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(last week)

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

BC-DX 1404                                                   08 Nov 2019

ANTARCTICA    The LRA-36 Story Continues
2 Files 1.5 MB Download All [in the WOR iog]

DOCX 714kB POSTAL QSL LRA 36  2019.docx  Download
DOCX 864kB QSL LRA 36         BRUCE.docx Download

Message retransmitted via WOR.

To add further confusion to the LRA-36 QSL merry-go-round: today
received a non-specific e-mail response from LRA-36 to wit (pardon the
less-than-perfect English translation, courtesy of MS Word):

Hey, Bruce. Thanks for the information. We are working to improve the
signal day by day. We tell you that we broadcast our program (SHARE
ESPERANZA) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1230 UT (9:30 AM Argentina
time) and it is broadcast in the afternoon 1830 UT (15:30 Argentina),
by shortwave 15476 kHz, you can also listen it through the internet on
the web of www.radionacional.com.ar
In addition on Saturdays by AM 870 from 14 to 15 hs, it goes to the
whole country "National Antarctica" where we tell stories and
Antarctic experiences.

For the 40 years of radio that will be On October 20 we are preparing
a special program where we will air greetings and read mail of radio
amateurs of the world. Greetings. LRA 36 team. Deputy [attached] QSL
and a Postcard that was made by the special Spring program.

Also attached was above-referenced non-specific but attractive card
for the special Sep 21 broadcast; this is attached. There was also
included a specific card (different than an earlier one I had received
for the same transmission) for a reception on 2 April 2019 from the
Pardinho Brazil SDR site. This is attached as well. Methinks they are
trying hard to catch up with reports but having issues with sorting
who listened to what from where. Unlike earlier cards received from
April loggings this year by me and Manuel that were addressed to an
Italian radio listener, at least these more recent QSLs are addressed
to the right person(s). One of the more interesting QSL sagas,
certainly in modern (read declining shortwave broadcasters) times
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, wor dxld Oct 11)

ARMENIA   UPCOMING BROADCASTS. -- Try both frequencies:
also channel 6080 kHz in DRM mode broadcast has been requested now at
same time, same day, same program, via CJSC Yerevan Gavar bcast center.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4)

'Welle 370 Special broadcast of 'Welle 370 - Sender Koenigs Wusterhausen'
program via MBR Cologne FMO, via CJSC Yerevan Gavar bcast center
1900-2200 6145 ERV 100 kW 305 deg to WeEUR German Saturday on Nov 16.

Registered 16.11.2019 1900-2200 UT on 6145 kHz from Yerevan with
100 kW for Europe. Broker ist Media Broadcast.
[Christian Milling-D Oct 28]
(via Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 27)

ARMENIA/UZBEKISTAN   {GERMANY non}   Special transmission of Welle 370
on Novemver 16, updated:
1900-2200  6080 ERV 100 kW 305 deg to WeEUR German via CJSC Yerevan &
1900-2200  6145 TAC 100 kW 301 deg to WeEUR German via RRTM Tashkent.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

AUSTRIA/FRANCE/VATICAN STATE   B-19 schedule of NHK Radio Japan.
see TopNews #1403, sorry correction here of NHK Radio Japan English item

0500-0530 EUR            6155mos-AUT
0500-0530 AF/EaAF/SoAF   7410iss-F__
0500-0530 AF/EaAF/WeAF   9860smg-VAT
(thanks Dave Kenny-UK correction, BrDXC-UK Nov 2)

BRAZIL   11780.005 kHz RN da Amazonia, S=9+10 at 21.52 UT Nov 5
11815.022 kHz, tiny -91dBm R Brazil Central 21.54 UT Nov 5.
9664.879 S=7 fluttery Voz Missionaria.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

CANADA   CHU 7850 kHz Down.
From the NRC officer in charge of the transmitters:
"I have had a series of problems with both the main and backup 7850 kHz
transmitters and now possibly with the antenna system. Due to other
commitments and bad weather that signal is still off the air.
"I will probably not get it back up this week, I am hoping for early next
(via Richard Langley-NB-CAN, wor Nov 7)

yes, noted the the CHU 7850 kHz Down also recently, because I use CHU
every day to align exact the various 41 mb bcaster frequencies reading
on SDR rxs, like WBCQ or WRNO program fqs measurements ...

CUBA   Full B-19 schedule of R. Habana Cuba 17 Nov 2019 - 29 March 2020

Start monitored of 03 - 06 November 2019, in winter time part.

Received an Excel file of Radio Habana Cuba B-19 schedule,
coming into effect on November 17th, 2019.

Es nuestro proposito iniciar el uso del B19
para los dias 16 y 17 de Noviembre.

Ahora estamos con un esquema provisional con desplazamiento de una hora,
porque desde el dia 3 cambio la hora en Cuba para UTC minus 5 hrs


It is our purpose to initiate the use of B19
for days 16 and 17 of November
{or rather start on Monday November 18 ? wb.}

Now we are with a provisional scheme with one hour shift,
because from day 3 the time in Cuba changed for UTC minus 5hrs


0000-0100  6000 QVC 250  010 ENAm Spanish Mon-Thur "Mesa Redonda"
towards Washington DC  USA.
0000-0100 11950 BAU 100  340 WNAm Spanish Mon-Thur "Mesa Redonda"
to Chicago USA.
0000-0500 11670 BAU 100  130 SoAm Spanish Rio de Janeiro
0000-0600 11700 QVC 250  160 SoAm Spanish Buenos Aires
0000-0600 11850 QVC 250  170 SoAM Spanish Chile
and two accompanied spurs on 11840 and 11860 kHz.

0000-0030 15730 BEJ 050  135 SoAm Creole  Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
0030-0100 15730 BEJ 050  135 SoAm Portug. Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
0100-0130 15730 BEJ 050  135 SoAm Creole  Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires

0100-0600  6060 BAU 100  010 ENAm Spanish New York - not anymore heard
0200-0600  6000 QVC 250  010 ENAm English Washington
0200-0800  6165 BAU 100  340 WNAm English Chicago
0500-0700  6060 BAU 100  010 ENAm English New York - not anymore heard
0500-0700  6100 BAU 100  310 WNAm English San Francisco
0600-0800  6000 QVC 250  010 ENAm English Washington
0800-0830  6100 BAU 100  310 WNAm Esperanto  Sun only
                                          San Francisco

1200-1300? 6000 QVC 250  n-d NCAm Spanish   non-directional (?)
TITAN Quivican San Felipe antenna HQ2/2/0.2 non-directional
1200-1400  6100 BAU 100  340 WNAm Spanish   Chicago ex11950 kHz

1200-1600  9535 BEJ 100  230 CeAm Spanish  MEX-GTM-CTR-Panama
1200-1600  7340 BEJ 050  110 Ant  Spanish  Antilles ex 9640 kHz
1200-1600 11760 BAU 100  n-d NCAm Spanish  non-directional
1200-1500 13740 BEJ 050  160 SoAm Spanish  Buenos Aires ex13780 kHz
1200-1600 15370 BAU 100  130 SoAM Spanish  Rio de Janeiro - til Nov 5
1200-1600 15140 BAU 100  130 SoAM Spanish  Rio de Janeiro - fr  Nov 6
1300-1600 15230 QVC 250  305 SoAm Spanish  San Francisco
1400-1600 13700 BAU 100  310 WNAm Spanish  San Francisco

1600-1630 11760 BAU 100  n-d NCAm EsperantoSun only
1600-1630 15140 BAU 100  010 ENAm EsperantoSun only
1600-1630 11760 BAU 100  n-d NCAm Spanish  non-dir  Mon-Sat
1600-1630 15140 BAU 100  010 ENAm Spanish  New York Mon-Sat
1630-1900 15140 BAU 100  010 ENAm Spanish  New York daily
1630-1900 11760 BAU 100  n-d NCAm Spanish  non-directional

1900-1930 15140 BAU 100  340 WNAm Arabic   Chicago
1930-2000 15140 BAU 100  340 WNAm Creole   Chicago
2000-2030 15140 BAU 100  340 WNAm English  Chicago
2030-2100 15140 BAU 100  340 WNAm English  Chicago
2100-2130 15140 BAU 100  340 WNAm French   Chicago

2100-2130 11880 BAU 100  100 SoAf French     Africa ex7380/9720
2130-2200 11880 BAU 100  100 SoAf Portuguese Africa ex7380/9720
2200-2300 11880 BAU 100  100 SoAf English    Africa ex7380/9720
antenna Bauta #3, HRS4/4/0.8, 130degr minus 30degr slewed

2030-2100 15370 BAU 100  040 WeEu French     Europe
A-2 antenna 10degr +30degr slewed
2100-2130 15370 BAU 100  040 WeEu Portuguese Europe
2130-2200 15370 BAU 100  040 WeEu Arabic     Europe
2200-2400 15370 BAU 100  040 WeEu Spanish    Europe

2200-0500  9535 BEJ 100  230 CeAm   Spanish  MEX-GTM-CTR-Panama
2200-0600  9640 BEJ 050  110 Antill Spanish  Antilles
2200-0300 11760 BAU 100  n-d NCAm   Spanish  non-directional
2200-0500 13740 BAU 100  160 SoAm   Spanish  Buenos Aires
tx #5 sometimes irregular on air, wb.

2200-0000 11850 QVC 250  170 SoAM   Spanish  Chile ex11840 kHz
and two accompanied spurs on 11840 and 11860 kHz, Nov 5.

2300-2330 11700 QVC 250  160 SoAm Portuguese Buenos Aires
2330-2400 11700 QVC 250  160 SoAm Portuguese Buenos Aires
2330-2400 15730 BEJ 050  135 SoAm French     Mon-Sat
to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires target.
2330-2400 15730 BEJ 050  135 SoAm Esperanto  Sun only
to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires target.

83 and 263 degrees CT2/1/0.8, TX #6
2200-2400  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba Spanish
0000-0030  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba English   Mon-Sat
0000-0030  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba Esperanto Sun Only
0030-0100  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba English   daily
0100-0130  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba Creole
0130-0200  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba French
0200-0600  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba Spanish
0600-0700  5040 BAU 100  n-d Cuba English

Transmitter sites:
BAU Bauta
BEJ Bejucal
QVC Titan-Quivican San Felipe.

Shortwave schedule of Radio Rebelde
0000-2400  5025 BAU 100  non-dir to Ce&SoAm Spanish

Shortwave schedule of Radio Progreso
0030-0400   4765 BEJ 050  non-dir to Cuba  Caribbean Spanish

(RHC Excel file sent by Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich CO2KK of November 5/6)

CUBA   B-19 schedule of hfcc.org database Nov 5,
Valid 17 Nov 2019 - 29 March 2020.
CRI La Habana Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW relay

0000-0100  5990 QVC 250 n-dir NoAM   Spanish
0000-0100 15120 QVC 250  160  SoAM   Spanish
0100-0200  6180 QVC 250   10  NoAM   English
0200-0300  6180 QVC 250   10  NoAM   Chinese
0300-0400  5910 QVC 250  305  WeNoAM English
0400-0400  5910 QVC 250  305  WeNoAM Cantonese
1200-1300  9570 QVC 250   10  NoAM   English (!)
(not Cantonese anymore)
1300-1400  9570 QVC 250   10  NoAM   English
1400-1500 15700 QVC 250  305  WeNoAM English
1500-1600 15700 QVC 250  305  WeNoAM English
2300-2400  5990 QVC 250 n-dir NoAM   English
2300-2400 13650 QVC 250  135  SoAM   Portuguese music only

TITAN tx #1 and #5.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, B-19 hfcc.org, Oct 13)

CUBA   15140 kHz. RHC Noviembre 3. 2050-2150 UTC. Transmision del acto de
cierre del "Encuentro Antimperialista de Solidaridad, por la Democracia y
contra el Neoliberalismo" con lectura de los puntos de la declaracion por
parte de un delegado de la organizacion: "Pastores por la paz" y luego
discurso de Nicolas Maduro. SINPO: 55555.
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, wor Nov 3)

11700 kHz. RHC. Noviembre 2. 0103-0200 UTC. Informaciones acerca de
las violaciones a los Derechos Humanos durante la crisis social en Chile,
Acusacion en contra de Donald Trump en Estados Unidos, Instituto Cubano de
amistad con los pueblos realiza un evento en La Habana, Recrudecimiento
del bloqueo contra Cuba, Agrupacion de la Republica Dominicana realiza
declaracion contra Donald Trump, Ministra de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba
habla en la ONU. Luego avisos de la emisora. A las 0112 UT el noticiero:

"Desde Mi Habana", se emite entrevista con el intelectual Atilio Boron y
otros representantes de movimientos sociales sobre el encuentro en La
Habana en contra del Neoliberalismo, luego se habla de una campana en
contra de la violencia ejercida sobre las mujeres, noticias culturales.

Desde las 0130 UT, se habla acerca de la ciudad de La Habana, la musica
coral y a las 0138 UT, se entregan noticias deportivas, 0145, resumen de
noticias acerca de Estados Unidos, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Gran Bretana.
A las 0149 UT, se habla acerca de las violaciones a los Derechos Humanos
en Chile, por parte de las fuerzas armadas, durante las protestas y del
Encuentro Antiimperialista en La Habana. SINPO: 45444.
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, wor Nov 3)

CUBA   13650 kHz  CRI (presumed the one via Quivican -cu) 2300 UT.
CRI sign-on theme music covering NHK that was already on, then just an
open carrier for a cupla minutes. Still with no ancmt, Chinese filler
music came on and stayed on for the duration. Off a cupla minutes before
the ToH, leaving Japan behind, alone on the channel until their own pips
and close. Presumed, as nothing was heard in the way of a voice ID. We
don't look for excuses to say something is always wrong with Cuban radio,
but something's always wrong with Cuban radio - Excellent (level)
on Nov 3.

5910* (checked)  CRI English (via Quivican) at 0300 UT. Heard on Zenith
Transoceanic and provided whip w/ Talk show breaking to pop music, old cut
by Anthony Kiedis/Red Hot Chilis, then a dialogue about hand washing.
Noted hum to otherwise good signal and audio (hum not AC here, as I was
using portable on DC battery). Transmission cut out once during the bx -
Excellent on Nov 3.
(Rick Barton-AZ-USA, wor Nov 5)  *CRI QUI usually on 5990 kHz at 0300, wb

CUBA   Log at 23.30 - 24.00 UT on Nov 4

 5040 RHC Sp
 6000 Mesa Redonda SP speech to crowd, 23-01 UT
 9535 RHC Sp
 9640 RHC Sp weak signal in TWR Bonaire Kiwi rx and Edmonton Alb-CAN SDR
11700 S=9 empty carrier, not Mesa Redonda px, start RHC IS Sp at 23.59 UT
11760 RHC Sp
11850 RHC Sp
11950 Mesa Redonda SP speech to crowd, 23-01 UT,
      "Russian friends delegation met in La Habana, Cuba".

at 00.10 UT on Nov 5
5990 CRI Spanish via QUI, (underneath intermodulation MR of 6000 kHz QUI)
6010 intermodulation QUI - of 5990 CRI and 6000 Mesa Redonda extend).

Checked also Kiwi rxs in Bonaire, Sao Paulo and southern Brazil
13740 kHz RHC Spanish also on air tonight towards Buenos Aires.
0100 UT 6000 kHz RHC English, not 6165 kHz on air,
but 5040 kHz RHC Spanish.

No e-mail contact to Prof. Arnaldo Coro CO2KK at RHC La Habana anymore,
seemingly he is very ill health these days ?
No B-19 RHC schedule and nor fq plan from La Habana received yet.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4 / 5)

CUBA   Some US remote SDR rxs used at 01.20 to 01.40 UT Nov 4 in FL, NJ,
MI state; as well as Kiwi SDR in TWR Bonaire Antilles installation.

6180even CRI Beijing English sce via Cuban Quivican San Felipe TITAN
250 kW relay site, excellent audio tonight at 01.25 UT on Nov 4.
S=9+15dB in NJ and MI US state.

5999.994 kHz RHC in English, also via same bcast center TITAN, though
distorted and overmodulated audio at 01.27 UT on Nov 4.

5799.997 USA WRMI poor S=7 signal in eastern US remotes except much
stronger in Kiwi SDR at Arizona US, mx at 01.29 UT, but powerhouse signal
noted on remote TWR Bonaire Antilles Kiwi SDR like S=9 or -64dBm !

So 5800 / 6060 kHz entries of TX #3 seen on new WRMI data sheet of Nov 4,
use an antenna at 160 degrees southwards of Okeechobee Florida.

5850 kHz outlet at 315 degrees towards AZ / CA / VA states, noted
only S=6-7 or -88dBm signal in Bonaire.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4)

CUBA/USA   Log 07-08 UT taken at remote SDR rx in Massachusetts on Nov 5

6100even CUB  RHC Bauta English at 07.45 UT S=9+30dB in MA US state.
6165even CUB  RHC Bauta English at 07.52 UT S=9+15dB in MA US state.
         " ... the world against of blocking Cuba ....".

Both audio modulation this morning very well.

Suddenly 6165 kHz RHC Bauta left the air early at 07.57:37 UTC.
But 6100 kHz RHC transmission remained further
til switch-OFF at 08.04:02 UTC.

5025even CUB  R Rebelde Sp music, S=9+15dB in MA US state.

{later}  log 12.30 - 14.15 UT Nov 5
 5800.012 USA  WRMI S=3 or -120dBm JBA weak and tiny
 5950even USA  WRMI S=3 or -120dBm JBA weak and tiny

 5999.996 CUB  RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site RHC Spanish
          at 12.38 UT on Nov 5, S=9+10dB in MA US state remote SDR rx,
          20 kHz wideband audio modulation.
 6100even CUB  RHC Bauta transmission, Spanish, S=9+5dB on westwards
          CA, AZ, TX and VA beam azimuth. Also at 14.06 UT heard
 9535.002 CUB  RHC Spanish via Bejucal bcast center, S=7   at 12.42 UT
 9640.002 CUB  RHC Spanish via Bejucal bcast center, S=6-7 at 12.44 UT
11760even CUB  RHC Spanish via Bauta site, non-dir fountain signal to
          Carribean / CeAM target. S=9+10dB strength in MA US state.
11780.008 BRA  R Nacional da Amazonia BrasPortug, S=7-8 in MA US state
          12.52 UT on Nov 5.
11950     nothing on air 12.53 UT.
13740even CUB  RHC Spanish via Bejucal transmission center, S=9+5dB
          at 12.55 UT in MA US state remote SDR rx.
15230even CUB  RHC via Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW bcast center
          S=6-7 or weak -90dBm at 12.57 UT in MA state.
15370even CUB  RHC Spanish via Bauta transmission center, S=8 or
          tiny -81dBm at 12.59 UT in MA US state remote SDR rx.
          On Nov 5th on 15370, but on Nov 6th on 15140 kHz instead.

15770even USA  WRMI English DX px AWR Wavescan, S=9+30dB powerful in
          MA US state remote SDR rx. 13.50 UT 10 kHz wideband signal.
          Next time Montevideo / Philippines report, Lesotho feature.
15700even CUB  CRI Beijing English sce via Latin America relay site
          at Quivican San Felipe TITAN bc center, already empty
          carrier visible noted at 13.57 UT. CRI English from 14.00 UT
          S=9 signal into Massachusetts remote SDR rx.
15555USB-mode  USA  WJHR Milton FL, En sermon ? read chapter ...
          at 14.12 UT on Nov 5. S=8 or -81dBm signal.
          Upper side band covers 15555.020 to 15557.080 kHz audio
          block visible.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

CUBA   Jean-Michel Aubier, France tells of Nov 4 log

1900-1930  Arabic     15140
1930-2000  Creole     15140
2000-2100  English    15140
2030-2100  English    15370
2100-2130  Arabic      7380 15140 15370 (3 frequencies!)
2130-2200  Portuguese  7380 15370
2130-2200  Spanish     9880 (needs to be verified)   ?wb.
2200-2400  Spanish    15370
2200-2300  English     7380
2300-2400  Portuguese 11700

French not heard since Oct 27. Have the broadcasts disappeared ?
other frequencies?" I, gh, wonder if no French could be connected to the
ascension of French department person Tania Hernandez to direct the
entire emisora, as reported yesterday; no time to do French programs?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Nov 5)

CUBA   6000 kHz, Nov 5 at 0057 UT, RHC in Spanish as the weekday TV
simulcast of 'Mesa Redonda' is now a real hour later, so no more early
English in the 00-01 UT hour; nor is 6165 kHz on yet. The evening English
span has also shifted an hour later to 0100-0800 UT, as still on in
English at 0724 UT check only on 6100 UT, VG S=9+30dB; and 6165 kHz
undermodulated S=9+10dB. I am not saying anything is wrong about this,
since it seems to be an intentional if unpublicized season change.

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 5; did insert by wb for TopNews website:
'kHz and UT' for the clarity and clarification of a larger audience
on wwdxc website)

FRANCE   Reception of Mini-Transat La Boulang?re via TDF Issoudun November
1500-1600 17800 ISS 250 kW 250 deg to NoWeAF  French/English AM mode, good
1500-1600 17825 ISS 250 kW 250 deg to NoWeAF  French/English AM mode, good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 7)

GERMANY  {on French-German border}   longwave Europe 1 on 183 kHz.

Has Felsberg still been operating with full 1500 kW, or half of that or
even lower 375 kW as suggested in their listener QSL in spring 2019?

Perhaps an answer can be obtained from Luxembourg?
Especially about the situation now, after this caesura?

Since the spectacular mast collapse the only thing German Lagardere
employees told was that "no one from us will say anything". So no
information whatsoever about the power levels run during the final years
of the old tube transmitters. No information about the operations being
handed over to BCE either, this became known only from BCE PR, as far as I
remember clearly stating that they saved 183 kHz. And there are the
facilities out there, to be seen for everyone: The new transmitter shack
at the former aux antenna, with transformer cells for 210 volts secondary
which, we understand, is proprietary to TRAM transmitters. And time and
again cars with Luxembourg licence plates show up in front of this shack,
also with the licence number including "234".
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Nov 4)
...  even 50/100 kW of power result in good reception nationwide, wb.

GUATEMALA   4055 kHz  Radio Verdad at 1200 UT, Tenor choir,
religious music - Good on Nov 2.
(Rick Barton-AZ-USA, wor Nov 5)

IRAN   7230 kHz  IRIB. Noviembre 2. 0018-0100 UT. Noticiero de Hispan TV
con informaciones sobre Ecuador, Reforma migratoria en los Estados Unidos
y Uruguay. A las 0026 UT, presentacion de programas e identificacion de la
emisora. Luego el programa: "Detras de la Razon" que trata acerca de la
crisis social y politica en Chile hasta las 0055 UT, cuando se inicia el
segmento: "Entrevista de la actualidad politica" que se centra en las
protestas en Cataluna y las proximas elecciones en Espana. SINPO: 45343,
desde las 0045 UT con SINPO: 45444.
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, wor Nov 3)

JAPAN   13650 kHz  NHK World/ Radio Japan 2350 UT via Koga-Ibaragi-Yamata.
Two W dialogue in (listed) Burmese.

China R. via Cuba (presumed the one now) heard under with traditional
Chinese music and off suddenly. This is supposedly the CRI broadcast now
in Portuguese, with no Portuguese {spoken px, w.} heard. "Something's
always wrong" ... but not at Koga-Ibaragi-Yamata. Went off on the hour
just after the usual NHK style time pips - Very Good on Oct 27.
(Rick Barton-AZ-USA, wor Nov 5)

JAPAN   [non]   7410 kHz, Nov 5 at 0507 UT, NHK English is poor, S8-S9 via
AUSTRIA; higher // are out of question here, 9860 kHz Vatican JBA carrier,
and 11970 kHz France zilch. Radio Japan has only three English SW
broadcasts left, and this may be our best chance, considering the two
bad frequencies no longer Palau at 1400 UT; and 1100 UT on 11825 kHz via
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 5; did insert by wb for TopNews website:
'kHz and UT' for the clarity and clarification of a larger audience
on wwdxc website)

English - see bcast center relay sites:
0500-0530 EUR            6155mos-AUT
0500-0530 AF/EaAF/SoAF   7410iss-F__
0500-0530 AF/EaAF/WeAF   9860smg-VAT

JAPAN    UNID 2017.500 kHz. Japan Coast Guard.

2017.500 kHz UNIDentified Echo spoken bcast in Hiroshima [remote SDR],
S=6 at 10.50 UT on Nov 8. USB-mode signal some Maritime service here.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)


Mission of JCG
Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department
Maritime Traffic Department
  For Your Safe Navigation
  Maritime Information and Communication System
International Collaboration Cooperation (comming soon)

  Brochure of Japan Coast Guard
  Brochure of Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program
  Brochure of JCG Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department
  Past and Present of the Aids to Navigation of Japan
  Centralizing Marine Traffic Control in Tokyo Bay.

Thanks very much to Walt for the following info:

*2017.5* kHz, 1305- UT, *Maritime Traffic Information Service (MARTIS)*
Oct 11 Interesting broadcast in CUSB in English with just audible weather
(?) information. Continuous loop. Measuring about 11 Hz above.
Who could this be? Nothing in my on-site resources. 'First 3 hours' heard.
Marred by OTH radar at times, between 1969 and 2323 kHz!

Gone when the OTH left, but back at 13:15 UT. This clearly is used by
several stations. Must be a marine information station. Begins at 13:15 UT
with 'All stations, all stations'. Again, 'North East passes' heard.
Interesting! Wonder if it's Japanese? Winds noted.

At 13:18 UT, another station dominates with a high pitched woman, but I
can't tell whether English or not. 'Information provided ... Coast Guard'.
'Radio station' ...'alpha bravo and delta'. 'Information surrounding
area'. 'Navigation department'. 'Thank you'. The high pitched woman who
often dominated WAS in English. She finished at 13:24 UT with the, 'Thank
You'. 'NE 10 min/sec'. At 13:26 UT, almost certainly heard, 'Tokyo Bay'.

'North Korea'. 'Next broadcast is scheduled at ? UTC' and off at 13:28 UT.
Back with 2 stations at 13:30 UT. 'Navigation assistance'. Yes, definitely
Japanese as at 13:32 UT, faded up with information about a prefecture.
Interesting that it's only in English.

Lots of wind information noted. 'Traffic service center ... another vessel
... recommendation ... Meteorological October 11th ... There will be a
northbound vessel. No vessel was reported. Back again at 13:45 UT with,
'All stations, all stations'. Again, there are at least 2 stations.
Frequency sounds a lot like 1610 kHz TIS frequency with a hodge podge of
stations, none very strong. At times, some are surprisingly strong, though
(like at 13:47 UT) Quite good reception when rechecked at 15:03 UT.

Thanks to Jari Savolainen and Ron Howard for providing information and
links. I note that the wiki link also includes a 7th site at Nagoya. This
is the same service, but in English, of the Japanese service, which I've
often heard on 1665 and 1651 kHz.

Note that the pdf link from Ron
[please see pages 62-70 of the document. Listed there as "2,019 kHz.",
but actually is now on 2017.5 kHz - Ron]
(Walt Salmaniw, Masset, BC-CAN, wor Nov 8)

LUXEMBOURG   6031 kHz tests serie of 2000 Hertz test tone noted
on Nov 7 at 12 UT onwards here in central Europe.
Acc mail of Christian Milling of Radio 700 Euskirchen / Kall Eifel Germany
broadcaster the test was coming from former RTL now BCE Luxembourg bcast
center installation Junglinster Luxembourg.

20 kW eff. radiant power, of 1 kW transmitter at 13dB antenna gain.
former RTL antenna at 55 degrees maximal azimuth.

6030 kHz channel is in use by Radio Marti Spanish towards Cuban opposition
audience til 12 UT, origin of US AGM United States Agency for Global Media

Re:  6030 kHz beobachtungswuerdig / Eifeler Radiotage.
Tests um 12.15 UT hier in Sueddeutschland mit meinen ollen Ohren zu
hoeren, ein 2 kHz GePiepse.

die Peaks liegen bei

6031.100 center, hier blaest's mit dicken Backen.
6035.100 kHz

die Chinesen aus Lhasa Tibet und Kunming werden in den Nachbarkanaelen
6025 und 6035 kHz betroffen sein. Immerhin haben wir Winterbedingungen.

Na dann spielt mal weiter auf der 6031 kHz. 73 wb
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 7)

Wer Lust und Zeit hat, kann o.g. QRG ja mal einschalten. Da wird heute
fleissig fuer die Eifeler Radiotage ab Samstag getestet - aber nicht aus
Kall-Krekel Germany.

Heute Abend gibt's dann voraussichtlich alle Infos zu dem wirklich
tollen Programm ab Samstag. Und wer vorbeikommen will:


Verzeiht den Teaser, aber die Vorfreude hier ist sehr gross. :-)
Frohes Hoeren Daniel
(Daniel-?, A-DX Nov 7)

Re:  6030 kHz beobachtungswuerdig / Eifeler Radiotage.

Dann lassen wir mal den Sack aus der Katze ...

Die Kurzwellenausstrahlung auf 6030 kHz kam heute {Nov 7} und kommt am
Wochenende aus Junglinster Luxembourg.

Zusammen mit der BCE haben wir die alte KW-Richtantenne auf 55 Grad nach
circa 10 Jahren "off air" wiederbelebt.
Strahlungsleistung sind ca. 20 kW (1 kW Sender an 13dB Antennengewinn).
(Christian Milling-D  radio700.eu, A-DX Nov 7)

MADAGASCAR   11965 kHz  World Christian Broadcasting / African Pathways
Radio at 1958 UT. Open carrier at tune-in, opening at 2000 UT with
fanfare, man: "Welcome to African Pathways Radio", music of Alison Krauss
and Union Station, programs on ministering to the incarcerated and
managing money in marriage - Excellent on Nov 4.

13710 kHz  World Christian Broadcasting at 2030 UT, M and W in dialogue in
Arabic - Good on Nov 3.

11610 kHz  World Christian Broadcasting at 2130 UT, long monologues with
W in Chinese, familiar KNLS theme music and close at ToH -
Excellent on Nov 1.

13670 kHz (checked)  World Christian Broadcasting at 1800 UT. Heard on
Grundig Satellit 205 and provided whip antenna. Religious vocal music,
lecture at BoH by M in English - Very Good on Oct 27.
(Rick Barton-AZ-USA, wor Nov 5)

NEW ZEALAND   6115 kHz  R NZ National relay at 1400 UT, Peter MacElwain
(spelling?-) regional news, NZ police bullying (hazing) - Good on Nov 4.

11725 kHz  RNZi at 0630 UT. Musician interview pgm - Very Good on Oct 28.
(Rick Barton-AZ-USA, wor Nov 5)

NEW ZEALAND   [ardxc-dist]  DX Times in PDF format for November.

(NZDXT to wwdxc-Germany Nov 4)

NEW ZEALAND    RNZ Pacific's CYCLONE WATCH service is now in operation.
Many remote communities in Pacific island countries rely on shortwave

The 2019-2020 Pacific Cyclone season has started, and officially runs from
November 1, 2019 to the end of the cyclone season in 2020.

If Cyclone Alerts are issued for South Pacific countries, RNZ Pacific will
broadcast hourly updates of these bulletins if necessary, and whenever the
situation changes. These will be heard either just before the top of each
hour or following news bulletins at the top of each hour.

We will do our best to keep listeners informed of all weather updates.

We try to get damage reports from local authorities, nongovernmental
agencies active in the field and people affected who we manage to reach.

In addition, we can access weather bulletins from the Solomon Islands,
Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga Meteorological Offices.

You can also follow us on twitter @ RNZPacific and on @ RNZPacific

In the event of a cyclone, RNZ Pacific will run a 24-hour analogue short-
wave service (for individual short-wave listeners to receive RNZ Pacific
directly). (RNZI) According to regular non-DRM-days schedule.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Nov 7)

OMAN   15145even {not 15140} RSO Oman Thumrait in Arabic at 13.12 UT Nov 6
towards western Europe, North AF, Iberian peninsula at 10-14 UT, S=9+35dB
proper signal in Blackpool, Holland and Germany.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

PALAU  [ECUADOR/GUAM]  Re:  T8WH Palau closed.

Just saw that this facility was rather extensively used by Radio Free Asia
from 1997. Found no mention of the year when these transmissions ceased,
but apparently at the latest with the purchase of this station by LeSEA.
Now one could wonder whether USAGM was not interested in again using the
site as cover for Tinian/Saipan or either/both WHR and Encompass did not
want to transmit RFA programming.

Purchasing the whole thing: These are, if I do not miss something, two
curtain antennas (for 9-17 MHz it seems) and three transmitters that were
already used ones, obtained from HCJB which had replaced them by their
self-made gear, two of them being fifty years old now. Does not sound
terribly impressing. Or have they at some point wheeled in less old gear
from somewhere else?

What now remains to be determined are the replacement arrangements for
Furusato no Kaze, or first if substitutes for their former Palau
frequencies, like additional slots at Taiwan, have been arranged at all.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Nov 2 / 3)

Hi, Kai. Your information is not quite correct.

This might fill in some of the gaps: As you probably know, the station on
Palau was originally built by High Adventure in the mid-80's, and was then
known as KHBN (standing for Holyland Broadcasting Network).

John Tayloe, current president of Strategic Communications Group
(operators of Voice of Hope), was at that time a senior vice president
with High Adventure, and it was he who negotiated the lease of the
property for the transmitter site from a local tribal chieftain. He also
oversaw the contruction of the station, and it's operation from the late
80's to the mid-90's.

The station has since been through several changes of ownership, and when
LeSea took it over, they moved their KWHR station there from the Big
Island of Hawaii, for one-hop coverage into Asia. When Palau gained
independence from the United States, the FCC-issued call sign had to
change, and KWHR became T8WH (WH presumably standing for World Harvest).

With regard to the antennas, there are three curtains there, not two. The
first has a beam of 318 degrees towards China, and is only designed for
the 9 MHz band. The middle one has a beam of 270 degrees for South East
Asia, and covers the bands from 9-17 MHz. The third has a beam of
345 degrees towards Korea, and like the first is only designed to
cover the 9 MHz band.

7 SW txs. There are four shortwave transmitters, all rated at 100 kW - a
Continental 418F, a Harris SW100B and two Thomson TRE-2311P's, one of
which is non-operational. Plus, a 300W FM transmitter relaying WHR English
on 105.1 MHz 24x7 from a satellite feed for the local capital, Koror.
They also have a dual bay FM antenna for the local area.

The Harris, the oldest of the transmitters, was manufactured in 1993
(which makes it 26 years old). None of the transmitters is 50 years old,
or anywhere close. I believe the two Thomson's came from KSDA on Guam.

If indeed the USAGM or any other organization is interested, the station
is actually in quite good condition. The only drawback these days is that
it is no longer on U.S. soil. Palau is a popular vacation destination for
tourists from both mainland China and Taiwan, and there has been much
Chinese investment there in terms of building infrastructure (like
bridges). The local government is not likely to approve any use of the
facility that could be seen as an irritant to their Chinese benefactors.
(Ray Robinson-USA, wor Nov 3)

Hello, it is a really big gap you're filling here. WHR has swiftly deleted
any informations about this facility from its website, even before
updating the schedule page, and otherwise almost nothing is available in
the public domain, besides a mention of ex-Pifo transmitters. It was a
challenge to even determine the location of the station, and in the
satellite imagery just barely two of the curtains can be made out, lacking
any non-generic photos.

I have also in my files that the station was in between called T8BZ,
whatever meaning this had. The development of ownership situation until
2008 was never really understood here in Germany, let alone the reasons
for RFA pulling out completely after leasing quite a lot of airtime. For
me it is hard to imagine that Encompass did not approach USAGM in last
year, trying to sell airtime to them if they could do so. What remains an
unanswered question is whether transmitting RFA programming was indeed off
limits now or USAGM was not interested, considering long shots from
Germany as enough substitute. But either way here is the result:
Facility closed, not available for anyone anymore.

And what did AWR with its KSDA facility when selling three of the original
transmitters to WHR? In 2012 an upgrade was reported but only the addition
of a fifth antenna, aiming at China, was specified, not the now apparent
installation of new transmitters.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wor Nov 3)

re KHBN transmitters. Palau - Transmitter History:

Ray Robinson corrected the information about the transmitters and antennas
at Medorn, and this is appreciated. The information that the High
Adventure station on Palau used HCJB transmitters is not just Kai Ludwig's
invention, but found at


This labour of love was until now thought to be a very authoritative


gives some information which comes nearer to those of Ray Robinson's, but
still maintains, that the transmitters were moved from Pifo to Palau.

There is a pre-history of KHBN which might explain the alleged Pifo
connection. In my PhD on international Christian radio (accepted at the
University of Erlangen in 1991 and published in 1994), I mention a High
Adventure Station planned for East Asia.

(Unfortunately, I did not have the computer and internet resources back
then, that we have now. I even remember that the first text programme that
I used was proprietary software and I had to re-write everything in Word
to have my dissertation in a format accepted for publishing.)

In my book, I mention that High Adventure started looking for a site in
1986 and came up with the idea to use a ship in the South China Sea. This
was planned to have a 50 kW short wave transmitter to begin with. Later
they checked Palau for a possible site and the Philippines too and ended
on Guam.

In 1989/90 the Adventist short wave station KSDA Guam leased out some
transmitter time to High Adventure for programmes in English, Chinese and
Korean. This was very surprising, but in a letter to me dated 26 Jan 1990,
Allen Steele of AWR Asia, considered this to be a helping hand to
a ministry in need, because High Adventure seemed to have everything
needed for the station on the island, but "administrative problems" with
the construction.

Unfortunately, both Adventist World Radio and High Adventure used a
"Voice of Hope" identity, which caused some confusion among listeners.
So, the inter-denominational co-operation lasted only for some months.

It may be that High Adventure sold the equipment they had on Guam when
they abandoned the project or transported it back to the US mainland for
use at KVOH.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, 2 Nov 2019)

Re: KHBN transmitters.

Hi, Dr. Biener. Your information is mostly correct.

In 1959/60, RCA built three 100 kW shortwave transmitters (model BHF-100B)
in Italy, for installation at Vatican Radio. In the late 1960's,
Vatican Radio sold them to HCJB, and they were shipped to Ecuador and
installed at Pifo. In 1985, George Otis had obtained a construction permit
from the FCC to build KVOH in Rancho Simi, California, and was looking
for a suitable transmitter. In the end, he bought the RCA units from HCJB,
and had them shipped to Los Angeles.

One was installed here for KVOH, and is actually still on the air to this
day. The others were kept in their shipping container until the necessary
approvals were secured for KHBN on Palau. They were then shipped there,
and were installed as KHBN's first transmitters.

However, those particular units have long since been scrapped, and have
not been part of the complement of transmitters on Palau for many years.
Incidentally, under High Adventure, there were only two curtain antennas
to begin with. The third was added by World Harvest some years ago.
And, since my posting in the WOR group, I have received confirmation that
the two Thomson transmitters on Palau were indeed obtained from KSDA.

The Harris SW100B may well have come from HCJB as the


website indicates, although I have no first-hand knowledge of that.
I believe the Continental 418F came from the site near Darwin that was
forced to close down some years ago.

When High Adventure was leasing time from KSDA in Guam, it was entirely
using KSDA's equipment and antennas. No High Adventure owned transmitter
was ever used there, and nothing was ever shipped from KSDA back to KVOH
in Los Angeles. Five years ago, KVOH did obtain a Harris SW100 that had
previously been installed at KTWR in Guam, but that's a completely
different story!

Re: KHBN transmitters

And, incidentally, it is not quite correct to say "the inter-
denominational co-operation lasted only for some months". AWR has a
registered trademark in the U.S. for the phrase "Voz de Esperanza",
which in Spanish means 'Voice of Hope'.

They have for many decades produced programs with that name, in both
Spanish and English. When High Adventure started using the same name
for their broadcasts, but as the name of the station rather than
for any particular program, it was with AWR's blessing.

High Adventure sold off all their broadcast properties in the early
2000's, but John and Heather Tayloe, founders of Strategic
Communications Group, acquired KVOH, Los Angeles in 2013 and resurrected
the Voice of Hope name (per the call letters), and subsequently extended
it to the network including the stations in Zambia and Israel.

Heather is the daughter of High Adventure founder George Otis Sr., who
passed away in 2007. Strategic has been very happy to renew our
relationship with AWR, and continue to cooperate with them as members
of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB).

Also, we cooperate in the co-production of the weekly program for
shortwave listeners, 'Wavescan', which is a joint project of
AWR (Dr. Adrian Petersen), WRMI (Jeff White), KVOH (Ray Robinson)
and WWCR (Dr. Jerry Plummer).

Ray Robinson
Strategic Communications Group
Voice of Hope World Radio Network
(Ray Robinson-USA,  <-at-voiceofhope.com>  Nov 3 / 4)

RFA relays via Palau end in B-13 season, til 30 March 2014, wb.
9930even kHz  Palau Medorn KHBN pastor in English sermon, S=9+20dB
noted in remote SDR rx in Hiroshima-JPN at 11.48 UT on Nov 1. wb.

PERU   5980 kHz. R. CHASKI. Noviembre 2. 2345-2357 UT. Programa: "Jungla
semantica" con el concepto de horno y fuego en la Biblia. A las 2355 UT,
despedida del programa citado y luego himnos hasta las 2357 UT, cuando se
corta la senal. SINPO: 45444.
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, wor Nov 3)

ROMANIA   re: Several months to repair RRI Tiganesti transmitter.

Der Gesamtsendeplan von Radio Rumaenien International ist jetzt online:


Die Sendungen via Tiganesti TX1 (in der Tabelle: T1) fallen derzeit aus
technischen Gruenden aus. Ausnahme: Fuer die DRM-Sendung in Deutsch um
0700-0726 UTC auf 6175 kHz besteht derzeit ein Ersatzbetrieb aus Saftica.
(Alexander Busneag-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

ROMANIA   Following up last report that WOR was underway at 1902 UT
Monday Nov 4 on IRRS 7290 kHz, heard via OH5AE SDR:

I note the time of the mid-break as 1913:30 UT, but that was 14:40 m/s
into the program, so playback must have started more than a minute early
at 1858:50 UT, hope the transmitter was already on with this input.

And Alan Gale, England reports: "Hi Glenn, Much to my surprise World
of Radio was broadcast again this evening (Monday) on IRRS 7290 kHz at
1900 UT. I missed the start of the programme but it was on when I
tuned in at 1913 UT and continued right to the end at 1928 UT, so it looks
like it was the full programme this time. Alan".

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 5; did insert by wb for TopNews website:
'kHz and UT' for the clarity and clarification of a larger audience
on wwdxc website)

ROMANIA   Several months to repair RRI Tiganesti transmitter.

One of the 5 short wave transmitters that beam RRI's broadcasts is not

The transmitter in Tiganesti, BD 300-1 near #Bucharest


is still out of work.
RADIOCOM, our broadcasting service provider, has said that it
will take up to several months to replace the broken component.

In exchange, another short wave transmitter, in Galbeni, in the
northeast of Romania, ID 300-1, has been repaired and is currently

Due to the failure of the transmitter in Tiganesti, the digital
broadcasting (standard DRM) of some RRI programs in English, French,
German and Russian has also been disturbed.

Meanwhile, we are kindly asking you to tune in for RRI's short-wave
broadcasts on the second frequency which we listed on the frequency
schedule, as RRI usually broadcasts its programs on two frequencies to
one target area.

You'll find the frequency schedule on RRI's webpage



under the 'Frequencies' button. We are sorry for any inconvenience and
hope the situation will be remedied soon!

(Radio Romania International -at- RRInternational on Twitter
1815 UTC 4 Nov, via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK newsgroup; topnews)

Die Begleitumstaende ueber den zeitweisen Ausfall eines der Sender
{oder eines anderen Bauteils an der Sendeanlage ? }
in Tiganesti seit Ende August setzen sich fort.

Und es hakt auch an der finanziellen Ausstattung,
notwendige Reparaturen oder Ersatzteil_Einbauten durchzufuehren.

Eine Fraktion bei RadioCom blockiert, und moechte Gelder lieber fuer den
zukuenftigen DAB+ Ausbau in ROU verwenden.

Jetzt um 23.00 UT Nov 4 sendet RRI English ueber 2 Sender in Galbeni
und den TX2 aus Tiganesti {thanks Alexander Busneag-D}

6040 kHz G1 Richtung 300 Grad, WeEUR, from GAL in DRM mode.
6090 kHz T2 Richtung  52 Grad, JPN, KOR, CHN, RUS-Far East azimuth.
7220 kHz G2 Richtung 300 Grad, WeEUR, West Europa, Nord America azimuth.
7325 kHz T1 of TIG is dead at present, nead to repair.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

ROMANIA  {Milan ITALY bureau}   B-19 Winter 2019 Shortwave schedule

B-19 Winter schedule for IRRS-Shortwave eff 27 Oct 2019 til 29 March 2020
Last update on 08 Oct 2019 in // with Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN)
<https://www.nexus.org/mp3>  (24h/7d)
see also: European Gospel Radio  <http://www.egradio.org/>

ITU Zones  <https://www.nexus.org/images/ITU-zones.gif>
 7290 1900-2000 Daily 18-20,27-30,37-39 150 kW A3 EUR, ME, AF   En  (1)
 9510 0900-1000 Sat   18-20,27-30,37-40 150 kW A3 EUR, ME, NoAF En  (1)
 9510 1030-1300 Sun   18-20,27-30,37-40 150 kW A3 EUR, ME, NoAF En  (1)
15515 1500-1530 Sat   38-41,47-48,52-53 150 kW A3 EaAF          Var (3)
(1) to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
(2) to the Middle East, Asia and Pacific
    (also heard in North America & Europe).
(3) to Africa in local languages.
See program schedule for language and program details.

A3  AM Double Side Band (DSB), high power DCC (Dynamic Carrier Controlled)
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated equivalent to GMT.
For more information contact: IRRS-Shortwave, email: <info@nexus.org>
(Siegbert Gerhard-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

SPAIN   Football Champions League via REE Noblejas site Nov 5th and 6th

Spanish soccer teams perform today and tomorrow live, maybe should be
live coverage transmissions on REE Noblejas shortwave  ?

Tuesday    Barcelona from 18.00 UT
           Valencia  from 20.00 UT

Wednesday  Real Madrid and FC Valencia also, from 20.00 UT.

Now at 18-19 UT on Nov 5, live coverage of Barcelona vv Prague Czech Rep
11685 kHz S=9+20dB at 18.20 UT in southern Europe.
12030 kHz S=9+30dB at 18.25 UT in Greece SoEaEurope.

Now at 21-22 UT Nov 5, live coverage of Valencia vv Lille France game

9690 11940 and 12030 kHz noted at 21.20 UT
in Blackpool UK and MA US state remote SDR rxs.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

SPAIN   Re:  REE resumes Spanish DX program.
... and have just found this link which seems to work ok:
(Alan Roe-UK, wor Nov 7)

Hi Glenn, The "REE live (alt)" link in the Hitlist (ie


is working or alternatively

also seems to work. It looks like the other link may have been
discontinued - I'll recheck in time for the next Hitlist update.
(Alan Roe-UK, wor Nov 7)

Then I find a current Nov 7 running program schedule, showing no such
program at 1730, 1830, 1930 UT or any other time!

I try to find an REE listen-live link, but keep getting shunted to
their podcasts. Of course I can listen to the show that way, but why
not on SW or its own stream, of all programs?

Our Hitlist has a live audio link

but it does not work!

I have to turn on a radio and try to hear the North American frequency
9690 kHz no reception. Instead the ME frequency 12030 kHz works, poorly,
but at 1831 UT some show about the European economy, not AdlOC.

Never mind? Glenn

Then I find this more explicit header:

Amigos de la onda corta
Jueves a las 18.30 y 23.00 UTC. Sabados a las 14.05 UTC
[as if first airing imminent, and Sat be the repeat; but again,
are these summer timings really an hour later now?]

Programa del 31 de Octubre 2019
Sabados a las 14.00 horas. Jueves a las 18.30 (rep.)

Amigos de la Onda Corta es un programa de Radio Exterior de Espana
dedicado a las telecomunicaciones y a los oyentes de emisoras de Onda
Corta (SW) que tienen como pasatiempo o dedicacion especial la captacion
de las senales de las emisoras extranjeras y el envio de controles de
escucha. El desarrollo de las Tecnologias de la Informacion y de la

Es un programa semanal, que dirige y presenta Antonio Buitrago.



Hablamos con Manuel y Cesar Castro, padre e hijo, sobre la organizacion y
en especial sobre la serie de DVD que produce la organizacion y que ellos
mismos realizan para rescatar la historia de la radiodifusion. Ellos son
los editores de un valioso material que se facilita a los socios.

Abordamos una efemeride radial, la emision del radio teatro La Guerra
de los Mundos, de Orson Welles, en la vispera de Halloween, en 1938.

Pagina de Radio Exterior de Espana:

Horarios y frecuencias hasta el 29 de Marzo 2020

Desde "PROGRAMAS DX", en cualquier dia y a cualquier hora:

Otros espacios diexistas en espanol en:

Programas DX en facebook:

Programas DX en twitter:

Cordiales 73  -  Programas DX
(Jose Bueno, 5 Nov, noticiasdx yahoogroup via dxld)

For PROGRAMAS we are linked from REE's website to:


which is an exhaustive alfabetical roster of all? RTVE programs on
all networks including this one:


with archive of 301 podcasts showing that it stopped in Nov 2014, did one
more in April 2017, and has just resumed with two new 2019 editions, the
newer one dated Nov 7 about the World Radio Conference, in Egypt.

Durations vary widely, this one 46:30, last week's 29:45. The older ones
just under 50 minutes, some 55. Must make it hard to fit into SW
schedules, but primarily as podcasts, duration does not matter.

Antonio Buitrago was presenting AdlOC until he got top job to head revived
REE. Glad he has found time to resume it. But when? REE is NOT on the SW
air at 1400 UT! Or is that HNE? In that case UT would be 1300, even
earlier during dark period. Maybe 1400 was the UT during summer time, so
now one hour later at 1500 UT, just as transmission starts? And Thursday
at 1730, 1830 or 1930 UT?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Nov 7)

TAIWAN   Re:  T8WH Palau closed.
Nippon no Kaze & Furusato no Kaze in B-19 are three freqs
via Taiwan.

Nippon no Kaze
1300-1330 7295 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Korean
1300-1330 9530 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Korean
1300-1330 9705 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Korean
1500-1530 7290 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Korean
1500-1530 9445 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Korean
1500-1530 9800 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Korean
1530-1600 7290 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Korean
1530-1600 9445 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Korean
1530-1600 9800 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Korean
1630-1700 6155 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Korean

Furusato no Kaze
1330-1400 7295 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Japanese
1330-1400 9530 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Japanese
1330-1400 9705 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Japanese
1430-1500 7290 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Japanese
1430-1500 9560 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Japanese
1430-1500 9705 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Japanese
1600-1630 6045 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Japanese
1600-1630 9445 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Japanese
1600-1630 9690 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NEAS Japanese
1700-1730 6155 TSH 300 kW 352 deg to NEAS Japanese
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx wor via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 2)

THAILAND   13750 kHz  R Thailand via Udorn Thani in English, nice signal
S=9+20dB strength in remote SDR rx at Edmonton Alberta-CAN on Nov 6
at 0000-0030 UT nx.

5875even  R Thailand via US AGM United States Agency for Global Media
(USAGM) relay site at Udorn Thani, at 11.00-11.10 UT on Nov 6 in
Vietnamese, S=9 signal noted in remote SDR rx at Massachusetts-US.

R Thailand gongs pause signal at 11.15:12 UT, into ID in English
at 11.16 UT and start of Mandarin service then.
(not Cambodian language like in Aoki Nagoya database list, wb.)
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)

THAILAND   Winter B-19 frequency changes of HSK9 Radio Thailand WS

0000-0030 NF13750 UDO 250 kW  6 deg to NoEaAM English, ex13745
0030-0100 NF13750 UDO 250 kW 30 deg to NoWeAM English, ex13745
0100-0200 NF13750 UDO 250 kW 38 deg to NoEaAM Thai,    ex13745
0200-0230 NF13750 UDO 250 kW  6 deg to NoEaAM English, ex13745
0230-0330 NF13750 UDO 250 kW  6 deg to NoEaAM Thai,    ex13745
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

HSK9  Radio Thailand  World Service in 41mb on November 7:
1800-1900 7475 UDO 250 kW 316 deg to WeEUR  Thai, weak to fair,
1900-2000 7475 UDO 250 kW 324 deg to WeEUR  English-fair signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 7)

TURKEY   [and non]  Re:  FM and AM in Istanbul.
I was in Istanbul again last week. This time I was able to confirm
TRT mediumwave as still active on 630 and 1062 kHz mediumwave.

In both cases I only heard them relaying TRT1. According to WRTH 2019
they both relay TRT's Arabic service at times. I checked at times when
one or both are listed as being in Arabic, but on all occasions they
were still relaying TRT1 (with a digital-type delay of a second or two
when compared to TRT1 on FM in Istanbul).

Given the current Turkish military intervention in northern Syria, one
might think that TRT would want to be heard there in Arabic. I seem to
recall from a few years ago that at least one of those frequencies was
indeed carrying TRT Arabic, and was being jammed.

As already noted by Bernd Trutenau, 1062 kHz also seems to have given up
relaying TRT Kurdish. I heard it relaying TRT1 in the early morning
(when it used to relay TRT Kurdish from 0300 kHz).

From Syria, MW 783 kHz was well heard in Istanbul after dark.
(Chris Greenway-UK, Oct 14, wor dxld Oct 17)

Hi Chris, yes, 630 and 1062 kHz have started relaying TRT1 plus
regional program 0700-1015 and both Arabic and Kurdish have stopped. I
don't know, how many months ago these changes have taken place and as
you say, the recent developments at the Syrian border would suggest
the opposite. 630 and 1062 kHz are the only operating frequencies after
1015 UT.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wor dxld Oct 17)

TURKEY   Winter B-19 frequency changes of Voice of Turkey

0200-0255 NF 7265 EMR 500 kW 290 deg to CeAM  Spanish, ex9650
0200-0255 NF 7280 EMR 500 kW 252 deg to SoAM  Spanish, ex9410
0300-0355 NF 7240 EMR 500 kW  72 deg to CeAS  Uyghur,  ex9460
1200-1255 NF13590 EMR 500 kW  72 deg to EaAS  Chinese, ex13630
1430-1455 NF 9505 EMR 500 kW  72 deg to CeAS  Kazakh,  ex9785
1500-1555 NF 5985 EMR 250 kW 150 deg to NE/ME Arabic,  ex7295
1730-1825 NF 9660 EMR 500 kW 105 deg to WeAS  English, ex11730
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, wor dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 17)

TURKEY   7280 kHz. VOT. Octubre 30. 0205-0255 UT. Informaciones acerca de
las valoraciones del Departamento de Estado Estadounidense acerca de Siria
y la muerte del jefe de Daesh, Mike Pompeo felicita a presidente argentino
y Sismo. Desde las 0209 UT se emite una resena acerca del "Dia de la
Republica", luego espacio musical. A las 0215 UT, se emite un programa de
resenas historicas. Desde las 0218 UT, se entrega el programa: "Turquia,
el Destino Ideal para Turistas" con la descripcion de lugar turistico, de
su arquitectura especialmente de una mezquita y de un convento, entre
otros edificios patrimoniales. Despues se emite un espacio musical hasta
las 0230 UT, cuando se habla de la independencia de Cataluna y un espacio
musical. A las 0250 UT, se despide el servicio en espanol con frecuencias
y horarios. SINPO. 45444.
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, wor Nov 3)

TURKEY/QATAR   TRT vs Al Jazeera

For Turkey, Al Jazeera English has become an irritant to its Qatar
partnership. Rare public ill-feeling has flared between the two allies
as Turkish media laments the Doha outlet's coverage of the Syria offensive

(via Clara Listensprechen-USA, dxld wor Nov 6)

WAVESCAN/ANTARCTICA    Mauno Ritola wrote on the WRTH F_B group:

From Adrian Peterson, Oct 23:
"You are invited to listen to a very special feature in the next edition
of the AWR DX program Wavescan, beginning this coming weekend. This
special feature is a remarkable Station Profile on LRA36 Radio National
Archangel in Argentine Antarctica as presented by Jeff White at Radio
Miami International in Miami Florida, together with audio inserts of their
shortwave programming.

You will also hear an update regarding the medium wave radio scene in the
Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

You can tune in to Wavescan via KSDA Guam, KVOH Los Angeles California,
Voice of Hope Zambia, WWCR Nashville Tennessee, WRMI Miami Florida,
IRRS Italy/Romania, and the AWR shortwave stations that carry Wavescan.

We are grateful that there are so many broadcasts of Wavescan each week
that provide worldwide coverage for the program. Please check the internet
for Wavescan coverage in your part of the world, and please alert your
friends also."

Re: AWR DX program Wavescan.
Does anyone know the exact times and frequencies for this?
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, BrDXC-UK wor Oct 24)

Re:  AWR DX program Wavescan, orrected and updated information with regard
to the broadcasts via AWR/KSDA, and target areas:

Hi, Mauno.  I know this comes a little late for the program below, but you
might want to keep this info for future reference.

The main airings on shortwave of Wavescan are currently at the following

Sat 1600 UTC  17775 kHz KVOH (100 degr to Caribbean, WeIndies, SoEaUSA)
Sun 0430 UTC   4840 kHz WWCR (40 degr to WeEUR)
Sun 0600 UTC   9680 kHz Voice of Hope - Africa (nd, Ce & SoAF)
Sun 0600 UTC  11680 kHz Voice of Hope - Africa (315 degr to WeAF)
Sun 1200 UTC   9510 kHz IRRS to EUR
Sun 1430 UTC   9955 kHz WRMI (160 degr to Carib, SoAM)
Sun 1530 UTC   6155 kHz AWR via Dushanbe (to Nepal, Tibet)
Sun 1600 UTC   9580 kHz AWR via Yerevan (to SoIndia)
Sun 1600 UTC  17730 kHz AWR via Madagascar (to CeIndia)
Sun 2200 UTC  12040 kHz KSDA (to Indonesia)
Sun 2230 UTC   9955 kHz WRMI (160 degr to Carib, SoAM)
Tue 1930 UTC   7290 kHz IRRS to EUR

These are also available on webstreams that simulcast the shortwave
transmissions, here:

KVOH -  <>
WWCR -  <http://wwcr.gsradio.net:3963>
VOHA -  <>
IRRS -  <https://mp3.nexus.org/irn.mp3>
WRMI -  <http://wrmi.listen.creek.fm/stream>

And, of course, the program is available on demand and as a podcast
from AWR here:

However, having poured over the schedules for the various RMI transmitters
on the  <https://www.wrmi.net>  website, it appears that Wavescan is
carried at more than two dozen other times during the week by WRMI.
That's a little too much to list and keep track of!
(Ray Robinson-USA, wor Nov 8)

USA   {VIETNAM non}  7315 kHz. VOV. Noviembre 1. 0033-0058 UTC.
Informaciones acerca del trabajo independiente en Vietnam, Parlamento
Europeo y la Union Africana, UNESCO, Festival gastronomico de la embajada
de Colombia y ASEAN. A las 0040 UT, informativo internacional con noticias
acerca de la declaracion de la cancelacion de la COP25 y la APEC en Chile,
debido a las protestas sociales, Acuerdo comercial entre China y Estados
Unidos, Patrullas de Turquia y Rusia en el norte de Siria, Iran disminuira
sus acuerdos nucleares. Desde las 0044 UT, se emite:

"Enfoque de actualidad" acerca de la renovacion de Vietnam sobre las
relaciones laborales, el evitar los abusos, la direccion del Partido
Comunista y la relacion con el Estado. A las 0050 UT, se emite un espacio
acerca de unos agricultores de Vietnam y su trabajo. Desde las 0053 UT,
"Destino Vietnam" con resena acerca de una familia y una casa con
caracteristica de una caparazon de tortuga. SINPO: 55555.
(Claudio Galaz-CHL, wor Nov 3)  via WHRI bcast center Cypress Creek SC-USA

USA   New schedule for Vietnam on 7315 kHz.
It appears that Vietnam on 7315 kHz via WHRI Cypress Creek SC relay
has a new schedule;
0000-0027 UT English     25 degrees
0030-0057 UT Spanish    173 degrees and
0100-0157 UT Vietnamese 260 degrees
(no break at 0130 UT, went straight through)
(Peter W Hansen, wor Nov 8)

USA   Some excellent signals of 31 mb US stations.

9350even kHz WWCR S=9+30 in MA United Heath Care program
VoThe Evangelist Ministries at 22.00 UT on Nov 5.

9980even kHz WWCR S=9+30dB excellent audio at 22.14 UT on Nov 5,
phone-in px, PGN headquarter in Sacramento talked,

9395 kHz  WRMI  RAE Italian at 22.05 UT on Nov 5.

6060 kHz new WRMI SMTV and others, terrible fluttery station mixture,
at 22.20 UT on Nov 5, some Asian too.

9955 kHz WWRI, weak and tiny at 22.10 UT on Nov 5 at S=5 or -88dBm
"Israel And The World" book via NY address, despite on
9455 kHz instead TOM BS at S=9+30dB level in Massachusetts-US.

6115 kHz WWCR surprise 22-23 UT on Nov 5 Spanish, not English.

6185.0 kHz Radio Vatican Santa Maria di Galeria, Chinese service,
classical mx px only, and underneath MEX Educacion on 6184.993 kHz.
22.00-22.30 UT.

Two excellent WEWN-EWTN
15610 kHz  S=9+30dB at 21.45 UT on Nov 5 talk on Turkey matter and muslim
politic by Erdogan, and 12050even Spanish S=9+5dB at 21.56 UT excellente.

11860 + 11930 kHz  Cuban scratch jamming against US Radio Marti,
at 21.55 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 5)

USA   6060 kHz, Nov 4 at 2328 UT, WRMI activated new frequency, but poor
S7-S9 in Chinese, music, SMTV ex-5800 kHz, ex-4980 kHz; and undermodulated
like 5800 kHz was. At 0000 UT Tue Nov 5, seems dead air or maybe JBM;
0002 UT some talk in English, music, Vietnamese, the off-putting language
mixture of SMTV with no captions.

{6060 noted WRMI ?like SMTV? terrible mix with IRN at 22 UT on Nov 5th,
5800.016 kHz WRMI musix mix, at 11 UT on Nov 6th, wb.}

NO RHC reactivated on 6060 kHz.
WRMI chose 6060 kHz to further the legacy of RAE which was on 6060 kHz
sesquidecades ago, and said would move their Spanish relay hour to 0100 UT
Tue-Sat. At 0056 UT dead air? 0058 UT algo JBM; 0100 UT what? At 0104-0107
UT I am barely hearing on 6060 kHz Christian hymns, definitely not RAE!

0201 UT still JBA but probably about to turn off 6060 kHz, unless it's now
Iran in Arabic as scheduled 1730-0230 UT, 500 kW, 289 degrees from Zahedan
for Arabia and North Africa, but likely QRMing WRMI/RAE in Latin America
beyond. BTW, RAE continues hinting they will be getting a new SW
transmitter of their own.

Other WRMI monitoring:

5010 kHz, Nov 4 at 2329 UT, is on with algo, Family Radio?
{5010 noted WRMI - AWR Spanish singer group at 01-12 UT,
5950, 7780, 9395 and 9455 kHz TOM BS roarer at 11-12 UT,
7570 kHz empty carrier only, not SMTV px, at 11-12 UT on Nov 6th, wb}

9395 kHz, Nov 4 at 0100 UT, not RAE in English when it has been, but VP
M&W talk. Oldies and BB ID late past 0200 UT, then RAE multi-lingual
opening and theme into English now an hour later. 0256 UT check Qur'an
recognized as part of the WRMI 'World Music' fill loop - I wonder what
genuine Moslems make of this insert - what is this passage in mandatory
Arabic about?
{9395 kHz noted RAE Buenos Aires ARG in Italian at 22 UT on Nov 5th, wb}

Radio Tirana now scheduled too an hour later at 0230 UT, but ends early;
0258 UT WRMI Spanish ID and bit of music, 0259 UT another ID JBA, 0300 UT,
Prague theme opening English.

The WRMI skedgrid,

reminds us that XMTR 6, 355 degrees on 9395 kHz runs System G until
0230 UT including RAE ATTW English, and from 0230 UT System H with Tirana,
0300 UT Prague.

Also, the programs grids mostly in UT, but System G is in EDT/EST, which
accounts for the one-hour-later shift {UTC-5 hrs now, wb.}, like always
happens with System B on 9955 kHz. Yet System H is in UT, but times are
now wrong, still with Tirana at 0130 UT and Prague at 0200 UT (except for
music show pre-emptions on certain days. At least we now have Tirana
unscathed at new 2030 UT time Mon-Fri on 15770 kHz, which I have yet to
run across.)

This shift may have edged out WORLD OF RADIO, which had been running at
0130 UT Monday, a day off for Tirana on 9395 kHz. Now WOR is not shown on
9395 kHz at 0130 or 0230 UT, which need to be monitored next week. Should
still be on 7780 kHz at both times.

Also displayed in ET rather than UT are System C, nothing but TOMBS on all
his frequencies. And System L, very incomplete on 9455 kHz.
{9455 kHz noted TOM BS roarer in En at 22 UT on Nov 5th, wb}

It would be very helpful if someone outside WRMI with plenty of spare
time, could reorganize the WRMI program skedgrids by FREQUENCY, instead of
by System   so one could pick a frequency and see all the programming on
it in UT ONLY, no matter from what system!

But this could be problematic as the System skeds are not complete nor
100% accurate. Yet the playback computers must know what they are supposed
to do.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 5; did insert by wb for TopNews website:
'kHz and UT' for the clarity and clarification of a larger audience
on wwdxc website)


log Nov 2nd at 04.45 - 05.50 UT in Japan, Hiroshima, Gifu River,
and Tokyo remote SDR rxs.

Highest frequency SOH Taiwan Chinese program in 13 mb at 04.50 UT Nov 2

21799.680 TWN  SOH Chinese program, NOT jammed by China mainland.

21620.005 PHL  VoA Tinang Tibetan, S=5 at 04.52 UT, CNR1 underneath
21760.005 PHL  VoA Tinang Tibetan, S=6 at 05.01 UT, but jamming strong
21760even CHN  CNR1 China mainland jamming S=9 in remote SDR rx
          in Tokyo, 16 kHz wideband jamming block.
21700even MRA  RFA Tinian, Mandarin sce, S=9+10dB at 05.05 UT on Nov 2.

15720.008 NZL  R NZi Rangitaiki, pop mx program, 05.18 UT, S=8 signal
          strength in Hiroshima and Tokyo remote SDRs.
15800even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=9+10dB 05.19 UT
          checked against // CNR1 Beijing #572 regular on 15550 kHz.
15870even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=6 at 05.21 UT.
15940even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=8-9 at 05.22 UT
16100even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=6 at 05.23 UT.
16160even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=8 at 05.24 UT.
16250even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=8 at 05.25 UT.

17150even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=7 at 05.26 UT.
17400even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=9+10dB 05.28 UT
          proper signal 20.5 kHz wide audio block signal.
17440even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=7 at 05.30 UT,
17440.252 TWN  SOH Chinese program, S=5 lower strength.
17660even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=9+20dB 05.32 UT
          11.6 kHz wide audio block, and
17660.063 TWN  SOH Chinese program, rather tiny S=5 lower strength.
17865even CHN  CNR1 jamming against Tinang PHL  VoA Tibetan on
17865.005 kHz  S=9+20dB at 05.37 UT on Nov 2.

18070even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=5 at 05.38 UT
18180even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=9+20dB 05.39 UT
18900even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=9+5dB at 05.42 UT
18970even CHN  CNR1 jamming against SOH TWN Chinese, S=7 at 05.44 UT.

21799.680 TWN  SOH Chinese program, NOT jammed by China mainland,
          S=5-6 signal at 05.50 UT, remote SDR rx unit north of Tokyo-JPN.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 2)

log in eastern Thailand South East Asia SDR rx installation
on Nov 3 / 4 at 23.00 to 01.00 UT.

3915even SNG  BBC via Kranji Singapore relay En sce in 23-24 UT hour,
         at 23.10 UT on Nov 3 S=9+35dB powerful noted in South East Asia,
         11.6 kHz wideband excellent signal, presenter talk on
         Mandalay Burma novella.
3990.004 CHN  PBS Gannan in Tibetan, S=8 or -76dBm at 23.20 UT in eastern
         Thailand SoEaAS.

CODAR signal in 4385 - 4415 kHz range.

4800even CHN  CNR1 Geermu in Chinese at 23.25 UT, S=9+20dB or -62dBm,
         20 kHz wideband signal.
4810even IND  AIR Mumbai, empty carrier still on air already at 23.31 UT
         S=9+5dB signal.
4820even CHN  PBS Xizang from Lhasa Tibet in Chinese, S=9+15dB at 23.33 UT
4905even CHN  CNR11 PBS Xizang from Lhasa Tibet in Tibetan,
         S=9+20dB at 23.33 UT on Nov 3.
         Not stable fq, moved up and down 5 Hertz. // S=9+15dB on
4919.972 CHN  same program from Lhasa Baiding site at 23.37 UT.
4949.730 AGL  R Nacional Mulenvos weak and tiny signal in SoEaASia.
         S=3-4 or -110dBm at 23.38 UT on Nov 3.

Strongest stn program signal in 60 mb:
5050even CHN  VoBeibu Bay Radio in Chinese from Nanning site #954.
         S=9+35dB powerful, 16.5 kHz wideband audio signal. 23.40 UT.
5890even SNG  BBC English via Kranji, extreme S=9+45dB powerhouse signal
         2 x 5.4 = 10.8 kHz wideband. At 23.43 UT on Nov 3.
5914.982 MMR  Myanmar Radio from new capital Nay Pye Daw, S=9+30dB,
         Burmese sce, 18 kHz wideband at 23.44 UT, underneath weak tiny
5915even CHN  CRI Kashgar in English, at 23.47 UT.
5925even VTN  Voice of Vietnam 2nd px from Hanoi Xuan site. empty carrier
         of S=9+20dB at 23.48 UT. Underneath  CNR5 from Beijing CHN.
5959.925 CHN  PBS Xining Lingshi via Urumqi, S=8-9 at 23.51 UT and co-ch
5960.005 TUR  TRT Emirler English underneath reception.
5970even very bad mixture channel of various program and jamming outlets
         UAE  RFA  Al Dhabbaya relay in Tibetan, co-ch CNR1 some jammer
         accompanied ECHO effect at 23.53 UT on Nov 3, S=9+30dB jam .
5985even MMR  Myanmar Radio from old capital Yengu - Yangoon, S=9+30dB
         Burmese, 23.55 UT, 8 kHz wide audio block visible on screen.
6014.989 CHN  PBS Xinjiang in Kazakh from Urumqi site, pop mx S=9+5dB
         at 23.58 UT on Nov 3 checked in // same program 7340even kHz.
6020even VTN  Voice of Vietnam 4th px, from Dac Lac Buon Ma Thuot
         noted at 00.00 UT on Nov 4 on S=9+25dB level in eastern THA,
         8 kHz wide signal seen. Observed again two main accompanied
         main spurious signals of S=8 strength
- as since last decade observed - on
6006.580 and
6033.420 kHz, as well as some minor spurious peaks visible on 50, 190,
         380, 560, 750, 1310, 1700 Hertz distance. Two SW ant / 4 masts
         visible, as well as tall MW mast in center on G.M. and Bing maps



6059.990 CHN  PBS Sichuan in Tibetan from Chengdu site, S=7-8 fair
         signal at 00.10 UT on Nov 4. Co-channel program underneath on
6060.004 IRN  IRIB Arabic from Zahedan site.

Terrible bad audio signal mixture on
6075 kHz CHN  S=9+30dB CNR jamming at 00.13 UT on Nov 4, against
6075 kHz TWN  RTI some Chinese sce. Also regular
6075even CHN  CRI English from Kashgar,
6075     CHN  PBS Qinghai Yushu as CNR1 relay Chinese relay 6074.937 kHz

6079.995 CHN  PBS Hulun Buir Hailar in Mongolian, S=8 fair at 00.17 UT.
6089.985 CHN  CNR 2nd China Business Radio sce from Geermu #916 site,
         S=9+15dB at 00.19 UT; and co-channel
6090even CHN  PBS Xizang from Lhasa Tibet relay site. lower S=9+5dB

6130v kHz as not observed in recent months  NOT ON AIR - LNR Vientiane.

6140.027 IND  AIR Urdu sce, late program start noted at 00.21 UT on Nov 4.
         unstable in frequency, wandered up/down +/- 10 Hertz distance.
         S=9+5dB fluttery signal in eastern Thailand remote SDR.
         AIR pause signal heard at 00.24 UT.
6150.004 THA  VoA Udorn Thani, in Burmese, S=9+35dB powerhouse at 00.26 UT
         11.7 kHz wideband signal.
6164.996 MMR  Thazin Radio from Pyin U Lwin in northern Myanmar.
         At 00.27 UT S=9+20dB powerful, empty carrier only til regular
         program day-start gamelan folk mx px start at 00.30 UT. And
6165even CHN  underneath CNR6 Amoy program from capital Beijing.

7210even VTN  Voice of VTN 1st program, from Dac Lac Buon Ma Thuot site
         S=9+30dB on neighbourhood in eastern Thailand SoEaAsia,
         at 00.34 UT, and two BUZZ strings on 90.5 and 190 Hertz distance
         accompanied by often reported main spurious peaks on
7196.165 and
7223.835 kHz.

7270.009 IND  AIR Chennai, much bad modulation, of Tamil sce at 00.38 UT
         S=9+15dB in eastern Thailand, 8 kHz wide audio block.
7325even ROU  Backlobe of RRI Bucharest Tiganesti signal Spanish sce to
         South Latin America azimuth, heard S=9+10dB signal in SoEaAsia !
         00.40 UT on Nov 4.
7340.003 IND  AIR Mumbai Urdu sce scheduled, at 00.44 UT weak S=5-6 signal
         in eastern Thailand SDR rx.
7550DRM mode  block visible IND  AIR Bangalore 22.45-00.45 UT scheduled,
         powerhouse S=9+40dB data block at 00.45 UT, switch off txion end.

7560even CHN/THA  Terrible audio mixture at S=9+35dB signal level,
         VoA Chinese from Udorn Thani relay site of AGM United States
         Agency for Global Media (USAGM). At 00.48 UT CNR1 and ECHO audio

7580even CHN/KWT  Terrible audio mixture at S=9+20dB signal level,
         VoA Tibetan sce from USAGM VoA Kuwait al-Dschahra relay site
         of AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM).
         At 00.53 UT on Nov 4 CNR1 and ECHO audio jamming.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 3 / 4)

KOREA REP of /  D.P.R.   re 3905 kHz

November Australian DX News items for dxld

KOREA SOUTH   On Oct 1, with some new clandestine frequencies ...
Voice of the People, at 1042 UT:

3905 (ex 3910) kHz, now clear reception, except some ham QRM. Is unlikely
that Pro 1 RRI Merauke (Indonesia) or NBC New Ireland (PNG)
will ever return here, but now the frequency is definitely in use ...

Hi Glenn, Had hoped that no one would get overly excited about a new
station being on 3905 kHz and report it as other than VOP.
Glad that John Adams got it right.

Currently when VOP is on 3905 kHz, the North Korea jamming is also there.
So even if PNG or Indonesia reactivated, would probably be impossible to
hear them.

November Australian DX News items for dxld
"3905  NBC New Ireland, Kavieng. Noisy reception of a Pidgin talk at
0952 UT on 5 Oct (Allen). Active again? cs

3905 Voice of the People, Kyonggi-do Koyang. NF (ex 3910 kHz)
Korean at 2011 UT on 1 Oct (Adams)."
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor Nov 8)

KOREA REP of /  D.P.R.   re 3905 kHz

Checked the Koreans and and some non-around, 10.45-12.35 UT on Nov 8
at remote SDR rxs in Hiroshima, Gifu and north of Tokyo Japan:

3904.965  VoP Korean program,
    and KRE ditter-bubble jammer underneath, S=9+50 powerhouse 11.08 UT

2017.500 UNIDentified Echo spoken bcast in Hiroshima, S=6 at 10.50 UT
         USB-mode signal some Maritime service here.
2130.000 and 2446.0 kHz maritime talk sce ?
2462 kHz 6 kHz broadband digital data block visible. 10.51 UT.
2500even USA  Hawaii WWVH time and standard signal, S=8 in Japan 10.53 UT.
2582.0   JPN  USB-mode S=9 signal some Japanese Radio annmt loop.
2850even KRE  KCBS Pyongyang S=9+30dB, 10.55 UT, 10.6 kHz wideband audio.
3219.887 much odd fq of KCBS Hanmung site, army Brass band mx and soldier
         choir performance, S=9+15dB in Japan. 10.57 UT on Nov 8th.
3319.996 KRE  Pyongyang BS Korean, S=9+40dB powerhouse at 11.00 UT,
         16 kHz wideband audio signal.
3325even UNIDentified JBA threshold level signal at 11.28 UT on Nov 8,
         S=3-4 or poor -103dBm. Music / songs like NBC PNG ?
3474.988 KOR  VoP Korean, S=9+40dB powerful, and underneath bubble-
         ditter jamming from KRE, 11 x jamming strings visible on
         either sideband, 11.03 UT on Nov 8.
3560 kHz No DRM mode data block seen from Kujang - KRE at 11.06 UT.
3904.965 KOR  VoP Korean program, and KRE ditter-bubble jammer underneath,
         S=9+50 powerhouse 11.08 UT.
3925even JPN  R Nikkei 1, Jpn at S=9+35dB strength.
3929.988 KOR  VoP Korean, S=9+45dB powerhouse, and underneath at 11.10 UT
         scratch/bubble jamming from KRE.
3945even JPN  R Nikkei 2 at 11.11 UT, Jpn at S=9+50dB stronger ...
3985.012 KOR  EoH Korean px, S=9+50dB powerhouse at 11.13 UT NOT JAMMED.
3984.994 CHN  underneath CNR2 programm, Geermu #916 center, co-channel.
4010.219 KGZ  R Bishkek Rechka, poor S=3-4 at -106dBm level, 11.36 UT.
4450even KOR  VoP program heard underneath at 11.37 UT,
and co-channel
4449.954 kHz  KRE 11.40 UT, S=9+35dB jammer from D.P.R. - 20 kHz wide,
         strongest Jamming signal today in 90, 80 and 60 mb.
4557 kHz KRE  S=9+20dB jammer at 11.42 UT, BUT AGAINST WHOM ?
4749.991 CHN  CNR1 Hailar, Chinese, S=9+15dB at 11.44 UT.

4764 - 4856 wideband OTHR splatter ...

4800even CHN  CNR1 + OTHR, S=9+15dB, 11.46 UT.
4810.006 IND  AIR Mumbai, S=6 and + OTHR.
4820even CHN  PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet, in Tibetan, S=9+5dB 11.48 UT + OTHR
4840even USA weak string of WWCR visible in Tokyo Japan, 11.49 UT.
4885.005 KOR  EoH-VoH, S=8-9 fair signal, happy hour, laughing presenter,
         at 11.50 UT on Nov 8.  NOT JAMMED AT ALL !
4900even CHN  VoStrait Fuzhou, in Amoy lang scheduled, S=9+10dB 11.51 UT
4905even CHN  PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet, in Tibetan, S=9+5dB 11.52 UT
and // 4919.977 kHz also from Lhasa Baiding Tibet site.
4910.002 IND  AIR Jaipur, poor tiny modulated, S=5 or -96dBm at 11.54 UT
4940even CHN  VoStrait Fuzhou, in Amoy lang scheduled, S=9+10dB 11.57 UT
4980even IND  AIR Srinagar in Hindi, fair S=6 signal, but low modulation
5006even JPN  HFD 2 watt station from Tokyo-Chofu, S=8 at 12.00, H3A CW
5025even CUB  Radio Rebelde, heard in Japan at 12.02 UT, S=7-8 signal.
5040.002 IND  AIR Jeypore, S=5-6 strength, noted at 12.03 UT.
5049.997 CHN  VoBeibu program from Nanning site, S=9 strength in
         Hiroshima Japan remote SDR rx.
5055.006 tentativelly AUS poor S=4-5 string visible, 4KZ px at 12.05 UT.
5857.500 KOR  HLL Meteo station, S=7 at 12.08 UT on Nov 8.
5995     KRE  ONLY KRE JAMMING here, S=9+20dB strength,
         not heard of KOR station px.

KOR/KRE - nothing observed on 6000 to 6010 kHz range, empty.

6010even covered by CNR-11 px stn, 12.10 UT.
6015     KRE  powerful S=9+20dB jamming, nothing of KOR pxs, 12.13 UT
         10 kHz wideband jamming block.
6030 kHz CHN  10 kHz wideband DRM mode Beijing block visible, 12.14 UT.
6045     KRE  ONLY KRE JAMMING here, S=9+5dB, 10 kHz wideband signal,
         not heard of KOR station px. 12.16 UT.
6070even KRE  VoKorea Kanggye site, Japanese sce, piano mx program
         at 12.18 UT on Nov 8.
6169.985 KRE  VoKorea / KCBS Korean program S=9+15dB in Hiroshima JPN,
         12.21 UT from Kujang site.
6185even KRE  VoKorea / KCBS Korean program S=9+15dB in Hiroshima JPN,
         12.23 UT from Kujang site.
6249.996 KOR  EoH/VoP px at S=9+5dB level, NOT STRONG KRE jamming 12.24 UT
6350.035 KOR/KRE  both S=8 equal signal level. 12.26 UT on Nov 8.
6400.009 KRE  Sweet lady singer group Pyongyang BS, S=9+10dB at 12.28 UT.
6520 up to 6563 kHz severe JAMMING from KRE at 12.29 UT on Nov 8.
6595even KOR/KRE  VoP, and up to 6621 kHz KRE severe jamming of both
         S=9+20dB equal level.
9099.997 KOR  EoH/VoH from Seoul, S=8 signal at 12.35 UT Nov 8.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

vy73 de Wolfgang, DF5SX  -  

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