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WORLDWIDE DX CLUB is a non-political DX organization, founded in 1966. Its aims are to strengthen this fascinating and scientific hobby as well as the international DX movement for better understanding and friendship among nations.

Anyone can become a member of WORLDWIDE DX CLUB regardless of nationality and political belief. WORLDWIDE DX CLUB does not claim to be the biggest or best DX club in the world. Nevertheless, it offers its members and subscribers a rather good monthly bulletin (mainly in English) entitled "DX MAGAZINE" with up-to-date information on most aspects of DX'ing.

Since WORLDWIDE DX CLUB is the "International Department" of ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT DX e.V. (AGDX), the head organization of the German language DX clubs, it is able to offer its members and subscribers another DX publication in German entitled "Radio-Kurier - weltweit hören", which is jointly issued by the German DX organizations ADDX and AGDX.

For further information on WORLDWIDE DX CLUB and/or a sample copy of DX MAGAZINE please write to: WORLDWIDE DX CLUB, Postfach 12 14, D-61282 Bad Homburg, Federal Republic of Germany, or send an E-Mail message to: . Please do not forget to mention your full postal address, if you like to receive a sample printed copy of DX MAGAZINE.

You may also download a sample PDF copy of DX MAGAZINE by clicking the following link: Sample PDF copy of DX MAGAZINE and a sample PDF copy of "Radio-Kurier - weltweit hören" by clicking the following link: Sample PDF copy of "Radio-Kurier - weltweit hören".

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