 2015 wurde dort das
Programm von NDR-Info spezial vom Sender Hemmingen ausgestrahlt.
Die Funkamateure aus Hannover haben die Abschaltung des Senders
am 13.1.2015 mit einer "Trauerfeier" begleitet.

Ein YouTube-Video ist unter dem Stichwort
"Abschied vom Sender Hemmingen 828 kHz" zu finden.

Mit normalen Mittelwellen-Empfaengern koennen die Besucher der Faire auf
dieser QRG erneut Rundfunk hoeren.

Um diese AM-Rundfunkfrequenz zu nutzen, bedarf es zunaechst der
Genehmigung der zustaendigen Landesmedienanstalt (hier: NLM), und danach
kann die (temporaere) Zuteilung durch die BNetzA folgen. Beide Behoerden
standen unserem Anliegen sehr wohlwollend gegenueber. Die NLM hat die
Genehmigung sogar kostenfrei erteilt. Die BNetzA hat hier jedoch keinen
Spielraum und muss eine Gebuehr in Hoehe von 450 EUR erheben. Das waere
selbst fuer einen recht grossen OV wie dem H13 zu viel.

Der Veranstalter der Maker Faire, der Heise-Verlag, hat sich jedoch offen
fuer dieses Projekt gezeigt und diese Kosten uebernommen. Fuer den OV H13
bleiben dann "nur" die Ausgaben fuer die Sendetechnik.

Etwas enttaeuscht waren die Organisatoren im Verlag als sie in einem
Vorgespraech erfahren haben, dass die Aussendung auf den unmittelbaren
Bereich der Veranstaltung beschraenkt bleiben muss. So schreibt es die
BNetzA in ihrer Genehmigungsurkunde vor. Man hat sich seitens des Verlages
vorgestellt, einen grossen Teil Niedersachsens zu erreichen. Das ist
jedoch mit der gestatteten ERP von 100 mW - zumal tagsueber -

Da wir vom HCC grosszuegig unterstuetzt werden, und eine ca. 60m lange
Antenne in beachtlicher Hoehe aufbauen koennen, sind wir gespannt, wie
gross die Reichweite auch mit kleiner Leistung tatsaechlich werden kann.
Annahmen ueber den Antennenwirkungsgrad sind mit grossen Unsicherheiten
behaftet. Auch ist unklar, inwieweit die Feldstaerke ausreicht, um
innerhalb der Gebaeude das vorhandene grosse Stoerpotential zu
ueberwinden. Das ist fuer uns alle Neuland.

Die Sendetechnik ist um einen Direct Digital Syntheziser (DDS) vom Typ
AD 9850 herum aufgebaut. Ein Arduino steuert alles, ein Mikrofon-Eingang
mit Kompressor und ein MP3-Modul fuer das Pausenzeichen liefern das
Modulationssignal. Eine 10W-PA mit Oberwellenfilter und Anpassmitteln
wird (hoffentlich) die erlaubten 100 mW ERP erreichen. Dazu kommt noch
eine Modulationskontrolle und ein Antennenstrommessgeraet.

Inhaltlich ist geplant, die Aussteller auf der Faire und deren Angebot
vorzustellen. Es werden Live-Interviews mit Besuchern gefuehrt und im
Vorfeld sollen diverse Politiker Grussworte sprechen, die in das laufende
Programm eingestreut werden. Daneben wird der Heise-Verlag eigene
Beitraege liefern. Wir haben mit Gabriela Blinde (Schwester von OM Tom,
DO4TBH) eine erfahrene Moderatorin gewinnen koennen, die das Programm
gestalten wird.

Als kleines Highlight haben sich unsere Techniker, Chris, Ben und Juergen
ausgedacht, den Traeger um +- 100Hz mit CW-Signalen umzutasten. Das ist
mit einem normalen AM-Empfaenger nicht zu hoeren, stoert also nicht. Wer
jedoch einen ordentlichen AFU-RX hat und die Empfangs-QRG und die
Bandbreite korrekt einstellt, kann das CW hoeren. Das Signal (sprich:
Taste gedrueckt) wird auf 828 kHz + 100 Hz gesendet. 828 kHz - 100 Hz
stellt dann die Pause dar.

Normalerweise schreibt die BNetzA eine Frequenzkonstanz des Traegers
von +- 10 Hz vor. Der Bitte, das auf +-100 Hz auszudehnen, um die
CW-Sendung zu ermoeglichen, wurde unbuerokratisch nachgekommen.

Wir werden den Sender auch in der Nacht vom 17. auf den 18. August und
vermutlich ebenso in der Nacht vom 18. auf den 19. August durchlaufen
lassen und sind auf Empfangsberichte gespannt!

Der Aufbau der Antenne wird am 12. 8. erfolgen und erste Tests und
Optimierungen werden ab dann vorgenommen.

Quelle: Matthias Wendt, DL9MWE, (via A-DX ng May 18)

GERMANY/AUSTRIA   "Radio DARC" on 6070 kHz shortwave.

Zukunftsplanung, Einbindung in die Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit. Rainer Englert
wurde in die Vorstandssitzung des DARC eingeladen. Er teilte mit, dass die
Verbreitung der Sendung stark zugenommen hat. Hintergrund hierfuer sind
die Ausstrahlungen ueber Sendestationen der sogenannten Buergerradios. Das
Interesse an der "Radio DARC" Sendung ist hoch, grundsaetzlich sind wohl
bis zu 10 weitere Stationen sicher moeglich.

Grundlage von "Radio DARC" waren zu Projektbeginn die Aussendung auf der
Kurzwelle. Hierzu ist bedauerlicher Weise anzumerken, dass der KW-Sender
in Wien bei ORS Moosbrunn in 2022 abgeschaltet wird. Daher ist ueber die
Fortfuehrung des Projekts spaetestens im 2021 Jahr zu entscheiden.
(DARC, May 20)

GUATEMALA   4055 kHz  R Verdad, San Esteban, at 0038 UT May 12, relig pgm
in Spanish, M preaching, poor. This used to boom in. Suspect that the few
stations remaining are using xmtrs near the end of their life.
(XM via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

HUNGARY/UKRAINE    [harmonics]  drifting signal 614 / 483 kHz.
via skywaves dx - by AMDXHUN - Wed May 29, 2019.

At 28 May 2019 I heard and seen this on 614v kHz:

Drifting signal with religious choir music, at 2300 UT seddenly went off
air. Any idea for this?
The QTH is Szekesfehervar, Hungary
(Tim Bucknall-UK, <www.Kresy-Siberia.org>  harmonics May 29)

Re: [harmonics] drifting signal 614 khz
re Kiwi SDR Szekesfehervar Maroshegy Hungary:
see spurs 483 and 614 kHz symmetrically from Mykolaiev Luch Ukraine
549 kHz again. At 18.40 UT on May 29.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 29)

HUNGARY   On May 21, we observed some spurious signals,
an reported in German - /rather Austrian newsgroup:

spurious power signal mixtures in Kiwi SDR 333, 738, 1008, and 1413 kHz.

From: "Wolfgang Bueschel"
Cc: "Horst Mehrlich"
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Subject: Re: [A-DX] Log: 1008 kHz Station?? UTC 07:00 O=0-2  21.05.2019

MW Band in KiwiSDR unit, Szekesfehervar Maroshegy Hungary

Program Hungary #4 on 873 kHz Sender has 2 Spurious of same strength.
on 738 and 1008 kHz, +/- 135 kHz, da klickt's beim geneigten LW/MW Dxer:
longwave 135 kHz EFR Budapest Lakihegy HGA22 Hungary mixture.

Same program also on 1188 and Gyoer 1350 kHz.

And two other mixtures on KiwiSDR unit 2000 kW Mega power signal
Solt 540 kHz mixture and local Lakihegy 873 kHz signal noted at
Szekesfehervar Maroshegy SDR signal,
two mixtures listened on LW 333 and MW 1413 kHz,
also -/+540 kHz apart distance.  73 wb  df5sx
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 21)

INDIA   AIR Website. The redesigned website of All India Radio is now
available in the following link:
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <www.qsl.net/vu2jos>  DXindia ng May 29)

AIR Trivandrum 7290 kHz back on air, after maintenance break.
AIR Trivandrum is noted back on 7290 kHz after some months from
23 May.  Regular schedule is 0230-0932 (Sat, Sun 1030) UT.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <www.qsl.net/vu2jos>  DXindia ng May 29)

IRELAND   549 kHz  Spirit Radio is een christelijk gospel station met
uitzendingen op 549 kHz. Haar huidige licentie loopt in december van dit
jaar af. Voor 2020 wordt de licentie vernieuwd.

Men is nu een nieuwe 50 kW Telefunken zender aan het testen om het bereik
wat groter te maken. De bestaande 50 kW Harris zender zal als stand-by
dienst blijven doen.
(Dave Angell via Mediumwave.Info; via
BeNeLux DX Club bulletin 2019-06, May 30)

G_O_O_Gle translator:
Spirit Radio is a Christian gospel station with broadcasts at 549 kHz.
Her current license will expire in December this year.
The license will be renewed before 2020.

A new 50 kW Telefunken{rather former TransRadio Berlin unit... wb.}
transmitter is now being tested to increase the range. The existing 50 kW
Harris transmitter will continue to serve as a standby.

IRELAND   Upgrade works will ensure that the transmission of Raidio
Teilifis Eireann longwave transmitter on 252 continues for the Irish
diaspora, a Fine Gael TD has said. Chair of the Oireachtas Communications
Committee, Hildegarde Naughton, welcomed RTE's decision to undertake
significant remedial works on transmission equipment which will guarantee
the continuance of the longwave service for a minimum of two years.

Deputy Naughton said: "The maintenance of long wave radio for the Irish
diaspora is a significant concern to the Committee. "The UK regulator,
Ofcom, will not grant RTE, as a non-UK broadcaster, the necessary licence
to broadcast on digital in the UK at this time. "After engagement between
the Committee and RTE, I received a letter from the Director General of
the national broadcaster committing to maintain service into the future.
"The antenna upgrade requires bespoke manufacturing from a specialist
supplier based in Canada and delivery of this element is expected by mid-
September. "The relevant mast at Summerhill is 248 metres in height and is
a high-risk work environment. "I am told that the weather, and more
particularly wind speeds, will be the main determining factor on the
commencement and the duration of the works. "Unfortunately, once this
remedial work commences, the long wave service will have to be temporarily
suspended. "I understand that it will be out of commission for
approximately ten weeks, but RTE has said it will endeavour to complete
the works as quickly as possible. "I welcome the efforts being made to
continue this service, which serves as an invaluable link between the
diaspora and home. However I intend to work with the committee to explore
other longer term alternative solutions to ensure this service continues,"
Deputy Naughton concluded.
(The SWLing Post, April 25, via Paul Rawdon DX Dialog. NZDXTimes May 2019)

KOREA REP OF / U.K.   Although very early, but it was reported that KBS
in Russian from October 27, 2019 will be on the air

from 1800 to 1900 UT at 6040 kHz through a transmitter on
Woofferton_UK by ENC Management Organisation - Encompass Digital Media
Services, and

from 1300 to 1400 UT on 9645 kHz from Kimzhe, Republic of Korea.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 29)

KUWAIT   Forgot the Radio Kuwait English item in detail:

15529.707 kHz Radio Kuwait Kabd, international pop songs program,
easy listening, at 07.35 UT on May 19,
S=9+10dB signal strength here in central Europe.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

LITHUANIA   1386 kHz: Polskie Radio und die Zeitumstellung


In der Wintersaison kam die Abendsendung von Polskie Radio auf 1386 kHz
(30 min Polnisch + 30 min Russisch) um 1630-1730 UT, also 17.30-18.30
MEZ/CET. Daran schloss sich direkt die russische NHK-Sendung an:
1730-1800 UT, also 1830-1900 MEZ/CET.

Wie man in der Wasserfall-Historie des WebSDR Twente beobachten kann,
kommt Polskie Radio aber seit dem 06.04.2019 (knapp eine Woche nach
der Zeitumstellung) bereits um 1530-1630 UT, also 17.30-18.30
MESZ/CEST. Bis zur NHK-Sendung in Russisch um 1730-1800 UT,
also 1930-2000 MESZ/CEST, ergibt sich jetzt eine einstuendige Sendepause!

Man fragt sich: Was soll das? Der vorgezogene Sendetermin des Programms
von Polskie Radio fuehrt zu einer einstuendigen Luecke im abendlichen
Sendeplan der 1386 kHz. Ausserdem haette der gewohnte (= spaetere)
Sendetermin gerade in den Sommermonaten fuer bessere
Ausbreitungsbedingungen auf der Mittelwelle gesorgt. In Russland gibt es
ueberdies keine Zeitumstellung; in Moskau gilt beispielsweise ganzjaehrig
UTC+3hrs. Eine unveraenderte UTC-Sendezeit haette also eine unveraenderte
"Empfangszeit" in russischer Lokalzeit ermoeglicht.

Der Grund fuer diese Aenderung der Sendezeit ist wohl folgender:
Der gewuenschte Sendeblock (30 min Polnisch + 30 min Russisch) wird von
Polskie Radio stets um 1730-1830 ME(S)Z polnischer Lokalzeit auf die
Sendeleitung gegeben - siehe Livestream-Sendeplan:


Waehrend der Winterzeit entspricht dies 1630-1730 UTC, waehrend der
Sommerzeit aber 1530-1630 UTC!

So lief im Zeitraum 31.03.2019-05.04.2019, als die Sendung von Polskie
Radio auf 1386 kHz noch um 1630-1730 UT, also 1830-1930 MESZ/CEST, zu
hoeren war, 30 min Ukrainisch + 30 min Russisch (vgl. Livestream -
Sendeplan)! Dies wurde von WRTH auch so dokumentiert (siehe Seite 21):



Eine derartige Aenderung wurde fuer die Morgensendung von Polskie Radio
auf 1386 kHz uebrigens nicht vollzogen; diese laeuft weiterhin um 0400-
0500 UT, also 0600-0700 MESZ/CEST, direkt im Anschluss an die NHK-Sendung
in Russisch 0330-0400 UT, also 0530-0600 MESZ/CEST. Diese Morgensendung
von Polskie Radio besteht derzeit aus einem ausschliesslich
russischsprachigen Programm (kein Polnisch, wie im Radioeins-Artikel
angegeben!). Dies deckt sich auch mit dem weiter oben bereits verlinkten
Livestream-Sendeplan - um 0600-0700 ME(S)Z laeuft nur Russisch:


Waehrend der Wintermonate entsprach 0400-0500 UT aber 0500-0600 MEZ/CET
polnischer Lokalzeit. Und laut Livestream-Sendeplan wird um 0500-0600
ME(S)Z/CEST tatsaechlich die weissrussische Sendung uebertragen!
Die Umstellung auf Sommerzeit ist moeglicherweise der Grund dafuer, dass
morgens auf 1386 kHz von Polskie Radio nun Russisch statt Weissrussisch zu
hoeren ist.
(Alexander Busneag, A-DX ng May 29)

MOLDOVA  {Pridnestrovie}   VESTI FM (Gov) kHz: 1413 kHz
Summer Schedule 2019. Russian Days Area kHz 0000-2400 daily UKR target
(WRTH 2019, via RUSdx #1030 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

MYANMAR   5985 kHz, Myanmar Radio Yangoon, on May 30, at 1141 UT. Live
coverage (TV audio feed), in vernacular, of the football/soccer match
between Myanmar (under 22) and Korean Pohang Steelers, with "International
Friendly Game," being held at Thuwunna Stadium, in Yangon; preempted
regular programming; fair.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

NIGERIA   7254.940 kHz, on May 25 at 0550 UT, VON Abuja is back after a
few days away, so I remeasure, about where it always parx, and on earlier
than usual with a prelude of African choral music at S=9/+10dB.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 25)

NORTHERN MARIANA ISLS. {SAIPAN}    13690.050 kHz, May 25 at 1338 UT,
JBA carrier, confronting splash from 13700 kHz Cuba; off at 1358 UT.
Scheduled is only VOA Chinese via SAIPAN, this hour only. Likely also
jammed, but even before the typhoon, this site was known
for off_frequenciness.  {13690.048 kHz on May 30 at 1345 UT, wb.}
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 25)

PAKISTAN   Pakistan Broadcasting proposed to get major share of next
budget's pie. Television and radio will be receiving the major share of
the budgetary proposals outlined by the information ministry as the
government seeks to update equipment and infrastructure of the state
broadcasters. This was disclosed in a report on the budgetary allocations
proposed by the Information and Broadcasting Division for the financial
year 2019-2020.

Around Rs3.1bn have been allocated for the Pakistan Broadcasting
Corporation (PBC) with three projects worth Rs201.46m also proposed.

PBC's projects include the establishment of a 100-kW medium wave
transmitter in Gwadar, rehabilitation of MW services from Muzaffarabad and
replacement of MW transmitter at Mirpur, which also doubles as strategic

The Senate was told that Information Fawad Chaudhry has disclosed the
establishment of a mega MW transmitter at Fort Monroe at an estimated cost
of Rs2.5bn with the cabinet already granting its approval in principle.

The transmitter will be sufficient for Radio Pakistan's transmission not
only in the entire country but also [to] cover parts of Afghanistan and
(xpress Tribune, 9 March)
(via BrDXC_UK "Communication" monthly Magazine May 9)

PALESTINE   Alan Roe posted links to two interesting features. One was an
article/podcast by Radio France International entitled The power of radio
during British-mandated Palestine.

"On 30 March 1936, the British High Commissioner of Palestine, Arthur
Wauchope, inaugurated the Palestinian Broadcasting Service, the PBS.

It was the second broadcaster to be established in the Middle East, after
Radio Cairo in 1934, and featured programmes in Arabic, Hebrew and
English. It covered the region of Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon,
as well as parts of Egypt.

The new transmitter was in Ramallah and the broadcasting offices were in

Full article and pictures at

(via BrDXC_UK "Communication" monthly Magazine May 9)

PERU   4747.57 kHz Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta Ayacucho, at 0020 to 0040 UT,
first time over the CODAR om in Spanish, steady albeit weak signal
on 24 May.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

PERU   4930 kHz.
Four days after I heard this UNID station it seems that no one else
heard it anymore. Now I have placed the recording on my blog:


The station was not on the air since that night but last night when I
had a carrier on 4930 kHz but much weaker than before. No modulation
(Karel Honzik-CZE, 22 May, RealDX via dxld May 23)

I suggest he says "Radio Sur Andina Sicuani". Don't know what station
that could be, though. 73 (Torolf Johnsson-SWE, Sweden, May 22)

(Mauno Ritola-FIN, May 22; via gh dxld May 23)

4930 kHz on May 19 at 0034 UT.

UNID station, probably from Peru, heard last night (May 19) between 0034-
0139 UT (sud-denly closed down), hidden at the very side of a strong
utility station. Still trying to find out what it could be. Its modulation
was distorted and at the 0139 UT c/d the carrier remained on the air.
Heard in the middle of Europe.

While studying my recording I found the following details of this UNID
Spanish speaking station on 4930 kHz: The station announces 4930 kHz.
Time is UTC-5hrs. ID/slogan sounds like this:
"Radio Durantina Ticoni - onda corta tropical"
it sounds like this to my ears :-)

The modulation is distorted (quickly oscillating carrier within
a few Hz?). Is it perhaps one of the two "Future Plan" stations in Cusco,
Peru in the 60mb (4780 + 4800 kHz) acc. to WRTH ?
In Cusco there was Radio San Miguel on 4930 kHz in the past (2008year).
(Karel Honzik-CZE via RealDX; via SWB #1924 May 19)

ROMANIA   Radio Maria Romania left 1485 AM for FM.  -  FM vs AM

(mw_giampiero-ITA, mwdx May 22)

From archive Dec 2017:

ROMANIA   Re: Radio Maria Romania 1485 kHz.
And to add, here's a short news video about the tx site
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld Dec 16)

Kai Ludwig wrote 16 Dec 2017:

For those who discussed it so much here (sorry, but: auf Deutsch).

Original-Nachricht, Betreff: Radio Maria Romania 1485 kHz

Lieber Herr Professor Biener, lieber Herr Ludwig,
diesmal melde ich mich mit einer Neuigkeit aus Rumaenien:

Am 10. Dezember 2015 wurde in der Naehe der rumaenischen Stadt Roman,
genauer gesagt in Rotunda (Kommune Doljesti, Kreis Neamt) eine
fuer das katholische "Radio Maria Romania" aufgebaute MW-Sendeanlage in
Betrieb genommen. Sendefrequenz ist 1485 kHz, die Reichweite soll bis
zu 30 km betragen. Das zum 25. Maerz 2006 gegruendete Radio Maria
sendete bereits auf mehreren UKW-Frequenzen.

Von der Inbetriebnahme der neuen MW-Sendeanlage berichtete auch Radio
Vatikan, dessen Beitraege in rumaenischer Sprache von Radio Maria
uebernommen werden:


Dabei bezieht man sich auf folgende Meldung der roemisch-katholischen
Dioezese Iasi, die noch einige interessante Informationen enthaelt:


"Instiintam, de asemenea, viitorii ascultatori ca s-ar putea sa apara
uneori intreruperi ale emisiei din cauza intreruperii curentului
electric in zona respectiva si de fiecare data este necesara o
repornire manuala. Potrivit preotului Doru Popovici, toate aceste
neajunsuri vor disparea in momentul in care se va reusi achizitionarea
unui generator electric."

"Wir weisen ausserdem unsere kuenftigen Hoerer darauf hin, dass manchmal
Unterbrechungen des Sendebetriebs aufgrund von Stromausfaellen in der
betreffenden Gegend auftreten koennen, da in diesen Faellen jedes Mal
ein manueller Neustart des Senders erforderlich ist. Laut Pfarrer Doru
Popovici werden all diese Unannehmlichkeiten verschwinden, sobald der
Kauf eines Elektrogenerators gelingen wird."

Die 51 Meter hohe Sendeantenne wurde auf einem von Pater Carmil Duma
zur Verfuegung gestellten Grundstueck aus dem Besitz der oertlichen
Pfarrei aufgebaut.


Der eben verlinkte Online-Artikel zur "Segnung der Antenne von
Radio Maria in Rotunda" zeigt auch ein Foto der Sendeanlage:


Ein Artikel des ITRC (= Institutul Teologic Romano-Catolic "Sfantul
Iosif" din Iasi) zu diesem Ereignis zeigt die Sendeantenne aus einem
anderen Blickwinkel:



Mit Hilfe von Google Earth kann der Aufbau der Sendeanlage
nachvollzogen werden.

Koordinaten 47.015214 N  26.976089 E


Aufbau der MW-Antenne 1485 kHz in Rotunda
(Sendebeginn war am 10. Dezember 2015):

Im Juli 2014 war da noch nichts ...


... im September 2014 hatte der Aufbau aber bereits begonnen ...


... und zu guter Letzt eine Ansicht von August 2016 mit der fertigen


(Alexander Busneag, A-DX ng Dec 2017)

ROMANIA/GERMANY   Radio Rasant via IRRS Nexus. But Sat & Sun May 18 & 19
no signal via RadioCom Saftica Romania bcast center,
0800-0900 & 0930-1200 UT on 9510 kHz.
(via Manuel Mendez-ESP, dxl wor May 20)

RADIO RASANT, "The Sudents' Radio From Germany" will be on air,
in accordance with its website, Friday 24th May from 1815-1915 UT on
7290 kHz and Saturday 25th May from 0800-0900 UT on 9510 kHz,
via IRRS Nexus, Milano Italy.

"Our next transmission will be done very soon. Please see our schedule
below. CEST: Central European Summer Time

Friday   24th May 2015-2115 CEST 7290 kHz
Saturday 25th May 1000-1100 CEST 9510 kHz"


"About Radio Rasant
Since September 2000 there's a group of students at the Urban Secondary
School Sundern, who produce one hour radio programmes. These programmes
are relayed afterwards locally on FM and via cable and around the world on
shortwave and in the internet as well. To reach this high quality we are
supported by several German and foreign broadcasting stations, offices and
companies. The topics are chosen from social, technical, literal,
cultural, musical and economical affairs and as well as school affairs."



<rs-sundern.sekretariat -at- web.de>
(via Ivo Ivanov-BUL, dxld wor May 20)

Re:  Radio Rasant via IRRS Nexus.

Yes Ivo, I contacted with Radio City about this and here the replay
from the station:

"Hello Manuel,
I have checked with IRRS.

Transmissions on 7290 kHz are during this season starting late at 1815 UT
as all transmitters at the site are in operation. So they need time to
retune and change antenna. Wrong programme due to misprint in the

Saturday there was a different problem as the computer net at the site was
not operational so they could not receive the audio feed from IRRS.
As a result the transmitter was not switched on.

Next week there will be a completely different programme on 9510 kHz -
the German school station Radio Rasant.

The Radio City May programme will be on the air Saturday June 1.

Best regards
Radio City - the Station of the Cars"
(via Manuel Mendez-ESP, dxl wor May 20)

re At 18.15 UT as all transmitters at the site are in operation. {...}

Acc RadioCom Romania telecommunication organization
the reason for new start time 18.15 UT from Saftica Romania
is the late 7290 kHz channel occupation til 18.05 UT
from China mainland Beijing #572 txion site daily.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 20)

RUSSIA   Krasnoyarsk has collected a huge collection of Soviet radios
and televisions with a rarity in 1935

In total in a collection more than 300 exhibits. In total, the collection
of Vladimir Katz includes more than 300 radio receivers, tape recorders
and televisions, including rare specimens dating from 1935. And the first
in his garage was a 1952 Record radio receiver ... Plus the photo at


(via RUSdx #1030 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

SLOVAK REPUBLIC   From Vienna, Paul Gager sent a link to Radio Slovakia
International's German Service, where 12 new QSL cards have been


"Ten Bratislava motifs, corresponding to this year's listener competition,
as well as a picture of a national hero whose 100th anniversary is
commemorating Slovakia this year."

Included are the RSI building and the Kamzik Tower and restaurant that
were visited during last year's EDXC Conference. See

<http://bdxc.org.uk/articles.html>  <http://bdxc.org.uk/edxc18a.pdf>
(via BrDXC_UK "Communication" monthly Magazine May 9)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020 kHz, SIBC - the Voice of the Nation.
On May 27, at 0925 UT, Solomon Islands had an earthquake.

So SIBC increased the audio level today and extended their broadcasting
time well past 1200 UT; from 1154 to 1201 UT, with the usual "Evening
Devotional," closing ID in English and National Anthem; 1201-1316+ UT,
over an hour of non-stop pop songs in English, with never any
announcements or ID, so assume this was not a Wantok FM relay, which in
the past was noted with frequent IDs between the songs, whenever running
past the normal sign off time (1200* UT). All I usually hear is a carrier,
with no trace of any audio, so today was a treat for me!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA,  via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

SYRIA   Syrian Changes have been observed to MW broadcasts in Syria

576 SRTV Voice of Youth (Adra, Rif Dimashq Governorate 300 kW) Arabic.
    Started on 6 April 2019. This frequency had been previously been
    used by SRTV General Programme.

666 SRTV Voice of Youth (Adra, Rif Dimashq Governorate 100 kW) Arabic

783 SRTV General Prgr (Tartus 300 kW) Arabic, except for Syrian Foreign
    Radio prgrs at
    0330-0500 in Hebrew,
    0500-0530 in Russian,
    0530-0600 in French, and
    0600-0500{?} in Arabic.
    There is simulcast on TuneIn "Syrian Foreign Radio".

936 Ninar FM (Homs, 200 kW) Ninar FM is a privately-owned commercial
    radio station. It started on mediumwave on 3 April 2019.
    (SRTV General Program previously used this frequency)

1071 kHz Alnour Radio (Tartus, 100 kW)
     Based in Beirut, beamed back to Lebanon.

source: BDXC Middle East Guide 8 Apr via Tony Rogers,
thanks to updates from Rawad Hamwi.

(via BrDXC_UK "Communication" monthly Magazine May 9)

TAJIKISTAN   Frequency changes of Voice of Tibet May 20
1230-1236 11661 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex9899
1236-1242 11661 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex9886
1242-1300 11661 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex9876
1300-1305  9899 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex9886
1305-1311  9891 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex9876
1311-1334  9884 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex9876
1330-1400  9826 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan unchanged
1334-1400  9876 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan unchanged
(BUL Observer via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 23)

kHz: 1143, 7245 kHz. Summer Schedule 2019

Days Area kHz
1200-1300 daily ME 1143dsb, 7245dsb

Days Area kHz
0600-0800 daily WAs 1143dsb, 7245dsb

Days Area kHz
1300-1400 daily WAs,ME 1143dsb, 7245dsb

Days Area kHz
0400-0600 daily ME 1143dsb, 7245dsb
1600-1800 daily ME 1143dsb, 7245dsb

Days Area kHz
1100-1200 daily As 1143dsb, 7245dsb

Days Area kHz
0800-1000 daily CAs 1143dsb, 7245dsb

Days Area kHz
0200-0400 daily CAs 1143dsb, 7245dsb
1400-1600 daily CAs 1143dsb, 7245dsb Uzbek Days Area kHz
1000-1100 daily CAs 1143dsb, 7245dsb

(WRTH 2019, via RUSdx #1030 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   One more Malayalam radio station catering to
expatriates from the South Indian State of Kerala has shut down its
operations in the UAE.

Asianet Radio 657 AM became the fourth Malayalam radio station to close
down in the past three years, executives of the radio industry told Gulf
News. An estimated one million Keralites constitute the largest expatriate
community in the UAE. The 18-year-old Asianet Radio stopped broadcasting
on February 9 without making any announcements on its closure. A senior
executive of the station did not respond to a request for comment.

As Gulf News reported on January 31, two Malayalam radio stations were
closed down during the past year. Dubai-based Radio Mango 96.2 FM,
launched in August 2014, stopped broadcasting regular programmes in mid-
January 2019.

Voice of Kerala 1152 AM based in Ras Al Khaimah was closed down in early
2018. In 2016, Umm Al Quwain-based RadioMe 100.3 FM had been shut down.

Malayalam radio professionals in the UAE said drop in advertisement
revenue has posed a challenge to the sector. K.K. Moideen Koya, the
founding programme director of Asianet Radio, said its closure is a huge
loss to the Keralite community in the UAE. "Since the station was launched
in early 2000, it made a huge impact on the community," said Koya who was
the director until 2002.

"When Asianet Radio was launched, only two Malayalam stations were there.
Later when the number of stations jumped to ten [until three years ago]
and no new advertisers emerged, the existing advertisement revenue had to
be shared by all, leaving a small share to each one," said Koya who is
currently media relations director at UAE Exchange.

A high licence fee has also affected the financial viability of radio
stations, he said. "The fee [to use frequency] has been increasing every
year," Koya said. Echoing the same opinion, head of a prominent Malayalam
radio, said: "As an AM [amplitude modulation that has higher reach than FM
- frequency modulation] station, we are paying up to Dh4million licence
fee per annum, which is not affordable in the current market conditions,"
said K. Chandrasenan, managing director of Abu Dhabi-based Pravasi
Bharathi 810 AM.

On air: Radio Asia 1269 AM (moving to new frequency of 1476 AM soon),
Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM, plus 4 FM stations.

Closed stations: Voice of Kerala 1152 AM, Asianet Radio 657 AM, plus 2 FM
(Gulf News Febr 26, via K.P.Muneer via Jose Jacob, WRTVH F_B Page;
via NZDXTimes 15 May 2019)

USA   WBCQ "stressed".  Checked the new 500 kW TX and antenna equipment
of WBCQ Monticello test txion from Maine border next to New Brunswik
Canada border line.

Tweeted by Allan Weiner this morning:
"Raining every day here for two weeks and more coming Difficult to work on
stuff, like antennas, outdoors. Please pray for dryer weather here beloved
listeners. Stay warm and cozy listening to your nice old tube radio tuned
to 7490/9330/5130 or 3265 kHz."
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, dxld wor May 20)

USA   Re: WBCQ Testing Delay.

For what it's worth, many years ago I worked for a transmitter

I supervised and built a pretty good number of AM, FM and Shortwave
transmitters. Many of the SW units were in powers of 50 and 100 kW,
though many (for overseas) were in the 10-15 kW range.

I can tell you, that it takes a long time to build a 50 kW or 100 kW unit
even under the most ideal factory environment. Months of building comes to
the initial testing and "shake down." Often, major components fail due to
things out of our control, such as what is called "infant mortality" in
some of the components like capacitors. It's a very tedious and time
consuming job to insure every connection is correct and secure. Applying
high voltage finds any tiny errors in short order, often with a bright
flash and loud BANG.

Even when a transmitter is finally tested and working at the factory,
moving these massive units, and reassembling on the site,
is also difficult and very time consuming. In addition, instead of
operating into a perfect "dummy load" you now are connected to real
antennas that also may have unforeseen issues. Sometimes getting the units
to work in the field can take longer than it did to build it and test it
in the factory. Everything from mistakes in reconnecting everything after
the move, the different environment and even shipping damage now comes
into play.

Years ago that company built several units that ended up overseas. It took
almost a year to get everything working together after all the crates
arrived on site. I can only imagine, a transmitter of 500,000 watts,
running into an antenna that had to be constructed with all its
complexities at a site in Maine, would be a mammoth undertaking. Until you
have actually designed, built and tested one of these units, then put it
into all the variable of the real world, it's hard to understand. These
units are NOT "Plug and Play."

Once you get the unit "happy" in its new home, they tend to work very
well, outside of normal aging and uncontrollable site issues.
(Bob Biermann-USA, dxld wor May 20)

WBCQ  Today on May 20 at 12.10 to 12.20 UT.

3264.880 kHz WBCQ  Much tiny S=4 or -98dBm signal like exciter level,
noted in Massachusetts SDR unit.

5130 kHz NIL, nothing on air.

7490even kHz probably {sic, rather WWCR instead, wb.}
the new 135 / 500 kW Continental unit on air,
S=9+20dB in Detroit Michigan US state,
and S=8 in Massachusetts SDR unit skip zone.
Two men talk program.

7490 kHz at 1200 UTC is WWCR, not WBCQ. (Don Hosmer-MI-USA, May 20)

9330.165 kHz WBCQ S=9+25dB signal in Detroit Michigan at 12.20 UT,
TOM BW program, when compared with nearby WRMI 9395 kHz,
the BS/WBCQ program was 8 seconds faster ahead.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews dxld wor May 20)

USA   13700 kHz, on May 25 at 2109 UT, gospel huxter in English, rather
weak and not domestic? VP at tune in, then surges S7 to max S9. About
Absalom vs Amnon who raped his sister, whew! At first sounds a bit like a
younger DGS, but no, and not // 13845 kHz PMS.

HFCC shows it's really WHRI on a NF since May 5, 2000-2200 UT, 250 kW
at 47 degrees, on Day 1=Sunday only, but this is Saturday!
So also or instead of on Sunday?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 25)

USA   RFPI and APS on WRMI Okeechobee Florida, US state.

Checking out the WRMI skedgrid
for APS, as Richard reports, I see another new addition:

"Radio for Peace International", Fridays 2000-2100 UT on 15770 kHz
extended an hour. No doubt this is the new European program, n o t  the
original RFPI ex-Costa Rica.

As for APS Radio, I was hearing it on 9455 today May 29 until 2100* after
a number of cuts off the air and back on; oldies-type music with no

But who owns it, finances it, where is it and what does APS stand for?
Only this is found on website under Trademarks:

"The name APS Radio was created and registered as a trademark by the owner
of APS Radio.

APS Radio is an acronym standing for Atlantic Pacific Systems.

APS Radio and Radio Orenovscotia are registered trademarks."

Where is it? "45N" appears all over the website; is that a latitude?

Classical Track has a current playlist in EDT, another clew.

But which of their multi streams will be on these 15 hours a week of SW?
Another obscure "station" on the web is taking the SW plunge.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 30)

USA   Oldies on WRMI 15770 kHz?

Yes and no. Listening to 15770 kHz today (27 May) after 12:00 UT, one
might think that it's the "Oldies" feature presented by Bob Biermann often
heard on 9395 kHz and other WRMI frequencies.

But, no.
It's APS Radio, a new feature. It was announced yesterday on the
WRMI Facebook page:

"APS Radio begins on WRMI tomorrow, May 27, from
1200-1300 UT Monday-Friday on 15770 kHz to Europe, and from
1900-2100 UT Monday-Friday on  9455 kHz to North America.

APS Radio is internet radio which features five music channels and a news
& commentary channel. APS Radio is not only internet radio; it is radio
streaming, online radio internet broadcasting, music online and online

It is internet radio & radio streaming with no commercials. APS Radio is
an internet radio consisting of aggregated channels. APS Radio is online
radio, internet broadcasting, internet radio, music online and online
music. APS Radio is music online, a radio streaming service, a radio
stream & streaming radio.

Internet radio has the capacity to span the world; internet radio and
radio streaming and online radio and internet broadcasting that can be
heard anywhere. APS Radio is an internet radio & radio streaming that can
be heard anywhere.

This is internet radio & radio streaming, commercial free. Internet radio
is free and worldwide. Internet radio and radio streaming can be accessed
from anyplace, commercial free.

APS Radio is an internet radio service that consists of music channels and
a news & commentary channel. Please enjoy the rich sounds of Internet
radio commercial free.


Heard this morning using the University Enschede Twente Netherlands SDR
receiver. 15770.001 kHz came up at about 11:57 UT with "top-of hour"
sign-on announcement. Fairly good signal into Europe, averaging about S9.
Almost non-stop vintage pop music with occasional IDs. 
First ID heard at 12:32 UT.
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld May 27)

USA   15825 kHz, on May 30 at 1751 UT, WWCR-1 with Brother Scare, as the
creep creeps onto more and more frequencies. EiBi list shows him already
Mon-Fri at 1700-1800 UT. Now it's // 13845 kHz, but at 1806 UT, 15825 kHz
has split to some other g.h., while 13845 kHz prolongs TOMBS.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld 29 / 30)
13844.987 odd fq WWCR S=9+15dB in Alberta Canada at 13.20 UT on May 20.

USA   Photo tour of the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station Greenville.

So the current situation is such that the very old transmitters, called
GB-1/2/3, have been removed and their place is now being used for the
three transmitters shipped in from Sri Lanka {built in 1995/1996, wb.},
of which so far the "new" GB-1 is already operational while the other two
ones are still being set up (and related Optimods have been taken out of
the respective racks, for whatever reason).

It could be asked how program audio is now being routed to the station.
The satellite links, mentioned in earlier visit reports, were supposed
to be replaced.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld May 18)

Photo tour of the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station,
at Greenville-B site in North Carolina.

I recently visited the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting station near
Greenville, NC and posted a photo tour on the SWLing Post.

The Murrow site formerly known as "VOA Site B" is the last active US
government shortwave transmitting station in the United States.
It is a massive site the main building sits in the middle of a 2800 acre
(1133 hectares) campus/antenna field.

The station is still on the air 24/7 hrs/d and primarily broadcasts to
Cuba via the Office of Cuba Broadcasting.

Click on the link below to view the photo tour:

Thomas K4SWL

(Southgate, May 15, via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng news May 17)

USA   Washington Post on Radio/TV Marti.
As interesting as the article itself, are the comments under it, 28,
as of May 22nd:

(Dan Robinson-CA-USA, wor dxld May 23)

USA   9455 kHz, on May 29 at 2037 UT, long mostly-dormant WRMI frequency
is back on, sounds like Oldies stream, S8-S9 (while 9395 kHz music is
different, from SMTV); 2045 UT "On Broadway", segues, no announcements;
2055-2057 UT several off/on transmitter breaks, seems stronger after the
last one, S=9+20dB; 2059 UT WRMI ID by BB, 2100* UT off and stays off.
It's not Oldies, but a new programming source.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 29)

9265V, UT Fri May 24 at 0400 UT tune-in to wobbly WINB playing
the Star Spangled Banner at S=9+10/20dB, as if signing off; not quite:
then starts playing another version of SSB but talking over the first
part of it with sign-off message in anthem desecration. Plays to end
but at 0402 UT: Dan Curtis wishes good day and wants to save me.
"Don't you want to go? I'm goin' to heaven " and *then* cuts off the
air. Bye!!

Seemed late hour for WINB, had been closing earlier, but they are
very flexible with schedule span depending on airtime sales. Website
shows now: daily except UT Sunday from 0300 UT is 'Worship At
Home', which we now know must be a full hour long. I think that's
also on WRMI. Final WINB show UT Sunday starts at 0230 UT, so probably
finishes an hour earlier at 0300 UT. Annoyingly, WINB never publishes
its sign-off times, let alone true duration of programs.

As for Dan Curtis, he is not on the list at
but he did not give any other title for his minis-try.
Poor Dan! Or was it Don. Off to heaven before he can even get started.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 24 / 25)

15555/usb mode  WJHR Milton FL (pres); at 1852 UT on May 19; "People who
preach John the Baptist are not preaching Jesus." SIO=353.
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, wor dxld May 25)

5085 kHz  WTWW Lebanon TN (pres); at 0136-0205+ UT on May 23; Ham Nation
Live pgm w/Dayton Hamvention rpt; apparently a podcast as they kept
asking me to watch things; Amateur Radio Newsline. No break  at 0200 UT.
S10+ peaks.
(Harold Frodge-MI-USA, wor dxld May 25)

5050 kHz  WWRB Morrison, TN, at 0020 UT on May 12, some really awful
brokered relig pgming w/ terrible Biblical interpretations and total
denial of climate change.
If this is what is on it is good no one listens to SW anymore.
(XM via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 25)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX  -  

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