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(last week)

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

BC-DX 1316                                                   03 Oct 2017

ANGUILLA   11775  on Sept 24, Caribbean Beacon; 1814 UT noted back here
for the first time after Hurricane Irma with the usual stuff; the signal
was not as strong as before, so possibily at reduced power; it did not
appear on 6090 kHz later on.
(Andy Robins-MI-USA, dxld Sept 25)

ANGUILLA   11775, Caribbean Beacon, Sept 24 at 2014 UT, PMS is back, first
time heard since Hurricane Irma. S7 with good modulation. But night
frequency 6090 kHz still missing Sept 25 at 0222 UT check; 0255 UT, now on
with open carrier {later: that could have been ETHIOPIA}. 11775 kHz gone
again at 1407 UT Sept 25, audiblizing VP carrier no doubt AIR GOA
scheduled 1200-1430 UT in Tibetan, Nepali.

11775, on Sept 25 at 1806 UT, CB is still off again. 6090 kHz also still
off Sept 25 at 2352 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 26)

ARMENIA   11845  on Sept 24, R. Mi Amigo via Gavar; 1816 UT rock music
peeking above the noise floor for a few seconds at a time; very poor and
unlistenable but it's the first time I've heard one of these "high-power
tests" directly.
(Andy Robins-MI-USA, dxld Sept 25)

ARMENIA   Radio Mi Amigo at 1700 UT via CJSC Gavar Armenia on 11845 kHz,
and additional Radio Menschen & Geschichten 1600-1700 UT on same 11845.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 24)

ARMENIA   congrats Christian Milling as FMO broker,
11845 kHz from CJSC Gavar Armenia site, noted with a strong 9.6 kHz
wideband signal at 16-17 UT, and also Radio Mi Amigo program from 1700 UT
Sept 24.

Overmodulated audio signal though !!!!!!

In remote SDRs noted europeanwide
Liverpool UK S=9+25dB at 1715 UT,
Hungary S=9+30dB,
Belgium and Grenoble France S=9+25dB,
Bavaria Germany S=9+20dB,
Finland S=6,
nil signal at backlobe azimuth in Doha Qatar Middle East,
Athens Greece S=9+10dB.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 24)

ARMENIA   Test frequencies of Armenian Public Radio via Shortwaveservice
now are registered in HFCC Database as "For new organization" as follows

0200-0500  6155 ERV 100 kW 192 deg to WeAS, not yet used for tests
0630-2100  6155 ERV 100 kW 192 deg to WeAS, not yet used for tests*
0230-2100  7320 ERV 100 kW 192 deg to WeAS various langs & Armenian
0230-2100  7520 ERV 100 kW 192 deg to WeAS various langs & Armenian
0800-1800  9580 ERV 100 kW 192 deg to WeAS various langs & Armenian

*from 0730 6155 ERV 100 kW 192 deg to WeAS Russian/Armenian Sept 23
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

ARMENIA   Re: Universe Radio on 15230 kHz Yerevan Gavar, Sept 30

Station celebrate its 5 years anniversary with special transmissions:

0900-1300 15230 ERV 100 kW 305 deg to WeEUR English, good/strong,
but overmodulated as 11845 kHz R. MiAmigo Internat / R. Menschen
& Geschichten. Send reception report to
<info -at- universeradio.nl>  to receive QSL Card.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)

15230 kHz  - real via the 305 degr 8x-vertical-rows curtain antenna ???

Poor OVERMODULATED S=8 signal at 0945 UT here in southern Germany.

Compare CRI Kashgar from western China on nearby 15335 kHz at S=9+40dB.
11845 kHz nil signal 0948 UT.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)

ASCENSION ISL   5960, on Sept 20 at 0524 UT, checking for hum: Dandal Kura
reception is very poor with flutter, but still can hear some hum (BFO off,
to be sure the hum is not merely from being slightly off- frequency),
unlike the next transmitter up with BBCWS on 6005 kHz, equally poor but
humless. I have been observing this as an anomaly but hum level has not
really been so bad as to make it unlistenable.
Maybe one of their semi-century-old transmitters. {or Sat feed noise? wb}

5960, on Sept 21 at 0555 UT, Dandal Kura with better reception than last
night, and yes, still humming; while 6005 kHz ASC with BBCWS is not. BTW,
at this time all USA signals on 4, 5, 6 and 7 MHz are weakened to
poor/very poor, except 5850 kHz WRMI, still inbooming with BS.

7305, Sept 22 at 0605 UT, poor signal in French, mentions Vaticaine, but
listed as BBC, to be followed by Hausa at 0630 UT. No hum.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 26)

AUSTRIA   7330 kHz sundays at 10-11 UT via ORS Moosbrunn.

In zwei Stunden sind auf der 7330 musikalisch ausschliesslich Remixes und
Reworks zu hoeren - ein Hoervergnuegen nicht nur dank Randy Crawford, die
ihren Text vergessen zu haben scheint und einem Riff, dass zumindest heute
im Ohr haengen bleiben wird!
(Jens F. Hofstadt-D, A-DX ng Oct 1)

S9, O3+, das Plus vergebe ich wegen dem zur Musik passenden
Flatterfading ;-)
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX ng Oct 1)

Wenn's denn aus ORS Moosbrunn kam, um 10.48 UT, Oct 1st:

283 degr azimuth heisst Hauptkeule +/-30degr,
at Stuttgart, Saarbruecken, Normandie France,
deshalb in Grenoble auch propere S=9+20dB Signalstaerke,
S=7 in Bayern und Stuttgart,
dagegen weiter westlich ansteigend S=9 in Liverpool und in Belgien
S=8 in Ost London und Amsterdam.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

BRAZIL   4875.2  Radio Difusora Rorima - Boa Vista, at 0339-0356* UT on
Sept 30, man announcer talking in the Portuguese language hosting a
program of Brasilian popular music. At 0355 UT another man gave station ID
and frequency announcement as part of close down. Very brief instrumental
music before carrier terminated. Fair signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 2)

BRAZIL   9564.936  ZYE727  SRDA Super Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR, BrasPort
sermon by male prayer, at 0616 UT on Oct 1st, S=8 in southern Germany.

9664.719  ZYE890  "a melhor estacao, Radio Voz Missionaria", Camboriu SC,
sermon and mens chorus at 0622 UT, S=7-8.

9674.932  ZYE971  R. Cancao Nova Cachoeira Paulista SP, speedy read by
male and female at 0624 UT on Oct 1, S=6-7 rather noisy weak.

9725.405  new sce ex-RB2 [exRadio R-B Dois],
ZYJ200 Radio Evangelizar Curitiba PR, also weak and noisy S=6-7 at 0628 UT
on Oct 1.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

BRAZIL   9725.404 new sce - ex-RB2[Radio R-B Dois] -,
ZYJ200 Radio Evangelizar Curitiba PR, in BrasPortuguese language,
at S=7-8 signal strength at 22.09 UT on Oct 2nd.

9674.920  ZYE971  R. Cancao Nova Cachoeira Paulista SP,
at 2211 UT on Oct 2nd, S=7-8.

9664.782  ZYE890 "a melhor estacao, Radio Voz Missionaria", Camboriu SC,
chorus at 22.18 UT, S=8-9 fluttery.

9629.979  ZYE954 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, fair S=6-7, in
talk at 22.22 UT on Oct 2nd.

9564.933  ZYE727  SRDA Super Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR, BrasPort
male prayer, at 22.25 UT on Oct 2nd, S=8 in southern Germany.
Bad mixture with R Marti Spanish from Greenvilly NC-US IBB BBG,
and Cuban noise scratching jamming on even 9565 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

CANADA   7850  CHU Time and Standard fq station of Ottawa Canada.
S=8 strength at 22.55 UT heard here in southern Germany.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

COLOMBIA   6010.1  Voz de tu Conciencia - Puerto Lleras, at 0416-0449 UT
on Sept 30, man announcer with Spanish language talk followed by light
instrumental music and some vocals. A woman announcer mentioning "musica"
program at 0437. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 2)

CUBA   6060, on Sept 30 at 0516 UT, checking RHC English: this one is off,
audiblizing the off-frequency ZY carrier; 6145 kHz is good at S=9+20dB;
6100 kHz is S=9+10dB but undermodulated; 6000 kHz is S=9+10dB and
undermodulated but better than 6100 kHz.

15370, Sept 30 at 2035 UT, S8 open carrier, must be RHC on between
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 30)

5025  Radio Rebelde Bauta transmission, very low modulation, small band
audio, S=7 signal at 0555 UT on Oct 1st, noted in MI-US and Alberta CAN
remote units, despite RHC Bauta on 5040 kHz proper S=9+5dB and 14 kHz
wideband modulation signal.

5990even  CRI English from TITAN Quivican San Felipe relay site,
S=9+20dB to Europe target. At 23.07 UT on Oct 2nd.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1 / 2)

EGYPT   9799.580  Radio Cairo in English, disturbed audio modulation
quality, 2205 UT on Oct 2nd, S=9+20dB signal in southern Germany.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

ETHIOPIA   6090 on Sept 23, R. Amhara / Voice of Amhara State, Geja Jewe;
sign-on 0258 UT with interval signal and brief music, then an ID as
"Amhara Radio" by man; fair-good level in QRN and stronger than either
Voice of Tigray Revolution 5950 kHz or Fana 6110 kHz; Caribbean Beacon was
(Andy Robins-MI-USA, dxld Sept 25)

FALKLANDS / MALVINAS   Falklands War radio blog.

Back in August I began writing a blog on matters concerned with Radio
Atlantico del Sur, which I've now broadened to include other radio topics
relating to the 1982 war.

The blog is aimed at tackling some of the myths that have become
established over the past 35 years by writing posts based entirely on
attributable information (including my own archives) rather than
speculation presented as fact. Although time-consuming, it's been fun
researching each post as thoroughly as possible.

So far I've published six posts, totalling more than 10,000 words. I've a
number of ideas for future posts, to be written over the coming months.

(Chris Greenway-UK, BrDXC-UK yg Oct 2)

FRANCE   9535even  R ALG1 in French language, relay via TDF Issoudun,
S=9+40dB powerhouse here in southern Germany at 0614 UT on Oct 1st, but
audio little distorted, and visible tremendous 2 x 17 kHz = 34 kHz
wideband this morning. Wrong performance.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

GERMANY   15449.884, on Sept 26 at 1425 UT, weak talk sounds like SW Asian
language, some hum past 1430 UT brief music break, song with heavy beat.

Way off frequency; to compensate for Turkey on plus side earlier?
HFCC shows at 1400-1600 UT it's IBB Radio Liberty in Tajik, 100 kW,
105 degrees via Biblis.

Is it unusual for this site to be so out of whack?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 26)

GERMANY   15449.880 kHz, on Sept 27 at 1502 UT, JBA carrier way off-
frequency, once again presumed IBB Biblis site as scheduled 
for R Liberty in Tajik.
Wolfgang Bueschel checked a bunch of other Biblis frequencies
and found them all within a few Hertz of nominal.

15449.874 kHz, on Sept 28 at 1403 UT, JBA carrier now measured here, gone
by 1442 UT check. Today Wolfgang Bueschel also has it:

"Hi, yes, - I've got it today on Thur Sept 28:
15449.881 kHz exact measured at S=9+20dB signal level on remote SDRs at
Athens Greece and Doha Qatar ME. RL Tajik program service. Before 1359 UT
heavy signal spill-over from Trincomalee CLN-Sri Lanka on fundamental
15430 kHz, 40 kHz wideband signal, I guess.

1359:04 UT  Biblis transmitter switched on air crash, 3rd try to start, -
each second and sudden breaks from 1359:01 to 1359:04 UT.
At 1400:00 UT exact switched to Radio Liberty Tajik language audio feed.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 28)

GERMANY   Reception of New Shortwave Radio to Europe,
via German Hobby program at Winsen Aller location, Sept 23

1400-1600 6160 WIS 001 kW non-dir NoWeEUR English Mon-Sat, fair/good
1600-1800 3975 WIS 001 kW non-dir NoWeEUR English Mon-Sat, NO SIGNAL

Another test of New Shortwave Radio to Europe on 6160 kHz, Sept 23

1800-2000  6160 WIS 001 kW non-dir NoWeEUR English Mon-Sat weak to fair
from 2000  6160 WIS 001 kW non-dir NoWeEUR English Mon-Sat, not 3975
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

GREECE   After close down of Romania on MW 1323 kHz at 1900 UT on
Sept 18th, the new frequency of Greek State Radio Home Sce 1st prgr
was heard (also confirmed on 19 & 20 Sept too) // 729 kHz; 1008 kHz.
Rather maybe the 1404 kHz was moved ?
But at 1900-2000 UT on 1404 and 1512 kHz there are not bcs in Greek.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

GREECE   Greek ERA domestic yesterday Sept 26.
Journalists were in strike. I have not heard however - the reason.
This is the possible reason that ERA outlets were off, except ERA Athens
signal on at 1906 UT, were as MW Bogianti 729.007 kHz, just S3 for the
supposed 500watt power as noticed by a Greek radio watcher.

Also Corfu Kerkyra MW 1007.996 kHz carrier only at S8,
Chania Crete MW 1512 kHz and Komotini MW 1404 kHz were off.
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC,  <https://www.facebook.com/zachliang>  Sept 27)

GREECE  [and non]  Log of local remote SDR unit at Athens Greece,
at 0930 to 1200 UT on Sept 28:

 677.497 LBY  Arab string instrument play, male singer poetic at 1038 UT,
         S=8-9 signal from Tripolis towards Athens Greece remote SDR.
 692.996 GRC  Pirate stn, US western hill-billy mx in Greek language,
         broadband signal 678 to 706 kHz.
 729.008 GRC  ERA Athens Bogianti site, S=9+55dB powerhouse signal
         at 0937 UT. Greek talk program. 18 kHz wideband signal.
 792even GRC  Pirate stn, Greek folk mx, S=9+50dB powerful at 0938 UT
         EXTREME wideband 774 to 810 kHz for nice music audio quality.
 828.001 UNIDENTIFIED CARRIER only, S=9+40dB at 0939 UT.
 864even EGY  Holy Quran ERTU stn, 1040 UT S=8-9 in Athens, daily guest.
 899.992 GRC  Pirate stn, 7.5 kHz wideband, light popular Greek mx,
         S=9+10dB at 0940 UT.
 926.994 TUR  TRT Izmir, Turkish talk, at 0942 UT, S=8 signal in GRC.
 944.999 GRC  Pirate stn, pop mx of the 60ties/70ties US NoAM slang,
         S=9+25dB, 0943 UT, 941 to 949 kHz bandwidth.Texas US mx 1153 UT
 962.999 GRC  Pirate stn, Greek pop mx, S=9+25dB, many feeder breaks
1007.995 GRC  non log, nothing on air, ERA Corfu Kerkyra.
         only very poor signal string, could be the Corfu exciter only
1070.997 GRC  Pirate stn, S=9+35dB signal strength, at 0946 UT,
         nice music audio modulation on 1058 to 1083 kHz wideband.
1106.997 GRC  Pirate stn, S=9+35dB at 0948 UT, rap hip-hop mx style,
         broad wide range 1095 to 1116 kHz. Greek folk mx 1050 UT.
1143even UNIDENTIFIED CARRIER only, S=9+20dB at 0950 and 1148 UT.
1169.987 UNIDENTIFIED CARRIER only, S=9+20dB at 1147 UT.
1188even GRC  Pirate stn, phone-in talk by females, folk mx, 0951 UT
         S=9+25dB signal strength.
1250.986 GRC  UNIDENTIFIED CARRIER only, S=9+30dB at 1150 UT.
1269even GRC  Pirate stn, female folk mx singer at 0953 UT, S=9+30dB
1304.992 GRC  Pirate stn, Greek folk mx program, at 0954 UT Sept 28
         little distorted audio, bad quality, small fq band signal.
1313.997 ???  UNIDENTIFIED stn, low modulation, couldn't trace any
         under threshold, S=5 at 0955 UT.
         But S=8-9 at 1054 UT,  GRC  ERA Tripoli, Greek phone-in.
1349.993 GRC Non log - not on air at 1000 and 1145 UT today,
         private station,  "7 Islands Radio, from Kefalonia".
1404.006 GRC  non log, nothing on air, ERA Komotini,
         at eastern Greece on Turkish border. 0956 UT.
1440.014 ???  UNIDENTIFIED, S=7-8 signal, mx progr underneath.
         S=8-9 at 1057 UT.
1473.312 GRC  Pirate stn, Greek mx, S=9+45dB, at 1103 UT on Sept 28,
         unstable fq stn, carrier started 1473.497 kHz at 1030 UT.
         Some audio breaks, folk mx at 1130 UT on 1473.655 kHz,
         signal wanders up and down. 28 kHz wideband signal.
         1473.853 kHz at 1140 UT, S=9+50dB powerhouse in Athens.
1512.006 GRC  non log, nothing on air, Chania Crete isl. at 1000 UT.

1619.992 GRC  Pirate stn, Greek pop mx at 1133 UT, low modulated,
1639.994 GRC  Pirate stn, poor signal, 1002 UT
1642.248 GRC  Empty carrier, unstable fq at 1137 UT, S=9+5dB.
1649.997 GRC  Pirate stn, hip-hop populat youth mx, S=9+5dB. 1004 UT.
1689.997 GRC  Pirate stn, breaks at 1136 UT, S=9+20dB.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

GREECE   Voice of Greece again on 9420 kHz, but not on 9935 kHz,
Thur Sept 28
0815 & 0850 9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek tx#3, off at 0906 UT
 same time  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek tx#1, BUT NO SIGNAL.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 29)

GREECE   9420, on Oct 1 at 0046 UT, very poor S5 music, presumably VOG
reactivated after a few weeks missing from this frequency, but much weaker
than formerly, and now 9935 kHz is off. Ivo reported earlier than 9420 kHz
was back.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 28)

9420.005  Helliniki Radiophonia from Avlis back on air yesterday, now Oct
1st at 0606 UT with live Greek Orthodox sermon and mens singer prayer
group in progress. S=9 noted in Alberta Canada, and S=9+25dB signal in
southern Germany, 10 kHz wideband signal.

VoGreece Avlis, modern Greek singer program, both
9420.005 kHz S=9+45dB, and
9935.005 kHz S=9+35dB full powerful signal, excellent audio quality
at 2145 UT on Oct 2nd, heard in southern Germany.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1 / 2)

GUAM   KTWR, TWR's powerful shortwave station on the island of Guam, is
celebrating 40 years of broadcasting hope to Asia on September 5.

Over the course of 40 years the station has seen developments in equipment
and technology, with some of the biggest changes coming in recent years:

2013: In July 2013, two of the aging 100-kilowatt transmitters were
replaced with refurbished 250-kilowatt ones that are capable of taking
KTWR into a digital broadcast future.

2014: The beginning of the solar panel project. The complete project will
have a total power capacity of 82 kW, bringing saving of 9% on the site's
enormous electricity bill, and allowing KTWR to reach more people.

2016: The team made history by transmitting a digital data file over
shortwave from Guam to Thailand, the first time this was successfully
done over a 3,000 mile distance.

2017: The Titus II device is unveiled, which bridges the gap between
traditional broadcasts and digital content.





(direct; and via ARDXC ADXN #607 magazine Oct 2017; Oct 3)

INDIA   9380even  AIR Aligarh Hindi sce, female shrill singer,
subcontinental flute & drums orchestra in background,
at 22.45 UT on Oct 2nd.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

INDIA   Radio Sedayee Kashmir observed on 6030 kHz.

Clandestine station Radio Sedayee Kashmir was observed at 15:15 UT today
(2 Oct) on 6030 kHz, in the Dogri language according to WRTH. The station
signed-off at 15:30 UT.
{AIR Hindi sce on 6030 is via Delhi Kingsway on other time of the day,

Eike Bierwirth's very useful broadcasting schedule  <www.eibispace.de>
lists this here 1430-1530 UT daily. This was monitored via a web SDR in
Oman, but reception was very poor due to co-channel and adjacent channel
interference and identification was only possible by comparison with // 
frequency 4870 kHz (weak but no QRM). Radio Sedayee Kashmir is pro-Indian
and is broadcast via the facilities of All India Radio.
(David Kernick-UK, Interval Signals Online, dxld Oct 2)

INDONESIA   9525.940 kHz noted VoIndonesia, Cimanggis, in English newscast
at 13.09 UT on Sept 29, S=9+10dB signal into remote unit at Hiroshima,

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 29)

IRAN   [non]  On Sept 18th at 0421 UT on MW 585 kHz checking the
freq except of Iran was on the air one more prgr in Farsi and
at 0421 UT ID was "Radio Farda"- the prgr was // to same on SW.
Mistaken freq or something from near ARS ?
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

KOREA  D.P.R.   5905 kHz, presumed EOU - Echo of Unification from
Pyongyang signing on at 1229 UT with brief announcement and musical
tune, repeated, 1230 UT tone and possible anthem leading up to Korean
talk at 1231 UT.
Very poor, Sept 28, scheduled 1230-1432, and 0430-0632, 2230-0032 UT.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

KOREA  D.P.R. [non] /JAPAN   Back to former alternate 6040 (ex5965) kHz,
Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, via Yamata (Japan), at 1259 UT on Sept 28. Suddenly
on with a carrier till audio started at ToH; as today was Thursday, was in
English; "Today's Newsflash"; fair-good and so far unjammed by North
Korea, as yesterday was Shiokaze's first day here, as reported by Hiroyuki
Komatsubara. Today found strong jamming still down on ex: 5965 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

KOREA REP OF / D.P.R.   5920, Voice of Freedom from Hwaseong. On Sept 28,
with anomaly. Only a VOF carrier here, as well as the usual North Korean
jamming; VOF never with any modulation/audio today; 1026-1255 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

LAOS / CHINA   6129.964 LNR Vientiane, and co-channel equal signal level
of S=9+5dB from 6130 kHz even from PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet western China,
at 23.01 UT on Oct 2nd.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

MADAGASCAR   17640 on Sept 27  2025 UT, MWV {New Life Station, Mahajanga},
is VG but with deep rolling fades during African Pathways Radio,
promoting Christianity to the Heathens. Too bad they won't include any
Rational programming. The two English hours at 18 & 20 UT are now back
in season to reach the opposite worldside so well, better than anything
else on 16m, except possibly KVOH, q.v.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 28)

MADAGASCAR   6190  World Christian Broadcasting - Mahajanga, at 0304-0346
UT on Oct 1, male vocals followed by a man and woman speaking inthe
Spanish language. Instrumental music at 0312 UT (The Look of Love)
followed bya man announcer with religious talk. Another man with station
ID at 0322 UT and announcements followed by more instrumentalmusic. Fair

11610  World Christian Broadcasting - Mahajanga, at 2114-2146 UT on Sept
26, man announcer speaking in the Mandarin language followed by a woman
talking. Instrumental music at 2130 UT followed by another man speaking.
At 2133 UT heard web address
<www.smzg.org>  for True Jesus Church of Light. At 2134 UT English 
language lesson program including Bible phrases. Fair to good signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 2)

11825  African Pathways Radio (MWV) - Mahajanga, at 0401-0422 UT on Oct 1,
man announcer with English language religious talk. A man announcer with
station IS and frequency announcement at 0406 followed by The Bible for
Children series. At 0420 This Day in History. Fair to good.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 2)

MADAGASCAR   9490even  at 22.35 UT, MWV New Life Station, Mahajanga, in
Mandarin. Man and woman annnouncers talks. Station with good signal and
fair modulation, S=9+10dB here in southern Germany.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

MONGOLIA/TAIWAN/UZBEKISTAN   BBC London Korean service launch.
Website  <https://www.bbc.com/korean>
is now live. It's advertising the following:

Shortwave:  1530-1830 UT daily on 5810 and 9940 kHz.
            (5810 and 5830 kHz from 29 Oct to March 24 in B17 season).

Mediumwave: 1431 kHz at 1630-1730 UT daily.
(Chris Greenway-UK, dxld Sept 25)

Is there a BBC London Korean service 'dark hour transmission on
Mediumwave' from Eastern Mongolia into northern Korea D.P.Republic
soon ?

It seems that the first transmission already went out.
announces 1431 kHz for 1630-1730 UT.

Times on this page are given in Pyongyang time. But the on-demand audios
on the start page refer to KST. So the online offering apparently aims at
audiences in South Korea.

And for the record find enclosed what
<http://www.bbc.co.uk/korean>   still yielded shortly ater 1600 UT.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 25)

BBC launches Korean language service covering North Korea   DPRK
government may already be blocking some of the short-range frequencies,

The British Broadcasting Service [sic] (BBC) began its Korean language
programming on Monday, an announcement from the UK's national broadcaster
reads, and will transmit news and radio to the entire Korean peninsula.

Its Korean language programming forms part of 11 new foreign language
services that the BBC called the biggest expansion of its World Service
since the 1940's, with GBP289 million (USD$ 389,514,200) invested in the

"BBC Korea will be reporting a fair and impartial news based on the
tradition the BBC World Service has established," Francesca Unsworth, BBC
World Service director said in the article announcing the new programming.

The new Korean language service will broadcast 30-minute long programs for
a period of three hours on shortwave frequencies and one hour on medium
wave frequencies per day.

According to the article accompanying the launch, the shortwave service
will begin at 15:30 (GMT) while the medium wave broadcast will start at
16.30 (GMT). The programming will cover current events, the economy,
sports, and culture.

While the BBC article did not explicitly mention the DPRK, it also gave
broadcasting times in North Korea's Pyongyang time, which is 30 minutes
behind Seoul.

The North Korean government strictly controls information flows into the
country, and already blocks some frequencies used by other radio
broadcasters like Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and Free North Korea
radio, among others.

It's not clear how easily the frequencies that BBC will broadcast on can
be picked up in the DPRK, however, said one expert familiar with radio in
the North.

"Both 5810 and 9940 shortwave frequencies are jammed right now," Martyn
Williams, author of the North Korea Tech website told NK News, who also
posted an example of the jamming on YouTube.

1800 UTC Sept 25, 5810 kHz Monitored in Seoul

"1431 kHz mediumwave was also on air although I could not determine if
there was jamming."

"The jamming is strong, so it obliterates the signal even in Seoul,"
Williams added, saying that he was able to tune into a remote South Korea-
based receiver to test reception from San Francisco.

Former Ambassador Robert King, the U.S. Special Envoy for North Korean
Human Rights, said in 2015 that an estimated 30 percent of North Koreans
are tuning into foreign radio broadcasts, adding they are considered much
more effective than more high-profile attempts to breach the information
blockade, such as sending balloons across the border.

North Koreans can tune into foreign broadcasts via radio sets purchased on
the black market or government issued radios that have been tampered with
to pick up non-government frequencies, while some North Koreans have also
built their own radios to pick up external information.
Edited by Oliver_Hotham.
Leo_Byrne, Sept 25th, 2017

(via Artie Bigley-USA, dxld Sept 25/26)

I would not jump to conclusions too quickly here, in particular after
Pyongyang officials said that they take recent Trump remarks as
declaration of war.

Yesterday and tonight there was here in Central Europe a very strong
utility signal on 5810 kHz, obliterating the broadcasting signal
completely until it went off at some point, tonight at 1652 UT. Now the
frequency is clear, here in Europe and also on an SDR units in Japan.

At a glance I can not find a free frequency list of utility stations
online, but on some pages "USAF" appears in conjunction with 5810*kHz
(which, of course, is no exclusive broadcasting frequency). Oh-oh.

More interesting is the situation in regard to 9940 kHz. Last night it was
clear, but tonight there is an unmodulated signal on ca. 9938.65 kHz,
resulting in a whistling het, with no difference in the result between
Europe and Japan. But still the question remains what this is.

Particularly remarkable is the amount of airtime before and after 1700
that has again been killed with the language lessons already mentioned

[later]  English Learning with the BBC Korean Service ... Indeed, it went
on air until 1700 UT. Aaaah, you changed your complete makeover!!!
5810 kHz was completely blocked by an utility signal until 1700 UT, and
still not completely clear after. But 9940 kHz was/is clear.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 25)

* 5800-5810 kHz UTE services, Meteo, Airforce and Army sces.
5807 kHz ZKLF Auckland (ex Wellington), NZL, 5 kW Meteo fax service.

see page 69:
some RTTY FSK 75 Baud, as well as digital STANAG blocks on air.  wb.

At 17 UT on Sept 26 heard new BBC London Korean
language service via

9940.004 kHz S=9+5dB from Tamsui Taipei TWN relay, 300 kW,
but hit by an - probably North Korean jammer -
heterodyne whistle tone of 1376 Hertz interference on
9938.624 kHz, S=6 signal or -93dBm strength.

5810even fq kHz, from RRTM Tashkent Uzbekistan relay site,
S=9+25dB also heard in remote SDR unita at Hiroshima Japan.

N o t  jammed yet at all, at least when monitored in nearby Japanese
remote SDR units.

At present - the SDRs usage in KiwiSDR worldwide net in Korea, Japan and
southern China Shenzhen, - are useless for serious mediumwave monitoring.

Only strong Korea D.P.R. jamming signal two channels upwards
on nearby 5830 kHz at S=9+40dB,
against 15-17 UT RFA Korean service via Tinian Marianas Isl BBG-IBB relay.

No trace of BBC,
on MW1431 kHz only four local listed domestic programs of Japan on air.

30 minutes later - after the BBC London Korean schedule end -
around 19.05 UT noted still the 1376 Hertz interference
just carrier only signal,

rather 1359 Hertz apart difference now,
9939.983  TWR SWZ  minus
9938.624 kHz.

9939.983 kHz is the TWR Africa Manzini Swaziland signal, still heard in
Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan at S=8-9 signal strength.

9938.624 kHz is S=6-7 strength carrier station only.

Around 5810 kHz channel:
still an UTE multi-frequency 50 Hertz apart distance - 13 strings visible,
center signal at 5803.65 kHz.
S=9+15dB in Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan remote units.

The anti RFA Korean jammer, 24hrs on air on 5830 kHz, S=9+20dB in Japan,
but covers broadband 5814 - 5846 kHz fq range.

re: 1800 UTC Sept 25, 5810 kHz Monitored in Seoul

Re 5810 Jamming ja / nein.
Nicht nur ein lokaler Minileistungs Jammer,
wie frueher in UdSSR in allen Staedten ueblich,
oder Stasi 2 kW Sender in 60 DDR Staedten gegen das RIAS Programm.

Den Youtube Mitschnitt habe ich mir angehoert,
sagt aber nichts ueber die Bandbreite des dortigen RX Empfangs aus.
Klingt eher fuer eine scheunentor-breite Bandweite,
die faengt natuerlich den Anteil von
5830 kHz 24hrs Stoersender gegen RFA Koreanisch aus Tinian MRA ein.
Bessere MW Geraete wird aber die nordkoreanische Hoererschaft
auch nicht zur Verfuegung haben.

In Japan habe ich gestern im Perseus die unterste Grenzfrequenz
des Jamming von 5830 kHz hinunter bei 5814 kHz gemessen.
Da muss man noch oefter beobachten.

Bei dem Clandestine Jamming Wechsel von 6135 kHz auf 5920 kHz
haben die NoKoreaner mehrere Wochen gebraucht,
bis sie ein Jamming im neuen Kanal organisiert haben.

Ich habe versucht, mich mit der vormaligen koreanischen URL
aus meiner Firewall Liste in den Perseus in
Suedkorea einzuwaehlen, habe aber keinen Kontakt bekommen.

At present - the SDRs usage in KiwiSDR worldwide net in Korea, Japan and
southern China Shenzhen, - are useless for serious mediumwave monitoring.

Ich habe auch mal im Klingenfuss geblaettert,
was ueber die Jahre sich dort bei 5800 - 5820 kHz
von UTE und Militaer tummelt.  siehe weiter oben ...

Bezueglich des 1376 Hertz Pfeifton Interferenz bei 9939 kHz koennte
es sich um eine erste Jammingmassnahme des KRE Systems handeln.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 26)

BBC London Korean service via MW 1431 kHz from
Choibalsan-Dornod, Mongolia
48 00 03 N  114 26 18 E
500 kW  150 degrees, 8 mast directional Side-Fire characteristic.

in May 2016 tested
1431 kHz, Choibalsan, Mongolia, distance 959 miles (1544 km)
from 323 degr (North Westerly).

Transmitter is 500 kW directional at 150 degr{slew 20-30degr possible}
towards Korea. Good at 35-40dBu with peaks between 45-50dBu,
- a Nogizaka 46 song is giving the signal some trouble.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 26)

Second day for BBC London Korean Sce to North Korea, Sept 26
1530-1830  5810 TAC 100 kW 068 deg to NoEaAS Korean, fair+jamming
1530-1830  9940*TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Korean, fair to good
1630-1730  1431 CHO 500 kW 150 deg to NoEaAS Korean

*from 1800 9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF TWR Africa co-channel

On this frequencies until Oct 28. From Oct 29 will be:
1530-1830  5810 TAC 100 kW 068 deg to NoEaAS Korean
1530-1830  5830 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Korean
1630-1730  1431 CHO 500 kW 150 deg to NoEaAS Korean
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 26)

BBC Korean logs on 26 Sep 2017,
all logs heard via a privately shared receiver located north
of Daegu, South Korea

1431 kHz 1630 UT, retry at 1700 UT, no signal of BBC Korean,
         only at least two private japanese stations dominating the freq.
         no jamming noise heard today
5810 kHz 1531 UT, at start of the broadcast extreme jamming by (supposed)
         NK jammers sounding like fast machine gun fire no ID possible,
         no programme content to identify
         1635 UT English language lessons,
         less NK jamming but still severe
9940 kHz 1530 UT seems to be the best signal, heard with ID,
         strong but some jamming underneath, same type as on 5810 kHz.
         1650 UT English language lesson // 5810 kHz, strong signal with
         moderate jamming

North Korean jamming situation changes rapidly - freq.s jammed today
may be clear or less jammed tomorrow.

According to the Korean language website of the BBC the service is on
the air "from 00.00 till 03.00 local time in Pyongyang, Korea D.P.R.".
As data are given in North Korean time the service seems to be aimed
for listeners in the north of the peninsula.

In addition the service is broadcast for one hour on MW 1431 kHz from
1630-1730 UTC or 0100-0200 "local time in Pyongyang".
(Manfred R. Reiff-D, dxld Sept 26)

MONGOLIA/TAIWAN/UZBEKISTAN   BBC London Korean service launch.

North Korea 'aggressively' jamming BBC's new Korean-language service.

The BBC's new Korean-language service is being "aggressively targeted" by
North Korean jamming of its broadcasts.

The service was launched on Monday and delivers a mixture of global news,
sport and radio features to the whole of the Korean Peninsula for a three-
hour window that starts at midnight local time.

Broadcasts are going out on two shortwave frequencies, from Taiwan and
Tashkent, while the hour-long segment from 1am is relayed on medium wave
from Mongolia, according to a report on the 38 North web site, operated by
the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

"As listening to foreign radio is illegal, the government makes a great
effort to prevent people from doing so", the report states. "At the most
basic level, it modifies radios so they cannot be tuned to anything but
state-run channels, although that can be later reverse engineered.

"A much bigger problem is radio jamming, where loud noise is deliberately
broadcast over a foreign station to make it difficult or impossible to
listen to.

"On the first evening of broadcasts to North Korea, both BBC shortwave
channels were aggressively targeted", it added.

It was not clear whether the medium wave channel was also subject to

North Korea routinely blocks radio transmissions by outside broadcasters -
including Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and South Korea's KBS - so its
citizens remain in the dark about political freedoms and standards of
living in other parts of the world.

The regime also harshly punishes anyone caught using a mobile phone to
communicate outside the country or citizens caught with foreign programmes
on CDs or memory sticks.

Many defectors who have managed to reach South Korea cite their exposure
to information on the outside world as a major factor behind their
decision to leave the North and there are several groups in the South that
use balloons to send shortwave radios and programmes on media devices into
the North.

Some believe that access to information will be the catalyst that finally
topples the regime of Kim Jong-un, which is why the authorities are
cracking down so fiercely.
The BBC broadcasts are going out after midnight, which will make it easier
for listeners with access to short wave to tune in secretly.

Full article her:

North Korea 'aggressively' jamming BBC's new Korean-language service
The_Telegraph_Julian_Ryall, in Tokyo, Japan.
(via Mike Terry-UK, via BrDXC-UK ng Sept 27)

38 North web site, operated by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins
University  {maybe sponsored by US secret service ?, wb.}.

this source brought often false information in past decade on many
occasions, so I've still my doubts,

yesterday on 5810 and 9940 kHz -
I couldn't trace severe jamming against BBC London Korean SW though,
like on powerful KRE jammers on 5830, 6003, 6250 kHz etc. etc.

The jamming nearby on exact 5830 kHz is meant against RFA Korean Tinian

The Youtube tape of Sept 26th is taken by an broadband bandwidth, probably
not much selective mband Receiver recording. Which covers also 5830 kHz
jamming transmission spill-over.

Re: [BrDXC-UK yg]  North Korea 'aggressively' jamming BBC's
new Korean-language service ...

N O T   Y E T   -  wait til the KRE Jamming secret service
will set a real powerful jammer on that 5810 kHz channel.

9940.003 kHz  S=9+5dB from Tamsui Taipei TWN relay, 300 kW,
no whistle tone - probably North Korean jammer -
minus 1376 Hertz heterodyne whistle tone interference
NOT ON AIR today - at 1748 UT on Sept 27.

5810even fq kHz, from RRTM Tashkent Uzbekistan relay site,
S=9+25dB also heard in remote SDR units at Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan.

Very low tiny army reserve jammer likely on limited local at Pyongyang
area, underneath at 17.55 UT on Sept 27,
not to compare to powerful S=9+10dB strength KRE jammer
on 5830, 5920, 5930, 5995, 6003, 6015, 6135, 6250, 6350, 6520, 6600 kHz.

and also some very strong KRE jammer spurs and fundamentals
visible on the Perseus screen, on
5708 to 5801 kHz,
5864 to 5882 kHz,
5930 to 5940 ditter
5830 kHz S=9+15dB
5995 S=9+10dB etc. etc.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 27)

re  I couldn't trace severe jamming against BBC Korean though.

And the same tonight Sept 27.
Here in Europe there was on 5810 kHz again a very strong ARQ or similar
signal, but again it went off at some point before 1700 UT. Really
unlikely to be jamming, rather someone who could file an interference
complaint, with the obvious consequence.

There is again the signal on 9938.65 kHz, but now with intermittent FSK
keying to 9938.89 kHz. The signal is more prominent here in Europe than on
an SDR in Japan where the het is just barely noticeable, certainly nothing
that really hinders reception.

I have to stick to my statement that I can not confirm jamming of either
5810 or 9940 kHz. There is indeed what must be called aggressive jamming
on nearby 5830 kHz (it's a really good example for how North Korean
jamming sounds), but the target is, as Wolfy already pointed out, the
Korean service of Radio Free Asia on this very frequency.

I fear these accusations are "not helpful", as Merkel would put it. For
the BBC and perhaps even in a bigger context.

And if someone collects BBC press releases ...

(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 27)

Re: North Korea 'aggressively' jamming BBC's new Korean-language service

I agree. The BBC position is:
1. Some of the BBC Korean transmissions are suffering from interference -
   but interference is not necessarily jamming.

2. The service only began two days ago, and so it is too early to draw
   firm conclusions.

3. The BBC is monitoring the situation closely in a bid to establish
   a clear picture.
(Chris Greenway-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 27)

Re: North Korea 'aggressively' jamming BBC's new Korean-language service?

I was especially interested in hearing the OTH radar recorded
Sept 28, on 5810 kHz., in which he shifted frequency to pick up
the wide range of OTH radar -  <https://youtu.be/7XD7UKQV-TU>

It singles out already on the SDR waterfall graphic, covering
ca. 5780 to 5820 kHz.

Now add the splatter from the indeed aggressive anti-RFA jammer
on 5830 kHz, and we have the result so widely reported as "jamming".

Many thanks to Hiroyuki Komatsubara for this documentation and analysis!
Remote monitoring of an unfamiliar situation far away can only be a
temporary solution.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 28)

MYANMAR   Gria's di God, Wolfgang!

Auf Phoenix vor ein paar Minuten gehoert.
Die Regierungschefin vom Myanmar sagt in einer Rede u.a.
"wir haben einen neuen Radiosender in Betrieb genommen in den Sprachen
Bangla und einigen Myanmarsprachen." Pfiat di! und 73
(Paul Gager-AUT, Sept 19)

News from an Austrian DXer Paul, acc Phoenix Germany's news
TV program:

Myanmar set up a new radio station (?or rather program)
in Bangla language and more different Myanmar ethnic languages.

Propaganda and to publish true news on the Rohingya problem.

Mixture folk people's origin since the Middle Ages lived there,
original Arabs and Bangla people settled on Myanmar / Burmese
coastline since the Middle Ages.

Was still an ethnic problem even under British Empire era.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

Alan Davies to Mauno Ritola on Sept 21:
Hi Mauno, I don't have any information, unfortunately. Maybe it's new
regional programming from Myanma Radio? Their distribution network allows
them to switch specific FM transmitters around the country to opt out of
the national service and relay programming in the relevant minority
Best regards, Alan Davies.Asia Sept 21.

Re: Myanmar, Rohingya Bangla language radio program.
Hi Alan, - I just got a reply from Myanma Radio, that it is
on 90.1 MHz
6 am to 10 am in the morning and
4 pm to 8 pm in the evening
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

Thanks Mauno. I found some background information here:
Regards Alan.
(Alan Davies-Asia, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

MYANMAR   5985even  Myanmar Radio from Yegu Yangoon, Burmese light music
singer program at 23.12 UT on Oct 2nd. S=9+10dB here in southern Germany.

MYANMAR / CHINA   Hit each other 5914.986 kHz MMR from Naypyidaw central
Myanmar with 1000 Hertz test tone procedure, 1 kHz peaks each both sides
at 23.20 UT already TX + test tone on air,

and 5915even CRI English program via older Kashgar #2022 site in western
China. 23.20 UT at S=9+5dB signal level.

MMR signal fade-out time, Grayline at Chiang Rai - Bangkok - Phuket.
Test tone end stop at 23.25:10 UT, MMR carrier still on air ahead
of CRI signal. At 23.30:00 UT exact morning program start, SoEAsian local
instrumental mx theme, and followed by stn annmt of female voice, and ID,
times given.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

NEW ZEALAND   9630.005  R NZi Rangitaiki, S=6-7 fair signal in Edmonton-
CAN SDR installation, En newscast, 0600-0602 UT on Oct 1st, ID and '7hrs
PM local time'?, weather report, much rain and gale prediction forecast at
0603 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

PNG    Wantok Radio Light - Station Fire.

I received a letter Sept. 14th from Joseph Emert, president of Life Radio
Ministries in Griffin, Georgia who shares the following sad news:

"I recently learned from our partners at Wantok Radio Light, in Papua New
Guinea, that vandals have burned the Christian Shortwave radio station to
the ground. You have had an important part in our radio missionary
efforts. This wonderful radio network, which our ministry helped to launch
in 2002, is enjoyed by millions across this island nation in the South
Pacific. I wanted you to know about this situation. The loss of the
shortwave signal across the nation results in many not being able to tune
into the daily proclamation of the Gospel, Bible teaching, and spiritual

Mr. Emert mentioned that he's been invited back to Papua New Guinea to
assess the situation. He will be returning in early October to gather
information to help find out what it will take to put Wantok Radio Light
back on the air. He stated that the network has grown to 30 FM stations
since 2002, but the shortwave signal is able to reach many in extremely
mountainous regions where the FM signals just cannot penetrate.

His letter doesn't make clear if the fire destroyed only the shortwave
transmitter facilities, or also the WRL studio. If the latter, then the
programming for the FM stations is silenced also.
(Guy Atkins, Puyallup, WA-USA, dxld Sept 16)

PERU   5024.92  R.Quillabamba, Quillabamba, Cusco. Heard under a very much
reduced audio output from co-channel R. Rebelde (Cuba) at 1102 UT with
slow music programming and chat. Rebelde had a reasonably strong carrier
but the audio was pitifully weak. This enabled the Peruvian to be heard
with its characteristic slightly off-frequency operation. 24 Sept.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, ARDXC ADXN #607 magazine Oct 2017; Oct 3)

SAUDI ARABIA   11745.4  Al'Asm Radio. New service of Saudi BC first noted
at 0955 UT. Arabic talks and occasional intro music snippets. Suddenly off
at 1020 UT but then returned at 1023 UT.

Believed to be from the Jeddah site.

Monitored via several remote SDRs in Greece and Uzbekistan at good level.
Presumed to be the first day of broadcasting, 11 Sept. Current operating
hours appear to be 0700-1700 UT and is aimed at the Saudi troops located
in the southern part of Saudi Arabia. The ID announcement is clearly "Huna
Al'Azm". The word Al'Azm means Determination. In addition to the shortwave
outlet, the station can be found on 549 and 747 kHz mediumwave, and 94.9,
99.0, and 107.0 MHz FM. Also noted on 17 Sept at Mount Evelyn around 0745
UT with a weak signal and female announcer chat.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, ARDXC ADXN #607 magazine Oct 2017; Oct 3)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020  S.I.B.C. Honiara went off today at 1157:40 UT mid-
way through the Christian devotion. They seem to have settled on this
sign-off time, which means we miss hearing the true, complete closing with
the National Anthem. Too bad they haven't adjusted their timer so we can
hear that. - Very poor, Sept 28.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320  on Sept 17, R. Sonder Grense, Meyerton; 0220 UT light
classicial music with brief Afrikaans announcements by man; fair; this
frequency is usually covered by the second harmonic of a local 10 kW MW
station on 1660 kHz that's about two miles away. It was on the air, so
apparently shifting from my old active whip to the horizontal wire made
the difference.
(Andy Robins-MI-USA, dxld Sept 25)

SPAIN   REE Noblejas shortwave, siguien los problemas
Radio Exterior de Espana, sigue hoy, al igual que ayer, sin emitir en
17715, 17855 y 15520, solo senal en 15390 kHz y sale al aire con sonido
muy distorsionado.
(Manuel Mendez-ESPm hcdx Sept 26)

15390 totally distorted audio signal, S=9+10dB in western Europe,
thanks Manuel, REE Spanish live transmission from Noblejas Spain
only on single 15390 kHz frequency tonight Sept 26.

live coverage of both Champions League football matches tonight
FC Sevilla Spain  vv  Maribor Slovenia, and
Dortmund Germany  vv  Real Madrid, Spain.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 26)

SPAIN   15390, on Sept 23 at 2003 UT, REE still on all four frequencies,
this one weaker than // 15520 than // 17715 than // 17855, but 15390 kHz
is strong enough now to tell, as wb has been complaining, that the
modulation is distorted and the carrier also wobbling, during a silly

Radio Exterior de Espana /RNE/ on 3 of 4 frequencies on Sept 24
1355-1400 R Exterior de Espana Interval Signal, frequency announcement
1400-1800 15520 NOB 200 kW / 110 deg N/ME Spanish Sat/Sun, very good
1400-1800 17715 NOB 200 kW / 230 deg SoAm Spanish Sat/Sun, very good
1400-1800 17855 NOB 200 kW / 290 deg ENAm Spanish Sat/Sun, very good
1400-1800 21620 NOB 200 kW / 161 deg WCAf Spanish Sat/Sun, JBA

17855, on Sept 24 at 2100 UT, REE is gone again, inaudible not only here
but no 17715, 15520 kHz; however, a very poor distorted signal on 15390
kHz, only one on air? Hardly any sigs on 19m now, except big OC on 15730
kHz before Greenville turns off.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 26)

Today Sept 28, - all four REE Noblejas transmitter on air,

best signal on 15520 kHz S=9+10dB strength,
15390 kHz S=9 distorted audio though,
17715 kHz S=8-9 here in southern Germany,
17855 kHz S=7 signal not full power - or only exciter,
          but not existant modulation observed.

Europa League match tonight at 19.05 UT start
Tel Aviv Israel  vv  Villareal Spain 0-0
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

TANZANIA  [ZANZIBAR]  11735, on Sept 22 at 2005 UT, no signal from ZBC
(nor RTM Brasil either). Other Zanz frequency 6015 kHz has also been
reported off, so are they completely gone from SW?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 26)

UKRAINE   765   Ich hoere gerade (1910z) Maiak auf 765 kHz mit 
ID "Vy slushaitje Maiak" und mit einem Gespraech in klarem literarischem
Russisch. O=3-4.
In MWLIST ist ein inaktiver Sender aus der Ukraine gelistet, sonst nichts.

Weiss jemand mehr darueber, ob dieser Sender wieder aktiv ist (was mich
mit diesem Programm sehr wundern wuerde) oder anderswo ein Sender auf
dieser Frequenz aktiv wurde?

[later]  Re:  Radio Maiak UKR reactivated MW 765 kHz.

Danke, Wolfgang und Karel fuer die Info.
In der Tat waren zwischendurch auch ukrainische Worte zu hoeren,
jetzt gerade reden sie wieder Russisch. Ab und zu etwas QRM aus G.
73 Udo, HB9ERD / DL3GN
(Udo Isaenko-AG-SUI, A-DX ng Sept 28)

UKRAINE   Hoert sich nach Reaktivierung an. Gab's schon mal nach laengerer
Sendepause. Dieses Radio Maiak aus der Ukraine ist allerdings nicht mit
dem namensgleichen Sender 'Mayak' aus Russland zu verwechseln.

re 765 kHz UKR. Da ich gerade Perseus Aufnahmen von So-Mi durcharbeite.
Der erste Sendetag nach der Reaktivierung war offensichtlich der 26.9.2017
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX ng Sept 28)

UKRAINE   765  Radio Maiak, Odessa reactivated its transmitter on 765 kHz
from Kapitanivka*, Odessa region, with 40 kW. Heard today after 1900 UT.
(Karel Honzik-CZE, mwdx yg Sept 28)

Das ist der Sender, welcher 40 Jahre zu Soffwwwjjetzeiten als
verschleierte (veiled) Starobelsk Location bei der ITU Geneve firmierte.

{67512 Petrivka; others Petrovskoye, Petrovka, Kurisovo,
* now renamed to Kurissowe}

UKR__Odessa Petrivka 1242{1278} kHz 30 kW day, 20 kW night,
150m mast in ITU Geneve table, R Maiak 765 kHz 100 kW 2 masts

G.C.  46 59 36.43 N  30 53 48.30 E








(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

Re:  Radio Maiak UKR reactivated MW 765 kHz

Yes, nearly the same strength as before ... should be 40 kW back again.
Not to be confused, it used to be called "Petrivka" by the name of nearest
small town at the highway (5-6 km away). Most of stn staff live there.
Neighboring villages are Olexandrivka (ca. 2km) and Kapitanivka is next

Very nice sight-seeings around the site (from my impressions of visiting
it many years ago)
(Vlad, UKR, mwdx Oct 1)

Previously all ITU registration was narrowed to Petrivka location name.
In 2001year on MW 1278 kHz the unit is a 150 kW Shtorm tx which was run on
reduced power.

The 765 kHz was a TESLA unit, see image on


(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

from archive:
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Dec 29, 2008)

UKRAINE   765 Radio Maiak Odessa.
Ukrainian MW radio station Radio Maiak is on air again since September
19th. The frequency is 765 kHz. They are using 40 kW transmitter near
Kapitanivka now Kurissowe (Odesa region) till 21.00 UT now.

I was pleased to notice some positive changes in the station's format
after absence: there are more interesting programs in the Ukrainian and
less that stupid soviet crap now. I hope the station will continue to
change its content.

The signal on 765 kHz is very strong and stable in Kyiv and can be easily
received with built-in ferrite rod antenna of DE1103. Slight and rare
fade-outs are not preventing me from a comfortable listening.
(Vasily Lazarev, Samarskaya obl-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx",
via RUSdx #944 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

UAE/U.K./[ANTARCTICA non]   QSL: 5985 kHz Woofferton-UK,
2017 BBC Midwinter Special Broadcast. Rec'd an e-mail reply from Mike
Glositen at ETO, James Ross Base, verification statement confirming this
and my report for 6035 kHz via Al Dhabbaya-UAE (heard via remote site in
Qatar), in 7 days for an e-mail report with audio file to:
<gmOhcq -at- gmOhcq.com>
(Mayor Ed Kusalik, AB-CAN, Sept 23, ODXA yg via dxld)

U.K.   11615  on Sept 24, Afia Darfur Radio, 1809 UT very strong level
with newscast in Arabic read by a man; via Woofferton, England.
(Andy Robins-MI-USA, dxld Sept 25)

USA   7489.89v-AM, on Sept 27 at 2335 UT, WBCQ with an 'Allan Weiner
Worldwide' repeat to fill an hour, reminiscing about FCC pirate bust
against his Yonkers AM & FM stations on Aug 12, 1971. Slot vacated by 'The
Next Chapter', but if you want to follow Radio Alexandria, the project to
broadcast from a ship in the central Pacific, check
where podcasts are available, and nothing about quitting WBCQ.

17775 kHz, on Sept 28 at 1442 UT, KVOH is S=9+30dB but heavy distortion,
sounds horrible; carrier also wobbling and splattering out to 17763-17877
kHz. When will they *ever* get their replacement transmitter going?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Sept 28)

USA   3250 [non]   WBCQ not on air at this hour, Oct 1 at 0545 UT.

3215  WWCR 1st px from Nashville TN, S=9+10dB on remote unit in Edmonton,
Alb-CAN, western film music, hill billy kind ?, WWCR ID and address
given at 0549 UT on Oct 1.

3185even  WWRB Morrison TN, S=9 signal in Edmonton-Alb-CAN remote SDR
installation. TOM BS sermon prayer as usual, at 0551 UT on Oct 1st.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

USA   9505.004  TOM BS sermon at 22.30 UT via WHRI Cypress Creek SC,
powerful S=9+35dB signal here in southern Germany SDR unit.
But switch over to female voice at 22.30:30 UT, also praying by female
voice, 'World Of God' program.

At 22.32 UT exact switch back to TOM BS voice, he mentioned on WHR.
BS also on 9350 kHz WWCR Nashville TN into Germany S=9+10dB at same time.

9474.976  WTWW English prayer sermon, 22.38 UT on Oct 2nd, S=9+10dB,
little low modulation though.

9265 or minus 1-2 Hertz, much muffled and distorted audio modulation,
WINB Red Lion PA in Spanish! language. Male and female ahead speedy pray,
S=9+10dB signal into southern Germany. At 22.52 UT on Oct 2nd.
Like Central American/Mexican song of amore ...

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

VIETNAM   9839.81  VoV, Son Tay. Indonesian service at 2300 UT with news,
fair signal on this regular off-frequency operation, 18 Sept.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, ARDXC ADXN #607 magazine Oct 2017; Oct 3)


Some UT morning log 0115 to 0218 UT on Sept 25,
on remote SDR at K2ZN  Rochester NY-US east coast.

9580even CUB  CRI English from TITAN Quivican San Felipe relay site,
         S=9+35dB at 0115 UT Sept 25. 30 kHz super wideband signal,
9570even ALB  CRI English via Cerrik Albania relay, S=9+20dB signal
         one second earlier ahead, than 9580 kHz.
9490even F    Radio Republica from Miami-FL, US veiled broadcast in
         Spanish via TDF Issoudun site in Europe, 0118 UT Sept 25,
         S=9+25dB signal strength, 7.2 kHz wideband signal.
         Underneath scratching audio jamming from Cuba.
9474.976 USA  WTWW in English, at 0121 UT, poor signal of S=5-6,
         to state low modulation level.
7504.976 USA  WRNO English, female religious sermon, and interview
         of guest pastor visitor from Nigeria Africa at 0126 UT,
         S=9+10dB observed by K2ZN remote SDR unit at Rochester NY
         on east NoAM coastline. 8.6 kHz wideband bc signal.
7489.743 USA  WBCQ relayed TOM BS sermon at S=8 level at 0130 UT
         unstable fq varied some 3 - 5 Hertz up and down.
7360even AUT  BBC Dari service bcast via ORS Moosbrunn tx site
         S=8-9 signal at 0137 UT Sept 25. Pashto 0100-0130 UT,
         Dari to Afghanistan at 0130-0200 UT. Slight jamming
         scratching audio signal from upper flank on 7365 kHz
         via Cuban secret service.
7314.998 USA  Voice of Vietnam pop music program, in Spanish
         via Cypress Creek relay, at 0155 UT, S=9+15dB proper.
6185.004 MEX  XEPPM R Educacion, Mexico City DF, Mexican mx
         program, 0158 UT on Sept 25, S=7 or -89dBm signal.
6020even ALB  CRI Chinese program via Cerrik relay site,
         hymn fanfare at 0200 UT, S=9+30dB noted in NY-US remote
5910.355 CLM  Alcaravan R, in Spanish at 0206 UT, poor S=6 signal
         observed in NY-US, Latin AM music canciones.
5130.248 USA  WBCQ Hill Billy mx, guitar mx, at 0209 UT Sept 25,
         11 kHz wideband signal. S=9+10dB excellent audio
         RNYI announced at 0212 UT.

and Cuban too on 7340, 6145, 6000, 5940 and Rebelde 5025 kHz
on air. Latter nice Cuban mx program, S=9+15dB. 0214 UT.

Two ?Brazilian mx stations heard on stronger 4885.021 kHz S=5,
and lower signal level 4885.008 kHz too. 0216 UT.

4765even very low signal strength of Cuban Radio Progreso,
poor tiny S=4 -100dBm at 0218 UT. Seemingly a poor power
reserve unit or only exciter signal in service
from Cuban Bejucal bcast center site?

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 25)

Some notes of 0430 to 0530 UT time slot on Sept 28,
observation taken in southern Germany:

 6210.010 HOL  ? probably a Dutch pirate music stn, S=7 at 0440 UT.
 7444.985 AFS  BBC London English sce to all-AF, via SenTec Meyerton
          relay site, 0445 UT on Sept 28.
 7520even ARM  Acc DX press ng could be Armenian Public Radio,
          S=9+10dB signal, but only EMPTY CARRIER on air.
          Probably from CJSC Yerevan Gavar at 0451 UT.
 9479.990 UAE  BBC London in Persian language, via Babcock Al Dhabbaya
          S=9 here on Germany sidelobe azimuth, 0430-0530 UT scheduled
          // BBC relay 13825 kHz via RRTM Tashkent, Uzbekistan, S=7.
11875even OMA  BBC London Persian sce via Babcock Al Seela Oman relay
          S=9+15dB sidelobe into southern Germany at 0505 UT.
12015.115 OMA  Very seldom noted odd fq, this great fq deviation, S=9,
          I have never observed before from BBC relay site Al Seela Oman.
          BBC London Arabic sce at 05-07 UT, noted at 0507 UT,
          I think this is a mistake of the technical operator on
          the PC keyboard? The engineer has slipped off the number
          keys '1' and '5', a little bit.
12094.978 AFS  BBC London English sce, phone-in program at 0513-0514 UT
          via SenTect Meyerton AFS site, S=9+20dB into southern Germany,
          theme of present Kurdish struggle to get their organizational
          integrity of an own state government - nearly 95 years after
          the Osmanic Empire collapse. And the possession of land
          treasures, oil production, by the English Empire then in
          Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and French Syria/Lebanon territorial
          and state division. Rally demonstrations at present.
13600even OMA  Radio Sultanate Oman, Thumrait, Arabic program at 0520 UT
          towards central and West Africa, and Sahara/Sahel zone.
          S=6 signal sidelobe into southern Germany / Europe.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX  -  

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