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(last week)

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

BC-DX 1348                                                  20 June 2018

ARMENIA  [to SYRIA]   The "Al-Kul" radio station of the Syrian opposition
in Arabic from (about) on May 20 suspended transmissions on MW 1350 kHz
from 1925-2057 UT via a transmitter in Gavar Armenia
(last checked on June 13).
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx June 17, via wwdxc Germany)

ASCENSION ISL/UAE/U.K.   BBC: Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast, single day

"Damit laeuft die Ausstrahlung auch am 21. Juni 2018 wieder von 2330 bis
2400 Uhr CEST/ 2130-2200 UTC/GMT, aus Babcock Woofferton England auf
5985 kHz, aus Al Dhabbiya UAE auf 6035 kHz und von der Insel Ascension
auf 7360 kHz."

Hallo, es soll auch auf 7230 kHz aus England gesendet werden.

Mehr auf
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, and Remy Friess-F, A-DX ng June 16)

Special BBC Coverage to Africa - World Cup Russia 2018:
Poland vs. Senegal soccer national teams game

1430-1500  7445 MDC 250 kW 315 deg to CeEaAF English Tue/Fri/Sun,
                                      weak/fair signal
1430-1600  3255 MEY 100 kW 000 deg to SoAF English Tue/Fri/Sun
1430-1600  6190 MEY 100 kW 015 deg to SoAF English Tue/Fri/Sun
1430-1600 11805 MEY 250 kW 019 deg to CeEaAF English Tue/Fri/Sun,
                                      fair/good signal
1430-1600 17880 ASC 125 kW 085 deg to CeEaAF English Tue/Fri/Sun,
                                      weak/fair signal
1430-1700 15340 ASC 250 kW 027 deg to WeAF English Tue/Fri/Sun,
                                      very good signal
1430-1700 17545 ASC 125 kW 065 deg to WeAF English Tue/Fri/Sun,
                                      very good signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 19)

AUSTRALIA   Reach Beyond Australia, on new 7190 kHz (in the ham band,
where they shouldn't be), on June 11, at 1458 UT. IS and ID in English;
1500 UT intro in English; then into program in Korean.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld June 12)

Maybe the same on 7190 kHz at 1545 UT in English? Program about Iceland.
(Pekka / OH2BLU / Kemppinen-FIN, June 10, IARU ham radio Intruder Alert
via wb  df5sx, dxld June 12)

Pekka - Believe today was station "Reach Beyond Australia"
on 7190 kHz, with a new schedule.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, ibid.)

? technical antenna matching test of a new 41 meterband antenna
erected at HCA Kununurra, northern Australia?
73 (wolfy df5sx, ibid.) Western (gh, DXLD)

Their daily schedule ends normally at 1445 UT/z on 9720 kHz channel
in 31 mb, according to HFCC and Aoki Nagoya database.
vy73 wolfy df5sx wwdxc germany, June 12, ibid.)

Dear Colleagues, I wish no one would reach beyond Australia! Maybe the
station programmers can be contacted and told that their host is
broadcasting illegally and causing interference to legal stations?

By the way we still have sometimes the Australian Navy on 7000, 14000,
21000, 28000 and 29700 and the licenses shown from the government, our
authority (currently an outfit called the Australian Communications
Media Authority, and with an official responsible for amateur radio
who is himself a radio ham and does favours for his friends sending
illegal letters threatening the perceived enemies of his friends) is
just the latest in a series of incompetent authorities who have all
these high standards and specifications and requirements but cannot do
legal callsign issuing in line with ITU regulations, nor legal
frequency assignments.

I dare not complain to them, otherwise I fear they could randomly take
away my amateur radio license on some false pretext. Australia is in
my experience full of corruption, incompetence, nepotism and lack of
professionalism that would make some dictatorships blush. 73 es 77 de
(Lou VK5EEE, Intruder Alert IARU via df5sx dxld June 12)

BELGIUM   Belgium RTBF 621 kHz, new bcast time.
Christian Ghibaudo reports on WRTH F_B group today:

Since May 31st , MW RTB-F 621 kHz is now on the air 0400-1800 UT only...


[WRTH 2018 page 459 listed RTBF International on 621 kHz in French
at 0400-2310 UT]
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK yg June 18)

Im RBB-Medienmagazin wurden Neuigkeiten zur Mittelwelle 621 kHz genannt.

Die Sendezeit wurde seit dem 1. Juni 2018 eingeschraenkt. Des weiteren
wird darueber berichtet, dass die Energieversorgung erneuert werden
muesste, um einen sicheren Weiterbetrieb zu ermoeglichen - die Investition
soll im Hinblick auf die anstehende Abschaltung nicht mehr getaetigt

Detaillierte Infos im untenstehenden Link:

In der untenstehenden Bilderserie von einem Besuch in Wavre ist der
schlechte Zustand der Anlage deutlich zu erkennen. Nach dem Anklicken des
Links beim ersten Bild einige Sekunden warten - dann kommt am rechten
Bildrand ein Pfeil fuer die naechsten Bilder ??


Alternativ diesen Link ausprobieren:

CHINA   9180 kHz, on June 15 at 1227 UT, CNR1 song, and 2 seconds ahead of
// 11500 kHz. Aoki/NDXC shows both as *jammed Sound of Hope, Taiwan
frequencies: 11499.933 and 9180.018 kHz exactly. I can tell there is a
second carrier on 9180 kHz making a slight beat.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 16)

CUBA   13740, June 13 at 1411-1412+ UT, CRI English with RHC Spanish
audible underneath, adding up to S=9+30/20dB, about 1 Hz apart, and with a
squeal. Once again the incompetent RadioCuba have let two transmitters run
at the same time on the same frequency with different programming.
RHC Spanish is supposed to stop 13740 kHz at 1400 UT.

I had previously thought both were from same site, but now it's totally
unclear, researching conflicting info: Aoki/NDXC shows Quivican for CRI
but fails to list RHC at all on 13740 kHz. EiBi has Bejucal for RHC, but
merely /CUB for CRI. EiBi key says /CUB means Quivican (only).

HFCC won't be specific with HAB for CRI, and of course, RHC itself refuses
to participate for fear of having to negotiate with yanquis.

DXLD 18-15 had various versions of A-18 schedules, one showing Bejucal for
RHC until 1400 UT. And another from Ivo claiming 13740 kHz is RHC Bauta
but until 1500 UT.

WRTH A-18 Update has 13740 kHz RHC until 1400 UT from Bejucal, but does
not specify any frequency as Bauta, instead many others as HAB which
apparently means to them Bauta, as opposed to any of the three sites.
So this must mean that CRI at 1400 UT from HAB also means Bauta in

The WRTH book key to sites on page 660 indeed says HAB Bauta (only).
So the situation here is clear as mud. No FM spurblobs out of unrelated
13700 kHz today. Anyhow, something's always wrong at RadioCuba.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 13)

re audio feederline mixture ...

CUBA / CHINA   CRI China Radio International Cuba relay
from Titan - Quivican San Felipe site,
250 kW transmitter #1, and partly tx #5 requested
registrado with HFCC Prague A-16 season list,
- transformed acc A-18 schedule, 'Yue = Cantonese language'


 5990 0000 0100 10E,11W  HAB 250   0  0 930  250318 281018 Spa CUB CRI RTC
15120 0000 0100 12,14,16 HAB 250 160  0 218  250318 281018 Spa CUB CRI RTC
 9580 0100 0200 8        HAB 250  10  0 206  250318 281018 Eng CUB CRI RTC
 9580 0200 0300 8        HAB 250  10  0 206  250318 281018 Chn CUB CRI RTC
 9790 0300 0400 6,7SW    HAB 250 305  0 216  250318 281018 Eng CUB CRI RTC
 9790 0400 0500 6,7SW    HAB 250 305  0 216  250318 281018 Yue CUB CRI RTC
13590 1200 1300 8        HAB 250  10  0 206  250318 281018 Yue CUB CRI RTC
13590 1300 1400 8        HAB 250  10  0 206  250318 281018 Eng CUB CRI RTC
13740 1400 1500 6,7SW    HAB 250 305  0 216  250318 281018 Eng CUB CRI RTC
13740 1500 1600 6,7SW    HAB 250 305  0 216  250318 281018 Eng CUB CRI RTC
 5990 2300 2400 8S,10E,11HAB 250   0  0 930  250318 281018 Eng CUB CRI RTC
13650 2300 2400 12E,13,15HAB 250 135  0 218  250318 281018 Por CUB CRI RTC


 5990 0000-0057 10E,11W  HAB 250 n-d cross dipole ant #930 Spa CUB CRI RTC
15120 0000-0057 12,14,16 HAB 250 160 HRS4/4/1  dipole #218 Spa CUB CRI RTC
 9580 0100-0157 8        HAB 250 010 HRS4/2/0.5dipole #206 Eng CUB CRI RTC
 9580 0200-0257 8        HAB 250 010 HRS4/2/0.5dipole #206 Chi CUB CRI RTC
 9790 0300-0357 6, 7SW   HAB 250 305 HRS4/4/0.5dipole #216 Eng CUB CRI RTC
 9790 0400-0457 6, 7SW   HAB 250 305 HRS4/4/0.5dipole #216 CantCUB CRI RTC
13590 1200-1257 8        HAB 250 010 HRS4/2/0.5dipole #206 CantCUB CRI RTC
13590 1300-1357 8        HAB 250 010 HRS4/2/0.5dipole #206 Eng CUB CRI RTC
13740 1400-1457 6, 7SW   HAB 250 305 HRS4/4/0.5dipole #216 Eng CUB CRI RTC
13740 1500-1557 6, 7SW   HAB 250 305 HRS4/4/0.5dipole #216 Eng CUB CRI RTC
 5990 2300-2357 8S,10,11WHAB 250 n-d cross dipole ant #930 Eng CUB CRI RTC
13650 2300-2357 12,13,15NHAB 250 135 HRS4/4/1  dipole #218 Por CUB CRI RTC

HAB Titan - Quivican San Felipe site
(wb df5sx, wwdxc germany BC-DX TopNews was in A-16  2016)

and 22 meterband RHC too:

CUBA   Full A-18 schedule of R. Habana Cuba of 8 April 2018.
1100-1400 13740 BEJ 050  135 SoAm Spanish
1300-1500 13700 BAU 100  315 WNAm Spanish
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

GERMANY   Die Geschichte des NWDR/WDR  MW-Senders Schwarzenmoor.

In der neuen Westfaelischen Zeitung ist ein Bericht ueber des Senders
Schwarzenmoor zu finden.

Der Sender arbeitete auf 702 kHz mit 2 kW.

(June 16)

GERMANY   DAB - Senderausbau beim Hessichen Rundfunk.
Der hr meldet, dass beim Sender Habichtswald und Rimberg neue DAB-mode-
Antennen in Betrieb gegangen sind.

Weitere Details hier (June 12)

ARD Ausbauplaene, die DAB+-Netze mit rund 80 neuen Sendeanlagen aus.
June 10.

Beim SWR ist ein Standort in Hessen und ein Standort in Bayern erwaehnt.
Beim hessischen Standort ist zu vermuten, dass moeglicherweise der
Hardberg Odenwald zum Einsatz kommt. In Bayern koennte ein weiterer TX auf
dem Gruenten kommen.


GERMANY   Lesens-/Ansehenswertes zur DW Bonn / Berlin.

(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX ng June 11)

INDIA   LongWave broadcast in India ?

Is there any Radio station broadcasting in LW mode in India. If yes can
you please provide me details, like their frequency, area of broadcast,
target region.

(N. Arun Kumar-IND  VU2BBF, DXindia June 11)

INDIA  longwave  ITX  South Vijaya Narayanam_VLF Katabomman
Indian submarine 17.0 / 18.2 kHz, 13masts

ZOOM  in
08 23 15.85 N  77 45 10.53 E



and 12 masts / 1 central mast at Vijaya Narayanam.

The tx site is (just opposite the Indian Naval Station Katabomman) at
South Vijayanarayanam (Vijaya Narayanam) village,

08 25 59.88 N  77 48 00 E
reported as some 30 km's from Turunelveli on the Kanyakumari highway.

In some lists VTX3 is incorrectly located at Vishakapatnam Radio, the HQ
of the Indian Coast Guard, East Coast District. VTX3 has been monitored
using very high speed A1A, morse.
(wolfy df5sx  -  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews archive of 19 August 2006)

INDONESIA   3325 kHz, Pro 1 RRI Palangkaraya, on June 14, a second day of
VOI language programs; not as readable as yesterday; at 1221-1258 UT *in
Japanese*; 1258-1300 UT dead air (no audio), so not the usual closing
announcements in Japanese; 1300+ UT in English; intro and VOI news; not
readable at all today.

At my QTH, am unable to tell what is happening here before 1200 UT, nor
after 1400 UT. Glad to find yesterday's VOI reception was not a one day
only anomaly!

Since alerting Amano-san (Saitama, Japan) of the new developments
on 3325 kHz, he has noted the following:

June 14:
1600 - VOI Chinese ended - VOI Arabic  started.
1700 - VOI Arabic  ended - VOI Spanish started.
1800 - VOI Spanish ended - VOI German  started.

After that VOI continued to broadcast on 3325 kHz, changing the language
every hour. Amano-san continued to hear VOI until 2015+ UT. Very much
appreciate his excellent feedback, via the Japanese language side of the
website "Now On The Radio" -

which also contains brief audio clips of his receptions. So, is there no
longer any RRI Palangkaraya programs on 3325 kHz?
Is it now 100% "Voice of Indonesia" program?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld June 14)

MYANMAR   *new frequency 7200.0 kHz*, Myanmar Radio Yangoon, at 1323-1358
UT on Jan 10, 2018. Non-stop lecture (Distance Learning Service), in
vernacular; many mentions in English (accented) of "industrial
organization" and a few "industrial psychology"; QRM from chatty hams (one
mentioned a "foreign broadcast" on frequency); without QRM the strong
signal would have had good reception; audio ended after theme music at
1356 UT, with transmitter off at 1358 UT.

My audio at  <http://goo.gl/ybTdg5>
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan / June 10)

7200.0 kHz, Myanmar Radio Yangoon, at 1240-1317* UT on June 10. They were
last heard here earlier this year {in Jan 2018, wb.}; back then carried
the Distance Learning Service lectures, which started at 1230 UT, but not
so today; // 5985 kHz, which also went off 1317* UT; good reception.
My audio at  <http://goo.gl/UDzPyx>
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

NETHERLANDS   On behalf of the Central Government Real Estate Agency,
RGS has dismantled the antenna park at the former Zeewold shortwave
transmission station [Radio Netherlands former SW site].

It consisted of 23 masts which varied in height between 12 and 125 metres.

The broadcasting station (of former Wereldomroep) purchased by the
Ministry of Defence in 2012 will be set up as a sending station. The
sending station will take care of communication over long distances with,
among other things, ships and mission areas all over the world. The
Ministry of Defence intends to put this broadcasting station into
operation by mid-2020.

Google translated from report in Dutch 12 May at
See video at
(June BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine direct and via dxld June 12)

NETHERLANDS  [to SUDAN target]    Keep 'Radio Dabanga' alive.

Got the following e-mail from Radio Dabanga a few days ago.

Dear Tarek,
Perhaps you have been tuning into Radio Dabanga recently on frequency
15550 or 13800 kHz - enjoying the jingle, trying to decipher some of the
Arabic, or even trying to figure out who is singing a song we have played.

We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for Radio Dabanga, a shortwave
Sudanese radio station exiled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe.

Your emails, filled with details of how, where and why you are listening,
give us endless bounds of motivation and enthusiasm.

Today, we would like to ask you for something more. For your help to keep
Radio Dabanga in the air.

The current situation.

Radio Dabanga is the sole provider of independent information for
over 2 million daily Sudanese listeners. As you know, broadcasting via
shortwave is expensive and increasingly rare.

In 2017, the international political situation caused a winding down of
the usual funding that Radio Dabanga bases its operations on. The
international community started to see the Sudanese government
increasingly as a friend in their fight against terrorism and the refugee
crisis, and fail to recognize violations against its own people. We
believe it is now more important than ever that people in and from Sudan
have access to free and independent news that the world has ceased to be
aware of.

Dabanga must safeguard its continuity as a shortwave radio station, so
people in Sudan can continue to hope for a better future when they tune in
to our news broadcasts.

How you can help.

Therefore, we would like to compel you to donate or to share our video
with your friends, family and local DXing clubs! Our crowdfunding platform
contains a specially made short clip featuring one of our newsroom staff.
We are very proud of it! You can find it here.

In case you need some inspiration, please refer to the social media tips
below - and do not hesitate to let us know of any questions or comments
you may have via this email address.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nouska du Saar, Sarah Burroughs, and everyone on the Radio Dabanga team.
Weesperstraat 3
1018 DN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe.
T: +31 20 8000 400 (general)  e-mail  <info -at- radiodabanga.org>
<https://www.dabangasudan.org/en>  or  <https://www.dabangasudan.org/ar>

Please sign-up for campaign updates here by clicking "follow this
campaign". We are reaching out to you personally as we believe you may
be interested in the case of Radio Dabanga. We therefore thank you for
your time. If you do not reply to this e-mail, Radio Dabanga will not
send another personal e-mail to you. Upon your e-mailed request we shall
delete your e-mail address from the archive of Radio Dabanga.

Suggestions for posts on social media.

For Facebook users, you can repost this video at

For Twitter users, this is the YouTube link
and here is a draft of the post you could make...

Help us keep Radio Dabanga in the air by donating one day of free,
independent, life-saving radio in Sudan. For more information on how to
donate go to:
73 from Cairo, Egypt, Tarek Zeidan
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY  SU1TZ, dxld June 12)

NGO  'Free Press Unlimited' The Netherlands

NEW ZEALAND    More frequency changes at Radio New Zealand Internat

1900-2100 Sat      9700 (ex11725)       - from 12 May
2100-0500 Sat     13740 (ex13730/15720) - from 12 May
2050-0500 Sun-Fri 13740 (ex13730/15720) - from  6 May

New and current frequency is 13840 kHz, not 13740 kHz.

Corrections to BrDXC-UK "Communication" too:
17490 1108 China R Int, Kashi. Introducing car tariffs, En 454 23 May SHo
17490 1140 China R Int. En OM with news bx                 555 30 Apr RB
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 10)

NEW ZEALAND   RNZi Pacific, currently no DRM mode.
According to the online schedule

on 11 June, RNZ Pacific has no DRM broadcasts any more
0459-0658 11725 Pacific Daily
0659-1058  7425 Pacific Daily
1059-1258  7425 Solomon Islands, PNG Daily
1259-1650  5980 Pacific Sun-Fri
1259-1858  5980 Pacific Sat
1651-1850  6115 AM Cooks, Samoa, Tonga Sun-Fri
1851-1950  7285 AM Cooks, Samoa, Tonga Sun-Fri
1859-2058  9700 Pacific Sat
1951-2050  9760 AM Cooks, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu Sun-Fri
2051-2358 13840 Pacific Sun-Fri
2059-2358 13840 Pacific Sat
2359-0458 13840 Pacific Daily.

When checked in late May, the DRM broadcasts were still listed.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, A-DX ng June 11)

Hi Adrian, What's the story on DRM deleted? Will it resume?
73, Glenn, to Adrian Sainsbury-NZL, RNZi)

Hello, Glenn, A capacitor in the RNZI DRM transmitter has failed.
Until a spare part arrives from Europe we will be transmitting in AM
using our old "retired" transmitter. Regards
(Adrian Sainsbury-NZL  RNZi, dxld June 12)

NIGERIA   7255- kHz on June 8 at 0551 UT, VON is on early again with
music, prelude?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 12)

Dandal Kura Radio Int, instead of Radio International, June 7
0600-0700  7415 ASC 250 kW / 055 deg to WeAf Kanuri, weak/fair signal
0700-0800 13810*WOF 250 kW / 165 deg to WeAf Kanuri, very good signal

*0747 UT announcement in English "Dandal Kura Radio Int in 19, 25
and 21 mb". Summer A-18 schedule of Dandal Kura Radio International
via MBR FMO, via TDF Issoudun bcast center,
and summer A-18 schedule of Radio (Ndarason) International
via BaBcoCk is:

(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

PHILIPPINES   Final edition of Bengali DX Program of Radio Veritas Asia.

The final edition of DX Program of Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines in
Bengali will be broadcast today 11 June 2018 at around 1401-1411 UT on
11880 kHz. This DX program was presented regularly on the 2nd Monday of
every month by Mr. Alok Das Gupta in Kolkata since 2011.

Radio Veritas Asia will be ending SW broadcasts FOR EVER at the end of
this month. Many thanks to Alok Das Gupta & RVA for these broadcasts.

(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, via wwdxc Germany June 11)

RUSSIA   Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The radio station broadcasting
programs in Yakut and Russian languages on HF shortwave frequencies of
7295 and 7345 kHz, prepared by NBC "Sakha Yakutia", has ceased
broadcasting since April 27. The project was funded by the republican
government, broadcasting was discontinued due to financial problems.

There is no information on the date of renewal of information at this
(Captain Flint, <http://dxforum.ru/viewtopic.php?t=371> RUSdx June 17)

TAIWAN   11985 kHz  CBSC Tamsui, on June 15 at 1224 UT, pop song in
Chinese?, VG S=9+20dB, and not // 11500 kHz et al. CNR1 jamming,
so 11985 kHz is really RTI during this hour. Listening closely during
a low passage or pause, I can also hear CNR1 underneath.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 16)

UKRAINE   I noticed that the Ukrainian radio at MW 549 kHz is duplicated
by 874 kHz. But much weaker.
(Valentin Glushchenko-RUS, <https://vk.com/radioreceiver>  RUSdx June 17)

From Ukraine they reported that they are broadcasting at 873 kHz, but this
is from the Donetsk region for the People's Democratic Republic of
{on eastern Ukraine Russian national folks cantone departement aera,
acc Minsk Belarus treaty}
(Theo Samara-chat <https://vk.com/radioreceiver>  RUSdx June 17)

USA   I received a QSL card from the WHRI radio station for the reception
in Russian - on 20 May, at 0330-0400 UT at the frequency of 7385 kHz (the
transmitter Cypress Creek, South Carolina, USA). The card is dedicated to
the 30th anniversary of the radio station, which was noted in 2015.
The report was sent via the form on the website:
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx", RUSdx #981 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews
June 17)

USA    WINB Testing in DRM mode, data.

I was wondering if anyone has axually heard DRM tests from WINB Red Lion
on 15670 kHz? No reports received directly here, so I check out the drmna
yg: (gh, dxld June 16)

More DRM / Data Simulcast transmissions in the future

Chris, WINRadio is looking into it. I told them of

california_anorak Jun 7
According to this article, there will be three different frequencies
in use "at random times" ...

(Ray Robinson, dxld June 16)

WINB - further details on their DRM broadcasting
(Chris "Fibber" Rumbaugh, dxld June 16)

Their licence means that WINB may transmit; 10k00G9W, 10 k 10 kHz signal
bandwidth. G phase modulation. 9 Analog and digital channels.
W any combination of telegraphy, fax, data, telephony or video
9k00A3E. 9k 9 kHz bandwidth, A Amplitude Modulation (AM).
3 one channel of analog information. E sound ie broadcasting.

Note: These ITU codes do not have a category for COFDM modulation,
X being none of the above is most appropriate so I don't know why
they have specified phase modulation.

The licence also is wrong in that for DRM all data is combined
n the content server prior to OFDM modulation. There is are pairs
of OFDM modulators one for audio and the other for data.

The codes above give the opportunity to transmit digital signals
or ordinary AM signals (St John, dxld June 16)

Could data, such as MSK-32 and transmitted over one sideband channel
be construed as AM? (-Zyg-)

If you sent it with a carrier and one sideband, yes. Since the signal in
simulcast is normally AM, you could send any SWRadiogram type mode
there. Likely, you could also send them in SSB with no carrier there
too. I'd have to check the specifications.
MFSK32 is really quite narrow! (-fib)

Yes, that is what I was thinking. To make it "acceptable" for DRM
simulcast purposes they could just run a 5 kHz wide SSB signal and
modulate it with some special data format (I used MSK32 as an example).

Since the WINB transmission is in a broadcast band, do they need to let
the public know what type of data protocol they are using? I would think
that if it is financial arbitrage stuff then whoever is sending the
information would not want anyone but a select few to decode it.

This information, by its definition, would require encryption. Is
encrypted info allowed to be broadcast on a public use band, let alone an
international broadcasting one?

By the way Part II from the blog you mentioned is now available at:

You can think SSB, but their licence does not allow it. The licence only
allows phase modulation or double sideband full carrier modulation (AM).

The ITU codes do not have one for COFDM used by DRM, so you would have to
codify it as none of the above. So SW radiogram fax is a possibility.
(St John, dxld June 16)

I just posted a couple of pictures displaying the Spectrum of the WINB
datacasting signal on the DRM RX Forum.

It appears that there is a definite AM carrier spike in the center of the
datacast signal indicating that it may well be a standard AM (DSB plus
carrier) signal. This is then modulated with an, as yet, unknown data mode

The recent news about all this shortwave Latency Arbitrage stuff got me
thinking about the proposed 500 KW transmitter and rotatable antenna at

WBCQ's northern Maine location is closer to Europe then nearly any other
place in the USA. In this arbitrage business millionths of a second faster
means big bucks.

Just letting my imagination run rampant for a bit ('scuse pun) but maybe
"The flat earth association" is not the main financial contributor for the

[then from the related but separate drmnainfo blog:]
Sunday, June 3, 2018 UPDATED: WINB and DRM mode.
Please find below, Brother Zyg's VOACAP work related to WINB DRM testing
(updated with information from Hans about their Rhombic being terminated).
- DRMNA Admin


WINB reports :
"We are testing in DRM 15670 kHz M-F try between 1100-1700 UT"

Here is a preliminary view of the WINB 15670 kHz DRM coverage at 1600z
for June 2018. The coverage is for a receiver using only a 6 foot whip
antenna. Higher gain antennas may produce better results.

[VOACAP map]  The WINB Rhombic antenna parameters are taken from the HFCC
files. Although the transmitter has been stated as "being rated for 15
kW", I'm using a conservative estimate of 10 kW DRM power for the plot.
From SWL reports the transmitted bit rate has been monitored as being 8.28
kbps, which should help it to be decoded at lower signal levels.

A report in the DRM RX forum indicated that the signal was relatively
strong in Newfoundland at this time but with deep fading and then
disappeared some minutes later. This agrees with the plot which shows the
listeners location just on the edge of stronger signal coverage. The
propagation does move the stronger signal area eastwards as time
progresses. There were also reports from the UK and France at a little
earlier time when the signal would have been at a somewhat higher level in
those areas before moving eastwards.

On Friday, I monitored the KiwiSDR web network of receivers at 1600z and
found 15670 kHz DRM "waterfall" signals in Houston, Miami (stronger), and
Iceland (weak). I did not encounter any DRM signals in Europe at that
time, but Radio France International has a 500 kW broadcast from Issoudun,
France, beaming south to Africa on the same frequency and at the same
time! There was also a much weaker, but still noticeable, signal in the
Atlanta area (as received on my Kenwood R-1000 receiver and a long wire

The plot only shows signals that are stronger than S6 (on an S-meter).
Finally this coverage is for "normal" propagation conditions which just
happen to have a zero solar sunspot number as we are in the bottom of the
11 year solar cycle. Conditions have been less than normal in the past few
73, (-Zyg Posted by us)

Sunday, June 10, 2018
WINB - further details on their DRM broadcasting


Here is info from the April WINB FCC Construction/Change application. You
will see they are using a data amplifier from Amplifier Systems Inc. I
don't actually see the quoted model on the ASI website, but I emailed them
for more details. It appears that WINB is planning datacasting (in
addition to DRM audio and its associated text).

[repro of FCC info]

They are currently testing using 5 kHz DRM, so the left half of the 10 kHz
channel appears to be the datacasting. Zyg has some ideas that he posted
over on DRMRX.

Here is an evaluation screen of WINB reception last Friday. See the spiky
section on the left half of the 10 kHz channel? It looks wrong for a DRM
waveform, but it is likely the datacasting stream - hence the 5 kHz DRM to
the right side.

[screenshot of waveform]

This data may represent "Shortwave Trading" that has been written about

Completely conjecture so far! Just nice to have some DRM in NA again!
Posted by us at 11:03 PM
(all via gh, dxld June 16)

USA   (7490 kHz), UT Sat June 16 from 0000 UT, I monitor the first
semihour of 'Allan Weiner Worldwide', on webcast. Notes from his monolog:
quadri-casting again tonight, 7490, 9330, 5130 kHz and experimentally on
3265 kHz. 3265 kHz is on aux transmitter as main one is down while the
plenum is being redesigned. Very old fibreglass in the plenum becomes
explosive, as they learned when previous transmitters burned up.
Replacement transmitter is in place but not ready for use yet.
3265 kHz is #5 transmitter.

The super-station 500 kW transmitter:
looks like it will be a year from now before it is on air; due to various
delays by vendors, etc., and cost overruns. (Despite detailed 24hrs/7d
language schedule on 9330 kHz already publicized effective S-18 in

It's designated #6 transmitter, for World's Last Chance ministry; much
like The Overcomer. #6 will be "pretty much exclusive" for them but also
some time for other WBCQ programs. 250 WLC programs are already in the
can, good stuff, hi-quality bible teaching in multiple languages.

Allan emphasizes that he wants the 500 kW to be available to the US
government in case of national emergency. As Dr Becker says, "no guerrilla
engineering" on this one; everything is being done professionally, by the
book. There are other 500 kW SW in USA, but at reduced power, and to fixed
antennas. This will be the only rotatable antenna in USA, capable of
aiming anywhere in the world. W.L.C. is paying for it, but will be owned
and licensed to Allan.

WBCQ is one of the most X-rated broadcast stations in the world, e.g.
Johnny Lightning, but AW likes it that way in service of Free Speech.

Asks someone off mike what the 9 pm (0100 UT) special on 5130 kHz is?
Haiko(??) Music from Germany. Must be sure to switch programming on that
frequency when the time comes.

FM translator of the AM 780 will be on 98.3 MHz with 200 watts,
on 400 foot tower.

At 0030 UT, he starts praising Trump and Jesus, so on to other things
here; recheck webcast at 0118, he's still going, advocating legal pot, but
finished before 0130 UT when Blalock is Blasting.

Now to John H Carver, Jr., for his version:

"Show started on time this evening. Listening on 7490 kHz. Again they're
broadcasting on 7490, 5130, 9330, and 3265 kHz. 5130 kHz will be leaving
AWWW at 9:00 for a new European music program. 3265 kHz is on its backup
transmitter this evening as there are still some problems with the plenum
on the original transmitter. They've been doing general work this week on
the other transmitters. Replacing tubes, tightening bolts etc. The WRUL
transmitter from WRMI is in place in the transmitter [space] but still
needs a total rebuild and Allan and Tim will be working on that as time

Allan mentioned that there may be room on the super station for other WBCQ
programs but not completely sure about that. He stated again that the
government could have access to the super station in case of natural
disaster or national security.

Allan, Angela and Robert in the studio this evening. Robert is there for
the changeover of 5130 kHz at nine. Some talk of wanting to get President
Trump up to the station for the dedication of the super station but Allan
admitted that it was very unlikely. Also some comments about new
programmers calling to inquire about rates and such including a man that
wants to do a business oriented program.

Then Allan stated he would have control over what was broadcast over the
new super station and that the flat earthers would be paying a fee to
broadcast over WBCQ. Strange statement out of left field. [I don't think
AW himself refers to his benefactors as flat-earthers - gh]

Talk again about AM and FM radio continuing the discussion from last week
and this theme would pop up throughout the rest of the show. Also talk
about a four hour visit by two old radio engineers this week and how Allan
gave them the tour of the facilities, both old and new.

Allan also stated that if the electric bill didn't stop increasing he
might be forced to shut some transmitters off. Confusing based upon his
earlier statement about the flat earthers paying a fee to broadcast. This
writer was under the impression that the new client would be paying the
power bill for the super station. Rapidly changing gears, the talk turned
to all the gardens that Angela had been installing around the station,
mostly flower gardens.

Reading of emails at 0057 UT. Also some highlights from the Free Radio
Weekly. Dave from Indiana on the phone at 0102 UT talking about the drug
problem and vets not being able to get the pain killers they needed
because of this which prompted Allan to restate his position of legalizing
all drugs. Another phone call at 0110 UT from a man in the drug business
continuing the discussion of this problem.

After the closing prayer show was off the air at 0123 UT.
Almost like the old days of AWWW. John Mid-North Indiana"
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 16)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX  -  

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