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(last week)

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

BC-DX 1429                                                  20 June 2020

ANTARCTICA   reminder: midsummer broadcast of BBC next Sunday June 21,
at 21.30 UT.  see also under ASCENSION ISL / U.K.   below...

BBC WS today posted the three frequencies for Sunday's Antarctic Midwinter
broadcast to BAS staff over-wintering at three Antarctic bases.

Scheduled at 2130 UTC on Sunday (though their text says 2130 BST,
presumably in error).


They also show two repeat broadcasts on some BBC WS streams on Sunday
and Monday (as updated on the BDXC website Diary):

Sunday 21 June 2020: at 2130-2200 UTC. BBC World Service annual mid-winter
broadcast to Antarctica for British Antarctic Survey staff working in
Antarctica on midwinter's day in Antarctica.
Frequencies 5790-wof, 7360-wof, 9580-asc
(Transmitter sites, ENC Encompass Digital Media Services:
asc=Ascension Island, wof=Woofferton-UK).

It will also be carried at 2332 UTC on Sunday 21 June on the BBCWS East
Asia stream on 3915-sng, 5890-sng, 6195-sng, 11825-pht
{sng = ENC  Singapore Kranji;
 pht = Tinang, Philippines, United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM)}

as well as on the BBCWS UK DAB channel. And at 0932 UTC on Monday 22 June
on the online streams to Australia and West & Central Africa.


The British Antarctic Survey ( @ BAS_News) said there were 41 staff
overwintering on Bird Island, King Edward Point and Rothera this year,
and the BBC broadcast with greetings from relatives was an annual
highlight of Midwinter's Day.

(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup June 20)


Auf 11570 kHz ist jetzt meiner nach etwas Afrikanisches - schwankendes
Signal. Etwas Englisch wr kurz auch dabei, wurde aber uebersetzt in eine
lokale Sprache.

Hat wer hier vielleicht einen Tipp?
(Harald Suess-AUT, A-DX newsgroup, June 15)

re 11570 kHz, z.Zt. 21.30 UT nuescht auf dieser Schwingung,
ist wohl jetzt nach der 6270 kHz Nachtfrequenz gewechselt  ?

Das duerfte die London TV Station in Persisch auf 11570 kHz gewesen
sein, die huepft irgendwo zwischen 11500 und 11600 kHz tagsueber
hin und her, um dem lokalen Nahost Jamming aus dem Iran zu entgehen.

Dieser persische Oppositionssender im TV Satellitenstation Relay
sendet seit letztem Herbst ?

Duerfte wohl aus dem Budgetsaeckl einiger westlicher Geheimdienste
stammen, die ein berechtigtes Interesse an solchen Aussendungen haben.

Schedule so ungefaehr zeitmaessig in der Luft,
zum Vergleich mit der Kurzwellenaussendung

 801 kHz 14-04z  TJK  Dushanbe Orzu (Sowjetunion TX Ueberbleibsel)
1395 kHz 15-03z  ARM  Yerevan Gavar

6270 kHz bis 0200z in der Nacht ueber das Yerevan Gavar Armenien relay.

11560 / 11570 kHz ab 0200z bis 12z? ueber UZB oder TJK Kurzwellencenter
ab 12z bis 21z ??? Standortwechsel nach ARM  Yerevan Gavar Kurzwelle.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 15)

ASCENSION ISL/U.K.   Antarctica - reminder: midsummer broadcast
this year June 21, 2020.

Antarctica - A reminder. In 2019 there was one more broadcast of the
traditional programme of midwinter greetings for members of the
British Antarctic Survey.

14 June 2019, 2130-2145 UT
5875 (WOF 300 kW, 184 degr)
5990 (DHA 250 kW, 203 degr)
7360 (ASC 250 kW, 207 degr)
9455 (WOF 300 kW, 192 degr) test with BBC World Service in English

21 June 2019, 2130-2200 UT
5875 (WOF 300 kW, 184 degr)
7360 (ASC 250 kW, 207 degr)
9455 (WOF 300 kW, 192 degr) midwinter programme
<https://www.bbc.co.uk /programs / w3csz4pn>

The transmitters of - likely ENC Encompass Digital Media Services,
replacing Babcock - used were on Ascension Isl, in England
(Woofferton-UK) and in the United Arab Emirates (Al-Dhabbaya-UAE).
In Europe, listeners were mostly satisfied with the reception.

Maybe it is time to once more look out for the tests and the
actual broadcast.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, June 11)

Re:  Antarctica - reminder: midsummer broadcast (2019)
U.K.  At least we have a confirmation, that a midwinter broadcast
is planned, and we have a date:



21/June/2020  Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast. Release date: 21 June 2020
30 minutes. "Sorry, this episode is not currently available"
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, June 13)

According to the BBC website, there will be a 'BBC Antarctic Midwinter
Broadcast' on the 21th of June this year.

I was not able to find any frequencies for the broadcast, than it will be
available as an audio file on their website.
(Jens Sondergaard, Randers-DEN, June 12)

British Antarctic Survey Annual Midwinter program will be on June 21:
Updated frequencies of BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast
2130-2130 NF  5790 WOF 300kW 184deg to Antarctica English, ex 5875 in A-19
2130-2130 NF  7360 WOF 300kW 182deg to Antarctica English, ex 9455 in A-19
2130-2200 NF  9580 ASC 250kW 207deg to Antarctica English, ex 7360 in A-19

RESERVED FREQ 6170 DHA 250kW 203deg to Antarctica test Jun 14,  x5990 A-19
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews June 15)

Do not assume, as some have, that the same frequencies will be in use this
year. Ivo is merely pointing out like HjB, what were used last year as
starting point. e.g. 9455 would now be inadvisable with WRMI continuously
upon it.

While June 21 is likely, as I point out on WOR, the Solstice axually
happens on June 20 in some timezones, including UT, at 21.44 UT.
Thus the BAS special would be exactly one day too late on June 21.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 12)

Re:  Antarctic - reminder:
midsummer broadcast of BBC next Sunday June 21, at 21.30 UT.

As reported via BrDXC-UK newsgroup both 5790 and 7360 kHz are testing from
ENC Encompass Digital Media Services exBabcock Woofferton relay site this
June 145 evening 2130-2145 UT. I do not know whether Ascension relay site
will be used this year - perhaps a 9 MHz channel?
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup Junee 14)

Checked the predicted shortwave channels in remote KiwiNet SDR at
Johannesbourg RSA and Sao Paulo Brazil tonight June 14 at 21.30 UT:

{fq in 2019}   9455 kHz had a very poor signal of S=3 or -102dBm like
empty channel this year from Florida RMI outlet probably.

Likely only three of these frequencies will be selected for the broadcast
on 21 June. All four were used for the 15-minute test broadcast on 14 June

Today's (16 June) HFCC A20 Operational Schedule file update includes the
registration of the four frequencies of the test broadcast
- after the fact!  The previous update, dated 11 June, did not contain
them. With any luck there might be a registration for the actual broadcast
before it happens indicating which three frequencies are to be used.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor and direct June 16)

ASCENSION ISL / U.K.   Test on Sunday June 14 at 21.30:15 UT test start
Antarctica - reminder: midsummer broadcast of BBC.

           Johannesburg RSA           Sao Paulo BRA
5790 WOF   S=9+10dB -69dBm fluttery   S=8      -78dBm
7360 WOF   S=8-9    -75dBm            S=9+15dB -67dBm

9580 likely via ASC, both neighbours 9575 and 9585 kHz were empty
           S=5      -99dB             S=7-8    -82dBm

Likely Al Dhabbaya UAE via 6170 kHz suffers by broadband
RNAmazonia powerhouse 6180 kHz splatter from Brasilia site.

Best signal in Antarctic target area of these 3 fqs today:
in southern Atlantic, Brazil and South Africa were 7360 kHz.
73 wb  df5sx - June 14.

Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast 2020.

Every year, the BBC World Service makes this special programme for just
40 listeners: the team of scientists and support staff isolated at British
research stations in the Antarctic midwinter. The Antarctic Midwinter
Broadcast is unlike anything else on the BBC World Service. Presented by
Cerys Matthews, it features messages from family and friends at home
as well as music requests from Antarctica. For decades it has been part
of the traditional midwinter celebrations.

To listen to the 21:30 BST broadcast on 21st June on shortwave, please
tune to:
5790 kHz from Woofferton UK
7360 kHz from Woofferton UK
9580 kHz from Ascension Islands  (BBC website June 19)

re: QSL  ENC Encompass Digital Media Services exBabcock.
Does anyone know the current policy regarding verifications from the
various BBC relay sites: A'Seela-OMA, Al Dhabbaya-UAE, Kranji-SNG,
Ascension Isl, MGLOB-Talata-Volonondry ?

Do these sites verify at all?
E-mail only?

Ascension does not have a listed e-mail address in WRTH but I was able to
contact Jodi Joshua of Encompass, the operator for BBC relay stations

Jodi is on Ascension at  <jodi.joshua -at- encompass.co.ac>

who provided an e-mail address of
<Ops-Asc -at- encompass.co.ac>

for reports and promised to forward my Singapore report to operators at
Kranji (no e-mail for this site in WRTH as well) ... results so far
crickets. Talata-Volonondry is an outlier, as that relay is managed by
Malagasy Global Business S.A., or MGLOB for short.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer wor June 16)

Hi Bruce,
I have recently (2016) received a very nice QSL card from
MGLOB SA, P.O.Box 404, Antananarivo - 101, Madagascar
for a BBC broadcast. Also Ascension has a nice leaflet featuring pictures
of the station so the address you have should be good.  That took several
years to arrive but no one was looking after reports until v/s Lucy Leo-
Francis (Communications Engineer) arrived in 2017.

That was also a snail mail report to Babcock Int'l, BBC Atlantic Relay
Station, Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean, ASCN 1ZZ.

The Singapore site had a nice card but that was a few more years ago when
I received that so things might have changed at that site.

As for UAE, I have not seen anything from there nor the Oman site.
Good luck and keep us informed,
(73 Mick Delmage, Sherwood Park-AB-CAN, wor June 16)

AUSTRIA   [and non]  5930v kHz, June 17 at 0030 UT, LAH from two signals,
about 40 Hz either side of 5930.000 kHz, one of them talk in unID
language; helped by absence of WWCR-3 from 5935 kHz until carrier on at
*0036 UT, and deadly Gene Scott modulation cut on at 0041 UT. After that
to avoid splash, LSB tuning preferred. 0105 UT recheck, only one
very weak signal circa 5930 kHz.

EiBi and Aoki / NDXC lists agree that the only thing on 5930 kHz is
BBC Dari via ORS Moosbrunn at 0030 UT, but supposed to continue at 0100 UT
in Pashto. Is the Moosbrunn site now subjected to off frequenciness or
other problems? Or could transmissions have been shifted to another site
more capable of inaccuracy, such as UAE ?
As of 16 June, HFCC still shows Austria, 300 kW at 95 degrees.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 18)

AUSTRIA/OMAN   BBC London Dari language service towards AFG
noted on June 19th at 00.30 UT program start.

5930even via ORS Moosbrunn Austria relay site,
SELDOM SEEN from Mossbrunn:
accompanied by two BUZZ strings either sideband,
+/- 100, 200 Hertz BUZZ string distance visible and heard too.
Annoying sound character.

Birds chirp twitter like radioplay program for children heard
in Dari language.

S=9+15dB strength at 00.30 UT noted in Liverpool, England backlobe.

S=7-8 -80dBm fair backlobe signal in remote Perseus unit at
AJ1L in Massachusetts US state east coast.

S=9+20dB in remote Perseus SDR rx at Athens Greece at 00.38 UT.

S=9+15dB in remote Perseus SDR rx  at Doha Qatar ME

also //
6195even via ENC Encompass Digital Media Services, (exBabcock) relay site
at Al Seela OMA, S=9+20dB,
weak and tiny signals at Greece, Germany, and Liverpool in England.
73 wb df5sx (June 19 at 00.40 UT)

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 19)

BELGIUM   [non,
MDA Grigoriopol Kurdish entry in HFCC, not relevant here:
17870 kHz 1330-1600 UT to zones NE/ME 39, 40.

Broadcast Belgium BRB, Kurdish, Kichinev{veiled USSR term, rather
GrigoriopolMaiac site in MDA Pridnestrovie-UKR border site,
location 47N00 28E30, 116degr, 300kW, daily 29-March to 24-Oct-2020  ]

Test of new BRB clandestine Radio Vendredi / Radio Friday on Sun, June 7
according to USAGM RMS.
NO SIGNAL on Sun June 14 and probably will be on Fri June 19:

1400-1500 UT 17870 unknown kW / unknown to EaAF French/Somali/Arabic/Afar
Friday ONLY

Test of new BRB clandestine Radio Vendredi / Radio Friday on Sun, June 7


(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)

CHINA   June 20th to July 4th, 2020, more RTC technicians repair
maintenance action at Kashgar site, on border to Kyrgyzstan.

On June 20th to July 4th in 2020, more RTC technicians repair maintenance
action at RTC Kashgar Xinjiang site,  39,357133 N   75,755168 E
on border to Kyrgyzstan in central Asia.



So, the Chinese RTC technicians go back from Urumqi Hutubi Uygurish
Xinjiang site  44,191601 N  86,898872 E
in the far northwest of Tibetan China,



recently there on repair maintenance action, -

back to Kashgar, in the far west on the Chinese border with Kyrgyzstan.

Either was in April at the first repair appointment of bad (wintry)
weather, frost or the spare parts were still - not available?

Thank you for submitting the maintenance / repair appointment for the
RTC Kashgar 500 kW location broadcast center.

19 June 2020    hardworking,  hardworking !

Dear listeners:
For technical reasons, our show from June 20th to July 4th is
Until 10 p.m. CEST

on the frequencies 7395 kHz and 11775 kHz

and from 7 Clock until 9 a.m. CEST

n o t   t o   b e   r e c e i v e d

on the frequency 17720 kHz.

In addition, other European language services will also be affected by the
maintenance times at RTC Kashgar China, like:
Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, English, Hausa, Croatian,
Hungarian, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

The German language programs on the frequencies 11650 kHz and 17615 kHz
via Urumqui Xinjiang site remain unchanged. We ask for your understanding.

German editorial office of CRI Beijing China, June 19.
(thanks to Paul Gager-AUT, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 19)

CUBA   12200 kHz HX, June 18 at 0551 UT, RHC English is S6-S7 and JBM
on 2 x 6100 kHz, which is S=9+20/30dB and undermodulated;
6145 kHz is louder altho weaker, S=9+10/20dB;
6000 kHz has not gone off yet, suptorted S=9+20dB.
All the 6's confront storm noise level from Nebraska to W Central Ontario.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx + wor June 19)

CUBA   Log 11-12 UT on June 19.
Nothing on harmonic 12000v/11999.990v kHz from Quivican San Felipe TITAN
at 250 kW beast.

5999.995  RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN, Spanish at 11.20 UT on June 19.
much politics report and phone-in talk. S=9+5dB in remote SDR rx at
Massachusetts east coast line. And annoying some strange BUZZ audio,
either sideband two BUZZ strings visible at +/- 120 and 240 Hertz distance

S=8 strength at same time in Alberta-CAN, but suffers some co-channel
KRE  D.P.R. jamming against EoH KOR.

6100even  RHC Bauta, S=8 in peaks at 11.28 UT in MA, S=7-8 in Alberta-CAN,
co-channel KCBS Kanggye KRE signal across Alaska path.

7350.002  RHC Bejucal Spanish language outlet to Antilles (ex9640 kHz).
S=5-6 -90dBm poor sidelobe into Massachusetts US state target at 11.33 UT,
but S=9+10dB backlobe signal into Edmonton-AB-CAN.

9535even  RHC Bejucal S=6-7 or fair -81dBm signal at 11.35 UT on June 19.
But wandered some 1 - 2 Hertz on upper sideband some times now and then.
S=7-8 signal noted in Alberta-CAN at 11.55 UT, suffers there on upper
sideband neighbour
9540 kHz heavy QRM from Far East Asia, S=9+10dB SOH TWN Mandarin,
and co-ch CNR1 jamming from China mainland.

11760.004 seldom happened fq oddity on this 11760 RHC Bauta outlet
lighthouse channel.
S=9+5dB at 11.38 UT on June 19. S=9+15dB strength noted in AB-Canada.

13740even  RHC Bauta excellent audio after Cuba Telecom organization
refurbished this unit, as mentioned by Arnie Coro CO2KK kindly last month.
S=8 at 11.45 UT, talk and phone-in, S=9+15dB strength in Alberta-Canada
remote SDR rx.

15140even RHC Bauta, poor and tiny signal in USA and CAN monitored
SDR rx units. S=4-5 or -96dBm, small-band audio and distorted signal
11.50 UT on June 19.

9570even  Even at 11.52 UT the Quivican TX carrier was already on air,
S=8-9 signal empty, then followed planned CRI QUI Cantonese
from program start at 12.00 UT daily.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 19)

CUBA   13660 kHz  on June 13 at 1343 UT, RHC S9 and distorted on this
leapfrog mixing product of S=9+10/20dB 13740 kHz over S=9+20/30dB 13700
kHz, another 40 kHz beyond; no equivalent reverse leap on 13780 kHz but a
JBA carrier maybe that, as nothing else listed; except Aoki/NDXC list
still shows a fundamental RHC on 13780 kHz, NOT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 14)

11670 kHz  June 13 at 2256 UT, RHC is S=9+10/15dB of dead air, but when
modulation start will it be horribly distorted today? 11760 kHz is
splattering plus/minus 10 as often now; 11800 kHz is undermodulated but
not JBM; 15370 kHz is undermodulated.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 14)

CUBA   Radio Habana Cuba from Bauta site in English noted this Sunday
June 14 at 06.55 UT both
6100 and 6145 kHz at S=9+25dB strength til
6100 kHz TX frequency switch off at 07.00:18 UT.

Regular RHC Bauta Sunday special in Esperanto followed then on
at 07.00:05 UT on single fq 6145 kHz on full time range - surprisingly -
til 07.28:49 UT, for all the practitioners of the Esperanto language
in Latin America.

At 07.22 to 07.26 UT nice Esperanto? canciones followed like "Amigoi"
guitar play, singer, on superwide 19 kHz wide audio block.

I guess this special Bauta transmitter refreshed/repaired recently,
the audio was excellent this Sunday.
Esperanto short news reader heard at 07.26 to 07.28 UT range,
on 'pandemio' theme.

DENMARK   Unscheduled broadcast of World Music Radio on 15805 kHz, June 17
from 0630 UT on 15805 kHz RND Randers-DEN 0.2 kW, non-dir to WeEUR Music
Wednesday, weak/fair.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx / BrDXC-UK n_group via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 17)

World Music Radio on 15805 kHz.

Yes - I'm testing a new audio feed for the 15805 kHz transmitter.
Hopefully more stable than the previous one, which sometimes would run
24 hrs without a single drop out - at other times produce drop outs almost
continuously.  Something's always wrong at WMR !

My plan is to keep 15805 kHz (200 W) on the air 24hrs/7d for the next week
or two. Should give DXers around the world a chance to catch 15805 kHz
when conditions on 15 MHz in some rare cases might improve. Currently
propagation on 15 MHz is usually poor with a few fair days, but right now
at this time of the years I suppose chances are the best.

WMR on 15805 kHz (200 W) - transmitter site: Randers-DEN.
WMR on  5840 kHz (100 W) - transmitter site: Bramming-DEN.
Far.Pl.: Power increase to 500 W on 5840 kHz.
And new transmitter on mediumwave 927 kHz (500 W) in Hvidovre-DEN.
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN,  <www.wmr.radio>
Keeping Short Wave Radio Alive!  BrDXC-UK newsgroup June 17)

EMPTY CARRIER transmission on 6145 kHz followed at 07.29 to 07.39:38 UT,
some nine minutes 'hot air burn',
surprise surprise on the Bauta broadcasting center once more again.

5025 kHz  Radio Rebelde Bauta music program of Latin AM type,
S=9+30dB noted in Cape Canaveral Florida state US on June 14,
tried and searched also on MW, noted in Florida
// 1620 kHz from La Habana mediumwave, S=9+15dB at 08.12 UT,
and empty 1610 and 1630 kHz neighboured channels noted.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

FRANCE    15485 kHz  Religious UNID.  Hey, fellas.
Do any of you know which religious radio (probably broadcasts from
Europe) on Mondays from 1700 (supposed)-1730 UT by 15485 kHz in English?

I have never heard it at the beginning, so I consider that it can
start at 1700 UT, I always hear it in the final minutes, without
interval signal or identification.

This broadcast does not appear on any list or religious radio schedule.
Thank you in advance
(Pedro Sedano, Madrid-ESP, wor June 15)

'Alameda Bible Fellowship' via TDF Issoudun France bcast center.
It is there also on Fridays, see WRTH A20 for example:
(Mauno Ritola-FIN  WRTH editor, June 15)

GERMANY   Radio DARC - sonntags 14. June 2020.
Ingolstadt 7440 kHz  /  USAGM Biblis/Kuwait-not 7435 kHz
Situation um 11 UTC gecheckt.

re: Habe gerade auf verschiedenen Kiwis versucht Radio DARC auf 7440 kHz
zu hoeren. - Ist praktisch nicht moeglich in Zentral-Europa, nur in
1500 kilometers Distance away.

re 7435 kHz FARDA Persisch   /  7440 kHz DARC Sendung aus Ingolstadt.
ich bin dem starken Persischen Dienst von AGM United States Agency for
Global Media (USAGM) noch mal nachgegangen:

aus dem US Monitoring fuer 14. June geloggt - capture:

2020-06-14  11:02:51 UT capture: AM  7435 (BIB) FRD PE
AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM) Biblis-Germany relay
transmission, US Radio Farda in Persian towards IRAN NE/ME target.

Wie gleich signalmaessig von mir 'gefuehlt' , statt requestet USAGM_Farda
aus dem Kuwait US relay, wurde der Sender Biblis bei Darmstadt Pfungstadt

Dieses 41 mb USAGM Biblis-Germany Signal deckt die kleine Ingolstadt Waal
Rohrbach Hobbystation, 5 kHz hoeher auf 7440 kHz hier im Sommer in
Mitteleuropa vollkommen zu.

[later]  Ich weiss nicht, wie die Bedingungen im 41 mb heute sind.
7435 kHz USAGM  Radio  Farda nebendran erscheint mir sehr stark,
das kann  n i e   VoA/RFA aus dem USAGM Kuwait Relay sein,
um die Mittagszeit mit dieser Staerke,

ich nehme eher an,
dass aus irgendeinem Grund heute ein Ersatzsender
in USAGM Biblis Germany, USAGM Lampertheim Germany
oder SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site - Spaceline Ltd.
im Einsatz ist.

re 7440 kHz hoere ich soeben um 11.09 UT z
ein Programm sehr duenne in Liverpool England remote Perseus SDR rx
IP auf usb mode Empfang, schmale Bandbreite SAM
(oder an Grenze Holland-Belgien in BraboRX remote Perseus SDR rx,
aber nicht hier im Deutschland Kernland)

kann gerade so erkennen, eine Dame sprechend
im breitesten US Accent Englisch, aber nuescht hoerenswert.
S=4-5 poor und tiny.

Auf der Frequenz 6070 kHz dagegen laeuft aus Ingolstadt ein anderes

re sdr.hu
Gut die Leistung des Einzelkaempfers in Ungarn bisher, ist/war das Eine,

mir hat nur immer die GUI  Grafische Oberflaeche usw.
in SDR.hu nie gefallen, habe da immer damit gekaempft
bzw. war unkomfortable,

und mit Perseus sind die Funktionen auch grafisch und detailliert
ueberhaupt nicht vergleichbar,

trotzdem hat mich der Zugang auf sdr.hu auch immer fasziniert,
z.B. in Bonaire Antilles, Bogota Kolumbien, Recife Ost Brasilien,
Johannesburg-RSA, in Jakarta-INS, oder aber HongKong im Sueden Chinas
direkt zuzugreifen; und die TDoA Funktion des 'Direction Finding'
ist schon faszinierend zu nutzen.

Jetzt finde ich den Einstieg super leicht und schnell ueber die neue Welt
der Map


(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

GERMANY   R.I.P. Lord Knud,
in der DDR kannte und verehrte Dich wohl fast jeder!



(Viele Gruesse aus der Uckermark, Ralf Schneider-D, A-DX newsg. June 17)

Re:  Radio-Legende Lord Knud ist tot.
Wie schade, mit ihm bin ich in West-Berlin im RIAS (Schlager der Woche)
aufgewachsen, bis ich 1973 zu einem fernen Land im Osten abdriftete ...
Die Zeit und seine Sendungen waren sehr schoen.
Moege er in Frieden ruhen.
(Arnulf Piontek-D, A-DX newsgroup June 17)

GERMANY   Shortwave Radio from Winsen AND Datteln sites in parallel.

Shortwave Radio for Europe being heard on 6160 kHz from Winsen site
and 6150 kHz in parallel - presumed from Datteln via Europa_24 -
from 1230 UT tune-in on Saturday 20 June.

I heard a similar parallel broadcast the other evening, so it looks as if
Shortwave Radio are now testing (or even maybe regularly) leasing time
via the Europa_24 transmitter.
(Alan Roe, Teddington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup June 20)



RADIO SE-TA 2 is broadcasting primarily to German citizens in Europe
and the world, who live outside of Germany.

Our programs include information and music from Germany and the world
to maintain the connection to their home.

A quarterly program series starts on July 4th, 2020 with
a one hour show called "Let's Go Rock'n Roll".

This time our program is from Nauen via the facilities of
MEDIA BROADCAST on 6095 kHz with a radiation power of 125 kW.
The reception area will be all of Central Europe.

These quarterly programs will always be aired on the
1st Saturday in the new quarter.
Summer period: 10.00-11.00 UTC (= 12.00-13.00 CEST).
Winter period: 11.00-12.00 UTC (= 12.00-13.00 CET).

Transmissions are already booked as follows:
04.07.2020 / 03.10.2020 / 02.01.2021 / 03.04.2021 - safe the dates!

Your letters with comments, criticisms, music requests
and reception reports are welcome to:  <SE-TA -at- web.de>

We'll get back to you in 2020 / 2021 with our response
and ask for your valued patience.

Yours sincerely
Christoph  {Gerber aus Hartenstein/ Erzgebirge / Sachsen / Germany }
Radio SE-TA 2

GERMANY   Re:  Ein neuer Sendestandort ind zwei neue Betreiber
in Deutschland?

Die neuesten HFCC-Listen haben einen neuen deutschen Sendestandort
HST Hartenstein Saxony D 50N40 012E41

und zwei neue Betreiber in D:
ST2  SE-TA 2   (Germany)
SWS  Radio SWS (Germany)

Im HFCC Sendeplan gibt es keine Eintraege zu Standort oder Betreiber.
Wer weiss was darueber? SWS wie in Shortwave Service?
(Reinhard Weiss-D, A-DX newsgroup June 17)

Der Standort Hartenstein gehoert zu SE-TA 2. Es gab's Ende des letzten
Jahres mal eine Sendung ueber Channel 292. Da wurde in der Antwort
mittgeteilt, dass sich das Studio in Hartenstein/Erzgebirge befindet und
es Projekte fuer 2020 gibt.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX newsgroup June 17)

re SE-TA 2 via Media Broadcast Nauen

Gerade kam eine e-mail von SE-TA 2 mit folgenden Terminen
via Media Broadcast Nauen auf 6095 kHz mit 125 kW:

04. July 2020  1000-1100 UTC
03. Oct  2020  1000-1100 UTC
02. Jan  2021  1100-1200 UTC
03. Apr  2021  1000-1100 UTC
(SE-TA 2  via Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX newsgroup June 19)

SE-TA 2  Empfangsbericht von Weihnachten 2019 als e-qsl bestaetigt
und folgende Angaben geschrieben:

danke fuer den Empfangsbericht vom 25.12.2019. Zunaechst erst einmal
alles Gute und viel Glueck fuer das neue Jahr 2020. Wir von SE-TA 2 sind
eine KW Interessengemeinschaft, die derzeit aus 4 Mitgliedern besteht.

Es war die erste KW Sendung ueber "Channel 292", die sich ueber eine
sehr positive Resonanz zur Sendung erfreuen konnte.

Fuer dieses Jahr ist eine Sendung schon wieder geplant, der "Musikalische
Fruehschoppen" am 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag 2020! Aber auch darueber hinaus
soll es innerhalb des Jahres Sendungen von SE-TA 2 geben.
Diese werde rechtzeitig von uns angekuendigt.
Lassen wir uns einfach einmal ueberraschen !!

Viele Liebe Gruesse vom Team SE-TA 2, vertreten von
Christoph Gerber aus Hartenstein/ Erzgebirge / Sachsen / Germany.

GERMANY   SM Radio Dessau kuendigt folgende Sendungen an:
Sonntag 05. Juli 14-15 UTC auf 6070 KHz,
Samstag 01. Aug. ab 14 UTC mit 100 kW auf 6070 kHz mit Wiederholung am
Sonntag 02. Aug. ab 16 UTC mit  10 kW auf 6070 kHz
(Wiederholung vom 1.8.).

Die naechsten Sendungen von Korches-Radio Altenkunstadt, ebenfalls auf
6070 kHz sind am 5. und 19. Juli sowie 2. und 16. August 
jeweils von 10-11 UTC vorgesehen.

Fuer Empfangsberichte gibt es nun eine neue email Adresse:
<QSL -at- Korches-Radio.de>

Postalische Zuschriften mit Rueckportobeilage werden auch ueber die
Sabrina Sander-Petermann
Erlenweg 4
D-96264 Altenkunstadt, Germany

beantwortet. Die Erwartungen an Empfangsberichten zur einjaehrigen
Jubilaeumssendung wurden uebertroffen und damit die Messlatte fuer
Mai naechsten Jahres sehr hoch gelegt.

Radio PowerRumpel informiert: Leider wird unsere Postfachadresse in
Stadtoldendorf aus organisatorischen Gruenden aufgeloest.
Wir suchen nach Alternativen.
Solange ist Radio PowerRumpel nur per E-Mail erreichbar.

Die naechste Sendung ist am 12. Juli um 12 UTC mit Wiederholung
am 17. Juli um 18 UTC auch auf 6070 kHz vorgesehen.

Die naechsten Sendungen von Jake FM auf der 6070 kHz sind am 26. Juli
12 UTC mit Wiederholung am 1. August um 8 UTC. Decade AM hat den
naechsten Sendetermin fuer den 11.07.2020 um 14 Uhr UTC auf 6070 kHz
(via Bernd Seiser-D, via wwdxc June 19)

IRELAND   Spirit Radio 549 kHz.

From Peter Leach on Ydun's Medium Wave Info
14 June 2020

Mid April the main Tram 50 Transmitter failed on 549KHz, local engineer
was unable to repair, so the standby Harris DX 25 had the covers removed
and put back into service. I still think the Harris has a better sound
than the Tram 50 unit. Due to Lockdown etc it was decided to wait until
Autumn yearly visit to repair and carry out the WWW (windy wet winter)

Then Wednesday 10th of June a lightning storm in the area took the Harris
off air. A mast light at 42 metres level on the main tower is missing and
part of an electrode on the mast base insulator lightning protection
system is also damaged, time to get the angle gridder out! Also all fuses
on the 3 phase supply L1&L2 had blown!

The Tram 50 (main TX) was saved by the fact it was not in operation, this
is now back in service on reduced power until spares hopefully arrive on
15th of June to complete repairs to the Tram 50.

14 hour working days are taking place at the moment to repair and make the
site safe, hopefully restore the Harris transmitter which took a hit via
both the antenna and electricity supply.

All internal boards on the Harris have to be removed, test and if possible
repaired. 64 RF amplifiers boards to inspect / repair is just the start of
the work.

I enjoy a good challenge ..... via  <http://mediumwave.info/news.html>
(Peter Leach-?, via BrDXC-UK newsgroup June 14)

IRELAND   Spirit Radio 549 kHz

Mitte April fiel bei Spirit Radio der Hauptsender, ein TRAM 50, aus, der
oertliche Ingenieur konnte ihn nicht reparieren, sodass der Ersatzsender,
ein Harris DX 25, zum Einsatz kam. Dann, am Mittwoch, den 10. Juni,
nahm ein Gewitter in der Gegend den Harris ausser Betrieb. Ein Mastlicht
auf 42 Metern Hoehe am Hauptturm fehlt und ein Teil einer Elektrode am
Blitzschutzsystem des Mastbasisisolators ist ebenfalls beschaedigt.
Auch alle Sicherungen der 3-Phasen-Versorgung waren durchgebrannt!

Der TRAM 50 wurde somit durch die Tatsache gerettet, dass er nicht in
Betrieb war. Er ist jetzt mit reduzierter Leistung wieder in Betrieb.

Die notwendigen Ersatzteile sollen am 15. Juni eintreffen.
(Quelle: Peter Leach /  <http://mediumwave.info>

Spirit Radio ist ein religioeser Radiosender, der 2011 seinen Sendebetrieb
aufgenommen hat. Er ist von der irischen Rundfunkbehoerde (Broadcasting
Authority of Ireland, BAI) lizenziert, in den Staedten Dublin, Cork,
Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Bray, Greystones, Dundalk, Naas Athlone,
Carlow, Kilkenny und Newbridge auf UKW zu senden.

2012 erweiterte der Sender aufgrund von Lizenzverpflichtungen seine
Reichweite durch einen 10-kW-AM-Sender auf 549 kHz. Der Sender befindet
sich in Carrickroe, Co. Monaghan.

IRELAND   Spirit Radio 549 kHz-

Mitte April fiel bei Spirit Radio der Hauptsender, ein TRAM 50, aus.
Der oertliche Ingenieur konnte ihn nicht reparieren, sodass der
Ersatzsender, ein Harris DX 25, zum Einsatz kam.

Der Harris Sender DX25U, der am 10. Juni bei einem Gewitter beschaedigt
wurde, ist heute Dienstag, den 16. Juni 2020 um 18:00 Uhr Ortszeit wieder
voll funktionsfaehig.

Spirit Radio verlor den 549 kHz AM-Dienst am 10. Juni 2020 um 11:50 Uhr
Ortszeit/LT, ein Dienst mit reduzierter Leistung wurde am 12. Juni
um 16:00 Uhr Ortszeit/LT wiederhergestellt.
Peter Leach (2020-June-16)

73 Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  <http://a-dx.at/facebook> June 17)

KOREA's     Korea - VOP, VOH, VOF and KCBS [non-log]
June 8 (Monday) frequencies:
VOP: 3480 // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600 kHz, at 0945 UT.
VOH: 3985 // 4890 // 5995 // 6255 // 6350 // 9105 kHz, at 0942 UT.

VOF: 5920 kHz, fair-good reception at 0949 UT; no jamming on 6135 kHz
(Brazil heard on 6135.1 kHz).

KCBS Pyongyang (Korea D.P.R.), 3920 kHz,
from 1001 UT till off at 1005 UT (VOP on 3910 & 3930 kHz
and Japan on 3925 kHz). Seems KCBS is still testing on 3205 kHz; not heard
at all June 8, with random checking 1045-1130 UT.

June 15 (Monday) frequencies:
VOP: 3480 // 3915 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600 kHz, at 0946 UT.

VOH: 3990 (strong ham QRM) // 4885 (stronger than Brazil) // 6000 // 6250
// 6355 // 9100 kHz, at 0949 UT.

VOF: 5920 kHz, good reception (no jamming), at 0952 UT; while 6135 kHz
continues to be free of North Korea jamming.

KCBS Pyongyang (Korea D.P.R.) continues silent on 3205 kHz, on June 14 &
15. Has the testing here ended? What next?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and wor via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 15)

KOREA D.P.R.   3205.003 kHz  KCBS Pyongyang site, NOT ON AIR on June 17.
{Violine music, lady singer. Today May 27th at 10.20 UT observed on
remote Hiroshima Japan Perseus SDR rx unit, S=9+25dB strength. }

3219.885  KCBS Hamnung, S=9 in JPN, and underneath also
// MW 819 kHz KRE at 13.57 UT on June 17.

3959.002  KCBS Kanggye S=9+15dB at 13.58 UT.

6100even  KCBS Kanggye S=9+35dB at 14.00 UT.

9665even  KCBS Kanggye S=6 at 14.06 UT on June 17, short skip propagation
at remote Hiroshima SDR rx installation.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 17)

MEXICO   Log of Sunday June 14 at 07.06 UT during remote reception in
Cape Canaveral Florida US state,
and Massachusetts North Eastern coastline too

6184.973 kHz  XEPPM Radio Educacion, Mexico D.F. / city:
classical Piano music heard at 07.06 UT on June 14, S=8 or -76dBm.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

NIGERIA   9689.920 kHz June 18 at 0601 UT, surprised to find VON here with
presumed Hausa and drumming, instead of absent 7255- kHz, but cuts off air
at 0602* UT, so I check 7255 kHz again, nope; by *0603 UT, 9689.920 kHz
is back on.

All three VON frequencies are always considerably off-frequency-minus.
7255 kHz is often AWOL, but haven't noticed 9690- kHz in quite a while;
should always be checked. One of the SSOB along with WBCQ and WRMI.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 19)

re Abuja Nigeria  9689.9 kHz  at 07.40 UT 20-June-2020. Grasnarbe aber
Maennerstimmen. Nur in LSB zu hoeren.
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)^

SOMALIA   7110.0 kHz - USB mode, Warsan Radio, Baidoa, South Somalia,
now daily in Amateur Radio frequency range band.
Attach: Audiofile from 12 June 2020 at about 1640 UT.
towards IARU  <intruderalert -at- iaru-r1.org>
(Wolf Hadel-D  DK2OM, via IARU Intruderalert, June 13)

Correct ... per Hassan the xmtr is an Icom M700 - what I could not
ascertain was the antenna type. But whatever it is, it works!

Warsan Radio Icom transmitter.
To put a 100 watt signal like they do into NZL takes a good antenna.
I believe they are running slightly less than 100watt.

The attached photo shows the comparison between the Warsan Radio and VOBM
signals on 7110 and 7140 kHz respectively - the picture is somewhat
misleading as the audio level of Warsan R was much closer to that of
VOBM (S3 vs S3+) while the AM/U carrier indication looks much weaker.
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, via IARU Intruderalert, June 13)

Is M700 type frequency channel raster switch,
for example via Google search


Das sieht aus wie ein Kanalgeraet, auf Grund der Zahlen am Drehknopf.
Koennte fuer Seefunk geeignet sein.
Da muessen die Knoepfe fest einrasten, wenn das Schiffchen schaukelt.

Icom, - once had similar looking maritime transceivers.
Was it M700 series?  Barefoot output was somewhere 100-200 watt.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, wor June 13)

Ja, das ist das ICOM  M700 wie wir es hier ueber Jahre fuer verschiedene
professionelle Funkdienste im Einsatz hatten, ebenso fuer Schiffsfunk,
vor allem fuer Sitor. Aber auch im Amtor Netzwerk.
73, schoenes Wochenende
(Peter, HB9CET  to df5sx at wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

re Somalia Kanalgeraet in 6OX Somaliland :

Vor 20 Jahren ist Baldur Drobnica DJ6SI vom Verfassungsschutz


oefter der TX Ausruester dort in 6OX Somaliland gewesen,
aber der Geheimdienstler und Ueberlebende
der Spratly Insel Exped aus 1983 mit toten deutschen Funkamateuren


ist ja jetzt im fortgeschrittenen Alter,
und wird keine funktechnischen Aktivitaeten dorthin nach Somaliland mehr
abwickeln ?

Im Mai 2018 mit 83 Lebens-Jahren war er noch mal in Somalia zu Besuch
(wb, June 12)

Somalia auf 7110 kHz.
Warsan Radio aus Baidoa (Baydhabo/Somalia) soll im 40-m-Band auf 7110
kHz aufgetaucht sein. Das wird aus Neuseeland gemeldet (11. Juni 2020,
1800 UT) und inzwischen auch von einem Funkamateur in Hessen bestaetigt.

Zuvor war Warsan Radio auch schon auf 7750 und 7600 kHz beobachtet worden.

Kennzeichnend ist, dass Warsan Radio nicht in AM, sondern im oberen
Seitenband (USB) sendet. Man soll angeblich einen Seefunk-Transceiver
(ICOM IC-M700) verwenden.

Einige unter uns werden sich sicher noch daran erinnern, dass Rundfunk
aus Somalia von 2012 bis 2018 schon mal auf 40 Meter im Amateurfunkband
sendete - das war damals "Radio Hargeisa" auf 7120 kHz. Eine Beschwerde
der DARC-Bandwacht blieb zunaechst unbeantwortet, die Frequenz aber wurde
spaeter geraeumt (Info: Wolf Hadel  DK2OM).

Mehr Infos zu Warsan Radio gibt es fuer euch unter

(Thomas Kamp-D  DF5JL, A-DX newsgroup June 14)

SOUTH AFRICA    SABC issues retrenchment notices.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has issued a notice of
possible redundancies following consultations with the public
broadcaster's key stakeholders. About 600 employees could be affected.

(Mike Cooper-UK, wor June 18)

TAIWAN/CHINA   SOH Taiwan A-20 Shortwave Frequency list of June 1, 2020
monitored by wb on 01-10 June, 2020.
Also noted some other China CNR1 jamming broadcasts.

Log of June 01 to 10 checked some Asian target outlets on remote SDRs in
Hiroshima, Akitakata, northern Tokyo Japan; as well as at Delhi India,
at Brisbane-AUS, and Doha Qatar Perseus SDR rxs.

part #1, from  5965 to 13160 kHz, on previous issue 'BCDX #1428'.
part #2  from 13500 to 28000 kHz  issue here in     'BCDX #1429'.

13528.400 kHz CW call tone QRM at Hiroshima-JPN at 11.35 UT on June 10.
13530.220 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, S=8-9 at 16.15 UT
          on June 9, and S=9 SOH + CNR1 mixture at 11.36 and 15.46 UT
          on June 10.  2100-1700 UT.
13570even 1600-1700 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 20 kHz wideband block.
          S=9+20dB switch-on powerful 500 kW tx at exact 15.47 UT
          on June 10.
13570.026 MRA  RFA AGM Mandarin language sce from Agingan Point Saipan
          island, scheduled at 16-17 UT, but underneath jamming, noted
          in remote SDR rx unit at Tokyo-JPN, on June 9.
          Noted at 16.12 UT on June 9,
13580even 1100-1300 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin.
13580even TJK  RFA AGM Tibetan language sce from Orzu relay
          Dushanbe Tajikistan site scheduled in database, scheduled
          at 11.00-13.00 UT, S=9+20dB noted in Hiroshima-JPN SDR rx.
13640even 2300-1500 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin
13640.072 2300-1500 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli
          S=8-9 signal at 11.45 UT on June 10.
13680even 2130-1500 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin
13680.066 2130-1500 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli
          and QRM by VoIRIB Sirjan Dari of 13680.008 co-ch 11.48 UT
13732 to 13736 kHz data scratch audio block, 11.54 UT.
13740even CUB  surprisingly nice propagation RHC Spanish at S=9+20dB into
          Hiroshima-JPN, fine audio signal across the Pacific Ocean !
          at 11.56 UT on June 10.
13755.0   CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin at 11.58 UT on June 10, 0900-1200 UT
          S=8 strong metallic jammer from China mainland, maybe local
          China capital 24 hrs jammer?  S=8 at other times of the day
          requested by US RFA/VoA AGM propaganda into Asian continent
          via MRA Tinian and Saipan Agingan Point island facilities.
13774.963 2130-1420 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli.
          At 12.05 UT on June 10, co-channel BSKSA HQ prayer on
13775.016 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh Urdu sce, S=9+10dB signal strength in Tokyo.
13790.022 1200-1600 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, noted S=8 already
          at 12.08 UT.
13790even MRA  RFA AGM Tibetan language sce from Tinian island scheduled
          at 15-16 UT, but underneath jamming, noted in remote unit
          at Tokyo-JPN, on June 9. Noted at 15.29 UT on June 9,
          Not jammed in East Asia today.
13809.979 TJK  RFA AGM Chinese language sce from Orzu relay
          Dushanbe Tajikistan site scheduled in database, scheduled
          at 15.00-17.00 UT, S=9+10dB noted in Hiroshima-JPN SDR rx.
          15-17 UT on June 9 and 10.
13810even 1500-1700 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, on June 9. 18 kHz wide.
13810DRM  0400-1100 CHN n CNR 1 (DRM mode) 2 Chinese Kunming-Anning.
13840.181 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli. 2130-1420 UT.
          At 12.13 UT on June 10, new SOH TWN channel ?
13870.003 PHL  FEBC Bocaue, Cambodian sce 11-13 UT, S=9+20dB signal,
          10 kHz wide nice audio signal, at 12.16 UT on June 10.
13870.237 TWN  SOH Chinese S=7 underneath signal at 08.04 UT on June 5.
          2120-1400 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli.
13889.985 2200-1700 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli.
          S=7-8 at 12.17 UT on June 10. 18 kHz wideband signal.
13914-13986 kHz CODAR signal swishing at 15.13 UT S=8 on June 9,
            at remote Tokyo-JPN SDR rx unit.
13919.976 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli. 2213-1420 UT.
          at 12.23 UT on June 10 at S=8-9 level.
13920even CHN  CNR1 Jammerin Mandarin from Xinzhaicun. 2200-1430 UT.
          CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services S=9+35dB signal
          at 07.28 UT on June 5, see co-channel: 20 kHz wideband signal.
13920.026 TWN  SOH Chinese S=7 underneath signal at 08.04 UT on June 5.
13922 to 13972 kHz, OTHR or like CODAR broadband signal swishing QRM.
13959.882 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli. 2300-1500 UT.
          S=8-9 level at 12.25 UT on June 10.
13988.896 JAP  JMH Kagoshima site, F3C mode, S=8-9 at 15.12 UT June 9.

14370.0   TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli. 2300-1500 UT.
14370.002 CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin. 2300-1500 UT.
          CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services
          S=9 at 12.33 UT on June 10.  18 kHz wideband signal.
14429.894 TWN  SOH rely RFA Pingtung in Chinese. 2110-1700 UT
          S=5-6 signal at 07.54 UT on June 5, at 15.09 UT on June 9,
          12.36 UT on June 10.
14559.732 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1600 UT
          S=4-5 poor fluttery signal, at 12.38 UT on June 10.
14600.172 TWN  SOH Chinese S=7-8 at 07.26 UT on June 5.
14600.178 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1500 UT
          S=6-7 at 12.49 UT on June 10.
14634.921 TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli, 2200-1500 UT
          SOH in Chinese S=8-9 flutter signal at 08.56 UT on June 9.
          co-ch OTHR broadband too.
14635even CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services
          S=8-9 at 08.54 UT on June 9.
          CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin. 2200-1500 UT.
14640even S=4-5 empty carrier only, 12.51 UT on June 10.
14680even TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1500 UT
          poor and tiny Mandarin program, UNIDentified at 12.54 UT.
14690.070 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1500 UT;
          SOH Chinese S=6-7 flutter signal at 08.53 and 15.00 UT
          on June 9, S=6 at 12.42 UT on June 10.
          and 12 kHz wideband OTHR 14677-14689 kHz nearby.
14774.741 TWN  SOH Chinese S=7 flutter signal at 08.49 UT on June 9.
          TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1500 UT.
14775even CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services
          S=8-9 at 07.22 UT on June 5.
14819.996 TWN  SOH Chinese poor S=5-6 signal at 07.47 UT on June 5.
14820.038 CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services, noted
          at 08.40 UT on June 9, S=9 signal strength.
          20 kHz wideband signal.  Much odd fq !
          At 08.45 UT another like SOH-RFA appeared on 14820.056 kHz
14849.934 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1605 UT.
          SOH Chinese S=5 signal at 07.19 UT June 5,
          poor signal at 12.44 UT on June 10.
14849.995 CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services
          S=9 signal at 07.21 UT on June 5. S=9 at 14.55 UT on June 9.
          20 kHz wideband block.
14900.003 CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services, noted
          at exact 08.35 UT on June 9, 20 kHz wideband block.
14900.030 TWN  SOH Chinese S=6 flutter signal at 08.36 and 14.54 UT
          on June 9, at 13.01 UT on June 10.
          TWN  SOH relay RFA  Chinese Pingtung 0100-1600 UT.
14919.838 TWN  SOH Chinese S=7 flutter signal at 08.33 and 14.52 UT
          June 9. S=7 lower flank. S=3-4 poor at 12.58 UT June 10
          TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2130-1430 UT
14920even CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services, noted
          at 08.29 and 14.51 UT on June 9, S=9+5dB signal strength.
          20 kHz wideband signal.
14979.951 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1500 UT
          S=6 at 14.50 UT on June 9.
14980even CHN  CNR1 jamming signal against TWN  SOH services, noted
          at 08.25 UT on June 9, S=9+10dB signal strength.
          20 kHz wideband signal.

15070.2   TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2100-1700 UT
15110even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin jamming signal against
          TWN  SOH services, noted at 14.45 UT on June 9,
          S=9+20dB signal strength. 1400-1500 UT.
          20 kHz wideband signal. Echo signal around the globe.
15130even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 1300-1400 UT, 20 kHz wideband CNR1
          jamming at 13.03 UT June 10 in Tokyo Japan remote SDR rx.
15130even PHL  RFA AGM Mandarin language sce from Tinang scheduled
          at 13-14 UT, S=9+10dB.
15165even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 1300-1400 UT.
15165even THA  RFA AGM Mandarin language sce from Udorn Thani Ban Dung
          Thailand relay bcast center scheduled at 13-14 UT,
          S=9+25dB bad mixture of RFA and SOH programmes,
          some Mandarin echo sound effect. 20 kHz wideband audio block.
15180DRM  CHN n CNR 1 (DRM) 2 Chinese Kunming-Anning, 0053-0400 UT.
15200-15210 kHz wideband OTHR bursts, S=8 at 08.23 UT on June 9.
15275even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 1300-1400 UT.
          CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 13.17 UT on June 10.
          At S=9+25dB level against
15275even TJK  RFA  AGM Tibetan language sce from Orzu relay
          Dushanbe Tajikistan site scheduled in database,
          scheduled at 13-14 UT.
15340even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 08.20 UT on June 9.
          20 kHz wideband audio signal. At S=9+15dB level against
15340.019 TWN  SOH Chinese rather S=5-6 underneath at 14.11 UT on June 9.
15375even TWN  Fu Hsing BS Kuanyin. Chinese  .mtwtfs, 0500-0900 UT.
          S=6-7 sidelobe in Hiroshima Japan, 08.19 UT on June 9.
          TWN  Fu Hsing BS Kuanyin. Chinese  s......  0500-1000 UT
15470even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 1100-1400 UT
          CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 13.20 UT on June 10
          At S=9+5dB level against
15470even TJK  RFA AGM Tibetan language sce from Orzu relay
          Dushanbe Tajikistan site scheduled in database,
          scheduled at 11-14 UT.
          10 up to 15 kHz wideband audio mixture in peaks.
15579.991 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2150-1700 UT,
          S=5 signal at 14.08 UT.
15620evenDRM mode from SNG BBC (E1C238) at Kranji Singapore bcast center.
          S=6 sidelobe in Hiroshima Japan at 08.16 UT on June 9.
15643-15656 kHz 12 kHz wideband OTHR signal, 08.13 UT on June 9.
15800.166 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2150-1700 UT
          S=5 at 13.24 UT on June 10.
15890.003 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2150-1700 UT
          S=5 at 13.28 UT on June 10.
15710even CHN  CNR6 Hakka service from Beijing bcast center #491.
          S=9+5dB mx singer program at 08.11 on June 9.
          20 kHz wideband audio block.
15730even CHN  CNR1 Jammer 1400-1500 UT. Mandarin, 20 kHz wideband block.
15730even D__  RFA  AGM Tibetan language sce from AGM Biblis Germany
          scheduled at 14-15 UT, but underneath jamming, noted in
          Tokyo-JPN remote SDR rx post.
15740.222 TWN  SOH Chinese S=4-5 at 08.04 UT on June 9.
          TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2144-1530 UT.
15774.911 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 poor at 08.01 UT on June 9.
          TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli, 2130-1600 UT.
15775even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 2130-0800 UT.
          CNR1 jamming signal, S=7-8 at 07.57 UT on June 9.
          TX-off at 08.00 UT on June 9.
15800even CHN  CNR1 Jammer. Mandarin jamming signal, 2100-1700 UT
          S=7-8 at 07.54 UT on June 9.
15800.168 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli, 2100-1600 UT,
          S=7 at 07.55 and 13.58 UT on June 9.
15840even CHN  CNR1 jamming signal, S=9 at 07.50 UT on June 9.
15870even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 07.12 UT June 5.
15919.733 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=6 signal at 07.46 UT on June 9.
15920even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 07.10 UT June 5, and
          also at 07.43 UT on June 9. S=9  20 kHz wideband signal.
15969.863 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Chinese from Miaoli, 2110-1630 UT,
          SOH  Chinese, S=7 at 07.39, 13.54 UT on June 9;
          also at 13.29 UT on June 10.
15970even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 2130-1700 UT.
          CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 07.09 UT on June 5,
          at 07.37 UT on June 9 too, S=9+5dB signal,
          20 kHz wideband powerful signal.

16024-16424 kHz CODAR signal swishing at 07.21 UT S=4-5 Tokyo JPN SDR
16100even CHN  CNR1 Jammer Mandarin, S=9+15dB at 07.36 and 13.51 UT
          on June 9. S=9+35dB at 13.32 UT on June 10.
          10 up to 25 kHz wideband audio block. 2100-1430 UT.
16100even TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese via Miaoli, 2115-1420 UT.
16160even CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, S=7-8. 07.31 UT on June 9.
          S=9+15dB at 13.34 UT on June 10. Audio 10 kHz wideband.
16160.081 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=7 at 07.32 and 13.44 UT on June 9.
          SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2130-1430 UT.
16299.809 TWN  SOH rely RFA Pingtun. Chinese from Pingtung. 2204-1602 UT.
          SOH Chinese, S=8 at 13.38 UT on June 10. Vary fq.
16300even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 07.26 UT on June 9.
          S=9+30dB powerhouse signal. Also 13.40 UT on June 9,
          20 kHz wide broadband signal.
16554-16558 kHz digital STANAG like block, S=8-9 at 13.38 UT on June 9.
16600even CHN  CNR1 jamming signal S=9 at 07.18 UT.
          CHN  CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin 2100-1500 UT.
16600.093 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2200-1430 UT.
          S=5 sideband signal at 13.34 UT on June 9.
16630-16640 kHz 12 kHz wideband OTHR signal at 07.15 UT on June 9.
16910.010 KOR  HLJ Seoul Radio in CW, S=6 at 07.13 UT on June 9.
16940-16960 kHz OTHR S=8 at 06.49 UT.
16979.931 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=6-7 at 07.09 UT on June 9.
          SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2130-1530 UT.

17079.641 TWN  Sound of Hope Taipei Mandarin, 2100-1500 UT.
          S=6-7 noted at 13.43 UT on June 10.
17149.910 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli, 2110-1500 UT.
          S=6-7 sidelobe in Hiroshima-JPN, 13.29 UT on June 9.
17440even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming 2300-1400 UT,
          noted at 13.27 UT on June 9. S=9+20dB strong.
          20 kHz wideband audio block.
17690even CHN  CNR1 Jammer Urumqi TDoA S=9+15dB 03.30 UT June 8, 0300-0700
17690.059 MRA  RFA AGM Chinese language sce from Agingan Point Saipan isl
          scheduled at 03-05 UT, 03.35 UT June 8 in remote Doha Qatar SDR
17735even CHN  CNR1 Jammer Urumqi TDoA S=9+15dB 03.30 UT June 8, 0300-0400
17735.006 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Chinese from Miaoli June 8, 2300-1130
17770  DRM mode from CHN  CNR1 at Dongfang, Hainan Island bcast center.
          3E8 call sign read, S=9+25dB level at 04.55 UT.
          S=8-9 on June 9 at Hiroshima JPN remote SDR. 0055-0900 UT.
17770     CHN n CNR1 (DRM) 3E8 Chinese Dongfang Isls 04.55 UT. 0053-0900
17785even PHL  RFA AGM Tibetan language sce from Tinang scheduled
          at 04-05 UT, 04.50 UT June 8 in Tokyo Japan remote SDR rx.
17830.0   CHN n CNR1 (DRM) 3EC Urumi S=6 at 04.50 UT June 8. 0100-0800 UT.
          Stopped sce at 05.00-08.00 UT, due of Urumqi anual maintenance
          on June 5 to 19, 2020. On June 9 07.05 UT on air again, 01-08UT
17860even 1300-1400 CHN CNR1 Jammer in Mandarin, 20 kHz wideband signal
          S=9+15dB in Tokyo-JPN remote Perseus SDR rx.
17860.037 MRA  RFA AGM Tibetan language sce from Agingan Point Saipan isl
          scheduled at 13-14 UT, 13.54 UT June 10 in remote Tokyo-JPN SDR.

18200even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 04-05 UT on June 8,
          12 kHz wideband signal block. S=9+20dB.
18899.618 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen Chinese from Miaoli, 0500-0600 UT.
          13.13 UT on June 9.
18900even CHN  CNR1 mainland jamming noted at 04-08 UT on June 8,
          12 kHz wideband signal block. S=9+30dB,
          transmission end at 06.59:57 UT, and followed
          TX  SIGN-OFF exact at 07.00:03 UT.
18969.997 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=4 signal at 04.40 UT on June 8.
18970even CHN  CNR1 Jammer 0400-0500 UT. S=7-8 in Tokyo JPN SDR
          18 kHz wideband audio block. Also 10 kHz wide OTHR signal.

21504.992 MRA  RFA  AGM Chinese language sce from Tinian isl, Mondays
          scheduled at 04-05 UT, 04.15 UT June 8 in remote Brisbane SDR
21505even CHN  CNR1 Jammer 0400-0500 UT. S=4-5 in Brisbane at 04.10 UT.
21620even PHL  RFA  AGM Tibetan language sce from Tinang scheduled
          at 05-06 UT, 05.20 UT June 8 in Delhi remote SDR rx.
21620even CHN  CNR1 Jammer Dongfang Island TDoA. Monday only. 0500-0600 UT
21689.991 MRA  RFA AGM Chinese language sce from Tinian island,
          scheduled at 05-06 UT, 05.14 UT June 8 in remote Delhi SDR.
21690even CHN  CNR1 Jammer Urumqi TDoA; 0500-0700 UT. S=9 in Tokyo JPN SDR
          12 kHz wideband audio block. 05.10 UT June 8, 06.48 UT June 9
21799.649...645 wandered 06.53 UT June 9 SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen.
          From Miaoli site, S=7 signal at Hiroshima JPN remotedly.
21799.698 TWN  SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. Mandarin Chines from Miaoli,
          2300-1000 UT. S=3-4 at Hiroshima Japan remote SDR rx unit.
21800even CHN  CNR1 Jammer at 0400-0500 UT. S=6-7 04.20 UT on June 8.
          S=8-9 on June 9.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 1 - 10)

UKRAINE  In October, the broadcasting capacity of Radio Crimea Realia on
the territory of Crimea will increase 2.5 times. The signal of the
Ukrainian radio station at a frequency of 648 AM will cover almost the
entire peninsula.

This was announced on his page on the social network Facebook by a former
member of the National Council for TPM Sergey Kostinsky. He writes, in
particular: "Last year, Radio Crimea Realities (MU Radio Crimean
Communities) received support from the US Embassy to acquire a powerful AM
transmitter for broadcasting to the territory of Crimea from the
Chongarsky mast.

Now the transmitter has a capacity of 25 kW, has already been purchased by
the radio station. The broadcaster is preparing the relevant documents -
first at the UCRF, then at the National Council. Actual broadcasting of
the radio station from the new transmitter from Chongar in the direction
of the Crimea will begin in October.

I remind you that Radio Crimea Realities began broadcasting on medium
waves - at a frequency 648 AM - in the autumn of last year, in Chongar.
Broadcasting power was 10 kW. The broadcasting signal of the radio station
was not suppressed by the occupation authorities of Crimea. It can be
received in most parts of Crimea, as well as in most parts of Simferopol.

The new transmitter will increase broadcasting power by 2,5 times. Due to
this, the territory will be increased - almost the entire Crimea, the
reception quality will also significantly improve and a signal from a
Ukrainian radio station.

The development of medium-wave broadcasting became part of the third stage
of the development by our team (2015-2020) of Ukrainian broadcasting in
the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. Telecommunications
operator is the company Television networks of Ukraine. I consider it
necessary to restore the broadcasting of Ukrainian radio to the territory
of Crimea on Ukrainian radio at a frequency of 549 AM, as well as to begin
broadcasting the army radio station Army FM, as well as the Crimean Tatar
Meydan FM, at the AM frequencies prepared in advance by the National

The number of Ukrainian radio stations in the Crimean radio should
increase. Medium waves are received in the Crimea on almost all receivers
of new cars and any stationary radios. This signal spreads freely in the
Crimea. And Crimeans accept it, as evidenced by the live broadcasts of
Radio Crimea Realities.

PS. Despite the change in September-March of the composition of the
Commission at # MIP, which, with the participation of the National Council
and # MTOT, developed this track all 5 previous years, the planned steps
continue to be implemented. First of all, thanks to the broadcasters
themselves, Alexander Yankovsky.

Radio Crimea Realities is a medical project that was created by the Radio
Crimean Communities GO under the leadership of the Crimean journalist
Alexander Yankovsky, with the support of the Radio Liberty - Crimea
Realities project (Volodymyr Pritula), the Ministry of Information Policy
(Yuriy Stets) and the National Council of Ukraine for Television and

The project started in 2015 in the form of a radio broadcast, which aired
on Ukrainian radio. Subsequently, the transfer developed into a full-
fledged radio station.

PS. Special thanks to Valery Yurchenko, who acted as a consultant to our
team on the development of medium-wave broadcasting during 2015-2020 "
Source: Sergey Kostinsky's F_B page.

(via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #1085 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

U.K.  Shropshire Star: Reports of man climbing Woofferton mast.
ENC Encompass Digital Media Services at Woofferton, UK.

False alarm declared after reports of man climbing mast near Ludlow

Police and firefighters investigated after reports that a man was seen
climbing a communications mast.

The emergency services were called to Woofferton, near Ludlow, at about
9.45pm on Thursday June 10, but they determined that it was a false alarm.

The Woofferton Transmitting Station is the last remaining public service
shortwave broadcasting site in the UK. The large site spreads into
neighbouring Herefordshire.

According to Encompass, which owns the site: "Woofferton is now owned
and operated by Encompass, as one of the BBC's assets which were handed
over as part of the privatization of World Service distribution and
transmission in 1997.

"Built in 1943, the station has 10 transmitters. Outside in the antenna
field, there are 35 short wave curtain arrays (aerials) supported
by 25 masts."

Seen at:


(Rob_Smith - Ludlow News, June 13, via Mike Cooper-UK, wor June 20)

USA   World of Radio #2039 audible, downloadable.
WOR 2039 is available as of 0104 UT, Friday June 19.
The shortwave broadcasts should be:

0300vUT Monday    WBCQ 5130v Area 51 or 6160v
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and wor June 19)

On Friday June 19 noted remotedly SDR rx, monitored in Liverpool England,

5129.973  WBCQ S=9 at 02.10 UT, 8.6 kHz wideband audio.

7489.994  WBCQ S=7-8 at 02.14 UT, pastor prayer.

9330even  WBCQ only S=7-8 signal in Europe at 02.22 UT on June 19.
Sermon prayer.

Nothing noted on 6160 kHz channel so far.


7505.004  WRNO New Orleans, sermon too at 02.19 UT on June 19,
perfect S=9+10dB strong signal in Europe.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 19)

USA   5919.995  WHRI Cypress Creek SC, on lowerside fq, seldom seen
on WHRI channels, WHRI mostly some 3-5 Hertz on upper side band.
English sermon at 00.25 UT on June 19. S=9+10dB in Liverpool England.

5935even  WWCR Nashville TN also English sermon pastor prayer,
S=9+5dB also in Liverpool England Europe,
across Atlantic Ocean signal.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 19)

USA   US broadcasting chief fires agency heads in major reshuffle.

The new chief of U.S.-funded international broadcasting on Wednesday
fired the heads of at least two outlets he oversees and replaced their
boards with allies, in a move likely to raise fears that he intends to
turn the Voice of America and its sister outlets into Trump administration
propaganda machines.

U.S. Agency for Global Media CEO Michael Pack informed those he
dismissed in email notices sent late Wednesday just hours after he had
sought to play down those concerns in an email to staff saying he is
committed to ensuring the independence of the broadcasters who are
charged with delivering independent news and information to audiences
around the world.

A congressional aide said that among those removed from their positions
were the heads of Radio Free Asia and Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe
and that the head of the Middle East Broadcasting Network was also
expected to be ousted. The director and deputy director of the Voice of
America had resigned from their positions on Monday.

Pack, a conservative filmmaker and one-time associate of President
Donald Trump's former political adviser Steve Bannon, said in a notice
to one of those fired that he was taking the step consistent with his
authority as the new CEO of the overall agency. It gave no reason for
his decision.

He added in the notice, obtained by The Associated Press, that he
expected the agency's new board of directors, chaired by himself, to
approve the decision. In a separate notice, also obtained by the AP,
Pack announced that he had removed all the current members of the
board, named himself chairman and installed his own team.

The firings came after Pack had tried to allay mounting concerns about
his intentions at the agency in an email to staff in which he said he
is "committed to maintaining the agency's independence and adhering to
VOA's charter and the principles."

VOA had come under severe criticism from Trump and his supporters for
its reporting on China and the coronavirus pandemic, and the
resignations came as Trump made clear he wanted a change in VOA's

Pack began his role just last week after a contentious Senate
confirmation process during which Democrats questioned his fitness for
the post.

"I am fully committed to honoring VOA's charter, the missions of the
grantees, and the independence of our heroic journalists around the
world," Pack wrote in the email.

"I think we all agree the agency has an important mission, and we are
being called on to perform it at an historically important time," he
said. "My goal is to provide leadership that will help each of you
further that mission."

That mission has been made more critical as "America's adversaries have
stepped up their propaganda and disinformation efforts. They are
aggressively promoting their very different visions of the world," he

Pack had previously worked for the agency under earlier incarnations as
well as the PBS parent Corporation for Public Broadcasting and reminded
his new employees of those experiences during which he said he had
"learned the importance of building a team that works toward a common

Pack said his first priority is to raise employee morale, which has
taken a hit in recent months with attacks from the White House and came
to a head on Monday when VOA Director Amanda Bennett and Deputy
Director Sandy Sugawara announced their resignations, saying that Pack
is entitled to have people of his choice in important positions.

Trump and his supporters have been sharply critical of coronavirus
reporting by the outlet that ran counter to the administration
narrative on China's response to the outbreak. The White House went so
far as to blast VOA in a press statement and directed the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention to not cooperate with its journalists,
an unusual attack on a venerable organization that has sought to be an
objective source of news despite its government ties.

While not unexpected, the departures of Bennett and Sugawara sparked
fears of a significant purge of U.S. Agency for Global Media
management. Late Tuesday, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs
Committee Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., warned Pack publicly against
targeting career officials.

"My fear is that USAGM's role as an unbiased news organization is in
jeopardy under (Pack's) leadership," Engel said in a statement.
"USAGM's mission is 'to inform, engage, and connect people around the
world in support of freedom and democracy'   not to be a mouthpiece
for the president in the run up to an election ... And Mr. Pack needs
to understand that USAGM is not the Ministry of Information."

(via Mike Cooper-UK, hcdx + wor June 17)

VANUATU    Coverage of parliament - June 16 -
11835 kHz  Radio Vanuatu (with third harmonic), from 0455 to 0555 UT;
start of a detailed discussion about the upcoming session of parliament
this "afternoon," from "Parliament House"; preempted regular programs; in
Bislama, with details of seven motions to be presented and also a motion
to suspend 22 opposition members; 0511, start of the coverage from
parliament; "Speaker of the Parliament" intro and mentioned was being
carried live via radio and TV; various speakers in Bislama before
parliament; detailed info about the amount of money the government's
stimulus packages provided after COVID-19 and Cyclone Harold, etc.;
fairly readable.

Seems that 3945 kHz. is the only frequency in use now; June 15, noted ID
and National Anthem, with 1104* UT on 3945 kHz and also June 12, same
again till 1104* UT (after Japan 1101* UT).
Clearly the former 1000-1100 UT, on 2485 kHz. is no longer happening.

(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)


UNIDENTIFIED  US / CAN signal - military - University research ?

All over the 49 meterband some short (7) SEVEN SECONDS lasting
OTHR like scratching blocks - seen and heard - or is still HAARP Alaska
broadband signal, seen of 10 kHz wide data block ?
Noted on various frequencies like
6107 6116 6121 6130 6170 kHz, and   m a n y   other free fq channels
this morning June 14.  73 wb df5sx

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX  -  

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